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WORLD CURRENTS!--No.56        DO 2697 7/91

Prayer in the Night for Situation in Yugoslavia!

       1. Damn the Serbs! Deliver the Croatians and the Slovenians, Lord! Deliver Thy children, the Christians, from the evil, fiendish, devilish, Communist Serbs! In Jesus' name, do it, Lord! Thank You for how You have. Finish it, Lord! Deliver them from the hand of the Enemy, the evil Communist Serbs! Deliver Thy children, Jesus! God bless the Slovenians and the Croatians against the evil, fiendish, devilish, Communist Serbs!

       2. Rebuke the U.S., Lord, for not coming out in support of the Christians against the evil, Communist Serbs! Rebuke those God-damned Communist Serbs and save Thy precious Christian Slovenians and Croatians! Do it, Lord! Answer prayer, in Jesus' name! Give them wisdom how to fight the battle. Bring out the Truth, Lord, that those Godless Communist Serbs are the ones who are ruining Yugoslavia! They're not Yugoslavians, there's no such thing! It's those God-damned Godless Communist Serbs who are causing all the trouble and trying to prevent the Christians from withdrawing from their anti-Christ government!

       3. Lord, we want to see deliverance! We want to see You deliver the Slovenians and the Croatians from those devilish anti-Christ Communist Serbs! Thank You for how You have already partially delivered them, Lord. Thank You for how You have helped the rebels trap part of the Yugoslav army and some armoured vehicles. Thank You for the thousand who have already deserted the Yugoslav Army. Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! Hallelujah! Finish the job, Lord! Finish it in favour of Thy children, Lord, the Christian Slovenians and Croatians against the Godless, fiendish, anti-Christ, Communist Serbs!--In Jesus' name!

       4. Please answer my prayer, Lord. I'm only one little nobody, but You said "the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much!"--Jam.5:16. I'm not very righteous, but please answer my effectual fervent prayer to save Thy Christians and Thy forces against the anti-God, anti-Christ, wicked, evil Serbs, in the Name of Jesus I ask You, Lord! I want to see it tomorrow, in Jesus' name, amen.

       5. Do it, Lord! Save Thy children! Deliver them from the Enemy. God bless all those Slovenian and Croatian demonstrators who are demonstrating around the World against the Communist Serbian government. TYL! Liberate them! Do it, Lord! Show Thy mighty hand, Lord!

       6. Shame the United States for not siding with them and coming out openly for them and encouraging them! Shame the U.S. for their willy-nilly, weak and horrible compromising! Shame the U.S. and punish them accordingly for their refusal to come out in sympathy with the Christian Slovenians and Croatians. Do it, Lord, in Jesus' name! Punish the U.S. for forsaking Thy children and not backing those who are crying out against the actions of the Serbs and their armed forces! Convict them, Lord, and help them to see how bad they are, in Jesus' name. (Note: Since this time, the U.S. has modified its position somewhat, acknowledging that the Croatians and Slovenians have some legitimate grievances that should be addressed by the Yugoslav [EDITED: "Serbian"] Federal Government.)

       7. Thank You for Thy children who are willing to stand up for the right despite their evil, spineless governments! God bless the demonstrators, Lord, who are standing up for the right!
* * * * * * *

       (The next day:)

       8. I spent half the night thinking about it and praying against the Serbs, the so-called Yugoslav government. They're nothing but a bunch of Serbs who have always wanted to be in power in Yugoslavia and had the capital of Yugoslavia, Belgrade, in their republic. Now they're raising Hell trying to prevent these little weak small republics, far away from Serbia clear up in the North end of Yugoslavia--Slovenia and Croatia--from peacefully withdrawing from the union.

       9. Well, unions have a habit of breaking up. That's what the U.S. did at the time of the Civil War! Just like Russia's doing with the Baltics and the Serbs are doing with the Croatians and Slovenians, the U.S. absolutely forbade their States to withdraw from the Union! They went to war, the Civil War, the worst and bloodiest war that they ever had, hand-to-hand conflict with swords and skull-bashing and all kinds of horrible things, in which they killed the largest number of men proportionate to the size of the army of any war the U.S. ever fought!--Often brothers and fathers against each other, sad to say! (Note: 620,000 soldiers died during the U.S. Civil War, almost as many as the combined American dead of all other wars, from the Revolutionary War [EDITED: "1775-1783"] through the Vietnam War!)

       10. That's not a democracy when they pull out the gun and say, "You either stay in or I'll shoot you!" They're supposed to have democracy in Yugoslavia. And yet when only two poor little weak republics try to pull out, the U.S. doesn't say a word, not one word of encouragement. They said, "We have a policy that we don't interfere, and we think they should stay in and not break up the country." And the EC had pretty much the same word for them: "Don't declare your independence, don't try to leave. Please just try to stay and let's just keep the peace. No matter what, keep the peace!" Well, that kind of peace is what the Soviets had for about 70 years--enforced peace, enforced government.

       11. I was praying desperately for the poor Croatians and Slovenians who are being oppressed by the Serbs, the largest and most powerful republic of Yugoslavia. It was a bunch of little countries to begin with, which became a nation after World War 1. Tito got them together in opposition to the Germans during World War 2. At that time his forces were more or less Communistic, so he started a Communist state afterwards. Well, the U.S. didn't mind it so much then because they were somewhat pro-American. The U.S. doesn't mind dictatorships or Communists as long as they're pro-American! So that union is just breaking up again back into what it used to be, and now the U.S. doesn't want it to do that.--And many of the Europeans don't seem to like it either. They're just afraid they're going to have more civil wars on their hands.

       12. It's these big bullies like Serbia who try to force their will on the little guys.--Like that bully Abraham Lincoln, one of the worst tyrants the U.S. ever had! Oh boy, they sure don't teach kids the truth about him! He deserved to get shot in the back of the head! Who was the guy who shot him? (Family: John Wilkes Booth.) Yes, and I agree with what he said when he jumped out of the theatre box clear onto the stage, breaking a leg in the process! He said, "Sic semper tyrannis!"--"Thus always to tyrants!" It's the truth!

       13. So please pray for those poor little republics that want to get out. There's no such thing as Yugoslavia! It's all a put-up deal! There was never such a country, it's ridiculous! Let them go back to what they were! They're better off without those big tyrants that keep little groups of people and provinces and nationalities together by force and by the gun! It's better to just let them go! It's a pitiful situation! But now everybody's afraid to do anything about it. The U.S. doesn't even want to say anything.

       * * * * * * *

       Eritrea & Ethiopia!

       14. Since Ethiopia kicked out their Christian King Haile Selassie, they've had nothing but trouble, nothing but Communists and cursing! Eritrea finally conquered Ethiopia. Remember "Eritrea--A Dead Horse"? (See ML #333B) Eritrea was supposed to be a dead horse, but it came back to life and it conquered Ethiopia!

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