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DAVID'S AFFLICTIONS!--MO       DO 2699       7/2/91


       (The following LNF was phoned from WS to the CROs, who immediately sent it to all Homes. We are reprinting it here for your use as a continued "prayer primer," a reminder to pray without ceasing! Tx! WLY!)

God bless you, precious Family!
       Over the years, your prayers have literally restored Dad to life, time & time again! PTL! Thank you for your love & faith to pray for him & Mama, & their staff, as well as David & Techi during their affliction with chicken pox.
       From the time you began to desperately pray in a prayer chain for Dad's healing, Dad immediately showed a marked improvement & has not had any more attacks of severe pain since! TTL! As Isaiah 65:24 says, "And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer; & while they are yet speaking, I will hear!" PTL!
       Evidently, the Lord was waiting on us to make the decision to call on the entire Family to dedicate a full week of desperate prayer in a Prayer Chain to the Lord for Dad's healing. The Lord has blessed this step of having the Family unite in regular continual desperate prayer for Dad. As Mama has said before, the Lord seems to "require a good deal of real desperate, intercessory, continual, long-term prayer. ... It's very important for you to understand that we can't always just pray once or twice for something & then expect that everything is going to be hunky-dory & perfectly fine immediately afterwards. It may work that way most of the time for the rest of us, but with Dad, it's a tougher & a harder fight, a real battle in the Spirit! It just takes desperate prayer, desperate extended prayer, daily prayer! Dad has often said, 'Well, I guess it's to help the Family to really pray, & maybe it'll do them some good in the process!' (From ML#2593, "Remember David & All His Afflictions!")
       Following are the various messages on the subject that we have sent you & your officers during these past weeks.


       TO ALL OFFICES--3/2/91

Dear Officers,
       GBY! We love you & are so thankful for all you do. We would like to request desperate prayer for Dad. Recently David & Techi came down with a case of the chicken pox. David, TTL, is all healed & Techi is now through the worst part, TTL! As you know, chicken pox is considered a childhood disease, & once someone has had it, they do not get it again. However, it is possible for adults who have had the chicken pox to catch shingles from children who do have chicken pox. Dad had chicken pox as a child & for the last few days has been having bad headaches, achy joints & sharp pains in one eye & the right side of his head & neck, as well as feeling somewhat feverish. These are all the beginning symptoms of shingles. So we want to ask if you could please pray desperately that the Lord will heal him now, without further serious problems. The following is a little medical write-up in regards to shingles & its effects, especially on the elderly:
       "Shingles is caused by the same virus that causes chicken pox & affects the nerve endings in the skin. It usually occurs on the skin of the abdomen under the ribs leading toward the navel, but can appear anywhere on the body. An attack of shingles is often preceded by three or four days of intense pain in the affected area. Then numerous & excruciatingly painful & itchy blisters develop, normally lasting between seven & fourteen days. These blisters eventually form crusty scabs & drop off.
       "If shingles develop near the eyes, the cornea can become affected & blindness may result.
       "After an attack of shingles, the pain may continue even after the blisters have disappeared, especially in the elderly. The pain can sometimes last for months or years. This post-herpetic syndrome can be even more painful than the original infection."
       As you can see, shingles can be very painful & long lasting especially in the elderly, & therefore we ask that you desperately pray for Dad that he doesn't come down with a serious case of this. Also, Mama has not had chicken pox & she's been spending time helping & nursing David & Techi, & therefore we would like to also ask special desperate prayer that she does not catch it. Please also pray for the rest of the staff, some of whom have had chicken pox & others who haven't. Please pray that the Lord keeps anyone else from coming down with either chicken pox or shingles. In order to have the whole Family crying out to the Lord to spare Dad from the serious effects of this disease, we'd like to ask that you send out the following message by phone to the Homes in your area:


Dear Precious Family,
       God bless you! We love you so much! We're so proud of you for the wonderful job you're doing. We'd like to request special desperate prayer from you for Dad, who has been showing symptoms of the disease shingles, otherwise known as herpes zoster. This disease is related to chicken pox & is contracted by adults who have had chicken pox as a child. David & Techi have both just had cases of chicken pox, & Dad, who had chicken pox as a child, is now showing initial symptoms of shingles, including bad head pains etc. As it develops, shingles can be even more painful as painful blisters develop over the body. After the blisters are gone, the pain can sometimes continue for months or years, especially in the elderly. We therefore request your desperate prayer, petitioning the Lord that Dad does not develop these further serious symptoms, & that he will be made perfectly whole. Please also pray for Mama, who has not had chicken pox & who has been exposed, in helping to care for David & Techi. Please also pray for the rest of the staff, some who have had chicken pox & some who haven't, that no one catches chicken pox or shingles. Thank you for joining together with us in this desperate prayer. We're so thankful to have such good strong prayer warriors behind us in this battle. God bless & keep you. We'll try to let you know, God willing, when the victory has been won.

       Love, Peter
       For Dad & Maria
+ + + + + + +

       TO ALL OFFICES--9/2/91

Dear Officers,
       We love you all very much & appreciate you, & especially appreciate your prayers at this time. As our message from yesterday indicated, the situation with Dad is very serious, so we would like to call for a worldwide prayer chain in each of our Homes. The following therefore is a phone message which we would like to ask you to please pass on to your entire area as soon as possible. Thank you!


Dearest Family,
       GBY & thank you so much for your prayers for Dad, Mama & the kids during this past week. Both David & Techi are over the worst of their bouts with chicken pox, & so far Mama & the staff have not had any symptoms. TTL!
       However, the situation with Dad is very serious! During the past week he has periodically been having intense pains in his head & neck which can last from one to three hours--which also hurt his heart & exhaust & weaken him. Mama said it's the most pain she's ever seen Dad in since she's known him, & Dad recently said he's never had such pain in all his life! He weeps because the pain is so severe & says he can understand how people who are suffering so severely can reach a point where they take their own lives. Dad has also had very serious diarrhea & has not been sleeping well, so is very weak & is now, understandably, rather discouraged. He recently said, "I don't see how I can stand any more of this!" He says he's sorry he's such a problem for the Family & that he has to keep asking for prayer.
       Last night, while suffering intense pain, Dad had a vision of the Devil as an ugly creature, half-goat, half-man, laughing in glee! He said the Devil is trying to kill him before his 72nd birthday. So we must all continue to desperately pray if we want Dad to remain with us. We must uphold Dad's arms in prayer at this time! (Exo.17:11,12)
       We would therefore like to ask if you would immediately begin all-day prayer vigils in your Home in desperate prayer for Dad's healing. We would suggest that you schedule teams of two people to be praying for Dad each hour throughout your waking day, while the rest of your Home carries on their necessary duties. (In larger Homes where you have the personnel available, your teams of two or more people will be praying during each waking hour; in smaller Homes, with less personnel, you won't be able to cover each waking hour, which is okay. In either case, whether big Home or small, we understand that not everyone will be able to be on a prayer team every day.) Please begin this daily prayer chain upon receipt of this message, & we ask that you dedicate these next days up to February 18th to fervent & desperate prayer for Dad's healing. Lord willing, we will then be able to rejoice in victory together on Dad's Birthday, Monday the 18th! TYJ!
       As Mama recently said, "All Hell has broken loose against Dad, so we must call on all Heaven to help him overcome in his hour of need! We need to all pray specifically against this damned disease shingles, otherwise known as herpes zoster. The Devil must obviously consider this an especially demonic disease to name it after himself--herpes, which means Serpent!" So please rebuke this damnable disease by name & pray for Dad's recovery at this time. Thank you so much for joining together with us in this desperate battle of life & death. God bless & keep you. We love you!

       Love, Peter
       For Dad & Maria

       P.S. To help strengthen your faith as you pray desperately, you could claim the many verses on healing, fighting, overcoming & protection in the appropriate sections in the Word Basics, Memory Book & the MOP. You could also pray some of the powerful written prayers like the Prayer for Dad in "Power Prayers," "Prayer for a Sick Loved One" (#1139), "Victory Over Affliction" (#2483, DB8), etc.

       Other Letters or Condos that will be a blessing & help to you in your prayer vigils are, "Prayer Power" (#302), "Desperate Prayer" (#384), "The Operator" (#700), "Terror by Night" (#857), "Healing in His Wings" (#969), "The Strangler Flees" (#1408), "The Battle & the Victory" (#1420), "The Crooked City" (#1778), "Heavenly Communication" (#1957), "Prayer Vigil Victory" (#2065), "Fight for Your Healing" (#2072), "Prayer for Dad & Future Farewell" (#2086), "How to Go on the Attack" (#2128), "The Spiritual Warfare Depends on Us" (#2327), "Old Age!--The Final Test!" (#2479), "Precious Prayers & Promises for Dad!" (#2509), "Remember David & All His Afflictions!" (#2593), "A Lament in the Night!" (#2594), "I Will Set Up One Shepherd over Them" (#1962).
+ + + + + + +

       So please continue to remember Dad in your fervent daily prayers, knowing how enraged the Devil has been & continues to be against him. To give you a greater feeling of what he has been going through, we are including some excerpts of what Dad experienced during these attacks of intense pain. Due to lack of space, these excerpts do not include the prayers of Mama & other Family Members who were with him during this time.

       DAVID'S AFFLICTIONS!       DO 2699       7/2/91

       1. Lord, You have to deliver me! I can't stand these head pains any more! In all my sicknesses & accidents & everything I've suffered, I've never had anything as bad as this in my whole life! Jesus! It makes me want to tear my head off! (Dad weeping & crying, praying in tongues:)

       2. God damn you, Devil! Get out of here! In Jesus' name, You promised, Lord, "When the Enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of God will raise a standard against him!" (Dad continuing to weep & pray in tongues) O God, my God, my God, my God!

       3. Deliver me, Lord! Deliver me, help me, Lord. (Tongues) Do it for Thy children's sakes, Lord, in Jesus' name. Encourage their faith, Lord, heal me for their sakes, Jesus. Heal me & do it for their sakes, Lord. My God, my God, my God!

       4. O Jesus, deliver me from the hand of the Enemy, in Jesus' name! Ohhhhhhhh! (Dad weeping) Ahhh! Would it help to bang my head against the wall? Would it help? Ohhhhhh! (Dad weeping!) I'm sorry to be such a poor example, but my head's about to break off! My God, I never had such pain in my whole life. Oh Jesus! My God, have mercy in Jesus' name. Lord, have mercy upon them! Encourage their faith, Lord, in spite of my weakness. In the Name of Jesus! My God! My Lord! I'm so sorry. Please forgive me for failing You. (Maria: You haven't failed, the Devil's just putting up a big fight against you.)

       5. I think I know what it is, the Devil doesn't want me to get to my 72nd birthday. (Tongues & weeping) Oh, such pain! It even hurts my heart. Sorry, I just don't have what it takes, I guess. (Maria: Of course you do, Honey, you're fighting, & the Lord will bring the victory!) Oh, Lord help me! In Jesus' name, Lord, help me! My God, I can understand why people in the crazy house do crazy things like bang their heads on the wall. Oh, I'm such a poor example. So sorry, Honey, please don't let me hurt your faith. I'm just terrible! I'm just awful! (Maria: No you're not, Honey, the Enemy is really fighting you!) (Tongues & crying)

       6. I'm sorry to fail you! (Maria: Honey, you're not failing anybody!) I'm so sorry to fail you, but I never had such pain in my whole life! I must've done something wrong. (Maria: You haven't done anything wrong. It's just the Enemy attacking you.) Only 11 more days till my 72nd birthday. Please forgive me for being so weak, but this is absolutely the most severe pain I've ever felt in my whole life! I'm sorry, please forgive me. I failed you. I failed everybody! Now the whole Family knows it! (Maria: You didn't fail anybody. Getting a disease & hurting with the pain of it doesn't mean you failed.)

       7. It's the Devil! He's trying to kill me before my 72nd birthday. What a birthday present! Leave it to the Devil to give that kind of birthday present. TYL! I'm a little bit better, I don't feel like bashing my head on the wall any more.

       8. This is the worst thing I ever had in this World! I just now saw a vision of the Devil. He looked like one of those, what do you call them? --A satyr! Half-goat, half-man, with horns & hoofs. Like he was really enjoying this. Why should the Lord deliver me into his hand? (Maria: He doesn't let you stay there, Honey.)

       9. I guess it's for chastening & purification. I would have gladly died than suffer such pain. If I go, it would be better for me. I think you'd get along all right. You have wisdom, Peter has wisdom, you all have wisdom. (Maria: Honey, I don't think the Lord wants you to go, because just a week ago He told you it was your duty to lead His children to the future, remember? The Lord said specifically, "What more could your Father do than to lead God's people to the future? That is the duty of David.") I have already, I've led them to the future through opening the whole Bible to them.

       10. Those poor boys in the war. It seems like I'm suffering what they're suffering. This exhausts me, it hurts my heart. O God! In Jesus' name help me! Why does my head hurt? It feels like it's going to break off! O Jesus, help! The Lord can do it. Why doesn't He? (Maria: He will, I know it. Just hang on a little bit longer.)

       11. (Tongues) O God, why hast Thou forsaken me? (Dad weeping in pain) I guess I have to feel like Jesus felt when the Lord had forsaken Him. Ohhh! My God, it's like an all-out attack of the Enemy! I can understand why people in pain shoot themselves. I won't do that, Lord help me. So don't worry, okay? I don't want to make a big bloody mess. I'll leave the time of my death up to the Lord, He knows how much I can stand. TYL!

       12. I'm sorry you have to bother the Family, but would you please tell them I'm really sick & I really hurt & I just want to try to make it to the 18th & give the Lord the glory. (Dad crying in pain) The Lord will have to do it!

       13. I'm a lot of trouble, aren't I?--The worst problem the Family has! My God, Mama's having to phone the whole Family to tell them to pray for me. Well, it's the only good thing I can see coming out of it--that it's making everybody pray, including me.

       14. The Devil has got me! He's really trying to kill me before my 72nd birthday! Oh Jesus, I feel like I'm almost going to die. My God, I've never had such pain in my whole life, it feels like my head's going to fall off!

       15. I'm sorry, folks, I'm such a poor example, I can't get relief. I'm sorry, I hope I don't disappoint you. I'm sorry! (Dad cries) I'm sorry! (Maria: You don't disappoint anybody, Sweetheart. Just because you're sick & in pain doesn't mean you've failed.) I'm failing you all! I guess I just don't have enough faith for healing. (Mama: Just because you don't get healed immediately doesn't mean you don't have enough faith. Faith is trusting that He's going to heal you even when you don't see the results right away. You know He's going to heal you, He's done it every time before.)

       16. Do you think I'm going to die? Ah, that would be wonderful! He could heal me by taking me. (Crying) I'm trying to make it to the 18th, to my 72nd birthday. I think that's what the Devil is fighting. I made it too easy to these last 2 birthdays, 70, & 71, I made it too easy. This time he's really trying to put me out of commission. God helping me, I'll make it, because if I make it to 72 it'll be such a testimony to the Family. He's trying to kill me before I get there, I really believe it. I saw it. He's ugly, he's horrible! He's half-goat, half-man, all hairy, & he was laughing with glee. But I'm going to fool him! I'm going to fool him! I'm going to stay here at least till 72, & we can have the testimony. (Maria: That's the spirit!)
+ + + + + + +


       17. I used to think I was pretty good at enduring pain, but I just almost couldn't endure that pain! I was beginning to be hurt at the Lord for not relieving me, wondering if He didn't love me any more. If He wanted to know my limitations, He sure found out. I was getting to where I was about to say, "Okay, Lord, go ahead & kill me if You don't want to heal me." I just couldn't stand any more! My God, that was the worst pain I've ever endured, & I didn't endure it very well.

       18. I was murmuring & complaining & questioning, "Oh Lord, why don't You heal me?" I guess I can't stand very much. I wasn't deserting the Lord or anything, & didn't lose faith in Him, but I just figured if He wanted to hurt me that much, why didn't He just go ahead & kill me, 'cause I couldn't have stood to live very much longer. The pain was so intense. I've never had any pain like that before. I really believe that's the worst I've had in my whole life--worse than all the broken bones & diseases & fevers, pneumonia, freezing tendons, appendicitis, & everything else! Even when I had a temperature of 106 degrees F, it didn't hurt that bad. I just finally went unconscious.

       19. I almost prayed I could go unconscious, & I did, thank the Lord, I went to sleep. Thank You Lord! Thank You Lord for healing me! I just couldn't have stood any more. If You wanted to find my limit, You found it. I really thought maybe that might kill me, it started giving me pains in my heart, sharp jabs like it was doing to my head.

       20. My God! Oh, thank You Lord! Thank You Lord for healing me, relieving me. You stopped just in time, Lord! I was beginning to wish for death, I couldn't stand it any longer, & sure enough He put me to sleep. Not the big sleep but just a little sleep. TYL! Isn't it amazing that I can have a cold sweat like that & then need to get all warm again? I was soaking wet & I was just going to try to cover up a little & endure it, but I knew I had to get out of those wet clothes.

       21. It made me feel sorry for the wounded boys in the war 'cause I knew I was having just a touch of the suffering they must be enduring. My God, it's almost like Heaven to be relieved of that awful pain. I mean, I never had anything worse in my whole life! This is worse than my broken arm, broken nose, falling off of buildings, horrible fevers, horrible diseases, pneumonia & freezing my feet. I never ever suffered anything like that in my whole life. My God, I'll tell you, I almost died, I couldn't have stood any more! If you wanted to find my limit, Lord, You found it!

       22. Now I'm hungry, TTL! I'm thinking I would like someone to make me a hamburger just the way I like it & then what I could do is just sink my teeth into it & suck on it. I saw someone sink their teeth into a hamburger on a video the other night & it looked so good! My God, I didn't realise that I had it so good all those years when I could eat. Now that I can't eat solid foods, I miss it. But I'm thankful I can eat a little bit, enough to keep me alive. They fix me things that I can get down.

       23. Oh, this must be Heaven!--I don't have those terrible pains! Those awful excruciating pains! (Sings:)

       "He took my pain away,
       He took my pain away,
       And keeps me singing every day,
       I'm so glad He took my pain away,
       He took my pain away!"

       24. Thank You Lord! Thank God for the Family's prayers & His mercy!

+ + + + + + +

       (Three days later:)

       25. O Jesus, Jesus, help me to stay as long as I'm needed! Thank You, Lord, I'm almost 72. Help me to make it. That would be quite a victory. Cheat the old Devil, Lord! Cheat him, Lord!

       26. Thank You, Lord, for this good bed for my sufferings, & for Maria, who helps me & encourages me to survive.--And for our precious Family who pray for me. Bless them, Lord!

       27. O God, have mercy, Lord! I know I've been wicked & terrible & selfish & unwilling to suffer very much. But I did go through a lot, Lord, for a long time--all those years of suffering & travel, privation & loneliness. But I guess I didn't really suffer much physical agony. This is the most physical agony I've ever suffered.

       28. When you go to the grave you can be so thankful it's over.--Peace at last. Your troubles are over. It would be peace at last, to have my old carcass, this stinking flesh, buried & not worrying me any more, & my real self gone to be with Jesus. TYL! In some ways I'm really looking forward to that day, Honey. I'm really just staying here to help you & the Family. (Maria: I know, Honey.) But when I go, I would like to be buried in a nice cemetery, OK?

       29. George Washington made his tomb a real testimony, you know? He used a verse on a big marble slab: "I am the Resurrection & the Life, he that believeth on Me, though he were dead, yet shall he live," & "He that liveth & believeth in Me shall never die."--Jn.11:25,26. What a testimony to all the people who go there to see his tomb at his home in Mt. Vernon, Virginia. At least you can still be a witness in your death if you have a good gravestone.

       30. My sister put up such a fuss about my putting so much on Mother & Dad's gravestones because it cost so much. I said, "My God, if I can't make it a testimony, it's not worth anything!" So anyhow, since the insurance paid most of it, she finally shut up. And now that you're Up There, Virginia, wasn't it worth it? Those gravestones are still a testimony! I want one of those nice white marble ones, OK?

       31. I would like to stay here with you until the Lord comes, & never die, you know? But that might really be too hard on me. The Tribulation might be a little hard on me. I would wish for the Family that we would all die before we have too much suffering, but the Lord knows best & what would be the best witness. Did you know that "martyr" means "witness"?

       32. But you know, you finally get to where you'd just as soon die, & in a way, you really look forward to the grave. All your suffering is over then. What was it Paul said? "For me, it is better if I go, but for you it is better that I stay."--Phil.1:23,24. (Maria: Honey, I know it's a real sacrifice for you, even more so in these days of such pain.)

       33. Lord, in Jesus' name, rebuke this headache! It's such a peaceful end when you go to be with the Lord & they bury your body. I can have a nice gravestone as a real witness.

       34. Oh God, please help me! Heal my neck & my head! I guess many other Christians suffered pain too, but they died in peace & were a witness. You could put something on my gravestone like, "Our beloved Father David. He is not here, he is risen!"--And "For God so loved the World..." I want that on my grave because that's such a beautiful Salvation message.--Along with that other one, "He that believeth in Me, though he were dead yet shall he live."

+ + + + + + +

       So, dear Family, let us not forsake Dad at this time, but continue fervent in spirit, in prayer & supplication, not sinning in ceasing to pray for him. (1Sam.12:23) "Thanks be to God Who giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. He will swallow up death in victory; & the Lord God will wipe away all tears. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, & thou shalt be saved, & thy house. For this is the victory that overcometh the World, even our faith!" (1Cor.15:57; Isa.25:8; Acts 16:31; 1John 5:4.)


       Pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.--Jam.5:16.
       Now I beseech you, brethren, for the Lord Jesus Christ's sake, & for the love of the Spirit, that ye strive together with me in your prayers to God for me.--Rom.15:30.
       Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, whereunto thou art also called, & hast professed a good profession before many witnesses.--1Tim.6:12.
       Praying always with all prayer & supplication in the Spirit, & watching thereunto with all perseverance & supplication for all saints.--Eph.6:18.
       Thus saith the Lord, the Holy One of Israel, & his Maker, Ask Me of things to come concerning My sons, & concerning the work of My hands command ye Me!--Isa.45:11.
       Verily I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall bind on Earth shall be bound in Heaven: & whatsoever ye shall loose on Earth shall be loosed in Heaven. Again I say unto you, that if two of you shall agree on Earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of My Father which is in Heaven. For where two or three are gathered together in My Name, there am I in the midst of them.--Mat.18:18-20.
       And whatsoever ye shall ask in My Name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If ye shall ask any thing in My Name, I will do it.--Jn.14:13,14.
       Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, & find grace to help in time of need.--Heb.4:16.
       When the Enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him!--Isa.59:19.
       But Moses' hands were heavy; & they took a stone, & put it under him, & he sat thereon; & Aaron & Hur stayed up his hands, the one on the one side, & the other on the other side; & his hands were steady until the going down of the sun.--Exo.17:12.
       Bear ye one another's burdens, & so fulfil the law of Christ.--Gal.6:2.
       Moreover as for me, God forbid that I should sin against the Lord in ceasing to pray for you!--1Sam.12:23.

       Your prayers make a difference. Without them, Dad could have suffered through excruciatingly painful blisters, followed by severe pain for up to a year, & if the blisters were near his eyes he could've gone blind! Thank you for desperately praying, & thank God for His faithfulness in answering our prayers. He never fails!

       Love, Peter
       For Dad & Maria

+ + + + + +

       35. Dad is doing so much better since we asked you, our whole Family, to start having daily prayer vigils for him! PTL! He's feeling so much better, he even enjoyed a very nice Get-Out yesterday. I know that it's your prayers worldwide that are helping to uphold him now.

       36. It really shows how we need everyone's prayers, how we here can't do it alone. Of course, our prayers here are very needed, & without them I don't think Dad would do nearly as well. But it just shows that for these real stubborn cases, the real big attacks of the Enemy against Dad, we definitely need more help! We have to have the help of the whole Family! Thank You Jesus that we have you, our wonderful Family, to call upon!

       37. Although he had a very good day yesterday, after 6 hours sleep in the night, he woke up & was having more pains in his head, which lasted for just over an hour. Then a couple of hours later, he woke up again with a recurrence of the same pains. But thank the Lord, even though it was a painful headache, it wasn't anything like the excruciating pain he went through earlier, before we asked you, our dear ones, to pray for him!

       38. It seems like the Devil was just having a last fling, & was trying his best to still hurt Dad. But all the forces of Heaven have been called up against the Enemy by your prayers, & he wasn't able to make hardly any progress in his dirty work! Thank You Jesus! The force field around Dad is so much stronger now, & the Enemy was only able to do a little bit of damage, PTL! What a miracle! So even though Dad suffered another attack of these head pains, it was much less severe than the previous ones, so we know that the Lord is honouring & answering your prayers! Thank you so much! Please keep praying!

       I love you & appreciate you!

       Love, Mama

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family