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A DREAM ABOUT HEARTS AFLAME!        DO 2703        5/91

       1. I had an inspiring dream! My Mother & I were driving by this youth club in Hollywood. It looked pretty dead so I ran up the steps & I shouted, "Revolution for Jesus!" I said, "I'm from Mountain Man & we're going places! Our kids run our own club!" By that time this big, tall, skinny guy who looked kind of like a mummy began coming toward the door & motioning with his head to his bouncers to get me out of there.

       2. I said, "We run ourselves, we're not run by some old mummified church mummy like this guy!" He was obviously in charge & the kids were all intimidated by him, & by this time I was running down the steps making my get-away! And the kids were all shouting, "Yeah, man! What a way to go!" You know, I'd really gotten them stirred up. (Maria: You always do, Honey!) It's the funniest thing to say, "I'm from Mountain Man!" It was really inspiring to get the kids stirred up against that old clam. (Maria: You always do!)

       3. I really got'm stirred up & they were shouting, "What a way to go! Go, go, go man!" And this old doddering infidel couldn't control them any more & I broke the yoke! TTL! I'm sure things were different from then on. It was such an exciting, inspiring dream! (Maria: Well, that's what you're doing, Honey, all the time.) It was like a David Wilkerson church club & they were sitting around like a bunch of dead wooden Indians, but I really stirred'm up & set'm on fire & I rebuked that old lizard!

       4. I said to the kids, "We run our own club! We're not run by an old dead church mummy like you!" I turned to him & I said it straight at him. His two bouncers were practically stupefied, they just looked at me with awe! They were paralysed, & I just ran down the steps & ran out between them & out to the car & we drove off. The funny thing is--& I don't know what it has to do with it--but Mother was eating buns & honey. I guess we had the real nourishment, the Word--bread & honey!

       5. That was an exciting, thrilling dream! I really enjoyed yelling at that old mummy. I said, "We run our own club, not an old wrinkled church hypocrite like you!" And he was furious! He was trying to sic his dogs on me, but they were absolutely paralysed. It was awesome & I could hear the kids all yelling, "Oh, man! What a way to go! Let's go, man!" It really set them on fire! So I haven't lost my fire yet, Honey, even in my sleep! I ran down between those two guards still shouting & yelling. It was just like it brought the kids to life & this old mummy was trying to quiet them down. (Maria: Just like you, Honey, to always be stirring up the pot!) Yes, I run in where Angels fear to tread, where fools rush in--fools like me! I'm a fool for Christ's sake!--Whose fool are you? (1Cor.4:10.)

       6. Oh yes, I said, "I'm from Club Huntington Beach, the surfing capital of the World! We're on fire!" And I turned to the old guy & I said, "We're not run by an old church hypocrite like you!" And the kids began to yell & scream & they loved it!--And I'll bet he never controlled them any more! TYJ! Hallelujah! PTL! The Spirit can never be bound! TYJ! I mean, I really set them free & I could still hear them screaming & yelling as we drove off.

       7. Honey, that was so inspiring! TYJ! I guess I haven't lost my fire yet! (Maria: No, you definitely haven't. You've still got it!) I set those kids on fire from coast to coast. It's so thrilling, so exciting! I just loved it! I love to challenge the System! I think I dropped the spark that caused the explosion. I'm not even the fuse, you guys are the fuse. I'm just the spark that lights the fuse & you cause the explosion! It's true!--All over the World! When I first got that in the early days of the Family I said, "I'm not the fuse, I'm just the spark." That lawyer Tony said, "Oh man, you are the fuse that ignites the bomb!" But I said, "No, I'm just the spark that ignites the fuse, & you guys are the fuse that ignites the bomb that causes the explosion!"

       8. Those were heavy days, you know, & now it's happened all over the World! There are thousands of us winning millions to the Lord, isn't that amazing? Isn't that terrific? It started with a bunch of teenagers in that club & I ignited the fuse & they exploded! Just like in my dream: They really exploded, all I had to do was light the fuse & show them where the trouble was--that old church duffer. They'd never get anywhere with him around, & they just began exploding like firecrackers!

       9. Lord, You can still do it! You can still light my fuse & set'm on fire! Hallelujah! TYL! Bless the kids, Lord! Set them on fire! Get them excited, Lord! Help them explode! Don't let'm settle down & cool off, keep them exploding, Lord, in Jesus' name! Keep them excited, Lord! Keep them on fire, even if it causes them trouble, Lord. I rebuked that old church hypocrite right to his face! I said, "We're not run by an old church hypocrite mummy like you!" And he was getting furious, he motioned his head to the guards & they just sat there looking at me open-mouthed, & they didn't pay a bit of attention to him.

       10. It could also be applied a little bit sometimes to some of our old-bottle parents with their teenagers. I hit & run! I hit'm hard & then ran, & boy, it was breaking their bottles! They were popping all over the place & they weren't paying a bit of attention to him any more! The churches are almost the worst hindrance there is to real revival, it wasn't until the churches let go of the Light Club that we really exploded. When the church people got out, then we really took over & exploded! That was terrific! I loved it!

       11. You've got to challenge the Enemy face to face, teeth to teeth, & believe the Lord is going to bless it! Hallelujah! TYJ! PYL!--And not worry about the consequences. That old devil couldn't do a thing, he was absolutely petrified! The Lord captured his minions & the kids all caught the fire! Hallelujah! TYL!

       12. Oh, that was thrilling & exciting, just like the old days! I must love a fight, especially when I know I can win. (Maria: You always know you can win when the Lord's on your side. "If God be for us who can be against us?"--Rom.8:31.) That's the way it was in Huntington Beach, we didn't fear anybody. We just yelled "Revolution for Jesus!" & they all trembled! My God, they were so scared! But then they really planned to try to get us. Thank God when they persecute you in one city, you can move to another (Mat. 10:23), & we did!--We moved to Tucson.

       13. God bless Faithy & Miguel, they're the ones who pioneered & turned Tucson on, & we got there later as we moved out of Huntington Beach. They did their job, they really socked it to'm! They woke up Brother Ware & scared Mrs. Ware to death!--Ha! They'd turned their church over to the hippies who had thrown all the benches out & put in rugs & pillows until the old guard was dumbfounded, they didn't know what to do. There really wasn't any place left for them. And poor Mrs. Ware got them together--the old board, back in the parsonage--& she said, "If this man is right, I've been wrong all my life!" And of course she was, she had been.

       14. Churchianity & buildings just weren't where it was at. It's the fire of the Spirit that never can be bound! Hallelujah! TYJ! They were trying to wake the churches up with songs like "Victory in Jesus," but they were just almost too dead to wake up. The young people wanted to wake up, but the old people were such a drag. They were really afraid to wake up, they knew it was going to cost them something so they held back & held the young people back. TYJ! TYL! We really let them go, let them explode! My God, we scared the wits out of the System & out of the churches! (Maria: Yes, & that's what we're going to have to do in our own Homes with our own kids. We're going to have to get our Teens to really explode & get on fire & do things for the Lord!)

       15. Amen, it'll come. It'll come with the Antichrist. "They loved not their lives unto the death."--Rev.12:11. (Maria: Right now they can let them get out & witness & win souls & get excited & on fire!--Learn to really witness! Like you said, that's the most important thing they can be doing.) Amen, they've got to love souls & want to witness. My God, those former teenage drug addicts in Huntington Beach really wanted to win their gang members over. They were on fire & their gang members wanted to be won! Thank You Lord, the fire really caught & really burned! My God, the System was so afraid, the police, the churches & everybody! They were so afraid of the fire, but praise God, the Spirit cannot be bound, & it burned & it grew & it consumed! TYJ! Hallelujah! It's terrific!--And it swept across the nation & across the World! TYL!--In Jesus' name.

       16. You did it, Lord, it was Your fire, Your Spirit! You caught the kids on fire! Everywhere it went You caught them on fire, Lord. Jesus did it, He set them on fire. We were just His voice, just His Word. We just gave them the Word, Lord, Your Word, & it set them on fire! Hallelujah! TYL! TYJ! How wonderful! How marvellous! It was the Lord's doing, it was His Spirit. I just stand back in amazement & watch what the Lord does! It's amazing! It's all the Lord & His Spirit, His fire! TYL! Hallelujah!

       17. The Spirit just set them on fire! We just put them in touch with the Spirit & She sets them on fire. Hallelujah! It's wonderful, wonderful, wonderful what the Lord has done! (Dad sings:) "It is truly wonderful what the Lord has done!--Truly wonderful, truly wonderful! It is truly wonderful what the Lord has done! Glory to His name!" Amen, the Lord did it, Honey! We just touched them with the spark of the Spirit & their fuses began to burn until they exploded! TYJ! Hallelujah! Amen?

       18. In Jesus' name, Lord, it's all Your doing, You made them explode! TYL! All we did was touch them with the spark of Thy Spirit & You caused their fuse to burn & explode. TYJ! Set'm on fire, Lord! Set Thy young people on fire, Thy teenagers, in Jesus' name! Show them, Lord, that this is it, the only it! Set'm on fire, Lord! Make them burn, Lord, so the World will come out to see them burn!--In Jesus' name! Lord, set Thy teenagers on fire like their parents were set on fire years ago. Show them, Lord, that this is the only thing worth living for--You & Your Love, Lord. Jesus, set them on fire, make them burn, Lord, so that the World will come out to see them burn! TYJ!

       19. You can do it, Jesus! We've raised them the best we know how, we've tried to give them the Truth, Lord, now You set them on fire by Thy Spirit! Only You can do it, Lord, just like You set their mothers & fathers on fire, in Jesus' name. You can do it, Lord, set Thy children on fire! Make them burn so that the World will come out to see, in the Name of Jesus! TYL! Do it, Lord, do it! Lord, even if it takes the Antichrist persecution, set'm on fire & make them burn, in Jesus' name. (Sings:)

       "Rise & shine & give God the glory, glory!
       Rise & shine & give God the glory, glory!
       Rise & shine & give God the glory, glory,
       Soldiers of the cross!

       Rise & burn & give God the glory, glory!
       Rise & burn & give God the glory, glory!
       Rise & burn & give God the glory, glory,
       Soldiers of the cross!"

       20. (Maria: That's good! Hallelujah!) Hallelujah! Thank You Lord! (Maria: Amen!)

Teens' Hearts Aflame!

       21. (Later:) Oh, I had a real touch from the Lord last night with that dream, it set me on fire & I didn't give a damn what the System thought! I just socked it to them & the kids caught fire, Honey! They caught fire in spite of the old System damper. It was worth it, it really was worth it in spite of all the danger & the threatening of the Devil! We won, Lord! TYJ! We really won! We set the World on fire! There's a song something like that, about setting the World on fire. "I just want to set the World on fire!"

       22. Amen, do it, Lord, set us on fire again! Set us on fire again to set the World on fire! Just those few words I spoke at that Hollywood Youth Club set them on fire! Hallelujah! The Devil can't put it out! I can still do it, Honey, the fire is still burning! Hallelujah! The Holy Ghost fire is still burning & it will still set souls on fire, including our teenagers! Set'm on fire, Lord! Make them burn, Lord, until they don't care what happens as long as they can burn free for You! Hallelujah! I've still got it, Honey, I'm going to set the World on fire with our kids, in Jesus' name, amen!

       23. Give me these teenagers, Lord! Give'm to me so I can send them out like firebrands to set the World on fire, in Jesus' name, no matter what the cost! TYJ! Hallelujah! There's an old song, something about "I just want to set the World on fire! I just want to be free!", something like that. Bless in Jesus' name, Lord. Set the hearts of our teenagers aflame to save the World, in Jesus' name. Help them to want to save the World, Lord. Set them on fire, hearts aflame! Set their hearts aflame, in Jesus' name. I really want to set the World on fire & set aflame the hearts of these teenagers, Lord. Help them to go out & set the World on fire, Lord!--In Jesus' name, amen. Hallelujah!

       24. Do it, Lord! Set their hearts aflame to set the World on fire! Help them to burn for You, Jesus! You know, that's what the Lord used me for once before. I set their hearts aflame & they went out & set the World on fire! We can do it again, these dear young people, our own children, our own teenagers. My God, please set their hearts aflame that they might go out & set the World on fire, in the Name of Jesus!--Whatever the cost! Hallelujah! TYL! I did it! I did it once before! I set them on fire & they went out & set the World on fire! TYJ! Now help our teenagers to do the same, Lord. Set'm aflame, Lord, hearts aflame! Hearts aflame! That's a good name for a group of teenagers, "Hearts Aflame!", to set the World on fire!

       25. Help them, Lord! Help them to set the World on fire & hearts aflame to set the World on fire! We just want to make love, we want to make God's Love. I think that old song said, "I don't want to set the World on fire, I just want to make love." Well, we do want to set the World on fire & we do want to make love--the Lord's Love!--God's Love, amen?

       26. Lord help their parents to enflame them! Help their parents to set them on fire like I did them! Oh God, what's wrong with some of these parents? Have some of them died? Has their flame gone out? If our young people see that flame in their parents they will catch it. My Lord, Jesus, please help them to set them on fire so people will come out to see them burn! Jesus, Jesus, please help us to set Thy children on fire, set their hearts aflame, set the World on fire, Lord, to win them to You & Your Love!--In Jesus' name, amen.

       27. Lord, please set our children on fire all over the World! Do it, Lord, set'm on fire! Set their hearts aflame that they might win the World, Lord. Let them burn, Lord, for You, Jesus! What's that song, "Let It Burn, Let It Burn, Let It Burn!" "This little light of mine, I'm going to let it shine! Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine! This little light of mine, I'm going to let it burn! Let it burn, let it burn, let it burn!" Lord, Jesus, please let it burn, Lord! Help it to catch fire in the hearts of our children as it did in ours! You can do it, Lord! TYJ! Help them to be empowered by the fire of Thy Holy Spirit, Lord, & to be sure to be led by Her in everything they do!--In Jesus' name, amen!
       * *
Quiz Questions

       1) What are two of the most important things we can be doing in our work for the Lord? (15)
       2) "If you are __ _____, the World will come out to see you _____." (18) How can you be on fire?--Is it something you can work up? (16, 17)
       3) (True or False:) "If our young people see that flame in their parents, they will catch it." (26) Is your Home on fire with the Holy Spirit? GBY!

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       For further reading & study on subjects mentioned in this Letter, see #1956, "The Spirit of Love!" (DB 8); #1741, "God's Gifts!" (GN Book 20); #328, "Glamour or Glory?" (Vol.3); Maria #44, "What Does It Mean to be Truly Revolutionary?" (DB 3)

       (The following testimony received from Juan in Latin America confirms what Dad said in the Letter "A Dream about Hearts Aflame!": "We just put them in touch with the Spirit & She sets them on fire!" This testimony emphasises the effect of having desperate united prayer for the infilling of the Holy Spirit to help us have the power to implement the Discipleship Training Revolution, as only the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit can make it possible for us to accomplish the goals of the DTR & to give the strength & power & joy in our lives & ministries that we need. PTL!)
* * *       

       We were praying about what we needed to do here at the JETT Home. The JETTs were very sweet & precious kids, & everybody in the Home was really trying hard to put the Discipleship Training Revolution into practice. But still something just seemed to be missing. The Lord, as faithful as He always is, gave us a Scripture: "Not by works of righteousness that you have done, but by My mercy, through the washing of regeneration & renewing of the Holy Spirit." (Tit.3:5) And that just seemed to strike such a key in our hearts!--Like, "Hey, wait a minute, that's what it is! We just really need to get these kids filled with the Holy Spirit!"
       So immediately we went & started reading more about the Holy Spirit. Dad, although he was filled with the Holy Spirit even before birth, says that at 19 years of age he received the full power of the Holy Spirit. That led us to think about some of our JETTs who received the Holy Spirit when they were younger. So we felt what we need here is a Revolution of the Holy Spirit: To really seek the Holy Spirit & ask Her to come into us & give us the full power to join in this new Revolution!
       I was remembering when I first joined that it wasn't until the Lord filled me with Her that my heart became on fire. Actually that's when I really joined the Family. Although I had physically joined before that, it wasn't until I got filled with the Holy Spirit that spiritually I joined the Family.
       So we went & had a special Holy Spirit class with the JETTs, & some of the adults. Then we just really had a beautiful fervent desperate prayer for the Holy Spirit to come upon us & to really fill us with Her Power to overflowing!
       And it was such a beautiful session! At first a lot of the JETTs were sort of wondering what was happening, but as they started to let go & the Holy Spirit started to come upon us it was such a beautiful meeting! The JETTs started getting free & prophesying & praying in tongues. Even the room started shaking! Afterwards, several of the JETTs said they had felt the same thing!
       There was a tremendous drastic change, & from that day on the JETTs have been totally changed. That's exactly what happened, they were renewed by the Holy Spirit. We've been trying hard to implement this Discipleship Training Revolution with the best of intentions & trying to follow the rules & meet the requirements. However, just like what Mama said in some of her "Prayer Jewels," we're usurping the position of the Lord in trying so hard in our own strength. But when the power of the Holy Spirit came upon us, things just started flowing so much easier, & this Home has been totally renewed!
       Then we started visiting different Homes. Everything at the School was going in the right direction, but it seemed like such a battle. We were just pulling this heavy load. Thank the Lord we were all pulling it together, which in a way made it a lot easier, but still, it really seemed like we were all just trying too hard.
       But then all of a sudden again, we said, "Well, what we really need to do is just get refilled with the Holy Spirit." All of the adults got together & we talked about the Holy Spirit & we read the Holy Spirit class & the different Letters that refer to the Holy Spirit. We had an on-fire meeting again to get renewed & regenerated & just completely changed by the power of the Holy Spirit. And again the same thing happened as had happened with the JETTs. Adults, who had been around for so many years, who were so weary from fighting, all of a sudden it just seemed like they got renewed! The joy of the Lord seemed to return to their faces!
       Before this prayer, when we would present challenges & changes & possible alternatives their attitude was, "That's just too much to ask! We need more people." In a way it's true, they could use more people because each Home Member carries a tremendous load. Their attitude was like, "Well, how can we do it? We're already trying our best & we don't even have time for that!" But after the prayer for the Holy Spirit, their attitude was completely different: "Of course it can be done! It takes an impossible situation for God to do a miracle." In other words, the Lord had rekindled that spark of faith. What we had tried to accomplish in two days without much success, the Lord did in just one prayer meeting. In just one morning the whole Home was revolutionised & people were speaking faith! The night before we had this united prayer session, the Lord gave us the Scripture: "Ye shall receive power when the Holy Spirit is come upon you, & ye shall be witnesses unto Me!" (Acts 1:8.)
       When the Teens went witnessing in the four days since they prayed for the Holy Spirit, they got out more Videos than they had in the entire last month! PTL! People started having faith to sell the Videos by sets. Whereas before they would say, "No, it's impossible," now they were just full of faith, & nothing seemed impossible.
       Many of them were commenting after coming back from their witnessing that it reminded them a lot of the days when we first pioneered Latin America. It's not an inspiration like the so-called "Latin Fire." But it's a beautiful fire, it's a meek & a humble fire, it's a quiet type of fire, a fire that comes from within.
       It reminds me so much of the cover of "Flesh or Spirit." It seems like now we're flying & to implement the requirements has been so easy, & people seem so much more inspired & so much happier.
       We've been rereading the Discipleship Training Revolution, because all of a sudden we see it in a whole different light. When we first read it, although we got on fire & excited about it & wanted to obey, in the back of our minds I guess a lot of us were feeling like, "Wow, this is going to be really hard, but I guess it's possible." But now everyone's really excited & working together towards accepting that challenge & attaining that goal. PTL! (--AMEN!--D.)

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