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WORLD CURRENTS!--No.57: The U.S!        DO 2712        Comp.2/91


       1. I had them come down on me in school because I was teaching political science to the kids. I said, "The Republican party has always been the party of the rich, & the Democratic party has always been the party of the poor."--Which is the actual historical accurate truth! But some of the kids took that home to their parents, & they blew up! The Superintendent came in & was down on me the next day! He said, "Dave, we cannot take a position politically in this school. You must not be partial or in any way political." I said, "I just told them the truth that everybody knows!--The Republicans are rich & the Democrats are poor." He said, "Well, don't say that any more!" Boy, I'll tell you, you talk about political, teaching is really political. You really are limited politically.


       2. (Explaining to the kids:) In Watergate, Nixon, a Republican President, sent a group of burglars into the Democratic Party headquarters (in the Watergate apartment complex) to try to steal political secrets, & they got caught! First he lied & claimed he had nothing to do with it, he said he didn't know anything about it. He gave a famous quote on television: "There will be no whitewash from the White House!" But it was all whitewash!--And finally he was so exposed that he had to resign. But that was a strange thing there. That's the first time a President that resigned got to pick his own successor, Gerald Ford. Can you imagine? This criminal President who was being forced to resign picked the next President of the United States!


       3. You know who backs the IRA?--The U.S.!--But that's an awful secret that the U.S. doesn't brag about, & one that the British don't like to admit. (The IRA, the Irish Republican Army, is a secret terrorist organisation that seeks to unite the independent Republic of Ireland with Northern Ireland, which is a part of Great Britain. In the late 1960's, Catholics in Northern Ireland began to protest against discrimination by Protestants. Fighting broke out between Catholics and Protestants, and the IRA took up the cause of the Catholics. Britain sent troops to restore order, and the IRA and British soldiers were soon fighting each other. The IRA has carried out many bombings, ambushes, and assassinations to disrupt the economic, social, and political life of Northern Ireland.--As well as recent terrorist attacks in Great Britain & at British bases in Europe.)

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