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WORLD CURRENTS!--No.58       DO 2721       1991


       1. As you may have heard, Clarence Thomas received his confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court!--In spite of all the Devil could do to try to stir things up against him. He seems to be a very sincere man & a staunch Catholic. Frankly, before his confirmation I was thinking, "Well, maybe he's not going to make it, maybe the U.S. doesn't deserve such a good man." But I guess the Lord had a little more mercy on all the Christians & church people there who must have been praying for him. The Lord gave at least a little over half of those lofty U.S. Senators enough sense to vote for him & see through the evil machinations of the Devil & his anti-Christs!

       2. Oh boy, I never heard of them pulling out so many stops as they did on that one! Talk about harassment, he was the one being harassed! It was terrible! That's the worst confirmation fight I think they've ever had. It was a real spiritual battle, good against evil! It sounds to me like that woman Anita Hill who was testifying against him & telling all those ridiculous tales, had been really chasing him! Let me tell you, there's no wrath like a woman spurned! She was absolutely inspired--demon-possessed! The Devil can just take over somebody like that for that kind of a dirty job. When I heard her accusations I thought, "Well, that's the end of him." She was so calm, cool & collected, that she was hard not to believe!

       3. So that was a great victory! It's all over now, but that was one horrible, awful mess & a shame to bring all that sort of thing out publicly. Talk about "no wrath like a woman spurned," there was no wrath like all the women who rose up against him & used him for a hobbyhorse to promote their man-hatred! When I was a kid they used to call women like that "man-haters." Now they've got whole organisations of man-haters called Feminists!--And they're anything but feminine! It's amazing!

       4. What have the men in the U.S. done that makes those women so mad? Apparently some ungodly men have really turned the women against them. They just can't say enough against men or hate them enough. You can see the hate just bubbling over through them against men. So they really used this Thomas case as a hobby horse to try to ride their own causes to victory. They didn't care if they ruined the poor man. But thank God he made it!--The Lord made it, I'm sure because of the prayers of all the Christians! TYJ!


       5. Those modern American women want to be equal with the men, but then they can't take it when the men try to buddy up to them, so they cry "sexual harassment!" You can't say anything about the ACs, you can't say anything about the Negroes, & now you can't say anything about women! Those "Feminist" women don't care how much they assassinate Thomas' character, they just want to get their revenge against men in general & push their point & their women's movement. They're really seizing on this thing to get their publicity out, to get the whole U.S. stirred up about it.--Deliberately blowing it up out of all proportion to the facts, trying to make it something really criminal & serious. And now they've stirred things up in England & Japan & the rest of the World too!

       6. This is their chance to serve notice to the men: "Don't you dare tangle with us!" They're almost as good as saying, "Sexual harassment is being trivialised, so we're going to let people know that there's nothing trivial about it, it's very serious!" The contradiction of their position is that they want equality, but they can't take it. When it comes to anything like that, they still want to be treated like ladies, like women. Well, if they want to be equal to men, they're going to have to be as tough as men! If they can't take the heat, they'd better stay out of the kitchen! "Feminist" women are really seizing this sexual harassment issue as a crusade.

       7. As the Bible says, "In the Last Days women & children shall rule over them!"--Isa.3:12.--It's certainly getting that way!


       8. For the richest Americans--mostly during the Reagan administration, 1980 to 1990, the past decade--their income went up 45% & their taxes down 10%! On the other hand, the income of the poorest 10% of the population has gone down 10% & their tax rate has gone up by more than a fourth! That shows you who makes the rules! All the Senators are millionaires! They can't even be a Senator unless they're a millionaire. And most of the Congress would have to be millionaires to be able to campaign & get re-elected. So you can see why the guys who make the laws don't tax themselves--the rich--but they tax the poor! It shows the unfairness of the System.


       9. They've had the Gospel in Japan for centuries, really, but especially since WW2. They've heard a lot about Christianity, they're not ignorant of Christianity, they're not as ignorant of who Jesus is as you might be led to believe. After WW2, it was not the older people so much to whom it appealed. You know how the young people like to copy the United States? It was the younger generation, who are now middle-aged, who were really open & hungry for Christianity & wanted to know about the faith of this mighty country that conquered them, etc. This is why MacArthur sent for 2,000 missionaries.

       10. So I was thinking, "But, Lord, after all that, how come they got pulled back into all that terrible idolatry & deviltry & all the rest?" And just as clear as I ever heard anything from the Lord: It was their parents, the older generation who didn't want them to forsake the old religions & the old customs, the old traditions. They're the ones who pulled them away from it & pulled them back into the old faiths of their ancestors. They didn't want them to become Christians. So their parents really fought against them turning to Christianity & really pulled them back!

       11. What that older generation is responsible for! That's the same generation that was so influenced by Shintoism & created the Japanese Empire & helped start the war & all that. Their children wanted Christianity, but the parents pulled away from it. Isn't that something? The Japanese parents were the 10:36ers of their day who did their best to prevent the kids from turning to Christianity. The thing that came to me was that the parents encouraged the children to get into the festivities, the celebrations, the processions to get'm hooked on their religion.


       12. They say Japanese teens are totally imitating U.S. teens, & the U.S. teens got it from the Blacks!--And the Blacks got it from Africa. [DELETED]


       13. It seems like Creation almost went haywire in Australia. Maybe the Devil disrupted things. Australia is like a land of evil spirits with all those strange creatures!

       14. I think that's going to be part of Hell, that evil people are going to have to become these weird strange creatures.


       15. Until 1988, Ne Win was the stubborn, bull-headed, ridiculous, anti-Christ dictator of Burma (now called Myanmar)! He had been in power for 26 years, but he finally got the point that the people didn't like him because they had so many riots there. He confessed that maybe the people needed some other kind of government, so he resigned.

       16. He wrecked the Burmese economy! He isolated the country from both East & West & almost completely ruined their trade, until its economy is just down to almost zero except for the Black Market, which survives. At one time Burma was the richest nation in South East Asia! In latter years they haven't even been able to feed themselves under his brand of so-called "Socialism." He was a stupid Army general trying to run a country with an iron hand, tolerating no freedom, & he just wrecked it. It's pitiful!

       17. Anyhow, thank God he got out! He's retired & about six of his generals with him, a whole gang of culprits.

       18. He just caused one rebellion after another in different parts of the country. The Communists in the North near China were rebelling & the Christians in the South, the Karens, are rebelling.--All because he's been such a stupid dictator & absolutely wrecked the country!

       19. (In May of 1990, the Opposition won a national election by a landslide, but there's been little change so far. A military junta still rules the country & has imposed many conditions before it will turn over power to a civilian government. In fact, the leader of the Opposition remains under house arrest, despite the fact that she won a Nobel Peace Prize. Although the people are restless, there's been little action, since the last pro-democracy demonstrations in September 1988 resulted in the deaths of perhaps 3,000 people!)

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family