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THE FINAL SOLUTION!        DO 2722        10/89

       1. They'll never get rid of the drug problem unless the Antichrist does it, & he probably will! He'll probably mow down all the drug addicts & slaughter all the AIDS cases, & he'll just do it ruthlessly! He won't tolerate any of that kind of stuff in his kingdom! He'll get rid of all of that ruthlessly, if he has to bomb Colombia & slaughter all of the addicts! He's not going to stand for all of that Black crime in the cities, he'll probably slaughter all of them!

       2. The AC is going to take power ruthlessly! He'll not hesitate to slaughter his opponents & criminals & drug addicts & all the rest of those rotters! It's going to be sort of a self-righteous government that just will not tolerate or put up with any of that garbage! He's going to seem at first to be a good king who is going to really clean it up by force!--Which is the only way you could ever do it, because the only thing the wicked understand is force!

       3. The prisons in the U.S. now are overflowing, there's so much crime! It's just a nightmare!--An absolute nightmare! The police can't control it & the prisons can't hold'm, so the whole thing is a desperate situation! The only thing I can see the Antichrist doing is cleaning it up by force, absolute ruthless force, just slaughtering them! The only way to get rid of AIDS is to get rid of the people with AIDS & who brought it in!--And the criminals who bring the drugs in & sell them on the streets to kids!

       4. If you think the police have been tough, they haven't even gotten started compared to what the AC is going to do! He is just going to wipe'm out! He's going to be far tougher than any dictator ever was! That's the only way to get rid of the troublemakers--ACs, criminals, corrupt governments or whatever they are--to wipe'm out! And that's what the AC is going to do. He's not going to tolerate any foolishness, he's just going to wipe'm out!--The final solution!

       5. This is what the Lord Himself is going to have to do some day in the Battle of Gog & Magog! First He's going to wipe them out only partially by wiping out all the anti-Christ forces in the Battle of Armageddon, but He is still going to give some another chance, maybe their first chance. Then by the end of the Millennium, after a Thousand Years of giving a lot of people their first chance & they still rebel, then He is going to wipe'm all out, & only the righteous & the Saved will remain in the New Heaven & the New Earth!

       6. So what the Antichrist tries to do in wiping out all corruption & crime & the people causing it--as well as trying to wipe out his religious opposition--& what he tries to do to clean up the World, the Lord will finally have to do! The Lord is going to wipe out the worst, the anti-Christ forces, in the Battle of Armageddon, but a Thousand Years later He is going to have to wipe out all those who are not saved by burning up the entire World's surface & all the evil & pollution & wickedness, & make a New Earth for His New Heaven! Thank You Lord!

       7. This present civilisation has been too soft on crime & criminals & pollution & entirely too moderate & temperate, & that won't do it! The Lord Himself gave a Law, the Mosaic Law, of how to handle it, & He instituted capital punishment, the death penalty for 26 different crimes!--Including stoning to death children who were insolent to their parents!--Exo.21:15; Lev.20:9; Deut.21:18-21.

       8. That really deterred crime & there was very little of it in the Jewish nation as a result of the Mosaic Law, which was really tough! They had no prisons for criminals, they just killed them! That's the only way to stop them, otherwise they just go in & out of jail, almost like a revolving door!--And so many are in jail now they can't even hold them! It's horrible!

       9. The Mosaic Law was fair. It was very tough & very rigid, but it was very righteous, & it was the way to handle crime.--No penitentiaries or prisons, just kill'm & that settled it! Those who deserved mercy were made slaves to those whom they had offended or stolen from or injured, & they had to work off their time. In other words, they farmed out the criminals to those whom they had offended--which is a terrific way to handle the situation--& just slaughtered & wiped out the worst offenders!

       10. There were 26 capital crimes for which death was the remedy, therefore they didn't have too much serious crime because the people knew that that was it, if they committed one of those crimes they'd be killed! But now many nations are afraid to have capital punishment & kill the criminals. And as long as the criminals know that, that they're not going to be killed but they're just going to be put in a nice little prison cell where they'll get free room-&-board, three square meals a day, & where they will be tightly secure & can even take college courses & get all kinds of training & everything else, that's not deterring crime any!--At least in the Western civilised countries, where prison conditions are pretty nice compared to the rest of the World. In some ways, jail is a nice way to live for those toughs! They're better off in jail than on the street because they don't have any worries--they've got free room & board, free clothes, free education, free everything!

       11. So prison is no deterrent today! The present System of the nations of the World is too easy on crime & criminals, so crime is growing by leaps & bounds! The Mosaic Law really kept it at a minimum because the people knew that if they committed any one of those 26 crimes, they would be stoned to death for it!--A very painful type of death where their peers, the other citizens, the good citizens, would be gathered to literally throw stones at them until they died! So that got rid of all the expense of having to keep & take care of the criminals as the present prison system of society does.

       12. It's crazy the way modern Western civilisation pampers its criminals! And then the criminals don't even appreciate their treatment & how the System is taking care of them. They have horrible riots, killings & fires that burn down their prisons!

       13. The present System & civilisation doesn't know how to handle the situation because they're not doing it according to the Bible! They could at least do it according to the Mosaic Law.--In fact, the modern criminals actually still come under the Mosaic Law! But because present society has not been willing to enforce it, it's just running over with crime & criminals! The police can't possibly control it, nor the prison system, nor the judicial system.

       14. So it's just an impossible situation & crime is growing by leaps & bounds! The number of prisoners is overflowing the prisons because the System is not using the Laws of God! The whole situation is absolutely a nightmare & impossible to control!

       15. I think that's the first thing the Antichrist is going to do, is try to clean it up! He may even use the Mosaic Law type of judgement & punishment, which is the only thing that could ever possibly get it even partially under control!

       16. So that's why this System is absolutely inundated, flooded & drowning in its own filth!--And the Antichrist will have to come along & remedy the situation, both the horrible criminal problem & control AIDS by slaughtering the AIDS carriers! I wouldn't be surprised if he uses the Mosaic Law & its principles, knowing, as the Devil knows, that that's the only thing that could possibly control them!

       17. But of course his mistake will be in setting himself up as God for having saved the World from its crime problem & its economic problem, & trying to force them all to worship him!--And in the process, trying to eliminate the opposition, which will be mostly religious--Christian, Jewish & Muslim.

       18. Therefore he is not the final answer either, & God's forces will have to wipe him out because he is opposing the Lord & His children & causing them to suffer persecution! We'll then take over the World & run it the way God wants it to be run, with His power, & give some their first chance of knowing the Lord & hearing His Gospel!

       19. Then at the end of a Thousand Years, the Devil & his demons will be let loose again to deceive the nations of the World! All of the rebels who didn't like the Kingdom of God will rebel against God's forces, the Camp of the Saints, & the Lord will have to wipe them out again, this time completely with fire!--Rev.20:7-9; 2Pet.3:7. He will save the Saints & destroy the whole surface of the Earth with fire to purify it & get rid of all of the pollution & space junk & everything that was evil, & make a New Earth wherein dwelleth righteousness & only the Saved, God's Children, & on which the Heavenly City, the New Heaven, can safely land, & there will be a righteous Earthly Heaven on Earth forever! Thank the Lord!--Rev.21 & 22; 2Pet.3:13.

       20. So that's the way I see it! It can't be any other way: The Bible tells us so! Thank You Lord! The present Earth is a nightmare! The Antichrist will try to save it, but it's impossible without the Lord!

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