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THE DISPLAY DREAM!        DO 2723        12/90--More on the "Majesty of Choice!"

       1. I have such strange dreams! It was like a game. The Lord was showing different displays of our Work & someone was to choose one of them. The displays of our Work came back & forth, they would come & go. There were even double ones & different ones & they came & went, & someone was supposed to choose which one they wanted. I don't even understand it, but it was beautiful & wonderful! I guess it was demonstrating that some of it is up to choice. It was all a miracle of God & God did it all, but we make choices of what we want Him to do or give us.

       2. It's glorious & beautiful & wonderful & we can have our choice, what we want Him to do. It's almost like what you see in a TV commercial. It would sweep in with a big display & would sweep out again, & then sweep in with another big display, & we were supposed to choose what He wanted us to do.--As though it's all God's doing, but He leaves some of it up to our choice, which way we want Him to do it & which display we like best. Isn't that amazing? It was so clear!

       3. It comes in, it turns this way, & suddenly solidifies before you & you see the beautiful display of what God can do according to your choice. Then it whirls out again, & then another comes whirling in, bang!--And the display is right before you in shocking clarity & He presents another one to us. In other words, "Do you want this display? Is this what you want Me to do?"--And it goes whirling out, & then another comes whirling in again.--"Or is this what you want Me to do? It's up to you, your choice." Isn't that amazing?

       4. God gives us our choice of what we want Him to do. He's the One Who does it all, but He gives us our choice. "Do you want Me to do this?"--It comes whirling around.--"Or do you want Me to do that? What do you want Me to do?"

       5. It's like we're little children & He wants to know which toy we want at Christmastime. He wants to please us. He's very happy with us & He wants to give us our choice, which of His toys we want.

       6. It's really wonderful & beautiful & miraculous! It's greater than anything Man has created, but that's the way He illustrates it. He whirls it around, & whammy, right before our eyes, "Do you like this one?"--Or whirling around again, it comes back, "Or this one? Which of these toys do you want Me to give you?" He gives us our choice!

       7. He'll give us anything, He'll do anything for us, whatever we want! It's His Christmas gift for us, to give us our heart's desire, whatever we want.--This or this or this display, like a TV commercial. Isn't that amazing? In other words, we can have anything our hearts desire, anything that He shows us on the displays. It's amazing! I kept seeing this over & over. Hallelujah! TYJ!

       8. (Maria: Do you know what the different displays were?) Of course!--Different kinds of work. (Maria: Like what?) Like Eastern Europe, or the miracles He's doing in Latin America, or the wonders He's doing with Videos. It's like, "What do you want for your toy?"--And it's up to us to pick it!

       9. Personally, I want them all! Oh my, I guess I'm piggish! I want to see them all work, I want to have them all! I want East Europe, South America, the Pacific & Asia, North America, Western Europe! I want everything! I want it all! I want them to have it all, all my children! I want them to have it all. I'm selfish! I want it all for my children, every bit! I want God to do it all, & I think He's going to do it. Hallelujah!--Every display, all the wonderful toys that He is going to give us because He loves us! TYJ!

       10. Whatever our hearts desire, He will give it to us because we delight ourselves in Him. Like a father with his children, because we love Him & delight ourselves in Him, He wants to give it all to us, everything!--All our hearts' desires!--Psa.37:4, 103:13.

       11. My goodness, there couldn't be a more merry Christmas than the Lord is giving us! Look at what He's given our Family!--Beautiful homes & wonderful properties to use & anything our heart desires! But the Lord says He's going to give us whole villages. It will come.--Maybe in the Millennium, but it will come, where we shall own whole villages, whole towns, even whole cities! Of course, I don't like cities very much. I'm going to try to reduce the cities.

       12. Hallelujah! TYL! It's beautiful, beautiful, beautiful what I see in the Millennium! Oh my, it's so beautiful! So wonderful! There will be some problems, but it's going to be wonderful & we're going to solve them & we're going to try to get people to live like they're supposed to live, in the beautiful, beautiful country & on farms, & get them out of the wicked sickening cities!--At least get out until they're in towns & villages where they have to live life simply.

       13. I'm going to do it, & I'm going to get them to do it, & I'm going to get you to do it! We're going to show them how they ought to live.--In beautiful, beautiful countryside farms & villages, & at the most, towns. No cities. The cities are going to be almost totally destroyed. We're going to have to show them how to live, amen? Isn't that beautiful? Even David is going to show them, & Techi, & all our other children how to live so simply & so peacefully & so wonderfully, thank You Jesus! Amen, amen! Isn't that wonderful?

       14. Oh my, I saw so many of those displays, they'd come whirling in like this & would suddenly stand still right before us, like, "Do you want this?"--Or whoosh, back again, "Would you like this?" And the Lord would give us all kinds of examples & displays to choose from.--Almost like a TV commercial! In TV commercials they often give you a choice. They show you what you can have, & what you would like to have, & give you a choice.

       15. It's so wonderful! Just beyond your dreams! TYJ! (Maria: Why was it beyond our dreams?) It's beyond anything you ever dreamed of! (Maria: But I thought the Lord was showing you Eastern Europe & Latin America & things like that.) Yes!--Things that you want & you want to happen, & the Lord is showing them to you & giving you your choice. "Here, would you like this? Here, would you like that?"--Like commercials! Like He was taking us shopping!

       16. On the worldly commercials they give you a choice, right? So on these displays God was giving us a choice. "Would you like to have this?"--Or it whirls around, "Would you like to have that? I'll give you anything you want!" So I said, "I want them all!" Hallelujah! I want terrific results in Eastern Europe & Latin America & North America & the Mideast & Japan & Thailand & India, I want it all! I want it all! Every bit of it! TYL! Everywhere, all over the World! I want it all! And my Father loves me & He wants to give it to me, & so He will. So we have it all, despite a few little bad things.

       17. You know how some of the pictures on commercials come whirling around, in & out? These were like different ministries that would come from a distance, whirling around, then suddenly they confront you with a full screen. It was like samples of different ones of our ministries or suggestions from the Lord, works in different areas of the World. It was interesting, kind of like a vision. Like the Lord was suggesting to us different ministries around the World! (--Amen!--Which do you want!?)

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