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BIBLE FOR YOU!--No.15!--Test on Genesis Chapter 3!       DO 27       10/90
--Bible Classtime with Grandpa!

       1. (David: Amen, Lord, we pray for this class time & thank You that we can have a test tonight, Jesus! We really pray that we'll know the answers, Jesus, or at least learn them. Especially the ones that we miss, Lord, help us not to forget them ever again. Bless our time together, Jesus, & thank You for Grandpa teaching us, in Jesus' name, amen. Thank You Lord!) Amen! Praise the Lord! Thank You Lord!

       Genesis 3 Test!

       2. No.1, fill in the blank: Satan's first tactic in the Garden of Eden in the temptation of Eve, was to cause her to _______ God's Word?

       3. No.2: And he did this with half-truths & ______. It has something to do with what he has always been.

       4. No.3: What was the first effect on them of having eaten of the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil? "The eyes of them both were opened & they knew that they were ______."

       5. No.4: And they made themselves aprons of what kind of leaves? The first sewing in the Bible!

       6. No.5: When they heard God coming, why did they run & hide? What was their excuse?--Because they were what?

       7. No.6: Who do you suppose told them it was bad to be naked?

       8. No.7: Adam tried to blame his sin on whom?

       9. No.8: And Eve tried to blame it on whom?

       10. No.9: So what was God's curse on Satan? What did He make him have to do from then on? It says, "Upon thy shalt thou go." Apparently snakes didn't crawl then like they do today. They must have stood up or something! Well, some of them can stand up quite a ways already, like Indian snakes! (Techi: Cobras!)

       11. No.10: When God speaks here & says that, "Her seed shall bruise thy head," Who is He talking about? One of her descendants is going to bruise the Devil's head, so Who was that descendant, the Seed?

       12. No.11: "And thou shalt bruise His heel."--Meaning what the Devil would do to Jesus was not nearly as bad as what Jesus was going to do to the Devil! How did Satan bruise Jesus' heel? How did he hurt Jesus many years later?

       13. Nos.12-14: What was the curse on the Woman? There were actually four things, but name at least three of them. Each one will be one answer. Two of them were things He would greatly multiply.

       14. No.15: As part of Adam's curse, God cursed the what?

       15. No.16: And from then on, instead of good plants, the ground was going to bring forth what? You can name either one of the two things.

       16. No.17: From then on Man couldn't just pick fruit off the trees, he was going to have to eat what? You can give me any one of two words that mean the same thing. In the Bible it just has a little short word.

       17. No.18: And the main idea of the curse on Man was that from then on he was going to be cursed with what kind of work? It doesn't actually use that word in the Bible, but it certainly adds up to that! From then on he was going to have to do what kind of work? You can have one or two answers for that, really, but the answer I would like is just one little tiny short word.

       18. No.19: Who was the first person who ever made fur coats?

       19. No. 20: God didn't just put Adam & Eve out of the Garden because they sinned, but He put them out of the Garden & put Angels there with flaming swords to keep them away from what?

       20. Is that 20 questions? (Kids: Yes!) Goodie! OK, as soon as you're done, exchange papers!

       Test Answers!

       21. No.1: Satan's first tactic in the temptation of Eve was to cause her to ____ God's Word. (Techi: Doubt!) Right!

       22. No.2: And he did this with half-truths & what? (Kids: Lies!) Right.

       23. No.3: Their eyes were opened & they knew they were what? (Kids: Naked!)

       24. No.4: And they made aprons of what? (Kids: Fig leaves!)

       25. No.5: What was their excuse for running & hiding? Because they were what? (Kids: Naked.)

       26. No.6: Who told them it was bad to be naked? (David: The Devil.) (Techi: The Serpent.) Yes, either one.

       27. No.7: Who did Adam blame? (Kids: Eve.)

       28. No.8: Who did Eve blame it on? (David: The Serpent.)

       29. No.9: So what was the Serpent's Curse? (Kids: To crawl on his belly.) Right. And you could have said, "& eat dust." But that's OK, either one. (Techi: Do snakes eat dust too?) Well, if you're crawling with your chin on the ground, you might eat some dust!

       30. No.10: God promised that the Woman's Seed was going to bruise the Serpent's head, & Who was the Woman's Seed? (David: Jesus.) Jesus bruised the Devil's head. In fact, He's going to crush it one of these days!

       31. No.11: How did Satan bruise Jesus' heel? (Techi: By crucifying Him.) Right. And that's a small thing compared to the final destruction of Satan.

       32. Nos.12-14: What were some of the curses the Lord put on the Woman as a result of Eve's sin? What was He going to greatly multiply? (David: Her sorrow.) (Techi: And her conception.) Right. And what else? (David: "In sorrow thou shalt bring forth children.") Yes, sorrow or pain in childbirth.

       33. No.15: And as part of Adam's curse, God cursed the what? (Kids: The ground!)

       34. No.16: And from then on, the ground would not only bring forth good things, but what? (David: Thorns & thistles.) Right!

       35. No.17: And instead of eating fruit off the trees, now he would have to eat what? (Kids: Herbs!) Herbs, or vegetables, out of the ground. And it said he'll also eat bread.

       36. No.18: And what was the result of all of this that the Lord was cursing Man with?--What kind of work? (Kids: Farming.) Yes, but a simpler way would have been just to say "hard work." But I'll take farming, that's fine. His farming & raising his own food now was all to make him work hard so he'd have less time for foolishness. So that's good, you can say "farming" or "hard work" or whatever you want to call it.

       37. No.19: And who was the first Person to make fur coats? (Kids: God!) Right!

       38. No.20: The Bible says that God put Man out of the Garden not for his sin, but to keep him from doing what? (David: Eating of the Tree of Life.) Righto! You got it!

       Grading Papers!

       39. All right, put an "X" by each incorrect answer. There were 20 questions, so each answer is worth five points. Multiply the number of "X"s by 5 & subtract from 100 & that's your grade. Write the grade at the top & exchange papers. Remember, 100 is A++, 95 is A+ & 90-95 is A-, etc.

       40. OK! What did you make? (Techi: I got 95.) Good girl! And David? (David: 100.) Wow! That's real good! You're both doing real well. Now you can enter your grades on your test sheets. (Techi: We've had 8 tests, Grandpa!) That's good! And you've been making good grades, too! (Techi: Yes, I got 86, 100, 84, 88, 100, 100, 100 & 95. Nothing below a B- at least.) Very good! I'm real proud of you! Thank the Lord!


       41. Your homework, of course, will be what? (David: Will it be Genesis 4?) Right, Genesis Chapter 4! (Techi: It's about Cain & Abel.) Read the Chapter, study it, see what you get out of it, & then we'll go over it in class tomorrow night & review, & I'll tell you what I get out of it! How's that? (Kids: Good!) All righty! Praise the Lord!

       42. (Techi: This is really interesting! Are we planning on going through the whole Bible?) We're going to go through Genesis, at least as far as the outstanding events of the first few Chapters, such as the Tower of Babel, etc. There are a lot of things that affect our lives to this day which you need to understand from this "Book of Beginnings!"--The Tower of Babel, the Flood & things like that. OK? (Kids: OK!) Are you willing to stick with it that far? (Kids: Yes! They're really good classes. Thank you, Grandpa! You're so sweet to teach us!) Thank the Lord! You're doing real well & I'm proud of you. (Techi: You're a really good teacher!) Praise the Lord!

       43. Well, we got through early tonight, thank the Lord! (Techi: Shall we pray?) Oh yes, by all means, let's pray. (Techi: Amen! Thank You Lord! Praise You Jesus! Thank You Jesus for this good class & for sweet Grandpa teaching it to us. Please bless him, Lord, & help us to study Genesis Chapter 4 & really learn from it & to continue to get as much as we can out of it, in Jesus' name!) Amen! Thank You Lord!

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