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BIBLE FOR YOU!--No.17!--Genesis 4 Test!       DO 2731       10/90
--Bible Classtime with Grandpa!

       1. (David: Thank You Lord! Amen, Jesus, we pray for our class, that You'll help us with this test, & that You'll help us to continue to learn things!--In Jesus' name. Amen! Thank You Lord!) Praise the Lord!

       Test on Genesis 4!

       2. No.1: "And Adam knew Eve his wife." Did that mean he was well acquainted with her?--Or did it have some other specific meaning?

       3. No.2: And Eve conceived, & what was her first child's name?

       4. No.3: And later--we don't know how much later, they could have had a bunch of sisters in between--she bare his brother. What was his name?

       5. No.4: What was Abel's occupation? You could write it in one word.

       6. No.5: What was Cain's occupation?

       7. No.6: Some time later, each made a sacrifice to the Lord. What did Cain offer?

       8. No.7: What did Abel offer?

       9. No.8: Why didn't the Lord accept Cain's offering? Because he was supposed to offer what?

       10. No.9: Therefore, what did the Lord say lay at his door?

       11. No.10: So Cain got mad at his brother & what did he do?

       12. No.11: When the Lord came & said, "Where is Abel thy brother?" Cain said, "I know not." Then he uttered a very familiar phrase that a lot of people still use sometimes. I think you've even jokingly quoted it to me, Techi, when I've asked you where your brother was!

       13. Nos.12 & 13: So the Lord cursed Cain & said that he was going to have a hard time tilling the ground, & he was also going to be a what & a what? "A blank & a blank shalt thou be in the Earth."

       14. No.14: Cain was sorry, wasn't he? In fact, he said, "My punishment is greater than I can bear. You've driven me out from the face of the Earth & even from Thy face shall I be hid." And again, he says that he is going to be those two things I asked you in Question #12 & 13, but worst of all he said, "Everyone that finds me is going to want to..."--what?

       15. No.15: Therefore the Lord was sorry for Cain & He set what on him so that people wouldn't kill him?

       16. No.16: So he went to dwell in the land of Wynken, Blynken & Nod! (Techi: Oh, that's not a question, is it?) No, that's one of my jokes!--Ha! ("Wynken, Blynken & Nod" is the name of a children's lullaby written by Eugene Field, a writer of poems & stories for children.) However, "Nod" is also the name of the area Cain went to. "And Cain knew his wife!" That's nice, they got acquainted! (Techi: His sister, in other words.) (Maria: Grandpa, your tests are really fun!) (David: They really are!) And who was Cain's wife?

       17. No.17: It's not in this Chapter, but what verse do we find proves that Cain had sisters?--Or even other brothers. Give the reference that proves that Cain had other brothers & sisters. We studied that verse, remember?

       18. No.18: Later Cain had a son named what?

       19. Nos.19 & 20: Lamech had two wives, Adah & Zillah. And what did Adah's son, Jabal, do? "He was the father of all such as dwell in blank & such as have blank." Two answers.

       20. No.21: And his brother's name was Jubal. And what was he? You could even answer in one word.

       21. Nos.22 & 23: "And Zillah also bare Tubal-cain, an instructor of every artificer in"--what two materials? He was like a blacksmith!

       22. No.24: "And Adam knew his wife again." They were really getting well acquainted now! "And she bare a son & called his name..."--blank!

       23. No.25. Seth also had a son named blank. "Then men began to call upon the Name of the Lord" in the day of that man. That's it! You can exchange papers.

       Test Answers!

       24. No.1: Knowing your wife meant to do what? (David: Make love.) Right!

       25. Nos.2 & 3: Who were the two brothers? (Kids: Cain & Abel.)

       26. Nos.4 & 5: Abel was a what? (Kids: A Shepherd!) And Cain was a what? (Techi: Farmer!) (David: Tiller of the ground.) Right, either one.

       27. Nos.6 & 7: What did Cain offer to the Lord? (David: The fruit of the ground.) And Abel? (David: A lamb.)

       28. No.8: And obviously what had they been instructed to offer as a type of Christ? (Techi: A lamb.) But apparently Cain didn't want to ask his brother for a lamb. (Techi: Because of his pride.) Yes.

       29. No.9: So the Lord refused Cain's offering & said it was because what lay at his door? (Kids: Sin.) Right!

       30. No.10: So Cain got in a fight with his brother & did what? (Kids: Killed him.)

       31. No.11: When the Lord said, "Where is Abel thy brother?" What did Cain say? (Techi: "Am I my brother's keeper?")

       32. Nos.12 & 13: So Cain was cursed by the Lord, & the Lord said it was going to be hard for him to do his work & he would have to become what two things? (Kids: A fugitive & a vagabond.) Very good!

       33. No.14: And Cain was very sorry & he said, "It's too big a punishment! You've driven me out from the face of the Earth & from Thy face & I'll be a fugitive & a vagabond"--& what else did he say was going to happen? (Techi: That people were going to kill him.) Right.

       34. No.15: So the Lord had mercy on him & did what? (Techi: Put a mark on him.) He put a mark on him so that people would be warned not to kill him. He was to suffer, but not be killed.

       35. No.16: And he went out & dwelt in the land of Nod, & who did he marry? (Kids: His sister.)

       36. No.17: And what verse proves that Adam & Eve had lots of other sons & daughters? (Kids: Genesis 5:4.) Right! So therefore Cain could easily have married his sister; in fact, he had to marry his sister because there weren't any other girls around!

       37. No.18: And who was Cain's first child? (Kids: Enoch.) Yes, & I forgot to ask you about the city! Cain was the first man to build a city.

       38. No.19 & 20: And he had a lot of sons & grandsons & great grandsons, & the most important one, apparently, was Lamech, who had two wives. And one of his wives bare him Jabal, & what did Jabal do? (Techi: He was the father of them that dwell in tents.) Right, "and such as have cattle."

       39. No 21: And his brother's name was Jubal & what was he? (Kids: A musician!) Right!

       40. Nos.22 & 23: And Zillah also bare Tubal-cain, who was a blacksmith apparently, an artificer in what two materials? (Kids: Brass & iron!) Very good! How about that? The Lord taught them a lot of things, didn't He?

       41. No.24: So Adam got acquainted with his wife again & she bore another son named what? (Kids: Seth.)

       42. No.25: And he had a son named Enos, & "then men began to call upon the Name of the Lord."

       Grading Papers!

       43. There were twenty-five questions, so each one is worth four points. Multiply the number of "X"s by four, subtract that from 100 & that gives you each your grade. Then you can return your papers. OK! What did you get? (David: I got 96!) Good boy! That's A+. And Techi? (Techi: 100!) Good for you, Honey! That's A++! Now turn to your list of tests & enter your grade. Identify the test as "Genesis 4" & write down your grade. (Techi: We've had nine tests now.) Good!

       44. We got through that test really fast, in only 20 minutes! And what will be the next Chapter to study for your homework? (Techi: Genesis 5!) Right! Tomorrow night we'll study Genesis Chapter 5. Praise the Lord! Shall we have a little closing prayer? (Techi: Amen, thank You Jesus for this good test we just had, & please help us as we study the next Chapter. Bless Grandpa & the rest of this night, in Jesus' name, amen!) Amen! TYJ! God bless you!

       Picture captions & fact boxes:

       Page 1:
       Hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree in the Garden?

       Page 3:
       Feminism is the belief that women should have economic, political, & social equality with men. The term "feminism" also refers to a political movement that works to gain such equality. This movement is sometimes called the Women's Liberation Movement or Women's Rights Movement.

       Page 4:
       This will cover you up & keep you much warmer!

       Page 5:
       A snake is the Bible's first--& final--animal villain (Genesis 3 & Rev.20:2). Throughout the Old & New Testaments, several different words for "snake" or "serpent" appear some 20 times. The asp & adder are both common in Israel. The asp is a type of cobra with its familiar hood, although its hood is not as pronounced as the Indian cobra's. "Adder" & "viper" are two different words for the same deadly snake.

       Page 6:
       Cherubims: Winged angelic beings. At one time, Satan was a Cherub (Eze.28:14,16), until he rebelled against God (Isa.14:12-14; Eze. 28:12-19). Symbolic representations of Cherubims were used in the Tabernacle in the wilderness. Two Cherubims made of gold were stationed above the Ark of the Covenant in the Holy of Holies (Exo.25:17-22; 1Chr.28:18; Heb. 9:5). When Solomon built the Temple, he ordered that two Cherubims be made of olive wood & overlaid with gold. Each measured ten cubits (4.6 meters or 15 feet) high with a wingspread of ten cubits. These gigantic Cherubims were placed inside the inner sanctuary, or in the Most Holy Place in the Temple. Their wings were spread over the Ark of the Covenant.

       Page 12:
       Bedouins (pronounced BEHD-u-ihnz) are an Arab people who traditionally have been nomadic herders in the deserts of the Middle East. Almost all of the approximately one million Bedouins are Muslims & speak some form of the Arabic language. The Bedouins who follow their traditional way of life travel the deserts seeking fresh water & pastureland for their camels, goats & sheep. They live in tents & wear clothing made from the skin & hair of their animals. The Bedouins eat mostly dairy products, dates & rice. They trade meat & dairy products from their livestock to people in nearby villages for knives, pots, & other manufactured goods.

       Page 13:
       Artificer (Metalsmith): One who worked with metal. This occupation included those who dug the ore from the ground, refined the metal, & worked the metal into useful objects. Refining metal was a very ancient skill which was well developed by the time of Abraham. During Abraham's day, smiths were using bellows to increase the heat of their furnaces to melt iron ore to extract the iron. Long before this time, copper was mixed with tin to form bronze, & copper was mixed with zinc to form brass.
       The first metalworker mentioned in the Bible was Tubal-cain, a descendant of Cain (Gen.4:22). The smith was often named for the metal he refined, cast, or molded. Goldsmiths worked with gold, silversmiths with silver, coppersmiths with copper, & ironsmiths with iron.

       Harp. The musical instrument mentioned more than any other in the Bible is the harp (2Chr.29:25; Psa. 147:7; Isa.23:16). Another word for this instrument used by various translations is lyre. Scholars believe these two instruments were similar in function & design, but the harp was probably a larger version.
       Organ (Flute): A wind instrument that produced a high, shrill sound. Some flutes were made of silver, while others were made of reeds, wood, or bones. Other words for flute used in the Bible are organ, fife, pipe & reed-pipe.

       Page 14:
       Genealogy: A list of a person's ancestors that normally contains the members of each generation in succession. When compiled in the form of a "family tree," it begins at the bottom with the root stock from which the family came, then advances & branches out as the "tree" grows. The people of the ancient World generally had far less access to written reference works than modern people do. Therefore, they committed a great deal of information to memory. To this day it is not uncommon for a Bedouin Arab to be able to recite a list of his ancestors from memory for an hour without making any mistakes.

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