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BIBLE FOR YOU!--No.20!--Test on Genesis Chapter 6!       DO 2734       10/90
--Bible Classtime with Grandpa!

       1. (Maria: Thank You for this wonderful time, Lord, and that the kids can have the special privilege and blessing of studying the Word with Grandpa. Lord, we thank You for such a wonderful opportunity. Help them to learn as much as possible, Lord, to be able to concentrate after their busy day and zero in on what Grandpa is telling them and learn all they can out of Your wonderful Word. Bless Grandpa, Lord, inspire him and anoint him! Help them all to have a wonderful time, in Jesus' name.--And help me tonight with what I have to do as well, in Jesus' name.--Amen!) Amen! Lord bless her and make her a blessing!

       2. All right! What's the name of this course? (David: General Bible.) Right, or you can just call it Bible!--"Bible for You!" And we are now studying what Book? (Kids: Genesis!) Right, the 6th Chapter!

       3. And Genesis is the first Book of what set of Books? (Techi: The Old Testament.) (David: The Torah or the Law.) You're both right, and it's also called the Pentateuch. Did I ever give you that word before? (Techi: Yes, you did.) It means the Five Books of Moses, or as the Jews call it, the Torah, or the Law. The Jews keep it all rolled up in a scroll in a bejeweled case of cloth and store it in a compartment just behind their pulpit, and on special holy days they bring it out. (David: And everybody kisses it.) Right, they march up and down the aisles with it and everybody tries to touch it or kiss it. They idolise the Word, but don't know very much about it and don't really read it. (David: That's sad.)

       4. Your Aunt Faithy went to a Jewish school for awhile when we lived on Miami Beach, and all the old ladies around our apartment were just shocked at the way she could read Hebrew! Jewish children are taught Hebrew and to read the Torah, but they don't know what they're saying. They learn to read it so they can read it in the ceremonies and the synagogue, but in the beginning, at least, they don't teach them the meaning of the words. They just want them to be able to read along with the congregation.

       5. All right! And we're on what Chapter of Genesis? (Techi: Six!) A very remarkable Chapter! It has some very strange things in it! So are you ready for your test? (Kids: Yes!)

       Test on Genesis 6!

       6. No. 1: Who were the sons of God? (Techi: Angels!) Honey, this is the test, not oral review! Are you helping your brother out by giving the answers out loud?--Ha! (Techi: Oh, I completely forgot! I'm sorry!) That's all right, Honey. He knew it anyhow.

       7. No. 2: What did the daughters of men look like? They were very--what?

       8. No. 3: So these Angels made the daughters of men their--what? "They took them blank of all which they chose."

       9. Nos.4-6: The Lord was getting pretty fed up with Man by this time because Man was getting what? Give me three words to describe the condition that Man was getting into.

       10. No. 7: Now when these Angels and Earth women mated, give me at least one word that describes what kind of children they had. There are several words you could use, but one simple word would do.

       11. No. 8: How did the Lord feel about how wicked Man had become? You can use one word for the answer, or any word which you feel describes how the Lord felt about it.

       12. No. 9: So He made up His mind He was going to destroy the Earth, right? And in the third verse it even gives you advance notice that He was only going to let Man last another 120 years. Why did He have to do that? He was already fed up with them, so why did He have to wait so long to wipe'm out? It took that long in order to do what?

       13. Nos. 10-17: There were only eight people whom the Lord found worth saving, and who were they? There was Noah and Mrs. Noah and who else? Give me the names of his three sons and their wives.

       14. No. 18: What was the worst thing God didn't like that was happening in the Earth? It was so bad He mentions it twice. "The Earth was filled with"--what? He said it twice. It's probably a different word from the one you wrote before. (Techi: What if I wrote it before?) Just write it again, that's all right.

       15. By the way, I don't think I brought out this fact before, but I'll just tell you now. This is not going to be a test question. He said, "Make thee a" what? What did He tell them to build? (Kids: An Ark.) And what was the Ark? (David: A ship or a boat.) Yes, normally anything that big you call a "ship." You just call small ships "boats." You'll find that out if you ever talk to sailors. They get upset if you call a ship a boat!

       16. And what kind of wood did they make it out of? These are not test questions because I don't think I brought this out before. (Techi: It was in the Chapter.) Yes, it was, but you don't have to put this down. It was gopher wood, and do you know what's remarkable about gopher wood?--It doesn't rot or decay! (Techi: Ever?) Well, maybe eventually, but it lasts a very long time. (Techi: Why did they still have to make it with pitch then?) (David: Probably to make it waterproof, because even though it doesn't decay, the water could get in.) Yes, so that it wouldn't leak.

       17. No. 19: So what did they smear it with to keep it from leaking?--Especially the seams?

       18. Nos. 20-22: What were the three dimensions of the Ark? This may be a little hard because I want it in feet. How long was it, how broad was it and how high was it?--In feet.

       19. No. 23: And what did he put all around the top of it, just under the eaves? I think it was just a cubit tall.

       20. No. 24: Give me the length of a cubit in inches or feet, either one.

       21. No. 25: How many stories or floors were there in the Ark?

       22. No. 26: How many doors did it have?

       23. No. 27: Besides that thing around the top, etc., and the three floors, what also did it have inside?--What kind of spaces? They must have had a lot of them, too, in order to have quarters for Noah and his family and for all the things they took on board!

       24. No. 28: He was to take at least how many of each kind of animal?--Major species, of course. In other words, he wasn't to take every different kind of dog that there was, but at least how many dogs? Not every different kind of cat, but only how many cats? At least how many of these major species was he to take on board?

       25. No. 29: And he was to take enough food to feed all of them for how long? I told you how long they were on board, and we're going to figure that out pretty soon in one of these next Chapters. In other words, how long were they on the Ark before they were able to leave it?

       26. No. 30: What did Noah do for God? It says, "Thus did Noah, according to all that God commanded him." So give me one word that sums that up. He "blanked" God.

       27. No. 31: God said everybody else on Earth was going to what? (Techi: The exact word or what?) One word, anything that describes it. There are quite a few words for it. Everybody else was going to what?--Except Noah and his family.

       28. No. 32: All the others on the Earth were going to die, but what were Noah and his family going to do? You could say it in one word, or there are several different ways you could describe it, but they all mean the same thing.

       29. No. 33: And this is all described in what Chapter of Genesis? What is this Chapter we're studying and having the test on? I kind of had to scrape the bottom of the barrel for a few more questions so we could get up to 33, because on a 33-question test, 33 goes into 100 how many times? (David: Three, with one left over.) So each question is worth how much? (David: Three points!) Right. You stand a better chance of making a pretty good grade with the more questions you have.--Unless, of course, you don't know the answers! OK! Exchange your papers and in front of any answer that's incorrect put an "X"!

       Test Answers!

       30. No. 1: Who were the sons of God? (Kids: Angels.)

       31. No. 2: The daughters of men were what? (Kids: Fair.)

       32. No. 3: The Angels made the daughters of men their--what? (Kids: Wives.)

       33. Nos. 4-6: Give three words to describe the state that Man was in. (David: Violent, corrupt, bad.) (Techi: Also evil and wicked.) Yes, those are all good answers.

       34. No. 7: What kind of children did the Angels and the Earth women have? (Kids: Giants!) It also said "mighty men" and "men of renown," but "giants" is the simplest thing to remember.

       35. No. 8: And how did the Lord feel about wicked Man? (David: Grieved or repentant, sorry.) Yes, any one of those words. The simplest would be to say He was sorry He had made Man.

       36. No. 9: And why was God going to give Man another 120 years? (Kids: Because it was going to take Noah that long to build the Ark.)

       37. Nos. 10-17: Who were the eight people that would be saved? Mr. and Mrs. Noah and who else? (Techi: Mr. and Mrs. Shem, Mr. and Mrs. Ham and Mr. and Mrs. Japheth.) That's exactly right!

       38. No. 18: And what was the worst thing God didn't like about the Earth? (David: It was violent.) Yes, He hated to see that there was so much violence in the Earth. Is it anything like that now? (Kids: Yes!) The streets are filled with crime and violence and killing.

       39. No. 19: What did they smear the Ark with to keep it from leaking? (Kids: Pitch!)

       40. No. 20-22: What were the dimensions of the Ark? (David: 450 feet long, 75 feet wide and 45 feet high.) Very good! Excellent!

       41. No. 23: What did he put all around the top of the Ark that was a cubit tall? (Kids: A window.) Yes. In other words, an aperture all the way around the top of the Ark just under the roof.

       42. No. 24: What is the length of a cubit in inches or feet? (David: 18 inches.) (Techi: Or 1-and-1/2 feet.) Right!

       43. No. 25: And how many stories or floors was it? (David: Three stories.) Right.

       44. No. 26: How many doors did it have? (David: One door.)

       45. No. 27: And what did it have inside? (David: Rooms!)

       46. No. 28: And he would take at least how many of each major species of animal? (David: Two of every creature.) Right. I should have asked you to say "male and female," but that's understood.

       47. No. 29: And how long were they on the Ark? (David: A year and 17 days.) They had to take a lot of food to feed them and all the animals for a year and 17 days! No wonder they needed such a big ship! Did you see that picture I sent your way of Noah's Ark and all the animals with their heads sticking out the windows? It was a pretty small-looking Ark, but I was going to ask you to count how many animals were in that picture and see what you came up with.

       48. No. 30: What did Noah do for God? (David: Obeyed.)

       49. No. 31: And everybody else was going to what? (Techi: Die.) Right.

       50. No. 32: And what were Noah and his family going to do? (Techi: They were going to go in the Ark and live!) Right, either one.

       51. No. 33: And this was all described in what Chapter? (Kids: Genesis 6!) Right! Very good!

       Grading Papers!

       52. Okay! Multiply the number of "X's" by 3, subtract that from 100 and you've got the grade! Put both the numerical grade and the letter grade at the top of the paper, then hand it back to its owner.

       53. Check your paper to make sure you were graded right and give me your grade. I don't have a grade book so you've got to keep the grades. (Techi: We've had 11 tests so far.) Including this one? (Techi: Yes.) That's pretty good. And you guys have been doing real well. What were your grades? (David: I got 97%.) Well, you'll always remember the ones you missed! I never forgot some of those things. There was one question on a math test that I missed and I never forgot that again.

       54. Did you enter your grades in your list of tests? (Kids: Yes.) Test number 11, Genesis 6 and your grade. What about you, Techi, what did you make? (Techi: 100%.) Good for you, Honey. I'm sorry, David. Oh well, it'll help keep you humble anyway, ha! (David: Yes!) (Techi: David's doing a lot better than I am on other things.) Well, praise the Lord. Very good! Who's going to pray?

       55. (David: Amen! Thank You Jesus for this class, Lord, and our test. We thank You for all we learned tonight, Jesus, and reviewed. Please bless the rest of this night and all we do, in Jesus' name, amen. Thank You Lord!) And your homework assignment for tomorrow is to study Genesis 7! Praise the Lord!

       Picture captions & speech bubbles:

       Page 1:
       This chart shows the life span of the ancient patriarchs. It is interesting to see when each man lived, when he was born, when he died, & who was alive at the same time. Notice that Methuselah died in the year of the Flood. His name was a prophecy meaning that after him death would come. Noah probably knew Adam's grandson, Enos. Therefore the story of both Creation & the Flood could have been very accurate, passed on from Enos, Adam's grandson, to Noah, then Shem & Abraham.

       Page 5:
       "The sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair."--Gen.6:2.

       Page 6:
       "And God saw that the wickedness of Man was great in the Earth."--Gen.6:5

       Page 7:
       1 cubit = 1-1/2 feet or .5 meter

       There!--The plans are all done!

       Page 8:
       "Make thee an ark of gopher wood..."--Gen.6:14.

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