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YUGOSLAVIA REVELATION!       21/11/91       DO 2735

       1. I believe I got something from the Lord today about the war in Yugoslavia. I've been thinking & praying about it, but today I definitely prayed about it & asked the Lord why is neither the U.S. nor Europe willing to intervene? They send a little team in here or there, an observation team or a monitoring team, but about all they can monitor is all the slaughter & never do a thing about it, nothing to stop it, when they easily could!

       2. So I was really praying & asking the Lord, why is it all these powerful, civilised countries surrounding them refuse to do a thing about it? And the strangest thought came to me that I hadn't thought of before. I'm sure it must have been from the Lord, the words: "The ACs!" The ACs are responsible for this non-interference in this war wherein the Serbian government is slaughtering the Croats. And do you know why?--Because during WW2 under the Nazis, the Croats cooperated with the Nazis & slaughtered the Serbs, so this is the worldwide ACs' chance to get revenge!

       3. I thought, "Well that's strange!" The Croats, you know, are Roman Catholics, whereas the Serbs are Eastern Orthodox. These are the two main divisions of the Catholic Church that date clear back to the Roman Empire & the division between the Eastern & Western Roman Empire.--When the Eastern Roman Empire broke away from the Western Roman Empire dominated by Rome & the Romans. The Pope later declared that he was the head of the whole church & everybody was under his authority.

       4. The Eastern Orthodox Church was not willing to accept that dictatorship of the Pope of Rome. Actually, the Eastern Orthodox Church has always been a little more orthodox & less dictatorial & idolatrous, etc. So there's a very distinct division there between the Roman Catholics of the West, & the Eastern Orthodox religion of the East.

       5. Also there were a lot of Muslims amongst the Serbs--maybe there still are, I don't know. Does anyone know? (Note: Yugoslavia is approximately 10% Muslim.) The Turkish Ottoman Empire conquered the Serbs back in the 1300's, & the Serbs were under the Turks for almost 500 years. The Turks, of course, are notorious for their cruelty, barbarity, violence & use of force.

       6. As you recall, Abrahim was killed by the Turks... Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! Well, I think that probably did something for him. Maybe it humbled him & made him willing to serve the Lord even more. I even got the year of his death in a message. It was 1272, & I didn't know anything about the history of that part of the World at all. So I looked it up to find out, & sure enough, the Turkish invasion of that area, including Bulgaria, was in the year 1272! (See ML# 296, "Abrahim the Gypsy King!") So don't think all this thing about Abrahim is just my imagination! I got a lot of things that I never imagined before & I didn't have the faintest idea of before! I got it from Abrahim! God bless him! Thank you, Abrahim.

       7. So because of the stubbornness of the Serbs & their resistance to the power of the Nazis during the period of WW2, Hitler used the local Croats to fight against them. The Serbs were in rebellion & were the major part of the underground resistance, the so-called "freedom fighters." Of course, what you call them depends on whose side you're on. If you sympathise with them you call them "freedom fighters," like the presidents of the United States have often done. But if you're on the other side you call'm terrorists & guerrillas!

       Background on Tito

       8. So the Yugoslavian underground was pretty much dominated by the Serbs. Was Tito Serbian or Croatian? We'll have to look that up. (Family Member reads from encyclopedia: "Tito, the assumed name of Josip Broz, was born in 1892 in a village near Zagreb, Croatia, then in Austria-Hungary. On the outbreak of WW1 he was conscripted into the Austrian army. In 1915 he was captured by the Soviets & was held as a military prisoner; he was liberated following the Russian Revolution of 1917. He remained in the Soviet Union, became a Communist, & fought in the Red Army during the Civil War from 1918 to 1920. He went to Yugoslavia in 1923, became a leader of the metal workers' union, & was active in the underground Communist movement. From 1928 to 1934 he was imprisoned in Yugoslavia for his revolutionary activities. After his release he became a leader of the underground labor & revolutionary movement & began using the pseudonym 'Tito.' In 1937 he became general secretary of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia." There's a picture of him here too.)

       9. I'm very familiar with his looks because his picture was often in the news during that time--& in the post-War years, right up until his death in 1980, because he took a sort of middle-of-the road stance. In order to get the help & the favour of the West, he travelled a supposedly independent road & refused Soviet domination. He was known to sympathise more with the West, or at least the West sympathised with him, because he rejected the Soviet Communist domination.

       10. (Family reads: "In 1941, during World War 2, Nazi Germany took over Yugoslavia. The Croatian nationalists sided with the Nazis & were allowed to form a puppet government to rule the country. Two rival resistance groups sprang up to fight both the Nazis & the Croats. The first, known as the Chetniks & led by General Draza Mihajlovic, was composed of Serbian nationalists loyal to the exiled king. The second was the Communist Partisans, organised & led by Tito. In addition to fighting the invaders, these two resistance groups also fought each other. The Croatian puppet government used their power to wage a campaign of extermination against the Serbs.

       11. ("By 1943, Tito, who was supported by the Soviet Union, commanded an army of approximately 200,000 & was dominant in the Anti-Fascist Council for National Liberation, which controlled about one third of Yugoslavia.") See, he was supported by the Reds during the War. The Soviet Union was trying to keep Yugoslavia on its side, which, as I recall, was mostly Serbian-dominated at that time. Although Tito was a native-born Croat, he used the Serbs for his rebellion, because they were terrific fighters, as they are now proving.

       12. In this present war, of course there's no question who will win or any question about who is the strongest. The Serbs dominate the whole Yugoslavian Federal government. They had the official national army & its tanks & its planes & everything else! And the general who's running this war is a Serb, who pays no attention whatsoever to the legal president of Yugoslavia, who's a Croat! The president has told him time & again to stop, & he just goes on & does as he pleases. The Serbs are determined to crush the Croats, & that's what they're doing, & it looks like the war is almost over.

       13. (Family reads: "In 1943, Tito was recognised by the Allied powers as their principal ally in Yugoslavia.") Even though they were Soviet-dominated, they were fighting against the Nazis. And at that time, you remember, the Soviets became supposedly great friends of the Allies & fought their common foe, Nazi Germany. For the sake of our young people who maybe are not familiar with World War 2, the Allies included the U.S., Britain, France, China, the Soviet Union, & other smaller countries. Those they were fighting against were known as the Axis powers--Germany, Italy & Japan. Go ahead right there where you stopped, the war is still on.

       14. (Family: "In 1944 Tito's forces established contact with Soviet armies moving westward.") So therefore the Soviets helped him, also the British & the Americans. There were lots of British who also sided with him & fought with him against the Nazis. You've probably seen movies about it. Some very interesting movies have been made about this war in Yugoslavia & Tito.--Of course, making him the hero as the one who led the British, etc.

       15. I remember that in one movie I saw once, the British & the Americans wanted to help him, but he was pretty suspicious about some of them & their help as to whether it was going to be good for him or not; whereas the Soviets were actually sponsoring him. So they didn't get along too well together. Nevertheless, after the war he showed his appreciation because they did help, & he kept his independence from the Soviet Union, & Yugoslavia became known as independent Communists & not under the domination of the U.S.S.R.

       16. (Family reads: "Tito was Prime Minister & Minister of Defense in the provisional government established in early 1945. Following the abolition of the monarchy & the establishment of the Federal People's Republic of Yugoslavia as a satellite of the Soviet Union in November, 1945, Tito became dictator of Yugoslavia. He introduced into the country a Communist economic, political, & social system similar to that of the Soviet Union. In 1947 he became a leader of the Cominform (short for the Communist Information Bureau, an organisation whose chief purpose was to spread Communist propaganda). Economic difficulties caused Tito in 1948 to alter certain economic policies in a manner that displeased the Soviet Union. In June, 1948, he was denounced by the Cominform & the Soviet Government as a traitor to socialism & an ally of the Allied Western nations bent on the destruction of the Soviet Union. Tito became president of Yugoslavia in 1953, when the governmental structure was altered; in 1974 he was elected president for life.")

       17. You can bet your boots the CIA & the Western Allies were at work trying to wean him away from the Soviet Union, offering him all kinds of aid & everything else which the Soviet Union was unable to give at that time because it was a mess!

       18. (Family reads: "Diplomatic relations with the U.S.S.R. were re-established in 1953, & in June 1955, Tito & Soviet Premier Nikolai Aleksandrovich Bulganin formally proclaimed the resumption of cordial relations between the two countries.") But he was still most friendly towards the Allies, towards the West. I'm not speaking from any amazing knowledge of history, I lived through all this! I read the papers & the magazines!--Ha! So I watched how this went on for years, how the West did their best to woo him & keep him in the Western fold. At least they kept him sort of in the middle so he wasn't too much of an ally of the U.S.S.R. as he leaned toward the West. The West had a lot more to offer--more money, everything.

       19. (Family reads: "In the 1960s & early 1970s relations with the Soviet Union waxed & waned. They were particularly strained following the 1968 Kremlin-directed invasion of Czechoslovakia.") Yes, Yugoslavia was afraid it was going to happen to them! (Family: "In the mid-1970s, however, officials of the two countries exchanged visits. Despite a marked deterioration of Yugoslav-U.S.S.R. relations in 1975, Tito in June 1976, attended a large Soviet-sponsored gathering in East Berlin of Communist leaders of Eastern & Western Europe.")

       20. You see, all of this is going back & forth. This battle between the East & the West, between the U.S.S.R. & the Western powers, went on for years after World War II. One of the funniest movies I ever saw was "The Mouse That Roared!" The plot was that if a country lost a war to the United States, then they'd give them more aid, more help. They promised to send them more tractors than the country even had room for. But both East & West were tugging at these middle-of-the-roaders in the movie, & the middle-of-the-roaders found out that by being like that, they could get a lot more from both sides! Each side was trying to bribe them to stay with them.

       21. So Tito was real smart, he crafted a way right in between, a middle-of-the-road policy of official non-alignment with either of the Superpowers. He was friendly enough with the Soviets that the West was very fearful that Yugoslavia would become a close Soviet ally, & thus did everything they could to help him! At the same time, he adopted enough Western economic policies to keep the West interested enough so that the U.S.S.R. did everything they could to help him. So he was getting help from both sides!

       22. (Family reads: "In a move designed partly to conciliate leaders like Tito who opposed Soviet domination of European Communist movements, the conference issued a document recognising the right of Communists to follow divergent policies based on national needs.") Yes, they did that also for the sake of a good many other Communist parties throughout Europe--pretending that they were not going to be dictatorial, that they could have variations of Communism like the Communists of Italy, where the Communists for awhile were actually the strongest party. In France & in Spain, there were also Communist parties, in all those various countries. The Soviets did this to sort of pacify & placate these other Western European Communist parties, to tell'm, "Well, you can have the kind of party you want, it doesn't have to be exactly like ours," etc., to give them greater freedom. And also it helped those Communist parties win elections, because they were supposedly independent from the Soviet Union.

       The Croats & the Serbs

       23. Well, that's the background. Very interesting.--Although it doesn't bring out the difference between the Croats & the Serbs so much. (Family: We could look up Yugoslavia.) Okay. (Family reads: "Most inhabitants of Yugoslavia belong to the southern group of the Slavs; the name Yugoslavia, in the Serbo-Croatian language Jugoslavija, means 'land of the south Slavs.' The principal south Slav groups in Yugoslavia, together with the percentage which each comprises of the total national population, are the Serbian [EDITED: "41%"], Croat [EDITED: "23%"], Slovene [EDITED: "9%"], Macedonians [EDITED: "5%"] & Montenegrin [EDITED: "3%"].")

       24. See, the Southern Slavs, the Serbs, were in the vast majority, 41%. They've got twice as many people as the Croats, & they have control of all the arms & the tanks & the guns & the whole army, navy & air power. You've seen them unopposed, just bombing the cities of Croatia without resistance! It's been pitiful, really pitiful!--People killing each other who used to even be neighbours. Somebody's always wanting to dominate somebody else. The poor Croats want to pull out & be free, & the Serbs don't want them to!

       25. And I've thought & prayed about it often, & I must confess, I've prayed mostly for the poor Croats against the Serbs, because the Serbs have been exercising their "might is right" idea & their power. They've been trying to teach the Croats a lesson. Well, the Lord says He'll "visit the sins of the fathers upon the children unto the third & fourth generation" (Exo.34:7), & the Croats haven't always been saints either. During WW2, the Croats had the power & the authority under the Nazis, & they did persecute the Serbs pretty seriously. They claim they had massacres & all kinds of things, but the Serbs pretty much deserved it too. So it's gone back & forth.

       26. The Bible tells us that you're going to suffer for your sins, & at one time the Croats had superiority & Nazi power & Germany to help them. The Serbs & those in the South under Tito were rebelling against the Nazis, & the Croats, under the Nazis, were fighting the Serbs, & they had the power then. Now the Serbs have the power. The Serbs want to expand Serbia & they're doing it, they're solving their problems. They're doing exactly what they've always wanted to do--to make all of Yugoslavia "Greater Serbia."

       27. You'll notice that from the very beginning of this struggle the U.S. said they didn't want to intervene. In fact, from the very first days of this war, Bush expressed his sympathy for the Serbian-dominated Yugoslavian government, & he was against the Croatian rebellion & declaration of independence.

       28. So when I asked the Lord about it, the answer I got was not what I expected. I said, "Lord, why haven't You stopped this? Or why haven't they stopped it?" The Americans & even the Europeans are supposed to all be for freedom & democracy. Here was the collapse of Yugoslavia & no dictator or strongman to hold it together like Tito. They didn't even need him any more. In fact, they finally started declaring their independence from the Yugoslavian government.--Particularly the Croats & the Slovenes of Northern Yugoslavia, who didn't want to have anything to do with the Serbs & the Southern Yugoslavians.

       29. Of course the Northern Yugoslavs, the Croats & Slovenes, are Roman Catholic, & the Southern Yugoslavs, Serbs on down, are mostly Eastern Orthodox or Muslim. So that's a big division too. Religions even cause wars. In fact, if you remember anything about your Medieval history, nearly all the wars in those days were religious wars, fought between various religious factions, mostly between the Roman Catholics & the Protestants.

       30. In one war several hundred years ago, Bavaria, the Southern part of Germany, had become all Protestant. The Protestants were doing so well making conversions that all Germany was becoming Lutheran! So what did the Pope do? He sent up a big army from Italy & literally massacred one million Protestants in Southern Germany, Bavaria! And Bavaria has been solidly Roman Catholic ever since!

       31. And in the division of things after WW2, guess what part of Germany the U.S. wanted for its share? They split up not only Berlin, but the Allies split up Germany itself into U.S. sections, British sections & French sections! And what part of Germany do you suppose the Americans asked for? (Family: Bavaria.) Yes! Some claim it was because Bavaria was a great sporting area, the Black Forest, & it would be a great tourist area. I don't doubt that had something to do with it, it was probably the ACs who wanted it! But I'm sure the Roman Catholics had something to do with it too. The Catholics & the ACs have a lot of influence, & the U.S. decided to take Catholic Bavaria for their section.

       32. You may be thinking, "Dad, you're always blaming the ACs for everything!", but we know that's true! You can read it in the newspaper & you can read it in history, how they've been gradually taking over! Jesus would not fall down & worship the Devil, or He could have had the World then, under Satan! But the ACs did, & Satan has given it to them, & they've now got it! They dominate the World today. They control Western Europe, the U.S., & I wouldn't be a bit surprised if in this present conflict, at least some of the powerful ACs are sympathetic to the Serbs & the other Yugoslavians. Therefore Western Europe & the U.S. are just standing aside & watching & letting the Serbs overrun the Roman Catholic Croats.

       33. I don't know a whole lot about what's going on there, except I've been quite angry about poor Croatia being so out-numbered & out-gunned, being run over & crushed by the much more powerful Serbian-dominated Yugoslavian government. And it seems that now, as things have rolled on, even Bush is beginning to have a little more sympathy--too late, of course.--Because in the beginning, Bush was absolutely against Croatia declaring its independence, & wanted the Serbian-dominated Yugoslav government to try to keep the country together.

       34. He had that attitude toward the U.S.S.R. & the Baltics! He didn't chime in with the rest of the World leaders & recognise the Baltics until about half the World had already recognised them! He said, "We prefer to negotiate with a central government under Gorbachev!" Well, there's no more central government to amount to anything. It's even a misnomer to call it the Soviet Union, because it's no longer united, & they're even going to change the name!

       35. Well, the ACs had their way in the Soviet Union for a good many years. They led the Russian Revolution. Many of the early leaders there were ACs. And that was why Hitler arose, to try to keep Germany from going Communist!--Because the AC Communists in Germany were taking over Germany. They had become the rich & the powerful & the politicians of Germany. After all, who can out-talk an AC? (Note: The British government's White Paper of 1919 quotes a Dutch government minister at St. Petersburg, M. Oudendyke: "Bolshevism is organised & worked by Jews, who have no nationality, & whose one object is to destroy for their own ends the existing order of things." The U.S. Ambassador to Russia, David Francis, reported, "The Bolshevik leaders here, most of whom are Jews & 90% of whom are returned exiles, care little for Russia or any other country, but are internationalists, & they are trying to start a worldwide social revolution." Official records show that the Central Committee of the Bolshevik Party, which wielded supreme power, contained three Russians [EDITED: "including Lenin"], & nine Jews!)

       36. The Lord is faithful! I said, "Lord, why doesn't Europe stop it if they're for democracy & freedom as they say they are? And why doesn't the U.S. do more?" And I got that answer just as clear as I ever got anything from the Lord. I mean, the Lord doesn't have to give you a big description or a huge picture or all the details. I said, "Why haven't the Western powers intervened?" And the answer I got was: "The ACs!" So there you are!

       37. You only need one key to unlock a door! And when the Lord gives you a key like that, it explains the whole situation! The U.S. & Europe are dominated by the ACs today, who are taking over the World. And for some reason or other, they're getting their revenge now against the Croats for how the Nazis slaughtered the Serbs. Even if there were no ACs involved there, they certainly would want the Serbs to take vengeance against the former Nazi-supported Croats.

       38. Sometimes I've struggled with that Scripture, "He visits the sins of the fathers upon the children unto the third & the fourth generation."--Exo.34:7. I've said, "Lord, how can You be so merciless on the children of these people?" Well, look at [DELETED] Mat.27:35. [DELETED] [EDITED: "The AC is"] alive, in hiding, & [EDITED: "the ACs are"] reserving him for the opportune moment to solve the World's problems. And the way the Soviet Union is going right now, it's an impossible situation!--Only the Antichrist could solve it!

       Soviet Situation Getting Desperate!

       39. So the Antichrist is around somewhere, they're just waiting until it gets bad enough that people will be willing to receive him. So we know how it's going. There's all this talk about how the Soviet Union's going to solve its problems, blah blah blah, when they're getting worse, near starvation! I was just reading an article today that the poor Soviet army is out of money! They've got millions of men under arms & they can't even buy them food! These soldiers can't even come home from the countries they were occupying because there's no place for them to come to--no housing, no food! What are they going to do?

       40. You know what happened the last time--the Russian Revolution! The same thing happened then. The Russian army came home from the front starving to death, & the people were starving to death, so the soldiers sided with the people & created the Russian Revolution & the country went with the fanatical Communists!

       41. You can just see the situation getting riper all the time for the Antichrist, because there's no hope. I mean, good night, it took the U.S. at least a hundred years to develop into a full-fledged Capitalist economy! How can they expect the U.S.S.R. to suddenly convert to it?--Of course, they don't like to call it "Capitalism" any more, they call it a "market economy." They don't know anything about a market economy! A few smart entrepreneurs are pioneering the way & getting their own businesses, but the vast majority of the poor Soviet people have always been taken care of by the government, they didn't have any freedom to speak of, they didn't have any so-called rights, & they had to do what they were told, but at least they were told! And they were guaranteed food & given places to live, free education, everything was organised. Can you imagine two or three generations now in the habit of just being told what to do & being given their education, given their apartment, given their food, etc.? The poor Soviets don't know what to do now, they have no idea what to do!

       42. I'll tell you one thing that hungry people do, just like they did in 1917, they will fight for food! They will kill for food! Hundreds of thousands of Soviet soldiers are coming home from the occupied countries with no place to live, they've got to crowd in with their mother & father or somebody, there's less & less food, & the situation there is getting absolutely desperate, it's horrible! Thank God He's let our Family in there in these last few months to at least give them the Lord & some hopes; if not for this World, at least for the Next!

       Without the Prince of Peace, There Is No Peace!

       43. Of course, thank the Lord, it's wonderful to have the Lord even in this World. We have peace in our hearts, because Jesus says, "My peace I give unto you. Not as the World giveth, give I unto you."--Jn.14:27. The World doesn't give any peace, but He's given us peace.--Even when the whole World around us is in chaos, with wars & rumours of war, all kinds of horrors!

       44. There are horrors going on in the U.S. worse than war! They're fighting a war with their children, & their children are fighting a war with each other! They're doped & drug-crazed, demonic! It's demonic, what's going on! And the poor parents today, they don't know what to do, because they have deserted the Lord, deserted God, deserted the Bible, & they have lost the only Solution! They kicked God, prayer & the Bible out of the schools!

       45. If you want to know what's the matter with the World today, that's what's the matter! They've left God out, & without the Prince of Peace, there is no peace!--And things are getting worse & worse & worse! And in this one little case of one little trouble, Yugoslavia, the answer there again is the ACs! Jesus Himself said they were of their father the Devil--which means they are liars like their father! (Jn.8:44.) But the poor [EDITED: "masses"] are so dumb, they're easily dissuaded & lied to by the ACs, who are outsmarting them on every hand.

       46. But thank the Lord, we have the Messiah, the Saviour! They could have Him too, but they won't take Him. And in spite of all they can do, & their Antichrist--who is eventually going to turn on them anyhow--we have the King of kings Who is going to come & rescue us all, thank You Lord!--Even the unsaved, at least those who aren't following the Antichrist.

       47. You & I are going to wipe out the Antichrist & his forces in the Battle of Armageddon! But what about all the other millions who are still alive at that time?--Especially those who rebelled against the Antichrist! Well, the Lord's going to save lots of people during the Millennium. I even read a magazine article on that recently, which someone sent me. I wrote on it, "What we have taught for years!" I've said there's even hopes for people not only in the Tribulation, but also in the New Heaven & New Earth, because some unsaved will still be there! Just read Revelation & you'll see. So there'll still be people we have to save.

       48. Of course, that's nothing new, that's been a doctrine in existence for many years.--Actually, according to the Bible, for ages! So praise the Lord, there will come a day when we are going to solve the problems of the World! So you'd better learn your Bible, amen? (Family: Amen!) And I hope you get more Bible in our next lesson than you got in this one! But this is something you need too. You need to understand modern history & what's behind it all & why! And when the Lord gives an answer & says "The ACs," then you should know about it! So now I've told you, & you're without excuse! PTL!

       49. Of course, we have enough battles ourselves to fight without getting too upset about some of these squabbles, but they are a threat to peace. (Maria: Yes, & to our witnessers.) Thank God our folks did a lot of witnessing there in Yugoslavia before this war started. We sowed a lot of seed so I'm sure it won't return void, the Lord will reap it. Now the Serbs & Croats are both reaping what they sowed.

       50. But even a little war there is dangerous. That's what started the first World War, which began in Yugoslavia, when each of the big powers began to pitch in & take sides till it soon evolved into war all over Europe & even North America, about half the World! That's the trouble with these little sparks that fly, they're apt to set on fire a lot of tinder!

       51. Well, all things work together for good to them that love the Lord, so the Lord's working out His purposes, teaching people lessons that they need to learn--mostly that they can't get along without Him.--That there's no peace without the Prince of Peace! David, would you like to close in prayer?

       52. (David: Thank You, Jesus, for revealing to Grandpa the truth about the World & what's going on! Thank You that we don't have to be blind to all that's going on, all the underground things, because like You said, You'd reveal it unto us by Your Spirit, Jesus. Thank You so much for showing Grandpa & thank You for his willingness to share these things with us.) Amen! TYL! Hallelujah!

       53. You don't have to be a Prophet to know these things, really. You don't even have to get a special answer from the Lord! I've taught you enough about the Bible by this time that you ought to know that with almost everything happening in this World today, the ACs are probably behind it! So that doesn't really take a lot of intelligence, you might have suspected it all the time! But I really wanted to know. I like to get things straight from the Lord! I might have suspected the ACs, but I couldn't see why they could be involved. But when the Lord said, "The ACs," then that's it! So, praise the Lord! God bless you all & thanks for your patience with me, but these are things you need to know to understand the World situation. PTL? I love you! God bless & keep us all!--And He does!

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