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IT COULD HAPPEN THIS YEAR!--OF 1992!--PART 1!       DO 2738       12/91

       1. It came to me like any of those revelations from the Lord, almost like a picture, when I was reading those prophecies about the U.S. that the Lord gave our leaders at their recent Summit Meeting. (Coming soon!) Some of the Family are going to be living in the U.S. in hard times, & they're going to be harder yet, & our main ministry is going to be to those who are having a hard time. From all I've read, the U.S. is in terrible shape! There are so many people without work, so many people with lower salaries. All kinds of huge companies have gone broke or laid off thousands of workers just in the last few months!--Big airlines & auto manufacturers & computer companies! Oodles of big corporations & banks have gone broke!

       2. Don't tell me that things aren't getting worse! The U.S. government's just trying to cover it up because they don't want a panic. Because when the people get panicky, then they pull their money out of the banks & they virtually stop spending money, & that brings a real crash! The people get scared, & fear, in a way, brings on depression! As the people see things are getting bad, & they feel they're going to get worse, their fear & their actions precipitate it even sooner. It's all part of the judgements of God!

       3. A panic is a severe fear! Back in the 1800s they even used to call them "panics," but now they try to hide it. They don't use the word "depression," because that sounds too bad, & they've been afraid to even use the word "recession," until recently they've had to admit it. They say, however, that President Bush himself has yet to use the word "recession"! He just refuses to use it, & he just as good as says that it isn't so, that things are going to get better, & things are getting better, this is better & that's better, blah blah!--Because, of course, the economy reflects on him. The people always blame the government & not themselves.

       4. That's what happened to poor Herbert Hoover in 1932, in the U.S.! They blamed the crashing economy all on him & he lost the next election. I think things are probably going to get so bad that it's quite possible that Bush could lose the election to somebody who offers hope & some kind of a recovery program. That's how FDR won, because he promised this, that & the other. He promised, number one, repeal of prohibition, that was one of the main things, to bring back liquor. And he promised jobs, that he was going to give the people work!

       5. Many economists are now saying, "We can see there's going to be a long & deep recession."--Just the opposite from what Bush is saying! People must think, "Bush must be nuts, he doesn't even know there is a recession! Therefore, he refuses to do anything about it to help us!" People are going to get furious with him just like they did with Hoover, who kept saying, "Prosperity is just around the corner!" (Note: Later Bush finally was forced by public opinion to admit it!)

       6. And like in the great Crash of 1929, this recession is not only affecting the U.S., but it's worldwide! All over the World there's unemployment & the stock markets go up & down. The crazy thing about the stock markets is that when they do crash or go down, then they go up again right away because all the big money boys & the smart guys, the wise guys, buy up the cheap stocks that just crashed! This makes it look good again, & people think, "Oh good, the stock market's gone up again!" It's only because the guys with the most money can afford to buy up the cheap stocks that have gone down, & that causes the stock market to look like it's gone up again, but the poor man keeps getting worse off all the time. It's just the big money boys who make it look prosperous & like recovery.

       7. The way things are now reminds me of some of the things they used to say during the Depression. They'd say, "It'll soon be over!" & there were all these predictions of "prosperity" & "recovery." Those were very very frequently used words all through the years of the Depression.--Only the prosperity & recovery never actually happened until World War 2! The war is what really brought the U.S. out of the doldrums.

       8. (Maria: It seems like things are getting pretty bad. It won't take very long to hit bottom, will it?) I think 1992 is going to tell the tale, if everything keeps on the decline. See, things went down, & then the economy went up a little, then down, then up a little, so that keeps allaying the people's fears that there is going to be a really big crash. There've been two or three smaller stock market crashes already, but each time they recover. And the governments of the World, & the Devil too, are trying their best to keep the people from being so afraid that it will precipitate the big Crash too soon.--Because the Antichrist probably isn't quite ready for it yet.

       Clinging to a String of Hope!

       9. Last night I revealed to you what the Lord was showing me about our Family's new ministry in the U.S. (Coming soon!) It was as though we have been called to the kingdom for such an hour as this (Esther 4:14), to comfort the people in their dire distress.--Which doesn't sound very optimistic, because there's going to be more distress & more poverty & more unemployment, greater recession. They might even get to where they've got the nerve to call it the second Great Depression! Nearly all the economic prophets who have been willing to admit that we're in a severe recession, have predicted that the final stage of this worldwide Crash is going to be worse than the last one, & that it will wipe out governments & all kinds of things, not just corporations & budgets!

       10. The ideal time for the Antichrist to take over would be when people are in the most dire distress & their own governments & their own plans haven't saved them. They're going to be looking to anybody who can! Just like that former head of NATO said! Imagine! He said, "We would be willing to make a deal with anybody to make peace, even if it were the Devil himself!"--And that's exactly what they'll do! They're going to find somebody that they figure can solve the situation, they're going to offer to work with him, & he will be the Devil!

       11. Both from the Bible & my gut feeling & just ordinary logic, things are going to have to get pretty bad until they can get worse, if you know what I mean!--The "worse" being the Antichrist government. People are going to have to get pretty bad off & the World's going to have to be in one terrible mess, until the Antichrist sees it's his opportune moment to arrive as the "messiah" to save it. But how soon it can get that bad, that's the question. The Lord has come as close as He can to telling us without having to tell us exactly, because that's something that He doesn't usually do.--Except He has already prophesied exactly how long things are going to take when they get to the End. But how long it's going to take to get to the End, that's another question. But I think it's very near.

       12. I don't think it would take very long for the World to get in such a mess--it's getting there now! It's fast on its way to getting into a mess. In fact, it's already in such a horrible mess that if the people knew it--knew how bad off their corporations, businesses, banks & governments were--they would lose all faith immediately & there would be such a panic that it would precipitate the big Crash now! But the governments & the peace prophets & the liars are all trying to cover it up. Even the prophets of doom are trying not to scare the people too much. Even though some talk about getting prepared and looking out for hard times, they sort of put it off. They don't seem to have that sense of impending doom that it's going to be as soon as I think it will be, because I don't see how the World can hold out much longer! The Lord has left it up to us to be the Prophets of Doom! (See "Prophecies for Dad's Healing!" Coming Soon, D.V.!) He told us before that He reserved that for us. (See "The Call of David!", ML# 79 and "The Message of Jeremiah!", ML# 1337.)

       13. The whole Western Capitalist World is living in a dream world that they cannot believe is coming to an end no matter what anybody tells them about the terrible economic conditions, the failing banks, the skyrocketing deficits and national debts, and that most of the governments of the World are already broke, bankrupt and so deep in debt they'll never get out! Some people have told them how bad it is, but the governments still try to encourage their people, "Well, don't worry, we'll get out of it somehow." They keep giving them that hope: "I've been told things are getting pretty bad, but I've also been told that we've always pulled through, so we'll pull through again," etc. I just don't see how things can last much longer.

       14. As I've said often: If people knew how bad things really are, it would happen now! But their governments and most of their economists are lying to them--false prophets of peace who keep encouraging them, "Don't worry, everything's going to be all right. Yes, we know it's bad right now, but we've always pulled through." The point is, the people cannot possibly face the facts or there would be a panic and everything would crash, right now, tomorrow!

       15. Right now they're figuring, "Well, I know things are getting bad, & they got bad in the Great Depression, but we finally pulled through. We'll survive somehow & things will get better later & I'll get another job some day. I may have to suffer right now, but these things always pass away. This too shall pass away." They don't realise that there's an Endtime coming when it won't pass away, & I frankly am convinced that this is it!

       16. The economists are predicting that the former Soviet Union is going to be in a terrible state this Winter, & they're even suggesting that it could mean civil war, it could mean famine, or it could mean this, that & the other. But they're always giving you some hope by saying, "But we hope that so-&-so will happen, we hope that this will pull through, we hope that so-&-so & so-&-so will happen."--And people always cling to that little thread, that little feather of possible salvation. They cling to a string! Even after all the predictions of doom, if they're thrown some little string of hope, the people forget all the prophecies of doom, they forget all the predictions of the end; they don't want to face the facts, so they grab ahold of the little string of hope that these guys give'm. But it's going to happen anyhow, the Lord has showed us that time & time again.

       17. The Lord told me in our early days that I was to have the Message of Jeremiah! You should read the Book of Jeremiah again! It's the Book of the Weeping Prophet who's predicting the doom of Israel! He was predicting nothing but doom. (Maria: Could it be applied to the whole World now, not just the U.S.?) Oh, of course! Definitely! We preached doom to America & they wouldn't listen--except the young people--and the Americans practically ran us out. Now our folks are back there at a time when the U.S. is starting to suffer the doom. I think people are going to more easily believe it now, because they can see it & feel it. (Maria: They're going to be desperate.) Yes! And we're going to minister to them & tell them that Jesus is their only hope!

       The Soviet Union Has Already Collapsed!

       18. That's what we're doing in the Soviet Union! They're already in that kind of a mess, desperate, more & more jobless all the time, because the infrastructure & the economic system that they had--which did have some organisation & did take care of the people, even though in a rather poor way, & certainly with no freedom--it has collapsed! Now they have nothing! Their system has been destroyed, & nothing has replaced it yet. You can't turn that kind of a thing into a "market economy," as they call it now, which means Capitalism. They don't like to use the word Capitalism. These false prophets always think up fancy words to disguise the truth!

       19. The Soviets have been accustomed to a planned economy for about three generations now--everything planned by the government & done by the government & everybody told what to do. And if they'd do what they're supposed to do & what they're told to do, that the government would take care of them.--And they have! The ultimate security is no freedom! You can't have both. Now they've chosen freedom instead of this former security, so they're going to have collapse & insecurity.

       20. Under their old system, under Communism, at least they had economic security. They didn't exactly have police security, although they had it in a sense. There was less crime, but everybody lived in fear of the police & of the government, & many lost their lives & were imprisoned etc. But at least they had a job. Unemployment was illegal in the Soviet Union. Think of it! It was against the law to be unemployed, because the government offered everybody jobs at something, & also gave them apartments, housing & food at very low prices. Now there's total disorganisation & total collapse! They don't even know what the government is or who is the government or who's running things. It's just complete chaos & confusion!

       21. Many writers & commentators are suggesting that maybe they won't be able to make it through the Winter, that they'll be starving, maybe there will be civil war, maybe a fascist government. They try to say it's going to be a fascist government, the opposite of a Communist one, but I'm more inclined to believe it will be the revival of Communism.--That the Beast that received a deadly wound is going to come back to life under the Antichrist.--Rev.13:3.

       22. So the Soviet Union is in just about the worst condition, almost worse than Latin America now. The ruble has been devalued about 50%. The average Soviet is living on as many rubles per month as is the equivalent of five U.S. Dollars, & they can hardly make it! Prices have shot way up, whereas the value of the ruble has dropped way down. The people are complaining & hungry & they believe that things are going to get worse during the cold Winter.

       The Whole World Is Crashing!

       23. I just don't see how it can last much longer, it's all crashing! We've talked about the Crash, but the Crash isn't just the crash of the U.S. economy. People get such a narrow view of things. The Soviet Union has already crashed! The Eastern European countries have broken free, but they've also crashed economically. Latin America has been crashed for a long time!

       24. Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Venezuela, all of them have suffered horrendous, almost unbelievable inflation, which means the crashing & devaluation of their various currencies, which is about the equivalent of what's happened to Mexico & the peso. Just think, I can remember when it was 12 to the Dollar, & now it's over 3,000 to the Dollar! Can you imagine that? Think what that has meant to the poor, who are already making very little money, & now their money's worth even less!

       25. Latin America's already crashed, the Soviet Union has now crashed, Eastern Europe has crashed and is crashing. Now it's finally gotten to the rich countries, so that North America is crashing economically, and Western Europe is in trouble too. Japan's still very strong economically because they've been very smart and frugal and worked hard, and if nothing else, the Lord blesses their cleanliness and industry and hard work, and in a sense, their righteousness. They have very little crime compared to the rest of the wealthy World, and they're not causing any more wars. So they have boomed, until now they're richer than the U.S.! Think of that!

       26. The U.S. fought to keep Japan from growing richer & more powerful than the U.S.--which they were already threatening to do before WW2. So by conquering Japan & refusing to let them fight any more wars, the U.S. has saved them billions upon trillions of Dollars, so they've been able to invest all their money in things that are profitable. And they've now grown to be the biggest economic power in the World! Who knows, they might even help bring about the economic crash of the U.S.! Lots of people in the U.S. are already angry at them & want retaliation for Japan's trade policies. They want trade barriers & trade sanctions against Japan. That's what helped bring on the last Great Depression, when they passed a Trade Retaliation Bill in the U.S. Congress that put up trade barriers to America's greatest competitors, which were Germany & Japan.

       27. The fact is that the World has already crashed, the people just refuse to believe it, so they keep on going like they have been. And as long as the people keep the faith in their system & their economy & the World & in their future & refuse to believe in failure, refuse to believe in the Crash, that helps to keep them afloat a little while longer. But it's like walking out on a diving board, you can only go so far.--By & by you're going to realise there's no more board! And if you keep on going, you're going to know you crashed, you're going to fall & hit the water!

       28. Let's face it, the World has already crashed economically, & in some places governmentally, like the Soviet Union, but they just don't know it. The Soviets are now beginning to believe it, but the rest of the World doesn't want to face it, & they just refuse to believe it, that's all, & about all that keeps them going right now is their faith in their system. The Soviets have already lost their faith, so their system crashed! The Americans, of course, think their system's never going to fail. They're going to get a great surprise when they finally realise it's already crashed & they're only living on borrowed money & borrowed time!

       29. Some people are finally waking up to these facts and seeing a very gloomy future! And the economists, the political prophets & those who are honest enough to face it are wondering, "What's going to save us? How are we going to get out of this mess?" But the Lord has got to let it get bad enough that it will come to an end, & of course the end is going to be the Antichrist. And to the World, he's going to look like he's their salvation, to save them from the end!

       30. Just honestly viewing World conditions right now, as far as I'm concerned, this is the beginning of the End! We just don't know how fast it's going to pick up speed & slide until it really hits bottom & the people begin to realise it is the end, & they're then willing to sell their bodies & souls to the Antichrist for food & security, food & peace. They've done it time & again throughout history, from the times of Joseph when the Hebrews sold their bodies for food & became slaves of the Pharaoh, until the days of the Antichrist when the nations of the World will do it again! Well, I just think it's about to happen!

       Has the AC Reign Already Begun?

       31. We've said before that we might have seven, eight, nine or ten years to go. I don't know. But it's looking a little shakier all the time. And we've said the Antichrist has got to at least begin his reign seven years before Jesus comes, 3-1/2 years before he is all-powerful & the Tribulation begins. So we have conjectured & theorised that he's got to take over first & start reigning before the Tribulation can come. Well, the way things are going right now with the Soviet Union & the mess it's in, & the whole World is in, he could take over in 1992! Things are that bad!

       32. He could begin his reign, but the beginning of his reign doesn't necessarily mean he'll be reigning over the whole World. The beginning of his reign could perhaps start with where Yeltsin is right now as far as the Soviet Union is concerned. He's beginning his reign now, & if he gets powerful enough & manages to take over the rest of the Soviet Empire, it's possible. However, it looks to me like he's facing an impossible situation with all those breakaway republics. He would almost have to turn supernatural in order to solve even his own problems in just his own Republic of Russia.--But that's quite possible! If it's time, at any moment he could suddenly have such power & wisdom & charm as to charm his own countrymen into following him, which is the first thing he'd have to do!

       33. (Maria: Could the Antichrist start out by being a very good man?) I don't like to call him good, but he could start out as a very wise man, a brilliant man, a genius. He's got to have that supernatural genie power & wisdom of Satan in order to solve the problems in the Soviet Union. He's got to have that kind of genius & brilliance & wisdom of the Devil to survive what's happening there right now. So let's just theorise & say that maybe Yeltsin is it, & therefore his reign has begun.

       34. (Maria: Right now he's not exactly empowered with any genius, but he seems concerned and caring and like a pretty good man.) Yes, he's showing a concern about his people, about the miners & different ones. He's rushed off to different places & trouble spots to try to help them settle their affairs & keep civil war from erupting. He appears at least as a good man, & the Antichrist is going to appear to the people as a good man who's really trying to save them.

       35. Let's just say for the purpose of theory that it could be Yeltsin. I'm not saying it is. (Maria: His name is really something!) Yes, it's "yell" & "sin" both!--Ha! But anyhow, what if it was him? Okay, he's got a good start. And if things really crash there, he would have to start first by persuading his own people that he's going to save them, & do things to start saving them. And if it works there, the rest of the World is going to look on him as a superman: "He solved all those problems in the Soviet Union, maybe he could solve our problems too!"

       36. So let's assume that Yeltsin is the one, & the Lord allows Satan to give him the power to solve the situation, that will be a head start. And if he can solve the worst situation in the World today, which is the Soviet Union, he'd be smart enough to solve the rest of the World's problems too!--At least they'll think so. Things will get so bad that they'll be willing to look to anybody they think can save them, & if he becomes a brilliant genius showing supernatural powers, who wouldn't turn to him as a god & even be willing to worship him in the long run?

       37. I'm just theorising & conjecturing that if it were to be Yeltsin & all these things would suddenly happen, then it could be that the Bible & the prophecies regard that as though his reign has already begun; in fact, began last year!--Which would mean that there's only two-&-a-half years until he'd be supreme! Maybe the Prophets & the Lord would consider that his reign began when he was first chosen by Satan to be his Antichrist. That could be even two or three years ago, savvy? Whoever it is, in the language of prophecy, his reign could have already begun when he was first chosen by the Devil to become the Antichrist, & he could have already been ruling behind the scenes. So the crux, "the midst of the week," may come sooner than we anticipate!

       38. Say the World crashes in 1992, he could arise in power in 1992 to where he is practically worshipped by the World for solving all their problems. So it may be later than we think! I'm just saying "what if" the whole World really comes to the end of its rope & crashes economically in 1992? That is the ideal opportunity for the Antichrist to arise, whoever he is, & offer them the solutions & his brilliant supernatural charm, power & miracles. He'll call down fire from heaven & all kinds of things!--Mat. 24:24; Rev.13:13,14

       39. It could be that he's already been reigning & directing things! With the ACs taking over as they are, & he being their "Supreme Lord," he could have already been reigning from behind the scenes & just waiting for his coronation! In other words, he's like a coup plotter, but his hour is not yet come. But what if the World crashes in 1992 & that is his hour to come? He arises with offered "healing in his wings," in a sense, & the World, therefore, looks to him as a god to save them!

       40. Things could happen so fast, it could happen in 1992! In a way, you wonder why it hasn't happened already with the mess the World's in. But it's going to get really bad & hit bottom before they're willing to look up to him for salvation. But if the Antichrist has, in a sense, been plotting & conspiring this whole scene already, & manipulating through his chosen people, the ACs, he's already been reigning from behind the scenes! You could certainly easily believe that by the way the ACs are taking over! And since he's going to be their "messiah," their "Supreme Lord," who knows but what he's already been reigning for the last three years! It may take only another half-a-year for the World to get in such a mess that they're willing to proclaim him king!--Or god!

       41. So don't get too assured & count on too much time, in spite of whatever we may have conjectured before--which has only been theory & conjecture, an analysis of logic & time. He may have been reigning already from behind the scenes, which it certainly looks like, & it's beginning to look like it more all the time, the way the ACs are manipulating World finances. Let's face it, this whole thing is being manipulated by them to bring about the Crash so that the World will be willing to receive him!--Whoever he is!

       42. If he's already been reigning from behind the scenes through the ACs taking over the World as they have, then 1992 could be his coronation year!--If they let the World's economy crash clear to the bottom, which could happen the way it's going! When the World's hit bottom & there seems no other way, no other hope & everything is a mess--which could be 1992 as fast as it's going right now--they could present him as the solution, & the World would receive him in no time! I'm just trying to show you how it could happen sooner than you think, & sooner than we've expected!

       It Could Be Tomorrow!

       43. This is all guesswork & conjecture, but I go a lot by sense & feelings in the Spirit, & they've usually been right. And the closer it gets, the more I feel it, & that's the way it looks! The thing is, the way I feel & the way things look, the Revelation of the Antichrist & his takeover, & the beginning of the Tribulation, could happen in 1992! So, are we ready? Are we doing all we can?

       44. (Maria: If the Tribulation starts in 1992, I wonder how we're going to do all the work the Lord has said we have yet to do!) Honey, where has He said that we've got so much to do that He's got to give us more time? I don't see in all those prophecies from the Summit Meeting (Coming soon!) that it means we're going to necessarily have that much more time. In fact, it sounds to me more like the Tribulation! All the wonderful things He's going to do for us could be right in the Tribulation!

       45. All those prophecies could be fulfilled in the Tribulation period! In fact, it even sounds like it to me! We're going to win great victories in spite of great opposition & persecution! In fact, those prophecies almost scare me! They're even persuading me that it's closer than we think! The Lord doesn't predict that sort of thing unless He means that there are great things coming! But He gets His greatest victories out of seeming defeat, so why worry about it? The Lord's promised to keep us, take care of us, use us & give us victories over our enemies.

       46. The fulfilment of these prophecies could happen in 1992, at the beginning of the Tribulation & last for 3-1/2 years! Don't count on so much time. We've theorised & been optimistically trying to hope that we were going to have a little more time. We didn't see how things could get so bad so soon as to bring about the Revelation of the Antichrist, which would also mean the beginning of the Tribulation if he's already been ruling!

       47. If he is alive now & he is the ACs' "Supreme Lord" that they're preparing to present to the World as its saviour, then they have been preparing the World for him! Which means, he & they are already calling the shots from down below! And if he is already calling the shots through the ACs & they're already running the World, as we know they are, then he's already running the World, he's already reigning through them right now, but secretly! And when they drag the World into such a mess & down to the very bottom, maybe in 1992, it will be the ideal time to reveal him, to introduce him to the World! "Here's the man who can solve all your problems, if you'll fall down & worship him & his Image!"

       48. I could see how that could easily happen in 1992, if things get bad enough!--And they're certainly planning that they will! The ACs are ruling the World right now, & he's ruling the World through them, so he's already reigning! Good night, it certainly looks like he's reigning! The Devil is certainly reigning, as bad as things are, & they're going to get worse, they're not going to get better. The way things are going right now, they could hit bottom in 1992 & the ACs could reveal him! "Here's the man who can solve all your problems!" And the World would not hesitate to fall down & worship him!--Which would be the beginning of the second half of his reign, when he would set up the Abomination of Desolation & the Tribulation would begin!

       49. The only thing that remains right now is that it seems from the Scriptures that there has to be a Temple in which he can sit and claim that he's God. (2Th.2:3,4.) But who knows? That may be of spiritual significance. (Maria: Also, if it's literal, they say the ACs have the Temple materials together, that it wouldn't take them more than a few months to put it together.) (See ML #1488:22 [EDITED: "GN Bk.6"], WND 302, Pg.2.) Yes! And I don't think they're going to solve that situation between the Jews & the Arabs without forcing Israel to comply, & that's what it looks like in the Bible. The Antichrist has to make war on Israel & its forces, which means also the U.S. He'll have to use force on Israel before it will submit, & the U.S. will not let that happen willingly.--They'll go to war to save Israel!

       50. I'll tell you, over half the U.S. Senators are ACs, so they're running the U.S., & they're running the World already! All they're doing is manoeuvering things to bring about such a crash that it will hit such a bottom that the World will be willing to receive their "Supreme Lord," which could be in 1992, the way things are going! We were hoping the Lord would give us more time, but I'd say 3-1/2 more years is quite a bit of time!

       51. I've kept saying every year was our last great year. Who knows? We may have our most glorious success during the Tribulation! We may have the most miraculous victories & work then, considering the conditions, that we've ever had!

       52. I'm just trying to bring out that it could be tomorrow! How do you know it's not going to be 1992 when the World hits bottom & the Antichrist hits top? I say it can happen! I don't think you can show me in the Bible that it can't happen in 1992, but I can show you in the Bible that it's possible it can!

       53. I'm just saying it's possible, it could happen. I'm not saying it will happen in 1992. I'm not going to be caught predicting exact dates, too many Bible teachers have been trapped by that kind of thing. (Maria: We've given possibilities before, but the Family took them as real firm dates.) That's the trouble with some of our people.--Too often we suggest a possibility, & then they just grab on to that as though that's definitely when it's going to happen!

       Look to the Lord & He Will Sustain You!

       54. May I suggest the possibility that the World Crash could happen in the year 1992, & the Antichrist could arise & take over in that year! Maybe the Family will get on the ball & think maybe that's actually going to happen! It might help them to serve the Lord a little bit better & make their kids behave a little bit better. (Maria: The Lord's already telling us we've got to make some very big changes, become much more geared to winning souls than making sales.--Forget such emphasis on support & just trust the Lord! So that in itself shows that the Lord is preparing us for the Tribulation, when we may not even be able to get out Videos!) Exactly! Get your eyes off of the Dollar signs & the means, & on to the Lord! Just like in our early days, we were simply trusting the Lord, we never knew where our support was coming from!

       55. Although they're good tools & they're a good witness, the Lord doesn't want them to become a crutch! He wants to show that He can do it with or without the means, & that we shouldn't lean on the arm of flesh. That's what happened to ancient Israel. They began to lean on the arm of flesh & their own strength & their own means, & the Lord rebuked them for it & told them not to look to those things, but to look to Him, & He would sustain them. (Jer.17:5-8.)


       56. Amen, Lord, we're not saying the end is coming or the Antichrist is coming in 1992. We're not saying that You're going to allow the World to hit bottom in 1992 & the Antichrist to arise & take over in 1992. We're just saying that it looks like it could happen. So if it could happen & it's possible, we certainly ought to be prepared for it, in prayer & spirituality, in our looking to Thee for guidance, Lord, as we know that when these things begin to come to pass, You said, "Look up, for your Redemption draweth nigh!"--Luk.21:28.

       57. We know when these things begin to happen that the End is near! And we know that You're going to take care of us & use us & bless us & make us a blessing right to the very End! You said You'll never leave nor forsake us, but that lo, You're with us always, even unto the end of the World!--Mat.28:20. And if You're going to be with us, Lord, there's no point in Your being with us unless You're going to take care of us, & we're sure You will, somehow, even if You have to take us!

       58. So Lord, bless & keep us all, & help our people not to worry or fret, & certainly not fret themselves for tomorrow, "for sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof."--Mat.6:34. Tomorrow will take care of the things of itself, & You'll take care of the things of tomorrow. So help us to just keep on doing our job each day, whatever we can do, whatever You make possible for us to do, as we have done, right into the End, Lord, whatever it is. We know You'll continue to take care of us & bless & keep us & make us a blessing, in Jesus' name, amen. PTL!

       He Will Care for His Own!

       59. I think when our conjectures allow people too much time, they get complacent. I think the Lord's trying to show us that there may not be that much time, & we'd better be prepared for the worst!--Which, as I said, He can turn into the best! Victory out of seeming defeat certainly is a great victory! So in days to come when we seem to be defeated, & yet get a victory, any kind of victory will be a great victory! The fact that we can keep going at all will be a victory!

       60. (Maria: A lot of people are concerned about their children being taken & persecution, but the Lord said not to worry about it, He said, "I'll take care of them!") Of all people that the Lord's going to take care of, it's our little ones! The Lord told us that clear back in 1980. I got a direct word from the Lord on that, that He'd care for our little ones.--And He has! He's protected & cared for them through everything, & He's going to continue to do it! What was the name of that Letter? (Maria: "He'll Care for His Own!") (ML# 900.)

       61. What's the matter with our people? Do they think they can take better care of the kids than the Lord can? Isn't that funny? All of a sudden that song began to ring through my head & I saw a picture of those little bands of orphans from "The Children's Dream." (ML# 582.) They were singing that song: "Children, children!--Don't you worry 'bout this! Children, children!--I have promised you bliss!"--Etc.

       62. You know what the World's most popular song was for a while when all those artists got together & sang that song?--"We Are the Children!" That song really got to me! There was something about it that was almost significant, like when I first heard the song about "Aquarius"! I was so struck by that! I think it was really inspired! But wasn't that a diabolical song that John Lennon sang? ("Imagine.") [DELETED] (Maria: Oh yes, "Imagine there was no Heaven, imagine there was no God...") Yes, "Imagine there were no religions & there were no this & that, & there was peace!"--As though doing away with God & religions would bring peace! It's a very popular song, & it's diabolical!--Teaching young people just the opposite of what's the truth!

       63. I'm just trying to say for your encouragement & for the Family's encouragement, that even though you may look on the Tribulation as some great defeat, it may be our finest hour! (Maria: I think verses like "many are going to fall" & "it was given unto him to make war with the saints & to overcome them," "a time of trouble such as the World has never known," all of those have put a real fear into their hearts that we're going to suffer greatly. I think "Heaven's Girl" did a lot to help, because it showed us being victorious all the time!) Yes, in spite of it! (Maria: But a lot of those other verses indicate that the Beast will overcome the Saints, so it's just a little confusing.)

       64. It indicates that he's going to overcome the churches. We can't stop him from becoming all-powerful, we can't overcome the things he's doing, but we can overcome personally, possibly to the point that he can't even do such things to us! The Lord has got to keep him from doing all those things to us or we couldn't possibly minister & there would be no point of our even being here! But it's quite obvious from the Bible, God's Word, the prophecies, that His people are going to be here till the End, & obviously they're going to win lots of victories & do great things!

       65. (Maria: What about "they shall fall by the sword" [EDITED: "Dan.11:33"], do you think that will apply to us, or can the Lord keep us?) Well, what makes you think that's a defeat? If it comes your time to fall by the sword, praise God, you're finished! In a way it's your victory, because they can't destroy you! But if we're going to minister, then whoever's going to be ministering can't fall by the sword!--Till they're finished!--And that's the End!

       66. Our message has been a message of doom for the World, even for the churches & America & all who are not doing what they're supposed to do. All that bad news is not for us, it's for them! The Lord's going to do great things for us, many mighty works shall we do, even greater than the works of Jesus when He was on Earth. "Greater works than these shall ye do!"--Jn.14:12.

       67. Jesus had just about 3-1/2 years of ministry in conditions which were pretty much like the Tribulation!--And God protected Him in spite of all His vicious enemies & everything, & He had a tremendous ministry! He had His greatest ministry when He finally came out in the open & preached & ministered & His enemies were around every corner trying to kill Him! Think of that! Jesus endured! For the 3-1/2 years of His ministry He endured persecution & enemies & death threats & governmental suppression, everything, but He kept right on going! He kept right on preaching the Truth & prophesying the Word & healing the sick & doing miracles, right up to the end!

       68. So if Jesus could do that way back then during the dictatorship of the Antichrist of His day, the Roman Caesar--who was just as antagonistic to Christianity then as the Antichrist will be, & tried to imprison & kill Christians & persecute them & wipe them out--why can't we do the same in our last 3-1/2 years? Amen?

       69. A good title for this might be: "It Could Happen This Year!"--To arouse the Family's curiosity about what could happen this year! It just stands to reason that if the ACs are already ruling the World, then the Antichrist is already ruling the World! Thank You Lord that You're beginning to show us a little more as the time gets closer!--Amen!
* * * * * * *


       Our Theme Song for the Tribulation!

       70. PTL! Hallelujah! TYL! I haven't thought of this old song for years, & it just came to me this morning right after editing this Letter, "It Could Happen This Year!" (Sings:)

       Are you looking for the fullness
       Of the blessing of the Lord
       In your heart & life today?
       Claim the promise of your Father,
       Come according to His Word,
       In the blessed old-time way.

       He will fill your heart today to overflowing,
       As the Lord commandeth you,
       "Bring your vessels, not a few;"
       He will fill your heart today to overflowing
       With the Holy Ghost & power!

       Bring your empty earthen vessels,
       Clean thro' Jesus' precious blood,
       Come, ye needy, one & all:
       And in human consecration
       Wait before the throne of God
       Till the Holy Ghost shall fall!

       He will fill your heart today to overflowing,
       As the Lord commandeth you,
       "Bring your vessels, not a few;"
       He will fill your heart today to overflowing
       With the Holy Ghost & power!

       Like the cruse of oil unfailing
       Is His grace forevermore.
       And His Love unchanging still.
       And according to His promise,
       With the Holy Ghost & power,
       He will every vessel fill.

       He will fill your heart today to overflowing,
       As the Lord commandeth you,
       "Bring your vessels, not a few;"
       He will fill your heart today to overflowing
       With the Holy Ghost & power!

       71. Hallelujah! What a good song for the Tribulation!--Our theme song for the Tribulation! Praise God! He's going to fill our hearts & give us great victory! PTL! Hallelujah! TYL! The Tribulation is not going to be a defeat, it's going to be a great triumph! Hallelujah! TYL! The Tribulation doesn't have to be a great defeat, it can mean greater victories, despite great opposition!--In Jesus' name, amen! Hallelujah!

       72. I don't think I've ever sung that song for the Family! I haven't sung it for years, and I just suddenly got it right after editing this Letter! So praise the Lord! Hallelujah! TYJ! "Bring your vessels"--in other words, your body, mind, heart, everything, and He will fill your heart. "Bring your vessels and He will fill your heart."

       73. Isn't that amazing? Apparently it got through to me, even though I hadn't seen it & hadn't thought of it for years. It's the old song of victory for the Tribulation! Hallelujah!--Now & for the Tribulation! That song is really inspired! There's no reason in this World I should have been thinking about it today, except for the inspiration of the Lord! And miraculously Mama knew where there was a copy of it amongst her papers so I could look up all the words! That was an amazing little miracle! It can be our theme song for the Tribulation!--In Jesus' name, amen! Hallelujah! (--AMEN!)

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family