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IT COULD HAPPEN THIS YEAR!--OF 1992!--PART 2!         DO 2739       9/12/91

       1. Praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus! (Techi: TYL! We really pray for this class, Jesus. Thank You for inspiring Grandpa to give it to us, Jesus. We pray that You will please bless & anoint him & put Your Spirit on him, in Jesus' name! TYJ!) Amen! Thank You Jesus!

       2. Well, this is to be our first refresher class in Bible Prophecy Scriptures & Signs of the Times!--The schedule of Endtime events. I have some rather shocking questions to ask you first to really get you thinking. It shouldn't be too shocking since you already know all the answers, I'm sure. If you don't know, I don't know where you've been all these years!--Ha! Let's have a little oral review.

       3. First of all, who's running the World right now because God allows it? (Family: Satan.) Right, in fact, the World is his, God has given it over to him because of the sins of Man. (See Luk.4:5-7; 2Cor.4:4.) And what particular people has he primarily used to run it? (Family: The ACs.) How long have they been running it? (Family: 2,000 years?) Well, not exactly. At the beginning of that 2,000 years they were pretty much a very small minority who had just killed Christ & who were having a lot of trouble with the far greater majority & greater power, which was what? (Family: The Romans.) Yes. And what happened to the Roman Empire? (Family: It turned into the Papal Empire, or "Holy" Roman Empire.) Yes, the Roman Empire itself ruled the World, & then the Roman Popes ruled the World.

       4. The ACs were not yet very apparent or powerful, but all the time they were working. And one of their favourite, most clever policies is: If you can't lick'm, join'm! This is especially true in some areas such as Spain, where the Roman Catholic Church became so anti-AC that in order to survive, the ACs literally had to join'm. And since the ACs are always smarter than the Gentiles & always outsmart the Goys, having joined the church in Spain, & in Italy, & almost throughout the World, what happened to the Roman Catholic Church? Spain is an outstanding shining example. (Family: The church ruled.) The church ruled, yes, but who ruled the church? If you'll look at most of their prelates & high-powered dignitaries & rulers of the church even today, a lot of them are ACs!

       5. The ACs soon got in power, & as I say, a shining example is in Spain, where in order to survive the Inquisition they had to join the church. But at that time they were extremely powerful in Spain, ruling the way they always rule, which is financially. They had the money, they financed the kings of Spain. They financed Columbus' voyage to discover America. (Note: The Royal [EDITED: "AC?"] Treasurer convinced the Queen of Spain to help finance Columbus.) Take a good look at Columbus. He was not a Spaniard, he was a what? (Family: An Italian.) Just take a good look at the paintings of him. Apparently God couldn't find any other man smart enough to discover the New World, so of course it had to be an AC!

       6. At a royal banquet being given in his honour, the old story is told that he passed a hard-boiled egg around the table & asked to see who could set it on end. If you've ever tried to set a hard-boiled egg on end, it's impossible. It finally got back to him, & he took it & he tapped it on the table sharply till it crushed one end, & then he stood it on that end. They said, "Any of us could have done that, we just didn't think of it!" He said, "Yes, but I did!" They were always saying, "Oh, anybody could have discovered the New World, but they just didn't think of it!"--But Columbus did! We might almost say that almost any smart group of people like the Romans & various ones could have conquered the World, & they did.--Others just didn't think of it or how to do it like they did!

       Europe: Iron & Clay!

       7. After the collapse of the Roman Empire, what happened to it? Do you remember your study of Daniel's Image? It was divided up into parts, the ten toes of the Image. Some Bible Prophecy teachers have been pretty literal & specific, that it had to be divided into ten parts, ten former fragments of the Roman Empire, which they said must be the European Economic Community. This was when it had only ten members. But it got a little bit complicated after it got two more members, & there are still other countries waiting to join, including some of the East European countries.

       8. We've gone along with that theory pretty much, & in some ways you could sort of synthesise it & analyse it in such a way as to say that "some of these independent modern nations were actually united parts of one ancient Roman nation, & weren't really two separate nations at that time," & gradually try to figure out how to whittle it back down to ten! Frankly, at the rate things are going, it looks like the EEC is soon going to have quite a lot of members!

       9. But the whole point is that it's still the old Roman Empire broken up into a number of pieces, whether specifically ten or more. And what is left of the old Roman Empire is still what Continent? (Family: Europe.) Europe, no matter how many pieces it's broken into. And these pieces, of course, were of both clay & iron, very literally symbolising the types of governments they would have.--The iron being what? (Family: Dictatorships.) Dictator-type, iron rule with strongman dictators & kings etc. Not only dictators, but kings too. And the clay was symbolic of democracies ruled by the common people.

       10. How about Europe today? Is it still broken up into this sort of constituency? (Family: It's getting to be more & more clay & less iron!) Yes. But still, when it comes down to it, the clay doesn't mingle with the iron. You can't mix iron & clay together or you get a very weak substance.--Likewise, very weak government. It looks strong, but it's still very weak.

       11. So the majority of the countries of Europe today are supposedly what? (Family: Democracies.) And until just recently the Soviet Union & all of its republics were what? (Family: Dictatorships.) Yes. And it looks like in Yugoslavia we're going to have another what, & already do? (Family: Dictatorship.) The head of the army, a Serb, just completely ignored the President of Yugoslavia who ordered him to stop his invasion of Croatia!

       12. It seems to me there must be some ACs mixed in there somewhere, to be so smart that after all those years they've been in subjugation, they've worked their way into the departments & places where they would be the most powerful!--So that the army of Yugoslavia is composed & led mostly by Serbs, with a Serbian commander who controls all the main arms & armaments of Yugoslavia!--The Army, the Navy, the Air Force, the planes, the tanks, the armaments, the ammunition, everything!

       13. What chance does a small, infant republic such as Croatia have of declaring its independence from Yugoslavia? They obviously were under the misguided impression that if they declared their independence, they would be recognised by the rest of Yugoslavia, since everybody else was doing the same--all of Eastern Europe & many former Republics of the Soviet Union. Of course, we don't know how that's going to turn out either. It could turn out just like it's turned out in Yugoslavia--a civil war!

       14. The Croatians thought that surely they could declare their independence, now that the World is recognising all of these independent countries that were once dominated by the Soviet Union, & the Soviet Union is letting them go! Nobody's stopping them, the Soviet military is not being called out to prevent them. There was a little weak effort under the coup there for a very short moment in which the leaders of the coup ordered the army to go in. They had a plan, a strategy, to roll in the tanks & break up any resistance & to assassinate Yeltsin! But it didn't work because the army, the tank units & officers, just flatly refused to roll in & crush their own people, especially in the Russian republic where Yeltsin is strong.

       15. In Russia itself, these coup plotters ordered the army to roll in with their tanks & crush the rebellion! And Yeltsin--God bless him for that, he had guts--stood on top of the tanks & just defied the forces that were sent to crush him & his rebels! And the soldiers refused to fight, the tank commanders refused to roll in & crush'm! Only one of them did, one tank, & it rolled over a few people who became martyrs to the cause of the Russian rebellion.

       16. I don't know how many Russian revolutions there've been now, but what's happening now is one more Russian revolution, & Yeltsin's getting a couple more republics to join him now--the Ukraine, which is the second largest republic, & the small republic of Byelorussia. These three have made a loose, voluntary confederation to replace the Soviet Union. (Note: Other republics have now joined, & it's now being called the Commonwealth of Independent States.) Minsk, the capital of the Byelorussian Republic, was declared to be the capital of this new Confederation.--No longer Moscow, think of that! Choosing Minsk as the capital was, I'm sure, a compromise between Russia & the Ukraine, each of whom would like to have been declared the capital of the Confederation. But they gave to this smaller republic, Byelorussia, the honour of having the capital city of the new Confederation.

       U.S. Civil War & "The Star-Spangled Banner!"

       17. The republics are doing something which the Southern States of the U.S. tried to do in the 1860s, wanted to do, & thought that they were entitled to do! They had joined the Federal Government as a confederation, voluntarily. And they thought, of course, "If we voluntarily join the club, we can voluntarily leave it!" But they found out differently, sad to say, because there was a dictator on the other side. The North was a dictatorship, with a very strong dictator, who became their great hero! Do you know his name? (Family: Lincoln.) Abraham Lincoln, dictator of the United States!

       18. For awhile, at the beginning of the U.S. Civil War, the Southerners were winning under Robert E. Lee, but the North had the advantage of superior numbers, as well as iron & coal & big factories to make weapons & bullets. And though the South was actually richer, it was made up of large, scattered plantations run by English gentlemen with slave labour. There was a lot of heroic, gentlemanly heroism in the early days of the Civil War & declarations of what they were going to do to the North, since the North had provoked them to war. Let's face it, the North was the one that really started the Civil War!

       19. The Civil War wasn't America's first war, of course! Fifty years before that they fought the British in the War of 1812, when Francis Scott Key wrote that horrible, violent war song called "The Star-Spangled Banner"!--The national anthem of the United States! It's anything but an anthem, it's a violent war song! There's hardly a line in it that does not have violence in it!--Totally unlike the beautiful national anthem of the British Empire, "God Save the Queen!" The U.S. has got the nerve to call it an anthem, when an anthem is a worship hymn! Well, all right, there it is! It is a worship hymn, worshipping the national flag of the United States of America!

       20. I agree with the Jehovah's Witnesses! I agree with the Amish! I agree with all those who refuse to salute the American flag, accusing it of being a form of worship! And just because they finally got Eisenhower to insert "under God" into the "Pledge of Allegiance," doesn't change the fact that saluting the flag is essentially flag worship!

       21. But the so-called American national anthem is just about the most violent of any that you could possibly sing or recite! These are the words:
       "Oh, say can you see, by the dawn's early light,
       What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming?
       Whose broad stripes & bright stars, thro' the perilous fight,
       O'er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming!"

What is he doing but worshipping the flag?

       "And the rockets' red glare,
       The bombs bursting in air,
       Gave proof thro' the night,
       That our flag was still there."

They could see it through the bombs bursting & the rockets, "Our flag is still there!"

       "Oh say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave,
       O'er the land of the free, & the home of the brave?"

       --Ha! All about the flag, worship of the flag! It's a war song, all about bombs bursting & rockets glaring, the horrors of war!

       22. It is the national anthem of the United States of America, & that's exactly the way they are! (Speaks angrily!) They're a war-faring nation!--A violent nation that has attacked nation after nation after nation!--Even a little tiny nation like Panama, a nation that America even created! Well, we'd better not get off on that subject or I'll just be gone too far! We're supposed to be studying the Antichrist & the correct order of the events of the Endtime.

       23. But you talk about the violence of the Roman Empire, the U.S.A. could very well be considered the rightful heir to the Roman Empire! And now that the Soviet Union has fallen, the U.S. is the lone superpower still existing. Europe is trying to create a superpower, & they are in the process of it, & they will!--But not the way they think. Because the only one who could possibly make it work is whom? (Family: The Antichrist.)

       [EDITED: "Jewish"] Influence in Great Britain!

       24. Did you know the British are as Jewish as they can be? I was shocked when we first got to London & I looked around at the people, nearly everybody looked like a Jew!--[EDITED: "More"] than in the U.S.A.! Because the U.S.A. is a great conglomeration of many nations.

       25. When the seven daughters of the king of Israel fled from Egypt to England for refuge, they took with them the Stone of Scone, the stone upon which the kings of Israel used to be crowned. It was originally placed just underneath the seat of the throne of the Scottish kings. Then the British captured it, & thereafter, the British kings were crowned upon that throne, because somewhere, somehow [DELETED] they'd managed to get their sons on the throne.
       28. And somehow, some of those Jews got sidetracked into Scotland, Wales & Ireland on the way, & being a little more isolated, they stayed even more Jewish than did the rest of the population! Some Irish even admit that they're Jews! And the Welsh are just as Jewish as they can be! Their language is even still largely Jewish. The Irish have the looks, the humour, the talkativeness, the blarney stone, & the great actors, comedians & beautiful women, all the characteristics of the Jews.

       29. Take a good look at Queen Victoria! They've got lots of portraits of her. And of course Disraeli, her great Prime Minister who ruled the Empire, was admittedly a Jew, as Jewish as he could be!--And clever as the Jews too! He's the one that helped make the Empire great, until Britain ruled the waves, & also waived the rules!--Until the sun never set on the British flag! Queen Victoria ruled for over 60 years at the height of Britain's glory, when the British Empire literally ruled the World!

       30. Well, there've been other Empires that ruled the World, or tried to! After Rome fell, Europe went through many smaller empires: The Spanish, Portuguese, French, Dutch, Germans & even the Italians.--As well as the Moors, Mongols & Vikings! So there have been many empires that tried to take over Europe, but only one really ever succeeded, & that was Rome. They ruled it openly, as Romans, & conquered openly. It wasn't a secret rule by any means!


       31. Maybe the Lord is saving the bomb for the last! Are you ready for me to drop the bomb? I've hinted at it before, but the more I've been seriously thinking & praying about it, the greater & the stronger my conviction grows, that this is what is happening! Would you like to know? (Family: Yes!)

       32. We've been talking about all these empires that have been trying to conquer the World, & some of them practically did, like the British. But the British were never able to conquer Europe, particularly those ornery French, God bless'm! Thank God for the French & the Spanish & even the Portuguese & the Germans that kept Britain from conquering Europe!

       33. Britain was never able to conquer Europe, until finally she & France & Poland got it together at the beginning of World War 2, along with the help of the U.S.A. And who do you suppose engineered that? By that time they had a president in the United States by the name of Franklin Delano Rosenfeldt! [DELETED]

       34. [DELETED] Imagine, Germany paying reparations to Israel! What did Israel have to do with World War 2?--Probably a lot more than you realise! [EDITED: "The Jews"] helped Britain & America win World War 1. Do you know how? What was the greatest invention of World War 1 in the way of ballistics & munitions? (Family: Airplanes?) No, but it was the first war in which airplanes were used. But who does this name remind you of: Chaim Weizmann? [DELETED]The inventor of... (Family: TNT!) Good for you!

       35. The most powerful explosive known to man, prior to the atomic bomb, was invented by [EDITED: "a Jew"] in Britain, & because of its tremendous power, it helped Britain & the U.S. win World War 1. And as his reward he became the first president of Israel! The British Balfour Declaration proclaimed Israel from then on would be a home for the Jews. They made an official proclamation of the British Empire, that Palestine, which Britain controlled, should become a home for the Jews. I don't think the British really realised what they were doing at the time & how far it was going to go, but all the [EDITED: "Zionists"] needed was the go ahead, the green light, from Britain, & they took care of the rest!--They & the U.S.A. & its billions of Dollars that it invests in Israel, supposedly loans to Israel every year! Billions! They're supposed to be loans, but they've never paid them back & they never will, because they know they don't have to!


       39. The main aim of the American forces in the Middle East was to conquer Israel's greatest enemy! The most powerful enemy amongst the Arabs was Iraq, with Saddam Hussein as its leader. And yet his was considered a benign dictatorship with a very small measure of democracy, freedom of religion--Christian churches all over the place, think of it! But the U.S. went there to fight against a country that has more freedom of religion & much greater freedom of Christianity than the country they were supposed to be saving--Kuwait!--Which is an absolute monarchy, the most horrible dictatorship, total dictatorship, with the least freedom of almost any country in the Middle East!


       A Secret Covenant?

       41. Okay, I'll drop the last bomb. What I've just outlined is something you already know. But the shocking new thing that came to me is this: We have always said that according to the Bible the Antichrist is to reign for how many years? (Family: Seven years.) (Dan.9:27.) And the initiation of his reign is to begin with what? (Family: The signing of the Covenant.) A Covenant of some kind, some kind of an agreement or contract with somebody to make some kind of peace.

       42. I don't want to get dogmatic about these things, except where we know what it says. It's going to start with an agreement, a Covenant--that the Bible says! And in the middle of that Seven Years, the Antichrist does what? (Family: He breaks it.) He breaks the Covenant, & he puts up an Image that can talk--which would be very easy nowadays--& declares he's God, that everybody should worship him, & initiates what period of the Last Days? (Family: The Great Tribulation.)

       43. I've always left some room open with you that we did not know when this agreement would begin, but we knew that whenever we heard of such an agreement & whenever it did begin, that would begin the Antichrist's reign. And whom have we said that the Antichrist would make such an agreement with? (Family: The Jews & the Arabs.) Yes, the Jews & the Arabs, but eventually getting the Jews, Christians & Arabs to agree on internationalising Jerusalem & all this sort of thing.

       44. But if the Antichrist is going to at least start ruling the World, who is he going to have to make such a Covenant with? I'm just trying to get you to think & use your logic. I can't prove it to you, but I'm trying to build a case for it here tonight with you. Who's running the World today? (Family: The ACs!) So who does he have to make a Covenant with in order to run the World through them? (Family: The ACs.)

       45. We have always said that we don't know whether that's going to be a secret Covenant. Sometimes I've said that I don't see how anything that important could be secret. But I'm changing my mind, or the Lord is changing it for me. Do you know what I'm beginning to think now?--That it may have already been made, & been secret for probably about three years!

       Collapsing Economies!

       46. The ACs are running the World, & according to their own Protocols [DELETED] , when they have gotten the World ripe for the Antichrist's introduction publicly, to be known to the World, he's to be introduced as their "Supreme Lord," a miracle worker, whom the World in its most desperate condition is willing to receive as a World dictator, a World superman!--A god!

       47. Have you been keeping up with the news? How much longer do you think that mess in the former Russian Empire, the Soviet Union, can last? Even the news commentators are now beginning to agree that it's an explosive situation--hunger, disorganisation--& that they can't survive! But what about the economies of the rest of the World, including the U.S.A.? One commentator actually said that the governments are hiding from the people how bad the situation is! They don't want them to know. He said the U.S. government is not being honest with their people, they're trying to hide how bad the situation is, lest the people be frightened!

       48. How can they hide it from the people? The people know more about it than they do! They're the ones getting fired, out of jobs, crucified with high prices & all the rest! It seems like everybody but the U.S. president, George Bush, knows there is a recession! But he refuses to agree to the fact & says there's no recession. "Everything's getting better & better, every day in every way!" blah blah!

       49. I've been preaching for the last 20 years that the World is living on borrowed time & borrowed money, & that the U.S. government is already broke! "What do you mean broke?" I mean they've got debts so great they will never be able to repay them! When you get to where your debts are bigger than you'll ever be able to pay, you go into court & you declare bankruptcy! They're so afraid of that word "bankruptcy," they even use the name of the law now, "Chapter 11" of the bankruptcy code! Firms get "reorganised under Chapter 11" instead of just going bankrupt!

       50. More U.S. banks have failed in the last three years than in the previous 30 years! Look at the horrible S&L collapse! The Savings & Loan Associations were supposed to be the most secure, the best kind of investment you could make, & that's why they didn't even pay very much interest, only 3% interest on your money in the past. Whereas ever since I can remember, as a young fellow, the banks were paying 6% interest. Then all of a sudden in recent years the interest rates went hog-wild!

       51. While we were in South Africa, American bank interest rates had shot up to 20%! And when financial men there were asking us what we thought about the situation, we told them. They said, "But we like to invest in American banks, they pay the highest interest of any banks in the World, 20%!" We said, "Yes, well, you'd better watch out, because that's not going to last." It's already down! It's getting down to 6% again, think of it!

       52. The great superpower of America is already insolvent! "Insolvent" literally means they can't solve their problems. They're already bankrupt. This could go so fast! Let me tell you, I went through the beginning of the Depression. I wasn't old enough to vote in the election for guess who? Who was elected in 1932? The country was already in the Depression, & it was reaching the depths of Depression then. What American dictator ruled for over 12 years?--The last one to rule that long! [EDITED: "FDR"]! But I didn't vote for him. My Dad never would tell us who he voted for, but I have an idea, since he was quite conservative.

       53. Do you recall who was running against FDR? Come on, you're supposed to have studied some history! Well, who was president when FDR was elected? I'll bet you can tell me that! Who was the president on whom they blamed the Depression?--A guy whose name began with two H's--Herbert Hoover! What was his party? Come on! FDR ran against him & FDR was a Democrat. So Hoover was a Republican president, & he was a whole lot like Bush. He refused to recognise that there was a Depression. He refused to recognise that things were getting worse & not better. And do you know what he kept saying? "Prosperity is just around the corner!" It always reminds me of that cartoon of the bum who's going around this block that looked like it has about a hundred corners, & he was going around, looking around each corner saying, "Which corner?"

       Jeane Dixon's Vision of the Antichrist


       55. [DELETED] [EDITED: "I"]s the Antichrist alive today? (Family: Yes!) According to Jeane Dixon, he was born back in February,1962. She had a revelation of his birth, & in this vision, she was encoiled by this great serpent on her bed, naked!--One hot Summer night in Washington, D.C. And in her first book she was saying that he was going to be the saviour of the World! This great serpent had encoiled her & looked in her eyes & said he was going to show her great wisdom, the "wisdom of the ages," he called it, & that this man was of him. Now how she could be so dumb about the Bible & not know the Serpent is Satan, I don't know, but anyhow, I did my best to try to warn her!

       56. I went to Washington, D.C., & phoned her home & tried to get in touch with her. I sent her a note & a Warning Tract, & when I couldn't get anybody but her secretary, I told her secretary, "This guy is not good! I want you to know that the Bible does not teach that he's going to be a good man, but a very bad man!" And I don't doubt she prayed about it, because her next book came out & said, "I'm sorry, I misinterpreted that vision, & the man who is coming to rule the World is not a good man, but the most evil man the World has ever known!" Apparently the thought had just never occurred to her before. She didn't know the Bible that well, being a Catholic.

       57. So if he was, as Jeane Dixon says, born in 1962, how old would he be in 1992? (Family: 30.) And if the ACs have already taken over the World & it gets in such a bad mess in 1992, they may be willing to do as one of the former heads of NATO once said: "We would be willing to work with the Devil if he would help bring us peace!"

       It Could Happen in 1992!

       58. I've suggested before that it could be a secret Covenant, but then I've also said, I don't see how that could happen! How could such an important Covenant ever have been made secretly & kept a secret? I'll tell you, there's one group of people in the World that could do it, who could have made it secretly & kept it a secret all this time!--The ACs! Wouldn't that have been the ideal way for the Covenant to have been made, secretly, even perhaps as long as three years ago? And now comes 1992 & the World economy goes crash! It's been crashing all the time, but I think the Lord in His mercy to His people has let it go slow. But what if it really takes the final nosedive crash this coming year?

       59. The Soviet Union has already crashed! They could hardly be in any worse trouble than they're in already. As Yeltsin & his cohorts now are saying, "The Soviet Union no longer exists, it is out of existence, there is no longer a Soviet Union! There's only our Commonwealth!" That's what they're calling the new united republics of Russia, the Ukraine & Byelorussia, & they're trying to get Kazakhstan to join & hope the rest of the republics will all fall in. Fall in to what?--Who knows! (Note: Kazakhstan & the Muslim republics have now agreed to join Yeltsin's new Commonwealth of Independent States.)

       60. Gorbachev is using Yugoslavia as a sample to try to keep the Soviet Union together. He's telling them, "This is how bad it could get here in Russia if some of our people start trying to get revenge & vengeance for what's happened in the past & fight against each other." That's why Yeltsin tried to hold at least something together, & why Gorbachev was trying desperately to hold the Soviet Union together.--And it's already happening in Georgia!

       61. The Soviet Union is history! I wouldn't necessarily say the Communist Party is history. It could be the head that received the deadly wound, but did live.--Rev.13:3. And it wouldn't take much, I don't think, with the power of the Antichrist & his supernatural gifts & wisdom of Satan, to revive the whole thing!--Only not just Soviet Union-wide, but Worldwide, with the rest of the nations having fallen into collapse!

       62. What if a united Europe doesn't work? They're having a hard enough time trying to put it together now. What if it doesn't work? They're supposed to come together in 1992, that's the big deadline! Right now they're having a conference in Maastricht, a little Dutch town on the border of Belgium, to try to settle the final things that are standing in the way of complete European unity.

       63. What if they can't make it? What if that goes crash? What if the economies crash, as they did in the last Depression? The economies of North America went crash, & so did the economies of Europe & the rest of the World. What have I always said would be the ideal time for the ACs to introduce their "Supreme Lord"? What kind of conditions? (Family: Chaos!)--Absolute chaos brought on by the absolute crash of economies & the Russian Empire & God knows what all!

       64. What if the Covenant was made three years ago by the ACs? Remember, who do you think is precipitating the Crash? (Family: The ACs.) Who do you think brought on the Depression? (Family: The ACs.) They didn't lose money! They were the big money boys, the ones who bought up the other businesses when they failed! What if that Covenant was made three years ago, & 1992 will be when the World hits bottom & will be ready to worship anybody who will pull them out of it & answer their problems, anyone who'll save them?

       65. I'm just suggesting a possibility! If it doesn't happen, don't say, "Well, Dad's a false prophet, he predicted it was going to happen this way!" Some people have said that about me several times. I didn't predict that California was going to fall in the ocean, but I wouldn't be surprised if it does! In fact, I think it deserved to a long time ago!

       66. We've already got a series named "What If?", I think this one should be: "It Could Happen This Year!" It can happen this year, that World empires & financial empires crash!--Of course, all but the ACs & their biggest banks, who are gobbling up all the little banks as they fail. How nice & convenient! And what if it happens that the Covenant was made three years ago & the World conditions hit bottom in 1992? It would be the ideal time for the ACs to introduce their "Supreme Lord" with his talents, wisdom & solutions!

       67. If the World hits bottom & everything goes into a tailspin & chaos by sometime in 1992, would the World be willing to receive him?--Absolutely! Would they be willing to make him a World leader, King of the World? He's going to call down fire from heaven, do many signs & wonders, great miracles to show that he's superhuman, supernatural, a superman! It wouldn't take long to convince people with all that going on! If this man shows supernatural talents & powers, it wouldn't take him long to convince the World to follow him, & having done that, do you think it would take much more to convince the World that he's a god? And having done that, would it take much more to persuade the World to worship him, when he's solved their problems & saved them & brought about a false peace & stable economy & all the rest? Maybe he'll use Europe for that.

       68. But could the Covenant have been made three years ago?--Yes or no? (Family: Yes!) I don't think we can find any Scriptures that show it couldn't have been made three years ago. And if all these conditions get bad enough, could the Antichrist be introduced in 1992? And could he take over? I know you probably don't want to believe that. You're probably thinking, "But what are we going to do? How are we going to do all this & how can we do all that?" Goodness, the Lord's given us a long time to do all that!

       69. Look how He's opened the door to the Soviet Union & all the other East European countries! We're getting thousands of souls saved from there, & hundreds of disciples, believe it or not! We don't have room to bring them into our Homes like we used to, so they're now creating their own Homes where we can teach them! Hallelujah! (Tongues!) "Hear ye the Words that I have warned thee through the Words of thy father David! Hear these Words! Listen! Be thou forewarned!" Hallelujah! TYL!

       70. It could happen in 1992! Can anybody here deny that the Antichrist could initiate his absolute monarchy sometime in 1992? If you don't think it could happen in 1992, show me why! I don't think you could prove to me by the Bible that it couldn't! I've always been a little this way & that way on that subject because it's hard to tell, & I didn't know whether the Covenant was going to be World-famous or secret or what!

       71. Sorry to keep you so long tonight, but this is a heavy subject! This is a crucial subject! This could be a turning point in our whole ministry! The Lord's already saying He's going to give some of the Family a different kind of ministry to different people in the coming year. What if nearly everybody's out of work & almost everybody's homeless & hungry? They'll be the ones we'll have to minister to! Who else?

       72. Could it happen? (Family: Yes!) So I'm saying it could happen in 1992. There have been several economists & writers who have predicted that it should have happened long ago. They've given certain years that they expected it to happen. One writer called it "The Crash of '79," & later on I think he revised that in another book & said the economy couldn't possibly hold out longer than 1992!

       73. Look at all the banks crashing in the U.S.! The S&Ls crashed, & they were supposed to be the most secure kind of investment you could have, because most of their loans were out on property. They were Building & Loan Associations, & because real estate was considered such good security, they would only give you 3% interest. But what happened was, people said, "Why should I invest in an S&L?" At that time the rate of inflation was 12%. The 3% would have been nothing! In other words, you earn 3% interest on your money in one year, but you lose 12%! That's no profit! So to generate more profits & attract more investors, the S&L's made some risky loans, & now they're all crashing!

       74. I've found the best thing to do is invest in the Lord's Work! He always pays, He never fails, & that's what we're doing! And that's what we're going to keep on doing no matter what happens in 1992! Even if it doesn't come, well, praise God, we'll have a little more time!

       The Tribulation May Be Our Best Years!

       75. Some people have gotten such a terrible idea about the Tribulation, & we're going to deal with that in one of our next sessions. They think, "Oh, it's going to be impossible then to work for the Lord! We might as well quit! Forget it!" Well, I'm going to try to convince you through these studies that that is not what the Bible teaches. The Bible does not teach that it's impossible & that you might as well give up!

       76. God's Word says we shall do great & mighty works! Think of it! And we shall instruct many! (Dan.11:32,33.) Yes, there'll be terrible persecution, yes, there'll be some martyrs, yes, there'll be some suffering. But Who's with us? (Family: Jesus!) And with Jesus, we can't be stopped, we can't be defeated! We may lose one or two soldiers here or there, we may even lose a battle here or there, but we are going to win the war! And to do that, God has got to keep us clear through the Tribulation, to the very End! That's what I believe the Bible teaches! So don't worry about it! He gets His greatest victories out of seeming defeat, praise God?

       77. I'm sorry to keep you so long, but I was building a case, like a lawyer, trying to show you how easily the Covenant could have been made already, & the Crash could happen this coming year! I don't see how the World can go on much longer the way it's going with the iniquity, the wickedness, the crime, the drugs, the break-up of families, the slaughter of the innocents! How long can God let this go on?

       78. I remember we had a little teenage singer in our earliest days at the Club who would sing, "O my Lord, O my Lord, how much longer, how long can You let this go on?" Well, that was 20 years ago! He certainly would have been shocked then to find that things have continued this long & that we're even still here & that things have gotten as bad as they have!

       79. But don't worry about it! God is with us, the Lord's going to take care of us! Has He ever failed us? Hasn't He always taken care of us? Hasn't He always supplied all of our needs? Hasn't He always protected us? Hasn't He always made us fruitful & profitable in His service? Do you think He's going to stop now just because the Antichrist takes over? He's going to be all the stronger & all the more miraculous & all the more protective & all the more providing! It's going to be the worst Tribulation that ever occurred in this World, but it could yet be our best years!

       80. I'm sorry if I've given you such a horrible description of those times, but I believe the Lord is going to help us to be victorious throughout the Great Tribulation! The religions & religious & the churches, because of their worldliness & their worldly structure & everything else are going to be defeated, but the individual Christians who really know the Lord, "the people that do know their God" shall do what? (Family: Shall be strong & do exploits!) And what else? (Family: Instruct many!) (Dan.11:32,33.) So are we going to keep witnessing? (Family: Yes!) Don't worry about it! Praise God!

       81. We're going to be victorious! The Lord's going to bless us & keep us, protect us & provide for us! Amen? Can you believe that? (Family: Amen!) So don't worry about it! Who'd have thought we'd ever be able to exist this long? Who'd have thought everything would have gotten as bad as it is now? Who would have thought we could even exist in today's conditions? Who would have ever thought we could last 20 years in the face of some of the powerful enemies we have, the most powerful in the World, the forces of Satan himself! But we're still here--safe, sound, peaceful, healthy, well-fed, well-comforted & well-protected! We have everything our hearts could desire!

       82. It may not stay just like that, but let me tell you, most of my Christian life was lived under much worse conditions than now! We're rolling in comfort compared to the way I lived then!--Brought up in the Depression, out in evangelistic work, living a hand-to-mouth existence in campers & trailers & tents for 20 years! I'll tell you, I know what it was like, & we haven't seen anything yet!

       83. The Lord's let us have this very comfortable & peaceful time before the storm, but do you think that means the storm is going to destroy us? Is the Lord able to keep us through the storm or not? Doesn't He need to use us during the storm, to gather many others together to Him?--And to explain to the poor dumb church Christians what's going on, most of whom expected to be caught away on lovely fleecy clouds & beds of roses before it ever happened!

       84. Now in our coming classes we'll go through the Bible & see if this can stand the test of Scripture! We'll see if we can find some verses that show it could have been a secret Covenant, & it could have happened three years ago, whatever it is. We'll search the Scriptures & see if these things could be so! Could it be? Could it happen? Could the Antichrist come into full power in 1992? I say it could happen! I don't see anything standing in the way, & I see everything pointing that way more & more with every newscast I hear, every paper I read, that we're getting closer to it! And I'll tell you, just like the last Great Depression, when the crash finally came, it just plummeted, took a nosedive!

       85. Ah! I just remembered a vision the Lord gave me about that snowball rolling down the mountain! As it rolled down, it gathered more & more snow, got bigger & bigger, & went faster & faster until it crashed at the bottom! Now I begin to realise what it was all about. I didn't know what He meant.

       86. PTL! Do you think the Lord's going to take care of us & keep us going & still working & ministering? (Family: Yes, Sir!) He's got to! Otherwise, what good would it be for us to stay here through 3-1/2 years of Tribulation unless He was going to use us? And how could He use us without taking care of us? Our kids & JETTs & Teens are working hard & learning to be good witnesses for the Lord, so He's getting them ready for something! He wouldn't be preparing'm for nothing! Amen? PTL! So don't worry about it! Okay, David, let's close in prayer.

       87. (David: Thank You Jesus for this wonderful class that we had tonight with Grandpa! Thank You so much for how You're wonderfully speaking through Grandpa & revealing the Endtime to us. Thank You Jesus for showing us all these possibilities, & we know that whatever happens, we are getting closer to the End. We also know, Lord, that You're going to take care of us & bless us & keep us going for You. So thank You so much for that, Lord. Help us not to worry, Jesus, but help us just to trust You. And we really pray, Lord, that as we start these Endtime classes with Grandpa, that You will open our eyes & help us see wondrous things out of Your Word like You have for us tonight. Thank You so much, Jesus!) Amen, TYJ! Praise the Lord! Hallelujah!

       88. What do you think? It could happen in 1992! That ought to make us really take things more seriously & help us to work even harder & faster! Maybe the Family's gotten a little complacent, thinking, "Oh well, Grandpa said that we've got another seven years." Well, that was something I conjectured, according to former hypotheses. But a hypothesis could be like what the fellow said historical fiction was! He said historical fiction is like a bustle: A false tale built upon stern reality!

       89. For those of you who don't know, a bustle is a wire framework that women used to put under the back of their dresses. In those days it was supposed to make you look better to have a big bottom! So they built these false tails which were founded on stern realities! Do you know what a "stern" is? It's not just a magazine in Germany. A stern is the back end of a boat. Now you're getting it! A bustle is a false tail, built on a stern reality.

       90. Some of my tales or interpretations before were merely conjectures, they were guesses or suggestions. I've suggested it before, but I didn't see how the Covenant could have been a secret, but I see now! And I'm thinking more & more now: How else could things get this far? And how could it be stopped unless he arises soon? Now you folks have prayer about it & get things from the Lord about it like you have about a lot of other things! Think about it! Pray about it! And we'll study it & see! Amen? God bless you & thank you for your patience.

* * * * * *

       You Can Watch It Happen!

       (A few days later in Class:)
       91. It can happen now!--This year!--So dig into your Bible & see if you can find out what's apt to happen now! And if you watch CNN, you can see it happen! It's happening!--Things we never dreamed of! Who would have ever expected the Soviet Union to collapse & just go out of existence, along with Gorbachev, it looks like!--Unless something revives it, & the only one who could possibly revive Communism would be the Antichrist!

       92. Would you like one massive piece of news that is a shocker & that shows which way things are going? (Family: Yes!) General Motors is the largest corporation in the World! It has an economy larger & worth more than the economy of every nation of the World, with the exception of the top 20 industrialised nations.--Larger than nations, mind you, with scores of factories all over the World! But they have been failing for the last three years, they've been going in the hole, not making any money, & they are now literally billions of Dollars in debt!

       93. This coming year, in North America alone they are closing 21 of their giant automotive plants & laying off--or literally firing--76,000 workers!--And IBM, another huge international corporation, is about to do the same thing! They say that for every person laid off from one of these large corporations, there is another person thrown out of work in smaller companies who render services or supplies to the larger corporations. So the figure of 76,000 is actually only the tip of the iceberg, & there will probably be more like 152,000 out of work!

       94. It's just like it was as we entered the Depression of the 1930s, only it's bigger! For the past several years American banks have been closing. At first it was a little over 100 banks a year, then it got up to over 200 banks a year. This past year around 300 banks have closed! The economy has been going down so slowly that people haven't really realised how serious it is, but just listening to the news now I'm sure is beginning to wake people up!

       95. The government & the media have tried to hide it, but now nobody can hide it any more when there are so many people out of work! They are having the biggest business failures, the biggest bank failures, the biggest manufacturing failures, etc.--now having them bigger than they did in the Great Depression! The nations & their governments can't hide it from the people any more, it's happening!

       96. And once the ball starts rolling & the people begin finding out, then they get scared & you have what they used to call a panic! There have already been runs on banks & the S&Ls. When people got scared & found out their money wasn't safe in the banks, they ran to get it out, & a lot of them got there too late! It's happening!

       97. I was only a lad of about 11 years of age in the last Depression, but I was old enough to read the newspaper & hear the news on radio, & this is just exactly the way it began! The news began to be all about the latest lay-off, the latest bank failure, the latest business failure. That was the main news!--And that is the main news we're hearing about the U.S. now! Only this time it is bigger & worse! And if you ask me, the slowness of it will not continue! I believe it's going to be faster, & I just don't see how 1992 can keep from being any less worse than 1932! 1932 is when it really hit bottom! They called that one the Great Depression--I don't know what they're going to name this one!--The "Greater" or the "Greatest" or the "Awfulest"? Maybe they'll call it "Depression 2," but that would be a mild name for it! It'll probably be the Worst Depression!

       98. I just don't see how it can go on any longer! Look what's happening in Russia! Look what's happening all over the World! The economy is plummeting! They think they're going to do so much & they've finally found a way to unite Europe & share World peace, & they can't even stop one little war in Yugoslavia!

       99. I just cannot see how things can keep on going like they are past '92! I have that definite impression on my own mind & heart. The Lord doesn't always have to show you pictures. He doesn't always have to give you a special vision when you can watch it right on the tele-vision every day! He can just give you a certain conviction in your heart. And the latest conviction & impression I've had is that I'm beginning to believe that the ACs have had a secret pact with the Antichrist already for three or more years! The ACs are ruling the World, aren't they? Well, who do you think they're working for? (Family: The Antichrist!) Of course! He's already ruling behind the scenes!

       100. I hope if I repeat this enough, maybe you'll think & pray about it! Of course, my projections have been wrong before, so you can take it for what it's worth. But I just have that feeling that I get about certain things, & usually it turns out right. Once in awhile I've been wrong. Even dear Jonah was wrong once, but only because the Lord changed His mind because the people changed their ways! (See Jonah 3.) But I don't see any possibility of the World changing its ways at this late date! It's getting more wicked & more vile, more violent & worse all the time! I don't see how it can last any longer without superhuman help!--And that is what is first to come, according to God's Word, this Book that God has given us to tell us all the information we need to know about the Future!

       101. I think it's possible that the Antichrist can not only come out of hiding in 1992, but be introduced to the World by the ACs as "The man who can solve your problems!--But he refuses to do it unless you follow his plan, & promise to worship him & his Image & take his Mark!"--Probably a computer chip imbedded in your forehead or your hand so you can be controlled & used by the System. Everything is already invented! Everything is already in place! Everything is all ready for it! Why not 1992?

       102. I am more convinced every day! For a long time we didn't know whether it was to be a secret pact or a public pact, but I'm beginning to side with the idea that he has been on that track already!--Ruling the World through the ACs! All they have to do is pull their financial strings & jerk the rug out from underneath the World economy, like it's going right now!

       103. Rothschild, the main economic advisor for the many banks of the financial world, recently gave his opinion of what's happening & what to do about the World situation, & he wasn't very optimistic, he was pretty gloomy! Why shouldn't he be? He's probably helping it to happen! They're probably deliberately pulling the rug out already so these companies will collapse!--So the economies of whole countries will collapse & the countries will collapse, like the Soviet Union! Look what they did to the Soviet Union! It can happen all over the World! I'm just warning you, Beloved, it can happen now!

       104. Do you have to have a supernatural sign to believe these things? Do you need a vision?--Just watch the news on tele-vision! You want a sign?--Read the paper! I don't have to give you any special message other than that. Or do you need some kind of a miracle to help you believe? Do you need a message in tongues & an interpretation? Do you need a prophecy?--Or can the Lord just reason with you? "Come, let us reason together," the Scripture says.--Isa.1:18. I'm reasoning with you tonight. I'm not showing you a sign, I'm not telling you about a vision, I'm not talking in tongues or interpreting or prophesying. Those things are, in a sense, for little children, for those who are very childlike, who have to have signs, wonders & miracles before they will believe. (1Cor.13:11.) Well, the World is going to insist on things like that, & they're going to get their signs & wonders from the Antichrist!

       105. Why can't I just reason with you & tell you! I have studied this Book & I've studied the signs & I've received the messages from the Lord, you have hundreds of them, thousands of them now!--And this one is going to go out to the whole World too! What does it take to make you believe?

       106. "Ah," you say, "but if '92 passes & it doesn't happen, then Dad's a False Prophet!" I'm not saying I know it's going to happen in '92, but right now I don't see how it couldn't happen in '92! So I'm here to tell you that I've come under a greater conviction the last few days, weeks, months & years, but especially in the recent days when I see how things are going! I am more & more convinced that it could be in 1992!

       107. You'll notice I'm being very careful not to say it will be because I haven't had that particular revelation yet. But maybe I have! Maybe this is it! Maybe that's why the Lord put this conviction on my heart, that I think it can happen in '92! Does He always have to give you something supernatural or miraculous to help you to believe? That's for little children! You're grown up! As Paul said to the people who were playing around with the gifts of the Spirit in Corinth: "When I was a child, I spake as a child, but when I became a man, I put away childish things."--1Cor.13:11. You should be mature enough now that you can use your head, your noodle, your own spiritual reasoning alongside God's Word to interpret these things & see what's happening & be convinced!

       108. Aren't the signs that you see on television enough to convince you? Do we need some special message? The Lord gave you one in the last class, He told you to believe the Words of your Father. So they must be right! Think it over again.

       109. Praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus! That's the burden of my heart. Things are getting so bad right now, I feel like I'm kind of stretching it to give you another whole year, or at least part of it, to get ready! So all of you, in your plans, whatever they may be, had better take that into account, that it could happen this year!--1992! Amen? Praise the Lord!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family