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FEED THE HUNGRY!       DO 2740 1/92
--Dad's Response after Reading the Testimonies in FSM 202!

       1. We've got to strike while their hearts are hot! I was praying & crying & asking the Lord to please help those in Eastern Europe & in Russia, & I suddenly got a picture of all these hands reaching out for our literature. You could see just the hands of our people giving it out & the hands of those who were receiving it. And just as clear as anything, these words came to me in a real prayer, "Lord, You help us to give all that they can possibly receive! Help us to have it or get it & give it so that no hand will be turned away empty!" Praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus!

       2. So just tell our folks there to keep at it & we'll supply the ammunition! Praise the Lord! God bless those dear soldiers at the front lines! It's just really wonderful! Hallelujah! Thank You Lord! They don't even hardly have to fight to get the victory, the Lord is fighting for them! (Exo.14:14.) The Lord is really blessing that Work, & I believe this is probably the greatest thing we can do right now, to try to reach them while the door is open! PTL! I want to do whatever we can do to help. So I just told the Lord, "Lord, we'll do all we can to supply the need so that not a hand is turned away."

       3. I was reading that story about the lady who came back so many times trying to get an Endtime Poster, & she finally found one all crumpled up in the trash. And she came rejoicing at the crumbs that had fallen from the Master's Table! So, let's set out the food for the hungry!

       4. What we've got to do, we've got to do now!--Because only God knows how quick the door is going to shut! So, praise the Lord! As long as we're faithful & doing our best, I'm sure the Lord will keep the door open as long as necessary to reap the disciples & train them to carry on. So, let's pour it out! Amen? PTL!

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