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IT COULD HAPPEN THIS YEAR!--OF 1992!--PART 3!       DO 2743       12/12/91
--It's Later than You Think!

       1. PTL! Hallelujah! TYL! (Techi: Thank You Lord for this special privilege & this time to have a class. We do really pray, Lord, that You'll please anoint it & help us all in all that we think of. Bless Grandpa as he teaches us, in Jesus' name! TYL!) Amen! PTL!

       2. Well, it seems that our original inspiration was right to start having refresher classes in Bible Prophecy & getting our beads back on the string again regarding the order of Endtime events that are approaching very closely!--Because now I think they're getting even closer!


       3. There is a lot of turmoil going on all around us, but the Lord has spared us, thank the Lord! But the biggest turmoil is going on in the former Soviet Union right now, & I'd like to read you something that I think you'll find very interesting. The newspaper is almost getting prophetic nowadays! The more I hear & see, the more I think the closer we are!

       4. Something's gotta happen in what used to be called the Soviet Union. It just lost that name. They voted out the former Soviet Parliament & admitted that there's no longer a Soviet Union. Gorbachev, who was president, is out of a job & doesn't know what he's going to do.

       5. The new Commonwealth is all officially signed & sealed & Gorbachev even recognised it--he stopped trying to fight it--& several other countries have recognised these newly independent Republics. The U.S. is still dragging its feet, as usual. They're probably first waiting to see "What's in it for me?" like they did with the Baltics. Everybody was recognising the Baltics, because if any countries deserved to be free, they certainly did! They had been free before Stalin marched in & took'm over by force. But Bush wasn't sure it was going to be good for the country & blah blah blah!

       6. The Soviet Union is crumbling, falling apart, & now Bush is afraid of that! The U.S. would almost rather have had a united enemy than a fallen apart Soviet Union, because now they don't know who to deal with. Well, today Gorbachev is definitely gone. They were holding on, hoping Gorbachev would somehow save the situation, but Yeltsin has plugged ahead like a tank, taking things over. They even moved the capital of the Commonwealth to Minsk, Byelorussia, so it wouldn't be under the control of Moscow, whatever happened. Yeltsin also apparently has gotten promises from the army generals that they'll go along with him. Of course, you never can tell what's going to happen at the last minute, it's still a very unsettled situation.


       7. On top of it all, the economy there has crashed even worse, & the food situation is worse yet, with people starving!--And people will fight for food! That's what actually started the Communist Revolution of 1917. The Russian Army was coming back defeated from World War 1--five million of them--homeless, starving, bulletless! They had to quit because they ran out of ammunition, so they signed a peace treaty with Germany. This was the very thing that Rasputin was trying to persuade the Czar & the Royal House to do before they got almost exterminated, & eventually the Czar & his family did get exterminated. But before all was lost, Rasputin had tried to get them to sign a peace treaty with Germany.

       8. The Allies of WW1 had persuaded Russia to go in on their side. Many of the great powers of Europe were Royal Houses then before WW1, being ruled by kings & queens & royalty. They were so intermarried & interlinked that virtually all the Royal Houses of Europe were related to each other. The Russian royalty even had a strong link with the British royalty, to whom they were related.

       9. The Russians fought until their five million soldiers on the Eastern front ran out of bullets, that was bad enough, but they also ran out of food, & gasoline for their trucks & transportation, & most of them had to walk home! If you can imagine that! They were finally forced to sign a treaty with Germany, by Germany.--Whereas if they had signed it willingly before that, maybe they could have saved Russia & the Royal Family & their food, instead of going bankrupt because of the war.

       10. When the Russian soldiers came home, there was not only no pay & no place to live--because everything was so crowded--but there was also no food! So in order to win the favour of the Russian army, Lenin came in preaching "Land & bread!"--that the Communists were going to give them land & bread. The bread was to win the soldiers & the people who were starving, & the land was a bribe to try to win the poor people who were living like serfs on the huge plantations of the Kulaks, the wealthy landowners who owned thousands of acres that the serfs worked on. He said he was going to give them all a piece of land of their own. Well, it all sounded good. Especially when people are starving, they'll go for almost anything that offers them food.

       11. So the Russian army joined in with the Communists & became the Red Army, & the serfs on the land & the big farms got a cut of the harvest. They had feudal farms then, big collections of serfs who worked for almost nothing. They were like the sharecroppers of the U.S. South. They had to give the biggest share of what they grew & their harvest, etc., to the landowner, who was a rich Kulak. The serfs could keep a certain amount for themselves, but they didn't even own the land that their little cottages were built on. All they got was a cut out of the harvest, so they were ready to fight for the Reds. And the soldiers were all discouraged & defeated, hungry & homeless, so they were ready to fight for the Reds.


       12. Why did I tell you all that history?--Because history repeats itself! Almost an identical situation is developing in the Soviet Union right now. In spite of all the promises of Communism, very few of the people were ever given any land at all. Instead of that, the Communists organised them into collectives, where again they worked just like slaves on the very land that they had tilled before, or sometimes they moved them someplace else under the Red dictatorship.

       13. They did manage to steal bread & food from the farms & the farmers to feed the soldiers & the city people, who were the hungriest. And the city people are the ones who are suffering the most right now. Now that the farmers have gotten their freedom, they don't even want to send their food to Moscow & the big cities. Besides, they've got a lousy transportation system! Even under the Communists, the transportation was so poor & so poorly-organised that often the big railroad cars full of food would sit on the tracks stationary & rot, waiting to get into Moscow & those big cities! Pitiful!--People in the cities almost starving & carloads of food outside rotting!

       14. I think probably a lot of that in these recent days has been engineered by the remaining Communists themselves, who were in control & still control a number of areas & industries & collective farms etc. I believe the old hardline Communists are doing everything they can--& have been doing it, we know--to throw a monkey wrench into Gorbachev's new machinery of Perestroika or reconstruction. They weren't able to stop Glasnost, which was giving the people liberty to voice their opinions & setting the newspapers & television & radio free so they could tell the truth about what was going on, & of course that's probably what has saved the country & Gorbachev, to some extent. The whole World then knew what was going on & the whole situation could be affected by World opinion.

       15. You say, "Dad, where's this Bible study we're going to get into?" Well, this is it! This is a part of it!--Only this is Bible History continued into the future!

       16. Have you got the picture? Before the Russian Revolution of 1917, because the Germans wanted to be sure that Russia fully collapsed & wouldn't be a threat any more, they had even shipped Lenin into Russia--where he was forbidden to come--in a sealed railroad car, so he could rouse the rabble & start the revolution there. The Russians had already been saturated with Communist propaganda for years, ever since Karl Marx wrote Das Kapital. Karl Marx sat safely at home in his little apartment flat in London, & while his wife & children were almost starving, he kept busy writing this huge tome of Das Kapital, the doctrinal foundation of Communism.

       17. We know that Marx was a German Jew. He had been a Lutheran, but became disillusioned with the church because of the pitiful plight of the workers & the poor. He was honestly concerned, & I believe he probably thought this was really going to be the solution. He thought Communism would work. Idealistically, if the people controlled the means of production & they received all the profits, this would be much better for them than to have these rich Capitalists getting all the profits & paying their poor workers almost nothing! So the idealism of Communism sounded great! It's even in the Bible!--Godly Socialism, "From each according to his ability unto each according to his need." (Acts 4:34,35.)


       18. I'm giving you this historical background to show you how similar the present-day situation is in Russia! People were starving then & didn't even have a place to live! Now all these big armies that the Soviet Union has had occupying these other countries--some 380,000 soldiers it had in East Germany alone--can't go home because there's no place for them to live! A lot of them have been sent home anyhow & they've been putting them in army camps with tents! Can you imagine living in tents in the kind of weather that Russia's having right now, below zero! And they've been short of food, & recently they haven't even been paying them! Some of them have gone two months without any pay. Of course, they were still housed & partially fed, but they've been complaining, & the generals have been complaining, but there just was no money from the Soviet government, which was expiring. They just didn't have the money to pay'm!

       19. So that is when things really can get rough! A lot depends on whose side the army takes, & of course, that depends on who's going to pay'm & who's going to feed'm! So they've been looking back & forth between Gorbachev, who's gone & can't pay'm any more, & Yeltsin, who is now promising to pay them. So it looks like Yeltsin may win their hearts.


       20. In the meantime, Bush is still saying, "Oh, are they having trouble? Oh, you mean they are hungry, really? Well, we're going to take some kind of action next month to see what we can do." At first he didn't even promise it that soon! He said, "We'll wait & see how things turn out. We're not going to recognise anything till Gorbachev tells us to. He's the head & we just want to deal with Gorbachev. We're not going to deal with anybody else, not a crazy old drunk like Yeltsin!" So they waited & they waited & they didn't help Gorbachev, so he lost out. And now he's nobody, nothing, a man without a country, a country without a president & a country that isn't a country any more!

       21. To help you understand the gravity of the situation, how dangerous it is & what can happen--because here's a repeat of the conditions during & following World War 1--I'm going to read you this article: "Coup Fear in Moscow!" Do you want to hear it? (Family: Yes!)

       22. (Reads:) "Fears of a military coup in Moscow sharpened in the past few days amid bloodshed in the Caucasian republics." Some have been already fighting, the Muslims with the Christians down in Armenia & Azerbaijan. I knew that wouldn't work when Stalin gave half of Armenia to the Muslims & called it Azerbaijan. He did it deliberately to try to squelch the Christian Armenians, & it worked. It took half their country away & diced them all up, it was a mess! They've been fighting, as you've probably heard, & other places there've been skirmishes & fights & even quite a few people killed!

       23. And of course Yugoslavia is a hopeless situation! If nobody intervenes to save the Croats, the Serbs are going to get what they want--"Greater Serbia." And what do you want to bet if nobody stops them, they're not going to stop with overrunning Croatia, they're going to grab Slovenia too afterwards! And then they'll have the whole country, which is what they want.--And what this madman, who is the head of the army, wants! He wouldn't even listen to the president of the country. He's taken over & he runs the show. Although he doesn't run the country, he's controlling what happens there & he's running the Croats out of Croatia, & they're not going to stop unless somebody stops them.

       24. Yugoslavia's neighbours, who are right next door, have been very concerned about the situation & it looks a little more all the time like something's going to happen. The latest news is that it looks like Germany & Austria, who are friends of Croatia & Slovenia, are now going to recognise those little independence-declaring provinces of Yugoslavia, which will then permit Germany, Austria & other countries, according to international law, to help them militarily & send in arms--tanks & planes & everything, which is what they need. Because up to this time, they were just being crushed by the far more numerous, more powerful so-called "Yugoslavian Federal Army." They've been trying to cloak this Serbian crime under the names of the "Yugoslavian Army" & the "Federal Army." Well, it's nearly all Serbs now with a Serbian leader who is trying to form "Greater Serbia," which has been a dream of theirs for many many years, almost centuries.

       25. Things are getting hotter! This is where World War 1 began, when a Serbian shot Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the throne of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, which included not only Austria & Hungary, but was closely linked to Germany. This Serbian nationalist didn't like the Emperor & he didn't like the fact that Austria-Hungary was trying to take over the Balkans, so when dear Archduke Franz Ferdinand came rolling down in his fancy carriage with his wife on sort of a goodwill visit, a terrorist came up with a gun & shot him right in the carriage!

       26. That so infuriated the Austro-Hungarian Empire that they came down & invaded Serbia & just took it over by force! And when Germany joined them in that, France & Russia began to see that the whole of Europe was threatened because that Empire was getting too strong, taking over the Balkans & all this area, & they decided, "That's enough, that's too much, we're going to start fighting Germany & Austria!"--And that's how WW1 began! We're getting short on time, but I'll try to read this article to you as fast as I can.

       27. (Reads:) "Fears of a military coup in Moscow sharpened in the past few days amid bloodshed in the Caucasian republics, the triumphant secession of Ukraine & the collapse of the ruble"--that's their money--"which has sent inflation rocketing towards an annual rate of 1,000 per cent!"--Which has already happened to the Dollar, but with the Dollar it took about 40 years! It's only taken a few weeks in Russia. The Dollar declined from what it was once worth, till nowadays you can only buy for one Dollar what we used to buy for ten cents when I was a kid! But the Russian ruble has collapsed 1,000% in just a few weeks!

       28. (Reads:) "Gorbachev, a haggard & disappointed man these days, has himself spoken of a plot being hatched in the political backwoods by the military-industrial complex & the remnants of the Communist Party. The Soviet leader has warned that only implementation of the long-delayed reform program can save the country from an explosion of social unrest this winter."--Gorbachev's program, of course, which hasn't worked in the past. "Even then, he said, disaster was certain unless the republics banded together in a new union." He wanted to keep the Soviet Union together. He especially didn't want Yeltsin to run things, but he has just failed to be the strongman leader that he needed to be.

       29. (Reads:) "In St. Petersburg, Mayor Anatoly Sobchak has added his voice to the coup fears by saying that, if it happens, all the tired, dispirited people who hoped for so much after the first coup failed in August, would support drastic action by the military a second time around." They've been disappointed in freedom, disappointed in liberty, disappointed in these new rebels & champions of freedom & liberty. They found out their leaders couldn't bring in what they expected, some kind of heaven. So they're saying that in the next coup, the public will join in with it. In the last coup the public joined together to rebel against it, that's why the coup couldn't succeed. But they're saying that this time, if there's another coup, the public will join in & it will succeed. (--Maybe the AC?)

       30. (Reads:) "The second coup theory has been gaining in popularity. The grim mutterings on the street are always that 'next time they'll get it right.'" They're talking about the next coup, that they won't be a bunch of softies & a bunch of little men who get things all botched up. They won't hesitate to send in the armies & tanks & shoot to kill! The public are saying, "Next time they'll get it right!" They've given up on the Freedom Revolution succeeding.

       31. (Reads:) "Eduard Shevardnadze has warned of a second putsch"--this is what Hitler called his rebellion in Germany--"telling a newspaper: 'Production is falling sharply, living standards are worsening, hyper-inflation is on the way. In such a situation nostalgia for a strong hand always arises in society, & people who want to turn back the course of history step into the arena.'" They're saying it's coming, but the next time it will probably succeed, because the Freedom Revolution has failed to feed them.

       32. (Reads:) "U.S. ambassador to Moscow Robert Strauss has also spoken of the dangers of a disaffected army, demoralised & searching for housing & food."--The army, millions of them! "And an angry Major General Leonid Kozhendaev strongly warned in a Soviet newspaper that the army would not stand by & watch the slide into final chaos." The generals are warning the people that in the next coup the army will not stand by, it'll take sides! "But he was quick to add that he did not believe soldiers would shoot 'their own people.'" Well, back in the first Russian Revolution they did without hesitation! If a man's hungry enough, he'll shoot to kill to eat! "...And that no one he knew in the General Headquarters had supported the August coup. Gorbachev speculated this week that the military & old Communists could be involved in organising another seizure of power.

       33. "Of all the second coup theories, though, the people of Moscow are keenest on that of writer Eduard Topol. He miraculously predicted the August 19th coup within a day in a book he wrote three years ago! Topol is now a favourite prophet & has said categorically that there will be a second coup!" Maybe he has inside information! "Topol points to the thousands of officers armed & well-trained in Afghanistan who have been abandoned in the last few months & are desperate for a new purpose. He claims to have evidence showing that 80,000 such men"--young officers--"who had been stationed in Estonia before August, have 'a whole system of codes & plans' at the ready & that they will not be afraid to drive tanks into Moscow."--In other words, this time to shoot!

       34. "Despite the numerous denials & much mockery in other newspapers, Pravda noted this week"--that used to be the official paper--"that people still believe the sensational prophecies of a coup...to the extent the prophecies could be self-fulfilling, since the spark for any coup will come not from the dissatisfied army, but from the cold & hungry people who spend most of the day searching for food." It's getting just like it was before the Russian Revolution of 1917!

       35. "Economist Leonid Zlotin, who writes for the business paper {\ul \i Commersant}, shares the view that there will be sporadic unrest & storming of shops this Winter, but he firmly rejects any idea of an immediate coup, or the need for a new saviour." Here's your peace prophet, of course, trying to hush hush! "He does believe, however, that a currency spiralling out of control is a danger sign for the future."

       36. It's only been a few weeks ago that Bush was saying, "Oh, there's no recession, we're having a recovery right now!" Finally he's beginning to believe there's a recession! He wouldn't call a meeting of Congress to discuss it before, but now he's willing to call a bipartisan meeting to try to discuss what to do about the economy. It's just like it was before the beginning of the last Great Depression. The government didn't want to admit there was a depression. They didn't even want to admit it when the stock market crashed! They said, "Oh, it will recover soon, it'll be back up next Monday"--& Monday was down worse than ever, Black Monday, & all the rest!

       37. The governments don't want to frighten the people for fear things will really take a nosedive & crash & there'll be pandemonium! So they keep saying, "Hush hush! No, there's no recession, we don't have to worry. Every day in every way, things are getting better & better," blah blah!--To try to pacify the people & keep from frightening them. Because if the people get scared, then there is a panic! Then they all rush to the banks to pull out their money, & the banks fold, businesses fold, industries fold, etc. So here's this one Soviet peace prophet trying to say, "It's not all that bad."

       38. (Reads:) "In a week which has seen the ruble fall 100% against the Dollar in the banks, Zlotin says that the real problem is massive printing of money & no sign of convertibility, even if a Dollar buys 30 rubles. He predicts that instead of the planned printing of seven billion rubles this year, the real figure is likely to be nearer 200 billion!

       39. "Historically uncontrollable inflation & masses of paper money not backed by real value has been a factor in making conditions ripe for strong political action."--By whom? "The truth is that tension over food shortages, massive inflation & the stripping away of all that was once known"--that had any organisation or any stability at all--"are a seed-bed for revolutionary rumour."--This time not a revolution for freedom & liberty & a new economy, but a reactionary revolution to go back to what was at least some organisation & control, better than what they've got now!

       40. "Whether they will lead to a coup itself is another matter. The people are tired, the army does not have the energy & there can be few who would willingly try & take over a country as sick as the present, disintegrating Soviet Union." Who wants it? Like that little joke in the WND where the sign in the Moscow hotel room says, "If this is your first visit to the USSR, you're welcome to it!" (Reads:) "That, at least, is the fashionable reply to the coup mongers." They're saying, "Coup? Who wants it?" They say that's one reason Gorbachev was able to keep his job so long--who wants it? Well, we know who wants it! That's one thing we didn't get into tonight, but I just had to read you that to show you how close it is!

       THE "40 DAYS" PROPHECY!

       41. You might say, "Dad, you've predicted a few things that didn't happen." Well, even the Lord changes His mind once in awhile. And it sure looked like He changed His mind about the "40 Days!" (ML #280). He finally showed me that we were the Comet & it was our "tale" that warned the nations! (See "The Comet's Tale!", ML #295). Poor Jonah had the same experience! He said, "Forty days & Nineveh shall be destroyed!" but it didn't happen.--I'm sure only because of the Lord's mercy. Well, I don't see much sign of the World repenting since I prophesied the "40 Days" prophecy, but we've got a lot of people in the Family today who did repent & joined the Family as a result! It also resulted in hundreds of us leaving the U.S. for far-flung fields which were much needier. So God got what He was after, even if He didn't fulfil the prophecy the way we expected Him to. Thank God! All I know is that's what I got, & if God changes His mind, that's not my fault!

       42. I felt like Jonah after that! "Lord, how come You disappointed me like that & You shot my whole prophecy full of holes?" "Well, don't you want Me to save the people? Isn't that what you came here to Nineveh for, to get'm to repent? Okay, they repented! So call the whole thing off! No more 40 days, I'm going to save'm!" They even made the animals fast! They withheld forage from the animals to make them moo & bleat & cry! And the people fasted & rent their clothes & prayed & asked God to forgive, & He forgave them & repented of what He would do! And dear Jonah the Prophet was so angry with God that he thought God had deserted him, so he went & sat down in disgust outside the city. "The Lord's failed me, He's deserted me, I've been made a fool of!"

       43. Well, you may think I'm a fool, & maybe some others who hear this may say, "Oh, Dad was a fool, it didn't happen." Well, at least if it happens, I've warned you! This guy sounded like he had inside information, so I wouldn't be surprised!


       44. Russia is ripe & ready for another coup, this time a real reactionary revolution controlled by the Communists.--The resurrection of Communism! That's what they're fearing. The Communists were so powerful for so long, they've got the connections, they've got the organisation, they've still got the ideology & they've still got the minds & the hearts of many people. And the people who thought that this new Freedom Revolution was going to succeed are now becoming disillusioned & disheartened & thinking to themselves, "At least we used to have something to eat, at least we used to have some government, some security, some stability. At least we used to be feared by the World! Now we're nothing, nobody, we've been made fools of!"

       45. What a ripe & ready opportunity for the Antichrist! He has to wait till there's a real ripe opportunity, when people will be willing to receive him.--Till things get so bad, that how could the people refuse? He's going to give'm an offer they can't refuse!--The old Mafia slogan. "Oh, he refused? He wouldn't do it? Give him an offer he can't refuse!"--In other words, hold the pistol to his head!

       46. How can they refuse this one? The last so-called Freedom Revolution they've been disappointed in. The crowds held firm, they clung onto their new-found freedom, but now what's it got'm? Now where are they? The whole Soviet Union has broken up, Yeltsin hasn't kept it together & he's sort of disappointed them. He hasn't brought the money in & the food in, & it looks like even the army could desert. They've just been waiting to see what's going to happen to see whose side they're going to choose. They don't want to lose. They don't want to have to shoot if they're going to be hounded as criminals afterwards, like the last coup-plotters were.

       47. So they're waiting to see who's going to pay their bills, who's going to pay their salaries, who's going to feed'm, who's going to house'm. And whoever they believe has the best chance of doing all that for them, they're going to follow him! Because there will be some kind of an explosion, coup, revolution, whatever you want to call it! It's going to happen! Right there! They're predicting it! They're saying, "Something's gotta happen, something's gotta give!"

       48. There used to be an old song, "Something's gotta give!" I think, by the way, it was popular back in the days of the Depression. Well, that's the way it was! "Something's gotta give!" & it gave, & it resulted in the biggest Depression the World's ever known!--Which literally brought on WW2! That's what did it. The Depression was brought on as a result of WW1. They had a huge march on Washington! Tens of thousands of unemployed veterans & workers, hungry, with no jobs & little money, marched on Washington. And the government was so afraid of it that President Hoover called out the army, led by MacArthur & Eisenhower, to stop'm! At least the President had the help of the Army. And the next Soviet president is going to take over with the help of the Army! Who's it going to be? Yeltsin? They say even Yeltsin has disappointed the people.


       49. This is what our Bible Study is going to be about! It can happen! And it can happen now...! (Lights go out!) PTL! Hallelujah! You can't go anywhere now in the dark, so you might as well stay here! Freedom!--No one can see the time, so I can go on as long as I want now!--Ha! Well, I think I made my point, so let's quit, because you'll all want to be getting candles & whatnot.

       50. That was really something! I said, "It can happen now!"--And out went the lights! All right, are we ready to pray, folks, whoever's left? Some people are lighting candles & finding flashlights, & here we are sitting happily in the dark! I guess that was when I was supposed to stop! Amen? GBY! If you can find anybody in the dark, hold hands!

       51. (Techi: Thank You for that class, Jesus, & the things that You're showing us about how soon it can happen. We do pray, Jesus, that You will please bless & keep us aware of these things. We know it's in Your hands, anything that happens, so we do pray that You'll have Your way, & please give us a good night tonight, Lord. Help the lights to come on soon, in Jesus' name. Thank You Lord!)

       52. I think that was very significant! It can happen now!--Those were my last words & the lights went right out! I feel like it's a confirmation! I believe it! I believe this is it!--That it's happening, right now, & we're going to read about it in the papers & hear about it on the news! And once it starts there, it's going to eventually spread everywhere, & the Family is going to need generators & food supplies & water & all the other emergency measures! Thank the Lord we have it!

       53. But don't be dismayed! Don't be discouraged! If it's that close, think how close the Coming of the Lord is! From the time the Antichrist takes over, we can count the days! Think of that!--The actual days! We'll be counting every single day! PTL!

       54. This ought to really inspire you! It's a real warning! Be ye ready! Watch ye therefore! Be ready! PTL? And if you want to read that article again, it's here. It reminds me of what my Mother prophesied about the Great Confusion. If you ask me, that's what they're having in the Soviet Union right now, the Great Confusion! Maybe this is the start of the Great Confusion! I'll tell you, there's certainly Great Confusion in the World today!

       55. Well, I've talked to you guys long enough & we've learned a few lessons & we've gotta go! GBY all! Amen! Thank You Lord that we are prepared for these minor emergencies! TYJ! Thank You for this lesson that You taught us tonight. Lord, if it's really going to come soon, if the whole thing is going to blow up in 1992, Lord, help us to be ready & to get done whatever we can get done before it's too late!--In Jesus' name! Amen!

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