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--By Maria       Maria #154 DO 2744 12/91

       1. Since we don't definitely know the exact dates when specific Endtime events will be taking place, in our witness to the World, to outsiders, it's enough to simply tell them that time is very short & we only have a few years left. We can certainly prove that by showing them some of the outstanding Signs of the End in the Bible, prophecies which are being fulfilled by World events today.

       2. In this new series of "It Could Happen This Year" Letters, Dad is saying that it's a possibility that the Antichrist will be revealed in 1992.--Albeit a strong possibility. But when witnessing to or sharing about the Endtime with the GP or outsiders, specific dates or interpretations of this sort are not the kind of thing to major on with them. You can sock it to them about the shortness of time by just telling them, "Look around you!--Look at what's happening in the World. It's looking like things can hardly get much worse than they are right now, but according to the Bible, they're going to continue to get even worse, until somebody is going to arise on the World scene to pick up the pieces & bring things back together.

       3. "And the moment someone comes on the scene who's going to offer a solution, people are going to just grasp at him & his solution desperately. They're already getting pretty desperate, but it hasn't really come to a complete global crisis quite yet. But all over the World things are taking a nosedive & they're going down fast. People are getting more & more concerned, more & more desperate, more & more willing to grasp at any straw.

       4. "The Bible says that a superman is going to arise who will have a solution, & that all the World will wonder after him. (Rev.13:3.) And if you'll just look around, you'll see that the World is swiftly coming to such a crisis point that they'll be ready to accept this great World leader that the Bible predicts, the Antichrist. In fact, things are looking so bad right now, there's a strong possibility that these things could even happen as early as this year, 1992.

       5. "Then once this man assumes full power, the Bible says there will only be 3-1/2 years left until Jesus returns, at which time He (Jesus) will set things right & take over the entire Earth! We're not saying definitely that the Antichrist is going to seize the reins of World power this year, but it could certainly happen any time in the near future!"

       6. We should tell people that it's going to happen soon, & that they'd better get ready. Whether it happens in 1992 or 1993 or 1994, it's still coming very soon, so they'd better get prepared & get ready for it. In your witnessing to others, I think it's best to emphasise the Signs of the Times, & not the time itself. Just tell them how bad everything is getting & what the Bible says about all these things, rather than go into details on specific dates.

       7. You can tell them that things have got to come to a head pretty soon. There are wars & rumours of wars breaking out all over the former Soviet Union, economies worldwide are getting so bad that the governments & people just don't know what to do. Something's got to give, something's got to happen.--Soon! The World is just falling apart, & the Bible says that the "Man of Sin" (2Th.2:3) is going to arise & offer the World his solution, & that they will fall for it, & fall down & worship him!

       8. That should certainly be sufficient for those who are just being introduced to Bible Prophecy, who do not need an in-depth study of the subject. We do not need to confuse them with all the minor details, nor should we get dogmatic about 1992. Just say, "It could even happen as early as this year!" But even if the Antichrist doesn't rise to World power until 1993, 1994, 1995 or whenever, for the System, any time within the 1990s is very soon! For them to think that the end of the World as we now know it is going to happen even within the next 20 years is very shocking & amazing!

       9. So you certainly shouldn't be dogmatic about it happening in 1992. Dad wasn't, so why should you be? If he's not sure, how can you be? You can say, just like he did, "It could possibly happen even this coming year." You don't have to get into all kinds of details about the Temple & all of that sort of thing. Generally speaking, all you have to give them is a simple message about the Endtime, that we're in the Last Days & Jesus is coming back soon.

       10. Another thing that you can be pretty definite about is the order of the major Endtime events, so you can also use that when you witness to others, telling them that those things will be fulfilled within the next few years, but that you don't know for sure exactly when they'll start. I think that the message that you should be giving people is that it is later than they think.--And that we could be approaching the final period right now. That's all the more reason why they should get ready & be prepared!


       11. I think that the main point that we should emphasise when reading or teaching these new Letters to our children is the fact that we know that the World is very ripe & ready for the Antichrist & his takeover, which we know will take place very soon. We can tell them that Grandpa thinks it could even happen as early as this year. But we should avoid getting too dogmatic with them about 1992 or any other specific year, for that matter. The main emphasis should be that we know that the Tribulation is coming soon.

       12. In some ways, the dates & possibilities can be presented to our kids in much the same way that we present these things to outsiders. It would be good to familiarise them with the Signs of the Times that are being fulfilled, & show them how bad things are going in the World & how it's very possible that the Tribulation could start at any time. Just tell them that Grandpa feels that it's very possible that the Antichrist could rise to World power this year, so we want to be sure to do all we can for Jesus while we can. But don't be too dogmatic about it. And if the Antichrist doesn't take over until '93, '94 or '95, it's still very soon, & doesn't allow us much time to finish the big job we have to do for the Lord! So whether it starts one year or the next year or the next year, we know it's coming very soon, & we should definitely act accordingly! Amen? GBY, ILY!

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