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BIBLE FOR YOU!--No.22!       11/90
--Test on Genesis 7!       DFO 2752
--Bible Classtime with Grandpa!

       1. (Techi: Thank You Jesus! Thank You Lord! Thank You for this good class, Jesus, & for Grandpa teaching us & for us being able to learn. We pray that You'd please bless & help us, Jesus, with this test.) Help them to remember these things, Lord. (Techi: Amen! Help us to remember, Lord, & help us to do as well as we can, in Jesus' name, amen. Thank You Lord!) Amen, amen! XXX! All right! Are you ready? Did you put a title on your test papers? (Kids: Yes!)

Genesis 7 Test!

       2. No. 1: In the first verse, what did God call Noah? He said, "Come thou & all thy house into the Ark; for thee have I seen..."--what? What was Noah? Any word that means the same thing is OK.

       3. No. 2: In verse two, how many pair of each kind of clean beasts did God tell Noah to put in the Ark?

       4. No. 3: And of each of the unclean how many pair?

       5. No. 4: And how old was Noah at the time of the Flood?

       6. No. 5: After Noah entered the Ark, how many days was it before the Flood?

       7. No. 6: And then how many days did it rain?

       8. Nos. 7 & 8: In the 600th year, exactly what month was it & what day did Noah go into the Ark? The month hasn't got a name, it's just first, second, third, fourth or whatever. (David: This is before the Flood, right?) Yes. What day did he go into the Ark? It gives you the exact month & day. It's important & we studied it, because it lets you know exactly how long they were in the Ark. (David: So is that two questions?--The month & the day?) Yes.

       9. No. 9: The waters of the Flood not only came from the heavens, but from what else? "The fountains of the..."--what?

       10. No. 10: They not only had to carry themselves & all these creatures, but they had to have enough what for them?--Which must have taken quite a lot of storage space!

       11. No. 11. Why do you suppose it repeats what happened so many times? In this one Chapter He keeps repeating & repeating. (Techi: Is that a question?) Yes. What would be your opinion? Just give your opinion & then I'll take almost any answer that is a good reason.

       12. No. 12: What did God do about the door? The Ark only had one door, & what did God do?

       13. No. 13: Why do you suppose He did that?--Just to shut Noah & the animals in?--Or was there a danger that He was trying to shut out?

       14. No. 14: It doesn't say that there were no boats before this, you know. They probably had fishermen's boats then, but nobody could have survived very long in a small boat. (Techi: Wasn't the closest river the Euphrates?) Well, we don't know exactly where this occurred. We don't know exactly where Noah built his boat. (Techi: But I guess they thought it was silly to have such a big boat!) Yes, but he & all those animals were going to have to live in it a long time, & pretty soon I'm going to ask you how long! But first of all, how many feet deep were the waters, to the nearest tens of thousands?--Nearly so many thousand feet deep.

       15. No. 15: How high were the waters above the highest mountains on Earth? You can give that in cubits or feet, whichever you prefer.

       16. No. 16: What happened to all of the flesh on the Earth?

       17. That's about all I can get out of this Chapter, 16 questions! That doesn't make a very easy number to divide into a hundred. But anyhow, I think that goes into a hundred about six times. Does somebody want to figure it out for me? (David: 96, with a remainder of 4.) All right, well, that's fair enough to make each question count 6. Exchange your papers, if you're finished.

Test Answers!

       18. No. 1: What was Noah? (Kids: Righteous.) Right!

       19. No. 2: And how many pair of clean creatures did he take on the boat? (Kids: Seven.)

       20. No. 3: How many pair of unclean creatures? (Kids: One pair.)

       21. No. 4: How old was Noah at the time of the Flood? (David: 600 years.) Yes.

       22. No. 5: After Noah entered the Ark, how many days before the Flood started? (Kids: Seven days.) Good for you!

       23. No. 6: How many days did it rain? (David: 40 days & 40 nights.) OK!

       24. Nos. 7 & 8: Exactly what month & day of that month did Noah enter the Ark? (David: It was the second month & the 17th day.) Very good! You guys are really good! And that was the 600th year of Noah's life.

       25. No. 9: Not only did it pour down from the heavens, but also from the fountains of what? (Techi: The fountains of the deep were broken up.) They rose up from the Earth.

       26. No. 10: And they had to carry enough what for all of them? (Kids: Food!) That was really some boat! No wonder they needed such a big one!

       27. No. 11: Why do you think the Lord repeated these things over & over again? (David: So we'll get it & remember it.) Right! (Techi: To stress it so we'll remember it?) Yes. You could have said to make sure you remembered it, or to make sure you didn't doubt it.--Because that's exactly what has happened! He knew there would be some critics who would doubt that such a thing ever happened. But do you know what?--They have found the story of the Flood in the records of many ancient cultures of the Earth!--Even the story of Adam & Eve. They didn't always call them "Adam & Eve," but in many ancient cultures scientists have found a story that resembles Adam & Eve & what happened to them, & also a story of the Flood.--In Indian cultures & Babylonian stories etc. So it's pretty well-established that there definitely was a Flood!

       28. No. 12: What did God do about the door? (Kids: He shut it!)

       29. No. 13: And not only was God trying to shut Noah in, but why else did He shut the door? (David: So the wicked people couldn't get them.) Right! So that the wicked people couldn't get in. (Techi: To shut the wicked out.) Right! And that window was about 45 feet above the ground, so they sure couldn't climb inside the boat.

       30. No. 14: And how deep were the waters? (David: Approximately 30,000 feet.) Almost 30,000 feet deep!

       31. No. 15: And it stretched how far above the highest mountains? (David: 15 cubits.) That's right.

       32. No. 16: And everything on Earth did what? (Kids: Died!)

Grading Papers!

       33. All right, since there were 16 questions, each question is worth about 6 points. Let's just say they're worth 6 points so we don't have to go into fractions. Is that fair enough? Subtract 6 from 100 for each one you got wrong, & you can just give'm 100 if they got'm all right.

       34. Okay, what are your grades? (David: 100%!) Both of you? (David: Yes!) Very good! Boy, you guys are whizzes! Did you return your papers? (David: Yes, Sir!) Now enter your grades on your list of tests. OK! That's good! (Techi: Wow! We've had 12 tests!) You're coming along well! And on most of them you got a hundred or you only missed one or so, so that's really good! You're star pupils! (David: Well, you're a star teacher!)--Because you're star students!

       35. Thank You Lord! Well, I decided that here I am sitting here with all this knowledge in my head & I'm not sure if you kids know it all. (David: That's for sure!) So I decided we needed a little something like this. Aren't you glad? (David: Yes, I'm glad!) I'm enjoying it, too. Praise the Lord!

       36. All right! Who wants to pray the closing prayer? (David: I will! Amen! Thank You Jesus! Thank You Lord for how we're having so much fun on our Bible study, Lord, & learning so much! Thank You that we did well on our test, & thank You for all that we're learning, Lord. We really pray, Jesus, that You'll bless the rest of this night, in Jesus' name. Amen! Thank You Lord!) Amen! Praise the Lord! God bless you!

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