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WORLD CURRENTS!--No.59       DO 2756       1/92

       Bush's Pride Trip!
       1. I guess you heard that Bush collapsed at a state dinner with the Japanese Prime Minister! That's what he gets for trying to play tennis all day & then coming in & eating a Japanese dinner, of all things! That's enough to make anybody sick! The Japanese must have stomachs of cast iron to eat some of the stuff they eat!--Yet they stay very young, they rarely look as old as they are. It's kind of like my Mother used to say about the Northern boys when we were in Miami: "You shouldn't be afraid to go up North in the cold weather. Look at all those fine big husky boys that come down here to see us with rosy cheeks & everything." I said, "Yes, those are the ones that survived the cold!"
       2. In Japan they even let their children run around bare-legged in shorts in mid-Winter! I guess their psychology is that they want to get their kids toughened-up so they can stand almost anything. I guess they figure if they can stand that, they can stand anything. I certainly couldn't stand it myself. And then they eat things like raw fish & raw this & raw that! Ugh!--Even unclean foods that are not supposed to be eaten. No wonder Bush got sick! Maybe he looked down at one more plate of sushi & thought, "I can't take this!"--And passed out! Ha!
       3. He was bragging about how he'd played tennis with the Emperor all day. He's so damned cocky & always trying to show off, & this trip was a big pride trip to show how "powerful" he is & demonstrate that "These guys are going to listen to me!" They'll listen, all right, the Japanese always listen. They're very polite & they nod & bow & smile, but that doesn't mean a thing! They always agree with you, "Yes, yes, yes!" but then when the negotiators leave, the Japanese are back at the same old game! But at least they're nice about it & are very polite & courteous. That's practically their religion, to never be discourteous or have a confrontation about anything.
       4. Anyway, I guess dear Bush knows now that he is not a superman & he does have limitations, & I think it probably did him a lot of good, to humble him! What an embarrassing thing to happen right in front of the whole big banquet of all the big high mucky-mucks & the ones he's trying to show off for how powerful he is & how strong he is &, "You don't think you're going to beat me, do you? I'm from the great U.S.A.!--The greatest country on the face of the Earth!" However, the Japanese know better.
       5. The Japanese know, & are now getting bold enough to say so, that the U.S.A. is in decline! They don't say this to the Americans' faces, but to themselves in their books & papers, etc., they say flat out that it's because the Americans are just sloppy & not very industrious, they're lazy! These are words they use: Lazy, inefficient, overpaid. They're coming out to where at least among themselves they will call the Americans names & deride them. They're saying, "What is Bush doing coming here seeking our help, when the U.S.' problems are their own fault?"
       6. And of all things, Bush took along with him the top brass of the three biggest car-makers in the U.S.--the head of General Motors, the head of Chrysler & the head of Ford! I guess he thought that that would make a big impression in Japan, taking along those big wheels to put the pressure on. "Look, I've got these big boys behind me here! You'd better knuckle under & do what they want you to do!" That probably made the Japanese all the tougher & stiffer in their resistance! Because there's one thing you cannot do, you can't push the Japanese around! They're wonderful people, very hardworking. You could never accuse them of being lazy or disloyal to their country or not industrious. You certainly could never accuse them of being inefficient.
       7. Here Bush brings along these big boys that make salaries literally 17 times as much as the Japanese managers make, trying to impress them. These U.S. auto executives are making multi-million-dollar salaries while their workers are getting laid off or tossed out with nothing! How's that going to impress Japan? The Japanese just shake their heads & wonder, "Why do these Americans think they can impress us when we're out-manufacturing them, out-selling them, out-engineering them, out-working them, & we're doing a good job while they're just doing a lousy job, that's all! That's why they can't sell their cars. Even the Americans prefer our cars!" They do! They have less trouble with the Japanese cars--fewer breakdowns & recalls & all that kind of thing.
       8. So you can really admire the Japanese--their industriousness, hard work, cleanliness & lack of crime. Compared to the U.S., they have almost no crime! You can actually walk the streets at night in Japan & not be afraid. But I'll tell you, I wouldn't walk down a street in New York any night, of any year, any time, for any reason! It's as much as your life would be worth! But you can walk down the streets of Japan & not expect to be mugged. I started to say "mobbed." They used to just mug'm in the U.S., but now whole gangs will attack!
       9. So dear Bush's big pride trip turned out to be a real flop--when he flopped--which was almost symbolic of the whole thing flopping! In fact, that's the way many Japanese see it: That it was symbolic of the collapse of the great U.S. Superpower!
       10. So anyhow, I'm sure it did him a lot of good.--Not the way he wanted it to do though! Here comes this big pusher & bully--that's really what he is--& he brought three other big bullies along with him to try to impress the Japanese, & he flops!--And I think his whole trip will probably flop. (It did!)
       11. He really loves to travel! So he makes all these excuses: He's got to go here & settle the war, he's got to go there & do this & do that, he's gotta visit this country, gotta visit that country, "all to help the poor U.S.A. & the poor labouring man, so we'll get more jobs." I think the U.S. public would be more impressed if he'd stay home & try to figure out ways to rescue the economy--which is in a tailspin & crashing--instead of running off to Japan for rescue, or Korea, or to all these other places!--What used to be poor little countries that once upon a time the U.S. did rescue, but they're still not in any position to rescue the U.S., except perhaps Japan. They've got more sense than to try to rescue the U.S. out of the enormous mess that they're in right now. It would take more than Japan & all its money to rescue the U.S. out of the disaster that they're getting into. How are you going to rescue the wicked from the judgements of God?--Because that's what it is!
* * *

       12. Politicians really are stupid, just plain stupid! They expect everybody to believe them when they themselves know they're lying! But it's so obvious to everybody that they're lying, nobody has any confidence in them. They know politicians will never keep their word. Everybody knows that Bush is not on a trip to "create jobs" to try to save the economy of America, he's on a political campaign to try to save his own neck & his election as President!
* * *

       13. (A week later:) I'm sure that the Lord wanted to humble Bush's pride. He was racing off & acting smart & cocky like he was going to win the East! He'd not only supposedly won the West & the Mideast, now he was going to win the East! And the Lord kind of slew him to humble him, & he went back to the U.S. dragging his tail between his legs. Even the automakers who went with him denigrated the whole mission & said it was a failure. And nearly all the interpreters, etc., say the same thing. We've got lots of "interpreters" nowadays! They're not Daniels, they can't foretell the future, but they often know how to interpret the present, & most of them seem to be right about President Bush. They said his whole mission was really a failure, & what few crumbs he got from the Japanese were nothing!

       U.S. Presidential Campaign
       14. One of the downfalls of the United States system of government is that the political campaigns are never over. When a President gets elected, he just gets a jump start on the next election, & he's campaigning from then on for four whole years till the next election--which Bush has been doing very cleverly.
       15. American politics is a hopeless case, & Bush is a hopeless case too! Of course, who else is there? There are several Democrats running for president, & of course the Democrats are always advocating the plight of the poor, who certainly need help! The Republicans have always been the party of the rich & big business, & conservative.
       16. But the rich are getting richer & the poor are getting poorer. That's the case in the U.S. & a lot of other places. Something must be wrong somewhere! Well, as Jesus said, "The poor ye shall always have with you."--Mat.26:11.

       U.S. News Out of Proportion!
       17. CNN is so out of proportion! They spend so much time on U.S. news & their country, & so little time giving news about the rest of the World! They act like they're the center of the Universe, when in actuality they are only a small part of what is happening worldwide.--A very important part, that is true, & that's why we have to keep an eye on the U.S. news, analyse it & try to pass it on to you. But you can't help but wish that they would spend more time on important events taking place in the rest of the World!

       Oakland Fire--Some Things Are Beyond the System's Control!
       18. The Oakland, California fire was one of the biggest fires in U.S. history, much more costly than the Chicago fire (1870) or the San Francisco fire (1906)! It destroyed nearly 3,000 homes & apartments, injured 148 people, killed 24, & cost over five billion Dollars damage! It shows that with all their technology & scientific know-how, they can't control everything. There are some things beyond their control, & they can't control natural disasters or "acts of God," as they're called in most insurance policies.
       19. By the same token, this should be somewhat encouraging for us, because on the other hand it should make us realise that when the Lord wants to protect us, there's nothing that they can do to destroy us! Even with all their control & all their power, there are some things that they can't control or manipulate!

       Orientals Conquering the U.S.!
       20. [DELETED] [EDITED: "N"]ow the Orientals are conquering America!--Not only the Japanese, economically, but the Chinese & other Asians in their criminal connections & gangs. Right now they say they're twice as powerful & plentiful as the Mafia!
       21. Vicious Vietnamese gangs are becoming some of the most feared in the U.S. now. They imitate the bravado of the GIs in Vietnam, like they're acting out some kind of war! They're in California now, in New York, all over the U.S., attacking the innocent & each other. They have seen the violent side of America in Vietnam & are imitating it. (Maria: So the U.S. brought it upon themselves.) They're paying for their war in Vietnam now, & paying for the way they treated us too! They didn't want us, so the Lord sent them something much worse! They didn't want God's children, so now they've got the Devil's children! (Maria: Children of the Devil that they helped create!)

       Vietnamese Boat People
       22. In some ways, you can't much blame Hong Kong for returning the Vietnamese boat people. On one hand, Hong Kong desperately needs cheap labour, but they have laws against using the Vietnamese for cheap labour. The local labour unions apparently have made sure that they didn't use these Vietnamese to fill local jobs. So they can't use them & they can't very well support them, 35,000 of them. They have to house them & feed them all the time, & the poor people have nothing to do. It's just like drifting around in a prison! Under the circumstances, I think it's better for them to go back where they came from. They can go back to their little farms & places that are a lot more sensible than a Hong Kong prison camp!

       Israel--Moving Jews into Arab Lands
       23. Israel thinks if they move enough Jews in amongst the Arabs in the Occupied Territories, then how can the Arabs claim that that's their country? They're soon going to have more Jews there than Arabs! And this is why Shamir is trying like mad to build Jewish settlements in the Occupied Territories.
       24. This is one thing Bush is right about. A man can't just be wrong about everything! So he's stalling on giving Israel their loans. They talk about "guaranteed loans," but the only thing that's ever guaranteed about any loans to Israel is that they're guaranteed never to be repaid! It's impossible for those Jews to ever repay them, they don't have any intention of repaying them! Let's face it, they're just plain gifts! The U.S. already gives three billion Dollars in foreign aid to the little country of Israel each year, more aid than to all of the rest of the World combined! Think of that!
       25. And now Israel is insisting--not begging, not pleading--but insisting, demanding that they get ten billion Dollars more right away quick before they'll consent to having a peace conference!--Which they intend to spend on building Russian-Jewish colonies in the Arab lands. After all, ten billion Dollars can put a lot of trailers around on those mountains. You'll notice that's what they're doing. That's smart, they're using the fastest possible housing. They're using great big house trailers for housing all those new Russian Jews coming down from the Soviet Union.
       26. They are just letting them in by the thousands, tens of thousands! Talk about smart Jews, their idea is to get as many Jews there as possible so that they just simply crowd out the Palestinians & take over their land by settlement, by population. And do you know what they offer these immigrants from Russia? (Family: Jobs?) No, they don't offer jobs at all. They offer free housing for one year!--Free support, an "allotment," they call it--let's face it, it's a bribe--enough money to buy their food for a year, & they get it every month!
       27. But as soon as the year's up, guess what they do? (Family: Do they charge them for it?) No, they don't charge them, they just kick them out--kick them out of their free housing, discontinue their free food allowance, & the poor Russians are out on the streets without housing, without food & without a job, because Israel can't even supply enough jobs for its people that are already there! So a lot of them are camped out in tents in the local city parks! This is what you don't hear too much about in the news media!

       Shamir & the Peace Conference
       28. Shamir went to the peace conference just long enough to try to get his ten billion Dollar loan guarantee from the Americans, get his propaganda across & attack the Arabs!

       War in Yugoslavia
       29. At last the Yugoslav-Serbian military apologised for shooting down that neutral observers' helicopter, in which five people were killed. They had to apologise because they had no possible excuse! It was an "air-to-air" missile, & the only people who have air power there right now are the Serbs. They're the only ones flying planes, government planes, so the investigators knew it had to be them. So the Serbs virtually had to apologise. "So sorry." Well, as some of the people involved are saying, "Sorry's not good enough, they're going to have to do more than that!"
       30. But the Serbs are finally acting like they're willing to negotiate & maybe have a ceasefire.--Probably because they've got most of what they wanted to get, & figure now that that's enough to give them the advantage at the negotiating table, so they can negotiate to hang on to what they've already conquered. That's what most of these peace conferences are for after a war: Everybody arguing over the table to try to keep what they've already got, & the other guys knowing full well that without starting another war to try to drive them out, they're not going to move!
       31. So negotiations were of little use when Roosevelt & Stalin & Churchill all got together & were arguing about how to divide up the World after the Allies won the war. Russia, having joined the Allies just in time to reap results & have some say at the table, had their lines all set, & they never backed down on one of them. They made the West back down on every single one & Russia got what it wanted! The U.S., England, France & all had to back down. So Russia, really, is the one who won the war! The Allies won it, but then they gave it up & they divided the spoils exactly according to the way Stalin wanted them to! And he just was adamant! He would not give in at the Yalta conferences. And poor FDR was sick. You could just look at him & tell he was sick. He was sitting out there in the cold with that big cape on & bareheaded, & went back to the U.S. & died!
       32. So they're never going to settle any of these things, nothing, without the Lord! Trying to settle Man's problems without God is impossible! But the Lord is letting them have enough rope that they're going to hang themselves, & they're certainly getting into a condition which is going to be extremely ripe!--In fact, not just ripe, but rotten, & ready for the Antichrist to try to save them!

       U.S. Financial Aid to Soviet Union
       33. Frankly, I don't think anything is going to save the former Soviet Union (now called the Commonwealth of Independent States) except the Antichrist! All this time during the cold war, the U.S. could afford to spend billions on defence; but now that they've won it, they're unwilling to spend hardly anything on the peace in financial aid to the Soviet Union to keep them from sinking!

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