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(The morning before the Fast, upon awakening:)
       1. Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! This is the day which the Lord has made, we will be glad & rejoice in it! Thank You Jesus for this wonderful day, & for a wonderful night's rest, for safekeeping, for Thy beautiful Creation & for all Thy Family! Thank You Jesus for all Thy blessings & provision of our needs. Thank You for how good You've been to us. Thank You Jesus! Do bless & keep & make us a blessing, in Jesus' name. Lead & guide us in anything that must be done. Help us, Jesus, show us the way step by step. Thank You Lord! Keep us safely, Lord.

       2. Bless & keep Thy Family worldwide, Lord! Make them a blessing & we know that You'll take care of them. Bless our children everywhere, Lord, Thy children. Thank You for health & strength & all Thy many blessings!--Mostly that You love us & we can love You, & that we can love Thy children & help them. Thank You, Lord, for such a wonderful life & love! Continue to provide for Thy Family & protect & keep them. Help them, Lord, & solve their problems. Thank You Jesus! Thank You Lord!

       3. Bless, Lord, those of our folks & Family who are having any problems anywhere, & give them strength & wisdom, love & power & patience. We know when You've tried them, You'll bring them forth as gold. These tests & trials are good for them, Lord, since You send them, You allow them. May they all work together for good.--And when You're through using the tests, punish the enemies that cause them, & if they're wicked enough, destroy them! Thank You Lord! Praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus! The Enemy's always fighting somewhere! He keeps us on our toes & on the ball & prayerful, to make us strong to fight against him. You've kept us in such peace here, Lord, where we need all of our strength & energy & wisdom for governing & feeding & guiding.

       4. Thank You for Mama who has been such a blessing to me all these years. (Mama: Thank You, Lord, for Dad who has been such a wise, loving Shepherd to all of us!) You've done it all, Lord, I've just followed You & tried to obey You. I haven't done the best job in the World, but I've tried to do what You helped us with. You did it all, Lord, & all for Thy glory! But You did use us, & we thank You that we could be used. To us it's a blessing to be used by You! Praise You Lord! Thank You Jesus!

       5. Do bless us now today & make us a blessing. Keep us & guide us, help us to accomplish what You want done today. Thank You for such good children! Bless our Schools & all our Homes, whatever their jobs may be--all our Family around the World! (Mama: Amen, do great things for them, Lord! Show Thy power & Thy miracles as we call on You. Really open their hearts to the sheep.) Amen! And do lead us, Lord, for Thy glory, whatever's best for Thee & Thy Work.

       6. Thank You for our afflictions that have taught us so much & kept us closer to You, more dependent on You, Lord, so we stay close to You & in better communication with You. Thank You for Thy discipline, Lord, Thy training. Thank You that this food is going down so well. Help it to do me a lot of good. Thank You for how it has & You have. Lord, we just can't thank You enough for everything! Praise You Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You for Thy Word to guide us, & for You, Jesus--Thy Love & mercy & Thy faithfulness & all Thy goodness, how good You've been to us, using us for Thy children & their guidance!

       7. Thank You, Lord, for Thy faithfulness in revealing Thy Will when we prayed about the Russian Work, that You answered & gave us Thy wisdom & Thy Will, Thy plan, the one that has worked worldwide & that You've used since ages gone by: For Thy children & families to help each other & the World by living & working together in Homes. Praise the Lord! Thank You, Jesus, for this Work that works! The Work that works!

       8. Thank You for safekeeping. Keep the handymen, bless them in whatever work it is they do today. Thank You for all the work they've gotten done, all the improvements. Praise You Lord! Thank You Lord!

       9. Help, Lord, those who are rulers, kings, magistrates & politicians to do the right things.--Also to be honest & fair, & particularly economical. Especially in those richer countries they're so wasteful & so extravagant! Help the poor, Lord, & the unemployed. Have mercy on them. Provide for them somehow, Lord, & help this worldwide Depression to teach them to depend more on You. Help them to learn all the lessons they need to learn.--To be more mindful of You, to pray more, to lean more on You & obey You & not live so selfishly. Thank You Jesus!

       10. We're sure You're teaching them lessons, Lord, through this trial & testing time of privation & famine. Help the little ones! Help the little ones that You can use to survive, but those that are in such dire conditions, maybe it's best for You to take them. Thank You Jesus. At least they got their start here, Lord. You can certainly take better care of them in Heaven & populate Thy World in the future. Thank You Lord!

       11. We don't worry so much about the dying, Lord, as the living. The dying You'll take care of!--Of course, the living You'll take care of too. But it's so much easier for You to take care of the dying than the living, because the dying will find out how things really are, that You're really in control & need to be loved. Thank You, Lord! You'll provide for them & take care of them. It's the wilful living that You have such trouble with, people who won't obey Thy rules & laws & refuse to accept Thee, receive Thee, love Thee or follow Thee. It's the rebellious that cause all the trouble. Thank You, Lord, it won't be long before You're going to get rid of them! You have to let it get worse before You can make it better, Lord, to teach Man a lesson that he can't get along without You, to give all the glory to their Creator & to thank You for everything as we do! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord!

       12. Help us to do things right today. Thank You for teaching us to pray, "Our Father which art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy Name. Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread & forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For Thine is the Kingdom, & the power, & the glory, forever & ever!--In Jesus' name, amen!" "Thank You, Jesus, for this day & for our Home so fair. Help us, Lord, to do some good & keep us in Thy care, & bless our loved ones everywhere!"

       13. Thank You for Thy Angels & ministering spirits who help us day & night, all of our loved ones who have gone on to be with Thee & are praying for us. Thank You Lord! Help our Family to pray during these days of fasting & prayer. Help them to learn how to pray, Lord, & to receive from Thee Thy messages, revelations of Thy Will. Help them to learn how to depend on You, Jesus, & expect You to answer their prayers. May it be a time of great blessing, of greater receiving & hearing from You, Jesus!--Not only to say, "Hear, Lord, Thy servant speaketh," but to say, "Speak, Lord, Thy servant heareth!" It's a two-way street of communication.--We speak & we hear. We believe it's going to be a great time of blessing, Lord, & learning & healing & following & making us a blessing!

       14. Bless our Family around the World as they pray together & devote this time almost entirely to prayer. Give them the strength for it! Show them that they don't need so much food, they don't need to spend so much time on food & cleanup, but they can devote more time to prayer & listening to You! We believe a great benefit will come from all of this, Lord.--Not only healing, but guidance & blessing. Make us all a greater blessing to the whole World until You come! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord!

       15. Help it to help our young people to learn how to pray, & to see that prayer works because You work when we pray! Thank You Lord! We cannot work without it, Lord, without looking to Thee, listening to Thee & following Thy guidance, & then we'll succeed, doing Thy Will. Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! Show our young people especially during this time that prayer works, Lord, because You work when we pray! If we stir ourselves, then You're stirred to answer! If we stir ourselves, Lord, You'll answer. You promised, Lord, that when we call unto You with our whole heart, You'll answer & show us great & mighty things, even things we know not of, things we didn't know about, hadn't thought about, but things that we can do to better serve You. (Jer. 33:3) Praise You Lord! Thank You Lord!

       16. Help our Family to learn how to pray, to look to You & see Thy face & receive Thy Word, Thy blessings, Lord. Because we know if we look to You, You'll lead us & guide us & bless us & make us a blessing! Thank You Jesus!

       17. Thank You for this prayer time that You give us time for, Lord. Bless our families around the World as they learn to see how much more time they can spend in prayer & how much greater blessings will come from it & how we'll benefit from it, how much we'll learn about You & Your Word & Your Will & how it works best as we follow You, Jesus, look unto You & keep our eyes on You, because You know the way!

       18. Keep our hand in Thine, Lord, because You know exactly which way to lead us & preserve us during these troubling times. They're troubling times, Lord, nevertheless times in which You can even more greatly show Thy power, protection, provision & blessing & usefulness as we follow Thee, because You know what's best. Help us to look to You for guidance, Lord, in everything, to give thanks & follow Thee & Thy Will, because You know what's best.

       19. Have Thy way in all of these prayers & days of prayer, that You might have Your way in the future, that we might follow Thee more closely than ever before, as we enter these days of great trouble.--Great trouble for the World, Lord, but we believe great blessing for us! Even if we suffer some, You will turn burdens to blessings, trials to triumphs & seeming defeats to victory, to show Thy mighty power, Thy great Love in these trying days when some will be really tested, Lord! Help them to come through as gold, pure gold, purified & made white, shining examples of witnesses for Thee, to turn many to righteousness! Praise You Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! In this last great opportunity, this era, as we approach the end of this age, may we do our best, Lord, Thy best! Our best is to do Thy best, what You want us to do! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! Hallelujah!

Part 2 of Dad's Keynote Prayer for the Fast
       20. May it be a time of praise as well, one in which we'll thank You for all our blessings--Thy provision & protection & wonderful fruit that You've given us, Lord!--The thousands & thousands of souls that You helped us lead to You, Jesus! We're ministering to thousands even in the land where it seemed impossible, but which is now becoming the most fruitful! (Russia) "For where sin did abound, Lord, grace doth now much more abound!" (Rom.5:20.)--Thy grace & Thy Love & Thy healing Message to heal that land that is so distressed! But through it, Lord, You're turning many to You for Your answers, & away from the lies of the Devil!

       21. Thank You, Lord, for breaking down that evil, deceitful system & turning Your people to You! Thank You, Lord, for opening a door that no man can shut, as You promised. Thank You Jesus! Though we have but a little strength, You can greatly multiply it.--Strength in numbers & power, Lord, through Thy great mercy to mightily use there to lead thousands to You, even as You're so doing now.--And tools to do the job, & the workers, labourers for the Harvest. Thank You Lord! You promised, Lord, You're doing it, & we thank You for it.

       22. We cannot do it all ourselves, Lord, we need helpers, & You're sending them, You're giving them, & they're grasping it from our hands eagerly, to take it forth & publish it to others, that they might all learn of Thy Love & Thy Salvation! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! Hallelujah!--That You may work Thy work while it is yet day, until the night cometh when You gather us to Thee in great power & glory, to move on to the next Age, the next dispensation of Thy grace, the glorious wonderful day of Thy Kingdom here on Earth, for which You're preparing Thy people to rule & to govern this World as it should be, as the last final testimony to the people of this World of Thy Love & Thy Word, Thy Salvation & Thy answers!--To show them how it should have been done if they had only followed You!

       23. I'm looking forward to that wonderful Day when You come into Your Kingdom, Lord, & take full control! Thank You Jesus! Hallelujah! We're trying to do our best to do Thy Work & the works of You that sent us while it is still day, that we might prepare for the night when it comes & Thy glorious dawn when we enter in to Thy Kingdom! "Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven!" Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! Hallelujah!

       24. Teach Thy children to pray, Lord, & show them the results! May it be a time of great blessing, great fellowship, wonderful inspiration & of unity, as it was in the beginning, Lord, when they spent those days of prayer together in the Upper Room in Jerusalem at the beginning of the Church, when You poured out such a blessing they couldn't hold it, & they spread it abroad in the power of Thy Spirit! Thank You Lord! So be it, Lord, here & now, that You'll pour out such a great blessing of Thy Spirit & Thy power that things will happen--good things, wonderful things which we even know not! Praise You Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You Lord!

       25. This is the time when we need to pray, Lord! So help us, teach Thy children to pray! Teach our Family, Lord, to really unite in Thy Spirit as they unite in love & prayer & give more of their time to Thee, looking more to Thee, Jesus, the Author & Finisher of our faith! Hallelujah! Finish the good work that You've begun in us, Lord. We know You will. As we pray & draw nigh to Thee, You'll draw nigh to us, Lord, helping us in a great & mighty work which we don't know anything about right now.

       26. You're doing a great & mighty work already in Russia & those countries that we never even dreamed of! Thank You Lord! Help us to do it while it is yet day & finish the job as best we can. Hallelujah!--All around the World, everywhere, in all the needy fields! In South America, Europe, & in the East, the West, the North & South, Lord, everywhere! This will be a time of great blessing, great rejoicing, great reaping & great manifestation of Thy power & Thy gifts, Thy blessings! Praise You Jesus! Hallelujah! Thank You Lord!

       27. Show them what You can do, Lord, as they give You a chance & pray & look to You & expect great & mighty things, even greater works, Lord, than we have done before! Thank You Jesus! Hallelujah! Praise You Lord! Thank You Lord for Thy wonderful, wonderful power & grace & Love & Salvation that does so many miracles, daily miracles, Lord, big & little in our eyes, every day! Thank You Lord! Hallelujah! Praise You Jesus! We believe You, Lord, & we know You're going to do it! We're going to see results from these days of prayer! Thank You Jesus!

       28. Lord, give them faith to believe that You'll supply all their needs according to Your riches in glory if they'll obey & do Thy Will & follow You. Help them to seek first Thy Kingdom, then You promised that You would supply all of these things, all of these physical & financial & spiritual needs. You said, "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God," then You'd supply all of these things.--Mat.6:33. It's Your Kingdom so You're certainly going to bless it & supply everything we need to do the job, so help them to know You will & to trust You for it. We know that You have--they have tried & You have supplied--& that's why we've done such a great work, or You've done such great work through us, Lord! Praise the Lord!

       29. It looks to me like they've had lots of faith & You have supplied all of their needs. But they still go day to day, just worrying about eating when they should be concerned about doing Your Work & really having the faith for You to supply, putting You first. Show them, Lord, that they don't even always have to eat, they can even go without eating! You can still keep them strong, even stronger in the Spirit & more conscious of Thy Will, Thy Word & Thy Work, just like You did for Christina & Piper when they were on their own, serving You in Russia. Lord, You proved that even when they didn't get enough to eat, or what they thought was enough, You kept them, & You kept the little baby. You kept the children & they were healthy, Lord. So You can do it! Praise the Lord!

       30. I have no fear that the Lord will not supply & that He will not provide & protect & bless & bring blessing. I know He'll do it! You know He will, He always does! (Sings:)

       Only Jesus! Only Jesus!
       Only He can satisfy;
       Every burden becomes a blessing,
       When I know my Lord is nigh!

       31. So Lord, we believe with all our hearts that You'll make every burden a blessing & bring blessing out of cursing & work all things together for good to them that love Thee! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! Help them to look on the bright side, Lord, & be thankful! "In everything give thanks."--1Th.5:18. Help them to find that they can get the victory through prayer, through You, Jesus! (Sings again:)

       Only Jesus! Only Jesus!
       Only He can satisfy;
       Every burden becomes a blessing,
       When I know my Lord is nigh!

       --When I know the Lord it's by! It's "by," it's by the Lord! Amen! Praise the Lord!

       32. Now we've had a little time to pray ourselves before the Fast! I guess that's sort of the kick-off, the keynote! I trust they're not going to stop praying when the three days are over! (Mama: No, I don't think so.) This time of prayer is just getting them started. We hope it'll keep'm praying! I hope the Lord doesn't have to send us too many trials & tribulations to make us pray, but that they'll pray to avoid them. (Mama: Yes! Thank You Lord! It's so much better that they learn how much the Lord can do if we'll pray.) That was a sweet little chorus that came to me, a sweet little keynote inspiration, thank You Lord! "Every burden becomes a blessing!" If we could just learn that burdens are blessings in disguise! Trials & tribulations are triumphs in disguise! Thank You Lord! Praise You Jesus! Hallelujah!

       33. You're going to bring us through, Lord, You promised! Of course You will, Lord! You're God! You cannot fail! Thank You Lord! "Praise God, He cannot fail!" That's from another chorus. (Sings:) "Praise God, He cannot fail." (Mama sings:)

       He cannot fail, for He is God,
       He cannot fail, He pledged His Word.
       He cannot fail, He'll see you through,
       He cannot fail, He'll answer you!

       34. Thank You Jesus! Amen! Praise You Jesus! Thank You Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! The bigger the trouble, the bigger the victory, the greater the triumph, the greater the power of every hour! Power for the hour! We know You'll give it to us when the hour comes, Lord, in Jesus' name, including right now for this hour & time of prayer.--Not just our healings, but for the healings of the whole Family!--For the healings of all Thy children everywhere all over the World, healings You want to bring to their peoples & their lands through Thy Love & Salvation! Thank You Jesus! Hallelujah! Praise You Jesus! Thank You, Lord! (Tongues) In Jesus' name, we claim the victory, Lord! (Sings:)

       Faith is the victory!
       Faith is the victory!
       Oh, glorious victory,
       That overcomes the World!

That's a good one! An old-time one! (Sings again:)

       Faith is the victory!
       Faith is the victory!
       Oh, glorious victory
       That overcomes the World!

       35. Hallelujah! Thank You Lord! The Lord has heard & it's His Word, so believe it now! Thank You Jesus! It is His vow, so believe it now. You know what a vow is?--A promise! So His promises are His vows to us. Thank You Lord! It starts with His marriage vows with Salvation, His vows to supply & provide & protect & bless & make a blessing throughout our whole marriage to the Lord, which is forever! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord!

Part 3 of Dad's Keynote Prayer for the Fast
       36. Right now, we have to finish the work that He's given us to do here on Earth until He comes & sets up His Kingdom to rule & reign forever! Thank You Jesus! Praise You, Lord! (Dad & Mama sing together:)

       It will be worth it all,
       When we see Jesus!
       Life's trials will seem so small,
       When we see Christ.
       One glimpse of His dear face,
       All sorrow will erase,
       So bravely run the race,
       Till we see Christ!

       37. Praise You Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! So let's end on that victorious note! xxxxxxx! Amen, Lord, bless them & help them to receive these Thy kisses. Thank You Jesus! Thy Words are Thy kisses! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! My, how wonderful it would be if people would receive His Words like a bride receives kisses from her lover! He wants His people, His Family, His Bride, to receive His kisses through His Words to inspire her & cause her to love & lead to total copulation with the Lord to bring forth fruit for His Kingdom! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord!

       38. Hallelujah for all the wonderful children You've given us, the little ones to raise in Thy nurture & admonition! Thank You, Lord, for these most precious disciples of all, who can be raised in Thy Kingdom, Thy Kingdom right now that's in our hearts, in the nurture & admonition of the Lord! Thank You Jesus for these little ones that You bless us with, Lord, & make us a blessing to them, that they can be a blessing to the World! Hallelujah! They have been, Lord!

       39. (Mama: Help us to remember, Lord, that You're going to take care of them & You love them even more than we do.) Amen, of course! (Mama: So You're not going to let them get into more trouble than You can get them out of.) Amen! Of course He'll take care of them! He promised! Remember when He gave us that one? (See "He'll Care for His Own!", ML #900.) (Mama: Yes, but it seems to be one of the Family's biggest fears, that their children will be taken away.) Well, if He allows them to be taken away, maybe He's going to be taking them to Himself!

       40. We need to be willing to give our children to the Lord, amen?--To trust God with them! (Mama: In every case where they've been taken away, they've been such a great blessing & usually they've been given back, thank the Lord!) We can't hang on to them forever, except in the Lord's Kingdom. And He's given them to us to be used for His glory. How can He use them if we're not willing to put them on the altar like Isaac? We've got to be willing to give them to the Lord, to trust God to take care of them. What makes us think we can take better care of our children than He can? (Mama: Because of the way they look at it I guess, the wrong way.)

       41. He knows how to take care of them better than we do! And if they should be taken away, He'll just make them stronger than ever! He'll teach them how to trust in Him & lean on Him & look to Him for strength & guidance & keeping! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord!--And He'll make them a testimony to others!(Mama: Amen, we can't hold back our witness to the World just because we're afraid that our kids are going to get in trouble, or our kids are going to get taken.)

       42. Our children are our witness to the World, they're the proof of the pudding! They're the absolute proof of God's Love, that it works! Our children have become our greatest testimony, our greatest witness to the World! They marvel at our children! Thank You Lord! Thank You Jesus! Praise You, Lord! So it's the Lord that's given them, & if the Lord should take them away, blessed be the Name of the Lord! He won't do it unless it suits His good purpose. "All things come of Thee!"--Col.1:17. Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord!--And "all things work together for good to them that love the Lord."--Rom.8:28. He won't take our children unless it's good for them, & good for us, & good for His Kingdom!

       43. So we have to be willing to give them to the Lord, amen? Praise You Jesus! Thank You Lord! We're going to have to be willing to say, "The Lord hath given & the Lord hath taken away, blessed be the Name of the Lord!"--Job.1:21. Just look how Job was stripped of everything!--His wealth, his health, his wife & his family! Then the Lord gave back to him many fold more than He had allowed to be taken away!--Job 42:10-17. So praise the Lord! (Mama: And those who died, he was laying them up as treasures in Heaven!) Amen! Thank You Jesus! (Mama: He still had even his former children, the Lord was taking care of them.) Maybe even his cattle!

       44. That was Abraham's greatest test, when he was asked to be willing to give up Isaac. I'll never forget when that great missionary prayed for my Mother & prophesied that I would be her Isaac, that she would have to give me up & give me to the Lord, but that through that would come great blessing. That certainly came true! My Mother had to leave & forsake me many times to go off for weeks & months at a time to serve the Lord, leaving us children with governesses & nurses & caretakers, even when I was very small. I really missed her!

       45. But even then, at the early age of four or five years of age, I learned to look to the Lord, & the Lord took care of me. Praise the Lord! And I think through it the Lord made me stronger to really look unto Jesus, the Author & Finisher of my faith! (Mama: You didn't get bitter?) No. Sometimes I had tests & trials about it, but you've heard the stories, how I finally came in & said, "Mother, I'm going to give you to the Lord & put you on the altar. You do whatever you have to do for Jesus & I'll be happy." (See ML#727:71-90.)--And the Lord blessed me & her for that, & gave her a great work for the Lord. And eventually when she was willing to finally give me up to another woman, my first wife, He was preparing me for the greatest work!

       46. I believe we've actually done a greater work for the Lord now than she was able to do in those days. Praise You Jesus! Thank You Lord! I believe we've reached more of the World & witnessed & won more souls than she was ever able to do even in her great work! But that was a preparation, my training & preparation. If she hadn't done that, I couldn't have done this! Amen? So everything has its day. Praise the Lord! There's a time for everything. Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord for giving us time to pray. (To Mother:) Amen, Mother, I couldn't have done it without you! Praise the Lord! Thank You Lord!

       47. Lord, You do give us everything, even sex! Look at the great blessings He has brought through sex, our wonderful children that the Lord has given us for His glory! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! Well, I always realised that, but I'm afraid many of our Family sometimes have not been too thankful, or have thought maybe it was too much, that our children were too many, but He's going to return blessings for burdens! Every burden will be a blessing when we realise our Lord is nigh, & Who it's by! Praise You Jesus! Thank You Lord! They're going to be so thankful that they had them, & that the Lord gave them!

       48. He's never given them more than they were able to bear! Praise the Lord! Like the woman who had nine children, she said the Lord never gives you more than you're able to bear. She said, "It's amazing how much you're able to bear!" When Mother Eve said to her, "I don't see how you ever did it, one takes all my time!" The woman said, "That's just it, nine can't take any more!" The fruit of His Kingdom!

       49. Amen, praise the Lord, Honey, now let's not give them more than they're able to bear! There are other things that have to be done. There's a time to pray & there's a time to work & a time to receive, a time to rejoice, a time to praise, a time for everything! So praise God, what time is this for you? Praise the Lord! Be sure you spend your time the way the Lord wants it spent, whatever it is, in Jesus' name, amen! God bless you! I love you all!

       50. I certainly didn't expect that prayer! Wasn't that amazing? I just sort of felt it bubbling up, like something was coming. The Family needs to pray for a spirit of prayer, that the Lord will pray through them with groanings that cannot be uttered, & also groanings that can be uttered! (Rom.8:26.) "Groanings" doesn't always necessarily mean pain, but pleadings, supplications, pleas & intercession! Such is prayer. Thank You Lord! (Sings:)

       I need Jesus, I need Jesus,
       I need Jesus every day!
       Need Him in the sunshine hour,
       Need Him when the storm clouds lower*,
       Every day along my way,
       Yes, I need Jesus!

       (*lower [EDITED: "pronounced "lour""] = To be dark & threatening, as the sky or the weather)

       51. Praise the Lord, amen? That's an old-timer! Why do we pray? (Mama: Because we need Jesus!) (Sings:)

       We need Jesus hourly,
       We need Jesus daily,
       We need Jesus every day!
       Need Him in the sunshine hour,
       Need Him when the storm clouds lower,
       Every day along our way,
       Yes, we need Jesus!

       52. Praise the Lord! Power for the hour! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Now let's praise Him! Amen? (--AMEN!)

       Dad's handwritten ending note:

       PTL!--TYJ!--WLY!--Tx so much for your wonderful prayers!--We're both much better, and we know you are too!--It was a thrilling & worthwhile Fast with tremendous results! PTL!--Tx!--GBAKY!

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Faith is the victory!
Faith is the victory!
Oh, glorious victory
That overcomes the World!

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