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--An Explosion into Eternity!       18/2/92
       DO 2761

       (Dad's Talk to the Family During Birthday Celebration:)

       1. The prophecies which you & our worldwide Family got for our healing were really thrilling, inspiring & encouraging, & we're both expecting the Lord to really do something! He's already done a miracle!--The fact that I can drink all those banana-egg-peanut butter milkshakes without any problem any more at all, everything just goes down fine! I almost gobble'm down now, they're so good! So the Lord is answering prayer!

       2. I was reading your prophecies for our healing, & as I was reading, a lot of times I just broke out & wept & I was raising my hands, praising the Lord! They were wonderful & such an inspiration! It was worth it all, & I'm sure the results are going to be worth it too. I'm feeling better all the time! I feel great!

       3. I didn't expect to come & sit down with you tonight & eat a steak!--We don't have steaks anyway! You're doing well here to get a hamburger steak!--Ha! But when the time comes that I need to be able to eat something, I'm sure the Lord will enable me. Right now I'm doing great on the milkshakes & blends & mixes which our good cooks fix for me every day. They bring me a little cooler box every day full of these drinks, & I usually finish them off every day!--Except I left a few over during the last couple of Fast days. Although I'm already on a diet which most people would consider a fast, I just decided that unless I really had to have it, I wasn't going to eat it all. So if you cooks got some back, it wasn't because they weren't any good, it's because I just didn't really need it.

       4. Anyhow, you don't fast just for a diet or to show you can suffer, or to gain merit--like that one guy did who used to teach fasting & wrote a book called, "Atomic Power with God through Fasting." He had a schedule by which you could achieve this & that & the other. He said, "If you fasted ten days you could do so-&-so in the spirit, after 20 days you could do so-&-so, & after 40 days you could be a Prophet!"--Ha! And I'll never forget, he came to lecture at the church I was going to, & I looked at him, & I thought, "Wow, atomic power of fasting certainly has made quite a man out of him!" He was Mr. Five-by-Five, as fat as he could be! He was this big around! I thought, "Boy, is that what fasting does for you?" Wow! I must say, I didn't have too much faith to read his book after seeing him.--Ha!

       5. But anyhow, you sure got some results! Those were wonderful prophecies and wonderful prayers, & we're expecting wonderful results! In God's time, when it's His time to do it, He will. I feel better already! With the Lord, the future's already done! So even though it may not have happened yet, it's already been done.

Martyrdom Revelation!

       6. I want to tell you about a revelation the Lord gave me as I was reading some of your wonderful prophecies & prayers! I was so inspired, I broke down & wept a few times & I was praising the Lord in tongues. Then as I was reading someone's prophecy about martyrdom, it just hit me! I never had this experience before! Only one time before did I ever have anything like it, & that was when I had that dream where I was looking down the barrel of a rifle that some guy was pointing right at my head! I remember I wasn't the least bit afraid. (See ML#1775, "Dying Grace!")

       7. If you don't have dying grace or persecution grace, it's because you're not dying or being persecuted yet! Of course, the Family knows quite a bit about persecution, but I mean real physical suffering.--Not many of us have had to suffer that. Some have been thrown in jail. How many of you have been thrown in jail for the Lord's Work's sake? We've got about five here who have had to suffer going to prison for witnessing! But most of the Family haven't even suffered that, much less any beatings or tortures or executions or martyrdoms.

       8. And it was so thrilling, I just couldn't help but shout & praise the Lord, & I had to tell Mama right away what happened! Do you know what martyrdom is going to be like? This must be what gave the martyrs such tremendous victory, to where they could shout & sing & praise the Lord while they were burning at the stake! Maybe you think this is overdoing it, I don't know, but this is what I got:

       9. Martyrdom, actually being killed for the Gospel, for the Lord's sake, for our good works, is going to be like a sexual orgasm! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! I feel like chattering in tongues right now, but I know it's getting late! That moment is not going to be a horrible moment. There may be horrible things going on, but death for us is going to be like an orgasm!

       10. And it came to me, do you know why the early Bible teachers called our going to meet the Lord "the Rapture"? That word was used for sexual ecstasy by the poets & the writers in those old-fashioned days: "I was enraptured!" "It was rapture!" Love was rapture! So the early Bible teachers & preachers used that as a polite word for when we go to meet the Lord! It's going to be our rapture! Don't you think that's going to be a tremendous thrill? I guess you could even call it a physical thrill, because we'll be in our new bodies that can still feel! What greater thrill is there in the physical than the physical rapture, the orgasm? As somebody said, "It feels so good, it hurts!" (Family: It's like "We go & He comes!") Ha! Yes, or He comes & we go! Praise the Lord!

       11. (Maria: Those Christian martyrs who smiled & sang as they were burning at the stake couldn't have done that if they were in agony! It's just not physically possible.) They were shouting, smiling, singing & praising the Lord!--And this is what converted a lot of Romans, because they knew it was a miracle, they knew it was amazing!

       12. So your death is not going to be some horrible experience, it's going to be like those wonderful sexual orgasms! Hallelujah! Isn't that wonderful? PTL! TYJ! Wow! Why not? We're going to be with our Lord! It's going to be the greatest thrill we've ever known! Praise God!

       13. So don't fear death, it's going to be the greatest experience you ever had!--The most wonderful, thrilling experience! Suddenly the old flesh is gone & you'll be free! What could be better than that? Just like after working so hard for it in physical lovemaking, all of a sudden, boom! And you have no control over that at all, really, it's just something that controls you & you explode! Praise the Lord? I think when we die, we are going to have a wonderful orgasm as we enter the Spirit World, & we are going to explode, really explode! I believe it!

       14. I never thought of that before, but it just came to me as clear as anything when I was reading your prayers & your praises & your wonderful prophecies. I ran across some of those references to persecution, martyrdom & dying for the Lord, & it came to me: "Don't worry about dying, it's going to be like an orgasm! You're going to be so thrilled & it will just feel so wonderful to die!" To us it's going to be wonderful! Like Paul says, "O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?"--1Cor.15:55. For us death has no sting!

       15. Well, I'll end here with singing you a song, this beautiful song that Mama woke up singing this morning, & later I was singing it too! Mama always wakes up & goes around every day singing something, & a lot of times she doesn't even know she's been singing! So this song was our theme song today. I must have heard Mama singing it, because pretty soon it began running through my head too. This is very fitting right now as we've just been talking about our Rapture. Of course, that's going to be the climax, the very ultimate in thrills! But until we reach that peak, that greatest of all thrills, we can still be having a lot of fun along the way & experiencing all kinds of smaller thrills in the Spirit! The prelude is pretty exciting too, the foreplay, & it can be quite wonderful! (Sings:)

So until then, my heart will go on singing!
Until then, with joy I'll carry on!
Until the day, my eyes behold that City,
Until the day, God calls me Home!

       16. (Weeps) PTL! Hallelujah! I'm not crying because I'm sorry, I'm just happy! Do you cry sometimes when you're happy? (Sings again:)

So until then, our hearts will go on singing!
Until then, with joy we'll carry on!
Until the day, our eyes behold that City,
Until the day, God calls us Home!

       17. Thank You Lord! Isn't that a beautiful song? Hallelujah! TYJ! Let's praise the Lord! (Tongues) Praise You Lord! Hallelujah! It's going to be so wonderful when we reach that final orgasm, but even getting there is tremendous! And whatever happens, we know that His joy & peace & happiness is going to surpass all understanding & that we don't need to worry about anything. He's going to give us grace to even rejoice in the middle of any persecution that might come, & the grace to be genuinely happy & at peace & feeling the thrills of the Spirit through it all! Until then, our hearts will keep on singing! Until then we'll keep on praising!--But then we're going to explode! I really believe it! Thank You Lord! Hallelujah!

       * * * * * *
More on Our Final Orgasm!

       (The next day, talking with Mama:)
       18. I've been thinking about that again today, that death & the Rapture are going to be like an orgasm or an explosion that catapults us into the Future, into the Next World! I think that was a real revelation, I never thought of that before! How much better it is to think of it that way instead of the mournful way that the World treats death. It'll be the most exciting moment of our lives!

       19. We should look forward to it & anticipate it, just like we do the orgasm in making love! We make love to the Lord all our lives, & finally we reach the orgasm, an explosion that catapults us into the pure spiritual World! I've always said an orgasm was really a spiritual thing. There's something about it that's very spiritual--just like your physical sensations are suddenly exploded into the spiritual. I think it's a sample of the thrill to come, of death & the Rapture!

       20. The Lord reminded me of how that word "rapture" is used constantly in literature, especially Old English literature, to signify or symbolise the sexual orgasm. They use the polite word "rapture" all the time. It's amazing that that term was then adopted by Christians as the name for being raptured at the Coming of the Lord, like the Bride is raptured by her Husband! When & where is she raptured?--In the act of love & final orgasm! It's a rapture! It's a rapture into the World of the Spirit, the union with her Bridegroom!

       21. It's a little bit like what you feel when you're speaking in tongues & being enraptured in the Spirit! You're literally feeling an orgasm of the Spirit! Right? (Maria: I think some people feel it more than others.) Well, that's the way different people react to physical orgasms. Not even all orgasms are exactly the same in the same person. They're all wonderful & beautiful, but different. Some are tremendous explosions, & others are just a little highlight. Sometimes it's just a moderate surge of pleasure, sometimes it's an explosion! It depends on the degree of energy that is released. Sometimes it's just a pleasant sensation, & other times you really explode!

       22. I remember reading in "Human Sexuality" by Masters & Johnson, that when some people have a climax they even explode off the bed! It's such a violent explosion it knocks them clear off the bed! (Maria: If you don't experience big orgasms now, you sure will then! In your "Ultimate Orgasm" you'll be exploded clear up to Heaven!) I often look at that picture up there. (Poster of Jesus saying "Come!") It's such a beautiful picture of the Rapture, showing our rapture to the Heavenly City. I thought that was cute how somebody expressed it last night: "He comes & we go!" That certainly is an orgasm! He comes & we go! Those two words "come" & "go" are used so much to describe that experience--"I'm coming" or "I came," "I'm going," "Did you go?" PTL! Hallelujah!

       23. The Lord has His orgasms of the Spirit, & we have a foretaste of that in the emotion of being filled with the Spirit! We're filled with His Spirit, we have an orgasm of the Spirit, & we're completely taken over by tongues or prophecy or interpretation. It is like an orgasm, you feel a real emotional surge! You have a spiritual & physical surge when you have an orgasm. It's really supernatural! I don't think science has really explained it, & I doubt if they can, because it's not just physical. It's almost like a seizure of the Spirit. The opposite is a demonic fit! When we're seized by the Spirit we're having an explosion in the Spirit in a sense, a seizure of the Spirit. And that's a lot like a sexual orgasm, such an explosion in emotion!

       24. Anyhow, that's how I got it, that death is not something to fear. The Lord certainly tried to tell us that enough in the Bible. In a way, it's something to look forward to. Thank God, it's a release! Isn't that what happens when you have a sexual orgasm? You have a terrific explosion & release of all that energy, boom!--So that you're sort of exhausted afterwards.

       25. So we should look forward to it, anticipate it! They say anticipation is 50% of enjoyment--we can have half the enjoyment now just looking forward to it & anticipating it & being excited about it, like kids are about Christmas. (Maria: Yes, thinking about what an honour & privilege it's going to be to die for the Lord.) It's a time to look forward to! It's our tremendous release from it all.

       26. We sort of have to work up to it in our lovemaking with the Lord. He's the Bridegroom, we're the Bride. He's making love to us, we're making love to Him, & at death we finally explode in the orgasm of the Rapture! And along the way He gives us little samples in explosions of the Spirit, the excitement of emotional, spiritual experiences, seizures of the Spirit. Amen? (Maria: Amen, beautiful!)

       27. Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! We're enraptured in the Spirit! That will be the final great explosion which catapults us into the spiritual World, to Heaven. The sexual orgasm, in other words, is a little sample of being blown into Heaven, exploding into Heaven, complete satisfaction, complete physical satisfaction! What other word could you use?--Fulfilment, completion, the explosive ending!

       28. So death & our union with the Lord is going to be an explosive ending to this life & the exciting beginning of another! I think that was a real revelation. It was just amazing. I was weeping & praying in tongues when I was reading those wonderful prophecies & messages & prayers from the time that the Family was fasting & praying, & there were some little mentions in there of suffering & persecution, sacrifice, even martyrdom, & it just came to me as clear as anything that we shouldn't worry about it.--We should tell our people not to worry about it, that it's a wonderful experience, like an orgasm! Even the getting there is going to be thrilling! Isn't the time leading up to the final explosion thrilling too? The Christians being burned at the stake weren't dead yet, but they were still smiling & singing & happy.

       29. Isn't that something? I never ever thought of that before! I believe the Lord really gave that to me! (Maria: You've probably never heard anybody else say that before either, have you?--Ha!) Never! The preachers don't talk much about sex anyway. Thank God we're open & free about sex! (Maria: That's why the Lord can open up so many things along that line to us, because we're open for it.)

       30. So in this life we have little samples of spiritual orgasms along the way & we're working up to that one big explosion! The whole time you're making love, that's what you're doing, you're working up to that big explosion of satisfaction, the highest peak, the culmination, the complete thrill! I mean, it's out of this World! We explode in both the flesh & the Spirit! It's a little sample of the Next World. Isn't that wonderful! I'm so glad the Lord showed me that!

       31. When you're making love, you don't dread the coming orgasm, you look forward to it, you anticipate it, you desire it! That's what you're working toward. It's your final explosion & release, total fulfilment! Amen? (Maria: It's going to be such a wonderful encouragement to the Family, such a relief for them!) Amen! That's what an orgasm is, it's a tremendous emotional explosive release, complete satisfaction! And then you lie together in peace & enjoy the rest of love. We used to call it the "love nap"!

       32. The Rapture is going to be a real rapture, an orgasmic explosion of emotion, being raptured by our Bridegroom! Amen? Don't you like it? (Maria: I love it!) That's what death is going to be for us! "O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?"--1Cor.15:55. Death has no sting for us! It'll be glorious! All the deaths of the great saints of the Bible were glorious, & some saw Heaven open! (Acts 7:56.) Even though they were being martyred, they were being exalted into the Heavenlies to be with the Lord! It was a tremendous release & explosion! Thank You Jesus!

       33. The Lord took all the pain & suffering out of it, He suffered that for us, & now we don't have to suffer. All we have to do is enjoy it--enjoy the big explosive orgasm of being released! All that pent-up energy of lovemaking with the Lord releases the climax at death or even martyrdom, when we explode into the Next World! Out of this World! PTL! Hallelujah! TYL!

       34. (Maria: I was thinking about why some people have a fear of martyrdom. For one thing, it's the Devil's business to try to put fear in your heart, to try to weaken your conviction & witness. Also, almost the only samples of martyrdom that people have seen have been on TV or in movies, & these have often been portrayed as dreadful, terrifying & horrific, much like they portray childbirth in movies--so different from the way both martyrdom & childbirth can be & are for those of us who are full of faith & the Word. But the Devil will do all that he can through his lying propaganda to both prevent Christians from standing up for the Truth & to prevent women from having babies. He's out to destroy both!) Yes, they try to make it look & sound as painful as possible. (Maria: Because the Devil certainly doesn't want anybody to get to the point where they're martyred for the Lord, so he tries to get them to deny the Lord through fear of death.) The last thing he wants them to think is that they're going to enjoy it!

       35. We're going to enjoy dying! That's the thing that struck me so, & I just exploded in the Spirit when I got that! (Maria: We've even heard of people who have been tortured before they died, & the Lord helped them in some ways not to even feel it, & gave them very thrilling spiritual experiences! And even if they didn't have food, He made them not be hungry, & all kinds of things. I don't know that He does that for everyone, but I guess if you have the faith, He'll do it! And we who know His Word should have lots of faith, therefore He should be able to do great things for us.) Amen!

       36. Even when my Grandmother was dying of peritonitis, which is a very painful infection, she apparently never even seemed to feel it. She said, "I see Heaven opened!--This is my Coronation Day!"--And she died smiling & looking up like she really was seeing it! She died happy! She enjoyed it! So look forward to it, enjoy it & die happy! We will die happy, thank the Lord! So desire it, look forward to it, anticipate it! Work up to it like you do in making love, the sexual explosion! You work hard! We're to work hard until we're united with our Lover completely in an explosion of the Spirit!

       37. Don't fear death, look forward to it! Amen? (Maria: That's a beautiful message, thank You Lord!) That's your Coronation Day! That's the fulfilment, the completion, the orgasmic explosion, when you explode into the Next World! That was the most shocking thing when I got that: "Don't fear death, it's going to be like an orgasm!" Praise the Lord? (Maria: Amen!) Amen! You'll die happy!

       38. The Lord said, "Whosoever liveth & believeth on Me shall never die!"--At least we'll never experience death the way the World does. We'll never die! I'll never forget how I studied that verse above George Washington's grave: "I am the Resurrection, & the life: He that believeth in Me, though he were dead, yet shall he live. And whosoever liveth & believeth in Me shall never die!"--John 11:25,26. That's even going further & saying we'll never die! You'll never die! You won't even feel death because the Lord already suffered it for you. "That He by the grace of God should taste death for every man!"--Heb.2:9. Praise the Lord? (Maria: Amen! Hallelujah!)

       39. That's what He must mean: We'll never die, we'll never feel death, because He's already taken the pain out of death for us. "So when this corruptible shall have put on incorruption, & this mortal shall have put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written, Death is swallowed up in victory! O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory? The sting of death is sin; & the strength of sin is the law. But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ!"--1Cor.15:54-57.

       40. Our Family's not shocked by sex, like the church Christians. Some of these weak Christians fear sex almost as much as they fear death itself! But we can look forward to both! It'll be an explosive, orgasmic release from the trials of this World, into the glorious Heavenly realm! Amen? (Maria: And not only the final orgasm itself will be thrilling, but we can expect the prelude to it to be pretty wonderful also, like it was for the Christians who were smiling & singing as they were burned at the stake.)

       41. Yes, in fact we who love the Lord & are filled with the Spirit, we already die daily (1Cor.15:31), so we're already having great joy & orgasmic lovemaking & thrills of the Spirit, we're already enjoying dying daily. It's a daily victory over death! PTL! Don't we have a great emotional, wonderful feeling when we have a victory? It's a terrific release from defeat, or what sometimes looks like is going to be a defeat. It's a deliverance! Isn't an orgasm a deliverance? You work hard to get up to it. And we're to work hard in making love to the Lord. He certainly works hard in making love to us, to help us to explode in the Spirit! The baptism of the Holy Spirit & spiritual experiences, manifestations of the gifts of the Spirit, are all tremendous explosions in the Spirit! They're orgasms of the Spirit, really.

       42. (Maria: I think that's why the few cases you do hear of Christians being imprisoned & in dungeons & tortured, the real true accounts, it almost seems like their spiritual ecstasy & orgasms so outweighed the physical discomfort, that by comparison they didn't even really feel it. They were so thrilled with the spiritual & the Lord became so real to them.) They were already living in the heavenlies, already living in the Spirit, already experiencing the thrills & orgasms of the Spirit!--"Tasting the powers of the World to come!"--Heb.6:5.

       43. I think that's one reason why Pentecostals were often accused of free love & free sex in the early days, because there was such a release in the Spirit! They were experiencing these orgasms of the Spirit that were so close to the physical, that it made them have orgasms of the physical as well! When you have an outburst of tongues, interpretation & prophecy, it's a tremendous orgasm of the Spirit! It's a tremendous explosion of the Spirit, which even affects you physically!

       44. I don't think I've ever heard that expression before we called it that: An orgasm of the Spirit! It's kind of a revolutionary way of expressing things! Like one preacher said, "The Kingdom of God is a party!" The things of the Spirit & the excitements & explosions of the Spirit are like having a sexual party! That's what the prostitutes call having sex, they call it "turning tricks" or a party! God turns tricks on us & gives us a party, & then we have explosions of the Spirit, orgasms of the Spirit! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord!

       45. Well, that's what the Lord was trying to show me, not to fear death, but to look forward to it. It's like an orgasm of the Spirit, the final release, which we're working hard to work up to. And when it finally arrives, we explode in tremendous satisfaction! So in the case of so-called death, it's not death for us, it's an orgasm of the Spirit, an explosion into the Next World, the Heavenly World! For us, it's not death, it's Heavenly, exciting!--An orgasm of the Spirit, final union with the Lord, rapture! "To depart & be with Christ is far better!"--Phil.1:23.

       46. I wonder who first used that word "rapture" for the Coming of the Lord? It's not used in the Bible anywhere, but Christians have adopted that as an expression of what it's going to be like. It's going to be a Rapture! (Maria: They use the word "ecstasy" too, & that's not in the Bible either.)--The Climax, the Ecstasy! (Maria: The culmination!) Amen! Famous writers & poets had all kinds of ways of expressing the sexual orgasm without using the actual physical terms. Praise You Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You Lord!

       47. So we should look forward to it, not as death, for we shall never die, but it will be our graduation, our explosion into the Spirit World, the ecstasy! The World speaks of "The Agony of the Ecstasy!"--When you have a physical orgasm, it feels so good it hurts! We're going to feel so good then, but it won't even hurt! TYJ! PTL! Hallelujah! So we shouldn't fear & dread it or be terrified by it, we should look forward to it, anticipate it as what we're working for, what we're making love for, & enjoy every moment of the lovemaking while we're making love to the Lord & He's making love to us every day, enjoying spiritual ecstacies of the orgasms of the Spirit!

       48. Just like in marriage or in a love affair, you're making love constantly or frequently along the way, enjoying the ecstacies & orgasms of love! This is how our lives should be, constantly, with lovemaking. When we're witnessing we're making love to the soul. And when they receive the Lord & they have that explosion of joy, that's the orgasm of the Spirit! Amen? When we come to the end of our lovemaking with the Lord in this life, I don't even like to call it death. When the Patriarchs & Prophets died, they died glorious deaths that were not even death. They don't even die, they just suddenly explode into the land of the Forever Living!

       49. So let's not even call it death, it's not dying! That's contrary to the Word! Let's call it graduation, glorification, exhilaration, exaltation, ecstasy, the final orgasm of this life in the Spirit, this love in the Spirit! It'll be the final orgasm to have attained, exploded into the terrific pleasure of the Heavenly World, the World of the Spirit!

       50. Let's not call it death any more, let's not call it dying. We've got to use other terms for it. We're going to reach our orgasm, our orgasm of the Spirit, of which we have little ones day after day in our life in the Spirit, our lovemaking in the Spirit! Praying & praising & having manifestations of the Spirit is lovemaking in the Spirit, so that we have orgasms of the Spirit, these outbursts & explosions of emotion! Amen? And that's going to be our final explosion, our final great tremendous explosion of the Spirit into the Next World, our graduation! Thank You Lord! Hallelujah!

       51. It's our orgasm!--When I reach my orgasm! I'm not going to die, I'm going to have an orgasm, a spiritual explosion, that'll explode me into the Next World, out of this World!--An out-of-the-body experience! Amen? So praise God! Let's make love! Let's make love every day, all the way, in the Spirit, with souls, with the Lord & in His Love! Lovemaking in the Spirit! That's a good expression.

       52. Spiritual lovemaking is what you're doing when you're wooing & winning a soul. You're doing the spiritual lovemaking, & when they finally receive the Lord & receive the joy on their faces, they're experiencing a spiritual orgasm, & you enjoy it with them. It takes two to make love. Soul-winning is wooing & lovemaking! You both enjoy it--both you & the soul that you win! And when you've won that soul, you've reached the orgasm in the Spirit! PTL! (Maria: And when you've encouraged or helped a brother or a sister, you've had that spiritual orgasm too.) Amen, praise the Lord!

       53. That's the life in the Spirit, love in the Spirit, constant lovemaking with each other!--Not only in the physical, but in the Spirit. Lovemaking in the Spirit daily. Daily lovemaking, reaching daily orgasms of the Spirit, till our final great orgasm that's so great it explodes us right into the Next World! TYJ! It's not death, we don't die! The Lord said it! "Whosoever liveth & believeth in Me shall never die!" In other words, if you're really alive in the Spirit, "he that liveth & believeth in Me shall never die!" And the Lord also says, "If a man keep My saying, he shall never see death."--John 8:51.

       54. Let's not call it death! How about our final orgasm in the Spirit! (Maria: Like our Super Trip! They talk about trips on drugs & trips in the Spirit, that's going to be our Super Trip!) Our high, the ultimate high!--Or like that TV show about us called it, "The Ultimate Trip!"--Where we feel the ultimate "rush"! That's what you often feel in spiritual experiences, you feel a "rush" of the Spirit. You get a high of the Spirit! That's what death is going to be, so-called death. It's not death for us, it's not dying for us. It's the final "rush" of the Spirit, it's the final ultimate high, the ultimate trip! It's the final tremendous orgasm, orgasmic explosion of the Spirit into the Next World! Why should we dread that? We should look forward to it, amen?--Anticipate it with pleasure & be thrilled by the thought that some day, when it's our time to go, we're going to have an explosion of the Spirit that will explode us into Eternity!--The Ultimate Orgasm! PTL! TYJ! Amen!

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