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BIBLE FOR YOU!--No. 26!--Test on Genesis 9:1-17 & Study of Genesis 9, Part 2!       11/90       DO 2764

       1. (Techi: Amen! Thank You Lord for this class time & for the time to learn all of these things. Please help us, Jesus, to get a lot out of it, & help the test questions we wrote to be good. Help us to learn as much as we can, Lord, & bless Grandpa, in Jesus' name! Thank You Lord!) Amen, & thank You, Lord, for my faithful students! Praise the Lord!

       Test on Genesis 9:1-17!

       2. This is our first test on Genesis 9, & how many questions did you manage to come up with? (David: About 16!) Good! Have you got your subject written at the head of your paper? It should say: "Test on Genesis 9:1-17," & your name & date. All right! (Grandpa reads the test questions:)
       3. Nos.1-3: What three things did God tell Noah & his family to do in the first verse? Three words.--Or you could have more words, if you want to. That's exactly the question I would have asked, very good!
       4. Nos.4-5: What two things did God put upon every creature? He put "blank" & "blank" of Man upon every creature. I'll bet you can remember that.
       5. Nos.6-7: What two things did God tell Man to eat after the Flood?--Two types of food, of which most of our meals are composed to this day.
       6. No.8: What were you forbidden to eat? What did God forbid Man to eat right then, even before the Mosaic Law? This test is really good! They're good at making tests, Mama! I thought it would be a good experience for them as future teachers.
       7. No.9: Therefore after this, Man was allowed to do what to the animals?
       8. No.10: So in order to defend themselves from Man, what did God allow the animals to do to Man?
       9. No.11: And what did God predict that Man would be doing to Man, to each other?
       10. No.12: And what did He say would be the fate of any man who killed somebody else?
       11. No.13: There's a Scripture in the New Testament that also talks about this: "They that live by the sword shall die by..."--what?
       12. No.14: What sign did God put in the sky, by which He promised there would never be another flood of water to kill everybody on Earth? What's the name of that sign? I'm talking about the sign, not what it was a sign of.
       13. No.15: What was this sign that He put in the sky a Promise of? It was called a Covenant--God's Promise to never to do what again?
       14. No.16: How long was this Promise or Covenant supposed to last?
       15. You didn't put your names on these test questions, so I can't tell who did them! (David: Actually we did them together. The black ink was the rough & the green is the final.) Oh, I see. (Techi: But, Grandpa, we really like your tests, because then we don't see the questions.) Well, you're not seeing them, I took'm! (Techi: It's fun for you to give us the tests, Grandpa.) I would have asked the same questions you did, so what's the difference? I'll bet that made you study a little harder!--And I'll bet it made you remember them better. Isn't that the purpose of tests? Okay, exchange your papers.

       Test Answers!

       16. Nos.1-3: What are the three things God told Noah & his family to do? (Kids: Be fruitful, multiply & replenish the Earth!)
       17. Nos.4-5: God put what two things upon every creature? (Kids: Fear & dread of Man.) Yes!
       18. Nos.6-7: What two types of food could Man eat after the Flood? (Kids: Meat & vegetables.)
       19. No.8: And Man was forbidden to eat what? (Kids: Blood!) Right.
       20. No.9: After this, what could Man do to the animals? (Kids: Kill them & eat them.)
       21. No.10: So what did God allow the animals to do to Man? (Kids: Kill Man.)
       22. No.11: And what did God say Man would be doing to Man? (Kids: Killing each other.)
       23. No.12: What would be the fate of any man who killed another man? (Kids: He would be killed.)
       24. No.13: "They that live by the sword shall also die by ..."--what? (Kids: The sword!) That's right!
       25. No.14: What sign did God put in the sky? (Kids: A rainbow!)
       26. No.15: And this sign meant God would never do what again? (Kids: Flood the whole Earth.) Right!
       27. No.16: And how long would this Promise last? (Kids: Forever!) Very good!

       Grading Papers!

       28. Now let's see how many points each question is worth. Since there were 16 questions, divide 16 into 100 & what do you get? The easy way is to first figure out how many times you can fit 15 into 50. Three times 15 is what? (David: 45.) Right. So since 16 is only one more than 15, if you divide 16 into 50, it would go three times. 100 is twice that much, so how many times does 16 go into 100? (David: Six times.) Right, it goes three times into 50, six times into 100, with four points left out of 100.
       29. Then exactly how much is six times 16? We can use what they call "Rapid Cal"! You quickly think, six times 10--which is part of 16--is 60. And six times six is 36. So 36 & 60 is what? (David: 96.) There we are! Six times 16 is 96, & that's as close as we can get to 100. We're not going to go into fractions, so we'll just say that each question is worth six points.
       30. Please grade the paper both numerically & alphabetically, & of course according to this, 96 would be the highest grade, but if you have a perfect paper, it's still 100! OK? Or you could start with 100, & then subtract six points for each mistake. Return the papers after you've graded them & check your own paper to see if you were graded right, & tell me your grades. (David: We both got 100%!) Praise the Lord!
       31. All right, now enter that test on your test list. Which number test was that? (Techi: I think it would be #14.) What does your test record say, David? (David: I think it's the same since we've had the same amount of tests.) Well, I want you to find it & make sure. (David: I got a bit behind actually.) You should always enter your tests when I tell you to. (David: I misplaced my notebook for awhile, but then I found it again.) Well, please complete your list of tests & number the tests, & what number would this one be? (Techi: 14.) So you should have listed number 14, & "Genesis 9:1-17" as the name of the test. Then on the rest of the line put down both your numerical & your alphabetical grades, which would be 100 & A++! Very good!
       32. And I'm going to give you extra credit, bonus credit for working out the test questions! How's that? Because I think that was harder to do & even smarter to do! What would be the number of the next test? (Techi: 15.) So on the next line of your test list put down #15, & then put "Test Questions" & give yourself an extra 100 points each. I want to give you credit for your work!
       33. All right! Now we still have a little time to go over the rest of the Chapter! Thank You Lord! We have less than half to go, but there are some very very big & important things in the rest of this Chapter. Amen, Lord, do help us now to get the real meaning out of these very important & significant verses.


       Where Sodomy Began!

       34. (Verse: 18:) "And the sons of Noah, that went forth of the Ark, were Shem, & Ham, & Japheth: & Ham is the father of Canaan." (Techi: They've repeated that quite a few times.) Well, they don't want you to forget it! "These are the three sons of Noah: & of them was the whole Earth overspread."--Meaning populated.
       35. (Verse 20:) "And Noah began to be an husbandman." What does that mean? (David: A farmer.) Yes, a farmer, or even one who has some animals. "And he planted a vineyard." Uh oh! That was his first mistake! "And he drank of the wine, & was drunken." It wasn't wrong to drink wine, even Jesus drank wine, but Noah drank too much wine. "And he was uncovered within his tent." What does "uncovered" mean? (Kids: He was naked.) Yes, he got drunk & somehow or another he lost his robe.
       36. (Verse 22:) "And Ham, the father of Canaan, saw the nakedness of his father, & told his two brethren without." And who were they? (Techi: Shem & Japheth.) "So Shem & Japheth took a garment, & laid it upon both their shoulders, & went backward, & covered the nakedness of their father." It was a disgrace in those days to be naked, especially to look on the nakedness of your father. "Their faces were backward, & they saw not their father's nakedness."
       37. But we're going to find out that Ham had not only seen the nakedness of his father, but listen to Verse 24: "And Noah awoke from his wine, & knew what his younger son had done unto him." He committed Sodomy, an evil sexual act against Noah, & this is where it all began! "Men with men working that which is unseemly," or as a more modern translation says, "Men committed indecent acts with other men, & received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion."--Rom.1:27.

       The Curse upon Canaan!

       38. (Verse 25:) "And Noah said, Cursed be Canaan." How come he didn't curse Ham? (Techi: I don't know.) Well, Ham was already pretty cursed, because he had broken the laws of God.--And that was enough curse, to know [EDITED: "Canaan and"] all his children would suffer the same sin! "A servant of servants shall he be unto his brethren." Not just a servant, but a what? (Kids: A servant of servants.) Yes! [DELETED] [EDITED: "See ML #2928, Vol.21."]
       39. (Techi: It's a little sad [EDITED: "Canaan and his children"] had to be cursed because of what Ham did.) Well, the point was, Honey, that God knew that was going to go on & they were going to spread Sodomy everywhere they went. [DELETED]

       Blessings upon Shem & Japheth!

       40. (Verse 26:) "And Noah said, Blessed be the Lord God of Shem; & Canaan shall be his servant." What was the name of Shem's people who the Old Testament is about? What kind of people did he beget? (Techi: Shemites.) Right. (Techi: They were the Jews.) Yes, & if you just do a little bit more with that word, take out the "h" & you have "Semites." Anti-Semitism is against whom? (Kids: The Jews!) [DELETED]
       41. (Verse 27:) "God shall enlarge Japheth"--in other words, Japheth is going to be powerful too--"and he shall dwell in the tents of Shem; & Canaan shall be his servant." So the [EDITED: "children of Canaan"] are going to work for both of them. And where did we get the fact that these descendants of Ham were black? (Techi: Because of the word "Ham.") Yes, Ham is an Egyptian word meaning "black," & all of his descendants were Black. [DELETED]
       43. [DELETED] Canaan his son & all of his descendants after him were cursed because Ham committed Sodomy against Noah, his father, when he was drunk, sad to say. So that's one sin that's been around a long time, these "gays" & "homos" or whatever you want to call them. We used to call them "pansies" or "queers" when I was a kid.
       44. So now we find who working for whom? (Techi: Canaan working for Shem & Japheth.) Yes, for both Shem & Japheth. (Techi: But what does it mean that "Japheth shall dwell in the tents of Shem"?) ... So there you are! Isn't Japheth dwelling in the tents of Shem? He's watching Shem's movies, dwelling in his hotels, ruled by his banks & all the rest of it! (David: Wow! I never saw that before!) Well, that's what Bible teachers are for, to show you! That's what all teachers are for, to show you what things really mean. (Techi: That's neat!) How about that?
       45. So the Shemites and the Canaanites were destined to get together, and they did.--Even though God told the Children of Israel to exterminate the Canaanites, to not let one of them live because of their wickedness! (Techi: Not one of the Black people in the World?) No, in Israel, the Land of Canaan. He said, "If you don't get rid of them, they are going to cause you to sin and they will be as pricks in your eyes and thorns in your sides!"--Num.33:55. In other words, to prick the Jews with their sins. Get it?
       46. By the way, what do we call the Japhethites? The Jews have a new, more common word for them. (David: Goys?) Goys, that's right, good for you! And what's another word the New Testament uses for them? (David: Gentiles.) Right! And where do you think they got that word "Gentile"? Give me a word that sounds a lot like Gentile. (Techi: Gentle.) Exactly! Gentle!--Not that all of them were gentle. [DELETED]
       47. (Techi: So Grandpa, most Americans were originally Japhethites, right?) Well, actually the original Americans, the Indians, were Shemites.--In the next Chapter it shows you where Noah's sons went, but just to explain briefly: The Japhethites went North-Westerly & they settled the White countries of Europe, & then the Europeans settled North America. So that's why the Americans are White, & therefore they were all what? (Techi: Japhethites.) Exactly right! (Techi: But now they've gotten pretty Shemite.) Yes, they've gotten pretty mixed up with the Shemites. (Techi: Because it says "Japheth shall dwell in the tents of Shem.") They're even mixed up with the Hamites now, the Canaanites.

       Blacks in Heaven!

       48. (Techi: Do you think there will be Black people in Heaven?) Of course, Honey! [DELETED] I think everybody's going to be pretty much the way they are now. What's it like in our Family? Our Black brethren are very precious. They're not a curse in our Family. We all love each other very much, & our skin colour doesn't make any difference. We all get along fine. If you want to know what it's going to be like in Heaven, it's going to be like what it is in our Family! It's only a curse where it makes a difference to the System & the World.
       49. Some of the best people I've ever known were Black folks, even before we had our Family. One of the sweetest Blacks I ever knew was saved in our church in Miami. He was really handsome, he was almost beautiful! He was a wonderful artist & he made some gorgeous drawings. And our maid in South Miami--named Mary, by the way--was the most precious Christian, always praising the Lord & saying "Thank You Jesus!" & praying. She was as good as gold!

       Mixtures of Black & White!

       50. Nowadays a lot of Black people have gotten so mixed with Whites that they're not really Black any more! There are very few real Blacks any more, especially if they're in places of authority or they're actors or they're somebody important. Almost always they're Mulatto, or what they call "mestizo" in Latin America & Spain. That means a mixture, a child of Black & White parents. (Techi: Some of them have gotten so White they're only like a little tiny fraction of Black.) Yes, they look more like they've just got a light tan.
       51. [DELETED] The Romans captured & took Nubian slaves--those are Blacks from North Africa--& they had thousands of these Nubian slaves in Ancient Rome. But 300 years later they said there were no more Blacks in Rome, everybody was just a little darker shade. [DELETED]

       Noah's Long Life!

       52. (Verse 28:) "And Noah lived after the Flood three hundred & fifty years. And all the days of Noah were nine hundred & fifty years: & he died." No wonder! I think if I had to live 950 years, I'd die too! I'm doing pretty good just to make 72. (David: Yes, especially nowadays!) Whew! I mean, that kind of a life is enough to kill anybody. Of course, when we have supernatural bodies in the Millennium it won't be so hard on us. (Techi: Amazing, we'll live forever!) And we'll have everything going our way then! We'll be running & ruling everything & getting rid of our enemies.

       Closing & Prayer!

       53. All right! So that was the last half of Chapter 9, & you will have a test on it tomorrow. OK? Those are some very strange things & very important things to remember, because everybody on Earth is descended from some of those people. (Techi: Will you give us that test?) Yes, I'll give it to you. You just study hard so you won't forget, OK? Try to remember those things.
       54. Who's going to pray? (David: I will! Amen! Thank You Jesus! Thank You Lord for that interesting lesson that we had with Grandpa, & thank You for the test we had too, Lord. Thank You for teaching us how to write tests & that good idea from Grandpa. We thank You, Jesus, for how much we learned tonight, & please help us not to forget it, but to remember these things. Please bless the rest of this night, in Jesus' name. Amen! Thank You Lord!)
       55. Genesis is a very interesting book, it tells you how everything began!--And where everything came from & who they came from. And eventually it's going to tell you where they all settled. Thank You Lord! Amen! God bless you!

       Picture captions & fact boxes:

       Page 7:
       Mt. Ararat's beautiful valley where Noah settled & planted his vineyard.

       Page 8:
       "And Noah said, Cursed be Canaan."

Squeezing Grape Juice to Make Wine
       People in Bible times squeezed the grapes to make their wine by stamping on them with their bare feet! The grapes were brought from the vineyard & dumped into a large stone tank. There was a large wooden pole over it & ropes hung from the pole. Men held onto the ropes while they stamped their feet on the grapes, & the juice ran from a hole in the bottom of the tank into a smaller stone tank below. People then dipped up the juice & put it in pots or bottles made from animal skins.

Michael Hackett, from Bible for Students

       Page 9:
       (From ML #1458:21:) "In Christ as Christians there is no difference! The Curse is only on those still in the World because of their vilest of sins!--And it has nothing to do with their colour!--As to a Heavenly colour change, I don't know!--Jesus still had His scars! Actually, I think they'd look a bit odd white!--Ha! I like those rich chocolate colours on some!--It's the colour of the heart that counts!"

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