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BIBLE FOR YOU!--No.27!--Test on Last Half of Genesis 9!       11/90       DO 2765

       Class of '90!

       1. Most college classes elect presidents & secretaries, usually treasurers & a few other offices too. But since I'm the only elector here & you both are candidates, I would elect David as President of our class & Techi as Secretary! How's that? (Techi: Good!) Maybe you never got to be a president or a secretary of any class before, but now you are, & we are a class! We are the class of what? (David: Of the Bible!) Yes, but we're the Class of 1990 also! We're hoping to finish up some of this this year, Lord willing. So shall we pray?
       2. (David: Amen! Thank You Jesus! Thank You Lord! Thank You Jesus for another time that we can study our Bibles & have this class. We really pray that You'll bless us & help us to learn what You have for us in this Chapter, Lord. And we pray that as we take the test we'll really remember what we're trying to learn here, Jesus. And even if we get some things wrong, help us not to forget them, Lord, in Jesus' name, amen. Thank You Lord!) Amen! And we're studying the last half of what Chapter? (Techi: Genesis 9.) And tonight you're supposed to take a test on it, right? (Kids: Yes, Sir!)

       Test on Genesis 9, Verses 18-29!

       3. Nos.1-3: And the sons of Noah that went forth of the Ark were--one, two, three! (Techi: Do they have to be in order?) It doesn't matter as long as you've got them all. You're usually supposed to learn them in a certain order, because one is more important than the others. The first one listed in the Bible was probably born first. (Techi: I thought it said somewhere that Japheth was the oldest.) Well, Japheth is usually listed last. (David: But we know Ham is the younger, because it said "Noah knew what his younger son had done to him.")
       4. No. 4: Who was Ham's son?
       5. Nos. 5 & 6: The Japhethites went Northward, & they populated primarily what three continents? In other words, they populated the West.
       6. No. 7: Even though I didn't bring this out in our class, since you know what happened & what people were that colour, can you tell me what continent Ham's people populated, primarily?
       7. No. 8: I said the Japhethites went Northward & Westward & populated three continents, & then Ham went whatever direction that is & populated one big continent, so that leaves what continent left which the sons of Shem--the Shemites, Semites--populated? Even though I didn't bring this out in our class, there's only one direction left, so you should be able to get it.
       8. No. 9: So Noah began to be a what?
       9. No. 10: And he planted a what?
       10. No. 11: And what did that produce? What was the produce of what he planted?
       11. No. 12: And what was the result of his over-consumption of its product? He got what?
       12. No. 13: And the result of that was he was lying carelessly in his tent in what condition? He was what? (Techi: The way the Bible says it?) Either way. It's called both here in the Bible.
       13. No. 14: And which of Noah's children saw him lying there naked?
       14. No. 15: And although it doesn't explain it explicitly here, the inference was that this son did something to his father. He committed what sin when he saw his father lying there naked?
       15. No. 16: And when he told his other two brothers, what did they do? You could say it in one word: They ____ their father.
       16. No. 17: And when Noah awoke from his wine, it says that he knew what his younger son had done unto him. So Ham obviously did something, he didn't just see him. And it's generally conceded by many Bible scholars that that was what happened, & that's why Noah cursed his grandson--the son of the one who had done this terrible thing to him--& he said he would be what? Now that will require two or three words; in fact, three at least. He would become a "something of somethings" to his brethren. He would be their what?
       17. No. 18: And he said, "Blessed be the Lord God of Shem"--& who will be his servant?
       18. No. 19: The Jews come from which son of Noah?
       19. No. 20: And the Blacks came from which son?
       20. No. 21: And he said that God shall do what to Japheth?--And it's proven today by the great power & the great numbers of the people of Europe & North & South America.
       21. No. 22: And he said that Japheth would dwell in the tents of whom?
       22. No. 23: And is it true that Japheth pretty much works for Shem nowadays? Shem pretty much owns the tent & all the businesses, for whom Japheth works.--Is that True or False?
       23. No. 24: And who is going to be Shem's servant? It appears that Japheth works for Shem, & who works for both of them, particularly for Shem?
       24. No. 25: What colour are the descendants of Ham & Canaan?
       25. All right! Praise the Lord! God bless you! Exchange your papers! Shall we go over the answers?

       Test Answers!

       26. Nos. 1-3: Who were Noah's three sons? (David: Shem, Ham & Japheth.)
       27. No. 4: Ham's son? (Kids: Canaan.)
       28. Nos. 5 & 6: What three continents did the Japhethites populate? (Kids: North & South America & Europe.)
       29. No. 7: And Ham's descendants populated what continent? (Kids: Africa.)
       30. No. 8: And what continent did the Shemites populate? (Kids: Asia!)
       31. No. 9: Noah began to be a what? (Kids: Husbandman.)
       32. No. 10: And he planted what? (Kids: A vineyard.)
       33. No. 11: And he produced what? (Kids: Wine.)
       34. No. 12: And he got what? (Kids: Drunk.)
       35. No. 13: And how was he lying in his tent? (Kids: Naked.)
       36. No. 14: Which son saw him naked? (Kids: Ham.)
       37. No. 15: And what sin did he commit? (Kids: Sodomy.)
       38. No. 16: What did the other two brothers do? (Kids: They covered him.)
       39. No. 17: And Noah said Canaan would be what? (Kids: A servant of servants.)
       40. No. 18: And Noah said, "Blessed be the Lord God of Shem," & who will be his servant? (David: Techi wrote Canaan & I wrote Ham, so I got that one wrong.)
       41. No. 19: The Jews come from which son? (Kids: Shem.)
       42. No. 20: And the Blacks? (Kids: From Ham.)
       43. No. 21: God said He would do what to Japheth? (Kids: Enlarge him.)
       44. No. 22: And Japheth would dwell in the tents of whom? (Kids: Shem.)
       45. No. 23: Is it true that Japheth works for Shem today? (Kids: Yes!)
       46. No. 24: And who works for both of them? (Kids: Ham.)
       47. No. 25: What colour are the descendants of Ham & Canaan? (Kids: Black!)

       Grading Papers!

       48. Okay, very good! Each question is worth four points, so if you have any "X's," each "X" is worth four points. Multiply the number of "X's" by four & subtract that number from a hundred & that's your grade. Please grade the papers & return them to their owners.
       49. Are you ready to enter those scores in your Test Lists? (Techi: So what would it be if I missed one?) You take 4 from 100, so you got 96. David? (David: I got 92%.) (Techi: He just got the Ham & Canaan mixed up, it's not bad.) I'm sorry, Son. (Techi: And I forgot one of the continents. That's pretty dumb. It just slipped my mind.) Well, Honey, maybe you're just not great on geography. I'm going to have to teach you guys some geography, I guess, because it's very important to know your geography. You must have just forgotten somehow. Sometimes you just sort of blank out. I've had questions that I just knew I knew the answer to, but I just couldn't cough it up!
       50. So can you translate those scores into alphabetical grades? You can either call it, "Test on Last Half of Genesis 9," or give the actual verses like Techi did. So what's your letter grade? (Techi: A-plus.) And yours, David? (David: Well, 92%.) (Techi: Is that A-minus?) Yes. (Techi: It's not a B-plus, is it?) Oh, no! It's A-minus. You see, the "A's" are in the 90s. The upper-90s gets an A-plus, lower-90s gets an A-minus. The "B's" are in the 80s, that's the way it goes.
       51. All right! Have you got this all entered in your lists of tests, along with your grades? (Kids: Yes, Sir!) And what, then, do you suppose our next study will be? (Techi: Genesis 10!) Genesis 10 is right! We're going to have some more genealogies in Genesis 10, & some very important points there which we will read tomorrow, because we don't want to get into it now. OK? (Kids: Yes!) And the following night we will have a test, D.V. Whose turn is it to close in prayer?
       52. (Techi: Amen! Thank You Jesus! Thank You for this good class, & for the test & for the things that we learned. Help us not to forget any of this, Jesus, & especially the ones that we got wrong. We pray that You'll really bless Grandpa for teaching us, in Jesus' name!) Amen! You should be thankful that you're not perfect; otherwise you'd discourage all the rest of us! OK? PTL!


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