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       DO 2769

       1. Someone sent us this book all about the origins of the various Christian denominations & organisations, & there's even a tiny paragraph in there about us! Of course, all of the Full Gospel, Fundamentalist, Evangelical & Pentecostal denominations condemn us, & mainly for two things. Can you guess what they are? The first one I'm sure would come to your mind immediately. What do you suppose that is? (Family: Sex!) Sex! And what do you think the other one is? Come on! Make a guess! What else is very unusual about us? (Fam: The MO Letters?) Well, they can't condemn me for being a Prophet. Of course, they don't acknowledge that, but they say that I claim to be a Prophet. I've forgotten exactly how they put it, something like, "His people consider him a Prophet."
       2. Can you think of what else it is they absolutely will not receive?        (Fam: That we don't go to church?) It mentioned that we condemn the churches, but that's not one of the main things. (Family: That we believe the Holy Spirit is female?) They didn't mention that, but I guess they didn't have room for all the things that they don't like about us, ha! But besides sex & a lot of other little doctrines, what do you think another major objection is? (Fam: That we're anti-American?) No, they didn't mention that. They only had a little space. They would have had to take several pages to list all the things they don't like about us!--Our communal living, our sexiness, our anti-church attitude, our anti-American stance etc.!
       3. Can't you think of something that even the Pentecostals, as radical as they are, don't like about us? (Peter: Does it have to do with spirits, Abrahim & things like that?) Right! They call us spiritists! They say that we dabble in spiritism & that we claim to commune with "familiar spirits." They use that term particularly because the Bible forbids you to commune with familiar spirits.--Lev.19:31. Of course, it all depends on your discernment of spirits & what kind of spirits they are! Just like there are all kinds of people, there are all kinds of spirits! All of the departed Saints are spirits--good spirits! If you're going to condemn all spirits, then you'd even have to condemn the spirit of Samuel who was called back from the dead by, of all things, a medium!--To give poor Saul advice.--1Sam. 28:17-20.
       4. So that is one of their major accusations, & of course they use that & sex, because then they know they can get practically all the churches & church people of whatever denomination to agree to be against us--against our "sexual freedom" as they call it, & against our "communion with spirits." Well, they commune with the Spirit, at least the Pentecostals do!--The Holy Spirit. But they refuse to believe there are any other holy spirits, any other good spirits. Well, we know better, of course.
       5. The Family started long before I met Abrahim. Abrahim came to us when we were camping out in Houston when I went to visit that Gypsy Chief in early 1970. I knew something happened, but I didn't realise what it was until afterward when he began to manifest himself. (See ML#296.) But thank God for Abrahim! He's pulled us through many a scrape & has given us many good messages & good advice, so thank the Lord for him! He's always around somewhere, & if I should call on him, he usually puts in his appearance. I don't actually see him, but thank the Lord, he's my personal guiding spirit. I think the people who deal with evil spirits even call them "guides," but they're guided by evil spirits, like we're guided by the Holy Spirit.--But not only the Holy Spirit, thank the Lord, but many other holy spirits!
       6. Why don't people want to believe in holy spirits? Lots of them believe in the Holy Spirit & they even speak in tongues. The Lord even showed me that the reason you're able to speak in tongues is not only because of the Holy Spirit--it's not only the Holy Spirit that's babbling in all these different tongues--but that She is inspiring other good spirits who know these languages to speak through us. So if you have a gift of tongues, it's of course inspired by the Holy Spirit, but even the Holy Spirit would have to be in an awful lot of places doing an awful lot of things, which She could be, of course, but why should the Lord do that when He can use Angels & angelic spirits to do it? That's their job! He even calls them ministering spirits!--Heb.1:14. How could they condemn us for communicating with Angels? Angels spoke to my Mother! I presume if they ever heard that, they'd condemn her for being a spiritist!
       7. Thank God we're spiritists! (Family: Amen!) Thank God for His Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit, as well as His holy spirits! God's Word tells us that every one of us has a Guardian Angel! (Psa.34:7, 91:11-12.) The Lord in His Word calls them "spirits" (Psa.104:4; Heb. 1:7), so every one of you has a Guardian Angel spirit! Of course we're spiritists! Of course we believe in spirits, holy spirits who are working with the Lord & His Angels, who are inspired by the Lord to help Christians, just like the dear saintly spirit that told the Apostle John, "I am thy fellowservant, & of thy brethren that have the testimony of Jesus."--Rev.19:10. These holy spirits from the Lord are inspiring us & leading & guiding us, and guarding and watching over us daily. PTL!
       8. How can they object to holy spirits when the Angels are holy spirits? They believe in Angels! They surely must agree with that Scripture that says they're "ministering spirits"! (Fam: They probably have to find something to condemn us for out of jealousy, because we're accomplishing so much!) Of course! Just like with the Scribes & Pharisees, it was out of envy & jealousy that they condemned Jesus & tried to find fault.--Mat. 27:18. They accused Him of not just being a spiritist, but of being demon-possessed!--And doing His miracles by the power of Baalzebub!--Jn.7:20, 8:48, 10:20; Mk.3:22.
       9. They just don't like us, & the feeling is mutual! We don't much like them either, but we don't hate them & totally condemn them! We believe those who are real Christians, Evangelicals, Pentecostals & Fundamentalists are born again, saved & going to Heaven, the same place we're going! Of course, that may be a little problem in the Millennium when those people begin to have to recognise us as also being Christians & saved, & not so wild as they thought we were!--Ha!--When they are also having to deal with Angels & ministering spirits & have jobs in the Kingdom of God teaching the Millennialists!


       10. That would be a good name for the people in the Millennium--"Millennialists"! The trouble with that is, it's already a theological term for people who believe in the Millennium. There are the pre-Millennialists & the post-Millennialists. The post-Millennialists think the Lord is going to come at the end of the Millennium, & that this is now the Millennium. Isn't this a great Millennium? Whew! How ridiculous! You don't hear people preaching that doctrine much any more! For a while, after World War I, it looked like there was going to be World peace, & the Church was still powerful & seeming to bring peace to the Earth, & missionaries were being sent to many countries. I don't know how many times I heard preachers preaching, "The Lord is going to come any minute now because the whole World has heard the Gospel, & the Church is in control! It's the Millennium!"
       11. Well, the way things have turned out today must have been quite a surprise to some of those old guys my age! Thank God I found out the truth before I got this old, or by this time I'd be getting a little impatient for the Millennium to be over & the Lord to come! As it is, you & I know what the Bible says, & we know that Jesus is not going to come at the end of the Millennium. That would be terrible, because this is not the Millennium! Ha! And He's not going to come before the Tribulation either, as some of them thought.
       12. So do you know what we are? (Family: Post-Trib & Pre-Millennial.) Yes! We believe Jesus is going to come post-Trib, but pre-Millennial.--In other words, Jesus is going to come after the Tribulation & before the Millennium. Virtually all the Fundamentalists, Pentecostals, Full Gospel & Evangelicals are pre-Millennialists now. But sad to say, until recently they were virtually all pre-Trib too.
       13. Thank God the word finally got out!--And I wouldn't be surprised that when we get to Heaven we're going to find out how much of that we were responsible for, because we kept on faithfully preaching it when nobody else was! Nobody! I almost never met anybody or heard of anybody preaching post-Trib Rapture, although it was in the Catholic Bible! Of course, most of them never read their Bibles, but I took the trouble to read their Bible & I found out to my surprise & to my joy that they also believe the Antichrist & Tribulation are going to come before the Lord comes. It's right in their Bible & their footnotes!
       14. I've found out that the Catholics are pretty straight on a lot of things! They believe in Purgatory & Limbo, & so do we! And they believe in the Intercession of the Saints, & they believe in praying to them too. Look at how they pray to Mary! What do you call that but spiritism? Of course, the Protestants don't like the Catholic doctrines either. But anyhow, praise the Lord! I found out over the years that the Catholics weren't so bad after all, they were pretty straight on a lot of things. Of course, all that ceremony & hocus-pocus isn't necessarily going to get you anywhere. It's too bad that with all of that they didn't also believe in real, genuine Salvation by grace. Thank the Lord at least we know that!

       Thank God We're Different!

       15. I'll never forget that dream Mother Eve had of these Christians being like little children playing with toys. It was while we were at the Protestant Building at the New York World's Fair in 1964. We had our exhibit there, & she was wondering about all these various denominations in our same building. The Salvation Army was about the closest to being like us, & the Seventh-day Adventists were about next. The Seventh-day Adventists believe a lot like we do, only they believe in worshipping on Saturday. Well, so what? I've even preached in Seventh-day Adventist churches! I think the reason they allowed me to was because I too believed in a post-Trib Rapture, like they do.
       16. At that time, the Seventh-day Adventists were just about the only denomination besides the Catholics that believed in a Post-Trib Rapture, and they openly preached it.--Because they began as Adventists before they were Seventh-day Adventists. It wasn't until Ellen G. White came along that they split off from the Adventists. She had a vision about the Fourth Commandment, the Seventh Day, keep it holy etc. So the Lord created a whole new denomination who have been very Evangelical, very militant, a whole new worldwide missionary organisation getting people saved! Thank the Lord!
       17. Just like the Lord had to break up the nations into various languages to scatter them abroad to keep the whole World from becoming one nation--which would have been a World government then & hastened the End of the World for sure--He's broken up Christians into all kinds of denominations & splinter groups to make sure all parts of His Message got preached worldwide! I once took a course in college on the Smaller Cults of America, & there were 280-some groups that I studied at the time. I'm glad I did! I learned a lot. Of course, they included the Pentecostals & a lot of others like that.
       18. But thank God we're different! The Lord had to make us different & scatter the Christians so that everybody would emphasise different things! They say the Pentecostals are actually the largest Protestant denomination in the World today, if you take in all the various Pentecostal denominations. They number in the tens of millions, I think something close to 300 million. But thank God they're all preaching the Gospel, Salvation & being born again! Just think of the millions who are preaching being filled with the Spirit!
       19. It's wonderful to me, the wisdom of the Lord, because no matter what it is--what article of faith, what tenet, what belief, what radical doctrine or what minor emphasis--He's got some group in the World emphasising & preaching that. So He's getting everything preached, even if they won't all accept it.
       20. I think we're probably the most radical group of genuine Christians today who really believe in all the basics of genuine faith & Salvation & the Bible, God & the Holy Spirit etc., & who preach the real Gospel & really win souls & get people saved, & are filled with the Spirit. We're undoubtedly the most radical & fanatical of any in their eyes, & of course, they view us as an un-Scriptural cult. I don't think most of the denominations even give us credit for preaching the Gospel or being saved or anything, at least not officially.
       21. So thank God we're here! (Fam: Amen!) Thank God somebody's preaching the purity of sex & nudity! No telling how nude you're going to have to be in the Resurrection! From what I saw of those white gowns of light in my visions, they weren't very concealing! Thank the Lord! And thank God we are in communion with not only the Holy Spirit, but all the spirits She uses to work with us & watch over us, all the holy Angels! Thank God!
       22. I'm sorry for those poor people who just shut themselves out, & shut themselves off from the Truth just because the preacher told them it wasn't so. It's sad! And of course they misuse & twist certain Scriptures to try to say it's all false.

       We Have the Best of Everything!

       23. Whereas one denomination has one major doctrinal emphasis, & another denomination has another point that they emphasise, & another denomination has something else, it seems like we have the best of all of them! Each of the good & true things that the various denominations have, have all been combined together in our Family! Every denomination is very strong on some particular point that distinguishes them & makes them a separate denomination. The Lord has helped us to emphasise all those good points & we have the best of everything!
       24. --Only we surpass them on a couple of things, one of which is recognised by the press & by all of them: We're the sexiest in the bunch! I haven't heard of any other Fundamentalist Evangelical group believing in real Salvation & evangelising the World who believe in sex as much as we do & are not ashamed of it!
       25. Boy, I'll tell you, the Devil really screwed them up about sex, didn't he? It started off with the Catholic church, of course. And I'll give the Apostle Paul a little bit of the credit for it too, ahem! But he was right about some of the restrictions he had to impose, because by letting them loose & giving them so much liberty, it became license, so he had to kind of cut down & caution them, just as we have had to do.--1Cor.8:9; Gal.5:13. And we've had to do the same thing. We're really not as bad as the churches think we are! In some ways we're a little worse, ha! But it's made us famous anyhow! The World has heard about us!
       26. That always reminds me of what Doctor A.P. Gouthey said in the Metropolitan Church in Los Angeles. He wrote a lot of Christian novels, God bless him, in the days when nobody had ever heard of such a thing. A lot of people didn't like him because he was very innovative & revolutionary. Besides, he did a lot of cussin' in the pulpit--like me! I don't do it quite so much any more because you've already gotten the point & been shaken out of your ruts & don't need that kind of language to shake you loose & get you stirred up to see how God looks at the situation. I've already gotten mad at the System so many times & it's there in print for you to read, so I don't have to keep repeating myself. I'd say most of my anger was righteous indignation at the damned Church System & their do-nothing attitudes! The Church System is damned by God--we're only pronouncing His curses upon their evil deeds.
       27. Gouthey used "hell" & "damn" & some of those forbidden words just like I have! He was famous for it! He'd get so stirred up he'd really sound off! And these two little old ladies came down one time after the meeting--you may have heard me tell this story already--& they said, "Doctor Gouthey, we like you, & you really preach the Gospel & you really get folks saved, & you're OK on everything but one thing. We don't think you should curse in the pulpit." And he said, "Ladies, the World has heard about me, but who the Hell ever heard of you?"--Ha! So there's some method to my madness! I'll tell you, the World has heard about us!
       28. And the churches have finally imitated much of what we do! They finally let the hippies into their churches. They started referring to themselves as a family. They hold hands in a circle for prayer or bench-to-bench, or however they do it, they hug, & greet each other with a "holy kiss," & they use guitars in their worship. They have copied so much! We've even heard of a few people now who believe the Holy Spirit is Female! I don't know whether they got that from us or what! And goodness, most of the Evangelicals are turning to a Post-Trib Rapture now!--Oodles of'm! They have conventions about it! All these famous Christians who I used to hear about, now they all believe in the Post-Trib Rapture! Well, you can't much blame them when they see how the World has gotten. It's kind of like the Post-Millennialists--they sort of faded out after they saw the way the World went!--It was no longer the Millennium.
       29. Even though most of the churches have copied quite a bit of what we do, there are some things that they won't touch with a ten-foot pole (such as our sex & "spiritism," of course)! And there's something else that we do that you'll never find them imitating. What other major thing do we do that's different than almost all the rest? You might think of quite a few things, but there's one thing I know they don't want to copy. A lot of other denominations have sent missionaries all over the World & into all the World to preach the Gospel, so that's not unique, thank God!--Of course, the way we do it might be in some ways! I haven't heard of any of them peddling Tapes, much less Videos on the mission field, or big colour Posters. I never saw any missionaries use such things to get out the Gospel, so we have used some unique tools.
       30. But there's one thing I don't think they want to copy, & I don't think they'll ever copy it until they get to the Tribulation or Heaven! (Family: Living communally?) Yes! Absolutely! That's where they draw the line! They don't want to have to forsake all & move in together & live communally. That's just too much!
       31. In the early days of hippyism & the Jesus People, there were some houses of Jesus People & a few groups who did forsake all & live communally. They called them "communes" in those days & they shared houses & whatnot, but I haven't heard of any of them carrying that on. But it's nothing unique! The Early Disciples did it, even the Catholic church still does it to this day! They have their communes. They don't call them communes, of course. They call them monasteries & convents. However, their communes are much different & only for certain special segments of their membership & definitely not integrated as we are with all families living together. So I wouldn't call these Catholic communes true communal living, certainly not anything like the way we do it.
       32. I remember hearing a terrible story of one girl escaping from a Catholic convent in Detroit! Detroit was a strong Catholic city that had big monasteries & convents. She had tried to escape so many times that they put her hair in the wringer of one of those old-fashioned washing machines, which used to squeeze the water out of the clothes between two rollers. They put her hair between the rollers & nearly pulled her scalp off to punish her! When that still didn't do it, they broke all of her toes & took her clothes away to try to keep her from running away! But she finally got out & she had heard about this Catholic priest who had become a preacher, so she ran to him for refuge. He knew he couldn't keep her, so he got some Christian he knew of that drove a milk truck to come by & pick her up--stark naked! The Catholics don't take too well to their novitiates running away, these new nuns.--And they accuse us of being a strange cult!
       33. That reminds me of something I'm sure the Catholics didn't like: When we were FFing & we called our girls the "Nuns of Love"! I must admit, I do like to shock people! I guess it's the sign of a true revolutionary, he doesn't care what people think! Praise the Lord! Hallelujah!
       34. Well, there's another thing that's unique about us! Can you think what it is? (Family: We've got a Prophet!) Right! This is the only group that has me!--Ha! Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus!

       --Thank God we're different!

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