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GO TO IT & DO IT!       DO 2771 3/92

       (Dad's comments on a "700 Club" video promoting young Eastern European Christians going to the U.S. for education before going back to win their own country:)
       1. That kind of education is a handicap when it takes six or seven years to finish it, by which time their fire is practically quenched! This worship of education & knowledge by the religious system is one of the biggest handicaps to the evangelism of the World! We just took anybody that would come who promised to get out & witness & win souls, & look what we've done!--With or without an education!
       2. I'll match one of our disciples any day to one of Pat Robertson's or Billy Graham's university students! They may be more accepted by the System, but ours are more accepted by the common people who heard Jesus gladly (Mk.12:37), & they're going to accomplish a lot more in number of souls won too!
       3. I used to almost envy some of those big-name preachers for their education & their degrees, but I've outdone them all with the main job Jesus sent us here to do--to preach the Gospel & win souls--without stopping to build churches or get a big education! A degree & lots of education can't get you anywhere any more! It's getting less & less useful all the time! In the U.S. & in England, people with a Harvard or Oxford degree can't even get a job! All I can say is we're doing more, & the fastest, & with the most results!
       4. It's a shame to think those kids from Eastern Europe are having to go to the U.S. for two years to study for a Master's degree when they could stay right there doing what we're doing, really winning souls to the Lord! Our kids out on the street passing out lit are doing more than these guys who are going & spending two more years in education to get a Master's degree when they've already spent four or five years getting a Bachelor's degree! And these Eastern Europeans even have knowledge of the language, just think what they could do! What a waste! Many of our kids don't even know the language, but they still get out there & preach the Gospel. We may belong to the "underground of religion," but we're reaching the underground! TTL!
       5. And considering how short the time is & how late it is, can you imagine wasting two more years sitting around in classrooms, going to law school in some Christian university & all of that baloney when you could be right there winning souls! What a waste of time for those potential Eastern European students to go to the U.S. & get Master's degrees in economy so they can help their country & the financial situation. All we want to do is help the people!--To get'm saved & bound for Heaven!
       6. Of course, all of that emphasis on education appeals to the System & is very Systemite. They've got them brainwashed into thinking that anything Christians do has to be done from within the System. It just makes me nearly sick watching this! I have more of a right to brag about our little people on the street corners of Eastern Europe peddling Posters than this business of Pat Robertson's university & their graduates devoting their whole lives to some System institution! They want to change things for the better, but the only way they're going to really change anything for the better is to change people & to win souls!
       7. Isn't that pitiful? This girl is saying, "I want to work, I want to help my country!" We'll hire you! We'll put you in one of our Homes & send you out preaching the Gospel & winning souls fulltime, which is far more important than wasting your time keeping books for some System company! (Maria: Yes, how many souls are you going to be able to win that way?) They think this is such a great idea, a great thing to give your life for, to waste years getting a big education to help to privatise the industries in Poland. It sure makes you appreciate the Family!
       8. Think of the time they waste! (Maria: Then even when they get through wasting that time, they aren't equipped to do anything! They don't do anything for the Lord & it's made them less effective.) They probably don't even know how to lead a soul to Christ! (Maria: Or if they do, they're not even going to have time to do it because they're so caught up in their System job.) Most of them don't even know how to effectively witness. They have to spend most of their time working at what amounts to a System job.
       9. That's so much the attitude & tack of evangelicals--to attack the cults & attack different religions, instead of just forgetting about that & winning them to Jesus! We go in & win souls to Christ even amongst the Shintoists, Muslims & Buddhists!
       10. And in Eastern Europe, we are giving tens of thousands of Dollars to win Russia for Jesus! Our Family's gifts & tithes are making it possible for millions of Posters to be printed, many teams to go in, & even Homes to be set up within the former Soviet Union.
       11. The church has everything backwards! They think they've got to send these nationals from their country to the U.S.--of all the corrupt places--to get two years of education, so they can go back to their country & supposedly be a better worker, but not necessarily witness. (Maria: Yes, mostly secular education with just a little Bible thrown in.) It makes me all the more enthusiastic about our religion, if you want to call it that, & disgusted with theirs!
       12. All we need are the labourers! Send your labourers into the field, the Lord said! "Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest that He will send forth labourers into the harvest, for the fields are already white unto harvest!"--Mat. 9:37,38; Jn.4:35. They're talking about sending out labourers to work with the God-damned System! (Maria: Yes, & then in those countries, building even more campuses so they can train more students to do more secular jobs.) Imagine!
       13. We'll take anybody that will come who's willing to go out & start preaching the Gospel right off the bat & winning souls! They don't need a college education to learn how to win a soul to Christ! They don't need a college education to learn how to preach the Gospel! They don't need a college education to learn how to pass out Gospel literature!--And to love people & win them to the Lord & train them to do the same! Boy oh boy!
       14. God bless Fred Jordan for finally turning me on to this method! He had the vision, God bless him, & we just carried it out & made it work. (Maria: You sort of wonder how a guy like Pat Robertson who is really sold on winning people to the Lord & even does it right on his show, leading people in a simple little prayer of Salvation, why he wouldn't promote other people doing the same thing.)
       15. He's wasting all that time & money building big buildings--a hotel & a university & a broadcasting complex & all those things. I'll bet I've done more with every Dollar we've received than he ever did with any one Dollar he ever got! Our Dollars go straight to preaching the Gospel & winning souls without any hurdles, delays or stalls in-between--such as education, church-building or any of that ridiculous waste of time & money! We just go do it, that's all!
       16. I always kind of had that feeling & knew that was how it should be done, but Fred really turned me on & showed me that it could be done, God bless him! (To Fred:) Thank you, Fred! Thank You, Lord, for using Fred. He just grabbed the willing workers & started out with nothing but a two-week course to prepare missionaries for Japan. Imagine!--Trying to teach them how to win souls in Japan when they didn't even know the language! At least they could pass out Gospel literature. (Maria: That's what our people do. Most of them don't know the language either at first.) Then he increased the course until it finally got as long as it ever got, which was three months long.
       17. Pat Robertson is talking about having students come to his college, Regent College, to study secular materialistic courses to train people for jobs in the System, & spend two years at it! (Maria: Yes, for a Master's degree! They've already spent four years in another college to get a Bachelor's degree.) And what have they got? What have they got!? They can come out of his school & they still don't know how to preach the Gospel or win a soul to Christ! And even if they do, look at all the time they wasted!
       18. Just think of these priceless two years in which Eastern Europe has been open, & these kids even speak the language! By the time they ever get back there, things are going to start closing & the opportunity will be gone--lost! Thank You Jesus for giving us Thy wisdom & Thy impetus, Thy inspiration, Lord, to go out there & wisely do what You told us to do.--To go into all the World & preach the Gospel, the simple good news, to every creature!
       19. Pat Robertson has to raise all that money just for buildings & to pay teachers. He's going more & more the way of all flesh--buildings & education. Well, I'm a little discouraged with Pat Robertson. He's going all gung-ho for buildings, college, education & all that junk! God help us! Well, God bless him for the good he does do. On the other hand, as Fred used to say, "Look at all the good they could have done" with all that money.
       20. (Maria: It's sort of like the preacher/ parishioner style. He's the preacher & everybody else just gives him the money to do the job, which he's not doing very wisely. He's almost the only one in his organisation preaching the Gospel fulltime & his parishioners aren't doing anything.) Oh, I suppose maybe they also train preachers, I don't know, but it's obviously Systemite & churchianity & education-oriented. Sad!
       21. Thank God for the Family! (Maria: Yes, thank God we're different!) We don't waste any time fooling around with all this other junk, building church buildings & universities & getting education & all that stuff. One little humble common witnesser can get out there on the street & accomplish more in a few days than they'll accomplish in a few years! And at least we'll get it done before the doors close. They're still going to be in training for two more years, imagine! Even two years is too long! (Maria: Yes, & then they're not going back to preach, they're going back to System jobs.) Yes, isn't that pitiful?
       22. Their method requires so much money they've got to keep plugging for money & they've got to keep pleasing the System & giving Systemites something that they think is worthwhile to donate their money to--to "educate" these people, to build colleges & even a hotel convention center & expensive TV ministry. We've got thousands of fulltime workers for the Lord, even children who can lead souls to Christ! Thank God He delivered me from that Church System!--And even the Christian college system & all that stuff!
       23. It's pitiful, it's just pitiful! They're doing everything but the one thing the Lord told us to do, which is to get out & preach the Gospel & win souls! They're doing all of this to commence to begin to get started to get educated with a lot of junk you don't even need for the job.--In fact, training that's probably going to get more in their way than do much good! Those people aren't going to want to get out on the street & pass out Gospel literature to the poor! They've got their supposedly important jobs & too much of all that supposedly important education that needs to be used.--But used for what?!
       24. That's why I got fed up with Bible School! I stood up & said, "I'm sick of all of this! All I need is John 3:16 & I can get out & preach the Gospel without wasting more time sitting here arguing over doctrines & interpretations & blah, blah, blah!" (Maria: They think they have to actually get right in there in the System in order to change it, but all they have to do is win those who are already there to change it, like we do.)
       25. They want to be able to win executives--well, we just walk into their offices & win'm! (Maria: Yes, you don't have to train to be the executive, you can just win the executives that are already there!) All you have to do is know how to preach Christ & win souls to Him, get people to accept Him. (Maria: They really are messed up.) Thank God for the method that Jesus taught, & Fred Jordan too. (To Fred:) God bless you, Fred! I'm sure the Lord's blessing him right now, & I'm sure Fred looks down on us & realises we're an extension of his ministry. We're carrying on what he wanted to do.
       26. (Maria: The problem is, these preachers like Billy Graham & Pat Robertson, they are preaching & they are doing the right thing, but they're not asking anybody else to help them! They're not recruiting anybody else to help them win souls.) These kids are supposed to be Christian workers, Christian executives who can get in & feed the people physically first & help their economy first, then preach them the Gospel. (Maria: I know, but can't these evangelists see that the people in those countries need more help than that? How could Billy Graham & Pat Robertson not be crying out for more people to help them preach the Gospel instead of promoting putting others through school! I don't understand how they can't even see it!)
       27. The Church System & the Church method is such a waste of time & money!--Involving church buildings & education. As I used to say, church buildings have probably damned more people to Hell than anything else the church ever did!--Building church buildings that rob the mission field of missionaries & funds & the Gospel & Salvation. It just makes me sick & fed up! It makes me thank the Lord for what we know!
       28. I'll bet Fred Jordan is jumping with joy now that we're carrying on his vision!--To just go out & preach the Gospel, pass out literature & win souls! That's the only thing that's important, & you don't have to have an education for it. He even sent out handicapped people--blind, crippled, in a wheelchair--just to prove the supposedly impossible, that even they could witness & win souls.--And we've done the same! In fact, we have one very precious 9-year-old blind boy in our Family, named Stevie, who is a better witness than a lot of our sighted people! He can't see in the flesh, but he sure does see things clearly in the Spirit & he's doing a lot to help other people see them as well. GBH! Of course, it's easier for folks if they are not handicapped, but I think Fred was trying to show that anyone could do it, that you didn't need anything but a willing heart & the desire to win souls.
       29. The Churchianity system spends so much time & money getting ready, on preparation, that they never get the job done! One little hick evangelist like Tommy Hicks or William Branham who had no education & who butchered the King's English, could go out there & win hundreds of thousands to the Lord, heal thousands & accomplish more than these guys with all of their education, & these denominations with all their church buildings! It's pitiful!
       30. They literally persuade their people to stay home, get a job & earn money so they can support the church, & eventually the colleges, & eventually the college graduates, to eventually become missionaries, to eventually win souls! But sad to say, by the time they finally get there, so much money has been wasted & so much time has been spent & so much of their fire has died down that they accomplish very little.
       31. Thank God for the Family! Just like the disciples of old, Jesus didn't put them in college, He just taught them on the job & showed them how to witness. (Maria: Yes, & even our 13 & 14-year-olds are out winning souls!) Right! Honey, even our younger children have learned how to go up & ask people to receive Jesus & pray the Sinner's Prayer! "A little child shall lead them. Except ye shall become as a little child, ye shall in no wise enter into the Kingdom of Heaven."--Isa.11:6; Luk.18:16, 17. Why in the World are they trying to over-stuff these people with education? That's not becoming as a little child! The common people heard Jesus gladly! It was the educated religious leaders who rejected Him! Pitiful!
       32. Well, I've said it all before, so there's not much use going over it again.--But I'm still sold on our method, the New Testament method, the Early Church method, Jesus' method!--To just go & take a bunch of newly saved disciples out witnessing. That's what Jesus did! Show them how to witness, & then send them out.--And He did, & they did, & they did it! So that by the time He left physically, they were able to do it on their own, with the help of His Spirit, of course.
       33. It just sickens me to see programs like that, extolling the supposed advantages of education! It seems like Pat Robertson accomplished a lot more when he stuck to praying & manifesting the gifts of the Spirit rather than all this preaching of education & extolling college & college degrees! He didn't get to the top by education, he got to the top by the power of the Spirit & the gifts of the Spirit! That's what made him, right? (Maria: Yes. I hope he realises that, though, because he did have quite a bit of education. Maybe that's what got him tripped off into thinking other people should do the same.)
       34. Well, praise God, I'm just thankful that we don't have to waste time & money with all that sort of thing! Thank God we can establish a Home with a dozen people in a few days or weeks of time, teach & train them how to witness & win souls, & it costs just a few hundred Dollars!--And all that time & money is not wasted for education, buildings, colleges, churches & TV programs! Thank God we just go straight to it & do it! Go to it & do it!--Amen? Praise the Lord!

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