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BIBLE FOR YOU!--No.29!--Test on Genesis Chapter 10!       DO 2776       11/90
--Bible Classtime with Grandpa!

       1. (Techi: Amen! Thank You Lord! Thank You Jesus! Thank You, Lord, for this class time with Grandpa! We ask that You please strengthen us all & give us wisdom. Bless & help all of us as we take this test. Please give Grandpa wisdom, & help us to do a good job & to remember the different things we need to know, in Jesus' name. Thank You Lord!) Amen!
       2. Praise the Lord! Tonight we have a test on a rather difficult Chapter, Chapter 10 of Genesis, about all these branches of Noah's family. Are you ready? (Kids: Yes, Sir!)

       Test Questions!

       3. Nos. 1, 2 & 3: Who were Noah's first three sons? Please let me know as soon as you've written down the three answers, & by this time you should be able to put them in the proper order.
       4. No. 4: And now I want you to tell me what countries or cities these famous sons & grandsons established. I will read you the name, & you put down the country or the city. The first one is Gomer.--What country did he establish?
       5. No. 5: Magog?
       6. No. 6: Tubal?
       7. No. 7: Meshech?
       8. No. 8: Togarmah?
       9. No. 9: What people controlled Tarshish & Kittim? In other words, what's the modern name of the people whose ships came from Tarshish & Kittim?
       10. No. 10: The Jews called all of these people by a name which represents everybody who is not Jewish.
       11. No. 11: The first two sons of Ham mentioned were Cush & Mizraim. What country of North Africa did Mizraim settle?
       12. No. 12: Some of his sons settled the area of Havilah, which was apparently around the river which flowed through the Garden of what?
       13. No. 13: Sheba & Dedan are what modern country today? Raise your pencil when you're done. It's not a very modern country, but it's a modern name. It's where all of the American troops are going right now. Are those enough hints?
       14. No. 14: Nimrod was a mighty what?
       15. No. 15: And the beginning of his kingdom was one of the first great & ancient empires, named after a certain tower. Don't give me the name of the tower, but give me the name of the kingdom.
       16. No. 16: Asshur established an empire whose capital was Nineveh. What was the name by which we know the country of Asshur? It's an ancient name, one of the famous early empires whose capital was Nineveh. It says Asshur here, but we use another name similar to that.
       17. No. 17: One of the last descendants of Ham had a great kingdom established along the coast of Israel with whom the Israelites were constantly fighting, & with whose giant David fought a famous battle. (Techi: Should we give the name of the descendants?) The people along the coast of Israel with whom they were constantly fighting, who gave them a lot of trouble. (Techi: So they were Black?) Yes.--Whose giant fought David.
       18. No. 18: And Canaan begat Sidon, & that became one of the capital cities of what country that still exists today? It had two capital cities. Tyre was the principal one, but Sidon was another one, & they're both in existence today in that country.--Which is one of the few countries of Bible lands that still has its original name. The U.S. recently [EDITED: "in 1982"] tried to fight a war there to protect Israel, but they made a big mistake & their soldiers all housed themselves in the same building, which was blown up with a car bomb. Its flag shows a picture of a big tall cedar tree, & Solomon built part of the Temple from the cedars of ... where?
       19. No. 19: The border of Canaan was all the way from Sidon on to a certain strip as you go towards Sodom & Gomorrah. What's the name of that strip?
       20. No. 20: The Shemites populated what great continent, along with a little mixture of Hamites?
       21. No. 21: And this great continent was what direction from Israel?
       22. No. 22: One of Shem's famous descendants was called Peleg, for in his days was the Earth...what?
       23. No. 23: In Genesis Chapter 2 about the Garden of Eden, it speaks of one of the rivers in that area having much of what precious metal? The blank of Ophir & Havilah.
       24. No. 24: What was the first continent that Japheth populated?
       25. No. 25: And what one great continent did Ham populate & all his Blacks?
       26. All right! Put your name at the top of the paper and call it "Genesis Chapter 10 Test." (Techi: Oooh, there's one I don't know! The last time I couldn't get one, too. I'd better study more next time.) Well, you can't expect to make 100% every time. Be thankful you make a good grade. Don't worry, those you miss you'll remember the best! (Techi: I'll still get A+ I think.) I don't know how I could give you any more help than I did. It's almost as easy as saying, "Where was Joan of Arc from?" Or, "What was George Washington's first name?" (Techi: It was the Assyria one.) Oh, yes. Sorry about that. But you'll remember that after this.

       Test Answers!

       27. Nos. 1, 2 & 3: Noah's three sons were... (Techi: Shem.) (David: Ham.) (Techi: And Japheth!) Very good!
       28. No. 4: Gomer? (David: Germany.) That's right.
       29. No. 5: Magog? (David: Russia.) Right!
       30. No. 6: Tubal? (David: Tobolsk.) Right!
       31. No. 7: Meshech? (Techi: Moscow.) Right!
       32. No. 8: Togarmah? (David: Turkey.) That's right.
       33. No. 9: Tarshish & Kittim were controlled by what people? (David: The British.) Right.
       34. No. 10: And what do the Jews call all those who are not Jewish? (David: Gentiles.) Right!
       35. No. 11: What country was Mizraim? (David: Egypt.) Right!
       36. No. 12: Havilah was apparently around the river which flowed through the Garden of...? (Techi: Eden.) Right.
       37. No. 13: Sheba & Dedan are what modern country? (Techi: Saudi Arabia.) Right!
       38. No. 14: Nimrod was a mighty... (Techi: Hunter!) Right!
       39. No. 15: The beginning of Nimrod's kingdom was what great Empire? (Techi: Babylon.)
       40. No. 16: And Asshur was what Empire? (Techi: Assyria.)
       41. No. 17: The kingdom along the coast of Israel with whom the Israelites were constantly fighting? (Techi: The Philistines.)
       42. No. 18: Tyre & Sidon are in what country? (Techi: Lebanon.) Right, the cedars of Lebanon. (Techi: I got it when you mentioned the cedar tree.) Really? What made that bring it to you? (Techi: Because I knew the flag.) Oh! How about that. You're pretty smart. Did you get that one too, David? (David: Yes, I got it when you gave the hint about the car bomb. I actually wrote Jordan, & then when you mentioned about the car bomb I changed it.) (Techi: I wrote Jordan, too.) See, I do try to help you all I can!
       43. No. 19: The border of the Canaanites was from Sidon to what strip? (Techi: Gaza.) Right!
       44. No. 20: The Shemites populated what great continent? (Techi: Asia.)
       45. No. 21: And Asia is what direction from Israel? (David: East.) Right!
       46. No. 22: In the days of Peleg was the Earth....(Techi: Divided!) Right!
       47. No. 23: The blank of Havilah & Ophir. (Techi: Gold!) Right!
       48. No. 24: The first continent that Japheth populated was what? (Kids: Europe.)
       49. No. 25: And Ham? (Kids: Africa.) Right!

       Grading Papers & Homework!

       50. Each answer is worth four points. Put an "X" in front of any one that was wrong. Multiply the number wrong by four & subtract from 100. And you can also give it a letter grade, if you want to. Return the paper to its owner. (Techi: I got A+! 96%--And David got 100! A++!) Good for you, David! It's your turn to get 100. You're both making very high grades so you certainly ought to be happy. You really are doing well! Don't forget to enter the name of that test in your Test List along with your grade.
       51. (Techi: We've had 16 tests so far!) On only 10 chapters, how could we do that? (Techi: Because we also had tests on King James, the Books of the Bible, Bible Chronology, Old Testament, New Testament & credit for writing one test!) Oh, so you guys did write out the names of the New Testament Books!
       52. All right! What do you think your homework will be for next class? (David: Genesis Chapter 11!) Right! And that's about a great tower! What tower do you think that's going to be? (Techi: The Tower of Babel.) Right!
       53. Well, we did that test in record time. Praise the Lord! Who is going to pray? (David: I am. Amen! Thank You Jesus for this test. Thank You that we did well, & thank You for how we get to study the Bible like this. Please help us to remember the things that we learned out of the tests & not to forget them, Jesus. Please bless the rest of this evening, in Jesus' name. Amen!)
       54. I like teaching you kids! You're the same ages I used to teach in high school. Isn't that amazing? Praise the Lord!

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