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BIBLE FOR YOU!--No.31!--Test on Genesis 11!       DFO 2780       15/11/90
--Bible Classtime with Grandpa!

       1. (David: Thank You Jesus! We thank You for this time that we can have this test & this class. We pray that You will help us to remember the answers, Lord. And even the ones we get wrong--if we do--help us to remember them especially well. Please give us a good night, Lord. Bless Mommy, too, Jesus, & help her & strengthen her in her work, in Jesus' name. Amen! Thank You Lord!) Amen! Praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus!
       2. Write at the top of your page: "Test on Genesis 11," & your name & the date. This is the 15th of November, or 15/11. Have you got your papers titled? A good way to do it is to put the title of the test in the middle at the top of the page, your name on the left corner & the date on the right hand corner. So, Chapter 11 of Genesis!

       Test Questions!

       3. No. 1: And the whole Earth was of one what?
       4. No. 2: "And it came to pass as they journeyed from the east, that they found a plain in the land of Shinar." It was apparently pretty mountainous country. "And they dwelt there. And they said one to another, 'Go to!'" "Go to" is a funny little expression just like we say, "Let's go!" "Go to, let us make brick, & burn them thoroughly." They didn't just make adobe bricks like I did when I built my church at Valley Farms. All you had to do to make adobe was put the mud in little forms & just lay it out in the hot Arizona sun to dry. It sounds like they really baked them in an oven, or what's called a kiln.
       5. "And they had brick for stone, & slime had they for mortar." I don't know what kind of slime that was, but it may have been something like the mud I put between my adobe blocks. Just think, I built a church that's still standing there today. But I'm much more proud of my human church of flesh & spirits!--The Family!
       6. And they said, "Go to, let us build us a city & a..." what?
       7. No. 3: "Whose top may reach unto Heaven." It sounded like they wanted to get up to where God was. "And let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole Earth." Can you think of one word that was their sin in doing this? Can you think of why they did it? It was a sin of...what?
       8. No. 4: "And the Lord came down to see the city & the tower, which the children of men builded. And the Lord said, Behold, the people is one, & they have all one language; & this they begin to do: & now nothing will be restrained from them which they have imagined to do." What He meant by that was that they would get so big & powerful they would become one great big what?--All in one language. It's dangerous when countries get that big & that powerful & they want to make war & all kinds of things. (Techi: Does it have to be one certain word?) You can have several different answers for that.
       9. No. 5: And the Lord said, "Let us go down & there confound their language, that they may not understand one another's speech." And then when they couldn't talk to each other, couldn't understand each other, what did that do to them? One guy says, "Hand me some more slime!"--"Gobble-blabub-bub!" And the other guy says, "What's the matter with you, fool? Can't you understand me?"--"Blabubb-bub-bub!" So it says the Lord did what to them upon the face of the whole Earth.
       10. No. 6: Therefore the name of the Tower was called what?
       11. No. 7: What did this word actually mean, this Tower of so-&-so? There's just one word that best expresses that.
       12. No. 8: What modern English word do we get from the name of this Tower? It sounds a lot like it; in fact, it comes straight from it. (Techi: If we gave it on the last question would it be right?) No, it's a word that sounds almost like the name of the Tower, it uses some of the same letters. (David: So it's not an old English word?) No, it's a modern word. You often use it with babies. "Oh, listen to him..." what? In question 7 I asked what the name of the Tower meant. In fact, it's repeated in Revelation. And her name was "Confu..."--oh, I almost gave it to you!
       13. No. 9: The names of the descendants of which son of Noah are given in this genealogy that follows?
       14. No. 10: And why is this genealogy important? You can figure out what other kind of "ology" from this genealogy? I'm giving you the last half of the word. The first half of the word literally means "time" in Greek. Remember, I said the importance of that genealogy we studied was so that you can figure out what from it? This is how we figure out our ancient history, years, dates, events, etc., by means of these genealogies.
       15. No. 11: What was the name of Abram's father?
       16. No. 12: How many sons did Abram's father have?
       17. Nos. 13 & 14: Name Abraham's two brothers. These names are very important, that's why I'm asking you these questions.
       18. No. 15: What was the name of Haran's son?--Abraham's nephew.
       19. No. 16: Which one of Abraham's brothers died first?
       20. No. 17: Where was the whole family from? Where did they originate? Just one word is all I need, but you can give the whole phrase if you want to. One very short little word was the name of the city they were from.
       21. No. 18: What was the name of Abraham's wife?
       22. No. 19: What was the matter with her?--She was what?
       23. No. 20: We hear a lot more about Haran's son, Abraham's nephew, but here is a tricky question for you. I'm just going to ask you this to see if you were observant. Who did Nahor marry? You can either give me her name, or who she was--whose daughter she was.--Either her name or the name of her father. I didn't emphasise this when we were reviewing the Chapter, so I wouldn't be surprised if you miss it. What was her name or what was her father's name or her relationship?
       24. No. 21: So Terah took off from Ur & he was headed for what country?--To go into the land of...what?
       25. No. 22: And how many were there in the family when they left? Don't name them, just give me the figure, how many, including the father, Terah, & his sons & their wives & relatives & whatnot. You'll probably have to count them on your fingers.
       26. No. 23: Which of Terah's sons & his wife apparently did not go with them, but stayed behind, stayed home.
       27. No. 24: Terah & his family didn't get to Canaan, but what land did they get to?--Or what city?
       28. No. 25. Who died there?
       29. (Techi: I have a question, Grandpa.) Yes? (Techi: I didn't know the name of one of Abram's brothers, but then you said something about him later, so I knew who it was. But that doesn't count, does it?) That's all right if you caught on from something I said later. (Techi: Well...) That's all right! That just reminded you, that's all. (Techi: You did say his name.) OK, fine. (Techi: And later on, I had written the number of the people who went, & then you said something about it & I saw the real number of the people who went.) That's fine, you figured it out from what I said. If you can catch on from what I said, that's free information! I often give my answers away. I accidentally say them later. (Techi: But is that still OK? Is that fair?) That's perfectly fair if you got the information from the teacher. What better source could you have?--Ha! God bless you for being so honest, Honey! (Techi: OK!) I've often done that on tests.
       30. (David: It's an interesting Chapter.) Yes, it's a very interesting Chapter. All right! Exchange your papers!

       Test Answers!

       31. No. 1: And the whole Earth was of one...(David: Language!) Right, or you could have said speech. (David: What does the verse actually say?) "Of one language & of one speech." They're just making it clear with a lot of repetition.
       32. No. 2: So when they got to the Plain of Shinar, what did they build? (Kids: A tower.)
       33. No. 3: What was their sin? That's a catchy one. (Kids: Pride.) Exactly right! Good boys & girls!
       34. No. 4: What would they have become if the Lord let them stay the way they were? They would have become one great nation, one superpower or one great dictatorship. (Techi: I said "one World government" & David said "one country or one language or one people.") All of those are good, that's fine.
       35. No. 5: So then the Lord did what to them? (Kids: Scattered them.)
       36. No. 6: And what was the name of the Tower? (Kids: Babel.)
       37. No. 7: And what does it mean? (Kids: Confusion.)
       38. No. 8: And what modern English word do we still use that comes from the name of that Tower? (Kids: Babble, blabber.) Babble or blabber, either one is good. (Techi: So blabber really is OK?) That's fine! They both come from the Tower of Babel.--Blabber or babble, either one.
       39. No. 9: Which son of Noah did this genealogy cover? (Kids: Shem.) Right!
       40. No. 10: And from these genealogies, as I've told you before, what kind of other "ology" can we figure out? (Kids: Chronology!) Very good! You both got it? (Techi: Yes.) Very good!
       41. No. 11: What was Abraham's father's name? (Kids: Terah.)
       42. No. 12: How many sons did Terah have? (Kids: Three.)
       43. Nos. 13 & 14: And what were the names of Abram's brothers? (David: Haran & Nahor.) Very good!
       44. No. 15: What was Haran's son's name? (Kids: Lot.) Right!
       45. No. 16: And which was the first son to die? (Kids: Haran.) Right.
       46. No. 17: What city were they from? (Kids: Ur.) Ur of the Chaldees. You only had to have Ur, that's fine. Apparently Haran died there in Ur, in their hometown.
       47. No. 18: So then Abraham & Nahor took them wives. Abraham's wife's name was? (Techi: Sarai.)
       48. No. 19: And what was wrong with her? (Techi: She was barren.) Right, she was barren, she had no child.
       49. No. 20: And what was the name of Nahor's wife? (Techi: Milcah.) And she was whose daughter? (Kids: Haran's daughter.) So Nahor married whom? (Kids: His niece.) Right. (Techi: You said to either write her name or the name of her father.) Right.
       50. No. 21: So Terah took off & was headed for what country? (David: Canaan.) Yes, Terah was still alive & he took off with his family to go to Canaan.
       51. No. 22: And how many of them were there when they left? (Kids: There were four.) There was Terah, Abraham, Lot & Sarai. That wasn't very many. (Techi: So Haran didn't go, did he?) No, Haran died. And apparently Nahor didn't go with them either, so that eliminated Milcah also. So there were only four in the family when they started out: Terah, Abraham, Sarai & Lot.
       52. No. 23: So which brother didn't go? (Techi: Nahor.) Nahor, right. Apparently also along with his wife. They stayed home & you don't hear much about them again.
       53. No. 24: They started out to go to Canaan, but instead they landed where? (Kids: Haran.)
       54. No. 25: And who died there? (Kids: Terah.) That's it!


       55. All right! You're doing great! Put an "X" next to any wrong answers, multiply the number of "X's" by four, subtract the total from 100 & you've got the grade! The grader usually puts the grade in nice big figures at the top of the paper where you've got room. And exchange your papers. OK! What did you get? (David: 100!) (Techi: 100!) Both of you? (Kids: Yes!) Very good! GBY! Okay, shall we pray?
       56. (Techi: Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! Thank You for this good Bible class, Lord, that we had with Grandpa. Thank You so much for it. Please bless him for teaching us & bless the rest of our night, in Jesus' name. Thank You Lord!) Amen! Praise the Lord!

       Picture captions & fact boxes:

       Page 7:
       MORTAR: A substance used to bond bricks or stones together (Exo.1:14). The most common mortar of Bible times was a wet clay mixture, which was mixed by treading it by foot (Nah.3:14). The second method was to use a natural tarlike substance, usually called pitch or bitumen (Gen. 6:14). In Mesopotamia & in Palestine around the Dead Sea, archaeologists have found buildings in which bitumen (a mineral pitch) was used for mortar.

       Ancient brickwork from the ruins of Babylon.

       Page 10:
       Ages Before & After the Flood

       In Genesis 10:21-31, Shem's descendants are named. Here the line is carried straight from Shem to Abraham, covering 10 generations. Shem himself may have recorded this entire genealogy, for his life spanned the period covered by it. Following is a table showing ages from Adam to the Flood, as given in Chapter 5, & from the Flood to Abraham, as given here in Chapter 11:

       People born       Age at       Total
Before Flood       Son's Birth       Age
Adam         130       930
Seth         105       912
Enos         90       905
Cainan         70       910
Mahalaleel         65       895
Jared         162       962
Enoch         65       365
Methuselah         187       969
Lamech         182       777
Noah         500       950
Shem         100       600

       People born
After Flood
Arphaxad         35       438
Salah         30       433
Eber         34       464
Peleg         30       239
Reu         32       239
Serug         30       230
Nahor         29       148
Terah         130       205
Abraham         100       175

According to these figures:

       * Adam's life overlapped Methuselah by 243 years.
       * Methuselah's life overlapped Noah by 600 years.
       * There were 126 years between the death of Adam & the birth of Noah.
       * Noah lived 350 years after the Flood; died 2 years before the birth of Abraham.
       * Shem lived from 100 years before the Flood till 500 years after the Flood.
       * Shem lived 75 years after Abraham entered Canaan.
       * Adam was alive at the birth of his great-great-great-great-great grandchildren.
       * Noah lived to the 9th generation of his own descendants.
       * In the bottom part of the column at left, all but Peleg & Nahor were alive at the birth of Abraham.
       * In such a period of longevity, population increased very rapidly.
       * Before the Flood they lived to a great age. Then, a gradual reduction in lifespan.
(From Halley's Bible Handbook)

       (Size of characters shown according to years of life. Some Bible characters not shown.)


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