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       Maria #158, DO 2782 3/92

       (Note: After the Folks heard a detailed report about the court hearing that was to be held within two days to determine the immediate future of Pearl's baby boy, they were burdened to have desperate prayer for Pearl, her baby & the whole situation in England. The Folks' staff immediately had desperate prayer, & the following prayer request written by Mama was also sent to the CROs around the World so the leaders & their co-workers could also fight in prayer for Pearl & her baby.)

Dear Co-Labourers in the Lord,
       1. We love you very much & pray that the Lord will give you all the love & wisdom & patience that you need for your big job.
       2. Dad & I are very burdened about the situation in England & especially the future of Pearl's baby, which is now hanging in the balances. We feel like a lot of the outcome is going to depend on our prayers, & that we need to get desperate right away. A lot of the responsibility rests on the few of us who are aware of the seriousness of this situation, since the rest of the Family are not so informed of its importance. We did ask the leaders involved to write their own message to you asking you to pray, but we're not sure this has emphasised the importance of it enough to help you to be desperate & understand that this situation is a very serious one. With all you have to do & with the many things you have to pray for locally, as well as the requests for prayer that we send you frequently, perhaps you have not sufficiently appreciated the importance of this case.

       Pearl's Baby Is Our Baby!
       3. One very important reason we need to pray, of course, is for the deliverance of the baby from the clutches of the System! When any of our children are threatened, it should put each of us on red alert, & get us in the attitude of, "That's my child!--And I've got to do everything I can to save him for the Lord's Work! I've got to get desperate with the Lord in total dependence on His mercy that He will somehow turn the tide against our enemies & do what we can't do on our own, but what only He can do, & that He will save the child for His Work & His Family!"
       4. Each of us should think, "What if that was my child--my flesh child?! What if that was Davidito? What if that was Techi? What would be my feeling? What would I be doing? What would I be asking others to do? Wouldn't I with my whole being be pouring out my heart to the Lord every available moment, to remind Him of His promises to save my child for Him & for His Family & His Kingdom?--To let him grow up in our atmosphere of the Word & Truth & purity, instead of the horrible evil of the System!"
       5. Well, Pearl's baby is our baby, & each of us needs to be doing just what we would be doing if it were one of our flesh children. Just because Pearl gave birth to this baby doesn't mean he is any less our child than our own flesh children.

       This Case Could Set a Precedent!
       6. Another reason this case is important is because if the Enemy can win this round, it will set a precedent for the rest of the World & also influence other cases to the benefit of our enemies worldwide. Just as it's been so wonderful for us to be able to testify to lawyers & judges: "We've had several cases around the World where they've tried to take our kids away, but in every case we were proven innocent & our children were returned," it would be equally as damaging if we had to admit that our dear child had been taken away from us because we were judged unfit parents.
       7. That's why the Enemy is making such a big deal of this case. He knows that if they can "get us" in England, then it will be a lot easier for them to "get us" in other places as well. So this case--as in all cases of its kind--will seriously affect the future of the Family, either positively or negatively. So far, because we have won in all previous cases, it has strengthened our legal stand & bolstered our credibility worldwide. If this case should go against us & the baby should be taken away because of claims against the Family of unfit parenting, it could very much hinder us in any such future cases & make it more difficult for us in fighting them.

       The Enemy's Attempt to Discredit the Lord's Past Victories!
       8. A third reason we need to desperately pray, & this one we consider just as important, is that after all of the glorious stories of the Lord's protection of our children in the FSMs that we've published recently, the Devil would like nothing better than to try to deny all that the Lord has done & try to discredit the Lord by taking this one child away & thus weakening our whole testimony, & placing doubts & fears in the Family's hearts & minds so they begin thinking, "Well, the Lord did it before but this is a new, more dangerous era, & now look what is happening! We're losing our children after all. All these glorious stories, well, they were in the past, but look what's happening now."

       Please Pray Desperately!
       9. So for those three very important reasons we are suggesting that every one of us must fight desperately in the Spirit for this child & that the Lord will do a wonderful miracle in keeping him, & turning the hearts of the authorities toward us. We just feel that perhaps the Family is not realising the great importance of this, but we know the Devil does & his people do, & they're fighting with everything that's in them, while we just let this case more or less pass by & don't give any more attention to it than to any of our many other prayer requests.
       10. So please pray immediately & desperately for this baby, & for his mother, Pearl, & for our Family as a whole, that this case will be won for the Lord, & that He will do a great miracle & that a great victory will be gotten through it. And that, if possible, the case will be dismissed in this preliminary hearing. But at least that the baby will remain permanently in the loving arms of the Family to be raised in the nurture & admonition of the Lord. "Ye have not because ye ask not," but if ye ask, "ye shall receive, that your joy may be full." (Jam.4:2; Jn.16:24.)
       11. We love you & appreciate your prayers for this serious situation! GBAKY & the Family in England at this time.
(Note: After hearing the prophecies the Lord gave, which are published on pages 15-24 of this FSM & in FSMs 216-219, which you will be receiving soon, we now know that the Lord will win the victory, as He has promised.--If we pray! PTL!)

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