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STOP THE WORLD!--I Wanna Get Off!--World Currents No.61       Comp.5/92       DO 2795

       Keeping Up with the News!
       1. Reading the paper is a little bit depressing, but I feel like I have to keep up with the news. The preponderance of it is usually crime & sickness. Crime, sickness & government seem to be the World's major ills!

       The World Can't Do without the Lord!
       2. The World is such a mess, but thank the Lord, the Lord still has control! He's never going to let it get too bad--only bad enough to make the World cry "Uncle!" They're going to worship the Devil to try to solve their problems, but they're finally going to find out they can't do without God. They can do without the Devil, but not without the Lord!

       AC Already Cleaning Up the World!
       3. The Antichrist is already starting to clean up the World! He's gradually cracking down on alcohol & cigarettes & pornography & all kinds of things, trying to convince Man that he can save himself.

       Neglected Children!--A Worldwide Sickness!
       4. It's pitiful! All over the World you see the same thing--in Moscow, the U.S., Brazil, nearly everywhere!--Street children, neglected kids of poor, drunken & abusive parents, with almost nobody taking care of them. It's a worldwide sickness, it's pitiful! Lord, You've got to come soon, the World is a rotten, stinking mess! I hope some of the guilty rich see some of those pictures of those kids! I hope it makes them feel really guilty. At least we're doing what we can.
       5. (Maria: Can you imagine them condemning us for being unfit parents! That's such a joke!) It's just the Enemy's trick, that's all. They know we're more fit than they are. They just hate to admit it, so that's why they accuse us. The Devil always accuses God's children of the things his own children are guilty of. He always accuses the innocent. He's the "accuser of the saints," accusing them day & night.--Rev.12:10. Well, his stinking mess is becoming more exposed all the time & it's becoming obvious what a failure his System is.

       Campaign Against Scientology!
       6. The psychiatrists in psychology are the priesthood of the Devil! Maybe I don't agree with the Moonies or Scientology, but I know that they have just as much a right to stick up for their religion as the rest of the established, accepted System religions. If it makes that many people happy, it must be doing some good, & it certainly is as far as I'm concerned. It looks to me like it's justifiable & should be just as legal as a lot of the other religions.
       7. You can follow the pattern of persecution, it's the same in each of these other religions. The System will do anything dirty! Talk about stooping to dirty tricks, the System is an expert at it! And they feel justified in doing so because they are the System & "the System is never wrong, it's always right. It should never be challenged!" We know what it's like--they seldom mention the facts about cults, all they tell is lies.
       8. Scientology has been really persecuted & maligned because they call themselves a religion. There's no snake pit or lion's den worse to get thrown into than amongst the competitive religionists. Look how they crucified Jesus out of envy & spite!--Mk.15:10. If you're a competitive religion trying to get started, they don't care how small you are or how weak or whatever, they want to crush you if they think you're a threat, just like they've done to us. (Maria: Scientology not only has the other religions against them, it also has the medical profession, & in particular psychiatry against them, which is evidently their worst enemy.)
       9. Well, psychiatry is a religion really, let's face it! Psychiatry is the new so-called "scientific religion" that's taking the place of religion & churches today. Psychiatrists are becoming the pastors of the people! (Maria: As you said, they're the priesthood of the Devil.) Yes, it's the Devil's own religion. So of course they resent the Scientologists & have attacked them & are trying to crush them. God bless Scientology for how well they've fought! There must be something good about them & some reason why God has blessed them. We have the same enemies, so we can sympathise with them.
* * *

       10. Boy, the System sure hates the Scientologists! "If they were of this World, the World would love its own; but because they are not of this World, the World hateth them."--Jn.15:19. That's a strange Scripture to get for them, but you can certainly see how it fits! So the Lord must recognise there's some good in them. The very fact that they've been friendly to us shows they're certainly not of our enemies.

       11. They're now going so far as to be blasphemous enough to call Sodomite marriages not just "marriages," but "holy unions"! Instead of using the term "marriage" they use the term "holy union."
* * *

       12. I'm convinced that Sodomites are possessed by female spirits, demons, some before or at birth, & many others somewhere along the way as they grew up.

       Questioning Children about Child Abuse Is Child Abuse!
       13. They're even torturing their children now! Talk about child abuse, the way they interrogate the kids, the so-called victims, to find the accused, is real torture & real child abuse in itself!--And I think those questioners, those inquisitors enjoy it just like the torturers did in the Inquisition! It's horrible! My God, those investigations really hurt the kids!
       14. Listen to what this writer says: "Suppose the children being questioned haven't been abused, what kind of harm are we doing to them by taking them away in the first place, by doing the interviews in the second place, & by keeping them away from their families for so long without any kind of contact? I think that is something which would be on my conscience for the rest of my life!"

       Mercy Killing!
       15. It's the doctors & the hospitals that have the most to lose if they allow euthanasia (mercy killing), as they're making big money on long-term care for the terminally ill.--That's why they're fighting it so hard.

       16. Physicians who perform abortions are modern-day murderers who kill & massacre children!--A slaughter of the innocents!
* * *

       17. It's not that the radical anti-abortion groups change that many people's minds or stop that many women from having abortions, but they bring the issue before the public & get the news media's attention!--And make people decide so the wicked murderers will be judged by God!
* * *

       18. People are really despising & assaulting & persecuting the anti-abortion demonstrators! Talk about abuse, there's where the abuse is! Talk about abuse of children, the abortionists slaughter 1-1/2 million children every year in the United States alone! That's real child abuse! The U.S. is throwing away their kids at the rate of 1-1/2 million a year, tearing them apart, limb from limb! Horror!

       Controversy Re: Using Fetal Tissue to Save Lives
       19. They kill 1-1/2 million babies every year by abortion in the U.S., so if they're doing it anyway, you almost feel like they might as well do something supposedly good & use the tissue for research in order to try to save lives. But on the other hand, if you legalise using the tissue of aborted babies for research & treatment of certain diseases, the pro-abortionists are certainly going to use that factor to give women an excuse for having an abortion. (Maria: Yes, & then you're just encouraging killing to save life.) Right. Then they can tell the women, "Have your baby aborted & it'll save somebody else's life!"--The Devil's own lies! (Maria: Therefore it cancels out any benefit because you're just losing lives even if you're saving lives.) Losing lives to save lives. (Maria: So when it comes down to making a choice one way or the other, Christians would have to take a stand against using fetal tissue for medical research & treatment, even though in itself there's nothing wrong with it & it is being done to help people.) Right!


       Hell Too Good for Honecker!
       20. What Erich Honecker (the former leader of East Germany) is going to suffer for! It seems like even Hell is too good for him! Under his rule political dissidents were punished by being put in prison and having their children taken away from them and given to an orphanage. Then custody of the children was given to the state, and loyal Communist members were allowed to adopt them, the dissidents being declared unfit parents. Some other countries are doing much the same thing right now and snatching children away from their parents for all kinds of reasons, many of them not even legitimate--they're even trying to snatch ours!

       Queen Elizabeth & British Royalty!
       21. Queen Elizabeth of Britain is an expense that the country can't afford. Think of what those millions of Pounds in taxes that she refuses to pay could do for Britain! It takes a hundred million Dollars a year to keep up the monarchy & their lifestyle.
       22. I think those huge estates the British royalty live on are so wasteful!--Thousands of acres, miles of them!--Especially when you think of all the poor who haven't even got one little plot of land to grow a garden on! It's outrageous! I'm against the Royal Family of England! It costs millions of Pounds to support them, & there are hundreds of them & their relatives. I would agree with the Communists, who call the royalty "parasites, leeches on the body politick!"
       23. The Queen is the richest woman in the World, & pays no taxes!--What a terrible example to the poor! And then Thatcher tried to lay a head tax, a poll tax, on all British so that everybody had to pay the same tax, rich & poor alike. That's the most unfair tax you could possibly have! They had riots over it, so much so that they finally had to throw it (and her) out. Thank God!
       24. That's why I've always said that sales & value added taxes are so unfair, because they hit the poor the hardest. The poor have so little money to buy their necessities, & yet have to pay the same percentage as the rich. Sales tax is the most unfair tax there is, & yet they have it nearly everywhere now. The U.S. finally got it in almost every State.
* * *

       25. (Excerpts from a news article about the Queen & her wealth: "It was bad enough that the British press would tee off from time to time on the staggering wealth of Queen Elizabeth II. Now an M.P. has actually challenged her tax-exempt status on the floor of the House of Commons ... reviving publicity about the Queen's private fortune, thought to amount to nearly $11 billion. While Buck House typically dismisses such figures as 'grossly exaggerated,' no one disputes the title British newspapers like to use: 'the richest woman in the World.' Subjecting the Queen to income tax would add more than $11 million a year to the Exchequer's coffers, according to 'Royal Fortune.'")
* * *

Question about the Monarchy!
       26. (Fam: We have been taught to generally like the idea of monarchy. I was under the impression Dad sort of liked the British monarchy, such as when Charles & Diana got married, etc.)
       27. (Dad's Answer:) --It depends on the Monarch & the Monarchy.--I'm against the British Monarchy!--It's a farce, a mere figurehead & a terrible waste.--As well as a scandalous disgrace!

       French Kids Joining Gangs!
       28. They didn't want their children joining cults, especially us, so now they're getting violence instead! There are millions of immigrant families in France. Most of their young people can't find jobs, so have nothing better to do than to join gangs & get into trouble.

       West Using Cheap E.E. Labour!
       29. The West is using the Eastern European cheap labour & materials like the West used the Pacific Rim countries after World War 2--the cheap labour & plentiful materials from Japan, Taiwan, China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, etc. Now they're moving into Eastern Europe with their factories & businesses where they can produce goods for a fraction of what it costs them in their own rich countries.

       Recession in Great Britain!
       30. In Britain the recession is at its deepest in all of Europe. Even cab companies are going bankrupt, which they say is a good indicator of the state of the rest of the economy of the country.

       Albanians--Reaping What They Sowed!
       31. These poor Albanians! But that's what they get for being so anti-Christ for so many years under their Communist Stalinist dictator, Hoxha.

       War in Yugoslavia!
       32. Bush wasn't interested in getting into a war where they didn't have oil! He was ready to jump into the Gulf War in the Mideast with everything he had to "preserve the American way of life," to preserve the oil, "to preserve a poor (AC) country that's been attacked by an aggressor."--Ha!--But he didn't seem to give a damn about the poor Christian Croatians!
       33. Well, the EEC finally more or less fixed the blame on the Serbs, because by recognising Christian Croatia & Slovenia, they definitely put the blame on AC Serbia.
* * *

       34. Did you ever hear of any victorious army that gave back anything? So of course the AC Serbs aren't going to give back what they've taken from the Christian Croatians if they can help it!
* * *

       35. All this war must make the Devil happy, he loves war! War is such a horror, the bombs & slaughter & all the rest! Man is civilised?--Ha! Joke! Man's not civilised, Man is getting more savage all the time! Look at that civil war in Yugoslavia. You would have thought by this time people would have enough sense to keep the peace; instead, the minute they get loose, they start slaughtering each other again! Either one side or the other is always wanting to conquer & hog the whole thing. The Yugoslavian civil war was all over the Serbs wanting to have total control, & the Croats are probably reaping what they sowed in World War 2 when they wanted to have total control!
       36. They all seem to reap what they sow sooner or later, & it's always the poor & the old people & the children that seem to have to suffer for it. They've just wrecked all those Croatian cities, it's horrible! You'd have thought if the Serbs wanted the country, they'd want to preserve those cities! Instead they've just ruined them!
       37. Power is just about the worst thing Man could ever have, he always uses it against the weak. The Serbs were real smart. It looks like they'd been preparing for this for a long time. They got control of the Yugoslav army & navy & all the planes & guns & ammunition & tanks so that when the time came, they struck. It's just awful!
       38. But the U.S. can't preach at them because that's exactly the same thing they did! As soon as the North had the power, they struck against the South in the American Civil War. They weren't satisfied with just having the North, they wanted everything. It was the North who was the aggressor. How many times do you hear those terms used nowadays quoting U.S. history? We were never taught one time in school that the North was in the wrong. "The North was all right & Lincoln was a saint & blah, blah, blah." The truth is, Lincoln was a devil! [DELETED] "He that lives by the sword shall die by the sword" (Mat.26:52), & that's exactly what happened. [DELETED]
       39. (Mama: It's amazing what questionable heroes the U.S. has. There are even some questions coming up about Kennedy now.) Historians are beginning to be a little more honest & a little more critical & beginning to recognise all the mistakes that their leaders have made.
* * *

       40. As often happens, the Yugoslav war turned into a religious war, with the Serbs bombing Croatian cathedrals, the Catholic churches.
* * *

       41. The atrocity report that the Croats lined up all the Serbs & massacred one whole village turned out to not be true at all! During wars when nobody knows what's happening, people believe almost anything, including lies.
* * *

       42. The Serbs are still winning & nobody's stopping them! They say it's the greatest number of refugees since World War 2.--A million-&-a-half people on the move, escaping from Bosnia!
* * *

       43. The U.N. has imposed sanctions against the Serbs in Yugoslavia as being the aggressors & to blame for the war.--Which is true, because they happened to control the government of Yugoslavia when things fell apart, & they happen to also control the army & have all the planes & the big guns & the tanks that the breakaway republics don't have. So through the U.N., the World pinned the blame on the Serbs, & now the Serbs are even turning on the U.N. forces there as part of the enemy, shooting at them & attacking their convoys & all kinds of things. They even tried to shoot down a relief plane. So it's getting pretty serious. (Maria: It seems like they have no regard for anybody, they're just a law unto themselves.) Exactly.
       44. They're determined to grab all of Yugoslavia as their "greater Serbia," & they don't seem to care what anybody thinks! They don't care about the poor people & they don't care about what the World thinks either. They're going to keep on grabbing it while they have a chance. They figure, "The World will keep on dilly-dallying until we've finished the operation & grabbed the whole thing. What can they do? They'd have to come in & invade us & throw us out!" So they're trying to grab everything they can as fast as they can before the World or the U.N. does anything more serious than try to make peace.
       45. There's only one thing that's going to stop this thing, & that's to make war! Somebody's going to have to have the guts to go in there & stop it! (Maria: Yes, if it were Iraq acting as the aggressor, there'd be instantaneous action.) Well, that was because the U.S. led it & the U.S. wanted to keep the oil--that's the whole thing. All that patriotic prattle was a lot of typical politicians' lies. Bush was willing to risk half-a-million American & Allied lives to save the oil, but he's not willing to risk one life to go in for humanitarian reasons & save E.E. lives! That's the reason he invaded Iraq, because they wanted to keep the oil. He doesn't give a damn about all these little Croatians & Bosnians, etc.! That's not what America's interested in. They'd like to see peace, but not enough to pay the price for peace.--And that would be to send in an actual military force, or use their own planes to fight the Serbs.
       46. So as long as they dilly-dally like that & the U.S. stalls, the Serbs figure they can get away with it. It's just like the Serbs are the robbers who are breaking into other people's houses, & as long as the police are still discussing what to do about it & whether it's worth risking their own lives to go in there to stop it, the robbers are getting away with as much as they can. The police forces of both the U.N. & U.S. & Europe are still dilly-dallying around discussing it & saying, "What shall we do?" Well, there's only one thing to do, & that's to get tough like Bush did about the oil. But there's no oil in Yugoslavia, there are only poor innocent lives to be saved, & Bush is not interested in saving foreigner's lives. He's not going to risk American soldiers to go in & use force against them to stop the war if there's nothing in it for him!
       47. It all boils down to this: Bush--and the Americans, let's face it, they backed him--were willing to spend billions to save the oil for their "way of life," to be able to drive all their cars etc., and they were even willing to risk the lives of the U.S. servicemen, some of whom were killed. But they're not willing to spend anything, neither billions nor lives, just to save poor innocent civilians who are suffering from this war perpetrated by the brutal Serbians!
       48. And I'm sure the ACs have got something to do with it, like the Lord told me. (See "The Yugoslavia Revelation!", ML #2735.) The ACs are behind the Serbs getting their revenge, so the Serbs must be AC or AC-backed or something. But it's getting more serious all the time & something's got to give. Something's got to give when they're even starting now to fire on U.N. peace-keeping troops & shell their convoys & shoot at their planes & all that sort of thing.
       49. I don't think the U.N. or the rest of the World is going to stand for it! But they're waiting for the U.S. to call the shots & give the cues, & the U.S. is hanging back. They don't want to get involved because there's no oil to save, & it's an election year! Bush said, "I don't want to get involved in a little E.E. hiccup!"
* * *

       50. Despite all their highly touted & glorified talk of unity, Europe can't even stop one little tiny war in Yugoslavia! They have made no serious attempt to stop it except the U.N. boycotts, which aren't stopping those absolutely vicious Serbs who are determined to conquer that country & keep it for themselves, & destroy their enemies. (Maria: It must be hurting Europe's reputation worldwide.) Yes. But the Serbs don't seem to give a damn what the World thinks or what the U.N. thinks or anybody thinks, just as long as they get what they want & they destroy their traditional enemies. It's pitiful!
       51. The highly touted U.N. can't stop one little war! And they're going to bring World peace?--Ha! They can't even make peace in Yugoslavia!--Unless somebody like the U.S. has a selfish motive to want to go in & conquer an aggressor & kick them out & punish them, just as they did under AC pressure to Iraq--& they haven't finished yet, of course. Israel's real motive was to try to destroy Iraq's power entirely. The prize & the bait given to the U.S. was to protect their selfish oil interests, but the hidden aim of the ACs was to destroy one of their (the ACs') biggest enemies, & they're still determined to do it. But the U.S. has no such motive to go in & destroy the Serbs. It's pitiful!
* * *

       52. Despite the horror & the slaughter & massacre of civilians & all the rest, no one is doing anything about the situation in Yugoslavia! Do you remember what the Lord said when I asked Him about it? I said, "Lord, how come the World is doing nothing about these Serbians who are so obviously in the wrong & aggressively overrunning those poor provinces who don't have the arms that the government has?"--And the Lord said, "The ACs!" The Serbs got to where they control the Yugoslavian government, & they have the military, the arms, the tanks, the guns & the planes to do the job. So when those Christian Catholic Croatians & Muslim Bosnians tried to break away, the Serbians moved in & have just overrun them!
       53. And I asked the Lord again the other day, "How come, Lord, that Europe & the U.S. are doing nothing about it?" Bush called it "a little hiccup." He said he wasn't going to get bogged down in one of these little hiccups! Boy, I'll tell you, he was very willing to get bogged down in an oil hiccup in the Middle East! Do you know who owns the oil companies? It's not the Arabs. They only supposedly own the oil companies. Who do you suppose owns & runs Exxon & the huge big oil conglomerates & oil refineries? (Peter: The ACs.) Right! The ACs are the big corporations that own & control that oil. The Arabs may own the countries, but the Arabs didn't know anything about drilling for oil or refining it until the American & British companies came along. They've turned that over to the big corporations which are run by the ACs.
       54. I can remember the days when I was reading the want ads, looking for a job many years ago, & they were appealing for oil technicians & oil workers & refiners to go to the Gulf, or Saudi Arabia. They were offering to pay phenomenal salaries to anybody who could help them drill this great new find of oil. So it was not the Arabs themselves who developed the oil industry in the Gulf, it was the big oil companies that they allowed in there to do it for them.--Foreign ACs!
       55. So who do you suppose it was that made sure that Bush sent his half-a-million military men in there to save their oil? (Peter: The oil companies.) Which of course are run by whom? (Peter: The ACs.) Yes. But those poor little civilians of Sarajevo who are being massacred & slaughtered unmercifully by the Serbs, they don't have any oil. Besides, the Serbs have the ACs behind them & apparently Bush has been told to "lay off, don't get involved," because their side is winning & they don't want any interference.
       56. There have been a few little boycotts & sanctions by the weak little U.N., who can hardly even defend their own relief forces, but how come Bush is not rushing in with a great U.S. force & joining this U.N. effort? Oh, they sent a few planeloads of food to try to feed the obviously persecuted & terribly abused folks of little Bosnia & Croatia, but as one fellow said, "Why do you send us food? So we can die healthy corpses? Why don't you come in & save us from these Serbian monsters who are viciously slaughtering us!?"
       57. Bush could wipe out those Serbian forces in one air strike! With very little effort he could get the U.N. to unite together & just go in & wallop'm & stop the whole thing in nothing flat! But he says, "I don't want to get involved. I don't care to get bogged down in these little hiccups"--obviously referring to Yugoslavia. Well, why not?--No oil!
       58. And as you recall, I had to have a direct revelation from the Lord on that, because I knew nothing about the Serbs. They're supposed to be Orthodox religionists, & of course long-time enemies of the Catholics & the Muslims. So I said, "Lord, why are Europe & the U.S. just ignoring the plight of these poor people?" And the Lord showed me very definitely, as clear as I ever heard the voice of God: "The ACs!" That solved the whole thing right there. Apparently the Serbians are on the side of the ACs, or the ACs are on the side of the Serbians, & they're winning.
       59. The Serbs apparently have a policy there that, "If we can't have it, we're just going to wreck it & ruin it & kill'm all! We don't care what a fuss they make & what bad publicity we're getting, we're winning!" And when it's all over & they start making peace, the fact that they occupy it, they have it, or they've killed the former inhabitants & destroyed their cities, will simply, as far as they're concerned, be a victory. The Bosnians didn't get to enjoy their independence. And besides, in these peace talks, the villains who win seldom really get punished & driven out. It's very difficult once they're in & occupying & have the control. The peace-making powers would have to literally go to war to drive them out, & they know that. So the faster the aggressors can gobble up territory & slaughter people, the more control they have & the harder it will be to get them out. So they're trying to do as much damage as possible before they're stopped.--Just like Israel does in the Occupied Territories.
       60. Bush is obviously encouraging the Serbs. He really doesn't want to stop them, because if he did want to stop them, he would! And we know the ACs have something to do with it & are the reason that nobody's going to their defense. After all, so far Bush has done everything the ACs wanted him to do--he even went to war with half-a-million American soldiers to save what happens to be their oil.--Not the Arabs' oil. That's why Bush took such quick action when it came to saving the oil, & with such high-minded & noble reasons--"To save this poor little country of Kuwait being attacked by this monster!"--Whom the U.S. put in power!
       61. So when Saddam Hussein, supposedly a monster, decided to grab the oil, of course the AC corporations & owners went up in smoke & were furious & told Bush to grab it back! It's their oil, after all.--America's oil, the U.S. owns it, you know? All this talk about the Arabs owning it is a little bit misunderstood. So they did grab it back. Bush didn't care a damn thing about the Emir or the Kuwaitis, he just wanted to save the oil. But now that it's only a few poor little Catholic or Muslim Bosnians & Croatians who are suffering far worse aggression by the Serbians--who are, as the Lord showed me, being backed by the ACs--they have apparently told him to stay out of it, don't touch it, so they can win it & control all of Yugoslavia.
       62. Yugoslavia was taken away from the Serbs once upon a time by the Nazis, at which time the Serbs were the ones getting slaughtered, until the U.S. & Britain stepped in to save them. And of course you know why they stepped in.--Because the U.S. & Britain are ruled by the ACs! Therefore they stepped in & even put a Communist dictator in power, Tito, so that they would control all Yugoslavia, & apparently they've had it ever since. The British & the Americans would not have helped anybody unless they were pro-AC or they felt that they could dictate to them in favour of the ACs.
       63. So now that these Christian & Muslim rebels & freedom fighters have broken loose & want to get away from the Serbs, the ACs are helping the Serbs stay in the fight, backing them & telling Bush to stay out. "Oh yes, you can impose all your sanctions & boycotts & everything else you want to under the name of the U.N., just don't get in there & defeat the Serbs & stop their conquest of Yugoslavia."
       64. So that's the story of the war, & it doesn't seem to matter how many poor people are getting slaughtered--innocent civilians, men, women & children. The public is hearing the right news though, so it remains to be seen if the public is going to get aroused enough this time to force Bush into the war. Last time, Bush forced the public into the war, obeying the ACs against Saddam Hussein, who is their chief enemy in the Middle East, & the U.S. helped, at the ACs' instigation. The U.S. practically destroyed him & his nation & they have almost succeeded in totally eliminating him. That's why there's all this thorough search for weapons in Iraq & all that sort of thing. The ACs want to make sure that he's not going to rise again, because he's still a threat as far as they're concerned.
       65. But now that another poor little country is being threatened by a very vicious aggressor, the Serbs, Bush is not even considering it! He's refusing to order troops in or even do things that he could easily do without any American loss of life. In one fell swoop, in one air raid he could wipe out those Serbians & their artillery & air power, which is what is destroying the poor Christians who are trying to defend themselves!
       66. The whole thing is a plot by the ACs to keep control, & in this case to win control, if possible, of all Yugoslavia. And their method & policy is that if they're not going to have it, neither is anybody else, they're just going to destroy it!--Destroy the land, destroy its cities & destroy the people if they can't have it. And Bush won't lift a finger! He's going into boycotts & sanctions & all that stuff that he said wouldn't work with Kuwait & Iraq, & he knows they won't work with Yugoslavia either, but that's what the ACs are telling him to do. They have that kind of power, they rule, they own, they control & they have the power to dictate to the politicians & the rulers of Britain, the U.S. & Europe what to do & not to do.
       67. Let's face it, they have taken over the World!--As evidenced by the very fact that neither the U.S. nor Britain nor Europe are doing a thing about the Serbs in Yugoslavia, except to put on a bold face of supposedly trying to help & feed them with a few relief supplies.
       68. See, the Serbs, being the dominant part of the Yugoslav government when this all began, just took over. They wouldn't even obey their President when he told them to pull out & stop it. They were being run by generals who are in control. It virtually amounted to a military coup in Yugoslavia, so that they went right ahead with their war & they had control of the Yugoslavian army, its big guns, its air power & its far superior military power & arms. They were the government & they had all the power. Therefore they, of course, are winning.
       69. So far they've won everything little by little, & where they've been up against tough resistance like Sarajevo, there they are simply destroying everything--the city, the buildings & the people, slaughtering them without a bit of intervention from either Europe or the U.S. (Maria: It's incredible that this could be happening right in the heart of Europe! It's not stuck away in Africa or somewhere where they can just hide their eyes from it, they can't help but see it. It's in Europe's own back yard & yet nobody's coming to their aid.) It's not that Europe couldn't stop it, it's not that the U.S. can't stop it, it's the fact that they won't stop it because the ACs control Europe & the U.S. & don't want them to stop it. (Maria: That's a pretty good confirmation, isn't it?) Yes, that the ACs are behind the Serbs!
       70. That's what God told me when I asked Him, "What's the matter? Why is this happening? Why aren't they doing something about it?" Just as clear as I ever heard the voice of God, He said, "The ACs." In other words, the ACs are behind the Serbs & the so-called government of Yugoslavia, & they don't want Europe or the U.N. or the U.S., of course--all of whom they rule & control & advise & counsel--to stop it. Therefore they won't stop it unless the European & American general public get stirred up enough about it.
       71. The people of Yugoslavia have had tremendous demonstrations with even tens of thousands of Serbians in their capital in Belgrade demonstrating against their own government & against the war, but even their own people can't stop it. Even the civilian Serbians themselves in Belgrade can't stop it because their leaders won't listen.--Because their leaders are listening to the dictates of the ACs.
       72. The ACs are determined to rule the World, let's face it! We know that! So they're not going to let any bunch of little Catholic Christians or Muslims take over Yugoslavia. (Maria: And in the U.S., the people are tired of war now since they've already had one in the Gulf, & now they're in recession & they have their own problems, so they don't want to help.) Yes, & they're busy concentrating on their own politics, so their attitude is, "Let the Christian Catholics, Croatians, Muslims & Bosnians die, that's no concern of ours. They don't have oil or anything that affects us. Let'm die! We don't care."
       73. I must say, some of the reporters are certainly trying to solicit the sympathy of the people. It's a wonder that the AC media even allows those sympathetic pleas for help. But that is even comprehensible for the plain & simple reason they're testing public opinion & showing that there's not enough sympathy to warrant intervention. "Okay, we'll tell them how bad things are & see what they do. They won't do anything because we've told them not to. We've told their governments to lay off, don't do anything."--Because they want to control it, & if they can't control it, they'll destroy it. Whatever they can't control they destroy.--Like they're trying to do to us!--Just like the Devil does! (Maria: I think they've met their match in us!) Well, in God they've met their match! (Maria: And they didn't count on God's power. I'll bet they're really squirming!)
* * *

       74. The U.N. is failing & can't stop this war in which the people are being slaughtered, & you see it on the news every day! The whole World is wondering, "What the Hell's wrong with the United Nations? Why do they have to sneak in there, scared to death just to feed a few people?"
       75. The U.S. could go in there with one aerial strike, without having to put a soldier on the ground, & wipe out those gun batteries & those air forces & tanks & all the rest of those God-damned Serbians! Everybody knows the Serbians are to blame! But see, they wormed their way into the government of Yugoslavia, & who do you suppose was behind them? Well, the Lord told me why they are winning & who's behind them, & why the rest of the World won't stop them!--Because the rest of the World is controlled by the people who are behind the Serbs! And you know who they are!
       76. Bush can risk the lives of a half-a-million men & spend over 50 billion Dollars--not on the poor & the homeless nor education--but to rush in & rescue one little tiny Godless, anti-Christ, primitive country, ruled by a horrible dictator, in the name of saving the "oppressed" from a deliberate aggressor. Such a noble cause! "Oh no, it wasn't for the oil! We were doing what was right to save that poor little country from that monster Saddam Hussein!"--Whom they fed & armed! But Bush can't send one plane, one gun, nothing, to help these poor people who are just being slaughtered because they dared to declare their independence from the Serbs.
       77. The Serbs had weaseled their way into power until they were the dominant people in the Yugoslavian group of provinces, just like those people usually do, if you know who I mean. I don't hardly dare mention the name any more!
* * *

       78. It looks like the ACs in Serbia are using the same atrocities against their enemies as the Nazis used on them! How can the civilised World let these atrocities in Yugoslavia go on? The Germans are now taking the side of the poor Bosnians & Croatians against the Serbs. Of course, the Serbs blame their World War 2 problems on Germany, they claim they suffered atrocities under the Nazis.
       79. And then after all this Bush says, "The international community cannot stand by & see these people being slaughtered!" Bush sure got there in a hurry in Kuwait! Now he's blaming it on the U.N., that they haven't done anything in Yugoslavia.
       80. I think the ACs are now having to make a choice between the Serbs & the election in the U.S.--choosing either support of the Serbs, or bowing to pressure in the U.S. to attack the Serbs, which would bolster Bush & thus be bad for Clinton. It seems like they've chosen the latter to influence the election in the U.S. See, the fact that Bush is doing nothing about the fighting helps the ACs get Clinton elected. Despite Bush's past pro-Israel stance, the ACs seem to have turned from him to Clinton.
       81. I couldn't quite figure out how this was all happening! The ACs are behind the Serbs, yet now they're beginning to raise all this protest in the media about the war in Yugoslavia & complaining that nothing is being done to stop it & blaming that on Bush. Well, that's obviously electioneering, because if they can get the Serbs to go ahead & fight & do what they want to do & grab everything & blame it on Bush because he won't stop it, then they can get their man, Clinton, elected. Clinton is promising to intervene, & it looks like Bush is doing nothing. And of course the sympathy of the people is with the Bosnians against the Serbs. International sympathy, even World opinion is against the Serbs, & that's why the U.N. has declared all kinds of boycotts against Serbia.
       82. So that's how they play the game, they have a finger in every pie! While they're backing the Serbs to win territory in Yugoslavia & take over Yugoslavia, they're using sympathy against the Serbs to mitigate against Bush so they can oust him & get Clinton elected! So it's all working towards the same goal, that the ACs might win & get what they want. (Maria: So all the way around they get what they want--they get the Serbs to take over Yugoslavia, they get Bush ousted as revenge because they don't like him, & they get Clinton in, whom they do like.) Right!
       83. Bush had better do something to boost his ratings soon or he's done! His popularity has sunk in the polls, whereas Clinton's popularity is rising! (Maria: It seems like Bush is backing the wrong war right now in Iraq instead of Yugoslavia. It's ridiculous, after demolishing Iraq in the recent Gulf War, he wants to start another war!) He ought to want to start a war in Yugoslavia! If they would make one air strike, that would stop the whole thing!
       84. The Lord sure does show you things! The AC networks are collaborating with the propaganda! I couldn't figure it out! With the ACs backing the Serbs in Yugoslavia, I couldn't figure out why all of a sudden all the AC media was turning against them & propagandising against them. Now they're supposedly horrified over the Serbian atrocities in Yugoslavia, & they're horrified over the fact that Bush won't do anything. What they're most interested in is for Clinton to win & for Bush to lose the American election--even more interested in that than the Serbs. That's the ACs for you, playing both ends against the middle, with the sole intention of accomplishing their own programme! (Maria: They played one as far as they could take it & got as much out of it as they could, until they had to stop it in order to win the other one.) Yes, exactly!
       85. Boy oh boy, how the ACs change when it suits them! While the whole World's attention is on Yugoslavia, Bush is trying to revive interest in Iraq, & the ACs are behind that too! Boy, they've got so many chess pieces on the board!--God help us!


       Moscow Demonstration!
       86. A right wing group in Moscow had a demonstration calling on God to save Russia from the Jews. They said that God would save them from Yeltsin & the Jews.

       Yeltsin & Gorbachev's Sacrifices
       87. Yeltsin's sacrifice & daring & heroism in resisting the coup attempt of August 1991 paid off! Of course, Gorbachev's sacrifice & heroism during his six years in power also paid off, but not the way he expected. He had expected to keep the Soviet Union together. But his Glasnost & Perestroika, the openness & restructuring of the Soviet Union, liberated the country & actually caused its collapse!
       88. It looks like Gorbachev may not have to be assassinated after all, he's just dying & fading away.

       Stalin: Where He Belongs!
       89. What I got for Stalin was, "He's where he belongs right now." I've never prayed for him.

       Republics Were Held by Force!
       90. Their votes for independence show how all those so-called Republics in the Soviet Union were just being held by force, because when they had a chance, they voted to break free. The Ukraine was largely settled by Germans & was considered the bread basket of the former Soviet Union.

       Food Shortage in Russia!
       91. To protect their prices, the heads of the agricultural farms are keeping the goods scarce. Just like I said before, I'll bet you anything the old Communists are causing the unrest in Russia by withholding food, withholding goods, hoping they'll throw out the new government & go back to Communism.--Trying to make the people discontent with the new "Democratic" regime.
       92. The old-line Communists are precipitating this food shortage in Russia!--To make the people desperate, preparing them to receive the Antichrist! There is too much of the old system & the old Systemites still left who refuse to yield. Private farms cannot even get credit for government loans to buy the seeds & farm machinery they need, while the State-owned farms get government subsidies. Of the millions of farm workers, only 40,000 have dared to operate their own private farms.
       93. The situation in Russia looks to me like the Great Confusion! You can't just suddenly throw out a well-organised economic system like the Communists had, even with all of its faults! They've thrown it out, but the Free World has given them nothing to replace it with.
       94. It's total confusion & they're just looking for a leader! All they need is a leader that they can follow & worship, who will solve their problems. They'll trade their freedom any day for somebody who will feed them. I don't think there's going to be any way out except under the Antichrist, & even he's not going to be able to solve it all.
       95. So it's still a dictatorship! They're still interfering with private ownership! The government hasn't really given up all of its possession of property. The state monopolies are holding back supplies.
       96. Crime would just completely take over there if they weren't such good people. It's like letting all the wild animals out of the cage! They don't know what to do with their freedom. Nobody's feeding them any more, & they're going to devour each other!
       97. Communism was a great ideal, but it just couldn't work with corrupt men.

       U.S. Unwilling to Help Russia!
       98. The U.S. spends over 300 billion Dollars a year on its military establishment & arms, supposedly originally to fight Russia. Now the U.S. has won the fight economically & politically without a war, & whereas they were willing to spend 300 billion a year to fight, they're not willing to give Russia only 100 billion Dollars to help it survive total collapse! It almost sounds like they want it to collapse!

       Gorbachev Says Socialism Is Not Dead!
       99. Gorbachev is coming out with a new series of newspaper articles presenting his view on the World situation, & what he's saying is that Communism has lost power, but Socialism is not dead. He says the style of Communism in Russia under Stalin was wrong.--They needed to have more freedom & expression etc. He's still not denying the Communist ideology, but he's saying that it could still continue as Socialism.

       Fatal Wound!
       100. It's interesting that some writers are calling the problem in Russia "the fatal wound to the Communist system!" It's very significant--almost exactly the same words that the Bible uses, "Wounded to death"--Rev.13:3. The Beast received a deadly wound but was healed & he came to life again. Some of these people are saying, "Peace, peace, there's going to be peace at last!" But just like the Bible says, "When they shall cry 'Peace, peace,' then cometh sudden destruction!"--1Th.5:3. Boy, I'll tell you, there are very very tremendous things happening! These are great times, very significant times. It's going to be interesting to see what happens this year. One thing we know, it's going to get worse. I can prophesy that because the Bible says so! (2Tim.3:13).

       Russia Went First!
       101. This writer says Russia just went first--meaning that the rest of the World is soon to follow in chaos & collapse. He says, "In a sense, we're facing a new disorder instead of a New World Order!"

       Bombs for the AC!
       102. The former Soviet Union has to keep its nuclear bombs, because the Antichrist is going to need them! "Who can make war with him?"--Rev.13:4.

       Media Against Christian Armenians!
       103. For some reason the media is slanted against the Christian Armenians & in sympathy with the Azerbaijani Muslims. The little enclave of Armenians in Nagorno-Karabahk is surrounded by the Muslims of Azerbaijan, a problem created by Stalin, deliberately hoping that the Muslims would wipe out the Christians. It's similar to how the media sympathised with the Serbs against the Christian Croats.


       Chinese Takeover of Hong Kong!
       104. Some of the Hong Kong Chinese actually believe what China says, that once China takes over in 1997 there'll be no change in Hong Kong for 50 years. If you ask me, not even five months will go by but what there will be changes! The minute the Communist Chinese move in, there will be changes!

       World Leaders Quick to Forget about Tiananmen Massacre!
       105. God damn the anti-Christ, Communist government of China! It sure didn't take people long to forget what happened in Tiananmen Square, especially where business is concerned. All the leaders of the World are meeting the Chinese now, renewing commercial ties, etc.--The Dollar talks!

       Truman's Bombing of Japan--A Horror Story!
       106. Truman said he wanted to scare the Russians, & that's why he wanted to demonstrate the atomic bomb in Japan. Can you imagine doing such a terrible thing to an innocent population of men & women & children, many of whom were Christians! You know that must've been a machination of the Devil to wipe out the population, especially the Christian population. I think that was the greatest war crime in history, the bombing of those two Christian cities of Japan! (Mama: Think of the persecution they'd gone through just to be Christians, & then the Devil tried to wipe them all out in one fell swoop!) Well, there must've been quite a harvest in Heaven that day! But the World is without excuse!
       107. People are going to think that the 700 oil wells which were blazing in Kuwait are nothing in comparison to what's coming! Probably half the World is going to be on fire in the final great war crime of the atomic weapons! At least the nuke protestors make them feel guilty. They live with a guilty conscience because they've heard the protests.
       108. It's amazing that anyone even survived that bombing of Japan! Truman was the one who did it, & he's probably burning in Hell now & having to watch the suffering he caused all those people! How can the Americans still think of this as something to rejoice over & laugh & be happy about, that they had finally punished Japan? They talk about Hiroshima & Nagasaki like it was a great feat, a great victory!
       109. To think that we should live in an age of such tragedy & that any human should have been responsible for that! The U.S. President gave the word, but it took a lot of German-Jewish scientists to develop the bomb & promote it, & the airmen who were willing to take it, & the people who were fighting that war--how horrible! They kept it such a secret, people had never even heard that there was such a thing as the atomic bomb until it was dropped, & then the government & the military bragged about it. And many Americans who were so furious at Japan at that time because they had lost boys in the war etc., of course they were happy about it!
       110. Well, what happened then is no worse than what's happening on a small scale in Yugoslavia right now, & the countries surrounding them are not even lifting a hand to stop the massacre! How can they have the nerve to even show their faces, the EEC with all their great pride & claims of "we're a united Europe," & they can't stop one little tiny war! Just when they want to show the strength of Europe, it's showing their weakness! Well, only when the Lord comes will it be different, & justice will begin to rule. TTL!
       111. Just think, Harry Truman dropped that bomb on hundreds of thousands of poor innocent old men & women & children! Nearly all the soldiers were away at war, so they knew they were going to kill a large number of civilians. They wanted to! They wanted to demonstrate their bomb, & then they wanted to study the effects of it. Later, when the U.S. occupied Japan, they'd call the school kids out of school, not for treatment, but just to study the effects of radiation exposure! Think of it! Even kids who were very sick, they didn't give them anything but a piece of candy. Talk about horror stories!--That bombing is an absolutely, totally cruel, heartless, vicious, horrendous horror story!


       Arab/Israeli Peace Conference
       112. (10/91) It remains to be seen what this so-called Peace Conference is going to result in! I haven't got much faith for it. Shamir the Prime Minister has made it quite plain, along with his main rival in the Cabinet, Sharon, that they don't want to give up anything!
       113. Sharon ran the war in Lebanon, & he's a real rough tough violent man. Even Shamir is not tough enough for him! He wants to kick all the Arabs out of Israel & make war on them & everything else! He's not in favour of this Peace Conference at all. He's talked against it & voted with those who are against it. But I think the majority of the Israeli Cabinet are in favour of it--mostly to get that $10 billion in "loans" from the U.S.A. They found out Bush wasn't going to give it unless they went to the Peace Conference!
       114. Shamir even called it blackmail. Well, that's one good deed Bush has done, if nothing else, he has blackmailed Israel into going to the Peace Conference! But Shamir has sworn he'll never vacate one square inch of old Israel! And that includes all of the West Bank, Gaza Strip & Golan Heights & all the disputed territories, so he's not about to begin to give up anything! He's just going because the U.S. insists on it.
       115. This is probably going to be one of Secretary of State Baker's biggest failures. He's been working on this a long time, trying to get it to happen, & he's considered a huge success now that he is actually getting the conference to even take place!
       116. But as I've often said, those Jews are never voluntarily going to give up all that land or any of that land, not to even one Palestinian, not one square inch! It's not going to happen until it happens the way God's Word says it's going to happen.--And that's when the Antichrist comes down & squelches those [DELETED] Jews!--And not for Christ's sake, but for his own sake so he can make that his capital of the World. The Jews would never allow that, so he is going to have to do it by force. And it's quite clear that he invades Israel & he does it by force. They'll never give up a square inch until then!--And then they'll be giving it over to the Devil himself. The very man that they introduced as their Supreme Lord, the Superman, finally turns against them & comes down & forces them to do it! So don't expect this conference to accomplish much! Praise the Lord!
       (6/92 update: And sure enough, eight months later, both sides are farther apart than ever! So far the Peace Conference has accomplished nothing!)
* * *

       117. The Lord let millions & millions of those damned children of Israel perish in the desert under Moses because of their murmuring! They didn't even appreciate a good country when they saw it, & now they won't let it go or are unwilling to share it! They growl & howl to high Heaven about their "Holocaust"--much of which never happened--& then they treat the poor Arabs under them just as bad, if not worse, taking on the spirit of their oppressors. The Lord's going to see to it that they're going to get treated like they've treated others.

       Japanese Pro-Arab!
       118. The Japanese have never really recognised Israel, they're very pro-Arab & sympathetic to the PLO.

       119. Most of the weapons that Iraq used on the U.S. were sold to them by the U.S. & Western Europe!
* * *

       120. Why do they only make Iraq get rid of their weapons of mass destruction? Why don't they have Israel get rid of its instruments of mass destruction? They've got atomic bombs! It shows who's running things.--The ACs!
* * *

       121. They weren't satisfied with defeating Iraq, now they're starving them!--The U.S. are modern monsters today in this World who torture & torment people!
* * *

       122. The U.N. is not supposed to interfere in the internal affairs of a country, but they sure are in Iraq, & you can bet the ACs are behind it!


       Fulfilment of Dad's Dream about Eritrea!
       123. Remember Eritrea? (See "Eritrea--A Dead Horse?", ML#333B.) I wondered why the Lord was concerned about Eritrea. Did you know they finally won their independence & they're rebuilding now? (Maria: That was like the dead horse that came to life?) Yes. And guess who most of the people are?--Coptic Christians! How about that? So now we know why the Lord was interested in them.
       124. I got the revelation that they were going to come back to life!--Just when the Ethiopians thought they had squelched & smothered them, that they were going to come back to life & revive, & they have! (Maria: It's a real fulfillment of your dream!) Yes! Thank the Lord!


       Home Schooling Legalised in U.S.!
       125. It used to be they could put the parents in jail immediately if they wouldn't keep their kids in public school, but now home schooling in some form has been legalised throughout the U.S.! There are half-a-million students in home schools now in the U.S., ten times the number a decade ago! Home schools in some form are now legal in every state, & the U.S. Department of Education has recognised home schooling as a legitimate schooling choice. Praise the Lord!

       School Taxing Unfair!
       126. Why should the parents of kids in the private schools be taxed to support the kids in the public schools? It's totally unfair! It shows you the Devil's really got it set up his way. Boy, do the public schools fight private schools like mad! The private schools take students away from the public schools, so the Devil is mad that they're taking away his students! But that's what he gets for driving God, the Bible & prayer out of his public schools!

       President Bush
       127. Bush represents the rich & everything he does is for the rich, of which he is one!
* * *

       128. Do you know what I think of when I see Bush?--There stands the murderer of 200,000 Iraqis! How does he have the nerve to show his face in public? Every time he brags about his victory & his war, he's bragging about all the people he killed--200,000 people! How can he live with that on his conscience?--And still starving them!
* * *

       129. Bush is advertising this great philanthropic effort, 2,000 tons of supplies that the U.S. is giving to Russia!--Whereas the European Community is giving that much each day to Moscow!
       130. The Communists are laughing up their sleeve at all these political relief efforts of the West to Russia. It's what you call political publicity for George Bush. It's Bush's electioneering. He didn't do anything at all until he found it was popular.
* * *

       131. Bush is trying to take the tack that if his political opponents attack him, they're attacking the U.S. But I don't think the U.S. voters want to keep the status quo, they are looking for change!
* * *

       132. They're whipping up a lot of news on Iraq again! I think Bush is thinking he may need another war to win the election. I wouldn't be a bit surprised.
* * *

       133. Bush said, "We've got the best health care in the World," blah, blah.--Which is an outright lie! He just couldn't be that ignorant of actual statistics. Retreat from reality is a good description for Bush's program, for his economic plans.

       Political Parties!
       134. Political Parties: A house divided against itself! Thank God for political parties, they've kept the U.S. from becoming like Nazi Germany, where no parties were tolerated but the Nazis!

       Presidential Candidates
       135. I wonder why anyone would want to be President of the U.S., especially now! You've got to be a little daft to begin with to want to be President. They say they're going to spend three billion Dollars on the campaigns for the presidency.
* * *

       136. One way to get famous is to run as a presidential candidate. Even if you don't have any chance of becoming President, at least you become famous & you get known, & then if you want to run for governor or Congress you increase your chances. People say, "Wow, he even ran for President!"


       Greedy Governments!
       137. Governments never get over being greedy! Their budgets always reflect more taxes & less services to the people!

       U.S. Going Broke!
       138. Over 1,000 banks have failed in the U.S. in the last five years!--And some of these are big financial institutions that have branches in many different cities. And the number of insurance companies that have gone bankrupt & can't pay their benefits has doubled from 20 to over 40 in the last five years, including even some of the big ones, like Equitable. They say one out of five of the big insurance companies could fail in a deep recession, & I think they're going to find it might even be worse than that. Housing, banking, insurance & job security are all insecure now. Once sure things are not so "sure" any more. The construction of multiple family units (apartment buildings, etc.) has gone up, but the construction of homes has gone down. Not only the S&Ls & the banks & the businesses, but even the cities are now going broke!

       Military Men Jobless!
       139. Hundreds of thousands of U.S. military men will soon be without jobs! Think of what that's going to do to the U.S. economy! No industry has laid off that many men. Boy, I'm telling you, it's like everything is on a crash course!
       140. The economy's out of control! God's in control, but it's out of Man's control. Everything's sort of pyramiding up to some kind of a major crisis, or many major crises! It's really happening! Everything is boiling up to a real major World crisis from all directions & in all kinds of ways!

       Japan's Control of the U.S.
       141. The Japanese are finally taking over the U.S. Japan now dominates America's most valuable industries & may already control America financially!
* * *

       142. Japan has a 35% share of the automobile market in the U.S. & its share is growing! As I've often said, the U.S. would probably have been much better off if the Japanese had taken it over. If they have a World trade war on top of the recession, that'll be it! That's what happened in the Great Depression; in fact, it helped bring it on.

       War, Boom, Bust!--World Economy Collapsing!
       143. The economies of the rich countries are built on war, they depend on the military! They're having to suffer from living too high-on-the-hog off war, whereas they used to thrive on it. One military contractor said he'd been on a 40-year "high," building military paraphernalia.
* * *

       144. Beating swords into plowshares is getting to be quite a problem! When this economist says that "Peace is Hell," he means that without war, business is no longer booming.--Things are going down because there's no longer even the threat of war, the Cold War, which kept the war-based economies buzzing & booming for 40 years after World War 2. Think of that! With the Cold War they finally figured out a way to have people on a wartime economy & producing goods on a wartime basis without an actual war!
       145. But now Russia really failed them!--Ha! Russia collapsed & now the Western militaries don't need as many products any more, they don't need as many arms & armaments & ballistics & planes. The millions & billions, in fact, trillions that the military were spending is no longer needed. And they don't need huge top-heavy military forces either! Many U.S. troops have got nothing to do now, they're going to have to bring them home & discharge them from the military, & then what are they going to do? That makes the unemployment problem even worse, because there are no other jobs available. That's what happened after World War 1, & it eventually brought on the Depression. But by clever manipulating & propagandising, the U.S. was able to keep the Cold War alive long after the hot one was dead, so that kept the production up & the jobs up.
       146. And the Russians & East Europeans are in the same predicament! Russia has thousands & thousands of troops sitting around in East Germany & elsewhere that it can't even afford to bring home! So the Germans are helping to ship them home!--And there's no housing for them back home in Russia, so the Germans are even financing some housing for them in Russia, just to get them out of Germany!
       147. Russia's collapsed & there's no more excuse for a huge military. So the Americans have got to bring their soldiers home & get rid of all the tanks, guns, bullets, planes, bombs & all the rest that they don't even need any more, that are not good for anything else except war, & the Russians are doing the same, even selling their old MIG fighters to collectors or museums! (See WND 363, pg.9.) They're all engines of destruction & you don't need a sword when you need a plowshare! That's what caused the Russian economy to collapse. They were spending billions on their military. Now they don't even need a military any more, but the money is not there any more.
       148. That's the mess the World's in right now. I've often said that the World economy is built on war, & they immediately have recessions & depression when all those billions & trillions are no longer being spent on war. They've got to have war to keep going, because they're not spending much on peace-time industries, they're not benefitting agriculture & the things that are necessary. They're just busy building all that military material, which are luxuries--unnecessary & unneeded. It's pitiful!
       149. But this is the sacrifice the World has made to its god of war. Now that there's no war & it looks like peace, like the guy said, "Peace is Hell! What are we going to do? Economies are going to collapse!"--Not only Russia, but the whole World is going to collapse economically without war. World economy has always been built on war! Just like I wrote over 20 years ago--it's "War-Boom-Bust!" (See ML #H.) That's what's always followed every war. War's been accompanied by a boom, & when the war was over there was a bust! The miracle is that the war economy has carried on so long, 40-some years after the last great World War. They've been making it survive by the Cold War & a lot of little wars, but now they're all petering out & they don't know what to do.
       150. They don't know anything else to do! They've been trained to be military powers & soldiers, & what are they going to do with all that training without a war? Those fools in the U.S. Congress & the Kremlin & in their militaries were willing to spend trillions of Dollars on all kinds of useless junk that only a war could use, & there's no war! Now they don't even know what to do with it all! It's not good for anything. And they don't know what to do with their millions of soldiers who are going back to their home countries where there's no work, no jobs, no housing & no food! Think of it!
       151. So Russia has gone that way & it's going to be that way in the rest of the World. The whole World economy is collapsing & the only thing that's going to save it temporarily is the Antichrist with some of his clever ideas. But it's only going to be very temporary, because God's going to let the World find out that it cannot do without Jesus! The Antichrist government will be the last & greatest & most perfect of all governments of Man, & yet it'll turn out to be the worst, where Man will pray to die & can't! So God's going to let them suffer. They worship themselves, they worship Man, they worship their scientists & scientific genius & they worship their materialism & their money & all the rest. Now their gods are all going to fail them & God's going to show them they can't do without Him.
       152. Man is going to be the most desperate he has ever been! Nostradamus said Man will again eat Man because of the famine! The whole World is going to be at war--at war with itself, with rioting & crime & absolutely uncontrollable civil unrest. It's not just going to be "unrest," that's a nice polite way of putting it, but civil war! A World at war with itself--war & violence everywhere. It's all depicted in the Book of Revelation in the Bible.
       --Are you ready?--The only way out will be up!--When Jesus returns & takes us all to Heaven! PTL!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family