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BIBLE FOR YOU!--No.34!       20/11/90
--Test on Genesis Chapters 13 & 14!
--Bible Classtime with Grandpa!       DFO 2801

       1. (David: Jesus, we pray for this classtime, that You will bless it & make it a blessing. Please strengthen Grandpa, Lord, & help him as he gives us the test.--And help us as we take it, Lord, to learn what we need to know. And help us to especially learn any things that we get wrong, in Jesus' name. Amen! Thank You Lord!) Amen! Praise the Lord!

       Test on Genesis 13!

       2. No.1: And Abram went up out of Egypt, he & his wife & who else? (David: Lot.) This is a test, Dear! You're supposed to write down the answers, not say them out loud!--Ha! (David: Oh, I'm sorry!) Well, I'm sure Techi would have gotten it right anyway. It's nice that you want to help your sister!
       3. No. 2: And Abram went camping near what little town where he had been before?
       4. No. 3: And he sacrificed on the same what?--And called on the name of the Lord.
       5. No. 4: The Lord had blessed Abram & Lot with so many possessions & flocks & herds that they decided to separate, since there was lots of room. So Abram gave Lot first choice of where he would like to go, being a nice amiable generous old uncle. And Lot, being a nice selfish ungenerous nephew, chose the best land. And what was that? The valley of what river?
       6. No. 5: So that left Abraham with what kind of territory?
       7. No. 6: And Abraham headquartered in what town?
       8. No. 7: And Lot pitched his tent toward what city?--A very wicked city!
       9. No. 8: And the Lord promised Abraham & his seed how much of this territory?
       10. No. 9: And He promised Abraham that his seed would be so numerous, they'd be like the what of the Earth?
       11. No. 10: And then there came a war, & the kings of the North were led by whom? It's the only name I asked you to remember. It has five syllables & the beginning of the name sounds like a kind of cheese!
       12. Nos. 11 & 12: These kings came down from the North to make war with the kings of what two cities?--Plus their confederates (allies). What two famous wicked cities?--By which time Lot was living right in one of them. Those are two separate answers.
       13. No. 13: And who won?
       14. No. 14: And they carried away a whole bunch of booty & captives & slaves & women, including who? Who was the most important one? What was his name?
       15. No. 15: So who had a force of 318 men & chased after them?
       16. No. 16: And near what famous city did he catch up with them? Actually he caught up with them at Hobah, which is on the left hand of that city. The city I want you to name is still the capital of a great Eastern country today. Remember, we found it on the map? (Kids: Yes.)
       17. No. 17: And who won that battle?
       18. No. 18: And he brought back all the goods that the Northern kings had taken, including his relative--who?
       19. Nos. 19 & 20: What famous priest came out from what city to meet Abraham? I hope you can spell his name! Just do the best you can & spell it the way it sounds. (Techi: That's two questions, right?) Yes, two names. What famous priest, king of what city, brought forth bread & wine. It sounded like they were having Communion! You can give me the name the city had then, or you can give me the name it had later, whichever.
       20. No. 21: And the Bible says he was a priest of whom?
       21. No. 22: So Abraham gave him what?
       22. No. 23: And what does the name of that town in question #20 mean? (Techi: The whole name?) You can give either the last part of the name or the whole name.
       23. No. 24: Now when the king of Sodom came out to obviously praise Abraham for his wonderful work--for the battle won & all the possessions & people returned--he offered to just take the people & let Abraham have the goods which had belonged to the Southern kings. But Abraham said to the king of Sodom, "I have lifted up mine eye & mine hand unto the Lord, the most high God, the possessor of Heaven & Earth. I will not take one"--what of these goods?
       24. No. 25: "Except what the young men have"--what?
       25. All right! If you have finished all the answers, you can exchange papers! Be sure to put your name & date at the top of the paper & "Test on Genesis Chapters 13 & 14." I hope you're keeping all of these papers! Maybe you can file all of your test papers in the test section of your notebook. OK! Exchange your papers.

       Test Answers!

       26. No. 1: Who went with Abram & his wife? (Kids: Lot!)
       27. No. 2: To what town? (Kids: Bethel.)
       28. No. 3: And he sacrificed on the same what? (Kids: Altar.)
       29. No. 4: Lot chose the valley of what river? (Kids: Jordan.)
       30. No. 5: What kind of territory was Abram left with? (Kids: Mountainous.)
       31. No. 6: Abram headquartered in what town? (Techi: Hebron.) Right, Hebron. And I didn't ask you this, but that's one reason why Abraham was called a what? (Kids: A Hebrew!) Right!
       32. No. 7: Lot pitched his tent toward what city? (Kids: Sodom.)
       33. No. 8: And the Lord promised Abraham & his seed how much of this territory? (Kids: All!)
       34. No. 9: And his seed would be like the what of the Earth? (Kids: Dust.) Right!
       35. No. 10: Who led the kings of the North? (David: Chedorlaomer.) We're not going to count it wrong if you didn't spell it right. If it sounds like Chedorlaomer, it's all right. I used to be so generous with my class when I was teaching school, I'd say even if they wrote that it begins with a "Ch" they were trying! (Techi: It begins with "Ch," ha!)
       36. Nos. 11 & 12: And the kings of the North made war with the kings of what two cities? (Kids: Sodom & Gomorrah.)
       37. No. 13: And who won? (Kids: The kings of the North.)
       38. No. 14: Who was their most important captive? (Kids: Lot.)
       39. No. 15: Who had 318 men? (Kids: Abraham.)
       40. No. 16: And near what famous city did he catch them? (David: Damascus.) Right!
       41. No. 17: And who won the battle? (David: Abraham.) (Techi: Abram.) Abram or Abraham, whichever you want to say.
       42. No. 18: And he brought back who? (David: Lot.) (Techi: Yes, Lot.) He's in there a lot, isn't he?--Ha!
       43. No. 19: What priest came out to meet them? (David: Melchizedek.) That was a tough one to spell. Did anyone spell it right? (David: I didn't, ha!) Well, if you started it with a "Mel" we know you tried. (Techi: I saw someone writing it on the board today!) Really? How about that! (Techi: Was it Jesus, though?) Well, nobody knows. I have my doubts, but you can't prove it one way or the other.
       44. No. 20: And what city did Melchizedek come from? (Kids: Salem.) Salem or Jerusalem, either one.
       45. No. 21: And he was a priest of whom? (Kids: The most high God!) Yes, or just "God" was all you needed to put.
       46. No. 22: And what did Abraham give him? (Kids: Tithes.) Yes, he went & gave Melchizedek tithes. So Melchizedek obviously represented the Lord. This is the first indication, by the way, of any kind of religious organisation, that they were beginning to have priests of God.
       47. No. 23: What does Jerusalem mean? (David: City of Peace.) That's right. If you said "peace" or "City of Peace," either one, that's OK.
       48. No. 24: And Abraham told the king of Sodom he would not take what? (Kids: From a thread even to a shoe latchet.) Yes, either a thread or shoe latchet, whatever you want to put there. He wasn't even going to take one shoe lace!
       49. No. 25: "Except what the young men have"--what? (Techi: Eaten.) The only thing he couldn't give him back was what they'd already eaten.

       Grading Papers & Homework!

       50. All right! Correct each other's paper & if you have any questions, please ask! Did anybody get any questions wrong? (David: Yes, I got the one about Hebron wrong.) I'm sorry about that, Son, but since you missed it, that'll help you remember it from now on forever! Each question is worth how much? (Techi: Four points.) It's wonderful how all of these tests work out so nicely to about 25 questions! There were about 25 things in those two Chapters that you should remember. So subtract four points for each wrong answer from 100, & that's your grade. If you got 96% that would be what alphabet grade? (Techi: A+.) Right!
       51. Please add your grade to your Test List. How many tests does that make now? (Techi: We've had 19. We would have had 20, but we combined two Chapters together.) Well, just enter that as "Test on Chapters 13 & 14." OK? (Kids: Yes, Sir!) OK! Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! We got through in record time!
       52. Your homework, of course, will be the next Chapter, Genesis 15, which is a very important & interesting Chapter. (Techi: We might be able to read it tonight!) Well, I don't think we'd better attempt to read it tonight. You've had enough for tonight & we don't want to keep being late every night. OK? (Kids: Yes.) Do you know who made this pretty bookmark for me? (Techi: A Family Member in Japan or China.) It says Dawn. It's in Japanese & English. It's quite pretty.
       53. All right, shall we pray? (Techi: Amen! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! Thank You for this class time & what fun it was, Jesus. Thank You for the things that we learned. Please bless us in whatever we do the rest of this night, in Jesus' name. Amen!) Amen! PTL!

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