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BIBLE FOR YOU!--No.36!--Test on Genesis Chapter 15 & 16!       25/11/90       DFO 2803
--Bible Classtime with Grandpa!

       1. (Techi: Thank You for this test time, Jesus. We pray that You'd really help us to do good, or at least to learn a lot. Bless Grandpa & give him wisdom. Please strengthen & help him, in Jesus' name.) Amen!

       Genesis 15 Test!

       2. No. 1: What was the name of Abraham's steward who would become his heir if Abraham didn't have a child of his own?
       3. Nos. 2 & 3: And this steward was of what city & of what country?
       4. No. 4: This time instead of talking about the sand of the sea, the Lord said, "Look now toward Heaven, & tell the stars, if thou be able to number them: & He said unto him, So shall thy seed be."--As numerous as the what of Heaven? I couldn't make it any easier than that! He took Abram outside to illustrate to him how numerous his heirs were going to be! And unless you could see more stars then than you can see now, they were going to become much much more numerous. Right now with the naked eye & without a telescope you can only see about 5,000 of them.
       5. No. 5: What did Abraham do that the Lord counted to him for righteousness? You could express that two or three different ways, but the word used right here is the simplest.
       6. No. 6: "And God said unto him, I am the Lord that brought thee out of" what city?--"To give thee this land to inherit it."
       7. No. 7: And that city was in what country? The people are called by a name that ends in "eans."
       8. No. 8: And what country is that today? It used to be called Mesopotamia, or "the land between the rivers." Today it is a very very important country, in the news a lot.
       9. Nos. 9-11: "And Abram said, Lord God, whereby shall I know that I shall inherit it?" His faith wasn't that strong, was it? He wanted some proof. "He said unto him, Take Me an heifer of three years old"--& what else? Name three other of the five sacrifices.--A she what? And a what? And a what? And a what? I'll give you credit for any three you can name, how's that?
       10. No. 12: "And he took unto him all these, & divided them in the midst, & laid each piece one against another." The only ones he didn't divide were what? Because, of course, they were so small.
       11. No.13: And what came down upon the carcases to try to eat them that Abram drove away? See, he hadn't set a fire yet.
       12. No. 14: And when the sun was going down a deep what fell upon Abraham?--"And lo, a horror of great darkness fell upon him."
       13. No. 15: "And He said unto Abraham, thy seed shall be a stranger in the land that is not their's, & shall serve them; & they shall afflict them four hundred years." What land did his descendants go to in which they were slaves for 400 years?
       14. No. 16: "But in the fourth generation they shall come hither again."--To what country? (Techi: Oh, I see, come hither again to the place where Abram was, right?) Yes. What country is that? You can give me the name we usually call that country, although oddly enough the Lord gives it another name here. So you can call it either one of two names, but generally speaking, the nation was full of a certain kind of people, from which the country gets its name.
       15. No. 17: "And it came to pass, that when the sun went down, & it was dark"--what happened to the altar & the sacrifices? There are two things you could name. One was a smoking something & the other was a burning something.
       16. Nos. 18 & 19: "In the same day the Lord made a covenant with Abram, saying, Unto thy seed have I given this land"--from what river to what river?--The river of what land to the river that is often called "the Great River."
       17. Nos. 20-25: Now, here's a corker: What countries today would that area cover? There are five principal countries. I'll give you some clues. First there's their own country; then there's a little country just North of them along the coast which has also been a great deal in the news, & has a cedar tree on her flag. I'll give you credit for naming four of the five countries. First it included all of their own country, then the land of the great trees, the cedars of blank.--The country that gave Solomon those great logs to build his temple. They pulled them down from the mountains by oxen, pulled them out to the sea, & then pulled them down the coast by boat to land them at the coast of Israel.
       18. Then there's a little neighbouring country right next to that one which is landlocked except for one harbour. It's a little country that has been very friendly to the United States, but now is being friendly to a man named Saddam! The head of that country is a king. In fact, he has the same last name as Saddam.--King who?--And the question is, what's the name of his country? It originally was called Moab & Ammon, the children of Lot. It used to be called Trans-something, but in recent times it's just called what? The name of the country is also the name of the main river of Israel, which actually is a boundary between that country & Israel. It flows clear down from the mountains, Mount Hermon, through one little lake, then it flows through the Sea of Galilee & finally into the Dead Sea. Once upon a time the priests carried the Ark across it!
       19. Then you should be able to name a fourth country that is further to the North of the tree country.--A big country above them which Bush has gotten to become his ally, but which he used to consider an enemy. And then the fifth country is half of one country that goes over the Euphrates, which is making a lot of trouble & is a lot in the news nowadays. You should know all those countries.
       20. So it's the one they have now, their two neighbours right next door--one to the North, one to the East--& then there's one way up North which is a very bitter enemy of Israel. And then there's a big country that's causing all the trouble nowadays--half of what used to be called Mesopotamia. If you want you can refer to the maps in your Bible. Look at the most recent map, today's map.
       21. Shall we go over the answers to these quickly now? (Kids: Yes!) Make sure you have your name, date & title of your test at the top of your paper & exchange papers! This had some real good interesting answers! I hope you got'm all.

       Test Answers!

       22. No. 1: What was the name of Abraham's servant? (Kids: Eliezer.)
       23. Nos. 2 & 3: From what city & what country? (Kids: Damascus, Syria.) Right!
       24. No. 4: And to what did the Lord compare Abram's descendants? He took him out & showed him what? (Kids: The stars!) Right!
       25. No. 5: And what did the Lord count to Abraham for righteousness? (Kids: That he believed.) Right! He didn't have that strong a faith, as he obviously had to have some proof afterwards, but he did believe.--Or you could have said something about his faith.
       26. No. 6: The Lord said He brought him out of what city? (Kids: Ur.)
       27. No. 7: Of what country? (Techi: Iraq?) Well, can you give the ancient name of that country first? (Techi: We both put Iraq.) Didn't I ask for its ancient name? (Techi: Well, you gave us Mesopotamia.) That's one of its names, but in this passage it says Ur of the Chaldees. (Techi: I didn't know Chaldees was a country.) (David: I didn't either.) Well, Ur is a city, so the next thing is bound to be the country, Chaldea, or the Land of the Chaldeans. I even gave you the hint that the name of their people ends in "eans," Remember?
       28. Well, I'll give you credit for Iraq, because it is Iraq today. I should have asked you to give me the ancient name, & probably then you would have said Mesopotamia. But the most ancient name, way back then in the days of Abram, was Ur of the Chaldees. Later it became Mesopotamia, "the land between the rivers" in Greek. So if you said Mesopotamia I'll give you credit for it. (Techi: We didn't say Mesopotamia either.) Didn't you say Iraq? (Techi: Yes.) OK, well, I'll give you credit for Iraq because I didn't say "ancient," I'm sorry. That's my fault. But didn't I ask you in the next question what that country is called today? (David: Oh yes!)
       29. No. 8: What country is it today? (Kids: Iraq.) Good, Iraq!
       30. Nos. 9-11: And when Abram said, "Give me some proof, Lord," the Lord told him to take what kind of sacrifices? I gave you one, "heifer," & said you only had to give me three others. (Kids: She-goat, ram, turtle dove & pigeon.) Good!
       31. No. 12: "So he divided them all in the midst, each piece one against another"--obviously on top of his altar--except for what? (Techi: Except for the birds.) Right! And why didn't he divide the birds? (Kids: Because they were too small.)
       32. No. 13: And what started to come down on them to gobble up these dead animals? (Kids: Fowls.) Fowls of the air, probably vultures.
       33. No. 14: And when the sun was going down, what fell upon Abraham? (David: A deep sleep.)
       34. No. 15: "And He said unto Abram, Know of a surety that thy seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not their's." He's not talking about their country, is He? (Techi: No.) "And they shall serve them; & they shall afflict them four hundred years." What land was that? (Kids: Egypt.) Right!
       35. No. 16: "And in the fourth generation they shall come hither again."--To what country? (David: Canaan.) Yes. That's what the Lord usually called that country. And I didn't ask you for this, but what did the Lord call some of the people who live in it in this verse? (David: Amorites.) Right!
       36. No. 17: And when it got dark & the sun went down, what passed between the pieces? You could say a smoking furnace or a burning lamp, either one.--Fire!
       37. Nos. 18 & 19: "And the Lord made a covenant saying, Unto thy seed I will give this land"--from what river to what river? (Techi: The River of Egypt.) To the... (David: River Euphrates.) Right, the Great River, the River Euphrates!
       38. Nos. 20-25: And what countries today would that area cover? What was the country that they already have now? (David: Israel.) Yes. And what is the land of cedars North of them? (Kids: Lebanon.) And what country with a friendly king is to the East of them? (Kids: Jordan.) And by the way, what is the present King of Jordan's name? (Kids: King Hussein.) And what country with a very unfriendly leader lives far North of Jordan? (Techi: Iraq?) No. (David: I thought Iraq was North.) Well, Iraq is more to the East. (David: Oh, Syria then!) Right! And what's the other half of the country that would include the land to the River Euphrates? (David: Iraq?) Right! To the River Euphrates is only half of Iraq, so the Lord is apparently going to let somebody else keep the other half.
       39. All right! Mark the wrong answers with an "X," multiply by four, subtract from 100 & you've got the grade! Praise the Lord! Grade your papers, exchange them, & add this test to the end of your list of tests. File your test paper away & give me your scores, please. David? (David: I got 100%.) Good for you! And Techi? (Techi: 96%.) That's not bad at all! You only missed one, that's terrific! God bless you! That one took a long time & it's getting kind of late, but shall we have a quick test on Genesis 16? (Kids: Yes!) OK! PTL!

       Genesis 16 Test!

       40. No. 1: What was the name of Sarai's handmaid?
       41. No. 2. And what was her nationality?
       42. No. 3. And because Sarai hadn't borne children, she gave her handmaiden to Abram for a what? What did she literally become?--Abram's what?
       43. No. 4. And when Hagar conceived, how did she treat her mistress Sarai? She was what in her eyes?
       44. No. 5. And when Sarai dealt hardly with her--she got tough on her apparently, was mean to her--what did Hagar do? She what from her face?
       45. No. 6. And where did the Angel of the Lord find Hagar?--By a what in the desert? Since it was a desert, that was a pretty good place to be!
       46. No. 7. And the Angel of the Lord said unto her, "Return to thy mistress & thyself unto her hands."
       47. No. 8. "And I will multiply thy what exceedingly, that it shall not be numbered for multitude."
       48. No. 9. "And the Angel of the Lord said unto her, Behold, thou art with child."--Which we already knew. But he tells her what sex it was going to be. What was it going to be?
       49. No. 10. "And thou shalt call his name" what?
       50. No. 11. And the Lord said he was going to be what kind of a man?
       51. No. 12. And that he's going to survive & dwell in the presence of all of his what?
       52. No. 13. And she said that God was taking care of her, "Thou God seest me." But then she said, "Have I also here looked after Him that seeth me"? In other words, had she been good to God? "And she called the name of the Lord that spake unto her"--what? It's four words.--And I just got through reading them to you! I'll give you some help: "Thou God me."
       53. No. 14: And she became the mother, & he the forefather, of all the what people?
       54. No. 15: And they still to this day hate what people? Abraham's other descendants. They have wars with them all the time.
       55. Okay, be sure you have your name & date & what test it is at the top of your paper, & exchange papers!

       Test Answers!

       56. No. 1: Who was Sarai's handmaid? (Kids: Hagar.) Right.
       57. No. 2: And she was what nationality? (Kids: Egyptian.) Right.
       58. No. 3: And she literally became Abram's what? (Techi: Wife.) Right.
       59. No. 4: And Sarai was what in Hagar's eyes? (Techi: Despised.) Right.
       60. No. 5: And Hagar did what? (Techi: Fled!) Right.
       61. No. 6: And the Angel found her by a what? (Techi: A fountain or well.) Yes, either one would have been all right. It calls it a "fountain" in one place, & then the next time he calls it a "well."
       62. No. 7: And the Angel told her to return & do what? (David: Submit.)
       63. No. 8: And the Angel said, "I will multiply thy what?" (Techi: Seed.)
       64. No. 9: And what sex would her child be? (David: Boy.) (Techi: Male.) Boy or male is right. It actually says "son" in the text.
       65. No. 10: What was his name? (Techi: Ishmael.)
       66. No. 11: And he'd be what kind of a man? (Techi: Wild.) Yes.
       67. No. 12: And he'd dwell in the presence of all his what? (Techi: Brethren.)
       68. No. 13: And what did Hagar call the name of the Lord?--"Thou God _____ me." (Kids: Seest.) Right, "Thou God seest me."
       69. No. 14: And he was the forefather of what people? (Techi: Arabs.)
       70. No. 15: And who do the Arabs hate? (Techi: The Jews!) Right!

       Grading Papers!

       71. OK! 15 goes into a hundred how many times?--Six times, almost seven, right? (David: Yes.) Let's just take six as an amount to multiply. That's giving you the edge because the more they count, the more you lose when you get one wrong! So multiply the number of mistakes by six, subtract from 100 & you've got your grade! It pays to have more questions because then you don't lose so much on one question!
       72. Grade your papers, please, & return them to their owners. This reminds me of my old job! I'm back in my old rut as a school teacher. All those phrases & things I say come naturally. I'm doin' what comes naturally!
       73. All right! Techi, grade, please. (Techi: 100!) David, grade please. (David: 100!) Excellent, children! I'm very proud of you! You both got a hundred! Please enter that test on your test list & your grade, & file your test papers. A good place would be to put them in numerical order behind your main list of tests. OK? (Kids: Yes!) All right. PTL! Let's pray!
       74. (David: Amen! Thank You Lord for the tests & the Bible study we had tonight. We thank You for all that we learned & pray that You'll bless the rest of our fellowship time together. Please continue to bless & strengthen Grandpa, Lord, in Jesus' name, amen.) Amen! Thank the Lord that you can be students of the Law of God, the Word of God! Amen? Praise the Lord!

       Picture captions:

       Pg. 1:
       I'll take the valley--near the city of Sodom!

       Art by Joseph Miralles, from The Bible for Students

       Page 4:
       Art by Harry Anderson, from The Bible Story by Arthur S. Maxwell.
       Abraham paid tithes of all his goods to Melchizedek, "the priest of the most high God." Melchizedek then blessed Abraham for his faithfulness & generosity.

       Page 10:
       "...Look now toward heaven, & tell the stars, if thou be able to number them. And He said unto him, So shall thy seed be."

       "And when the fowls came down upon the carcases, Abram drove them away."

       Art by Joseph Miralles, from The Bible for Students

       Art taken from The Illustrated Children's Bible


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