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BIBLE FOR YOU!--No.41!       12/90
--Test on Genesis Chapter 19!       DFO 2808
--Bible Classtime with Grandpa!

       1. (Techi: Thank You Lord! Thank You Jesus for this good time that we can have a test & a class. We pray that You'll please bless & help us to be good students & to do a good job on this Chapter, & to remember as much as we can. Please bless Grandpa & keep his health, Lord, & help him as he teaches us. And please bless Mommy, too, & keep her eyes & keep her from headaches & keep her health, in Jesus' name. Thank You Lord!) Praise the Lord! Thank You Lord! I think you're the first student I ever had that said, "Thank You Lord for this good time we can have a test!"--Ha! (Maria: Wow! That's great! That shows the right kind of attitude!) Yes! Imagine, actually enjoying a test! (Maria: Well, Grandpa's tests are fun!) (Techi: Yes, Grandpa, we like your tests.) Thank You Lord!
       2. (Techi: Lot & Abraham are really amusing in their arguments, aren't they?) Yes, they really are. (Techi: You can tell they came from the same family. They were both Jews.) Well, Abraham & Lot were actually Hebrews, not Jews. (Techi: Aren't Hebrews Jews?) Well, nowadays they think of them that way, but they were actually Hebrews. You can really get a Jew stumped by telling him that Abraham was not a Jew, because they always consider all their heroes to be Jews. (Techi: Well, weren't they?) They were not called Jews until Judah came along, the kingly tribe. It was the Babylonians who first nicknamed them Jews after Judah, the leading Southern tribe.
       3. All right! Are you ready? (David: Yes, Sir!) Here we go!

       Genesis 19 Test!

       4. No. 1: When the two Angels came to Sodom, where was Lot sitting? It was a place where new people & travellers came first as they entered the city. Everyone waited there to hear news from new people & travellers etc., & it was also where they held court. Lot had by this time become a judge in Sodom. Apparently being a fairly righteous, fair fellow, they had finally made him a judge. So where was he?--Sitting in the what of Sodom?
       5. No. 2: The men of Sodom surrounded Lot's house & said, "Where are the men which came in to thee this night? Bring them out unto us that we may know them."--What did that mean? So they could commit what? What's the name of their worst sin, which sin took its name from this city.
       6. No. 3: "And Lot went out at the door unto them, & shut the door after him. And said, I pray you, brethren, do not so wickedly! But know that I have two"--what? What did he offer them instead? Two whats?
       7. No. 4: And they said, "This one fellow came in to sojourn & he will needs be a"--what? What was Lot in Sodom?
       8. No. 5: The Angels smote the men of Sodom with what?--So they couldn't even find the door!--Thank God!
       9. No. 6: "And the men (the Angels) said unto Lot, hast thou here any besides?" What did they mean? Any what? You could use one word to cover it all, or you could use several that they used. There are several different words you could use. Any what?
       10. No. 7: "And Lot went out & spake unto his" this, that & the other--the ones you just wrote down the word for. And did they pay any attention to him?
       11. No. 8: How many people did the Angels drag out of the city? Obviously they hadn't found 10, & of course they didn't save the city, but at least they saved them, right? (Kids: Yes!)
       12. No. 9: The Lord rained what & what upon Sodom?
       13. No. 10: What did Lot's wife do that she was forbidden to do? That'll take two words, but for the same question.
       14. No. 11: And therefore she became a what? That'll take two or three words too.
       15. No. 12: "And the firstborn said unto the younger, Our father is old, & there is not a man in the Earth to come in unto us after the manner of all Earth." What did they mean by "come in unto us"?
       16. No. 13: And they said, "Come, let us make our father to drink"--what?
       17. No. 14: And the purpose of that was to make him what? You could just use one little word. To make him what?
       18. Nos. 15 & 16: "Thus were both the daughters of Lot with child by their father." And they had two children, & what were their names? You can either give both their actual names, or on the second one, you can give the name of his descendants--"The children of _____".
       19. No. 17: By the way, what do they call that sexual behaviour nowadays when it takes place between close relatives in the same family? (Techi: Any relative closer than your second cousin, isn't it?) Well, in some countries it's forbidden for cousins to marry. (Techi: Any cousins? Even your second cousins?) It depends on the laws in each country. In the U.S. it depends on the laws in each state. Anyhow, they generally call it a crime today, & what is the crime? (Techi: Isn't it because nowadays you have weird babies if you do that?) Well, they say it can either produce geniuses or morons. (Techi: A genius wouldn't be so bad, but morons would.) They call that "inbreeding" on the farm.
       20. No. 18: The descendants of those two children are now what modern country?
       21. No. 19: And its leader is a what?
       22. No. 20: And his name is what? (Techi: His full name?) No, the only thing you ever hear is his last name & his position. (Techi: Thank you.)
       23. (Techi: Boy, there weren't many questions, were there?) Praise the Lord! Twenty questions, that's plenty! (Techi: Yes, but it's such a long Chapter!) Well, there is an awful lot of talkin' goin' on.
       24. Exchange your papers! Be sure you've got your name on the paper, the date, & the name of the test is what? (Techi: Genesis 19.)

       Test Answers!

       25. No. 1: Where was Lot sitting? (Techi: In the gate.) Right!
       26. No. 2: What sin did the men want to commit with the Angels? (David: Sodomy.) Yes.
       27. No. 3: What did Lot offer them instead? (David: His two daughters.) Yes, his two younger daughters.
       28. No. 4: What was Lot in Sodom? (Kids: A judge.)
       29. No. 5: The Angels smote the men of Sodom with what? (Kids: Blindness.) Yes, he smote the bad wicked people with blindness so that they couldn't even find the door.
       30. No. 6: "And the men said unto Lot, hast thou here any besides?" What did they mean by that? (Kids: Sons in law, sons, daughters.) Yes, or you could say "children" to cover them all.
       31. No. 7: Did his sons in law pay any attention to him when he warned them to flee? (Kids: No!)
       32. No. 8: How many people did the Angels drag out of the city? (Kids: Four.)
       33. No. 9: The Lord rained what & what upon Sodom? (David: Fire & brimstone.)
       34. No. 10: What did Lot's wife do that she was forbidden to do? (Kids: Looked back.)
       35. No. 11: And what did she become? (Kids: A pillar of salt.)
       36. No. 12: What did the daughters mean by "come in unto us"?--"There is not a man in the Earth to come in unto us after the manner of all the Earth." (David: Techi put "make them conceive.") Yes. (Techi: David said "make them pregnant.") Well, that's the same thing.
       37. No. 13: And they said, "Come, let us make our father to drink"--what? (David: Wine.) Yes.
       38. No. 14: In order to make him what? (Techi: Drunk out of his mind!) Yes, to make him drunk. This is a pretty funny Chapter, I must admit! Some of the Chapters in the Bible are really pretty funny. (Techi: Even Job is funny!) Yes. They were just human, that's why. People are funny!
       39. Nos. 15 & 16: And the daughters had two children, & what were their names? (Techi: Moab & Ammon.) (David: Or Moab & Ben-ammi.) Right!
       40. No. 17: And what do they call that action nowadays, that happened between Lot & his daughters? (Kids: Incest.) Yes, incest. So a whole country is the result of incest. Think of that!
       41. No. 18: And the descendants of those two sons make up what modern country today? (David: Jordan.)
       42. No. 19: And what is their leader called?--A what? (Kids: A king.)
       43. No. 20: And his last name is what? (Kids: Hussein.) Yes. (Techi: How do you spell Hussein?) Well, actually you spell it H-u-s-s-e-i-n. But I don't grade on spelling. "Sein" is pronounced "sane," Hussein. H-u-s-s-e-i-n.

       Grades, Homework & Closing Prayer!

       44. All right! Grade your papers! Each answer is worth five points. Multiply the number missed by five, subtract from 100 & you've got the grade. Return the paper to its owner & enter the name of the test into your list of tests along with your grade. OK! What were your grades? (David: I got 95% & Techi got 100%.) PTL! You're both still making good grades! If you do miss a question here or there, you'll never forget that one. So, praise the Lord! God bless you!
       45. Well, that was a long test! It took all of our time, so therefore we will not read more tonight. You can study Chapter 20 for your homework, & we'll read it in the next class & discuss it, OK? (Kids: OK!)
       46. (David: Amen! Thank You Jesus! Thank You for this test, Jesus, & all that we learned. We pray, Jesus, that we'll remember the ones that we got wrong, & please continue to make our Bible studies real interesting. Help us to keep learning lots from them, in Jesus' name. Amen!) Thank You Lord!
       47. That was an interesting Chapter! It's sort of a funny Chapter, isn't it? (Techi: Yes!) Well, this is basic Bible History which every little Jew knows, so my little Jews ought to know it, too!

       Jewish Matriarchy

       48. Actually, technically speaking, according to Israeli law, you're not a Jew unless your mother was a Jew. They've switched the whole thing around completely from what used to be God's law. The father was the head of the house & it was the father who passed on the nationality or the race to his children. Now Jewish homes are matriarchies, the mother runs the house, & you're only a Jew if your mother was a Jew. It doesn't even matter if your father was a Jew, it's gotta be your mother.
       49. So when we visited Israel, I could have claimed to be a Jew! I could have become an Israeli! Thank God I didn't, & that the Lord delivered us & showed us that it wasn't His Will! Praise the Lord! God bless you all!

       Picture captions & fact boxes:

       Page 3:
Art by Joseph Miralles, from "The Bible for Students"

       SODOM (pronounced SOD um), meaning "place of lime"--a city at the southern end of the Dead Sea destroyed because of its wickedness. Together with her sister cities--Gomorrah, Admah, Zeboim, & Zoar--Sodom formed the famous 5 cities of the plain or circle of the Jordan in the valley that surrounded the Dead Sea. Because of the wickedness of the people of the city, God finally had to destroy Sodom. Fire and brimstone fell from heaven & consumed Sodom & Gomorrah & the other cities of the plain. When Lot's wife looked back at Sodom, she was instantly changed into a pillar of salt.
       The geological conditions of the southern end of the Dead Sea match those of the area around Sodom. Salt formations, asphalt, & sulfur are found in large quantities here. Many scholars believe the cities of the plain may be located beneath the shallow end of the Dead Sea. The basin surrounding the shallow southern end of the Dead Sea is fed by five streams, including the Wadi Zered, which would have provided for a fertile, well-watered plain. In addition, Zoar, one of the cities of the plain (Gen.13:10), is reported by the Jewish historian Josephus to have been visible during his time at the southern end of the sea.
       (From Nelson's Illustrated Bible Dictionary)

       Page 4:
       "This pillar is still pointed out today as being Lot's wife. We don't know whether it is or not, but the Arabs have pointed it out for centuries & said, `That's Lot's wife!'"--From Dad's "Bible in Pictures," Pg.41.

       "After Lot saw what was happening to Sodom, he got so scared he beat it out of Zoar & beat it up to these hills, into these cliffs along the shore of the Dead Sea."--From Dad's "Bible in Pictures," Pg.41.

       Page 5:
(From Dad's "Bible in Pictures," Pg.41-42:)
       "The children of Lot by his daughters became the children of Moab & the children of Ammon. These people, however, were a big pest to the Children of Israel. For many years after that they caused lots of trouble. The Moabites & the Ammonites were distant cousins of the Israelites, but they were always their enemies. They were not children of promise & they were always jealous of the Israelites; they were always fighting them & causing them trouble. Eventually they amalgamated & blended in with the other Arab people. The Ishamelites, the Edomites, the Keturites, the Moabites, Ammonites, Jebusites--there are a whole bunch of `ites' that all mingled together, & they became the Arab peoples. They're still enemies of Israel today, although they're related."

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