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SIGNS OF THE END!--World Currents No.62       Compiled 9/92       DO 2810
--Ominous Current Events!

       1. Bush is getting caught between a rock & a hard place! The hard place is that the ACs don't want him to touch the war in Yugoslavia because they're backing the Serbians! The rocks that are now being fired at him are from the public: "Why don't you save those poor Bosnians & Croatians when you've easily got the power to stop it?" There's only one reason the Serbs are so bold, they've been reassured by the ACs, I'm sure, that they're not going to let the U.S. president stop it. (Maria: Even any of the European countries would have the power to stop it.) Exactly! But the Serbs are being reassured, "Go ahead, we're not going to let them interfere."
       2. So Bush & the European countries are all being made fools of, because they have the power to stop this war & they're not doing it. This is making a fool out of Bush right now, which is embarrassing to him & bad for his political career. (Maria: When on the other hand he's going to war again against Iraq for nothing!) Yes, he's quite willing to stop internal conflicts in Iraq at tremendous cost just for the oil! They don't care a thing about the Shiites or the Kuwaiti people, that's ridiculous! That's just a big ruse, an excuse.
* * *

       3. Boy, it shows you the hypocrisy of Bush! He immediately sent half-a-million men to Kuwait to rescue the oil under the pretense of rescuing innocent people from a tyrant. Now he's doing nothing about the pitiful poor Croatians & Bosnians who are being invaded by the Serbians & slaughtered, massacred--because they have no oil, of course. The U.S. has taken such a hypocritical, self-righteous, ridiculous posture! It just exposes their wickedness & hypocrisy to the whole World! Bush isn't concerned about what's happening in Yugoslavia.--He wants power, riches, oil!
       4. The U.N. has proven to be completely impotent, not even able to secure an airport where the relief flights could land! And these Serbian demons just continue their slaughter regardless of all negotiations or cease fires or anything!--Even bombarding civilians right in the center of shopping areas, slaughtering them! Horrible!--Innocent civilians, women & children & all!
       5. Bush was so self-righteous, rescuing the Kuwaitis & Saudis who had the oil, but the poor East Europeans don't have anything that he wants so he's remaining aloof from that situation. They're begging for intervention, for someone to come to their rescue, because the U.N. & Europe haven't been able to do a thing in all their negotiations & cease fires, except lodge absolutely weak, pitiful protests! Even their own Serbian government in Belgrade hasn't been able to keep the Serbs under control. The U.N. has negotiated with the Serbian-Yugoslavian government a lot of times & they've come to certain agreements lots of times, but their army commanders are the ones ruling things.
       6. It shows the hypocrisy of the U.S., the Bush government, that they're not doing a thing to rescue these poor people who have nothing! All they did was rescue the rich Arabs who had oil. It's really showing up the hypocrisy of the U.S., who supposedly went in with such noble designs to rescue the pitiful people who were being persecuted by a tyrant because they had oil! They're not doing a thing to help the poor, weak, oil-less Croatians & Bosnians.
       7. Well, some pretty strong voices are being raised who are now calling for military intervention, but the U.S. is saying that they're not supposed to intervene in the domestic affairs of other nations. Well, they sure did intervene in Kuwait & took control of the oil! And they spent millions to stop the oil fires, sending huge fire-fighting equipment & teams there to make sure they could save the oil. But they don't give a damn about all these poor people being tortured & massacred in Yugoslavia! The poor Croatians & Bosnians can't understand why America's letting them suffer.
       8. Little grassfire skirmishes are breaking out all over the Soviet Union now between all kinds of different people. It's pitiful! Once the Superpowers stopped their fighting with each other, then all the little skirmishes began. For all their big, highly-touted, applauded great associations & United Nations & United Europe, the World just isn't able to stop anything or overcome anything! They can't do a thing, they haven't been able to stop a thing! If it hadn't been for Bush pushing the U.N. & the coalition forces into the Middle East War, they couldn't have done anything there either.
* * *

       9. That Serbian war is the most ridiculous war! It's just amazing that the World would allow that to go on so long. How ignominious a demonstration of the weakness of Europe!
* * *

       10. The Serbs [DELETED] were victims of Hitler's "ethnic cleansing." Now they're turning around & doing the very same thing to their enemies, just like they do in Israel. The Serbs are turning right around & doing to their enemies what their enemies once did to them!
* * *

       11. It's no use declaring your independence nowadays! Look what's happened to poor Bosnia & Croatia! Look what's happened to them trying to declare their independence from the Serbian Yugoslavians! It makes me so angry my heart hurts!


       12. Please pray for the poor Iraqis again! Bush is just looking for a good excuse to attack them. The last time Bush attacked them, it raised his popularity rating in the polls to over 90%, & now his ratings have sunk down to about 23%. Clinton's poll ratings are about double that. I think Bush figures he needs another war to raise his ratings just before the election. The ACs would sure appreciate that! They'd love it if he'd invade Iraq again & kill Saddam Hussein this time. Of course, that wouldn't do the ACs much good because God's against them & He's their worst enemy! They've been trying to get rid of Him for years, but He's going to get rid of them instead! Just like they've been trying to get rid of me for years, but one of these days I'm going to get rid of them when Jesus returns!
* * *

       13. The American polls say 64% of Americans favour intervention in Iraq right now by Bush, but not nearly so many favour intervention in Bosnia! Think of that! Can you imagine all this to-do about Iraq & going after the Iraqis instead of trying to save those poor people in Yugoslavia? God's going to judge them accordingly. Bush is not interested in saving people, he's just interested in saving oil & Israel, of course.
* * *

       14. Bush says he locked the tyrant (Saddam) in the prison of his own country.
* * *

       15. You can bet your boots the ACs are urging the U.S. on to attack Iraq again! The U.S. is holding military exercises in Kuwait & sending aircraft carriers & troops to the Gulf. This is what they call "sabre rattling," to try to scare them into submission.
* * *

       16. The news media is linking Peru with Iraq, reporting that Peru congratulated Iraq on their National Day celebration. They're doing everything possible to turn the World against Peru.

       Syrians in Lebanon!
       17. Thank God the Syrians finally moved into Lebanon & made peace there! I prayed they would.

       U.S. "Loan" to Israelis
       18. This 10 billion Dollar loan guarantee the Israelis want, they know they'll never pay it back! So whether they call it a loan or not, it's actually the U.S. giving it to them outright.

       Jews Stealing Arabs' Homes
       19. The Jews are stealing Arabs' homes!--In fact, they've stolen the whole country! One of these days their homes are going to get stolen, including their country! The Israeli government seizes the Palestinians' property & then they sell it to the Jews.

       Russian Jews in Israel
       20. Russian Jews are going to Israel not necessarily because they want to, but because they get housing for a year & food, etc. Then after a year, to their sad surprise, all the immigrants are thrown out on the street to fend for themselves. Even very professional, highly qualified people are reduced to sweeping the streets, playing instruments on the street or making puppets & selling them door to door! More than 60% of the working age emigrants coming from the former Soviet Union have university degrees, but they're having to scramble for any job they can find, filling thousands of menial jobs that used to be filled by Palestinians, who are therefore unemployed & angry. A full 40% of Soviet Jews who have come from Russia have no work at all! Israel has always been a basket case--always picked up by the U.S.!

       Israelis Will Sell Anything!
       21. The Israelis will sell anything, they don't give a damn about national security except their own. They don't mind selling American technology to China & South Africa. Israel will sell anything she can make money on.

       Orthodox Jews Think 90-year-old Rabbi Is the Messiah!
       22. This thing with some Orthodox Jews thinking the Messiah is this 90-year-old rabbi from New York City is showing that they're pretty cuckoo! (See WND 400.) They don't even know the Scriptures! The man's showing the World how nuts he is! [DELETED] [EDITED: "It's"] showing the World how nuts these Jews are! It shows they don't even know the Bible!


       The Philippines!
       23. The Filipinos were turned against Marcos by their religious leaders, specifically by the Sinful Cardinal! (Cardinal Sin.) Just like he turned the country against us! They let that Sinful Cardinal turn the country against us. As long as leadership favours us, the Lord will bless them; but when our enemies turn the government against us & they run us out, then that country or government almost always goes downhill.

       24. As though the U.S. hasn't done enough damage to Vietnam, they still refuse to recognise them & have a 17-year-old embargo on them to prevent trade with them!--Just plain childish spite!--As though it wasn't enough to wreck their country!
* * *

       25. God is going to judge the Americans for what they did to the Vietnamese! To think that such a little country with such primitive methods could beat the mighty U.S. in that war & drive them out of their country! God must've been on their side!
* * *

       26. Who pushed the reinstatement of the genocidal Khmer Rouge as part of the governing coalition in Cambodia?--The U.S., just to spite Vietnam, which drove the Khmer Rouge out of Cambodia. The U.S. were poor losers in a bad war! Now the U.S. has shifted its position, claiming to be impartial. They've said if the Vietnamese are still going to be represented in the Cambodian government, then the Khmer Rouge have to be represented too.


       Castro & Cuba!
       27. The U.S. drove Cuba into the arms of the Russians! They totally turned against Castro because he disenfranchised the rich--all the rich Americans who owned Cuba. The U.S. became his bitter enemy & the Soviet Union was the only friend he could find. That's the only thing that has kept Cuba free from the U.S. this long.
       28. The U.S. has done its best to bring about Castro's defeat. I wouldn't be surprised if they're planning on invading Cuba soon. They didn't hesitate to do it to Panama, why should they hesitate to do it to Cuba?
       29. It was the U.S. that made Cuba more radical & forced them into the arms of the Communists. I'm sure it was the Lord who protected Castro all those years when there were so many planned assassinations against him.
* * *

       30. I think Castro tried to do too much. They said he ruled rather than governed, he ruled rather than administered. He wasn't a good administrator. He also got involved in too many foreign wars.

       History of Haiti & Recent Events!
       31. In Haiti, one night in 1791, all of the Blacks rose up & killed the Whites! The Blacks at that time were virtually like slaves of the French, & the French were the rich living in luxury there on the backs of the slaves & their labour. So you can understand why one night all the Blacks rose up at a given signal in the middle of the night, & they went over into the French quarter to all these sumptuous rich homes & slaughtered all of the French--men, women & children! That's how Haiti began as an independent country.
       32. And do you know what Haiti is?--It's only half of an island, & the other half is the Dominican Republic, which is Spanish-speaking. Haiti is the Western half & the Dominican Republic is the Eastern half. Haiti was French & the Dominican Republic was Spanish. The U.S. government virtually sponsors the Dominican Republic. It supposedly has an elected government which is virtually a dictatorship, & it's a very tight country.--A U.S. Colony! We've had some Family in the Dominican Republic, but there are restrictions & not much freedom or liberty in comparison with the rest of the Caribbean. Some big American corporations virtually run the country.
       33. Haiti, the French half of the island, is almost all Black, consisting of all these former slaves, & they speak French or a kind of a French lingo, Creole. So the Black half of the island, Haiti, has been a mess ever since its independence, & it's gone from one dictator to another. The only established government that they had for a long time was under Papa Doc Duvalier, who ruled it with an iron hand, primarily by his secret police called the Tontons Macoutes (Bogey Men).
       34. They have had one revolution after another, one coup after another, one dictator after another, all various crooks, etc. Some of the Blacks were a little smarter than the others, & those were the ones who would usually get control.--Like the present General who has taken over from President Aristide. He looks almost white.
       35. So Haiti is really a mess & always has been, ever since the French were massacred. At least it was a mess under control at that time, but as you can see, they obviously couldn't stay under control & the French all got wiped out. The Blacks took over & it's been a mess ever since.
       36. Papa Doc died in 1971 & his son Baby Doc ruled until he was overthrown in 1986. Then he was allowed to have safe conduct & leave with his wealth, which was, of course, the wealth of the people of Haiti. He & his father robbed them nearly blind, & Baby Doc is living in luxury now in France.
       37. Actually, the two of them were virtually a puppet government of France. They were left alone as long as they did as France told them to do & more or less followed the influence of France, including selling the French their produce. They did most of their business with France. France resented the U.S. interference there, of course, & France received Duvalier & his wife as refugees & is letting them live in sumptuous luxury in France now.
       38. The problems that Haiti has will never be solved by anything but force. It never has been & never will be. Democracy just won't work in a place like that. In earlier days it pledged its allegiance to the Devil!


       The "Free" U.S.
       39. The U.S. tries to compliment itself that it's a free country, because freedom is about all it has left. They're free all right--free to be criminals, free to take drugs, free to be juvenile delinquents, free to be atheists, free of God!

       U.S. Deceived by Evolution!
       40. The U.S. has been totally misled & deceived by the theory of Evolution. They seldom ever give the Lord the credit for any of His creations. It must make Him feel really bad. They've forgotten God in America. No matter what plans they have, they're not going to work, they're not going to succeed.

       Americans Deeper in Debt than Ever Before!
       41. The American people are living on borrowed time & borrowed money! They spent more than they made & ran up big bills & debts, which they can't pay now that they're out of a job, so they lose everything--house, car, furniture, everything!--Which is really almost a worse situation than in the Great Depression because of time payments. "Paying on time," as they used to call it, had hardly even gotten started then, so people were not nearly as much in debt. They were poor, but they were not completely overloaded with debts. (Maria: So what little they owned, they could keep.) Yes, including a small humble home, a cheap car, furniture & whatnot.
       42. During the Great Depression the average person was nowhere near as indebted as people are today! Now they're tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of Dollars in debt!--Which means they can't possibly pay their bills, which means the banks & the creditors can't pay their bills, which means the banks go broke, & the creditors--which are the businesses & factories & whatnot--go broke!
       43. So in many ways it's a worse situation now than it was then because of the debt load, the horrible horrible amount of personal debts people have piled up.--Not to speak of the cities, states & countries who are deeper in debt than they ever have been! In other words, the economy of the whole World is on the road to collapse & it'll take the Antichrist to try to pull it out of it in some way--or convince them that he can & get them to follow him.
       44. (Maria: I guess another reason why so many people in the rich civilised countries are losing their jobs is because so many of their jobs have to do with the luxury items that people don't need when times get hard.) Yes. The first big bunch of employees that got a shock lay off in the tens of thousands during the last stock market crash were the stock brokers & assistants, Wall Street people etc. They lost their jobs in phenomenal numbers at that time, but of course, it's nothing compared to the way people are losing their jobs now.
       45. So there's no hope for the economy, it's got to crash, bound to crash & will crash because the whole World is living on borrowed time & borrowed money & cannot possibly survive when it comes to paying their bills. It's time to pay the fiddler! They've danced their dance & now they've got to pay the fiddler, & the fiddler is the Devil.--The "fiddler on the roof" whom they've been fiddling with too long.

       46. After all the work they go to, spending millions to defeat counterfeiters, the ironic thing about it is that most governments are the greatest counterfeiters of all, because their money is worthless. Their paper money is only worth as much as people think it's worth, otherwise it has no value whatsoever. You can't redeem it & get gold or silver or anything really valuable. It's amazing how governments are able to deceive their people with paper money, which is actually totally worthless except for the government's word, which isn't worth much either!


       Ross Perot--An Influence for Good!
(While Perot was still in the presidential race:)
       47. (Maria: What's happening right now with the three candidates for president in the U.S.?) The AC powers are trying to eliminate Perot from the race. He's too honest, too straightforward, too sincere & too upright to be corrupted & told what to do by them. So they're jockeying between Bush & Clinton, between the Republicans & the Democrats, to see who they can influence the most, who will give them the most & who they can dominate the most, before they decide who to vote for.--Which they may have already decided. After all, so far Bush has done everything they wanted him to do. He even went to war with nearly half-a-million soldiers to save what happens to be their oil.--Not the Arabs' oil.
       48. Perot is serious & honest & sincere & I think he's right about many things, but that's why he won't win! Ross Perot is an optimist & an idealist. I'm afraid what he wants can't happen. It's too late. He speaks ad lib & from his heart. I think he is the most dynamic personality of the three candidates by far! He has ideas on things & he's a go-getter! God bless him, I believe he's a prick in their conscience!
* * *

(After Perot's withdrawal from the race:)
       49. Perot scared the Hell out of both the Republicans & the Democrats, & as a result they really got on the ball & started doing things! He's very simple & he really appeals to the common man with his simple little illustrations. He's very good humoured, he's very sincere, & he's very right, & he knows it. He's very honest & he's too good for the U.S., & I think he finally woke up to that. He's certainly the last kind of man in this World that any political party wants, someone who can't be told what to do, but is going to be telling them what to do! So he's the last person in this World that either the Democrats or the Republicans or the ACs would want in office, somebody they can't control, somebody who knows he's right & goes ahead despite opposition & can't be stopped!
       50. They didn't stop him--he saw it was an impossible situation & he stopped himself! In other words, he quit while he was still ahead & he had the influence that he needed to make an effect on the other two parties. He raised the consciousness of the nation about the things that were right & the things that were wrong & the solutions, & he made those points so clear that now the other parties are going to have to live up to them. So he had a very good effect & a very good influence without having to do the impossible job himself. He told them what to do. He's told them what's wrong & he's told them what's right, & now it will be up to them to see who can do it.--Nobody!
       51. I also think that Perot realised that not only were both other parties ganging up on him, but all the news media were ganging up on him too! The ACs who control the news media were obviously doing their best to knock him out of the race, so he saw it was a hopeless situation. Frankly, he had more hope for the U.S. than I have! I think he was up against a hopeless situation, not just in the campaign, but to ever try to deliver the U.S. government or the country from the mess it's in!--Or God's curses! I think he did good to get himself off the hook. I would have hated to have seen a nice little honest, sincere, square-shooter, non-political guy like him get into the dirty business of U.S. politics!--All cheats & liars!
       52. Politicians have to be experienced liars or they couldn't be politicians! A politician makes his living trying to tell people what they want to hear & not what they need to hear. That's the sign of a good politician, they can lie to you & make you believe it. They like to tickle the ears, as the Bible says, like false prophets.--2Tim.4:3-4.
       53. So I don't see much difference between Clinton & Bush in that, except that Clinton is just a kid with very little experience. I think he's biting off more than he can chew.
       54. I believe Perot was too optimistic--the fact that he had any hopes for the U.S. at all! I believe the Lord saved Perot from the horror of the destruction of the U.S., because no one could save the U.S.! So I think it was wise of him to quit. He saw he couldn't win anyway, & he'd had the effect on the other parties that he wanted to have, to wake them up to what they should do.
       55. Perot is like the voice of God speaking to both parties that, "You'd better both shape up & do the right thing--or you're doomed!" Perot has probably had the biggest influence on the U.S. election of anybody. He's done an excellent job on it, he's taken it from the beginning to the end & really built his case just like a lawyer.
* * *

       56. They're trying to denigrate (vilify) Ross Perot as much as possible so that he won't be able to rise again. They're charging him with failing his people & failing the country. Politics is a very dirty business & it's all about influence & dirty tricks & manoeuvering & fiddling with everything, manipulating everything, manipulating people & power behind the scenes, all of which tricks the ACs are best at & which they are using to the best of their ability right now, as always.
       57. They wanted Perot out because he really complicated things. They could control Bush or Clinton, but obviously they couldn't control Perot, so they wanted to get him out more than anything! So he saw it was just a hopeless case, there was no use even trying. I admire him more now than I did when he was running, for this plain & simple reason: What good, honest, sincere, righteous man would be crazy enough to run for president of the United States?
       58. Obviously he finally woke up to the fact that it's no place for anybody but the crooked politicians, of which he was not one, so he just decided to get out of the dirty business & leave them to cut each other's throats & not his! So poor guy, he's really sorry that he disappointed so many people & he's trying to do his best to help take care of them. He's still amenable to whatever they want him to do, almost leaving a crack open to resume his campaign if they insist.

       Bush & Clinton!
       59. In spite of all the things I don't like about Bush, I'd rather see Bush win any day than Clinton! Clinton is a Liberal & for all the wrong things. You can't even compare Clinton with Bush. I certainly would rather have Bush & all he stands for than Clinton, but I'd rather have Buchanan than Bush, & I'd rather have the Kingdom of God than America!
* * *

       60. The Western news is so slanted--smearing Bush all the time & exalting Clinton. They're all for Clinton & all against Bush, & I think they could just about persuade the people to vote for Clinton. Plus, Bush is so adamantly anti-abortion! I think that the majority of the people in the U.S. would vote for abortion, so those people will most likely vote for Clinton.--And that's what the ACs are working for!
* * *

       61. How can Europe & America just steel themselves to the condition of Yugoslavia? Bush is more interested in his election & Saddam Hussein. It makes me so mad I want to go there & fight those vicious Serbs! I think Bush would be willing to start a new war with Iraq just to get himself reelected! I think the reason he's so eager to use force against Iraq is to try to recoup his own popularity. After all, a war in Iraq is more profitable than getting involved in Yugoslavia, it's got the ACs behind it & it's got oil in it & Saddam Hussein is already portrayed as a villain. So Bush figures he's got the right cast & the right play, so he's going ahead with it! When the president takes a hard military stand against some country, the Americans usually rally around him.
* * *

       62. All Bush wants is power, glory, fame & to be considered a great president, having conducted two so-called great wars.--One with the great nation of Panama, & another with the gigantic nation of Iraq!--Ha! "Glory, glory, Hallelujah! Bush's truth is marching on!"--And if two wars can't do it, he'd be willing to go to war again to make sure he gets voted in as president.
* * *

       63. Clinton is trying to appear tougher than Bush now. I think he's trying to erase his "draft-dodger" image. It shows you what politicians are like, they just want to do whatever they think will please the people, & it seems that war usually does please them.
* * *

       64. Clinton is sure backing the ACs! He must know who's backing him! They're sure doing everything they can to try to get Clinton elected, & he's doing everything he can to keep their support.
* * *

       65. It seems like Hilary Clinton is the power behind Bill Clinton! William Branham saw a vision of a woman as U.S. President & described her as beautiful but cruel! Maybe that'll be Hilary Clinton! If Clinton wins & she rules over him, she'll be as good as president--or as bad!
* * *

       66. In just one speech, Bush managed to take credit for almost every supposedly good thing that has happened in the last few years in the World!
* * *

       67. Bush is really a fine man in some ways, but he's such an actor, such a hypocrite! His wars have certainly been horrible! He's been responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands! Guys like that should be afraid to go to Hell! The funny thing about it is they're so self-confident & so self-righteous they expect to go to Heaven & get a special medal for their slaughters! (Maria: They may still go to Heaven, if they've received the Lord, but they're probably going to be in the basement.)
* * *

       68. These could be the last U.S. presidential conventions, the last nominations, the last elections! It's a memorable time. I wouldn't be surprised if Clinton would win just by default--the defaults of Bush. The people are in a mood for change, change to anybody! The pity of that is the idea that any man can change the whole System & government--it's impossible!
* * *

       69. How can politicians possibly say, "I will turn things around. I will change things!" That's bragging! They make so many promises that they cannot possibly keep! But the people will believe all these promises because they want to believe them.

       Family Values!
       70. They don't know what to call religion or ethics or morality or the things that are good, so they've settled on the term "family values." It's nice they've got a whole new outlook now regarding the Family, named after us!--Ha! We're famous!
* * *

       71. The U.S. doesn't even know what "family values" are, & yet they're feuding over them. They say, "We're going to rebuild our families & restore our fundamental values!" The American people consented to putting God & the Bible & prayer out of the public schools. The people have consented to abortion. Right now they're consenting to the slaughter in Yugoslavia! They don't dare talk about God or the Bible, or religious & moral values, so they talk about "family values."

       The Republican Convention--The Last Hurrah of the Christians!
       72. It's too bad they've got a man like Bush running on the right platform with all the right reasons & for the right things--God, family values, education, anti-abortion, against homosexuals. They seem to have all the right ideas & all the right program, but he's just not the right man! The Republicans are going all-out for ultra-conservatism to try to capture all the conservative votes. Too bad they're for all the right things but with the wrong man!
       73. I wouldn't be surprised if Bush loses. I'm sure he'd be happy to start another war to get re-elected. He's doing his best to pick on poor Saddam Hussein, doing all kinds of things to deliberately provoke him to react.
       74. The Republicans are strongly Christian, strongly Evangelical & are for all the right things--but too late! The U.S. is too far gone! If the people go ahead & vote for Bush I'll really be surprised, because the U.S. is not very strong on all those good points. If they vote for Bush, I would say the U.S. isn't as far gone as I thought it was! But if the U.S. is as far gone as it seems to be, they'll probably vote for Clinton! We shall see.
       75. All of these points that the Republicans came out strong for in their platform are old-fashioned values, & I'm afraid they've miscalculated how much the country has changed.--As much as the woman's role, which has gone from the home to the work place! 75% of mothers are now working mothers & not stay-at-home mothers taking care of children. That's why the children are all turning out to be such little devils--or big devils!
       76. I think Bush & the Republicans are too old-fashioned for this generation. They're for old-fashioned values in a new-fashioned country, & I don't see how he can win when most of the people no longer have those old-fashioned values. Personally, I don't think he can do it. I think it would take a miracle of God to do it!--It's a battle of Oldsters vs. Youngsters!--A Generation Gap!
       77. It looks to me like this is the Christians against the anti-Christs! I think it's going to be a real showdown & tell exactly where the U.S. really stands & how far down the road to doom it's already gone! I don't see how the U.S. as it is, is going to vote for these Christians, do you? I'll sure be surprised if Bush makes it! I think things are too far gone now. People are not going to vote for old-fashioned Christian values! That's what they're really talking about. The Republicans are trying to get all the Evangelicals on their side. Well, it'll be surprising to me if there are that many left. But we could be surprised, just like the lonely Prophet was when the Lord said to him, "I have 7,000 who have not bowed the knee to Baal!"--1Kgs.19:18. Nowadays that wouldn't be a very large figure, but in those days it was a lot.
       78. It's really polarizing the country, the way they've come out for all these literally old-fashioned Christian values.--Not just "family values," that's a cover-up, but old-fashioned Christian values. That's what's going to make it a decisive vote, whether the country wants old-fashioned Christian values or not. Despite Clinton claiming he's a Baptist, he's pretty much against all these things.
       79. The thing that comes to me is that the Republican convention was the last rally of the Christians, their last rally to the Christian flag, & this will probably be the end of them! It kind of makes me think of the Church against the Beast. It reminds me of the famous movie, "The Last Hurrah!"--The last hurrah of the Christians before they go to the stake!--And I'm not talking about s-t-e-a-k, but s-t-a-k-e, the burning stake of persecution & hard times!
       80. One of the Republican planks is faith in God--that's one of the things they're in favour of, & that certainly isn't popular! As I said, they're for all the right things but not the popular things, because all the right things are not popular today.
       81. They're an old-fashioned generation that's looking backwards instead of forwards, & I don't think they're going to make it. All these "values" they're talking about are Christian values, & I don't think that kind of people are in the majority nowadays. The "Moral Majority" may have existed a few years ago, but now even its leader has resigned. Jerry Falwell resigned & disbanded the organisation, probably because they had such a declining membership. The Republican Party is an old folks' home, & those are old folks' ideas & I don't think they're going to work, at least not in this political fight.
       82. (David: Do you think Clinton is going to do a better job if he wins?) I don't know if he'll do any better job.--It's kind of a "choice between thieves!" (David: Yes, out of the frying pan & into the fire!) Yes.
       83. Do you know what they played up at the Republican convention?--The primary theme was "family values." And do you know what these family values are?--They're literally talking about old-fashioned Christian traditional values. Even though they don't practice them very well, at least they're talking about them, which is commendable. They're counting on the Christians, the Evangelicals, to vote for them, so they've really been glorifying God.--Or you might say it's vilifying God because it's kind of like He's just an afterthought. So they're saying they're for God, they're pro-Life--for life, not abortion--& they are for families & not divorces. They're going down the list of all the famous, traditional, old-fashioned Christian values, but I don't think they're going to make it with the way the U.S. is today. I hope I'm wrong!
       84. The vast majority of people do not care about family values, much less old-fashioned, Christian, traditional values which they came out so strong for in this convention. It's like the last hurrah of the Christians, & I believe it probably is. This will probably be the end of Christian power before the Antichrist!
       85. The Astrodome, where the Republican national convention was held, is where we went to hear Billy Graham when my first kids were teenagers. They were workers there, they'd go down to the altar with the crowd & help lead people to the Lord, & we were very interested & pro-Graham at that time. The Astrodome is a huge, monstrous arena, one of the first great big stadiums completely covered with a dome, & even air-conditioned! They tried to grow real grass in there, but it died, so now they've got artificial grass that they call astroturf. But guess what the Republicans did? They didn't think that was exactly appropriate for the Republican convention, so they took all the astroturf out & put in red carpet! Can you imagine what that must've cost? The thing is as big as a football field, because it is used for a football field & ball games! It's a huge dome, no pillars. Isn't that something? Talk about extravagance & waste!
       86. The Republicans are typical System Christians, typical church people, fighting for all the right things--but too late! I don't see how Bush could possibly win on Christian principles, traditional family values, being anti-abortion & pro-God. I don't think that can win, because the vast majority of the U.S. people are not for those traditional values.


       "Right to Choose!"
       87. When they say, "Right to choose," what they really mean is "The right to choose to kill their babies!" "Their women shall rule over them."--Isa.3:12.

       Goon Squads!
       88. The abortionists in the U.S. are using a new tactic. They're recruiting what they used to call "goons" in labour altercations--goon squads of those who are willing to use violence & force--& using them against the Christian anti-abortionists to keep the clinics open. They claim they're supporting the law & what's legal, & they're not afraid to use violence. That's one thing Bush is right about, he's pro-Life! God bless him for that!

       Media Portrayal of Anti-Abortionists
       89. The AC media's trying to portray that the only people who are out of tune are the anti-abortionists.

       French Abortion Pill
       90. Believe it or not, guess where I would stand on that French abortion pill, RU-486? It's much more, you might say, civilised & less violent, less horrible, less murderous & less dangerous to the mother, & purely between the women themselves. The woman who takes the pill can't blame anybody but herself. She can't blame the doctors. It puts abortion on a much more human level if they feel they must do it. It sounds to me like that's the most human way to do it, & that makes it a private matter between that woman & her own conscience--& God! (Maria: And then the medical profession doesn't get to financially gouge all those poor women!) Of course! That's why they're fighting the pill. The medical profession are the ones who are putting the pressure on the U.S. government not to allow the pill. They're making millions off of abortions, & all of a sudden here comes this cheap little pill that'll do the whole job without a doctor!
       91. You also have to take it early enough before the baby is completely formed, instead of the fully formed baby being tortured & torn apart limb from limb by surgical abortion! So frankly I would favour the pill over surgical abortion. But like Bill Clinton says, "That doesn't mean I'm for abortion, I'm just for free choice."--Ha! I'm totally against abortion, but if women are going to do it, that pill is at least a more humane way.
       92. But the women in the U.S. are going to have a hard time getting that pill approved! The American Medical Association is one of the most powerful lobbies in the World! The only ones who might be able to push it through are those others who stand to make money on it, & guess who they are. (Maria: The pharmaceutical companies.) Exactly! The American Pharmaceutical Association. They make billions off of medicines! (Maria: And they, along with all the women who want it, might be able to swing it.) I'm sure the Pharmaceutical Association would be all for it, providing they are allowed to charge enough.

       Genetic Testing--Just an Excuse!
       93. Those genetic testings of pregnant women for birth defects are often wrong. They're just excuses for abortion, & then later they often find out it would've been a completely healthy baby!


       94. Man is beginning to learn too much. It's getting to be too dangerous! He's fiddling around with too much knowledge now. They're getting to where they worship their computers & machines. At JVC in Japan, the workers think of the robots as family. One worker said, "Personally, I love robots. I feel like robots are just the same as people, that they also have hearts. So if I treat them well, I know that they will also treat me well." Well, what can you expect in a culture where some Japanese even bow to phone booths!
       95. What amazed me was even 30 years ago when I was visiting an IBM data center, those men talked about the computers as though they were human! They'd say, "But he thinks so-&-so" & "He says so-&-so."
       96. Computers are putting the government in control more & more. (Maria: I wonder when the time will come that the demons will get the go-ahead to inhabit the computers?) They probably already are in some cases! I think a lot of these modern inventions are being demonically inspired, they inhabit humans who then make them. (Maria: But then the creation is probably going to take over the creator?) Yes, if God would let it go on that long. A number of sci-fi movies were made in which the computers or the machines took over Man. (Maria: At the least, the demons could get in & really fritz up the works when they wanted to, couldn't they?--Give them the wrong information & sort of make a mess out of things.) Yes.--Or worse!--Like the Image of the Beast!

       Virtual Reality!
       97. I think one of the most dangerous & threatening things I've heard about yet are these Virtual Reality machines where you wear this great big mask on your eyes & a glove on your hand. You see images generated by a computer, & you can see not only 3-D, but you can seem to walk into it & move things around, you really think you're there! Can you imagine? They say that with the proper wiring on the necessary organs, you can even feel what's going on. So they now have the feelies! (Maria: You mean you can feel what's going on in a picture or on the screen?) Yes!--Love-making, anything! (Maria: So it's conceivable that you could attach it to yourself & then you'd be able to see & feel everything on TV, for example, & it'd seem like you're right there experiencing it?) Yes. So you can not only look at it, but it'll also be three-dimensional, & you can in a sense walk into it. You not only see a room in 3-D, but you can seem to walk into the room & move things around & even feel. It sounds dangerous to me!
       98. I think this idea of Virtual Reality is of the Devil! It's not just 3-D like they've had in movies, but you're going to feel like you're right in the picture, like you're there & you can even create things in your mind, things that don't really exist, & feel them just like you're there. It's sort of like computer games come alive. This article says it's like the computer becoming human-like. (Reads:)
       99. "Virtual Reality merges mind & body with the machine. Virtual environment systems present a very powerful image of being embraced by a machine, where we're almost like half metal & half flesh. This technology clearly comes out of military roots. Virtual Reality is a place where you can turn yourself inside-out literally. You can have something similar to a drug trip, only without the drugs. It's a continuation of the video game syndrome & can change our relationships to the real World."
       100. It's just diabolical to eliminate realism, eliminate reality! It figures that Timothy Leary, the guru of LSD, is into Virtual Reality! He evidently has decided that this is not only more legal, but even more interesting than drug trips! He says, "Just as machines freed the body & allowed it to fly across the ocean, so these machines free the brain through the eyes." It's called a "V-R Dream World." He says, "Even though some people are afraid of it, it's already here & you can't stop it."
       101. I think you can destroy people's minds with a thing like this!--Get them so completely out of touch with reality that they're apt not to come back. (Maria: Yes, getting kids hooked on computer games is nothing compared to this! It's just another progressive step that's far more dangerous! It's been mostly kids who have gotten into computer games, so now the adults have something to play with that's even more dangerous.) Well, I'm sure plenty of adults have been playing with computer games too. Somebody described virtual reality as "a computer gone mad & gone crazy."
       102. The very fact they can do those things by special effects & video tricks shows you what Man is learning to do. The Lord's got to stop Man soon or he'll bring all those things into reality & it will be Hell on Earth for sure! Right now it's virtual reality. This is like a foretaste of the things that are going to happen in the future.
       103. Virtual Reality detaches you from the real World. It's deceitful. Television can fool you into thinking, "I'm here." Imagine what it'd be like if it could fool you into thinking you're there, which is what Virtual Reality does. They're probably going to use it first in games, like video games.


       104. In spite of thinking the Olympics was going to do them a great deal of good, nothing the Devil puts on is ever going to do much good, it's a delusion! Did you see the introduction, the opening ceremonies of the Olympics? That was as close to a pagan ceremony as anything I ever saw!--Glorifying Greek mythology, & Barcelona boasting of being founded by Hercules, the son of Zeus, who rode his ship, the Barca de Lona, to Barcelona to establish it there. That whole ceremony was almost like a horror movie! You need to see it to see how pagan & heathen it was! No glory to God! No reference to God at all! The whole thing was a pagan, Greek mythological ceremony giving all the glory to Greece & the Greek gods! I just could hardly believe it!
       105. I must say, it is the grandest, greatest extravaganza pageant I've ever seen! The movies could have never equalled it!--Thousands of performers there on that one field. It was colossal! In some ways it was exciting & thrilling, but in the wrong way, because at the same time you saw the Devil at work & what a show he can put on, glorifying himself & his own & his works! You realise, "Wow, how long can the Lord let this go on?" There was not a word about the Lord, not a word for His glory. The whole thing was a glorification of Man, glorification of sport, glorification of Zeus & Hercules & Greek mythology & Barcelona!
       106. I looked at that & I thought, "Lord, I don't think You're going to let them keep this up much longer! It's gotta be near the End to have this sort of thing!"--Watched by hundreds of millions of people on television!--All to the glory of Man & the Devil, the whole thing!--Not a word about God, except the Greek god Zeus who supposedly lived on Mount Olympus.--The Olympic Games, glorifying Man & Woman, glorifying their bodies, glorifying sports.--And Satan!
       107. I had the feeling, "Well, this is the Devil's last great fling! What more could he do than this? What greater ceremony could he put on than this? What greater show could he put on than this, glorifying himself & his works!" Well, maybe the Antichrist will do even better. I know Hitler sure put on some tremendous Olympic shows. The shows at the 1936 Berlin Olympics were the biggest that had ever been performed, in Germany under his sponsorship. Enormous spectacles!
       108. So I thought, well, maybe I've seen the last one, maybe this is the Devil's final glory, but I doubt it. Probably the Antichrist will have something even better to glorify himself & his coronation & his worship. But that was a pageant! That was an extravaganza, the greatest thing in that respect I've ever seen! I could hardly believe it with my own eyes as I watched it--thousands performing, & all that Greek mythology & mysticism & all that worship of Greek gods, & not a word about the Lord or the true God!--There in a Catholic country! I thought to myself, "How could the Church have put up with that?" That whole thing glorified Greek mythology & Greek gods & there wasn't a word about God or Christ! I think some politician or somebody did half pray or something, but that was forgotten quickly.
       109. But it was something! That introduction, that huge ceremony, that pagan ceremony, religious ceremony, that preceded the actual sports events getting underway, just absolutely astounded me!--And the closing one was even worse, with hundreds of demons! It just shows how far the Devil is going today in glorifying himself & his work & his people & his activities. I told the kids, "Boy, the Olympics may be one of the major tools of the Antichrist, along with the U.N., etc.! What a great thing to use for his glory! He'll do like Hitler did with it." It sure confirms that Letter I wrote once upon a time, "Are You a Good Sport?" (ML#179A.) Watching this convinced me I was right! It just glorified war, it glorified conquest, it glorified death, all those Greek gods & myths & battle & the founding of Barcelona!
* * *

       110. The introduction to the Olympics is like the most grand religious ceremony you could ever possibly imagine! It reminds you of some kind of great celebration in Heaven.--Man's imitation of the grand ceremonies of Heaven! They sang hymns to the Olympics & hymns to Man in a spectacular cantata or drama, just an absolute amazing spectacular extravaganza with hundreds of actors & all kinds of far-out equipment & special effects illustrating the legendary founding of Barcelona by the son of the Greek god Zeus--Hercules, I think it was--when he arrived on his Barca de Lona. That's where Barcelona gets its name.
       111. They're celebrating the 25th Olympiad, three of which were never held. One was cancelled because of World War 1, & two were cancelled because of World War 2. It was amazing the whole big ... pageant is all I can think to call it! They're portraying Barcelona as having been founded by the Greeks & they're exalting Catalan history even above that of Spain, giving all the glory to Zeus & all these pagan gods!
* * *

       112. If the World could have such a glorious celebration as the Olympics, think of the kind we're going to have in the Millennium, the beginning of the Golden Age! We're bound to have some kind of celebrations to celebrate the coming of the Lord & the beginning of His Kingdom!
* * *

       113. For Spain to have both the World's Fair & the Olympics going on at almost the same time is really rather splitting things. I think it's going to really hurt them both. (Maria: It shows how Spain has really gotten into the ACs' court & they've rewarded them by giving them both of those things!) It's like the "Golden Age" when the Jews were supreme in Spain. It was right in the middle of the Dark Ages. Now would be a great time for the Lord to do something to them to show His displeasure. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that the Jews led the Inquisition. They had even more reason to want to squelch the Christians than the Catholics did! (Torquemada, the Dominican friar who persuaded the King of Spain to begin the Inquisition, was a Jew whose family had converted to Catholicism.)
* * *

       114. They're trying to show how the Winter Olympics failed in Sarajevo in 1984, that it didn't really do them much good. They said the spirit of nationalism seemed very harmless then. It was supposed to bring them peace, not war.
* * *

       115. In the closing ceremony of the Olympics, the Devil finally triumphs! It sure shows you where Barcelona is at! These are the Barcelona dancers. They say the Dragon symbolises the highlight & the climax of the Olympics! It's the triumph of Satan, symbolic of the Antichrist! It opens with a pagan ceremony & ends with the triumph of the Devil, isn't that something! The Devil is rejoicing all over the platform, with those devil dancers grinning & shouting & holding up their hands in victory!
       116. The grand finale they're giving over to the Devil! It's an orgy of devils! The whole Olympics is given over to the Devil!--Fiendish, devilish, Satanic traditions! This is the grand finale of the Olympics, think of it!--Heat from Hell & the Devil takes over! The symbol of the Devil is the glorious end of the Olympics! And that horrible noise! It's not music, it's noise! It's the Dragon & pagan ceremonies. It shows you who they really worship!
* * *

       117. The Olympics "peace" celebration ends with battle--fireworks!--Ten tons of gun powder! And they call this a celebration of peace?--Ha!--What a farce! What a vicious lie!--There's no peace without the Prince of Peace!--JESUS! Thank God we know the Truth!--In Jesus' name, amen!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family