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--Comments & Prayers from Dad & Mama.
       DO 2811 Compiled 8/92

       Dad's Comments & Prayer upon First
Hearing about the Police Raids
in Australia (5/92)

       1. These guys who persecute us want to keep their dirty business a secret, but the thing to do is call in the media & publicise it! That's what the Family did in the Philippines. Call a press conference! Go on the attack! Expose them! They think they're exposing us--we ought to expose them! That's one thing the Devil doesn't like, to have his dirty tricks exposed. We need to go on the attack & call in the media & complain, & the media is always glad to hear anything that makes news. They especially love a controversy or a fight!
       2. The Scientologists are having a fight all over the World, they've really been persecuted! They've fought back & they've won quite a few cases. The Scientologists have been very clever in putting spies into the System to catch & expose the guys who are doing evil.
       3. Encourage our children, Lord, bless & help them! Thank You that they know You, Jesus. The parents too, Lord. Help them to have faith that You're going to deliver. Expose our enemies, Lord! Don't let them get away with these dirty tricks without being exposed. It's all in Your hands. Give Thy children wisdom & give them inspiration to fight, & the courage to be a witness & a testimony.
       4. Lord, defeat Thy enemies! May the leaders of this evil campaign suffer when they've accomplished Your Will & brought out the testimony & the witness. Let them suffer, Lord! Confound their knavish tricks! Confuse their politics! Expose them, Lord! Show the public how much worse they are than we are! Give us public sympathy, Lord, in Jesus' name.
       5. They've given those Child Protection Agencies almost unlimited power! It's almost unbelievable what they can do on just an anonymous tip without any investigation, questioning or anything at all. They can just come & raid your house & take your kids, & then you have to prove you're not guilty! The legal system is supposed to hold that you're innocent until proven guilty, but in these child abuse cases, you're guilty until proven innocent.
       6. Twenty years ago there was no such thing, it was almost unheard of! But I told you when I first started hearing about this child abuse issue almost 9 years ago, "Uh-oh, that's the Devil's campaign & it's going to be aimed ultimately at us!" (See "Guard Your Children!", ML#1698, 12/83.)--And that's exactly what has happened. It shows you how eager the Devil is to get ahold of the children. He wants to stop our multiplication.
       7. It's amazing how the Lord has so marvellously protected us for so long, while the System who initiated the whole thing has suffered much more by its own hand than we have suffered, because the Lord is protecting us.

       Mama's Comments & Prayer against
Our Enemies in Australia (5/92)

       8. This situation in Australia with the Homes being raided & our children taken in just makes me furious at our enemies! But at the same time it really excites me to see how the Lord means business & is serious about getting His Message out, & that He's forcing us into it. He wasn't kidding when He said our children are going to "speak with the enemies in the gate!"--Psa. 127:5. He didn't just mean one or two or three, but obviously He meant many of them, since that's what they're going to be doing now.
       9. We may have all kinds of worries & concerns that they're not ready & they haven't been prepared & the field isn't as strong as it could be & they don't know what to say & they might say the wrong thing, but obviously the Lord isn't too concerned about that.--Otherwise He wouldn't have let all of this happen. He's obviously more interested in getting His Message out & in filling our enemies' cups of iniquity & in putting them on trial rather than worrying if our children know what to say. After all, He knows what to say, & that's all that's necessary. Hallelujah!
       10. So really pray for those children now, that they'll say what the Lord leads them to say & that He'll "give them a mouth & wisdom that no one will be able to gainsay nor resist" (Luk. 21:15.), & that He'll raise up lawyers for them now, & lots of them, that will be interested in taking our case. How can we have a great victory unless we have a great battle?
       11. I'm so thankful that we're going to be able to get our Message out now! We were wondering when it was the proper time for the publicity, & it sure looks like now is the time! We can let it roll! They pushed us into it & they've asked for a fight, & now they're going to get it!
       12. (Prays:) Lord, help us to give them a good fight! Anoint & inspire those kids & their parents & help them to be wiser & more filled with Thy Words & Thy wisdom than ever before! Help them to rise up in judgement & condemn our enemies! Show Thy strong & mighty arm in defense of Thy little ones!--And make our enemies tremble & quake, all of them, Lord!
       13. Bring down the government! Bring down the Social Services! Bring down "Current Affairs" & any other demonic AC media! Bring down our enemies--defeat them, smash them, destroy them, Lord!--And all those that are fighting against Thy little ones. Make it a scandal, Lord! Make it a nationwide scandal! Make them ashamed, make them humiliated, make them embarrassed for what they've done! Make their heads roll, Lord! Make them lose their jobs! Make them lose their children! Make people take sides! Bring great forces to our side.
       14. Give us the support we need! Give us the support of the civil rights groups, the human rights groups, the religious freedom groups, the religious organisations, the minority groups--all those, Lord, that are concerned about freedom & liberty & moral & ethical behaviour. Help them to fear that they're going to be next! Help them to want to fight on our side, whether they like us or not.--To want to support us in this fight that will also affect them. Help the Home Schoolers to get behind us.
       15. Create such a stir that those who have dared to touch us will turn tail & run to get out of the horrible mess that they have created for themselves! Divide the sheep from the goats, Lord! Do it right now! Make the whole country take sides & make them side with us, Lord, if they're at all concerned about their children & their religious freedoms & their human rights! Give us the lawyers we need & anoint them for the job.
       16. Give the children wisdom & help them to be released back to their parents as quickly as possible! Give the parents peace in the midst of the storm. Give the leadership great wisdom & reliance on Your Word & faith in You. Overcome the obstacles, defeat the ancient spirits! Send Your Angels from far & wide to surround & protect Your people & keep them from evil! Make it a great witness, a great testimony! Make the materials that WS has worked so hard to prepare a great blessing & a great witness. Give our Family wisdom in how to best use them.
       17. Raise up spokesmen who can wield the Word wisely & boldly, & media who will listen & be fair, & thousands of people who will be sympathetic. And even if they do believe the lies about us, help them to at least realise that this is going too far & this is going overboard, to violently rip so many children from their loving parents in what is supposed to be a democratic country, & one which supposedly encourages religious freedom.
       18. Expose them, Lord! Expose the whole System! Bring it down! Destroy faith in it! Destroy the perpetrators of these crimes! Show Thy mighty power! Hallelujah! TYJ! Fulfil Your many promises to keep Thy little ones & make them a great witness to the World, in Jesus' name!
* * *
(On the morning of the police raids, the media besieged Lamb's house to get an interview with her, during which she became very emotional & distraught.)
       19. (P.S. to Australian Family:) Please encourage Lamb not to condemn herself because she got emotional during the so-called "interview." People probably needed to see her get upset in order to understand how concerned & heart-broken she is over all she & her children have been subjected to. We're sure the Lord had His way. Romans 8:28.
       20. Probably the reason they showed that shot of the children singing & praising while being taken away in the van was to infer that they were ecstatic that they were finally getting away from parents who mistreated & abused them. God damn our enemies! But thank the Lord our children are such good little soldiers & know the Lord & trust Him for their protection & deliverance. God bless them!

       * * *

       More Comments & Prayers from Dad (5/92)

       21. It's amazing the ruckus this is causing! They certainly must have known this was going to get a lot of publicity--probably thinking it was all going to be bad for us. (Mama: Yes, I think they were so drunk with power in this case, & so sure that all the "evidence" against us was so horrific, that they weren't afraid. They thought they had the whole thing all tied up.)
       22. Lord, You know all about it & why You're allowing it. "All things work together for good to them that love Thee."--Rom.8:28. You're allowing it to happen & You promised it would be for Your glory & as a witness against them! Amen, Lord, bless the children & keep them! Bless the parents & encourage them! Give them peace & assurance that You are working it all out for our good. "The heathen rage," but the Lord will have the last laugh!--Psa.2:1,4.
       23. We sure must be doing a good job for the Devil to get so mad! Those Child Protection Agencies have become a Gestapo police & virtually a law unto themselves with all kinds of ridiculous powers! They can do almost anything they want to, they're almost out of control! This has been proven true in cases all over the World. The Child Protection Agencies have become the Devil's own instruments to stir up trouble between families & the authorities. And at last the media & public are beginning to become sympathetic with the parents & the children. They're seeing how the Child Protection Agencies & the child abuse laws are doing more damage than good. The CPA's are going way overboard from what they were intended to do. They're causing more child abuse than the System parents!
       24. We know You're allowing it for some good reason, Lord, no doubt to get the Message out, as a witness & a testimony, & a message to the people to show them how cruel & unjust the World is getting, & how the System is becoming more abusive of the children than the parents! Laws that were intended to protect the children are being used against both them & their parents, very unjustly & cruelly.
       25. Thank You Lord for the peace & comfort & rest I've had for quite a season. We know that You won't let it get too bad for me. You could just take me out, Lord, unless You have some reason for leaving me here & You know I can survive it with Your help. I don't think I could stand too much of this sort of thing, but I guess I can with the Lord's help.
       26. Bless & keep the children, Lord, & the parents & our advocates, & make this the witness & testimony You want it to be! Turn back the wrath of our enemies upon themselves & let them reap what they sow! May they have the trouble & heartaches that they're causing us, with no one but the Devil to comfort them! Let their troubles be multiplied manifold! You promised, Lord, that the evil of the wicked would be returned upon their own heads many times over, & that they'll reap what they've sowed! (Gal.6:7; Job 4:8; Eze.11:21.)
       27. Amen, Lord, thank You Jesus! It's in Your hands! I can't stand to worry about it too much or it affects my health & my digestion. Thank the Lord I'm managing to survive. It's no doubt a blow the Devil hopes to hurt me with too, because he knows how this would hurt me, & does hurt. So I just cast my burden upon Thee, Lord, & You'll sustain me. Forgive me, Lord, if I've caused any of this trouble for the Family. (Maria: The Lord said in prophecy we should be proud to be Children of David & proud to stand up for the Words, that it's a privilege to suffer persecution!) Forgive me, Lord, if I've been too frank & too honest & too open in my freedom of beliefs that have shocked the World & brought on us this kind of persecution.
       28. Let the Family not suffer, Lord, because of me & the truths that I've told them. We've had to be honest & open with our faith, Lord, even our beliefs about sex which have so infuriated the Devil's wicked, because You've been reclaiming Your Own creations that the Devil has stolen & uses for his own wicked devices. He's taken Your Own wonderful creation of sex & twisted it & contorted it for his own ends & pretended to be its own champion & now is trying to use it against us. Most of these fiendish false accusations are based on our sexual openness & freedom, which is based on Your Word. If we've not always been wise in preaching it, or the Family in practicing it, forgive us & deliver us now, in Jesus' name. Have Thy way.
       29. Help the parents to appreciate their children even more, & the children their parents, when they see how evil the World is, how merciless & cruel!--Much more abusive than we could ever be!
       30. When I first heard about this, I could hardly believe that it was of this scope & magnitude, that there were so many children taken! Lord bless & keep them. We know You will, Lord. They're in Your hands, & You deal with the persecutors! You deal with the liars & the enemies who hate us!--Not for our sexiness, which they're just using as an excuse, but they hate us, Lord, because we're defying their Godless System! In their hypocritical self-righteousness they're attacking us because of jealousy, envy, & because we have proven that their System is so vile & wicked! May this make it even more known & public.
       31. Expose them, Lord! Reveal their horrible, evil wickedness, how wrong they are to persecute the helpless & the innocent & the righteous! Strip them naked, Lord! Strip off their clothing! Expose their wickedness & their evil & their cruelty! Use it to expose them, Lord!--Not us, but them! Use this case to broadcast our Message, Lord, Thy Message of Love, Light, Hope & Goodness, & to expose the Devil's lies about us!
       32. Boy, that sounds like a really organised attack! They were all ready with their attack & ammunition & propaganda for an immediate follow-up to try to get the sympathy of the public.
       33. Strip off their deceit & their lies, Lord, & show their true nature! Reveal the Truth to the ignorant public of how evil they are!--How evil the authorities & the System have become, using these laws that are supposed to protect children to instead attack them & their parents. Confuse their politics & confound their knavish tricks! Turn it back on their own heads as a witness against them! Protect & keep us all, Lord!
       34. Bless & keep & give us wisdom, all of our Family everywhere, so they'll know how to avoid these things if possible. This is the sort of thing that we've tried to avoid, & we've given counsel on how to avoid it, but apparently the Lord wants us to get involved this time, to expose the evil system & broadcast the Truth! (Mama: Amen! And the Lord said repeatedly that, "The children shall speak with the enemies in the gate."--Psa.127:5. That was a major part of the prophecies, that the children were going to be a witness. TYL!) Well, they threw the three Hebrew children in the fiery furnace & they came through a greater testimony than ever! (See Daniel 3.)
       35. Lord help me to rest in Thee & not let it take too great a toll on my health. If it's too rough, You can take me out, Lord. You can give me peace in my old age as You did for many of the Patriarchs & Apostles, even Luther.--Or You can use me as a witness & a martyr, whatever You want to do, whatever's best. I haven't got much time left anyhow. I don't feel much like getting into a battle right now, I don't know if I have the strength for it, but Thy Will be done. You know, Lord. You have the strength, but I don't feel like I have enough strength to get very involved, but at least I can pray, Lord. Just help me not to get too emotionally upset so that it takes too much of my strength & upsets my digestion. But, Lord, if You want me to die for it, it's worth dying for! Thy Will be done. But if You want me to live a little longer for a good cause, if there's any more I can accomplish, help me to survive.
       36. The Devil is furious because he knows that his time is short. He's striking us like this just when we're having such tremendous success in his old stronghold of Russia! He's attacking us on another front & attacking where it really hurts--our children. We're saving what were his children, so he's trying to rob us of ours! We're getting his by the thousands, so he's trying to nibble off a few of ours. But, Lord, make them a testimony & a witness for Thy glory, in spite of all the suffering!
       37. Let them be a real testimony even in how they eat, Lord, as You did with Thy four Hebrew children when they were in bondage, in the captivity of the enemy. They wouldn't eat the junk food that their enemies provided, so that even their diet became a testimony! (Dan.2:8-16.) Let ours also be a witness. Let our children be a witness, Lord, in the way they eat & the way they live. Protect them from the evil men & evil women, their evil persecutors, Lord!--In Jesus' name. And when You've had Your way & they've been enough of a witness, Lord, deliver them!
       38. I got something really strongly the other day about the word "deliverance." I think I got it when I was reading the Scripture, "The Lord shall deliver me from every evil work, & will preserve me unto His Heavenly Kingdom, to whom be glory for ever & ever. Amen."--2 Timothy 4:18. It came to me that the Lord can't deliver you from something unless you're into something. He can't deliver you unless you're in some kind of trouble. So He has to let you have some kind of trouble so He can deliver you. (Mama: Like you've always said, you can't have a victory without a battle.) Right, no triumph without a trial, no testimony without a test! (Mama: And we can't really be a great witness unless we attract the attention of the media.)
       39. It has to be newsworthy, shocking enough to reach the press & the television & make the news, & there's nothing that the World loves better or considers more shocking than sex! So these sexual accusations always get their attention, & as a result, serve as a vehicle to publish the Truth! It hasn't been our righteousness that made us famous, it's been our sexiness!
       40. I think a lot of the World has acknowledged the truth of the honesty of our attitude toward sex, & that it's right & true! It's only the churchy people & the self-righteous hypocrites who've made something evil out of sex. Look how the Devil uses sex at the same time as he attacks it! He's used it as though it were his blessing to the World, & at the same time he attacks it amongst God's children & accuses them of sexual aberrations!
       41. He even used his tricks to bring down some of the mighty, like the tele-evangelists! I think Jimmy Bakker's sexual escapades with that secretary did him more harm with his people than the accusations of fraud made by his enemies. His wife is divorcing him now, of all things! I'm sure that their people won't like that. (Mama: That was the cruelest blow of all!) Yes, just when he needs her encouragement the most!
       42. He said the government tried to get him to sign a statement confessing that he had deliberately defrauded his people for gain, or words to that effect, & he flatly refused! They even promised him they would shorten his sentence & he'd be paroled & everything else. That's the very thing they've condemned the Communist empire for, that they would torture people to get them to sign statements that they were guilty! Jimmy Bakker said, "I flatly refuse to sign any such statement because I never was guilty of any such thing!" (Mama: Think of that! They just want so much to get that "proof" against the Christians!) Yes, statements & confessions to admit their guilt & their faults & their sins, so it'll undermine the confidence of the people in them.
       43. Well, Lord, it's all in Your hands, they're in Your hands! Bless & keep them all, parents & children! Defeat the Enemy & make it a great witness & testimony for the Truth! May it come out for Thy glory & all work together for our good, in Jesus' name! (Mama: Amen! You promised it would, Lord! You gave so many promises that we were going to win & get the victory. TYJ! TYL!)
       44. And, Lord, if You want me to go, You can easily take me, but if You want me to stay, it'll have to be You & for some purpose, perhaps to help encourage our people through these times of persecution & tribulation that are already upon us. (Mama: Yes, that's what the Lord said, that this was to help strengthen us for the times ahead. TYJ!) Yes, we're already getting our tribulation! We're getting it early. It's kind of like an inoculation to build up our resistance against the big thing! With a vaccination you get a tiny touch of the disease to build up your resistance against the full disease. So persecution & tribulation will be no new thing to us when it really begins to bear down on the churchy Christians!
       45. (Mama: You said maybe the Lord wants to help you be an encouragement to the Family that are going through these things, & you already are just in praying for them like this & speaking to them.) I guess that's what they need to know--that we care & that we're praying for them. PTL! Amen! TYL! Help them, Lord! Make their faith even stronger by seeing how You work. May they cling all the more to Thee, Lord, & pray even harder. May it drive all of us closer to Thee, Jesus.--Not only those who are suffering, but we who suffer with them. PTL! TYL! If I'm of no use, Lord, then I can easily quit; but if I can still be of use, then You keep me hanging on. (Mama: Amen! Thank You Jesus! Thank You Lord!)
       46. It affects me a great deal to think that our Family & children & parents are suffering under cruel persecution & injustice of the wicked!--That times haven't changed too much since the inquisition & persecutions of the past. Man certainly hasn't changed any, & religious enemies haven't changed any, & certainly the Devil hasn't changed any. He & his children still rant & rave against us & try to do all they can to hurt us. Thank God He does everything that He can to help us, & He can do a lot more than they can! Thank You Jesus!
       47. I think the Devil is going to wish he'd never done this, it's going to work so much against him! Our enemies are probably going to try to cover up all their misdeeds & illegal acts. But the cat is out of the bag now, & they will have to suffer!--And God's Truth will be proclaimed!

       * * *


From Peter A. to the Australian Family when their children were still in the custody of Social Services, 5/92:

Dear Precious Family,
       48. GBY! We love you & are desperately praying for you & your children. Dad & Mama send you their love, & they want you to know that they have you continually in their prayers. They have sent out two phone messages to our Homes worldwide asking them to pray for you, the latest of which is asking the Homes to hold prayer vigils for the next week for your strength & the children's release. "God is still on the throne & prayer changes things." PTL!
       49. We understand that Social Services is trying to get you to agree to putting your children in System school in order to regain their custody, along with the possibility of allowing Social Services to live in your Home for hours each day, & that they be allowed to barge into your Home at will with no notice.
       50. The decision in this matter is of course up to you & must be made according to your faith. We want to caution you in this matter though, as it seems to us that this is a very clever trick of the Enemy to get you to voluntarily give in to them without a fight. As Dad has said, "The only way the Enemy can win is if he can get us to surrender." It seems to us that Social Services probably knows that they don't have much of a case against you & that in the long run they know they will lose & will not be able to keep the children, so their tactic is to try to get you to compromise with them now before they bring charges against you, getting you to agree to their demands, so that they can have a large measure of control over you without even having to prove anything in court.
       51. We have had our children temporarily taken away from us in many other situations, & in all of them they have eventually been returned. In every case, except the Barcelona one, the kids have been returned with no strings attached. In Barcelona, however, the Home began to give in to the System demands: First, that the kids go to school, then that the parents get a job, then that they could no longer live communally, etc. etc. Once the Home began to yield to these demands of the System there was no end to it, as the System's goal was to get them out of the Family.--And for the most part they succeeded in doing just that!--Through "compromise"!
       52. We feel that the Lord has allowed this whole situation to happen to be a witness, to help vindicate the Family worldwide of the lies & false allegations against us. He's given hundreds of pages of prophecies in the Lamb & Pearl FSMs, which He obviously meant to apply to you & which you need to claim as well. He's promised to care for you & for the children & He won't fail! This doesn't mean that it won't be a fight--it will, it will be a tough fight--but He will bring victory in the end. He has chosen you to be in this fight & He has chosen your children to be in this fight! He did not make a mistake. It's possible that the children could even temporarily end up in foster care, as part of the witness, but even there, the Lord has promised over & over that He will care for His Own. It's up to you to trust Him to do just that! You need to give the Lord a chance to show His power! You need to prove Him, to try Him, to allow Him the opportunity do to what may be impossible for Man, but which is possible with God. (Luk.18:27.)
       53. We ask that you prayerfully consider this matter & that you pray about this tactic the Enemy is trying to use on you to scare you into yielding to what will undoubtedly be a very long, ongoing list of demands. Remember, you have not done anything wrong, there is nothing wrong with the way you have raised your children or with the way you live. They are the ones who are wrong, they are the ones who have a perverted way of life! The schooling of our children is far superior to theirs, so why should you let them browbeat you into voluntarily putting your children into an inferior & corrupt school system? It seems to us that they are just trying to play on your fears. They want to scare you into thinking that if you don't agree to their offer that you'll never see your kids again! Don't believe it! They're just trying to hit you when you're down! They know they don't have a good case so they want you to surrender so they won't have to lose.
       54. Again, you have to decide what to do in this matter, but we felt compelled to pass on our feelings about it. We believe that if you all stand strong together & don't compromise with them on this matter, that the Lord will bless & honour you for it. Please know that we all love you & are upholding you in our desperate prayers.
       55. "Satan hath desired to have you, that he may sift you as wheat, but I have prayed for you that your faith fail not."--Luke 22:31,32. "Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake: for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven. Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, & persecute you, & shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for My sake. Rejoice, & be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in Heaven: for so persecuted they the Prophets which were before you."--Mat.5:10-12.
       Love, Peter, for Dad & Mama

       The following is Mama's prayer for you:

       56. (Mama prays:) O Jesus, help Thy people to stand strong! Help them not to be influenced by the enticement of the Devil through telling them he will give them what they want if they will only bow to his conditions; that they can get their children back if they will only agree to his restrictions & constraints, the monitoring & the System school & the social workers living in their Homes. O Jesus, help them to stand firm!--To cling to Your promises that You will deliver them if they will stand strong, if they will fight back, if they will not be ashamed of Your Words & Your way of life & the spirit of David!
       57. Lord, how can we agree to compromise all that we've fought for, all that we've been willing to be persecuted for, only to lose it now, to let it go, to voluntarily give it up. Give them conviction! Give them backbone! Give them courage! Give them faith that what You've promised You are going to perform!--If they'll just hang on for a little bit longer, if they'll just stand strong, if they'll just fight with all their might & not compromise with the Devil!
       58. Lord, You said that this attack wasn't something to get fearful of or to feel bad about, but it was something to rejoice in, & that You were going to use it mightily to give us the victory & to be a testimony to others!--Everything that we stand for, everything that we've fought for all these years, to finally have it culminate in a wonderful testimony to what we've built in the Family, what You've built in the Family, Lord. Why are we in this Family if we don't think this is it?--If we're not willing to even die for this Family, if we're not willing to let our kids be in custody a few days, even a few weeks longer, in order that You might deliver them wholly & freely to us?
       59. Lord, we've invested so many years in these precious children, we know it's not Your Will to have it all torn down & thrown away with System corruption & perversion & contamination & pollution! How could we do that to our precious children? How could we do that to You, Lord?
       60. Help our dear parents to stand strong for You, & to know that no matter how weak they are, You can be strong in them, You can do it through them, You will deliver their children! You promised, Jesus, in prophecy after prophecy that You're going to do it--& we know You will do it. But You want to do it Your way. You want a clear ringing testimony that what we stand for & what we live for are Your way, & that it's right & it's best & it's worth fighting for, & we're willing to die for it!
       61. We have to have faith to believe Your promise that this is going to be good for us & even good for our children, & that You won't give them any more than they can take. We need to believe that You will deliver them back into our arms & into our Homes where we can continue to strengthen them & can continue to care for them & can continue to invest in them all that You've poured into us all these years.
       62. Jesus, please help them not to waver! Help them to look up to You, to look at the wonderful victories that are being gained & know that this too will be a victory! Lord Jesus, they're some of our star players on the World scene right now, & the forces of both Heaven & Hell are surrounding them & waiting to see what moves they're going to make. The whole World is watching too! Help them, Lord, not to forsake their conviction, not to forsake their faith just as the crowns are coming down to be placed upon their heads! Help them not to miss it! Help them not to be ashamed of Your Words in this adulterous & sinful generation so that You will have to be ashamed of them! (Mk.8:38.)
       63. Lord, You're taking care of Your children! You've said they're more Your children than our children. You said if You didn't care for Your Own, You would be worse than an infidel. (1Tim.5:8.) We know You're just as close to them now & taking care of each of them as You always have been. You're with them & You're comforting them, & even though we can't be there to care for them, we know You're caring for them. You promised that if their mothers & their fathers have to forsake them, then You will take them up. (Psa.27:10.) You will love them & care for them.
       64. O Jesus, help them to realise that it's better that their children even be in custody a few weeks or even a few months than that they be returned immediately but possibly be lost to the Family forever. Help them to see what is happening, help them to see what is going on, help them not to surrender! Help them to see that the Devil can't win unless they give in! You promised a victory, Lord, & we know You'll give it if they keep fighting! We know it's hard, Lord, we know it's heartbreaking, we know it's intimidating, we know it's vicious, we know it's stressful, but Lord, help them just to look to You & Your promises!--When they can't do anything else, just to cling to Your Word & refuse to give in!
       65. Just when You're trying to show the beauty of our way of life, just when You're trying to show the whole World through this that Your Word works, that Your way of life works, please help them not to contradict it, Lord. Please help them not to compromise it. You want to show that here are some people who are willing to defy the System, who are willing to live the way You want them to live, who are willing to fight for the right to teach their children themselves with Godly principles, uncontaminated & unpolluted by the filthy World, a Family who are willing to fight for the right to live the way You want them to live!--Who love their children so much they're willing to fight for them not to be contaminated day after day with the horrors of the System.
       66. Lord, help them to see that this is a light affliction & only for a moment (2Cor.4:17), but if they give in to the Devil's compromises, they will become entrenched & entangled in something that will cause them much more pain & suffering & for much longer.--And that it is better to suffer affliction for a moment with the children of God than to enjoy the dubious pleasures of sin for a long season.--Heb.11:25. Strengthen them, encourage them & help them to stand strong, in Jesus' name! Amen! (Amen! God bless you!--We love you!--D.)

       (Update: God bless the Family in Australia! They did stand strong & did not compromise, and after one week in custody the children were released! PTL!
       (The Family is now involved in a court battle as a result of this. Please pray that the truth will come out & that our lawyers will be strong fighters, & that our Family & children & lawyers will continue to look to the Lord & the Word for the conviction & strength & faith for this battle.)

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family