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       DO 2823 Compiled 8/92

       1. They're trying to clean up the mess that the scientists & explorers have left in Antarctica for over 80 years. They want to take all the garbage from Antarctica to the U.S. to get rid of it. The only problem is, the U.S. has enough of its own garbage it can't even find a place for!

       Gas Rationing--A Solution
to the Air Pollution Problem!
       2. If governments are really serious about declaring war on pollution, they could easily ration gasoline, & we would have less automobiles polluting the World! The people aren't going to do it voluntarily, of course, but they yielded to it during World War 2 when the government got serious & they rationed it according to occupation, necessity, distance etc., & people were compelled to form car pools.

       Thinning of the Ozone Layer
--Man Reaping What He Has Sown!
       3. Skin cancer fatalities are skyrocketing, especially in Australia, which has the highest rate of skin cancer in the World! Increased cataracts, increased damage to the immune system & decreased agriculture are all attributed to the thinning of the ozone layer. Soybean production has decreased 30 percent because of it! Man is reaping what he's sowing! Man is responsible for this hole in the ozone layer & he's doing almost nothing to keep it from getting any bigger. He's trying to do a little here & there, but it's only a drop in the ocean!

       Eco '92 & "The World Neighbourhood!"
       4. International leadership from all over the World attended the Ecology Forum in Brazil, "Eco '92." They're going to make laws--in fact, that's what they're up to right now--making laws so that the whole World will have to obey a dictatorial World government that supersedes even their own independence & national constitutions, in order to protect the Earth & the environment. It's now a "World neighbourhood," & they can't trust individual countries & governments to handle it on their own. Well, they're right about that, but neither can any World government handle it! It'll just be a wicked, evil, absolute dictatorship of the Antichrist! In other words, "The Antichrist knows best!--Not God, not religion, not parents!--Not you!"

       5. I'm telling you it's a crazy crazy World! Everything's backwards! First they wanted to save the alligators, but now they've become a nuisance! Alligators went from "endangered" to "nuisance" in ten years!
* * *
       6. It cost $15 million to save the California condors from extinction, & only a handful of them at that.
* * *
       7. I don't think the environmentalists care about people! I think they enjoy seeing them suffer; they're literally cruel. It's perverse to prefer animals & birds to human beings. Their attitude is, "Let the God-damn humans die! Let them lose their jobs, their livelihood & their homes, but let's preserve the animals, the birds, the alligators, the wolves & the rattlesnakes! Who cares if people starve or lose their jobs? We've got to save the whales!" The Lord said Man should dominate the animals & the Earth (Gen.1:28), not the animals dominate him!
* * *
       8. Environmentalists are banding together & just going crazy with their power! Consideration is certainly needed for the environment, that's for sure, but so many of these environmentalists go to extremes & seem to be nothing but troublemakers. (Maria: They want to stop all the killing of animals for furs, which God meant them to be used for!) Yes! God Himself was the first furrier! He made the furs for Adam & Eve.--Gen.3:21. (Maria: They'll probably be thankful for them sometime when they can no longer make synthetics.) Yes, or when they haven't got much to eat--or heat!
       9. It's true that Man has been very wasteful & very careless about taking care of the environment the Lord's given him, but now they're going to the opposite extreme to "Save the environment, but don't give a damn about Man! Lose income, lose jobs, lose everything, but save the alligators, save the rattlesnakes, save the foxes, save the wolves, & to Hell with Man!" That seems to be their attitude, & I think it's a demonic perversion of the Devil! They're extremists!
       10. I'm not talking about normal natural consideration of the environment. But when water is so needed & has been desperately needed in cases of drought etc., they're fighting the building of dams because it floods some of the land. In other words, "Save the land!--And don't give a damn about Man!" We need to save the land too, of course, in order to save Man, but they go to absolute, radical, ridiculous, fanatical extremes!
       11. Environmentalists are getting so powerful, it looks like they're going to rule the Earth! Some Christian writers believe that's how the Antichrist is going to take over, by getting the people of the World to unite on saving the environment, & that it's part of the World Conspiracy! They think maybe even the Antichrist kingdom is going to be backed by the World environmentalists. That's one thing they can get all the people to agree on, that the environment needs saving, & they're willing to go to radical, fanatical lengths to do it.
       12. If the environmentalists had their way, they'd turn the whole World back into a wilderness! This generation is being taught to be against development, civilisation & improvement, because of the so-called need to, "Save the environment, save the whales!" What they're teaching the young people today is to let the Earth return to its original, raw state--back to the jungle!
       13. People used to appreciate development. They used to appreciate parks & golf courses which save the land for greenery & natural environment. Now radical extremist environmentalists resent even those! They want to go back to the original wilderness or forests or whatever. They're just extremists, really fanatics!--Crazy! Ridiculous! They don't care about the people, they don't care about jobs, they don't care about development, they don't care about housing, they want the World to go back to a wilderness, & Man to get off! I think it's a doctrine of devils! And the animal rights people are just as bad. They would rather get rid of people than animals! They do all kinds of terrorist acts in order to prove their point.
       14. The environmentalists are taking a policy of saving the environment to the extreme, to where they'd rather save the environment than Man! Well, we certainly do need to save the environment, but we also need to save Man! An environment won't do any good without the people! So we're in the right environmental business, we're saving people! Get the people saved & they'll take good care of the environment! PTL! TYL!
* * *
       15. During his speech at the Republican National Convention, Pat Buchanan quoted Al Gore (the Democratic candidate for the vice presidency), as saying that "the central organising principle of governments everywhere must be the environment." And Pat Buchanan fired back & said, "Wrong!--The organising principle of this republic is freedom!" (Maria: It's quite shocking how environment is taking pre-eminence over people, freedom, everything!) It sounds like the theme song of the Antichrist! Buchanan said, "We've got to start standing up to these environmental extremists who put birds & rats & insects above families, workers & jobs."
* * *
       16. The environmentalists are right about some things, but they go wild about preserving a little mole or a little owl or a lizard or a frog or a fish or whales or wolves.--Even the rattlers! All of those I've just named have been declared "endangered" at one time or another.
* * *
       17. They're saying the whales in Australia are at risk now because of the shark nets that are laid along the beaches to protect swimmers. And the question that is being posed is: "Are people more important than whales?" Of course, the environmentalists don't think so, & they're saying that the amount of wildlife that is being destroyed in the nets in order to save the people from the sharks is just too high. They think the people ought to take their chances with the sharks so that the wildlife will be saved! If some environmentalists had their way, they wouldn't have any people on the Earth! I think that's their purpose--they're trying to eliminate humans from the Earth!
* * *
       18. Environmentalists are ruining the "people environment." I think this extremist environmentalist fever is really a move of the Antichrist or his people to try to create chaos, economic crisis & disaster--because that's what it'll do--in order to throw the World into such chaos that they'll be ready to beg for the Antichrist!--As the Scripture says, "They worship & serve the creature more than the Creator!"--Rom.1:25.--And they do more to protect creatures than people or jobs!

       The Environmental Movement
& Madness of the Last Days!
       19. The environmental movement is really a Satanic terrorism to prevent progress, civilisation & development, & to put the animals above Man! (Maria: And finally to get people together enough to get them to form a One-World Government with their rules above the rules of countries & nations.) Yes, that's one thing they can get everybody together on & get everybody to agree on.--It's demonic!--It's AC!
       20. The first I ever heard of that sort of thing was when I was just a kid in school & the teacher told us how the Hindus of India would allow the sacred cows to eat & trample down their crops when the people themselves were starving, rather than drive them out or kill them. It's the same idea exactly. The environmentalists don't care a thing about the people as long as they save the creatures!
       21. Well, I believe in trying to spare the environment & the flora & fauna & the living creatures as much as is possible, but the Lord Himself was the first One to show preference to sparing Man over animals when He made Adam & Eve fur coats (Gen.3:21), & then later after the Flood when He gave them meat to eat. (Gen.9:2,3.) He apparently knew that it was necessary, after so many years of sin, for Man to eat meat. Some of those vegetarians & animal rights people are so extreme, they won't even eat animal products like milk & eggs, think of it! It's insanity! It's Satanic insanity!
       22. Of course, spraying crops with insecticide is also insane--trying to save the vegetation above saving Man! They don't mind using all kinds of pesticides to kill the bugs that eat the crops, even though they're now beginning to learn that those pesticides & insecticides are killing people! As well as killing the bugs that eat the people's food, they're killing the people that eat the food! (Maria: Perhaps they argue that it's a choice between dying of starvation or dying of cancer?) Well, they're finding out that it's really not even necessary to use the pesticides, that there are other natural ways to handle the problem. There are certain other kinds of bugs they can use to eat the bad bugs & things like that.
       23. (Maria: I guess the chemical companies wouldn't make as much money on finding bugs as they do now on making chemicals!) Well, the chemical companies don't make any money off of bugs, but there are people who do develop these various bugs that eat the pests that eat the crops, but actually it's more expensive; that's the trouble. It takes more time & trouble to use God's natural methods than to just spray chemicals all over the place & cover the food you eat with poisonous chemicals. You have to be careful to wash everything very thoroughly, & even then there are certain chemicals that are absorbed by the fruits & the grains & get into the food. God has made the food really very well-protected so that ordinarily it would be impossible for those poisons to get inside, but in some cases the chemicals get into the soil & the plants absorb it through their roots because they have to feed on the soil.
       24. (Maria: Isn't human dung also a problem, in countries where they fertilize with that?) Yes, they say it's possible it spreads cholera & certain diseases which come from human waste. It's quite possible it was not God's plan to fertilise food with human dung. The Mosaic Law said that you had to dig a hole & cover it up. (Deut.23:13.) There was a guy who was irrigating his banana groves right next to our house in Tenerife, flooding his field with waste that he claimed was from his chickens. But it didn't smell like chicken dung at all, it smelled like human dung! I was positive it was human dung, & when I looked at it more closely, there was even toilet paper there! I said, "If this is chicken dung from your chicken pens, then your chickens must use toilet paper!" And he kind of shut up & got scared because I said I was going to call the police if he ever did it again. It was illegal in Tenerife to fertilise with human waste, & he finally stopped when I threatened to call the cops.
       25. Man will do almost anything to make money, it doesn't matter if it kills people! As has been well-demonstrated throughout history, he's willing to kill people to gain power, territory & money. Now they're proving that even in their environmentalism, they're more willing to preserve the animals & the little tiny creatures, tiny fish or owls or whatnot, than they are people's jobs & their lives.
       26. They even had a drive on in Florida to "save the alligators"--when the alligators were commonly known to chew up little babies & children playing by the swamps or in canals or rock pits! I remember when I was a kid it was very common to hear that some kid had gotten bitten or killed by alligators. Imagine! Save the alligators for what?! "Don't worry about the babies & the children getting killed, save the monsters!"
       27. I heard there was even a drive on somewhere once to save the rattlesnakes! Now it's a big thing in some countries to "Save the wolves!"--even though they slaughter the farmers' cattle. It's a total perversion of Man by the Devil! Those environmentalists are all absolutely nuts about saving predators rather than Man himself! If they'd come along & find a wolf attacking a man, they'd probably try to make sure they saved the wolf & not the man! That's about what it amounts to!
       28. Of course, they can go to the extreme on the other side too, & Man has been too wasteful & too cruel in his slaughter of animals just for sport. They used to have huge herds of buffaloes in the West of North America from which the Indians got not only their food, but their clothing & their tents & tools etc. But the so-called "sportsmen" came West & used to shoot them from the passing trains just for sport, just to kill them. (Maria: And didn't we also hear that the government at one time deliberately wiped them out, or maybe had the sportsmen wipe them out, in order to try to wipe out the Indians?) Oh yes, so the Indians wouldn't have a source of food. They thought they could get rid of the Indians if they wiped out the buffalo.
       29. Most of the Indians in the United States today are way out West in the deserts, but did you know they were not out there originally at all? Most of the tribes inhabited the Eastern part of the United States, the forests that were rich in game & food & rain etc. But the U.S. government deliberately rounded them up & herded them just like cattle out to the Western deserts & dumped them out there to try to fend for themselves & make their living the best they could. Thousands of them died & didn't make it.
       30. They rounded up Seminoles in Florida & put them on huge sailing vessels that sailed them across the Gulf of Mexico, & they drove them in great big herds just like animals into the deserts of the West onto so-called reservations.--Reserving & preserving the Indians, ha! I read a book on that once when I was in college. I was trying to pick a subject to write on & I ran across a book in a library by a missionary that told the true, sad story of how the U.S. government authorities had treated the Indians. It was horrible!
       31. So Man's inhumanity to Man is the most notorious of all, but now they're getting extremely, ridiculously concerned about Man's inhumanity to animals! I certainly don't believe in cruelty to animals, but did you know that those societies for the prevention of cruelty to animals were organised & formed many years before they ever had a society for prevention of cruelty to children? (Maria: Yes, it's quite hypocritical. They're so concerned about their pets & animals, but they don't care a bit whether their teens are terrors!) Yes, their children have become wild animals, wild savages, slaughtering each other!--Taking poisonous drugs & behaving like fiends & devils! Now they say that those gangs are killing each other just for sport, just for kicks!
       32. Man has just turned totally savage! In the so-called "civilisation" of the cities of the United States, there is worse terror & savagery than in the jungles of the poor countries of the World! At least the savages live by certain rules, but the teen gangs of the United States don't seem to have any rules. It's just kill & kill & kill, even just for kicks!
       33. The World has gone absolutely wild, crazy! They took God & the Bible & prayer out of the public schools, & now they're making the children into absolute voracious, horrible little monsters! You can't control Satan & evil without God. God & the Bible & the Holy Spirit are the only Ones Who can possibly set the standards & lay down the rules & have the power to control the Devil's evil. So now the Devil & his horrors are just running rampant across the rich "civilised" nations of the World, with no rules & no control, because they rejected the Ruler--God--& His Rulebook--the Bible!
       34. Public schools were absolutely of the Devil to begin with! Early education was entirely within the church & churches & church schools. But when that God-damned AC, Horace Mann, started promoting public schools, that was just about the end of Man!--Not Horace Mann, but Man in general! It was supposed to be the most civilised countries that had public schools, & they've become the most horrible! And the most developed civilised countries are the worst of all when it comes to waging war & slaughtering millions!
       35. And now there's this insanity that's running rampant, to forget Man & save the animals! It's all part of the Devil's plan to destroy God's Creation--His greatest creation of all, which is Man. God was even willing to sacrifice the animals to save Man. Now the Devil's new doctrine is, "To Hell with Man, save the animals!" So it's a doctrine of devils! I'll grant you that Man has gone to the extreme in his slaughter of animals, but now the Devil wants to go to the extreme to slaughter Man to save the animals!
       36. It's all a part of the horrors of the Last Days, the madness of the Last Days, when Man has become totally corrupt & evil! "Evil men shall wax worse & worse," God's Word says (2Tim.3:13), till in the end it will be like it was in the days of Noah, the days before the Flood--which must have been horrible in that God was willing to wipe nearly all the men off the face of the Earth!--To destroy Man himself to get rid of wicked men & their evil! Now it's coming again, it's going to get that bad again. Jesus tells us, "As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the Last Days." (See Mat.24:37-39.)
       37. And ultimately, finally, after trying to save as many as He can in the Millennium, God's going to have to wipe the World out again, this time with a flood of fire, & only save His Own children, those who love Him & follow & obey Him & whom He can control & save & preserve for the Heavenly Future. (See 2Pet.3:10-13.) It's all a part of the plan. God is letting Man go to the limit, to try to show Man that he cannot control himself & he cannot exist without God. It's one grand demonstration to show that His protests & protestors, we, His people, are right; Man cannot live without God!--And that Man is creating a literal Hell on Earth without the Lord!
       38. But at least that's going to show some people & begin to even wake up the churches! Finally the church Christians are beginning to wake up to the horrors of the slaughter of the innocents, the slaughter of the babies--one-&-a-half-million babies a year murdered in the United States alone by abortion!--As well as millions more in Japan, Europe, & other parts of the World! Of course, there are so many other horrors: They allowed the horrors of the banning of the Bible & prayer & God from the public schools which contain their own children! They just recently woke up to that horror & began taking their children out of the public schools & trying to home school them or put them in private Christian schools--too late, of course--& of course they've even begun the fight against abortion too late. They had to wait until millions of innocent babies in the womb were murdered before they were stirred up enough to try to demonstrate & protest against that.
       39. At least the church people do finally wake up if things get bad enough, but too little & too late. (Maria: Yes, a few finally even woke up to the state of the American government when Bush said he was backing a "New World Order." Of course, maybe some of them thought it was the right one or something.) Well, he took his "New World Order" to the Mideast & slaughtered hundreds of thousands of poor innocent people--women & children & babies--through his so-called "just" war. It's just war, all right, that's all it was, just war!--And war is always something very horrible, evil & terrible!
       40. It's amazing how those churches & Christians--even Fundamentalist Evangelical Pentecostals--can wave the flag & shout "rah rah rah" for war & the slaughter of literally millions throughout history! In fact, the religionists are the ones who have carried on some of the biggest wars! They back these presidents in their wars, in their horrors, in their slaughter of the innocents, with the so-called justification of "fighting Communism," figuring that war to destroy the Communists was justifiable.
       41. Well, Bush's war was not justifiable, & Saddam Hussein's people of Iraq were not Communists! In fact, thousands of them are Christians! He allows churches & Bibles & crosses & Christians in Iraq, where 10% of the people are Christian; whereas the countries that Bush went to war to save--Kuwait & Saudi Arabia--are some of the most anti-Christ countries in the World! They won't allow any Christian literature, Bibles, churches, crosses or Christians! (Maria: Well, Kuwait has some, but they persecute them & they're not very welcome.) Very few. Most of the countries in that area are notoriously Muslim, anti-Christ nations. Bush went to war against a nation with many Christians to save those anti-Christ nations, just because they have the oil!
       42. He came out & finally said it was to "save our way of life."--In other words, our way of life of wasting oil & polluting the atmosphere! Well, a lot of people woke up to how ridiculous that was! It just shows, though, how they can control the media & the propaganda, & issue what turned out to be a lot of false statements & false propaganda, things that were not even true!--Things that the U.S. government sponsored & promulgated & propagandised in order to try to excuse & justify their war.
       43. In this late day & age when Man is supposed to be so civilised & against war, & when they even have big organisations like the U.N. against war & to try to make peace, some of the worst warmongering nations are still the richest, supposedly the most civilised, & even supposedly the most Christian!--Like the United States & Britain!
       44. The U.S. went to war with a little tiny country like Panama just because they were furious with a little dictator who was running his country pretty well, but was also dealing in drugs. They didn't even mind him when he was dealing in drugs & they knew it, as long as he was dealing their way & doing things they wanted him to do with other countries etc. But when he began thumbing his nose at the U.S. & their domination & refused to do everything they wanted him to do, then it absolutely made them furious in their pride that this little tiny fellow should actually defy the great U.S. government! So they were willing to go to war & literally kill thousands of people in Panama just to capture this one so-called "criminal"! And the same thing in Iraq. The U.S. & its allies were willing to go to war & kill hundreds of thousands of civilians & retreating soldiers, including lots of Christians, to keep Saddam Hussein from grabbing his share of the oil in the Mideast!
* * *
Christians--An Endangered Species!
       45. Jesus help us, Lord! It seems like everything's getting to be an endangered species except the predators like wolves, eagles, owls, snakes, crocodiles & alligators. It's a perversion!--Whereas the people are getting to be more endangered than the creatures! Farmers can't make a living & lumbermen are being driven out of business by the environmentalists. The environmentalists want to protect everything but Man. They'd like to return civilisation to the jungles. Well, I must admit the jungles nowadays would be a safer place than some of Man's cities!
       46. We're an endangered species! Christians, churches & church people are becoming an especially endangered species as time goes on & the wickedness waxes worse & worse, & the Antichrist looms over the horizon! But praise the Lord, He'll care for His Own! We have a Shepherd Who keeps us for sure. He cares for His sheep. TYL! Praise You Jesus! He'll be with us till the End, & through the End. So bless & keep us & make us a blessing as long as possible, then take us, Lord. Thank You for how wonderfully You've given me such strength & health, Lord, in spite of my light afflictions, & Mama too, & all of us. Bless all our Family everywhere. Keep them & make them a blessing, & we know You will until the End.--Then You'll take us Home to be with You & prepare us for another big job of ruling & reigning Thy Kingdom in the Millennium. TYJ! PYL!--In Jesus' name, amen.

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