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"OH LORD, HOW MUCH LONGER!"       9/92
       DO 2825

       1. Amen, praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus! Thank You, Lord, that You're still in control! Thank You, Lord, that You're all powerful & You still rule, despite the filthy wickedness of Man! Thank You, Lord, that Your beautiful, wonderful Creation is still omnipotent & pure. As the poet said, "All the World is beautiful, but only Man is vile."
       2. The subject of this Letter reminds me of one of our early revolutionary songs, as sung by a young teenager who travelled with us for awhile, David Z. I always remember him for this song, which he sang almost continually, both in the Light Club & when he was travelling with us personally in the Ark: "Oh my Lord, oh my Lord, how much longer? Lord, how long can You let this go on!"
       3. The World is almost becoming a frightening place to live with all the horrors that are going on throughout the Earth!--Great natural or unnatural disasters, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, famines, wars, abortion & all the horrors created by Man himself for his own destruction. But I think the most horrible & frightening of all is the flagrant, blatant, defiant, filthy wickedness of Man himself revelling & brazenly displaying his evil in massive demonstrations, raging down the streets of the World's greatest cities!--The angry, violent, defiant, blatant mobs of vile Sodomites displaying their filthy wickedness & their horrible perversion!
       4. Sodomy is one of the most wicked sins in the Bible, for which God destroyed many great cities & whole nations, & for which, amongst other wickedness, He'll soon undoubtedly destroy this present World & its System & governments who are allowing this sort of thing to run rampant over the face of the Earth & through the streets of their cities, like Sodom & Gomorrah of old!

       The Unpardonable Sin!
       5. The Lord said that any sin, no matter how vile or evil, could be forgiven if confessed & repented of.--Any sin, that is, but resistance against the Holy Spirit of God's Love!--The ultimate in self-righteousness! He said it will not be forgiven, neither in this World, nor in the Next!--Mat.12:31, 32. Which also shows that there are some sins, which, though not forgiven in this World, will be forgiven in the Next!--But not self-righteousness which considers itself more right & good than God, & which doesn't need God or His help or His Salvation.--In other words, the person who is so right & good in himself, that he thinks he doesn't need God's righteousness or goodness & therefore refuses God's offer of Salvation, since he figures he doesn't need to be saved from sin because he isn't sinful.--Like the proud hypocrites whom Malachi described as saying, "Wherein have we sinned against Thee?"--Mal.1:6,7; 2:17; 3:8. And as Jeremiah said, "Were they ashamed? No, they could not even blush!"--Jer.6:15; 8:12. That sounds both like the self-righteous hypocritical religionists, as well as the viciously violent & blatant, flagrant, filthy Sodomites of today!
       6. This kind of self-righteousness is the only sin that God cannot pardon, because these people refuse to accept the fact that they even have sin, therefore there's nothing God can do to help them. Even Sodomy is pardonable if the Sodomite is ashamed & sorry & repentant, & in all his degradation will humbly beg for forgiveness. God can forgive him & cleanse him & restore him & give him a new spirit, a new mind, a new heart, & he can be born again, "a new creature in Christ Jesus, old things passed away, all things become new."--2Cor.5:17.
       7. No wonder the Lord first made me very angry at the churches & the church people, the religionists of our day, because theirs is the greatest sin of all! They consider themselves good people, righteous people, better than others, moral people who have no sins & who pride themselves on their morality & self-righteousness.--Like the Pharisee in the Temple who said in his so-called prayers as he looked at the sinner, "I thank Thee, Lord, that I am not as this man." Whereas the sinner was praying, "Lord, have mercy upon me & forgive me, a sinner!" Jesus asked, "Who do you think the Lord forgave?" And it was obvious, as He implied, that it was the repentant, humble, God-fearing, God-recognising sinner, openly confessing his sins.--Luk. 18:10-14.
       8. But the scribes & Pharisees & the chief priests who prided themselves on their sanctimoniousness, He could not forgive, because they were not repentant & they did not give God the glory. They prided themselves on their own self-righteousness, their own goodness, their own good works, which the Lord Himself in His Word said were as "filthy menstruous rags" in God's sight!--Isa.64:6. Not that menstruation is a sin, but it is pretty stinky, & possibly a part of God's judgements on women for Eve's original sin. He said He would greatly multiply their conception & increase their pain, because they had disobeyed & brought sin into the World.--Gen.3:16. (Thank the Lord for His promise to the saved that "she shall be saved in childbearing, if they continue in faith & charity & holiness with sobriety."--1Tim.2:15.) (--Amen!)
       9. The Lord also said to the woman, "And thy desire shall be unto thy husband." In other words, she would have to be in submission & obedience to her husband, according to God's Word. So all of this so-called "feminism" is also an abomination to God! It's anything but feminine! What a lie of the Devil, how he misnames & distorts & perverts even the language & terminology of sin!--Calling the abortion movement "pro-Choice," when they're actually pro-murder, & Sodomites calling themselves "Gays" when they're anything but gay! It makes it sound like they're happy when they're anything but happy! Psychologists & sociologists who have studied them say they're extremely unhappy, irritable, cross, they fuss & fight & are subject to temper tantrums etc.
       10. They're sickening, disgusting, filthy, wicked, vile, horrible sinners!--Openly defying God & defying authority, defying decency, defying morality, even defying laws, parading their wickedness & their filth & their iniquity down the public streets of the great cities of this wicked World!
       11. And the World tolerates them & even just laughs & thinks their antics are funny or amusing, just thinks they're a little odd, or a little "queer," as they used to call them. Whereas God doesn't think it's funny, & the kind of laugh He's going to laugh last is not the funny laugh, but it's a laugh of derision & disgust & rage & vengeance & judgement upon the unrepentant, defiant, Godless, anti-Christ, anti-Christian men of Sodom of this wicked World! (See Psalm 2:4-5.) These people who blatantly flaunt their perversions in public, exhibit the same attitude of those who said, "Wherein have we sinned?"--And like those described in Jeremiah: "Were they ashamed?--Nay, they could not even blush!"
       12. The Lord as good as said of the wickedness of Israel & its self-righteousness, its sanctimonious religiosity, ceremonial rigmarole, self-works religion, that if He forgave them, He would have to apologise to Sodom & Gomorrah & Tyre & Sidon!--Mat. 11:21-24. So there's no sin on Earth, except self-righteousness, which infuriates God as much as Sodomy. It is the utmost in sexual perversion, filth & wickedness! Can you imagine letting the pure seeds of God mingle with the filth & the dirt & the dung of Man? It is disgusting, sickening--enough to make God Himself want to puke!
       13. He also says that it is the lukewarm Christian, the lukewarm church person, the lukewarm religionists who really make Him sick to His stomach! He said, "I would thou wert cold or hot, but because thou art lukewarm I will spew thee out of My mouth!"--Rev.3:15,16. They cause God to throw up! They cause God to puke'm out! No wonder God made our Family so furious in our condemnation of self-righteous church people! In our earliest days our first blasts were against them.

       The World Has Compromised with the Sodomites!
       14. But today I'm taking a blast at the next most wicked, horrible, rotten, filthy sin of Mankind--Sodomy!--Which they openly, blatantly, flagrantly flaunt in public, in massive demonstrations & parades, vaunting their pride down the streets. In fact, they're calling it "Gay Pride" now, & they're inviting all such wicked, filthy, sickening Sodomites to "come out of the closet." In other words, "Come out of secrecy & openly display your sin! Don't be ashamed of being a Sodomite! Come out in the open, brag about it, be proud of it! Defy convention, defy tradition, defy the Christians, defy the law, defy the governments, defy the churches! Show the World that you love your sin & you're proud of it!"
       15. And the World has compromised with them & tried to make peace with them & even tolerate them in their governments. Officials, judges & lawmakers are confessing their own Sodomy & coming out & claiming exemption from the weak laws of Man. And worst of all, even the churches are accepting them--not only as church members, but as their ministers & priests who sanctify the unholy alliances between them, calling them "holy weddings"! How bad can they get? How far can the church go?
       16. If they can make Sodomites accepted by the church, then the Devil has succeeded in making religion & morality accept Sodomy! In other words, if the church accepts them, why shouldn't everybody accept them? The Sodomites are getting just what they want--publicity. As long as they get so much publicity, they're more accepted. Even if they're just accepted scandals, at least they're accepted. They're getting publicity far beyond their actual population. (Maria: They're trying to make people believe that they're a much greater portion of the population than they actually are.) Yes, & the nations who tolerate them will be wiped out!
       17. How far can the governments go, now recognising Sodomy as legal & openly giving them the benefits of the laws & the special sanctity of marriage, & even the benefits of health care & marital benefits in some countries. In some cases, the sicknesses & disabilities of the so-called "mate" in a Sodomite union are rewarded with pensions & legal exemptions & compensations of various kinds by the state!--The wicked governments of this World making the so-called "marriages" of Sodomites legal & recognised & benefited by law, treating them exactly like married couples in their filthy unholy alliances! They've even gone so far as to be blasphemous enough to call gay marriages not just "marriages" but "holy unions"!--Even letting them adopt pure pitiful innocent little children to also pollute & contaminate & pervert & destroy!
       18. It's almost unbelievable the depths to which the governments of the World have sunk, with the greatest & richest & yet most decadent & most wicked & sinful & worst nations on Earth not only recognising the Sodomites, but even exalting them now with millions & millions of Dollars in aid for their filthy disease of AIDS! They're demanding recognition, demanding help, demanding compensation, saying that they deserve it above all people!
       19. If politicians refuse the Sodomites anything, it's not good for their political career! It's just not politically correct to refuse the Sodomites, "they deserve your sympathy," blah, blah! (Maria: It's not good for your safety & security to refuse them either, because they're really dangerous! They can be very aggressive & violent!) Nor is it good for your votes, if you're a politician. It's politically correct now to sympathise with AIDS & Sodomites, & it's political suicide if you don't!
       20. The Sodomites are the most demonstrative, the loudest & the most contemptible of all those who demand compensation! They don't request it, they demand it! They threaten! They threaten the governments & the officials with veiled & even open threats of what they're going to do if they don't get the millions & billions of Dollars in help they want!--To where they've become one of the most powerful lobbies in the governments of this Earth, & are getting anything they want, whatever they ask for, whatever they demand!--Subverting & perverting the wicked governments of this Earth into feeling sorry for them & recognising & compensating them & blessing them & giving them everything that they insist upon, so that they're now beginning to rule the Earth!
       21. No wonder the Scripture speaks of the Antichrist as not having a desire for women!--Dan.11:37. He's probably going to be a filthy, perverted Sodomite! And in case you don't know who I'm talking about, I'm talking about the so-called "Gays," these so-called "homosexuals," which are never called Sodomites in the news!--Hardly even by the churches!

       Christians Aren't Exposing Sodomy Enough!
       22. The thing that amazes me is how even the churches & Christians speak of them as Gays & homosexuals, seldom ever applying the real Biblical term to them of Sodomites, men of Sodom! That name is a little too frank for them, that's too open! The churches have got to compromise with them, they've got to try to make peace with them. They've got to try to pacify them & please them & get them off their backs!--Particularly the ungodly, Godless so-called Christian churches that have long ago forsaken the Lord.--The huge modernistic denominations that no longer believe the Bible or preach Salvation, but only preach the so-called "Social Gospel"--who just help Man in his physical needs & infirmities.
       23. So of course they want to help the Sodomites, the homosexuals, the Gays, because they obviously have some kind of an infirmity, a real problem!--Although now they're beginning to claim it's not an unusual thing, but that it's very common & should be accepted as normal sexual orientation, an alternate lifestyle that the World should accept as perfectly normal & should not be condemned or criticised.
       24. They're now even excusing it, saying that they are born with it, that it's a physical & psychological trait because of some quirk in their brain & they can't help it, they didn't choose to be that way. (Maria: Yes, they say they were made that way, so why should you try to change them?) Well, some of them probably are born with those Sodomite spirits, & others pick them up later. But there is deliverance. God would not have judged Sodomy so harshly if there was nothing that the Sodomites could do about it. God is not unfair, neither is He unmerciful or unloving. He is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance (2Pet.3:9).--And He has provided a way for everyone to be forgiven of their sins & delivered from demonic influences through His sacrifice on the cross.
       25. By claiming that they're born that way & it is a genetic peculiarity, Sodomites are trying more & more to get away from the blame, from the guilt, because they know it's wrong, they know it's wicked! To confess that they were not born that way & they chose to be that way would insinuate sin. Instead, they act as though they're the victims & not the sinners, as though it's somebody else's fault or the government's fault & not the Sodomites' own fault. "It's your fault for not helping us, your fault for not marching with us," blah, blah!
       26. A lot of people don't even know how terrible, vile, wicked, horrible, anti-God & anti-Bible Sodomy is, which shows you that the Christians & churches & preachers obviously are not preaching against it enough & exposing it enough! It's seldom that you ever hear of a preacher connecting Sodomy with homosexuality & calling the Gays "Sodomites" & using text from the Bible to prove it! I think they're almost afraid to, because the Sodomites are getting too belligerent! I mean really belligerent!--One of the worst cases of which was with Lot in Sodom, when the Sodomites lusted after the Angels! (See Gen.19:4-9.)
       27. The Scripture is so powerful! People need to be informed of what the Bible has to say about Sodomy!--How the early leaders & kings of Israel were commanded to wipe them out & kill them all, stone them to death! (Lev.18:22, 20:13; Deut. 23:17; 1Ki.22:45,46; 2Ki.23:3,7.) Whereas today they publicise them, exalt them, promote them & solicit sympathy for them, almost make them martyrs! It's a sad day & wicked men are waxing worse & worse! It's just sickening that Sodomites should have ever become so bold, flaunting their wickedness right out in public! It shows how brazen & utterly wicked they are!

       "Male & Female Created He Them!"
       28. Another reason that God so abhors Sodomy is that it's a direct contradiction & negation of His creation of male & female, husband & wife, which He designed to be a beautiful physical illustration of His Own relationship with His Bride, the Church. The Lord repeatedly brings that out in the Scriptures, that He created the relationship between man & woman to give us a visible illustration of His relationship with us, His Church, the "weaker vessels" (1Pet. 3:7) who bear His children (Rom.7:4), His Bride whom He loves, nurtures & cares for.
       29. "The husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in everything."--Eph.5:23,24. When people try to circumvent or violate God's plan, His creation, it negates the great illustration that He has ordained, & He is very displeased. "And He answered & said unto them, Have ye not read, that He which made them at the beginning made them male & female?"--Mat.19:4.

Flood of Sodomite Spirits!
       30. I can admire men, especially our Family men who are so dedicated to the Lord & faithful to His Work, but I never have any sexual feelings toward them, that's for sure! That's really an aberration! It's definitely a perversion & I think it's demonic that some men want to be like women. They're probably inhabited, possessed by female devils who do it deliberately to corrupt them, the Devil knowing it's an abomination to God!
       31. (Maria: It seems like there's a whole flood of Sodomite spirits being unleashed on the World today, because these thoughts & temptations are even attacking Christians who never would have even thought of it.--Just out of the blue attacking them & trying to get them to yield to it, a lot of whom never even had any thought of it before! So it's really extreme. And then the poor worldly people can easily yield to Sodomy because they're told, "It's just normal & don't fight your feelings. If you feel that way, that's okay.")
       32. That's your psychologists & psychiatrists for you--they are demons themselves, ministers of the Devil! Satanic preachers, that's what the vast majority of psychiatrists are! I sure agree with Scientology on that & always have. There are, however, some well-meaning & sincere Christian psychologists & psychiatrists. If anybody should be able to counsel people correctly, it should be Christian psychologists. (Maria: But the danger is that they often get too influenced by worldly psychology to the point where they're going more by worldly psychological principles than the Biblical Christian faith. And when you come right down to it, the two cannot be in total agreement & you have to end up choosing one or the other. But the Christian is miles ahead, because, as someone said, Christianity is the best psychology of all & the others can't compare with it.) Yes! Psychologists & psychiatrists are the clergy of the Antichrist, but there are some here & there who are honest & good.

       The Fury of the Lord Is Rising
Until There Will Be No Remedy!
       33. So where does that bring us? I'll tell you, it downright frightens me! It scares me to see how far the World has gone already, & how near the End must be! And that song comes to me that David Z. used to sing: "Oh my Lord, oh my Lord, how much longer? Lord, how long can You let this go on!" Well, I don't think God is going to stand it much longer. Personally, the fury of the Lord has risen up in me when I've seen news clips of demonstrations, parades of so-called "Gays"--sickening, disgusting, filthy Sodomites, brazenly, blatantly, flagrantly & openly demonstrating their sins in public, in monstrous parades of thousands down the streets of the great wicked cities of the World!
       34. I wonder how much longer the Lord can stand it? If the Spirit of the Lord in me is any indication, it's not going to be much longer, because what I saw on the news yesterday made me absolutely furious!--And not only disgusted with them, but with the good people & church people who allow that sort of thing!--And the governments that even tolerate it & benefit & bless it, who give it their legal blessing!
       35. (Maria: It's amazing that there are anti-abortion groups & organisations of anti-this & anti-that, but you hardly ever hear of any anti-Sodomite groups.) Christians are afraid! They don't seem to be strong enough in their convictions regarding it. Even their churches are tolerating it. I'll never forget in the early days of the Family when we first heard of a Pentecostal church run by a Sodomite preacher who openly advocated Sodomy! (Maria: A Pentecostal church?) Yes, a church run for Sodomites by a Sodomite! And he fought us in the early days. It shows where he was at.
       36. How long is God going to put up with it? Well, judging by my own personal spiritual reaction when I've seen some of this stuff openly flaunted on the main streets of the World's cities & allowed, even protected by the police, I've felt like the Scripture where it says that "the fury of the Lord arose until there was no remedy!"--2Chr.36:16.
       37. The World has become absolutely corrupt, totally corrupt! The wicked men, Sodomites, have gained power completely out of proportion to the population. The Devil really knows how to do it, God damn him! God damn them! And God damn the nations that tolerate them, & You will, Lord! TYL! It will come. My God, who would have ever believed that it could come to this point, that they would so boldly & loudly brag about their wickedness!
       38. Now they're even demanding benefits of law, demanding legal protection against discrimination etc., when in the Bible, God's law was that they were to be stoned to death! They're stoned today, all right, on drugs, sex & sin! But the Bible refused to even let a Sodomite live (Lev. 20:13) & he was condemned to the most horrible, painful, violent death you can imagine, a public stoning by the righteous citizens who were disgusted with such things & such people, & refused to tolerate them according to God's laws!--Which was one of the sins held against some of the kings of ancient Israel in that they did not wipe out all of the Sodomites! (1Ki.14:22-24.)
       39. So when I look at those horrible, filthy, wicked, vile, abominable degradations of those demonstrations of the Sodomites parading their wares down the streets, I just get furious! They're worse than the most wicked & vile of all people! Sodomy is the worst sin of all, revelling in its evil, except for the sin at the opposite end of the scale, self-righteousness, which revels in its supposed goodness! The ironic thing about it is the blatant, open Sodomite sinner is often also guilty of self-righteous pride & justifies his actions as being good & right! He often has a hard time believing that he is sinning.
       40. In the case of Sodomy, it's self-wickedness, blatantly flaunting it before the public in massive parades & demonstrations to demand "Gay Rights." There's nothing right about Gays, & there are no rights that any of them deserve! Under God's laws they were to be stoned to death! And I thank God some of them are getting stoned to death on drugs & on AIDS & all the reaping of their rottenness in their own flesh!--Rom.1:27.
       41. I just got furious! The fury of God's Spirit rose up against them & I thought, "My God, these people have gone too far! How can there be any remedy?" They're blatant, they're brazen, they're bold! They pride themselves in their rottenness. "Gay Pride!"--Homosexual pride, Sodomite pride, pride in filth, iniquity & sin, wickedness of the most disgusting kind! Alongside of their wickedness, almost any other sin looks righteous!
       42. The World seems to think prostitution is the worst sin, but I just feel sorry for the poor girls who are usually just victims of pimps, which the Bible calls "whoremongers," men who sell girls for money. The poor girls usually are roped into it with money & drugs & poverty. That's one way they can get money quick, if they sell their soul to the Devil! (Maria: And their body too.) Yes, body & soul to the Devil! Remember how open it was in Amsterdam? You'd walk through that whore-house district, & the prostitutes stood in the doorways & sat in windows in various degrees of undress & nakedness inviting you in. But I really just felt sorry for them. Other sins are almost nothing compared to the filth of Sodomy!--That scum on the surface of this earthly cesspool!
       43. How long is God going to let it last? I don't think He's going to let them get away with it much longer! God didn't wipe out whole cities & civilisations for murder or some even for wars, but He did for Sodomy! I think He's fed up & furious & it's probably only for our sakes that He hasn't yet wiped out them & their filthy governments & dirty churches! Because if He did, there would be no government left--nothing but chaos & anarchy & violence raging not only in the inner cities of the wicked, but throughout all the Earth! God's going to have to wipe it out soon!
       44. So how long is the Lord going to let it go on? Well, the way I felt last night, not much longer! I was ready to wipe'm out myself! I was ready to stone'm to death on the street!--And there must be a few other people who feel like that too, because the most recent Sodomite demonstrations have been against so-called "Gay bashing"--in their own self-defence! They're accusing some of the people of being unfair to them & unkind to them & beating them up, when they should be thankful they only got beat up & not stoned to death! I almost sympathise with the people who want to beat them up--I felt like beatin'm up myself!
       45. I think the violence of the Sodomites has turned a lot of people against them & showed others their true nature. We've heard of cases in which they've resorted to vandalism & breaking windows & crashing doors, occupying governmental offices, holding people hostage, all kinds of terrible things!--All because some law didn't get passed that would have helped their movement or something like that. They're just unbelievably bold & brazen, the Devil's own minions trying to take over!
       46. Well, it's just another sign of the times of this wicked World! "Evil men & seducers shall wax worse & worse," God's Word says (2Tim.3:13), until they shall be like the days of Noah & Sodom & Gomorrah (Luk.17:28-30), & that was pretty bad! When Angels came into the city to visit Lot, the Sodomites wanted to fuck the Angels in the ass & demanded that Lot bring them out so they could do their evil deeds upon them! How horrible! How sickening! No wonder God helped the Angels to shut the doors & blind their eyes so that they groped around & couldn't even find the doors of Lot's house!--Gen.19:5, 11. And then the next day, as soon as they got Lot out of there, God wiped out those cities with fire & brimstone rained down on them from Heaven, & turned that whole area into salt! The land & Sodomites were totally destroyed & nothing could even grow there any more!--Gen.19:24, 25.
       47. How soon is He going to do this to some of these wicked, filthy Sodomite cities of the World? Well, it looks like He's already doing it in some places. Some of the cities & villages of the Philippines are being totally wiped out with volcanic eruptions, fire & brimstone, & dirty mud slides! How symbolic of the wickedness of the Filipinos, one of the wickedest countries on Earth!--One of the filthiest, most pitiful, most religious & yet poorest example of Christianity of any nation on the face of this Earth! Nearly anything goes in the Philippines!--All kinds of filth & wickedness, whole towns where the horrible corruption & pollution of children is an accepted fact & the way their parents earn money, prostituting their own children to the rich tourists! How horrible! How terrible! How sickening!

       The Devil Accuses the Righteous of His Own Sins!
       48. And to think that our enemies are accusing us of the same thing!--Which shows our enemies must be guilty of those things, because the Devil always accuses the righteous, the Lord's Saints, of his own sins. He figures that the World will certainly judge us of such sins while he & his go free! Between the ACs & these filthy, wicked, sickening, dirty corrupt cesspools of Sodomites, they control governments, they have key positions in social service agencies, in welfare, in the police, they control almost everything now!
       49. What a horrible thing to do, those Australian social workers telling some of our kids that they'd never see their parents again when they were taking them away! It shows what devils & fiends they are, trying to make the kids suffer! (Maria: And it's very well known that a lot of those welfare workers are lesbians & Sodomites! That information didn't just come from us, lots of people know that they're a whole bunch of homosexuals!) Yes, they're probably the worst kind of people!--Any people that could abuse children like that & then turn around & accuse us of abusing children! What a typical lie of the Devil!
       50. (Maria: They're trying to make people believe that heterosexuals [EDITED: "normal-sex people"] are much more likely to abuse & molest children than homosexuals! They're propagandising people with all these lies!) It's just absolutely fiendish, diabolical, devilish propaganda! Lies, lies, lies! My God, I wonder how many little boys they've contaminated & corrupted & led astray? God damn them, Lord, in Jesus' name! Destroy them, Lord, for their wickedness & their horrendous corruption! In the Name of Jesus, destroy them as You did of old! Wipe them out!

       It Won't Be Long Now!
       51. I'm sure that the Lord can't stand it much longer--I know I can't! It actually frightens me & scares me to think that these people are taking over the World & are the same kind that are persecuting us! It won't be long until they'll dominate & rule the World under the Antichrist, if they don't do it already, who will probably be a Sodomite! My God! What is the Earth coming to? Well, it's coming to what the Lord said it would.--Until it becomes so corrupt that His anger will arise & be without remedy, & the only thing left to do will be to destroy it!
       52. First He'll destroy the Devil's governments & people. After the Tribulation of the Saints & their Rapture into Heaven, God will pour out His great Wrath upon the wicked & wipe many of them out! But then He reserves the pleasure of the final vengeance of Armageddon for us, His Saints, to come down on white horses & destroy them! And finally at the end of the Millennium, when all of the ignorant & those who hadn't had a chance before have been witnessed to, when the remaining wicked rebel under the Satanic forces of Satan, He will wipe them all out & even burn up the surface of the Earth & the atmospheric heavens, purify it all & make a New Earth & a New Heaven wherein dwelleth righteousness!--2Pet.3:12,13.
       53. So it won't be long now! God's Wrath is rising & I think He can hardly wait to wipe'm out! But He needs to get His children out of the way first. He needs to take them out of Sodom. He says of Babylon, the final wicked city, "Come out of her, ye My people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, & that ye receive not of her plagues!"--Rev.18:4, 11:8.
       54. (Maria: Since the whole wicked System is Babylon, it seems like you can't really get out except in spirit. For example, if our people weren't sitting in the centre of some cities, they'd never be able to minister the way they do. It just seems that our Homes haven't done the job when they haven't been where the people are & where the spiritual sickness is, so they can minister to them.) I suppose the only way you can solve that then would be that we've already come out of Babylon in spirit, we've separated ourselves from her wickedness. And perhaps in the very End, like with Lot, the Lord will take us out before He destroys the cities.
       55. When I first went to TSC, we used to spend the whole weekend, from Friday evening till Monday afternoon, witnessing in the cities.--Part of Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday, four days. We'd do that every weekend, & then the rest of the week we farmed on the ranch & just witnessed to the local yokels. (Maria: Some of the Family can do that, wherever the Lord gives them the housing, but in a lot of places He seems to want them in the cities. In a few places they're not, but they just go according to what the Lord opens up for them.) Amen, what the Lord supplies & how He leads.
       56. But the Family had better be prepared for emergencies, I'll tell you, because I don't think God is going to let them get away with it much longer! There may be earthquakes & all kinds of disastrous calamities befalling the wicked cities of this World!

       For the Sake of the Salt!
       57. I was just thinking, "Lord, how can You let it go on like this & let the Earth get so rotten?"--And just as clear as anything the Scripture came to me, "Ye are the salt of the Earth!"--Mat.5:13. It's for the sake of the salt! For our sake! He's sparing us until our job is done & we've mined all the salt we can! PTL!

       Closing Prayer
       58. Thank You, Lord, for strength for today & wisdom & Thy inspiration & leading & guidance. Bless us & make us a blessing throughout the Earth. Thank You for how You have. Now, Lord, give us deliverance from this wicked & adulterous generation. That Sodomite demonstration I saw on the news yesterday just infuriated me!--And I'm sure it must've infuriated You as well.
       59. Thank You Lord that we know the Truth & that the lies of the Enemy don't deceive us! Thank You Lord that we see the World as it really is--a wicked, vile, cesspool of iniquity! TYL!
       60. Lord, rebuke those liars & those devourers! Rebuke those wicked men! My God, destroy them, Lord! Rebuke them in Jesus' name! Destroy them in the Name of Jesus! How evil, how wicked, how horrible that they should put up such a bold front with the idea that they should be recognised & that they're just so wonderful, good, beautiful & pure, when they're just about as wicked & evil & black & filthy as they can be! My God help us! Deliver us, in Jesus name!
       61. Shake'm up, Lord! Wipe'm out! Destroy them! Wreak Your vengeance upon them! You said, "Vengeance is Mine, I will repay! Stand back & see Me fight! This is not Thy battle, but Mine!"--Rom.12:19; 2Chr.20:17. It's our battle too in a way, Lord, but we know that You mean You will be the One to win it & to gain the victory over our filthy enemies, these demonic minions of the Devil!
       62. Rebuke the powers of evil, Lord, that are engulfing the World! Keep us light & pure & right. Rebuke the liars! Rebuke the horrible, filthy deceivers! Help the people that are Thy sheep to come out in understanding & to believe the Truth & to condemn the lies & the horrors of the evil wicked! My God, it's horrible the way the Enemy is attacking in these Last Days! In the Name of Jesus I rebuke you, Satan, in Jesus' name! Praise God! Thank You Lord! Lord Jesus, deliver us! Purify us, keep us, Lord! Keep us sacred from the evil of the Enemy! Help Thy people to recognise this evil perversion & to keep themselves pure from it! My God, Lord Jesus, help us!
       63. Never ever let them pervert you, no matter how much you need money or influence! Stick to your beliefs! Don't let them descend on you with their evil & deceit, no matter what! Don't let them subvert you! Stick to the Truth, stick to reality, stick to God's Will!--In Jesus' name, amen!
* * * * * * *
Witnessing to Sodomites!
       64. God hates Sodomy & is furious at those who openly defy Him by flaunting their evil before the World, in arrogance & rebellion against His laws! "Because they received not the love of the Truth, God has sent them strong delusion that they might believe a lie, that they might be damned!"--2Th.2:10-12. You say, "Well, if they didn't know it was wrong, how can God be so hard on them?"
       65. God has given every man a conscience, an instinctive knowledge of good & evil, "the law written in their hearts, their conscience also bearing witness, & their thoughts either accusing or excusing them."--Rom.2:15. So when they wilfully rebel against their conscience, violating God's natural laws & purposely "leaving the natural use of the woman to do that which is against nature" (Rom.1:26,27), they're accountable! And "we are sure that the judgement of God is according to Truth against them which commit such things."--Rom.2:2.
       66. But there are some individuals who are plagued by Sodomite spirits who don't like it & don't want it & are looking for deliverance from those evil spirits.--Those who really want to repent & are seeking the Lord's forgiveness & a real change in their life. There are some very precious people who have been caught up into this, not even realising how horrible it is in God's sight, & when they are given the Truth of God's Word they really want to do what's right & change. We even have some former Sodomites in the Family whom the Lord has wonderfully delivered. The Lord hates the sin, but He loves the humble, repentant sinner who comes to Him for help & rescue, & He will lovingly take him in His arms & cleanse & purify & make him one of His Own.
       67. So as you witness to Sodomites, remember that Jesus loves them & died for them, just as He did for each of us in all our sinfulness.--And none of us can enter into Heaven without receiving Jesus' pardon & atonement. Give them His Love & Message of Salvation & offer of deliverance. If they won't receive it, then you can warn them of God's wrath upon the unrepentant & His hate of what they are doing. The Lord commands us to "warn the wicked of his wicked way" that his blood won't be upon our hands.--Eze.3:17-19.
       68. We are all sinners & no one is too bad for Jesus. "For all have sinned & come short of the glory of God."--Rom.3:23. We all need the Lord just as much, & if you show them His Love, you may be able to win them. What God can't tolerate is the unrepentant, defiant, rebellious sinner who shakes his fist in God's face, insisting upon going his own way & doing his own thing regardless of what anybody, especially God, thinks. But God will show great love & pardon for the one who in humility & repentance prays: "God be merciful to me a sinner" (Luk.18:13), & with loving arms will gather him & will care for him & deliver him, just as He has all of us.
(But also remember: Jesus warned us: "Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you."--Mat.7:6. Be sure they're sheep & not dogs or swine!--D.)

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