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ANOTHER SIGN OF THE END! --Clinton's Election!       11/92       DO 2827

       Clinton's Election--the End Is Here!
       1. The World is one Hell of a mess & is getting to be Hell on Earth! What have I said to you about this year's U.S. presidential election? (Fam: You said that if Bush gets in, it's the mercy of God & the Lord is having more patience with America. But if Clinton gets in, it shows that the End is here!) Right! And I said that I believed the judgements of God on America would follow the election of Bill Clinton, but that the execution could be stayed by giving the country a little more time under Bush.--Then traditional Christian values would have won the election. But with the election of Bill Clinton, the anti-Christ values will take over.
       2. (David: And you said that the ACs are probably backing Clinton.) We heard from our folks in the U.S. that the media there has definitely been backing Clinton & has been against Bush, & many are just laughing at Perot. So of course, who runs the media?--It's the ACs. Clinton has probably made a pact with the Devil! They'll back him if he'll back them, & it looks like they've won.
       3. So as far as I'm concerned, beloved, the End is here, the Endtime is now, & this is one of the worst signs yet! With Clinton winning the presidency, the U.S. is in for real big trouble, because he's the ACs' own man, & they will have at last captured the presidency of the United States! They've run the country & the businesses for years, but they've never been able to elect a president so sympathetic to their policies.
       4. The Catholics had hoped to do that for years, & they finally did in Kennedy. But at least the Catholics are Christians, or at least are supposed to be, & stand for Christian morality, etc. Well, I must admit, Kennedy was a very poor sample of Catholics, & Clinton reminds me a lot of him. I never did like Kennedy. I was always suspicious of him. For one thing, he was a playboy like this guy Clinton, & he was playing right into the hands of the Communists & making all kinds of deals with them. The first time he ever really stood up to them was over the Cuban missile crisis, & he almost didn't then. I know I said before that Kennedy was a good man, but compared to Nitler & the Nitzies almost anybody, including the Liberals, would look good. He was at least better than they were, but I still didn't really like him.

       Kennedy & King!
       5. Kennedy was a great backer of Martin Luther King & his policies. I've told you the story of how I was listening to Martin Luther King on TV at my Mother's little cottage when we were there, & he sounded so good. "We shall overcome! Peace, Brother!" And just like I've asked the Lord about the Serbs & a few other things--I really get desperate & want to know--I asked the Lord, "What's the score with Martin Luther King? I just don't feel right about this guy." And I immediately got a Scripture--a very rare Scripture, actually, one I never memorised, but I remembered it was there. I turned to it & it said, "The words of his mouth were smoother than butter, but war was in his heart: his words were softer than oil, yet were they drawn swords."--Psa.55:21. I thought, "Wow, he's that bad?" In other words, this guy is out for civil war!
       6. [DELETED] God was having mercy on the nation, sparing them from civil war on the one hand with Martin Luther King, & from going the way of the Communists with Kennedy. He had mercy on the nation & on the World!
       7. I can remember the time & the place, on Miami Beach in our little cottage, watching Kennedy on television (1960), campaigning for election. I said, "Lord, what's with this guy?" I didn't like him, something about him rubbed me the wrong way, just like Clinton. And as clear as I ever heard the voice of the Lord, He said: "He's going to be President!" And I thought, "That's bad news!" And it was bad news. The U.S. got deep into the Vietnam War over it. The Vietnam War had barely started under Eisenhower, who sent a few hundred military advisors, but Kennedy got the country in deeper than ever.--And then worse under the next President, Johnson. So Kennedy was very bad for the U.S. He nearly sank the country under the Cuban missiles, until finally the people got him to stand up. But then I think the Conservatives finally got wise to the way he was going, constantly compromising with Russia & the Communists, & they decided it was time to assassinate him, & they did.
       8. I am one of the believers in the theory behind the "JFK" movie. It was not Oswald. Of course it was a conspiracy! And Ruby was the man who was sent to silence Oswald, lest he squeal. And then Ruby died too. And then 20-some people that had anything to do with it died violent, accidental or mystifying deaths within two years after Kennedy's death! A whole bunch of ultra-conservatives, the hard right, had had a meeting in Dallas the night before Kennedy's assassination, & the next day, all of those men took off for vacations in Mexico & were out of the country when it happened. Well, there were a lot of strange goings on!
       9. [DELETED] Kennedy was beginning to be worshipped! Even in Europe they were all just ga-ga over Kennedy. They thought he was going to become the World leader that was going to save them all. I was just dumbfounded at the adulation, the virtual worship he received! And then when Kennedy was shot, the whole World mourned! "Oh, what a terrible tragedy!" The whole World mourned over Martin Luther King being assassinated, & the whole World mourned over Kennedy's assassination. Nixon was a hard rightist, but nobody had to execute him, he executed himself! He had to resign over the Watergate scandal. So the Lord saved us from that score, too.
       10. So the Lord has had mercy on the United States, the leader of the World, time & time again, & has stopped villains, has stopped the villainy, has stopped the evildoers & evil leaders there.--Due to the prayers & the influence of God's people, including the churches.

       We're Not Anti-Church!
       11. Our folks shouldn't be so antagonistic towards churches & church people, because not all churches are so bad, there are lots of good Christians & good Christian churches. Much of the World thinks the churches are pretty good & Christians are good people, & they don't really hate the churches.--Except of course the anti-Christs of every ilk, & they're out to fight them & are starting to pick them off one by one. They started off picking on the cults, like us, the little people who couldn't fight back much.--Although we are fighting back now, & we're winning cases, because the Lord wants to get our Message publicised!
       12. But then they went from the cults to criticising Fundamentalists. In fact, "Fundamentalist" is now a dirty word in a lot of places!--Just like "discrimination" has now become a dirty word. It used to be a compliment if you were a "discriminating" personality. It meant that you knew what was good & you knew what was bad, & you could discriminate or choose between the two. Now they're trying to erase that discrimination to where there's nothing good, nothing bad, everything's just what you think it is, anti-absolute-ism! Because if you believe in absolutes, then you have to believe in the Absoluter, the One Who made'm--God! So they want to destroy faith in absolutes.
       13. And now they're destroying faith in heroes, the good guys! This is the Devil's own wicked propaganda, that the heroes of history are really the villains, whereas the villains were really the heroes. They've completely changed their whole outlook on things, a real switcheroo of moral values. Columbus, who was once a hero, has now become a villain, & so on down the line. They've done this for years, but it's just coming out now & bearing its evil fruit, becoming more known in public.
       14. Anyhow, don't be so total in your condemnation & criticism of churches! Thank God for the Christians there are, or we would really be in Hell now on this Earth! Thank God for the "salt of the Earth" (Mat.5:13), the churches & Christians that have kept things from going from bad to much worse! But as far as I'm concerned, & as far as the whole World is concerned, this U.S. election was crucial, critical, to see which way the World is going to go under the leadership of the United States.

       Hillary Clinton
       15. During Clinton's campaign they tried to hide his wife Hillary, because she already had such a bad reputation as a radical, fanatical, leftist liberal & was so influential & obvious. She's been exposed in various publications that her beliefs are very strong, & she's on the wrong side of everything! She's for abortion, she's for Gay rights, she's against home schooling & she's for children's rights against their parents, children suing their parents, & on down the line. You can just go down the line & everything we stand for, she's against; and everything we're against, she stands for! And she's made no bones about it. Even in interviews, she said, "If you elect Bill, you get me too!" (See WND 401, page 4.) She's like a witch, a vixen! She's really evil!
       16. Before William Branham died, that great & humble prophet, one of the last revelations & visions he had was that the final ruler of the United States who was going to bring the U.S.A. to its doom & would be the worst ruler they ever had, would be a very beautiful, but very cruel woman. You say, "But she's not elected President, she's not even Vice President! Even if Clinton got shot, she wouldn't take over." How do you know she wouldn't take over?--She might if she had enough power by that time & the people worshipped her enough like they're worshipping Clinton. She's already taking over! If anything happened to Clinton, I think she could rule the roost over Gore!--Or if anything didn't happen to her husband, she'd still obviously rule the roost! She obviously does rule the roost! Branham said, "A beautiful but very cruel woman will rule the United States in its last days." Some people thought maybe it was Jackie Kennedy when she & John came along, & I think she was kind of a prototype.

       Bush's Wars!
       17. Anyway, Clinton has won the election, & I've told you folks that it would be very dangerous for Clinton to win, because he & she are the leaders of the Antichrist forces. They are backed by the Antichrist forces. They are for everything we're against, & against everything we're for! The evil forces are behind Clinton, that's for sure, & the more Godly forces are behind Bush--despite all the mistakes he's made & as much as I dislike Bush & his hypocrisy & self-righteousness, his wars & all the rest!
       18. Bush brags about how he spared American lives in that last war, as though the 200,000 Iraqis who were killed were nothing, they didn't count!--Women, children & innocent civilians! "Oh, that doesn't matter, after all, that's that wicked nation Iraq!" But there are more Christians in Iraq than there were in the two countries he was protecting, Kuwait or Saudi Arabia! There are hardly any Christians in Kuwait, & no open Christians at all in Saudi Arabia. Any manifestation of Christianity is against the law & they're apt to chop off your hand or your head! They forbid Christian literature, forbid Bibles, forbid Christian services. They even tried to keep the U.S. military from having chapel, & they had to have it secretly while they were there. And the Christian boys couldn't witness, they couldn't have Gospel literature. They had to sneak in Bibles for the chaplains. While Iraq has lots of Christian churches & as many as 10% of Iraqis are Christians. What do you think about that?
       19. In the past, the U.S.A., including Bush & Reagan & all the rest of them, thought Saddam Hussein was so good & so great that they backed him to the hilt with everything they could in his war against the worse devil, Iran, & the Ayatollah Khomeini. And he (Khomeini) was a devil, that's for sure! I'm sure God took him to save the World from going to its destruction too fast, because the Iranians would have been worse than Hussein! They were more anti-Christ & more anti-American than Saddam. Saddam was not anti-American until the Americans became anti-Saddam.
       20. In fact, he thought he had American permission to take that territory away from Kuwait. That's a known scandal. The U.S. ambassador to Iraq at the time, April Glaspie, practically said, "We're not interested in your border disputes." And Saddam took that to mean that the Americans wouldn't do anything about his invasion. Of course, the trouble was, he went a little further than the border. (See WND 375.)
       21. So Saddam thought he had U.S. permission & he went ahead, & then it backfired. And because Bush knew how much the Americans needed oil, he figured that was worth fighting for.--To back two totally anti-Christ, anti-Christian nations in that war, along with a lot of their cohorts, against at least one Middle Eastern nation that was more Christian than most of them! Think of it! Bush killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, including thousands of Christians, & destroyed many churches with his war!
       22. Of course, he'd already had a little practice in doing that sort of thing on poor little Panama & poor Noriega, with whom they had cooperated before & had a great time as buddies in the war on drugs.--Until Noriega got a little too hot to handle & began doing his own thing. It had evidently gone to his head & he figured, "Well, I can cooperate with the U.S. fighting drugs, but I can make money on it at the same time." And he began to thumb his nose at the U.S. & embarrass them publicly, defying them on television. Well, Bush just couldn't stand that. The American people couldn't stand it, their pride, the flag, had been defied! So Bush went in there & conquered that "vicious country with its vicious leader."--The excuse being that one U.S. serviceman was killed. That was the straw that broke his back & he decided to go in there & invade, saying, "He finally attacked a U.S. serviceman!" A bunch of drunken servicemen had driven accidentally--or maybe defiantly--right into a military roadblock near Noriega's headquarters, & one got shot.
       23. In every war there's always some incident that provokes it & that they use for an excuse. In WW1 it was the assassination of the Austrian Emperor's nephew & heir, & the Austrians made that an excuse for attacking all of Serbia. Then France, Great Britain & Russia backed Serbia, & Germany backed Austria. It all builds up. But they always have to have some excuse. Of course, with all the horrible things that are going on in Yugoslavia right now, they've got every excuse under the sun for attacking the Serbs, to stop them from all the atrocities they're committing!--But the World does nothing!
       24. The whole World & the U.N. & everybody has virtually condemned the Serbs as being wrong & the ones responsible for all the trouble, who started the war & are perpetuating the war & supplying the arms for the war--because under Tito, Yugoslavia had been so well-armed by the United States before the war. They've got stocks & stocks & stockpiles of armaments & guns & planes & tanks & everything that is necessary to fight a war! So when Tito was out of the way & the way was clear, the Serbs got a dictator, Milosevic, a lot like Hitler was.
       25. They want to make their great dream come true of "Greater Serbia." They'd been subjugated by one power after another, mostly the Turks, & finally they saw their chance, they were going to take over all of Yugoslavia themselves. So they began this horrible war that's killing women, children & old people, innocent civilians, murdering them every day! And people all over the World are watching it on television & seeing the horrors & wondering why Bush will do nothing about it! He says, "I don't want to get stuck in some kind of a little hiccup over there in Europe!" Of course, he was ready to send half-a-million men to Kuwait to get the oil, but the trouble with the Bosnians & Croatians is, unlike the Kuwaitis, they don't have any oil, & neither do the Serbs.
       26. And you've heard what the Lord said about that! (See "The Yugoslavia Revelation!", ML#2735, GN492.) I asked the Lord, "Why doesn't somebody do something? Europe is virtually united now, & they've got NATO & they've got all these other alliances. The UN & everybody has condemned the Serbs, but nobody is doing anything about their horrible war!--Why?" And when you get desperate for an answer, you can get it, & just as clear as I ever heard the voice of God, I heard: "The ACs!" I said, "Lord, what do You mean? What have they got to do with Serbia & Yugoslavs & whatnot?" Well, we've learned since then. It's been in the news & everywhere now. They're often talking about how the Croatians under Hitler were backed by the Nazis & persecuted the Serbs. The Serbs must have some kind of relationship with the ACs somewhere, & every time Bush or anybody thinks about doing anything, the ACs stop it. They've stopped Europe from doing anything & they've stopped the U.S. from doing anything. They've said, "There's nothing we can do, it's an impossible situation."
       27. When the U.S. was a righteous nation & Christian, they didn't say such things as that! Just for righteousness' sake & to rescue a poor little country they would send forth their forces. Reagan & Bush did that in Latin America, got involved in all kinds of wars in Grenada, Nicaragua, Panama, etc., against supposed tyrants, or in support of some tyrants & dictators, etc. But Bush doesn't want to get involved in a "little hiccup" where there are only a few thousand people getting killed. It doesn't matter if they're innocent civilians, babies, children, women & old people. It doesn't matter if it's a tyrant that's warring against them when they don't have much of anything, much less enough weapons, food or shelter. No no, that's not worth going to war for to save these poor people!
       28. Well, I've said enough against Bush, & you've heard it, & I didn't like him. I thought he was a hypocrite, a liar, self-righteous, & going into all these wars, slaughtering all these people! The U.S. government said, "Oh, there were only a few Americans killed in Panama. We took Kuwait with even a smaller loss of American life than in Panama." Think of that. But they don't seem to think anything about killing the natives! They said, "Only a few hundred Panamanians were killed." When actually, the Panamanians claim that it was a few thousand!
       29. So you know who gets their propaganda across!--Certainly not the poor Panamanians who are trying to get indemnities & trying to get what Bush promised them. He said that if he had to go to war to liberate them from this evil tyrant Noriega--who had been a hero to them before that--then he was going to reimburse them & he was going to take care of Panama & pull'm out of debt & revive their economy. He made all these promises, & you haven't heard about the U.S. doing anything for Panama since then! And they never will unless they have to for some reason.
       30. So I didn't like Bush. I didn't like his hypocrisy & his untruths & his callous behaviour when it came to killing thousands.--And in the Iraq war, hundreds of thousands! The Iraqis estimate that two or three hundred thousand people were killed. Of course, the U.S. says it was only about ten, 15 or 20,000, that's all. "After all, they were only Iraqis. So what if some of them were Christians!" Well, you can see who's running things.
       31. Look what the U.S. did to Japan in WW2. The two most Christian cities in Japan were the ones which were bombed--Nagasaki & Hiroshima! When they were first thinking about bombing one of the other big cities, the seat of Buddhism, etc., people said, "No, no, you mustn't bomb the seat of Buddhism." I wonder if Buddha was an AC too! A lot of his statues sure look like it! No, the U.S. government decided to bomb the two Christian cities. Of course, it's never been publicised much, until lately it's begun to come out that they were the two major Christian centers of Japan that had more Christian churches & more Christians than any place else in Japan. Now who do you suppose was behind that? Who do you suppose made that decision for the "Mad Hatter," Truman?--The ACs!

       Clinton--The Devil's Own Choice!
       32. The ACs are working toward their aim all the time, have been for centuries now, & they're finally getting there! They've influenced other presidents & they've influenced Bush's decisions & whatnot, but at least Bush did stand for so-called "family values." They didn't want to call them "Christian values" or "traditional Christian values," because they're afraid of offending the Jews & the non-Christians, which now are in the majority, obviously, by the vote. So they call them "family values." But it was obvious that it was Christians who were backing him & Christian values. It was notorious, in fact their enemies even accused Bush of being backed by the Fundamentalists.--And that's as bad as being called crazy! "The crazies! These fanatical Fundamentalists!"--Which means the genuine Christians who really believe in Jesus & Salvation & the Bible. "Fundamentalists, oh, horrible people!"
       33. As I said, they started attacking the cults, then they went to the televangelists, then they went to the Fundamentalists, & now they're working their way up to the Catholics, etc. And they've been working all these years to try to get a President that would sell his soul to the ACs, & apparently Clinton did in order to get elected. He must have promised them the World with a string around it if they'd back him.--Or they promised him they'd get him elected if he'd do what they told him to do. So it was a mutual agreement, like Faust with Mephistopheles. You know that story, I guess. Mephistopheles is the Devil in a German legend about a magician named Faust who sold his soul to the Devil in return for the Devil's services. Well, I think that's what Bill Clinton has done, & he's won!
       34. After seven Presidents that have been veterans of WWII & whose lives were shaped by that era, now with Clinton the U.S. will have a President who is a product of the Vietnam era & whose life & values were shaped by that war & the '60s & the younger generation.--America's first rock 'n roll president!
       35. Who was backing Bush?--Mostly the older generation & the Christians. Who was backing Clinton?--Largely the ungodly, wild, unChristian younger generation, as well as the out & out anti-Christs, all the people who are for the wrong things. The majority of Americans today are young, a modern generation of wicked! I do not believe Christians are in the majority in America any more. I believe the younger wicked generation are now in the majority. (Fam: And the homosexuals are backing him, too.) Oh, yes, homosexuals. Apparently he spoke to a homosexual convention & promised them everything.--And the abortionists too, he's all for them, & has made promises to them.
       36. These politicians are so slick! "Slick Willy" was Clinton's nickname before he ever ran for president, because he was known to be such a slick worker, like a snake. When confronted with the question, "We understand that you're for abortion," he answered, "No, I don't believe in killing babies, but I'm for freedom of choice." In other words, "I wouldn't do it myself, but if you want to kill babies, well, that's all right. It should be legal." Boy oh boy!
       37. The U.S. now has a President who is a pawn in the hands of the anti-Christs.--And that's not just the [EDITED: "ACs"], that's the youth of today, the average American, obviously the majority of the Americans. It must be the majority, because they voted for him, knowing what he stood for & what he was against. I don't like Bush & he's done a lot of bad things, but at least he's supposedly standing up for the right things, except war. He stands for that, but that's the wrong thing.
       38. And Quayle is especially standing up for the right things, he's almost a radical Fundamentalist!--Even though Quayle seems a little odd & has made some ridiculous mistakes. Everybody's still wondering, nobody's ever explained yet why Bush chose him for Vice President, because he's caused him nothing but trouble. But he is a Christian, a fundamentalist Christian, & he really believes in Christ & the Bible & Salvation. He's a fanatic in the eyes of the World & this generation, so he has only been made fun of & ridiculed & sneered at ever since Bush brought him in. I'm sure the ACs knew what a dedicated Christian he was, so the media have made fun of Bush & Quayle & have been backing Clinton.
       39. So beloved, the U.S. is in serious trouble, & it's later than you think! You could almost say to the Americans, "The buck stops here!" because there's going to be nobody to blame but the Americans themselves. They'll have nobody to blame now but Clinton. I think I've said several times lately that the End is now, the End is near, the End is here, & I'm more convinced than ever now. This could possibly be the last President the United States will ever know. They may yet be ruled by the beautiful, cruel woman--his wife--because that's what the Americans deserve. That is now what they have asked for. They could have chosen Bush, a fairly good man who stood for the right things, but they chose Clinton instead. Of course, Bush did many bad things, too, & those bad mistakes have obviously cost him the presidency. If Bush had followed the Lord he'd have been a little wiser, but I think he was almost a fool.
       40. Well, it was a "choice between thieves," as the old saying goes. Not that they're actually thieves, but it was a choice between two poor choices--not much choice! Despite his many faults & failures, I would say Bush was certainly better than Clinton. I don't know what it is about Clinton, but he just gives me a feeling of insincerity, just pure politics. Clinton is a smart-alecky playboy with a smart-alecky wife & too young to have had enough experience to be President. As far as wisdom or knowledge or experience, I think Clinton is far inferior to Bush. But maybe he's smarter than we give him credit for. Maybe he's no fool. He managed to get himself elected, with the help of the ACs. I would have said Gore was much more presidential material than Clinton.--That's why he chose him!
       41. So, beloved, it's here! As far as I'm concerned, it's just the beginning of the End. This is it! The Crash is here, & now the wicked President is here. I think he's a wicked man, frankly, in spite of all his good promises & words. He had an affair with this other woman for 12 years while he was married! Think of that, that was no small affair! Well, I don't criticise him for that, that's his privilege as far as I'm concerned. But for a man who was raised a Baptist, among whom this sort of thing is a desperate, terrible sin, to act like it was nothing, that's hypocrisy! That's hollow self-righteousness, to just brush it off like it was nothing. The Lord said of the people in the last days of Israel, "Were they ashamed? No, they could not even blush!"--Jer.6:15. He hasn't been ashamed or even blushed about that, or some of his other shenanigans. I don't blame him for avoiding the draft & not wanting to go to Vietnam--that's about the only thing in his favour!
       42. I believe he was the Devil's own choice, obviously! Because he was certainly chosen by the ACs to be their man in America. They are backing him! Let's face it, the media, which is all AC, supported him & backed him. People like to say that they voted for the winner. That's the American nature, they don't like to be losers, they want to be winners. If they see that somebody is supposedly winning, then they vote for the winner so they can be on the winning side.
       43. Anyhow, there you have it! As far as I'm concerned, it's another major sign of the End! The U.S. has taken the wrong path, totally, has chosen the wrong leader, & has voted in favour of all the horrible things Clinton & his wife stand for!--All the wrong things. And they're all the things we are against! So the U.S. now has a president who, as far as I'm concerned, is a wicked man, & has proven himself to be a wicked man.

       "He Knoweth that His Time Is Short!"
       44. So anyway, praise God! Hallelujah! The End is near, nearer than ever before, & though the times are going to be very bad, the time is short. "For he knoweth that he hath but a short time" (Rev.12:12), & this is it! The "short time" has come. I consider Clinton a bad man. I agree with Bush, I don't like Clinton's character or the things he stands for, I think he's unreliable. He's only reliable for one thing--& that's cooperating with the ACs! So, praise the Lord, it's later than you think, it's coming faster & faster, & it's snowballing!

       Closing Prayer
       45. Well, I'm sorry, I didn't intend to get into all this tonight. But I'm not that sorry, because I think this was more important. (Fam: Amen!) David, would you like to close in prayer?
       46. (David: Thank You Lord for this very very interesting classtime we've had with Grandpa. Thank You so much for revealing these things to Grandpa, that otherwise we'd miss. Thank You so much for using Grandpa to warn the Family & the whole World of these things that are going on behind the scenes that we wouldn't see. Thank You that even though things are getting worse, we know that before it gets better it's got to get worse so that it can get better. So in some respects, even though it's getting really bad, we thank You that You're going to come & save us, & we don't have a lot longer left. We know that You're going to protect us & keep us & our Family & all of Your wonderful children all around the World through these hard times. Thank You for making us aware of these things. TYL! PYJ!) Amen! PTL!

       AC World Conspiracy!
       47. And of course we know who's behind all these concerted attacks against us!--Not just in one country, but in many countries all over the World. Even our lawyers can hardly believe it. At first they refused to believe that there's any World Conspiracy against us, but as they've kept on digging, they've been finding out. The ACs have covered their tracks very well. They've used agents & worked indirectly through anti-cult groups, which are obviously promoted & helped by their agencies. In fact, as I told you in another Letter, an AC agency has been assigned the job of fighting Christians, missionaries & cults, whom they now consider a great threat. They're a great threat to the ACs' aspirations to rule the World! And that's one thing that's going to come out clearer all the time.
       48. The ACs are so critical of Hitler & the Gestapo & his repressive measures & his cruelty & dictatorship, but they're guilty of all the same things in Israel, & worse!--And now in Yugoslavia! That war in Iraq was largely in obedience to the ACs. They convinced Bush that he should go to save the oil, but the ACs who got him to go knew what they were really trying to save! They were out to save themselves & Israel from one of their bitterest enemies--Saddam Hussein! But they haven't destroyed him yet! Even though his power has been throttled, at least he's still around.
       49. You can see in so many ways how the ACs are behind so many things! (Fam: Next thing they're going to want to do is ban the Bible!) Oh, I've told you the day would come when they would, of course! If Christians hadn't been so powerful & God hadn't been so merciful, they would have banned it long ago as being anti-Semitic. The Bible is about the most anti-Semitic book in the World, & they'd love to ban it. But right now they haven't got full control, & it would cause them too much trouble. The Christians would really revolt, & right now they like to keep them sort of squelched, under control, & not have too much trouble.

       Korean Church & Dumb Sheep!
       50. So to me, this election of Bill Clinton is just another sign of the End! It's possible that the U.S. will not have another president, the End is that near. Now don't go out from here & say, "Dad said that the End is going to happen, that Jesus is going to come within four years." Don't make me sound like that Korean pastor! He made a fool of himself by saying that Jesus was coming on a certain date--& it didn't happen! They say he made himself rich by collecting all those people's worldly goods & bank accounts & hundreds of thousands of Dollars! Well, if Jesus was coming back, then what was the pastor planning on doing with all that money!
       51. It's funny how dumb some sheep can be! I think a lot of those people were real Christians. They believed in the Rapture, obviously believed the Bible & were probably saved, but it's amazing how dumb some Christians can be. We oughta know, look at the way they fight us, when we're really one of'm, we're just not in their same church system. We stand for many of the same things that a lot of the Fundamentalists stand for who're fighting us!

       We'll Keep Going Till the Lord Comes!
       52. The Devil attacks all the time, but he didn't stop me from giving you this lesson tonight after all! In spite of his annoyance around the fringes, he really can't do much, thank the Lord! He hasn't been able to stop us yet, in spite of everything his forces try to do, & we're doing better all the time!
       53. Our recent sudden drop in income may be somewhat indirectly caused by the Enemy, but the Lord allows it. He's teaching us to be more frugal, because even harder times are going to come! We went through a practice wind-down several years ago when it looked like things were getting pretty bad already. We found out how to do it & we did it well & we survived. There was one time right after the RNR that our total income dropped off 25% or more. So we immediately went into low gear & emergency status, red alert, & we cut down on everything--& we survived, & the Lord brought it all back again. I think the Lord lets these things happen as tests, trials, & to teach us how to survive, no matter how bad things get.
       54. We've had our times of plenty & we've had our times of less than plenty. Just as Saint Paul said, "I've learned how to abound & how to be in want. I've learned also how to be content in whatsoever state I'm in."--Phil.4:11-12. When I was a little boy, I used to think that meant one of the states in the U.S., ha! Well, now we've learned how to be content in whatever country we're in. Wherever we've gone, the Lord has kept us & saved us & never let us be stopped or destroyed, never let us go broke yet, & we always had enough of what we needed wherever we were. He's always kept us secure & in peace & quiet so we could continue to receive His Words & pass them on & publish them to the World!
       55. So is the Lord taking care of us? (Fam: Amen!) Has He ever failed us? (Fam: No, not at all!) Will He fail us now? (Fam: No!) Will He keep us going? (Fam: Yes, Sir!) I believe we're going to keep going until the Lord comes! If we're not going to keep going, why should He delay His Coming? When it gets to the point where they can stop us & stop the Message from being proclaimed & people from being witnessed to & getting saved, there wouldn't be any sense in prolonging His return any longer! So when it gets that bad, He's going to come.--Or even almost that bad. But according to the Bible, apparently there are going to be witnesses right up to the very End, so praise the Lord! And not just two either, there are going to be hundreds of thousands! Amen? (Rev.7:9-17.)
       56. So, praise the Lord! Don't worry about it! Just trust the Lord, live one day at a time & thank God that He is still keeping you & using you. Amen. Lord bless & keep us all & continue to make us a blessing, in Jesus' name! Amen!--Now go!
       (--TG!--IT WON'T BE LONG NOW!--D.)

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family