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GET DESPERATE FOR MAMA'S EYES!       DO 2830       4/12/92

       (After discovering that we had missed part of a very inspired & powerful talk because of a faulty tape recorder--since Mama was unable to monitor the recorder--Dad was understandably upset:)

       1. My God! Now have we got the tape recorders running again? Are they working? Are they on? Are you watching them to make sure? (Maria: Yes, Sir!) You're going to have to look! Lord, Jesus help us, in Jesus' name! Give us strength, Thy inspiration that we lost over this tape recorder incident. Help Mama to realise the seriousness of this & to wholeheartedly rebuke the Enemy!--To get the victory over her poor eyesight, Lord, so that she can see what she's doing & we won't miss Thy Word as we just have!
       2. Lord, forgive us & help us! To think that right here at the source the Enemy should be able to get so close as to defeat our Work! He couldn't get into us, so he got into the tape recorder & stopped it & we missed that whole point I was giving! Now, Lord, if that Message was of Thee, & I know it was, please give it back to me, in Jesus' name!
       3. And we ask Thee to help us claim the victory over this affliction which has gone too far & is beginning to hinder Thy Work & to hinder Mama's ministry, the most important of which is to get Thy Word from Thy Prophet! Rebuke the problem with these tape recorders & make them work right, & the tapes & the current & whatever else it is that the Devil is trying to get into to make us lose Thy Message & Thy Word as he did a while ago.
       4. Rebuke Mama's affliction! Rebuke this blindness that caused her to miss this Message! Help her to get desperate with Thee, Lord, to take away this affliction that is now beginning to hinder Thy Work & Thy Word!--In the Name of Jesus we ask it. Bless her now, encourage her, help her, strengthen her. Help her to see the victory & to know that You're going to deliver her from this blindness now that the Devil is using it, in Jesus' name. TYL!
       5. Thank You for showing Mama through this incident how the Devil can use this affliction to hinder Thy Word, of all things, the very thing she loves most dearly & wants to serve most dearly. Now help her to fight, resist & rebuke the Enemy & he'll flee from her! When the Enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of God will resist the Enemy! (Jam.4:7; Isa.59:19.) You've promised, Lord! Now in Jesus' name do it! TYL!
       6. I'm sorry I had to bawl you out, Honey, but you've got to wake up to who's behind your afflictions! (Maria: I've been thinking that I was going to have to have this affliction for quite a while longer, but I have been very concerned about how it is affecting my work & my caring for you.) Well, it seems you have had it long enough!
       7. I love you, Honey, I'm fighting with you, not against you. (Maria: I know that, Sweetheart.) The Lord's going to do it & He'll help you, because you're absolutely essential to this Work! I don't know anybody else who could do it except you!
       8. I'm sorry, Honey, but you've got to get the victory! That was a terrible failure! You used to be a real fighter & I think you still are! You've just got to know you're in a battle & not just accept this thing as from God, because now it's getting to be of the Devil & it's defeating God's Word! We missed one of the best blasts I ever had against the God-damned [EDITED: "ACs"]!
       9. You're going to have to wake up & fight when you see it really hurting the Work & the Word! Maybe the Lord let this happen to wake you up, to show you that it's the Devil, it's absolutely Satanic!--And that you must fight this blindness!
       10. Use your eyes! "As they went they were healed!"--Luk.17:14. You're going to have to use your eyes & ask God to help you, even if it kills you! (Maria: Yes, Sir!) That's your job! And if you can't record the Words of God, then God help us! We are lost! You're usually the only one here! My Lord! What a tragedy! That was the most inspired part! I don't think I could ever recall it! (Maria: The Lord can help you, Honey, of course. The Lord's power is the same now as when you gave it the first time.)
       11. You've got to raise up a standard against it! You've got to fight the Devil & fight this blindness! You can't allow this blindness to get the victory over you & your job & your tape recorder & tapes! Damn Devil! He's really laughing now!
       12. You can no longer accept this affliction as being harmless or as an affliction of God, when it's now being used as a hindrance to hurt the Lord's Work! It's not a help, it's not now an affliction of the Lord, it is the work of the Devil!--And I condemn it & rebuke it, in the Name of Jesus! Rebuke you, Satan! God damn you, Devil! Get out & leave her alone so she can do the Lord's Work, in Jesus' name!
       13. (To Family Member:) Even her hearing is getting bad to where she can't hear what I'm saying & gets it mixed up, probably because she has to listen to tapes with an earphone many hours each day. Now this is a tragedy, this is a calamity, this is a crisis! This is not some "light affliction for the moment"! It's beginning to hinder God's Work when she can't even watch the tape recorders & can't even hear what I'm saying & the tape recorders don't run!
       14. We're not going to put up with it any more! We are not going to put up with this blindness any more, Mama! (Maria: Amen. Yes, Sir!) I mean it! (Maria: Yes, Sir! ) You're going to have to rebuke it & get over it & ask God to deliver you if it's going to hinder God's Work! (Maria: That's right. Amen.)
       15. I'm sorry, Honey, but it's come to that! We need to rebuke it again, in Jesus' name. When it starts hindering the Work & the Word, it's gone on too long. Because it was from the Lord for a while, the Devil's sort of gotten you to accept it, but now we're going to have to rebuke it! (Maria: Amen!) Because if you can't see what's going on & God's Work is defeated, then it's not of the Lord, it's of the Devil, & you're going to have to start fighting! I mean, fight! Really fighting it! Take it as from the Devil & rebuke it in Jesus' name!
       16. Your blindness hindered the Work of God this morning. (Maria: Yes, that's right.) And it's getting to where sometimes you can't even hear clearly what I'm saying, to be able to repeat it into the tape recorder when necessary. Now that's the Devil! It's not God! (Maria: That's right.) When are you going to start fighting instead of accepting it?
       17. (P.S. The good news is that Dad was able to recall what he had lost & redictate it. However, he was unable to regain the power & eloquence of delivery with which he had presented the original.)
       (--PLEASE PRAY FOR MAMA! GBY! Tx!--WLY!--In Jesus' name, amen!--She suffers much more than I do.--D.)

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family