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LOVE DOVES!       Compiled 1992
--The Inspirations of His Creations!       DO 2834

       1. "Everything is beautiful in its own way!" as the song goes. It's so inspiring to watch God's beautiful creation & creatures out the window!--To see how well-organised the Lord's creations are, how peaceful & beautiful! It's so inspiring & comforting to know all is well in God's beautiful creation! It makes you trust in Him. When He takes such good care of all His creation, you know He'll take good care of us too! Praise You Lord! Thank You Jesus! Amen.
       2. Get a good view of God's wonderful creations & they'll be a wonderful encouragement to you, even if it's only a flower box in your window.--But if it's a garden it's even better. Two cute little swallows are sitting side by side on the wire, they have a nest nearby. It's wonderful how the Lord takes care of them & they help take care of themselves. We don't do a thing for them, all we do is love them & not bother them. We do provide places for them to nest & we do help protect them, but they feed themselves & take care of their babies, build their own nests & do a good job of eating as many bugs as they can. And they're very clever acrobatic fliers! It's just amazing to me how those swallows can fly at full speed right through a tiny hole or crack into their nests!
       3. All God's creation is built to have life & love! Only Man has brought death & cruelty. But thank the Lord, God is winning, & if you just give them a chance, His creations are thriving, if people will just leave them alone. Or in some cases, domesticated creatures need a little provision, maybe a little shelter & just a little bit of food & safe protection, & they take care of the rest of it themselves.
       4. The Lord is their Shepherd, they shall not want! He maketh them to lie down in green pastures, He leadeth them beside the still waters. He restoreth their souls. Yea, He leadeth them in the paths of righteousness for His Name's sake. Though they walk through the valley of the shadow of death, they will fear no evil, for He is with them, His rod & His staff, they comfort them! He prepareth a table before them in the presence of their enemies, He anoints their heads with oil, their cup runneth over! Surely goodness & mercy shall follow them all the days of their life & they shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever!--Amen!--So it is with all of us! (Psalm 23.)
       5. Wow! You should see the doves circling so beautifully! Everything is so lively & full of life! You can tell they're really enjoying that! They're all enjoying living, so why shouldn't we? Just give God a chance & you'll enjoy living too because you're His creation & His child, & best of all, you can help others enjoy living also. That's the way the Lord intended for us to live--like those doves, flying high & free & enjoying God's creation & each others' fellowship. They always fly together.--Like we do! They're just beautiful! That's why I love the doves!
       6. Love Doves! They're such a symbol of His Love & His Holy Spirit & peace & beauty & His tender loving care! Praise You Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Are you one of His Love Doves enjoying His life & love? Be a Love Dove for Jesus! Enjoy His Love forever & share His Love with others. The doves can't live without love & sharing it together. They always fly together & they have lots of lovey little babies together. If you just provide a place for them to live & love, they'll love you forever. Like the Lord does for us: He provides a place for us to live & all we need, & all He wants us to do is love Him forever & help others to love Him too, & to be like Him, & provide for them a place to live & love & serve Him & others. Praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus!
       7. Be a Love Dove for Jesus! They do no one any harm, they just make the World beautiful & fill it full of peace & love & beauty & thrill our hearts with the beauty of God's creation! Let's do the same for others, let's be Love Doves for the Lord!--The Lord's Love Doves, in Jesus' name! Amen. Such a simple little parable. It's amazing how much the Lord can give you if you'll just look at His Love & His loves & His tender loving care for all His Love Doves! Are you one? Be a Love Dove for the Lord & you'll last forever! Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus!
       8. I wondered why I've always been so thrilled by doves, flying & circling overhead, cooing, making love & having babies. They're such a wonderful example of us & the way we should be, flying high above the World in God's beautiful creation & enjoying it & nesting in His Love & care & creating more doves for Him! All through the Bible they were an example of love & peace & safety & even His Holy Spirit, the tender loving Mother like a dove! (See Psa.55:6; SoS.2:14; 5:2; Isa.60:8; Mat.3:16.)
       9. They're just flying round & round, just like they're all excited with our little story, almost like they're trying to show off how much they like that! Oh, they're thrilling, exciting, beautiful! I love'm! The Lord made them so beautiful & loving & they don't do anybody any harm, they just do good & bring peace, love, joy & happiness to everyone who will let them, just like us! They've always been a lesson to me!--Let them be a lesson to you, & be like God's Love Doves, showing beauty & love & peace & God to the World as His beautiful creations of Love, & you'll fly too, high above the World, & only settle down to rest & create more Love Doves for the Lord. Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! Be a Love Dove for Jesus!
       10. And they always come home if you'll provide a home for them, like the Lord does for us. Then they'll be productive and loving and kind and beautiful and inspiring and make more doves for Him.--In Jesus' name, amen. I keep thinking I'm going to quit, but I keep getting more and more. I've always loved doves! Now I know why! Do you? I think even the little children will enjoy this talk, it's so childish. But that's the way He wants us to be--childish, like a little child--and enjoy the little beauties of His creation! Praise You Lord! Thank You Jesus!
       11. After flying, they then come to rest, just like we do. We go out flying high & showing God's beauty to the World, & then we come home & rest & love each other & make more Love Doves for Jesus, & care for them lovingly & tenderly until they too can fly & show God's Love & beauty to the World! Praise You Lord! Thank You Jesus! What a lesson of the Lord's Love through His loving Love Doves! Let's all be loving Love Doves of the Lord, in Jesus' name! Thank You Lord! What a beautiful example of the Lord's Love! Praise You Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! It's amazing how much you can get out of some of the Lord's tiniest creatures! They're all such wonderful examples of His Love!
       12. The more I give, the more you like it!--And the more the Lord gives me, the more I like it too! Thank the Lord! Amen, Lord, bless & lead us & guide us to make things comfortable & convenient so we can help others.--To make things happy so we can be happy & make others happy! Bless the fixers of our food for all of us around the World, & the providers, & thank You most of all, Lord!
       13. Doves are such good examples of our Homes: They fly together, they rest together, they make love together, have babies together, eat together, they do everything together in cooperation. There are so many lessons we can learn from God's creations. They were put here for so many reasons.--But I'd better not get on that or we'll never get done, it's endless!
       14. I'll try to stop, Honey. I'm just like a fountain under pressure, if you try to stop it from spraying one way or another, it'll spurt another direction. I'd better get to work & stop looking at God's creation, or I'll be spouting on!
       15. Oh my, I could say so much more about doves! They were the poor man's possessions, the only animal sacrifice God required of the poor, because anybody could afford to have doves. Even city people can keep them on their roofs, & all they require are very small cages & a rooftop on which to land & from which to fly. They're the one kind of livestock that even the city dwellers can keep, even if they have no yard! Even if they only have a roof or a wall, everybody can keep doves. The Lord made it so easy to take care of His doves. All you have to do is provide a place for them to land & to nest & a few grains of food, & they will love you forever, & fly & always come home & inspire you & thrill you with the wonders of their love--God's Love! No matter how dense the city, they can still fly above it if you'll just provide a place for them to land & be at peace. Praise the Lord! Thank You Lord!
       16. I can get so many lessons, lessons of love from God's doves! They're so beautiful, wonderful, encouraging & inspiring! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! I'm trying to stop. Honey, you've got to put some kind of faucet handle on me so you can turn me off, or I just keep spouting! God's inspirations are so beautiful, wonderful!--Inspirations of His creations!
       17. I was just thinking a while ago how our Homes are usually humble little places of abode, just sufficient to meet our needs. They don't look like much from the outside, but they've got Heaven at home! Heavenly Homes for Jesus! Thank You Lord! They're not perfect. We make lots of mistakes, but we rectify them, patch things up and still make them very useful. Even though they may not look like a glorious cathedral, they've got more life within and do more good than lots of churches! Praise the Lord! Amen?
       18. I think I could keep on going forever with God's wonderful creations, even some of our humble creations as examples. It's like the difference between His perfection & our imperfections, but we still do a lot of good even though we're not perfect. The doves are all sitting over there on the roof just like they're listening, they've done their job to get me inspired! Now they're just listening, like they're glad to be appreciated. Praise the Lord! Thank You Lord! Do you suppose the Lord tells them? Sometimes I think He does. I know He sometimes tells our pets things we're trying to tell them. They seem to sense what we're trying to say.
       19. They talk about dumb animals, but they're not so dumb, not nearly as dumb as some people! In fact, they're plenty smart & a lot smarter than most people. They know what's good for them & they know what's not. They always obey the Lord, they're innocent & almost sinless. Well, sometimes they're a little naughty, but they're always so sorry. You can easily forgive them because they have so much love & faithfulness & loyalty. Oh, here I go again, Honey! I've got to quit, I've got work to do. But I guess this is part of my work, although it's more like fun! All I have to do is let the Lord turn on the valve & He supplies the pressure! Praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus! Lord, I've got to get going, I have other things to do too! Thank You Jesus!
       20. God bless you all!--Be a loving Love Dove for Jesus!--ILY!--Let's fly around a bit!--Here we go!--Wow! Isn't this great! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus for wings of Love!--ILY! Whee!

       * * * * * * *

       On the Wings of a Dove!
When troubles surround us
When evils come
The body grows weak
And the spirit grows numb.
When these things beset us,
God doesn't forget us.
He sends us His Love
On the wings of a dove!

On the wings of a snow white dove
He sends His pure, sweet Love,
A sign from above,
On the wings of a dove!

When Jesus went down
To the river that day,
He was baptised,
In the usual way.
And when it was done,
God blessed His Son,
He sent Him His Love,
On the wings of a dove!

On the wings of a snow white dove,
He sends His pure, sweet Love,
A sign from above
On the wings of a dove!

       * * * * * * *

       More Birdie Jewels!

       21. Bless the birds, Lord, Thy creations! It's wonderful how You take care of them. Help this one who got behind to catch up with the rest of them. I think the children like those little things I talk about, like a little kid. I'm just a child at heart. Thank You Jesus! The little birds are still snuggling up in the shelter of the branches of the trees. I love that, being able to see the wind in the trees.
* * *
       22. Oh! There goes a bird gliding beautifully! They're so beautiful! I wonder what he's looking for? I'm just so thrilled to be able to see the birds. You can hardly look out the window any time without seeing birds. Think how merciful the Lord is to Man to let him still have birds in spite of all his pollution & wickedness.
       23. I'm sure the Lord brings my flying friends around because it pleases me & because I appreciate them & am pleased by them. Sometimes they come close to my window & look right at me, just like they're saying, "Here we are!--Your friends! The Lord sent us." It's so exciting, Honey, I see so many! So many! All different kinds. That's funny, they're flying all different directions, up early & about their work. Oh my goodness, there are three of those little sparrows in the tip top of each of those two trees. They're just clinging to the very tops. Three little sparrows in the top of the trees, these little sparrows know how to please! These birds can get me almost poetic, Honey.
       24. There's a bird flying one way & there's a bird flying the other way. My goodness, the Lord must have them up there patrolling for something, trying to take care of Mankind. Wow! There are four birds in the trees right now, it's getting a little crowded, so a couple of them had to move to a slightly lower branch. It's cute how they like the tip tops of the trees.
       25. This early in the morning I get inspired by the birds & the trees. The Bible says the birds even carry messages to the ears of the king (Ecc.10:20), so maybe they're giving me messages! You get yours from the mail & I get mine from the birds! I think that's much more romantic. I'm just thrilled about seeing so many birds! I can't even look out the window without seeing so many birds.
       26. Oh, a big bird just landed in the very tip tip top of that big tree! I'm surprised that it holds him. So many of these birds seem to know right where they're going, they're just flying determinedly in one direction or the other. You can almost imagine that they're like Angels, guarding the Earth. They're just everywhere in every direction. Oh, Honey, I'm so glad we can spend some time here where I can see the birds. I'm so thankful when the birds get up early in the morning, I feel like I'm not the only one alive & I have lots of company. Praise the Lord! Thank You Lord!
       27. There's just one little last sparrow at the tip top of that tree. Just think, the Lord knows all about him, he can't even fall without the Lord knowing it. Thank the Lord! How much more the Lord cares even for us. (Mat.10:29-31.) Just think, He takes care of all those birds, so He certainly takes care of us! Amen? Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord!
       28. Some of those birds sail so beautifully, they just flap their wings a few little times & then they sail a long ways without flapping. I remember I used to fly some little lightweight balsa wood toy planes when I was young. They only cost 25 cents & they had wings & a fuselage about a foot long, & tails. You wound up their propellers with a rubber band & let them go, & they'd "loop de loop" or sail a long long distance from my yard to the next door neighbour's yard. We had no fence so I could easily recover them. The neighbour had two little boys who I used to teach all about astronomy, & they were just fascinated!
       29. Oh, Honey, there are birds flying this way & birds flying that way & birds sitting down, & little tiny birds sitting in the tree tops. Oh, I'm just thrilled to pieces about them! They all get up early like me. I've got lots of company!
* * *
       30. It's wonderful to be able to see the sky, it has so much to do with God. Everything that you see going on up there has something to do with the Lord--the clouds & the wind. Of course you don't see the wind, but you see its effects blowing the trees. The birds flying & the Sun & the Moon & the stars--so many of the wonders of God's Creation are in the sky, & very few of Man's creations. Man's airplanes are almost like intruders into God's space. (Sings:) "They fly through the air with the greatest of ease, those beautiful birds that everyone sees!"
* * *
       31. I was born in a land of seagulls, by San Francisco Bay!
* * *
       32. Thank You Lord for Thy wonderful creation, Thy beautiful creatures & Thy graceful trees! Thank You Lord for all Thy sweet creatures, so sinless & innocent, that testify of You & glorify You & Your perfection!
* * *
       33. (Mama: People should be able to believe the Lord for anything when they see some of His marvellous creations & the miracles they are, like the doves.) Well, a lot of people just don't want to believe, & if you don't want to believe, you can figure out all kinds of crazy reasons why things happen. Most of the reasons they come up with are just wild fairy tales or figments of their evil imaginations.
* * *
       34. God must have Angels in charge of the birds, telling them when to come & when to go, or at least He has some kind of communication system that just broadcasts to all of them what's going on. Isn't that amazing? God in His marvellous wisdom prepares His creation for changes in the weather long before Man's machinery can predict such things.
* * *
       35. It's cute how sometimes the doves will drop out one by one from flight. I think the babies are the weaker ones, so one or two of them will drop out when it's a little too much for them, until they get older & stronger. Then as though on a given signal they'll all swoop low & flutter their wings & settle down, & they all come to rest together on the roof.
       36. God's creation just continually amazes me! I never had much of a chance to really scientifically study His creatures before, but now I'm even keeping track of them in my diary. The view out my window is like a magnet that draws me to it! It's so attractive! I can hardly leave it!
* * *
       37. I love to see the doves flying around in the morning like the many holy spirits hovering over us. Praise the Lord! It's a dream come true! The doves always know where home is, & no matter where you take them, they'll always fly back.
* * *
       38. Thank the Lord for all the little swallows that sweep & swerve & eat the little bugs. They are patrolmen who destroy all the pests--bug pests. They're like Angels ridding us of demons! Thank You Lord!
* * *
       39. Oh, how I enjoyed watching the doves fly this morning! I've never seen them fly so much & so high. They're not pigeons, they're doves! Pigeons are great big, fat, clumsy things. These are small, trim, beautiful, slim doves.
       40. Thank You for that beautiful show You gave me this morning, Lord, of the birds.--All the birds. They're called wild birds, but they're tamer than humans today. Thank You for Thy beautiful, orderly creation, everything working together wonderfully synchronised, everything done in decency & in order. Thank You Jesus! It's such a beautiful inspiration to watch Thy wondrous work!
* * *
       41. The birdies are all settling down for a rest now in the tops of the trees, so I think I'll settle down in my nest!

       His Eye Is on the Sparrow!
Why should I feel discouraged,
Why should the shadows come?
Why should my heart be weary,
And long for Heav'n and home?
When Jesus is my portion,
My constant Friend is He:
His eye is on the sparrow,
And I know He watches me;
His eye is on the sparrow,
And I know He watches me!

I sing because I'm happy,
I sing because I'm free!
For His eye is on the sparrow,
And I know He watches me!

       "Let not your heart be troubled,"
His tender Words do hear,
Just rest within His goodness,
And lose your doubts and fears!
Tho' by rough paths He leadeth,
And only one step you'll see,
His eye is on the sparrow,
And I know He's watching thee!
His eye is on the sparrow,
And I know He's watching thee!

I sing because I'm happy,
I sing because I'm free,
For His eye is on the sparrow,
And I know He watches me!

Whenever I am tempted,
Whenever clouds arise,
When songs give place to sighing,
When hope within me dies,
I draw the closer to Him,
From care He sets me free:
His eye is on the sparrow,
And I know He cares for me!
His eye is on the sparrow,
And I know He cares for me!

       Fact Boxes:

       SWALLOWS are found in all parts of the World. Most of them fly long distances to avoid cold or to find a food supply. So far as is known, they migrate (travel) by day. They fly together in large numbers, and spend the nights in woods or marshes. Some swallows nest in pairs, and some in colonies. Some make their homes in holes in banks or trees. Others build rough nests of clay or mud on beams of bridges, on rafters in barns, or under the eaves. Several kinds have changed their nesting habits through their contact with human beings.

       DOVE is a name that refers to the smaller members of the pigeon and dove family. The name pigeon refers to the larger members of the family. Doves live in temperate and tropical regions throughout the World. Doves have plump bodies and small heads. They grow from 6 to 12 inches (15 to 30 centimeters) long and weigh from 1 to 9 ounces (28 to 255 grams). They fly rapidly and have low cooing voices. Doves eat a variety of fruits, grains, insects, and nuts. Doves mate for life, sharing nesting and parenting duties. They are gentle birds that never resist attack or retaliate against their enemies.

       SPARROWS are members of the World's largest family of birds, which includes more than 600 kinds. The name "sparrow" comes from the Anglo-Saxon word "spearwa," which probably was a general term for all small birds. Sparrows are found throughout most of the World & are usually plain, brownish birds about 6 inches (15 centimeters) long. Sparrows have large feet that are well-adapted for scratching for seeds, their chief food. However, a great part of their diet is made up of insects, particularly during the nesting season, when both parents carry insects to feed their young.
       Many sparrows are noted for their musical songs. No more sweet & sprightly tune is heard outdoors than that of the song sparrow. It starts with three short, strong calls & is followed by a variety of notes which always end so quickly that one feels the sparrow didn't have time to finish its song. The vesper sparrow sings its evening, or vesper, song. The notes of this sparrow's song sound as though it had climbed a ladder & then tumbled down again!
       The Psalmist wrote, "I ... am like a sparrow alone on the housetop."--Psa.102:7. These tiny birds were such social creatures that a lone sparrow was the symbol of deep loneliness. Sparrows often build their nests in the eaves of houses, & were not driven away even when they built their nests in the Temple. (Psa.84:3). The Lord evidently loved sparrows, since He said "Not one of them is forgotten before God."--Luk.12:6. (--Amen.--Doesn't that encourage you?--Dad.)

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