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WHY DO YE STONE US?       DO 2835       12/92

       1. With this new wave of persecution, we are of course again being asked questions about our sexual freedoms as they become more & more widely known through the exposure that our enemies have given our lit. Again, the Enemy has overstepped himself, & thinking to tribulate us, he has done much more to help us in enabling us to stand up & proclaim God's Truth through His Word. To answer any of the questions on our sex beliefs, we have to go back to the fundamental issue as to what is basically wrong with nudity & sex.
       2. The subject goes back as far as the very beginnings of Man. Men & women were created naked & with visible sexual parts. Why didn't God immediately cover them up & say, "No, no, you must stay dressed & hide these parts because they're evil, & using them is also evil!" Why did Adam & Eve not consider that nudity & sex were evil until the Devil told them so?--As is brought out by the Words of the Lord when He returned to the Garden of Eden for His usual fellowship with Adam & Eve, after their disobedience to His commandment not to eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil. They had made themselves aprons of leaves to hide their sexual parts & had hidden themselves from the approaching presence of the Lord, saying, "We were afraid & hid, because we are naked." (See Gen.3:7-11.)
       3. And immediately the Lord asked them the primary question which is basic to the whole issue: "Who told thee that thou wast naked? Hast thou eaten of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil?" Here we go back again to the basic, fundamental question of what is good & what is evil. Were their bodies really bad? Were their sexual parts really evil? Isn't that the way God made them to begin with? Didn't God tell them to be fruitful & multiply? (Gen.1:28). And in order to comply with that, they would certainly have to have a lot of sex, as well as nudity. They certainly could not be fruitful & multiply without sex!
       4. After the Creation of Man & Woman, which included their sexual parts, God's first commandment to them was to be fruitful & multiply! The very first commandment in the whole Bible was to have sex!--And to have children, & a lot of them, a lot of sex. So what then was wrong with it after the Fall, which had not been wrong with it when they were first created? The Lord asked, "Who told thee that thou wast naked?" In other words, "Who told you it was wrong to be naked & that there was something bad & evil about your sexual parts, & therefore something wrong & evil about sex? Who told you that?"
       5. It was a totally new concept after the Fall.--Before that, they didn't even know they were naked. It was perfectly natural to them to be naked. And of course upon seeing each other, it was perfectly natural to be inspired with sexual feelings & to want to have sex.
       6. This again goes back to the basic matter of Creation. If it was wrong to be naked, then why did God make them naked in the first place?--And why were they not even conscious of being naked & never forbidden to be naked? "God saw every thing that He had made, and, behold, it was very good."--Gen.1:31. God intended for them to be naked to begin with & to have all the sex they wanted, & as many children as they wanted, which they obviously did, & had sex before the Fall!
       7. This is what the Bible says! And this is the basis for our belief that sex is God's gift to us, that He's the One Who created it & all of its pleasurable sensations, & that He expects us to enjoy it! Yet our self-righteous enemies condemn us & accuse us of being wicked sinners because we thank God for His gift of sex & because we're not ashamed of the bodies He has given us & because we have been freed by His Grace to enjoy sex as He intended for us to!

       Why Are Sodomites so Accepted in Today's Society?
       8. While they reject & condemn the pure, simple, Godly, Scriptural stance we've taken regarding sex, they readily accept the absolutely abnormal & perverted relationship of "men with men" (Rom.1:27) in the filthy habit of anal sex of the homosexuals--or as God called them, the Sodomites--& which the Mosaic Law condemns with such fury, that society was supposed to stone to death any Sodomites! (See Lev.18:22; 20:13.)--But who today are cloaked with the modern, legitimate sexual term of "homosexuals." Even many churches today are accepting the Sodomites & legalising the so-called "marriages" of "men with men, working that which is unseemly" (Rom.1:27), which God said would result in the affliction of their own bodies, God's curses of diseases such as AIDS.
       9. Why is society, why are governments, why are even churches willing to accept these vile Sodomites who are so harshly & angrily condemned by the Scriptures? The Jewish kings in the Old Testament who did not destroy the Sodomites were condemned & severely rebuked because they had not destroyed all the Sodomites in the land, which was the commandment of God through Moses in the Laws of Moses. (Deut.23:17; 1Kgs.14:21,24; 15:11-12; 22:45-46, 2Kgs.23:3,7.)
       10. Why is modern society so ready to accept the Sodomites, whom God & Moses condemned to death? They were so disgusting to God they made Him furious!--So furious that He wiped out whole cities & a whole land, & later whole cultures & whole empires, & has cursed them to this very day with AIDS, one of the most vicious diseases known to Man!
       11. Here is a real sin! According to God & His Word & His Laws, Sodomy is a vicious, vile, filthy, perverted, horrible sin, the most vile of all sins outside of self-righteousness! And if there were ever any people who are self-righteous, it is the Sodomites!--Brazenly bragging about their Sodomy & demanding recognition & privileges & government benefits! They demand more research in medicine for cures to their horrible diseases than is expended on other diseases which kill & afflict many more people, & yet are not given near as much attention as the predominant disease of Sodomy!--Because the poor sufferers of these other diseases are not as dramatic & violently demanding that they be put first in consideration for research.
       12. It has become a pre-eminent issue in both politics & economics today that governments must do something in the field of medicine to cure the Sodomites of their evil diseases. They parade up & down the streets of the cities of the World in open, brazen, disgusting demonstrations of their filth & villainy & wickedness!--Raging to get more hundreds of millions of Dollars spent upon them & their evil disease, which is the result of their wickedness & their violation of the Laws of God!
       13. In this wicked & evil generation of all kinds of iniquity & every kind of vile sin, why are these Sodomites, who are contemptible in the eyes of God, suddenly so accepted? Why are they being accepted & exonerated & pitied & recognised by laws & churches, these filthy men even being accepted as pastors of churches? Why?
       14. Because this is a very evil day, that's why! These are the Last Days, of which God said, "Evil men & seducers will grow worse & worse, deceiving & being deceived!"--2Tim.3:13. These are the days of which Jesus said, "because iniquity will abound, the love of many shall wax cold!"--Mat.24:12. And God's anger will wax hot, culminating in the Wrath of God after Jesus comes back to rescue His children. Then, at the end of the Millennium, God is finally going to once again wipe out Mankind because of its sins. He said He would never again wipe them out with a flood of water, but He said He's going to eventually wipe them out with a flood of fire & burn up the whole surface of the Earth in order to cleanse it from its filth & wickedness & evil diseases & evil people in the final End, & create a New Earth & a New Heaven, a new atmosphere to purge & rid the World of its filth & its evil! (2Pet.3:7-10; Rev.20:9-21:4.)
       15. Why is there such an imbalance in society today, where governments & even Christian churches rise up in absolute furor against any kind of "sexual contact" or affection shown towards minors, while at the same time they condone & even sympathise with & encourage the Sodomites who are now ranting & raving across the Earth demanding recognition & appreciation & governmental subsidies & church positions?--The very same evil, vile, filthy men that God demanded should be stoned to death! Why is there now so much acceptance of the most evil of all men outside of the self-righteous, hypocritical scribes & Pharisees of Jesus' day? Why are they so accepted today & even pitied, honoured, justified & protested for & demonstrated in favour of?

       God's Views versus Man's Views!
       16. Just look at how the views & thoughts & even laws of Man are completely contrary to the Laws of God! Look at Man's horrific legalisation & justification of abortion! Mothers today are killing their innocent babies literally by the millions in every country on Earth! The Lord says, "In thy skirts is found the blood of the souls of the poor innocents: I have not found it by secret search, but upon all these!"--Jer.2:34. They're slaughtering millions & millions of the innocents, & yet so few people are objecting. Even few church people are protesting. Thank God at least some of them have waked up to the evil of abortion! The people of the World cover up their evil, murderous slaughter with a nice little scientific word--abortion--which does not really even describe it. Only a few church people are calling it what it really is--murder, killing, the slaughter of the innocents!
       17. Why is so little protest being made about abortion, the ruthless slaughter of tiny innocent babies before they're even born? On the one hand, the System howls & goes into an absolute rage against sexual abuse of children, yet on the other hand they promote & perpetuate the ultimate child abuse, the wholesale murder of the "poor innocents," the millions of unborn children whose lives they extinguish in their mothers' wombs!
       18. And almost no objections are being made, not even by the churches & the church people & supposed Christians, to the growing prevalence of Sodomy--the most wicked sexual sin that God condemned from the beginning, which is now rampaging across the Earth as one of the worst plagues of Man!--And it's being judged by God's even worse plague--AIDS!

       19. Now let's get back to the issue of illegal, illicit sex, etc. Obviously much of the World pretty much accepts adultery now as the order of the day & does not condemn it any more. Very few laws condemn it or are enforced, & adultery is rampant & accepted.--A sin which God very explicitly condemned. (Exo.20:14; Deut.22:22.) (Maria: The World judges us by their standards & accuses us of adultery because of our sexual freedom in Christ, falsely accusing us of something which they are genuinely guilty of.)
       20. There is no more adultery for us who live under God's only Law of Love! If what we do is in love, "against such there is no law." (Gal.5:22-24.) "All things are lawful unto me, & to the pure, all things are pure!"--1Cor.10:23; Tit.1:15. But those whose hearts are unregenerate, the unsaved sinners, are still under the Mosaic Law. "Knowing this, that the Law (of Moses) is not made for a righteous man, but for the lawless & disobedient, for the ungodly & for sinners."--1Tim.1:9.
       21. Although "the Law was given by Moses," thank God that "Grace & Truth came by Jesus Christ!"--Jn.1:17. I could give you all of the Scriptures on our freedom from the Law, the "All Things" Scriptures. We've even made a whole Letter of them called "The All Things Tree" (ML #302A), & it would certainly be appropriate & fair to read & consider all of these Scriptures which God has given in His Word about "all things being lawful" as long as they are in love & not hurtful to anyone. (See also Rom.7:4; 13:10; Tit.1:15, etc.)
       22. However, those who have received the Lord but who have not accepted by faith their freedom in the Lord are still bound to obey the Mosaic law as well. Because they have not "stood fast in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made them free, they are entangled again with the yoke of bondage."--Gal.5:1. You've got to have faith to be liberated by God's Grace! Because the Lord has opened our eyes to His Word & has clearly shown us that "all things are lawful unto us," we've had the faith to partake of liberties that most Christians have been convinced are mortal sins by the church!
       23. Paul makes it clear that if you've got real faith for something, then it's fine for you to go ahead with it. But if you think something is a sin, then for you it is a sin. "I know, & am persuaded by the Lord Jesus, that there is nothing unclean of itself: but to him that esteemeth any thing to be unclean, to him it is unclean.... All things indeed are pure; but it is evil for that man who eateth with offence. Hast thou faith?--Have it to thyself before God. Happy is he that condemneth not himself in that thing which he alloweth. But he that doubteth is damned [EDITED: "judged"] if he eat, because he eateth not of faith: for whatsoever is not of faith is sin."--Rom.14:14,20-23.

       The Impossible Burden of Keeping the Mosaic Law!
       24. These poor dumb Christians who try to establish their own righteousness or goodness by trying to keep the Mosaic Law, by their obedience to the Ten Commandments, they're bringing themselves under bondage, & are doomed to failure!--Because once anyone starts trying to rely on their obedience to the Law in one area, then they're bound to keep the whole Law in all areas!--"For I testify again to every man that is [EDITED: "seeking righteousness by becoming"] circumcised, that he is a debtor to do the whole Law. Christ is become of no effect unto you, whosoever of you are justified by the Law; ye are fallen from grace. For in Jesus Christ neither circumcision availeth anything, nor uncircumcision; but faith which worketh by love."--Gal.5:3,4,6.
       25. Another Scripture makes it even clearer: "For whosoever shall keep the whole Law, & yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all."--Jam.2:10. If you're trying to go by the Mosaic Law, if you break just one commandment you've as good as broken them all. So thank the Lord that we're now freed from the Mosaic Law & its bondage! The only spiritual law in effect for Christians is God's Law of Love!
       26. If you're going to insist that you've got to keep the Ten Commandments, then you've got to keep all the other Laws of Moses as well!--Including keeping the Sabbath & all the ceremonial & ritualistic commandments, all the health & food commandments & all the rest! So even though a lot of church people are genuine Christians & they could be freed by the Grace that God has for them in Jesus, they're under the old Law because they've put themselves under the Law.
       27. We are delivered completely from all of the old Law, & the only law that Jesus taught was to love God & to love your neighbour, that's all! He said "on these two commandments hang all the law & all the prophets."--Mat.22:37-39. We've just got to keep those two commandments, to love God & your neighbour as yourself, which are one & the same, & together we call them the Law of Love, the only commandment we now have to keep. If we try anything else, then we're under the whole Mosaic Law.
       28. I remember how the Seventh-day Adventists used to so easily catch church people about the Fourth Commandment, keeping the Sabbath Day. They've got a cute little trick that even their youngsters try. One time this Seventh-day Adventist kid asked me, "Do you believe in keeping the Ten Commandments?" & of course all Christians & church people believe in keeping the Ten Commandments, which shows how dumb they are. And he said, "Then why don't you guys keep the Fourth Commandment, 'Remember the Sabbath to keep it holy'?" (Maria: Most church people would then say, "We do keep the Sabbath Day holy!") Yes, but then they catch you by telling you that Sunday is not the Sabbath, Saturday is actually the Sabbath, & they're right!
       29. The next guy that asked me that question was an elder of the Seventh-day Adventist church who invited me to dinner in Valley Farms after I built my church there. He tried to catch me on that same one, but he only got as far as asking me, "Do you believe in keeping the Ten Commandments?" Was he shocked when I said, "No"! I said, "I don't have to keep the Ten Commandments, I just have to keep the commandments of Jesus, God's only Law is Love!" He nearly fell off his chair! Nobody had ever answered him that way! Then I went on to preach him the New Testament Gospel of Grace according to Paul, showing him that we're no longer under the old Law.

       Spiritual Adultery!
       30. Although Jesus condemned physical adultery for those still under the Law, the Lord & the Prophets condemned spiritual adultery as the worst of all!--The wickedness of spiritually committing adultery with the Devil & his idols & materialism! The Lord says, "I am broken with their whorish heart which hath departed from Me, & with their eyes, which go awhoring after their idols! Ye adulterers & adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of this World is enmity with God? Whosoever therefore will be a friend of the World is the enemy of God!"--Eze.6:9; Jam.4:4. (See also Psa.106:39; Eze.20:30-32; Jer.3:6-10.)
       31. The Lord even depicts the World materialistic System as "the great whore with whom the kings of the Earth have committed fornication, & the inhabitants of the Earth are made drunk with the wine of her fornication!"--Rev.17:1-2. Spiritual adultery & fornication with the idolatrous & whorish System of this World is an abomination that most self-righteous Christians never even give a second thought about, yet they are so quick to self-righteously condemn us for the perfectly pure sexual liberties that are ours under the Lord's Law of Love!

       Freedom through the Law of Love
       32. All of the many Scriptures on "all things" make it very clear that whatsoever is done in love is not sin, is no longer considered sin. After all, what is sin?--"Sin is the transgression of the Law."--1Jn.3:4. But now that we are saved by Jesus & freed from the old Laws of Moses, the only law we have to keep is Christ's Law of Love!--"For ye are not under the Law, but under Grace! For the Law was given by Moses, but Grace & Truth came by Jesus Christ! Ye are dead to the Law by the Body of Christ, & are married to another, even to Him Who is raised from the dead! Christ hath redeemed us from the curse of the Law, for the Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the Law of sin & death!"--Rom.6:14; Jn.1:17; Rom.7:4; Gal.3:13; Rom.8:2. Whatsoever is done in love to try to help people because you love them--how can this be sin? If that's a sin, then love is a sin.
       33. Of course, I'm not saying that there's no more adultery in the World today; the World is rife with adultery among the unsaved or the unbelieving--& even Christians who are still in bondage! But in our society of the Family, if we're living & operating in love, in God's Love, how can there be any such thing as adultery, which literally means corrupting & polluting?--That's what adulterating something means. Our sexual freedom does not adulterate, it does not poison, it does not pollute or corrupt anybody or anything, because we have sex in love. Our sexual sharing is done in "faith, which worketh by love."--Gal.5:6. According to Western law today, polygamy is wrong, having multiple wives. Even bigamy, having two wives, is not allowed in most Western cultures, whereas it was perfectly accepted, encouraged & practiced throughout the Bible. How do you account for that? There's another case where Man's laws totally contradict God's Laws. It's so hypocritical the way Man's laws in the West allow sequential polygamy (divorce & remarriage), & yet condemn simultaneous polygamy.
       34. The whole worldly System is so perverted & corrupt, even much of the legal system is contrary to God's Laws! How can we expect their judgements to be righteous when they're usually in absolute violation of the Laws of God? (Maria: We consider that, as the Church, we're one body & we're all married to each other, so we're not committing adultery when we're loving each other.) Absolutely! Thank You Lord! There are so many verses on love along this line, so many verses on "all things" that we don't have time to quote them all here. Anyone interested should read the "All Things Tree," which is nothing but Scriptures on "all things are lawful" to those who do it in love. The Word makes it clear that any such acts are acceptable to the Lord, providing they're done in love.--"Against such there is no law!"--Gal.5:22,24. PTL!

       To the Pure, What Things Are Pure?
       35. (Maria: If "to the pure all things are pure" & "all things are lawful unto me," & if, under this Law of Grace & Love, extramarital sex & all of these other things are lawful, then where do things like Sodomy fit in?) Well, I'd certainly say you're carrying it a bit too far to try to include Sodomy there! If you are truly pure & loving, you wouldn't do such things, because they're definitely not good for you physically or spiritually, & they're hurtful. Just because "all things are lawful" unto us doesn't mean that we can go around murdering or killing or torturing people!--That's not Love!
       36. (Maria: So those verses actually mean that only loving things are lawful?) Yes, if you're pure, you will do only pure things, & if you're loving, if you have real love, you will only do loving things. If you're pure, then all you do is pure. If your heart is pure in the Lord, you certainly wouldn't want to do anything impure or bad or cruel or vicious or filthy.--But "he that is filthy, let him be filthy still!"--Rev.22:11. And Sodomy is definitely filthy!
       37. So the Law of Love doesn't mean you can just do anything & whatever you want to do. It means that you will only want to do pure, kind & loving things. It couldn't mean anything else. And if you're pure in heart, if you're saved & filled with the Lord's Love & are only seeking to help & be a blessing to others, then you won't do unloving, impure things. I think any other interpretation would certainly be wresting the Scriptures. "Love worketh no ill to his neighbour: therefore love is the fulfilling of the Law."--Rom.13:10.

       Who Said Nudity & Sex Were Bad?--The Devil!
       38. Nudity & sex were obviously received without question in the days of Adam & Eve. So where then did this question arise about nudity & sex being something bad, evil & wicked? Well, it's quite evident from what God asked Adam & Eve when He came to talk to them. He said, "Who told you you were naked?" In other words, "Who has told you that it is something bad or evil to be naked?--Or that there's something wrong with your sexual parts that they shouldn't be shown?--That there's therefore something evil about sex?"
       39. Who first taught Man that it was bad & evil to be naked, & that sex was evil? Well, it's obvious from the story in Genesis of Adam & Eve that it was Satan! It was the Devil who originated the doctrines which have become standard doctrines of the churches against nudity & sex in all forms, condemned by society & programmed into the laws that way by the churches!
       40. Who then has been encouraging this idea of nudity & sex being evil? Who originated it but Satan himself in opening the eyes of Adam & Eve with a knowledge of supposed evil in the matter of nudity & sex. The Devil has carried this on as his primary campaign against Man & his ideas of sin ever since.--To condemn nudity, God's beautiful creation of Man, & the sexual organs of men & women as something to be ashamed of & something that is evil, & therefore implying, of course, that sex is evil.
       41. If sex is evil, why did God create it? If nudity is evil, why is that the way God made men & women to begin with? Why in the early Creation was there no consciousness of evil in being naked or having sex until after the Fall of Man, when the Devil told Man all kinds of lies--that it was bad to be naked & that sex was evil & you should cover up & hide & be ashamed of your sexual parts & bodies, etc. God created your body, He created the sexual organs & He commanded men & women to have sex!--To "be fruitful & multiply!"

       Sodomy in the Catholic Church!
       42. It shows you how warped & perverted the minds & societies of Men have become, to where the most powerful church on Earth condemns sex as being evil & will not even allow its priests to be married & have normal sex & good normal children, but rather forces them into Sodomy & the sexual abuse of children--which they're now being convicted of all over the World!
       43. We had an Arab convert in Israel years ago that we led to the Lord, who accepted Christ as his Saviour. He had no place to stay, no home--the Jews having driven him & his family out of their home & out of their business. He'd been sleeping in buses & whatnot. So we approached the German Sisters of Charity of the Catholic Church who ran a hospice in Haifa at the time, & asked if they would please give him someplace to stay overnight, & they mercifully took him in & gave him a room & a bed.--To which the filthy, evil, wicked Catholic priest of the hospice crept up in the middle of the night & began to fondle his sexual parts & to try to persuade him to have evil Sodomite sex on the very first night of his Salvation! (See GN 536, pg.1.)
       44. Our dear Arab convert was so horrified that he leaped from the bed & ran out of the hospice & would never go back there again! He came to us the next day horrified & asked us how come these supposed Christians, this actual priest had tried to persuade him to have homosexual sex with him right in this holy place of hospitality of the church!
       45. Well, at last the churches are being exposed for this. But while the Catholic Church is being exposed for Sodomy & genuine child sexual abuse, the Protestant churches are receiving other Sodomites with open arms!--Not only as members, but even into the priesthood! Why do they furiously condemn the Catholic Sodomites on the one hand & hound them down & put them in jail, whereas they themselves--at least some Protestant denominations & society in general--are receiving the wicked Sodomites with open arms!
       46. (Maria: They say it's because the Catholics did it with children--that's their excuse!) In other words, it's perfectly all right to have Sodomy with adults. (Maria: That's what the World seems to be saying, but that you're not supposed to have it with kids. That seems to be the distinguishing point. The thing is, Sodomites are very well known for having sex with kids, but now they've got to really hide it because it's pretty taboo.) Sodomites are notorious for molesting children, though they try to deny it!
       47. I'm asking you why people condemn nudity as shameful, & condemn sex as sinful, when in the original, pure, paradisiacal state there was no such shame or sin? There was nothing other than nudity & nothing else but sex, encouraged by God, made that way by God. The Catholic Church, sad to say, teaches or definitely implies that sex was a result of the Fall, a result of sin--a lie!
       48. The Bible does not mention sex or nudity as being sinful before the Fall. Although Satan tries to say it suddenly got sinful after the Fall, that doesn't make it so! And the fact that the Catholic Church has taught now for literally hundreds of years that sex is sinful & wicked does not make it so. They think it is so bad & sinful that they will not even allow their priests to marry & have legitimate wives & children! Saint Paul called it "doctrines of devils, forbidding to marry."--1Tim.4:1,3. So sad to say, despite all of the Catholic church's other good things & right things--including its adamant objection to abortion & its adamant refusal to openly legitimise Sodomy in the priesthood--it has become corrupted itself through Sodomy, caused by its unwise, in fact, even evil doctrine of celibacy!
       49. The Catholic Church has promulgated & promoted & demanded celibacy of its priests, & has had to accept Sodomy as a result! They refuse to accept Sodomites or Sodomy as legitimate, but they allow them in their own convents & churches as priests & tolerate them. (Maria: But not officially, just under the covers.) Not openly but in practice, sad to say.
       50. So here we have these extreme contradictions in the ideas of Man concerning sex & sin, which have become laws. The sin which was most condemned as being the vilest & filthiest of all was Sodomy, "men with men working that which is unseemly" (Rom.1:27), condemned from one end of the Bible to the other!--The most notable case even as early as Lot's time, Sodom & Gomorrah, hundreds of years before the Laws of Moses! And yet it is becoming more & more accepted by society today.--Even by the church!

       Everything's Backwards Today!
       51. Even before the Laws of Moses, God vehemently condemned & very severely judged Sodomy! But Man today has turned things around completely, & Sodomy is being encouraged, accepted, blessed & even glorified! This sure is a case of "that which is highly esteemed among men is abomination in the sight of God!"--Luke 16:15. Why has everything become so backward & wrong-side-out & upside-down that Man today & self-righteous hypocritical society accept with open arms the most vicious, vile, wicked, evil, filthy, sexual sin of all?--Sodomy!
       52. They're only condemning Sodomy in the Catholic Church because the Catholic priests practice it on little boys. And they're only doing that because the enemies of the church are out to destroy the church & the churches & Christianity, & this is one of the Catholic Church's most vulnerable weaknesses.
       53. Don't tell me that the Jews were never Sodomites & that no Jew is a Sodomite today; in fact, it's very prolific amongst Jews in particular. Society today is accepting Sodomy, the worst & filthiest of all sexual practices! They're even persuading governments to legitimise Sodomy, to reward it with governmental benefits; & the churches are persuading their people to receive them & bless them with marriage & the priesthood of the church! What a blasphemy!
       54. What horrible sacrilege! What horrible wickedness! The churches have become the most vile of all--both Catholic & Protestant! Both! The Protestants condemn the Catholics for their Sodomite priests, but on the other hand, some Protestants receive Sodomites as their preachers & priests! What a contradiction! What a controversy! What a horror! It shows you the horrible wickedness of this generation & why God's going to have to destroy it & all the nations which are becoming predominantly Sodomite or accepting & encouraging Sodomy!
       55. It is one of the most prevalent sins of Africa & was spread amongst the Western World by Black slaves, but it was also very prevalent in early cultures & societies of Man, from Sodom on down through the Greeks & the Romans & their philosophers & their wicked, evil leaders. (See Christian Digest #7 on Homosexuality.) Well, it just shows you how the whole World is completely turned around, deceived & corrupted, with the wicked condemning the righteous as wicked. Whereas those who should be righteous are not condemning the wicked, & the most wicked of all sexually--the Sodomites!

       Why Do You Stone Us?
       56. So as Jesus said, "For which of our good works do you stone us?"--John 10:32. And in the case of the woman caught in adultery He said, "Let him that is without sin cast the first stone."--John 8:7. The self-righteous, hypocritical scribes & Pharisees who took up stones to stone Jesus to death on several occasions knew they really had no just cause & no specific evidence with which to accuse Him. Later on, of course, they finally became so infuriated at Him because of His popularity & His fame & His teachings against the hypocritical self-righteousness of their supposed law, that they planned to kill Him, & finally did.
       57. But you'll find in the 23rd Chapter of Matthew what He thought about these hypocritical, self-righteous scribes & Pharisees who were condemning Him to death. He called them "whited sepulchres full of dead men's bones, cleansing the outside of the platter, but the inside was filthy."--A whole Chapter in Matthew spent on finally denouncing the scribes & the Pharisees, the hypocrites. He called the religious leaders hypocrites, supposedly the most righteous of all the religious people of their day, who killed Him for it just a week later because they couldn't stand His exposs any more!
       58. So to our accusers I say: For which of our good works do ye stone us? What have I said that is contrary to the Scripture? What have we done that is contrary to the Bible? What have we done that is evil in the sight of God according to His views & Words in the Scripture? Point me out something specific. Don't just make a general condemnation of us for supposed evils & sins which the World has been encouraged to condemn today, while letting others go ignored & even be encouraged. What have I said that's wrong according to the Word of God? Show me, quote it to me, give it to me! As Jesus said, when you can answer these questions, then I'll answer you! And they turned away, because they couldn't. (See Mat.21:24-27.)
       59. I don't need to answer such questions if the System can't answer mine! I don't need to answer their questions about our supposed unrighteousness when they themselves are guilty of the most wicked & filthy & abominable sins of all! And they not only tolerate them, but encourage & glorify the evildoers! The heroes of today are the Sodomites! They're put on television & exalted & glorified! (Maria: And when they die of AIDS they become martyrs.) Yes! And the good people are accused of not helping them. Now it's a righteous act to encourage the Sodomites, when in the Bible it was a righteous act to stone them to death!
       60. So who's right?--Those who righteously, according to the Word of God & the Laws of Moses, stoned Sodomites to death, & God, Who wiped out their whole cities & nations?--Or those nations of today who encourage Sodomy by tolerating it, exalting it, recognising it, accepting it, legalising it, helping it, paying government benefits to it & accepting its wicked practitioners into the priesthood of its churches!
       61. Who do you belong to?--Those who follow the Word of God & do not condemn the sinner but his sin, unless he refuses to forsake it?--Those who truly love the needy & the poor & the lost & try to help them & do help them & save them?--Or the hypocritical, self-righteous scribes & Pharisees who condemn us for what they consider the greatest sins of all--sex, nudity & any kind of sexual affection which may have previously been shown in some countries to some non-adults in the Family!
       62. Of course, we have never allowed actual child abuse of any kind, as we would never think of harming our children! We are completely against any kind of child abuse, not only because of the System, but because we love our children, & to harm them in any way would be completely against our principles of love. We cannot even allow any kind of sexual affection between minors & adults whatsoever. [DELETED]
       63. We certainly do not condone nor approve of child sexual molestation, exploitation or abuse. In fact, we have very stringently condemned it & have made it very clear that not only is any kind of actual child abuse absolutely illegal in our Homes & that anyone guilty of any such practices must be excommunicated & ostracised & cast out of our Homes & our fellowship, but we've also had to go so far as to ban any non-abusive contact with minors which could be construed as "abuse" by the System! We do not condone nor accept nor encourage nor approve of the things that our wicked, self-righteous, hypocritical enemies are accusing us of, while they are accepting the vilest, most wicked, filthiest sins & wickedness of all in Sodomy, & worst of all, self-righteous hypocrisy!
       64. That's all I have to say: Wherein have we sinned? Wherein can you prove it to me by the Bible that we have sinned or that we have taught sin or exonerated or encouraged sin? Prove it to me by the Bible. If you think you have the proof, then I'd be willing to discuss it. But until you can prove to me by the Bible that we have sinned & that we encourage sin, & practice sin, I don't have to answer your charges that you cannot accept us because of our so-called "sins" & "false teachings."
       65. Answer me these questions, then perhaps I will answer you. Show me by the Bible, the Scripture, the Word of Almighty God that we have sinned.--Not by the evil words of the vile, filthy characters who attack us, backslidden defectors who were themselves thrown out of our fellowship because of their own wickedness.--For practicing some of the very sins that they accuse us of!
       66. Don't try to convince me that I am evil by their evil words!--These filthy, wicked sinners that Peter called "brute beasts, made to be destroyed!"--2Pet.2:12. Don't try to convict me by their false accusations & evil malignments. Convict me by the Word of God--not by Man's perverted ideas & reversed judgements & even some evil laws! But convict me by the Word of God! Show me where I'm wrong by the Bible, & answer these questions that I give you in which I condemn your so-called civilisation, your so-called society & your so-called laws which contradict the Laws of God! Don't try to convict me by any evil laws of Man. Show me where I disobey the Laws of God, & I will show you, as I hope I have, where many of the laws of Man have now become completely contrary to the Laws of God!
       67. Why should I be convicted by any evil laws of Man which are contrary to the Laws of God? As the Apostles asked the scribes & Pharisees, the hypocrites that were condemning them: "Why should we obey you rather than God? Which is right, to obey God or Man?"--Acts 4:18-20; 5:29.--Especially evil, wicked, hypocritical, self-righteous men & women! Which is right?--To obey you or to obey God? You show me where I've disobeyed God, & I'll show you where you & your generation have violated every law in the book--His Book!--And have polluted the Earth & corrupted Mankind & become totally perverted & horribly contrary to the Word of God!
       68. So you who rebuke me, I in return rebuke you as the sinners. Not me! Not us! You're the sinners! You're the wicked! You're the ones who tolerate the worst sins of all in this wicked & adulterous generation, which is going to be judged soon & is now being judged with curses such as AIDS & economic curses, crime, curses of war, curses of every kind, judgements of God, natural disasters! Even your own children are drug-ridden, confused & suicidal. God is wreaking havoc upon the Earth because Man has wreaked havoc with Man, according to the Word of God!
       69. Judge ye which is better, to obey you or God! Think not that you will be able to reconcile us with the rules of this World & its rulers, for they are irreconcilable with God! God is our Judge & only He can condemn! We can no more be reconciled with the mores & morals of modern society than they can be reconciled with God & His Laws. We're not conformed to this World, but we are transformed by the renewing of our minds & the reconciling of our spirits to the Will & the Laws of God! (Rom.12:2.) The World hateth us because it hated Him & still hates Him! (John 15:19.)
       70. So think not that the World will ever receive us, not even the worldly church of today. But those who are true Christians & truly love the Lord will sooner or later recognise that we are right & will love us.--Those that are His, but never the World! They will even kill us, thinking they are doing God service! (John 16:2.) So we're not expecting reconciliation with Man or his laws or his morals or his sins, only with God! We only expect the worst from Man!
       71. "Choose ye this day whom ye shall serve! If Baal be God, then serve him; if God be God, then serve Him! As for me & my house, we will serve the Lord!"--Josh.24:15; 1Kg.18:21.--Hallelujah! God bless & keep all those who love Him & His Word & His Law of Love!--In Jesus' name, amen!
       72. --As Martin Luther stood on his convictions of God's Word at the Diet of Worms when he was on trial for preaching Salvation by Grace: "Here I stand!--I can do no other!"--And was therefore excommunicated by the church & condemned to death for heresy! So be it!
       73. --But where will you stand at the Great Day of the Judgment of God!? God have mercy on you sinners!--I'm saved by His Loving Grace!--NOW!--What about you?--Will ye still stone us?--Come die with us, or some day you may wish you had!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family