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       DO 2847
       1. Dr. Koger believed the greatest cause of disease was violating God's rules of life.--First of all, to love the Lord with all your heart, mind & soul etc., to serve the Lord, & then to follow the Bible rules of diet, eating things that are good for you & not unclean meats, etc. He believed the Mosaic Law was still in effect as far as those dietary & health rules are concerned. I believe the Mosaic Law was meant to still be in effect as far as crime is concerned. As Paul even says, "The law is made for the lawbreaker."--1Tim.1:9. We're no longer under the law, because we're under grace; but the sinner is still under the law.
       2. Dr. Koger believed in the theory regarding germs of a naturopathic doctor he knew. This doctor said he didn't believe that germs cause diseases, but that diseases cause germs!--That God put the germs there & made them to greatly multiply when you have a disease, in order to try to eat up the disease. Whether that's true or not, I don't know, but it sort of destroyed my faith in the ability of germs to cause disease.
       3. It seems like the doctors & scientists are sure that some germs cause diseases, but how are you going to know for sure? You don't know, you haven't seen it, you haven't proved it! These doctors & technicians are taking over the World, because they are claiming certain things to be so that nobody but they know! And they can't really prove it to us dumb laymen, so to speak, so we just have to take their word for it. And they are frequently changing their word, frequently changing their theories, ideas & concepts, & sometimes completely reversing their opinions & positions on things! So how are you going to believe them?
       4. Though Dr. Koger was a doctor of medicine, he'd virtually given up medicine because he thought it did more harm than good. He believed that obeying the simple rules of life was better, & that you could stay in good health by having a good diet, good rest, good exercise & right living. Right living, of course, includes loving & serving the Lord & trying to be as unsinful as possible.--In other words, to live according to God's rules.
       5. So who are you going to believe?--Me & Dr. Koger?--Or all these other doctors & technicians & scientists who keep changing their opinions all the time? (Maria: They've sure been proven wrong in a lot of things!) A lot of their stuff is just pure guesswork or lies, just like Evolution. And so many of them believe in Evolution, how can you trust them? The whole Theory of Evolution is a lie, & they have built on that a whole fabrication of lies, a so-called "science" which is totally untrue! So how can you trust the scientists?
       6. Paul says we're not to be led astray by the "profane & vain babblings of science falsely so-called."--1Tim.6:20. Boy, that sure hit the nail on the head! That covers just about every false science there is--Evolution, paleontology, & a lot of geology. They find a little fragment of bone & they build a whole human skull around it, or a cave man or something! It's all so silly! And their theories of the "Big Bang" explosion that is supposed to have created the Earth, Sun, Moon, stars, everything, it's all lies!--Just pure theories or guesswork of Man. And it's all because they don't want to believe the Bible, that's the whole idea.
       7. Psychiatrists have to deal with the most common form of insanity, which I've heard occupies four out of every five beds in insane asylums--in other words, the majority of insanity--& they call that schizophrenia, multiple personality, split personality. And they try to give every kind of explanation of it--saying it's caused by everything from biological to chemical to neurological reasons, blah blah blah--because they don't want to believe that it's just simple, plain, Biblical demon-possession!--Possession by evil spirits from the Devil--devils! But if they were to believe that, that of course would show that they believe the Bible, & that would help prove the Bible's true.
       8. The Devil's plan behind modern science is to destroy faith in the Bible, so they try to attack everything that the Bible says is true & say it's false, from Creation to Revelation! So how can you believe the scientists? How can you believe the majority of doctors?--When most of them are unbelievers, & doing their best to disprove the Bible & spiritual realities.
       9. So how do I know if germs cause diseases? I don't think anybody ever proved it to me. Everybody around me catches colds & I don't, thank the Lord!--How come? If colds are so communicable, how come I go years without a cold? (Maria: Maybe the Lord just puts a special protector around you.--Because it's true that in insanitary conditions, for example in slums & hospitals & places like that, there is always more disease.)
       10. Dr. Koger believed that nearly all diseases were caused not by germs, but by poisons, contaminants, pollutants with which you've polluted your body by eating the wrong things & doing the wrong things. He believed that God put the germs there to try to eat up those poisons, just like He put all those unclean creatures in the sea to try to eat up the pollutants & the sewage & all kinds of poisons that Man puts into the sea. Everything from crabs to shrimp & crawfish, lobsters, oysters, mussels, clams etc., all these so-called "seafoods" are poisonous! They eat poison in order to try to clean up the sea from the poisons that are dumped into it all the time. And yet people call them seafoods. They're not seafoods, they're sea poisons! It's not the fault of these creatures, they're put there to eat up the poisons. Well, why couldn't this also be true of our bloodstreams & our bodies? I think that's a very good illustration of the idea.
       11. The seafoods don't cause the poisons--the Lord put the seafood there to eat up the poisons. So why couldn't that also be true of germs in our human bodies? We cause the poisons by polluting our bodies with contaminants of all kinds of things, including sin, & God put the germs there in His mercy to try to eat'm up! And if we will take care of our bodies & not get too run-down or too tired or eat too little or not get enough exercise etc., then they have a chance to fight these poisons & eat'm up. But if you get chilled or you don't eat properly or you don't get enough exercise or fresh air & sunshine & rest & the proper kind of food, you get polluted & contaminated, so much so that no amount of germs could ever eat'm up, so you get sick.
       12. That was Dr. Koger's theory, anyhow, & I'm inclined to believe it. Why shouldn't I? I'd rather believe a lot of the things that Dr. Koger taught me than a lot of the lies & doctrines of devils of these so-called scientists & doctors, who themselves believe all kinds of lies like Evolution & the "Big Bang" creation & all that blah! So I'd rather take Dr. Koger's word & the words of his naturopathic doctor friends, & especially the Word of God, than all this scientific slop by a bunch of liars trying to destroy faith in God & His Word!
       13. You might consider some of my ideas & theories pretty wild, but they're not as wild as some of the junk that the doctors & so-called scientists are teaching! We've got as much right, or maybe more right, to our God-believing, Bible-based opinions & Dr. Koger's knowledge & wisdom through practice & years of experience! We have more right to believe our opinions & theories, & especially the Word of God, than all those "scientists falsely so-called," as Paul says.
       14. The Lord says that He "maketh the diviners mad" (Isa.44:25)--in other words, furious, confused & crazy!--Because they won't believe the Truth. People who won't believe the Truth, He sends them strong delusion that they might believe a lie & be damned!--2Th.2:10-12. So why should we believe all the strong delusions of Satan through his doctrines of devils preached by the scientists & doctors & education & teachers & whatnot?
       15. Just think, their basic, fundamental foundation for history is Evolution, & it's all false! So starting with a false theory & a false premise, how are they logically going to reach the right conclusion? It's impossible! Just like mathematics, if you don't follow the rules, you're not going to get the right answers. And God has His rules.--Only they don't want God's rules, because they don't like His rules. So they try to deny that He exists & they refuse to obey His rules, & therefore the World's going to Hell & is in one Hell of a mess today!
       16. All that to say that I don't have too much fear of germs. I think God can take care of all the germs, & me especially. Nevertheless, just in case some of their hypotheses regarding catching diseases might happen to have some element of truth in them, I try to avoid germs. If you don't keep things like your body or a wound clean, they'll certainly get infected. But what are they infected with, germs or poisons?--Germs that cause poisons, or poisons that cause germs?
       17. (Maria: But what about when one child in a home gets whooping cough, & then all the kids get whooping cough? Is that the same thing? Would they all have poisons? Or one child comes down with measles & then nearly all the children get measles. I just don't know, but I'm as willing to believe your theory as theirs!) I'm not saying I don't believe in germs, I know germs exist, they can see'm under their microscopes, but I'm not sure that they are the cause of all the diseases. A lot of diseases are because of pollutants, they're the results of bad living, poor diet, lack of rest, lack of exercise, & lack of Godly living most of all. (Maria: I guess if you don't do all the right things, then maybe the Lord allows the germs to get in & to take you over.) Amen!
       18. Why should we have any faith in their medicines? Look at those AIDS patients! Some of them are taking medicines that cost'm from five to ten thousand Dollars a month! Think of it! One little bottle of medicine sometimes costs $50! No wonder the pharmaceutical companies are some of the richest in the World, even richer than the liquor companies! (Maria: The pharmaceuticals have it going & coming! They have the medicine for AIDS, & they also have the preventatives & the condoms for the non-AIDS people! They really made it big on this one!) Oh, they always make it big! They're making a fortune on AIDS medicines now, because as the Scripture says, "All that a man hath will he give for his life!"--Job 2:4. We read about a doctor who claims that administering the famous AIDS drug actually brings on the disease. So people take that drug in hopes of preventing the disease, & it actually causes it & makes them buy more of the drug to try to survive. (See Outlook #4, "Does HIV Really Cause AIDS?")
       19. Anyhow, so goes my faith regarding doctors & physicians. It's like the woman in the Bible who "suffered many things of many physicians, & was nothing bettered, but rather grew worse!"--Mark 5:26. Many people have suffered many things from many physicians, so who are you to trust? And the medicines don't seem to do much good, so which one of them are you going to trust?
       20. I remember a teacher in high school telling us one day that the custom in China was to pay the Chinese doctor as long as you stayed well, as long as he kept you well. But if you got sick, you didn't pay him. So it was to his benefit & his interest to keep you in good health!--Instead of like the rest of the Western World, who only pay the doctors when they get sick, so it's in the doctors' interest that they stay sick & pay thousands of Dollars for their treatments & medicines etc.! That's the way they make their money, by keeping you sick, not by making you well!
       21. So I guess you can tell by this time I don't have too much faith in doctors & medicine & scientists! I'd rather just trust the Lord & His Word. (Maria: You always have, & He's never failed you.) He's never failed me, thank the Lord! And of course I'm sure it's because of His protection, primarily, that I'm spared from colds & many other diseases, in spite of all the risks. And yet He's allowed me to be afflicted with afflictions that are usually a result of my own sins & abuse of my body, so you can't blame that on Him. And I don't blame it on some germ, I blame it on either the Devil or my own sins.--Unless the Lord's laid the affliction on me to teach me some lesson.
       22. So I think the simplest, easiest way for me is just to trust the Lord!--Not Man, "whose breath is in his nostrils."--Isa.2:22. "Let every man be found a liar, but God be found true."--Rom.3:4. It's always best to trust the Lord, praise the Lord? I'm not despising people who have faith in doctors & medicine & science, but I know in whom I trust! "I know whom I have believed, & am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I have committed unto Him against that day."--2Tim.1:12. That I know! Like Dr. Koger used to say, doctors & medicine & science work mostly by guesswork, experimentation. "Try this, try that, try the other--& be thankful that it doesn't kill you!"
       23. They'll probably say I'm as crazy about doctors & medicine as I am about my astronomical theories, that the stars are not as far away as they say! (See ML #1309.) (Maria: You sure have a lot of proof on your side in this case! You could pull out all kinds of ways in which the doctors have been wrong & are completely screwed up!--Like that whole book written by Dr. Mendelsohn called "Confessions of a Medical Heretic," in which he listed one thing after the other where they don't know what they're doing & they're all wrong!) (See WNE, Pg.118.) God bless him! (Maria: Well, they're not all wrong, they've got to have a little bit of truth somewhere, here & there.)
       24. It reminds me of that movie, "Capricorn One," where NASA & the scientists simulated a trip to Mars & the whole thing was a fake! It makes you wonder sometimes whether those guys who went to the Moon really got there or not!--Although some of the astronauts are Christians, so I would believe it.
       25. So praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus that we have Thy Word & we know we can believe in Thee & Thy Love for us, which is proven every day! Thy existence is proven every day just by looking around at Thy Creation. Thank You Jesus for all the proof that's all around us, including us, Lord!--We're the proof! We're the test-tube proof! We're the test-tubes, & we're the ones who prove Your Word, & that it's true. Thank You Jesus! XXX!
       26. My Mother used to quote that Scripture about King Asa who had something wrong with his feet, gout or something, "and in his disease he sought not to the Lord, but to the physicians" & he died.--2Chr.16:12,13. The Bible hasn't got too many encouraging things to say about physicians & their potions!
       27. It's amazing how Man can so much more easily believe in the word of the physicians & their remedies than God's Word & His remedies. (Maria: I guess that's because the Devil's always on the job helping them to believe it!) It seems to be easier for some people to believe lies than the Truth. I guess it depends on what they want to believe. Well, people can believe what they want to believe, & that's what they're going to believe, but as for me & my house, we will serve the Lord!--Josh.24:15.--And I have, all my life, almost always, & He certainly has served me well, & I'm still alive because of Him & His Love & compassion & mercy & grace! Thank the Lord!
       28. I'm a little bit like the Armenian priest when the Turks had them all kneeling down in a line & asked each one to deny their faith in Jesus or they'd cut off their heads! They came to him & he said, "Why should I deny Him now?--He's never denied me!" And with those words he died, & I'm sure he went straight to Heaven! He lost his head, but he'll get it back again some day. I guess he has a spiritual head already!
       29. God help us to believe His Word against anybody else's word. Thank You Lord! Thank You Jesus!

       From "Mothering" Magazine by Linda Flach:
       The germ theory must be re-examined. Do germs cause disease or are they the result of a disease? Pasteur stated later in his career that germs & bacteria are not the exact & primary cause of disease. Rudolf Virchow, father of the germ theory, stated in his later years, "If I could live my life over again, I would devote it to proving that germs seek their natural habitat--diseased tissues--rather than being the cause of disease."
       We are constantly breathing in some 14,000 germs & bacteria per hour. If germs were so harmful, why don't all of us have some type of disease? Lack of understanding creates fear, but when we understand that both health & disease are created by our own living & eating habits, then there is no longer any fear of "germs."

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