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WORLD CURRENTS!--No.63       DO 2850       Comp.2/93

       Finger on the Pulse of the World!
       1. I have to keep my finger on the pulse of the World so I'll know how sick it is, & I'll know what's happening & how much worse it is. We can't do much about it, but at least I can warn God's children about where it's at & what to watch out for! There's more & more chaos in the World, even chaos in the sports World now. The whole World is going crazy!

       The British & Hong Kong
       2. Although the British have ruled Hong Kong for a long time, there's been very little real democracy. Now that the Chinese are about to take it over (1997), the British claim they're going to democratise it.--Ha!

       Greedy Munitions Makers!
       3. I'll never forget the time as a boy when we were walking along the Miami River & Uncle Mark pointed out this big ship that was loading all kinds of scrap iron, wrecked cars, etc. This was before WW II, in the '30s. He said, "Dave, you know what's happening there? They're shipping all that metal to Japan so that they can make it into bullets there.--And they'll be coming back at us some day!"--And did!
       4. So Japan wants to sell arms to China, isn't that crazy?--Which will probably be used against Japan some day! I'll tell you, those munitions manufacturers & arms makers are some of the greediest businesses in the World! They will sell weapons to anybody for killing anybody, as long as they can make their millions!
       5. They sell weapons even to poor countries who can't afford them so that oppressive dynasties & dictatorial tyrants can stay in power by using them against their own people. The arms business is one of the filthiest, dirtiest, crookedest, cruelest, worst businesses in the World!--And the U.S. excels in it! They're amongst the top arms exporters & often sell more arms to more countries than any other country in the World!

       Japan's Garbage Recycling
       6. Japan recycles 2-&-1/2 times as much of its solid waste as the U.S. does. That's the efficiency of the Japanese for you!

       West Wants Soviet Atomic Scientists
       7. The Western nations are afraid that the radical Arabs & other Third World nations are going to get those Soviet atomic scientists, when they want them. The U.S. figures that of course their right to have them is legitimate!

       U.S. Sympathy for IRA!
       8. In America, even the government has sympathised with the IRA. There have been fund-raising drives in the U.S. for the IRA, not only supplying funds, but guns!

       South Africa--A Blessing to Africa!
       9. In South Africa, the Whites have been there longer than the Blacks--for over 300 years! The majority of the Blacks only flooded in after the Whites got there, looking for economic benefits & employment & a much better standard of living than in other parts of Africa. South Africa has improved the standard of living for nearly all of its neighbouring states. They've upped their education, their economic well-being, sanitation & health. South Africa has been a blessing to Africa, in spite of all the liberalistic AC & Black propaganda. It's just that the Devil hates Christians there like anywhere!
       10. Mrs. Suzman, the only anti-apartheid Member of Parliament for many years, has led the liberal & Communistic anti-apartheid forces for years, & she's an AC!

       Mandela & Martin Luther King!
       11. Nelson Mandela reminds me of the verse I got for Martin Luther King: "His words were smoother than oil, but war was in his heart!" (See Psa.55:21.) The Lord showed me that even though Martin Luther King spoke peace, war was in his heart. Now it's being confirmed by Malcolm X's daughter, who says that Malcolm X (a radical Black leader of the '60s) & Martin Luther King weren't all that different. Malcolm X was definitely way out front for violence.

       Satanic Cults
       12. The media doesn't make much distinction between Satanic cults & other cults. The Devil's people are trying to get all the cults, trying to identify them all as being the same. "They're all dangerous! Of course, this Satanic cult is very bad, but the other cults are just as bad." Well, both the people in the Satanic cults & those supposedly investigating them are the Devil's people, so what can you expect but no fair play & lots of deceit & lies--trying to compare us to these devilish cults & identify us all as being the same.
       13. They even call the Satanic cults "families." They disguise the nature of the Satanic cults by not even calling them "Satanic." They just call it a "ritual cult," which sounds a lot more mild. It's a media twisting of the facts to try to relate all cults together, classify them all as being dangerous: "This just happens to be one of the worst, but they're all bad." These Satanic cults are advertised as a real threat & as a scare against all the cults: "This is what any of them are apt to be like! Who knows, any of them could be doing this kind of thing!" The police don't know what to do with such charges because they don't understand these things, they can't even imagine it being that bad, they have a hard time believing it.
       14. When the Devil starts publicising himself, you know he's up to some kind of trickery! He's publicising himself in order to try to catch the ones he hates. (Maria: In other words, he's willing to risk his own people, even his most ardent disciples, in order to catch the ones he hates the most.) Yes, the Christians! (Maria: Time & again, all over the World, they've said that we're "the most destructive cult!") It's all the Enemy's propaganda against us, because he's afraid of us & hates us & is trying to destroy us! But the truth is that we are the most spiritually destructive force in the World to the Devil's kingdom! We're very destructive to evil & Satan's dirty work! But we are the greatest force for good & for Truth & for righteousness in society today!--A strong builder & healer & repairer of minds & bodies & hearts through the Love & Truth of Jesus Christ. And because the Enemy is so afraid of us, he will do anything he can to stop us!

       Anti-Cult Organisations--Crooks!
       15. Some of these anti-cult organisations are made up of crooks who have found that going after the cults is popular & makes money, that's all!--The very thing they accuse us of, but of which we are innocent! Ted Patrick declared nearly half-a-million Dollars income recently!

       Getting People Used to Being Anti-God!
       16. The so-called "developed" countries, the rich, supposedly "civilised" countries--even those who had been Christian countries--are becoming more anti-Christ all the time! Of course, the media & money are all controlled by the ACs. But they're attacking Christianity in a more educated, erudite way, attacking Christian beliefs & evangelists & the cults, & gradually getting people used to the idea of not being religious. The U.S. government is now anti-God, anti-Christ, anti-Bible, & pro-Evolution in their education etc. As I said to Aaron's principal in Miami: "The U.S. teaching a book like this is no different from Russia when it's forced on the kids against their will & against their parents' wishes." I said, "Where are we?--In Russia?" Then I threatened to publicise it, & that's when they let Aaron out of that evolutionary class.--Ha!--And I did!
       17. But I wasn't satisfied with that, so I went to the school board, & that's when they finally began to persecute us. About five different inspectors went through our home & condemned it--deliberate persecution, of course--& they ran us out of town. Christians who really live up to their standards & stand up for their faith against the anti-Christ forces have been suffering persecution for a long time.
       18. So they're already preparing & getting people used to being anti-God. They're getting them used to being anti-Christ & anti-Bible--the governments are already going that way--& they're preparing the World for a totally anti-Christ government.
       19. Of course, in the totally Communist, anti-Christ countries, the Christians already suffer about as much persecution as you can get under the Antichrist.--All kinds of restrictions & laws & persecution & imprisonment, torture & even death. So in some parts of the World, the Tribulation is already in full swing. The ACs just have been taking it rather easy & slow to overcome the more Christian countries, & have been very clever & careful not to run too roughshod over the churches. But they're getting more blatant about it all the time & it won't take long. The wicked are getting more bold & blatant, like the Sodomites, & there are more vicious, violent criminals! I can't even think about it, it's getting so bad! You can just feel it. As you watch the news, you'll see it sweeping the World!
       20. They're just being very slow & careful & insidious & subtle about it as long as they're still outnumbered by the good people & the Christians. In places like the U.S., people are still being polled as being about 80% believers in God, & over half at least believers in Christ & the Bible. So they haven't got quite enough numbers yet to do it by vote, but the ACs have won a lot of votes by promoting the Blacks.
       21. I was just reading an article by Pat Robertson (WND 401, pg.5), how in spite of the fact that the conservatives on the Supreme Court now outnumber the liberals about two to one, the so-called conservatives there have astonished the conservative community by voting several cases very liberally, for abortion & that sort of thing, voting very secularly--against God, the Bible or anything religious in government or schools. The Supreme Court has made several decisions which Pat Robertson says are going to damn the country, & that the U.S., if it doesn't repent, is doomed to disaster.
       22. So praise the Lord anyhow, we're winning some victories! These are the Last Days! This is not only the Endtime, I believe it's the End!--Are you ready?

       --IT WON'T BE LONG NOW!

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