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PERSECUTION JEWELS!--No.3!       DO 2873       Comp.1/93

       Winds of Adversity Help Us Fly Even Higher!
       1. HEAR THE WIND MOANING? I always liked that. Oh wow! This is absolutely marvellous! Thank You Jesus! It gives you such a peaceful feeling to see those birds soaring in the wind. They don't mind it, they're taking advantage of it, it helps them soar better without much effort. It's like the winds of adversity & persecution--they help us soar better & fly higher without so much self-effort. Like the Lord has done with all of our recent victories--in spite of all the persecution we fly even higher! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! In fact, even because of our adversities we're flying higher & easier, just like the birds do against the wind. That's a good illustration.
       2. The wind is blowing so strong the birds can almost hover motionless in the air! See? That's like the Lord does with us. When He blows the strong wind of adversity it may stop us sometimes, but it also makes us float higher easily without any self-effort. So even though the wind seems strong sometimes, it's good for us & helps us fly even higher. Thank You Lord!
       3. Boy, when they fly with the wind they really sail, really go fast! So you can even fly with the wind of adversity, if it's a tail wind. You can either flee it & fly with it, or you can stand against it & soar high. Thank You Jesus! Hallelujah!

       The Enemy Is Furious about Our Victories!
       4. I'm sure the Devil is raging & really furious at the victories we're getting out of his attacks! But as the Scripture says, "Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the World."--1Jn.4:4. And "When the Devil comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him!"--Isa.59:19.

       Prayer for the Persecution!
       5. Bless Thy Family today, Lord. Keep them here & everywhere & make them a blessing as they spread Thy Love around the World. Make each of these attacks of the Enemy work out for good & to publicise Thy Message & Thy Love, giving the World an example of real Christianity, real Love. Thank You for our wonderful young people & such good fruit! May they be a strong witness & testimony for Thy glory in each case.--In Jesus' name, amen.

       "Ritual Abuse!"
       6. I was thinking of their wording & their charges against cults, things like "ritual abuse" of children. I wouldn't be surprised if they've even tried to accuse us of that, interpreting our religious teaching as "ritual abuse." (Maria: Oh yes, that's just what they were doing in Australia. But they withdrew that allegation at the last minute.) They're all working together, it's all part of a coordinated campaign. They use the same terminology, the same frontal attacks. Imagine, comparing us with the Satanic cults! They're the ones who are Satanic! Thank God we're not ignorant of the Devil's devices & his dirty tricks. (2Cor.2:11.) To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

       Prayer for Our Lawyers
       7. Bless our lawyers, Lord, strengthen them & inspire them. Protect them, give them wisdom, & supply all their needs.

       Persecution Will Backfire in the End!
       8. Our enemies use all of their lies & bad publicity from the media to stir up public sentiment against you, so that the System feels that the public is ready for them to attack you. Or if the System attacks you before the public has been thoroughly propagandised against you, then they work overtime to smear you in the media in order to justify their attack against you. The process hasn't changed since the days of Jesus' betrayal, false trial & unjust execution.--All to persuade the mobs & the general public that He was not a Prophet & not the Messiah. But it sort of backfired when He rose from the dead. Thank the Lord! Well, it may not backfire fully on them until Jesus returns & we rise from the dead, then we'll give them theirs!

       Jesus' Enemies Filled with Envy!
       9. It says that Jesus' enemies were filled with envy.--Mat.27:18. They envied the Christians because they wished they had what the Christians had.

       History Repeats Itself!
       10. You have to be careful that you don't tell the Enemy too much, even about what you know about him. It just isn't wise to let him know how much you know--like opposing intelligence agencies sharing information with each other. However, sometimes for the sake of giving information to you, the Family, we have to operate contrary to that principle. If it is important for you to know about something, we just trust the Lord that He will take care of the consequences, even if it means that our enemies will eventually get their hands on it too.
       11. Our relationship to the government is just exactly like Jesus & His relationship to the government. The Roman government didn't even want to touch His case, but His enemies forced them into it. Pilate didn't even want to hear the case or have anything to do with it. He rightly told them it was not really his business, & as far as he could see, Jesus hadn't done anything wrong. But the [EDITED: "scribes & Pharisees & the Chief Priests"] insisted. They were determined to get Him & they were determined to make the government responsible. (See Luk.23:1-23.)
       12. Oh, the enemies of the Lord are such demons, but the Lord gets the final victory! Jesus had to die & go to Hell first before He got the victory. (1Pet.3:19) They are absolutely Satanic, & it's amazing how the government lets the ACs cause them so much trouble, but the ACs just force them into it.--Just like the scribes & Pharisees & the Chief Priests forced the Romans to take action over Jesus.
       13. There's nothing that's happening now that hasn't happened before, it all follows the same pattern. The Devil's own agents follow the same procedures & try to trap God's people with false accusations & smear them with bad publicity, & then accuse them of breaking laws, bringing them before the courts & trying to convict them, punish them & even kill them.
       14. I wouldn't want to be in the shoes of some of our lawyers who are defending us!--Except that if they are faithful, the Lord will reward them! But they're sure going to make enemies--powerful enemies! Look how powerful Jesus' enemies were--the scribes & Pharisees & the Chief Priests--all the powerful. It wasn't the Roman government that was Jesus' enemy, it was the devilish religious zealots. That religious system was certainly of the Devil--ruled & controlled by the Devil! (John 8:44)
       15. So things haven't changed much today, except that the Devil is getting more subtle & deceitful & adept at hiding his true identity. Overtly religious systems [DELETED] are pretty smart in concealing any dirty work they do against us & inspiring the government to do it for them, just as they did in Jesus' day. They tried to hide their open opposition to Jesus for a long time, but it was known.
       16. Obviously the Christians had lots of friends in the hierarchy, spies who let them know what was going on, just like we do! Nothing's really new, everything just repeats itself. As they say, history repeats itself. God help us not to be like the people that Toynbee the historian was talking about when he said that "the only thing we learn from history is that we never learn from history!"
       17. I think we are aware of these things, & I hope our people are learning from past history & the Bible that the Devil hasn't changed his tactics any. They're just new subjects & new accusations, but he usually works in the same way with the same procedures. He tries to stir up the public against us with bad publicity, & tries to make the government ashamed for not doing something in his attempt to sic the reluctant officials on us.
       18. Yesiree, I'll tell you, those ACs & our enemies are certainly of their father the Devil--liars & the fathers of it!--Jn.8:44. It shows you what terrific impact & influence we're having on his evil business by exposing his dirty tricks.--And the ACs hate exposure! They try to pose as being so self-righteous, religious, upright & moral, just like the scribes & Pharisees & Chief Priests did in Jesus' day. Whereas, as Jesus finally told them off publicly, they were "whited sepulchres full of dead men's bones!" They could wash the outside of the platter, but the inside was filthy! (Mat.23:25-28.)
       19. Boy, in that last week just before His crucifixion, Jesus really let them have it, & they were furious! They were determined to kill Him then! They thought that by killing Him they could shut Him up. Instead of that, what they did to Him saved the World & assured the ACs' defeat. And that's how it's happening to us. There is no limit to what they'll do & how far they'll go. If one thing doesn't work in their attacks on us, they'll try something else. But the Lord will always use it to His glory & it will always work out for good. "All things work together for good to them that love the Lord."--Rom.8:28. Praise the Lord! Thank You Lord!
       20. We're having a real effect now in much higher places & circles of power than we ever had before! We've had publicity, & we've had attacks in the past, but we've never been forced into such close examination & into such a powerful witness with the high & mighty as we have recently. (Maria: And it's amazing how the Lord allowed it to start with what seemed like some of our weaker people who hadn't been as closely shepherded & whose standard, at the time of the initial persecution, was not quite as good as some of the rest of the Family. But still, in spite of all that, they have come through all this victoriously & have become better for it. It has even made them stronger. It just proves that it's not whether you're weak or you're strong, but it's whether you've got Jesus within. And if you do, His strength will carry you through.) And the fight even makes you stronger!
       21. So it's all for the good & the best, & as the End draws near, the battle will get hotter, & we'll have even more influence & greater effect, & infuriate the Devil's forces even more! It's amazing to me how many people of the World are now becoming aware of the AC Conspiracy & are publicising it. And boy, are they getting in trouble!
       22. The ACs don't give up! They pursue their enemies to the grave! [DELETED] They don't care how old they are, they're determined to get'm! They don't care who they are or where they are! Their motto is, "Don't forget & don't forgive!"
       23. So don't expect the Devil to let up! He's going to fight even harder & force us into the fight! Praise God! Thank You Jesus! Hallelujah!--Force us to stand up for ourselves & stand up for the Truth, stand up for the Lord! All his dirty work is allowed by the Lord to bring us out, & to bring the best out in us & make us a witness against them. They're asking for it! They're asking for trouble when they attack us! The Lord is furious & He's really going to lambaste them! He's going to "confound their politics & confuse their knavish tricks," as the good old British national anthem proclaims!
       24. The British anthem, "God save the Queen," is beautiful!--But there's not a word about God in the American national anthem! It's not an anthem, it's a battle song, all about war & aggression, just exactly like the Americans!--But I'd better not get on that subject!
       25. Anyhow, praise God! We're not only going to win the war, we're even winning some battles! Praise God! So our battle cry should be, "A mighty fortress is our God!" That hymn shows what a fight Luther was in! He knew what it was like to be in the thick of it! With the most powerful Satanic powers on Earth & governments & religion all against him, he still won! Thank God!--Or we wouldn't even be here! Thank God for Luther! Thank you, Luther, God bless you!--And all the rest of the great witnesses & martyrs for the Lord!
       26. So praise God, keep on fightin'! We're winning, slowly but surely, & in the end you're going to be glad you fought the good fight, because there are going to be glorious rewards!--Plus the joy & the satisfaction of battle & of victory over our enemies, right up through the day when we wipe'm out by force in the Battle of Armageddon! Thank You Jesus!--And then the Lord tosses these unbelieving ones right into the fires of Hell! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! Hallelujah!
       27. Amen, Lord, give our people courage, strength, faith, wisdom, power, anointing, all they need for this task, in Jesus' name! Give them faith, Lord, to trust You that You're going to work it all out for good in the end & that You're going to win! You can't lose, Lord! Thank You Jesus!--In Jesus' name, amen!

       Comments on Backsliders Taking Over Family Home in Manila!
       28. It's almost unbelievable the lengths to which our backsliders will go, pretending to be me, of all things! They're crazy! Insane! And when they're full of the Devil they can be very clever, too. I got the Scripture, "Be not deceived, God is not mocked. For whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap."--Gal.6:7. That's a good Scripture for them. They even tried to mock me, which is in a sense mocking God, because I am the mouthpiece He has chosen. Thank You Lord for answering our prayers, just as we prayed, for confusing their dirty tricks & confounding their politics! That means their plots & conspiracies.
       29. It shows they will stoop to anything! Paul warned in the Bible not to be shaken in faith, even if something comes supposedly "as a letter from me." It's in 2Thessalonians 2, where he's talking about the Rapture. He says, "That ye be not soon shaken in mind, or be troubled, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter as from us." The Devil doesn't have any new tricks. It's the same old tricks that he has always been pulling.

       Backsliders: Watchman, Hart & Sam Warner
       30. My first wish would be that if it were possible they'd all three repent & confess & get right with the Lord, & return to defend the Family & defeat the enemies. But if they won't, then let the Lord do what He will, He knows what's best. Just think, two of those boys have a record of insanity & have even been in institutions, & all of them are insane! All three of them wanted to be prophets & were jealous of me. (Maria: And they all have a terrible case of spiritual pride too.) Oh yes! All three of them are very proud. Guys like that always want to usurp the place of the prophet. The Bible says, "Seek not to be teachers, for unto you is the greater condemnation."--James 3:1.
       31. God knows what's best & what He's trying to do. Apparently He wants to have our enemies make us put up a good fight--"Fight the good fight"--so we'll publicise the Truth & confound the Enemy! Thank You Lord! It's all for the good, so don't worry about it! "All things work together for good to them that love the Lord."--Rom.8:28. The Lord will bring victory over all these trials & tribulations.
       32. I'd sure hate to be in those guys' shoes! Somebody must be giving them lots of money! Imagine them pretending to still be in the Family, & going to a Home pretending to represent me with false letters & false teaching too! The Lord promised plenty of false prophets in the Last Days. (Mat.24:11.) But the Lord gave them just enough time before He swatted them down to prove to the people that they were false prophets. God bless our dear friend there who helped us file charges of kidnapping, fraud, etc., against them!
       33. "The way of the transgressor is hard" (Pro.13:15), & the backsliding transgressors are really in for a hard time. They can't blame it on the Lord. They really punish themselves because they've lost the Lord's protection & fallen into the Devil's trap. I remember when I landed in the army I really felt like I'd fallen into the Devil's trap & backslidden--& I had! But boy, that experience sure brought me to repentance & back to the Lord's Will. All things work together for good, Lord, to them that love You, & they sure work against those who don't!
       34. I wonder if those boys recognise the Lord's chastening? (Maria: They're pretty far gone & deluded, they probably just think they're being "persecuted for righteousness' sake.") Yes, martyrs. Ha! Well, we don't know for sure, the Lord could be working on them. He's obviously working on them, but whether they'll recognise it & repent, we don't know. It's funny how hate actually keeps some people going, it really gives them drive!
       35. (Maria: It's bad enough that these backsliders backslide, but then when they actually start to actively fight us, that really must make the Lord angry!) Yes, I would hate to be in the shoes of those who have gone back, betrayed us & fought against us. Of course there have been some backsliders that apparently the Lord didn't punish, those who just couldn't make it with us, & He let them off pretty easily.
       36. "From victory unto victory,
       His Army shall He lead,
       Till every foe is vanquished
       And Christ is Lord indeed!"

       (Dad sings:)
       "Stand up, stand up, for Jesus,
       Ye soldiers of the cross,
       Lift high His royal banner,
       It must not suffer loss!

       From victory unto victory,
       His army shall He lead,
       Till every foe is vanquished
       And Christ is Lord indeed!"

Hallelujah! Funny, that song came to me just now. It came starting with the second stanza, "From victory unto victory." The Lord considers them victories! Thank You Lord! There's no victory without a battle, no triumph without a trial, no testimony without a test!
       37. It's sad, because I really liked those boys. I really loved them & tried to help them, tried to straighten them out. Look how we gave Sam a chance again & again. Years ago we gave him a whole job on his own with a staff to help him write a book of our history, The History of the Revolution!
       38. It's really something how every one of those guys wanted to be some kind of big shot. Sam Warner wanted to be a prophet & one of our leaders, & Hart was always criticising me & wanting to be somebody important. He left to write a book, a novel, because he was so interested in creative writing. Then that failed, & I'm sure our enemies persuaded him to write a book against us. (Maria: They might not have had to persuade him very much! We often thought that that might be his next step, when he found the Christian novel business wasn't as great as he thought it was going to be, that then he would turn to something that would be more successful & popular.) Books against us are definitely in demand! Our enemies are even willing to finance them & pay their authors to travel around & distribute them.
       39. The Lord waits until some people's cups of iniquity are full before He gives them the final judgement, just to see how far they'll go. Lord, You're in control! You let it go the way You want it. Those poor boys. I feel sorry for them, but they certainly deserve a spanking.

       God's Vomit!
       40. Our enemies have money. It sounds just like the Bible, where they suborned false witnesses--paid them to tell lies.--Acts 6:11. Now Watchman can be a big shot. (Maria: Yes, he's travelled all over the World, from country to country stirring up trouble & passing out his story.) Boy, what that must cost for hotels, airfare, etc. He would expect the best, & apparently they're willing to pay him & give it to him. I wonder how they do it?
       41. Don't worry about it Honey, the Lord is using him to keep our publicity alive! Without controversy there would be no battles, & without battles there would be no victories! The Lord knows what He's doing, so don't worry about it, okay? I'd just hate to be in their shoes--the shoes of any of our enemies--but I think especially our backsliders. How angry the Lord must be with them. They must be those who are lukewarm, who He spews out of His mouth.--Rev.3:16. They once were warm or hot, & they didn't exactly get cold--they didn't turn into total unbelievers--but they're just lukewarm, half-hearted, not single-minded, whom the Lord is just absolutely disgusted with. Because they are lukewarm He will throw them up, spew them out of His mouth! They've become spit, vomit, puke!
       42. Puke is even worse than shit! There's good use for shit, it can be used for fertiliser, but I never heard of any use for puke, vomit or spit. It's a total waste, nobody wants it except the Devil. "They're dogs that have gone back to their vomit, & sows to their wallowing in the mire!"--2Pet.2:22. Eventually they'll wind up as somebody nobody wants--like Judas.
       43. So praise the Lord!
       "Faith is the victory,
       Faith is the victory!
       Oh, glorious victory
       That overcomes the World!"


       Prayer Against Hart
       44. Vindicate Thy people, Lord, by Thy mighty power! Put all of our enemies to shame. Hart was very clever, a genius, but the Lord is more clever. Amen, Thank You Lord! You can confuse all his dirty tricks, frustrate his politics! Really screw him up, Lord, with what he deserves for attacking Thy children. The Lord will do it! "He that toucheth you, toucheth the apple of His eye."--Zech.2:8. They're poking their finger in God's eye, & they're going to be sorry!

       Pressing Charges Against Hart & His Cohorts!
       45. As long as we press the case against them, then it gives them difficulty & they have to fight it & get lawyers just like we do. They press charges & take us to court, & that causes a lot of trouble & effort & lawyers & money & whatnot, so let's do the same to them! If you press charges & they don't show up, then they're fugitives & they have to stay on the run. They wouldn't dare show up in another Home without the Family reporting them.

       This Is a Hold-Up!
       46. (To Maria:) You're a real little fighter!--Just what I need to help hold up my hands, like Moses had Aaron & Hur! (Exo.17) This is a hold-up! You're holding up my hands, & I'm sure the Lord's holding up yours. (Maria: You're holding up my hands too!) I'm holding up yours & you're holding up mine. I'm glad you get stirred up, but don't let it get you down. Let it stir you up, but not down.

       Persecution Makes the Scriptures Come Alive!
       47. I got the verse the other day, "Because he knoweth that his time is short."--Rev.12:12. The Devil comes in with great rage because he knows that his time is short. All these major attacks seem to be indicating that the End is getting very close.
       48. This persecution sure makes the Scriptures come alive & helps you realise what the Early Church must have gone through! (Maria: Yes, like the Scripture that says, "Everywhere this sect is spoken against."--Acts 28:22.) It makes the whole Book of Acts come to life!
       49. It's amazing how that first prophecy about the Philadelphian Church in Revelation was given to me by three perfect strangers in three different places who neither knew me nor each other, & that has fitted us to a tee, everything that has happened to us. It describes the "synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews but are not," & says that our enemies are going to be dust under our feet, etc. (See Rev.3:7-13.)
       50. Praise God, those who are faithful will stand! Those that endure unto the End shall receive a crown of life (Rev.2:10), & that certainly fulfils a lot of what Daniel said, that persecution is to purge & make us white, some shall fall & so on. (Dan.11:35.) It sure makes a lot of Scripture come to life.--The rebellion of Absalom against David (2Sam.15) & all kinds of things.
       51. Just think, Absalom managed to deceive all of Israel & turn them against his father!--But God brought final victory to David. Absalom got hung by his own hair! (2Sam.18:9.) Imagine the pride of those people to try to steal David's throne!--And also now, of course. You can understand how David & other men of God would use violence to destroy their enemies, & how God used war & the sword to slaughter His enemies! They deserved it! That's the only way they could be stopped. Of course, ours is a spiritual warfare, & the weapons we wield against our enemies are prayer & the Word! Just put them in God's hands, & let Him take care of them! (Rom.12:19!)
       52. "Pride cometh before a fall!" Those usurpers glorying in their wrongdoing spread it abroad, & that's how we were able to catch them! How could they be so deluded? I guess when they reject us, they're rejecting what they know is the Truth, & therefore He sends them strong delusion that they might believe a lie. When you reject the Truth, the only thing left to believe is the lies.

       Attack on God's Word!
       53. It's amazing how our enemies themselves are saying that their major attack on us now is going to be on our lit. Wait till they see what happens when they attack God's Word!

       Lawyers Arguing over Definitions!
       54. How those lawyers argue over definitions! It reminds me of what happened in Miami when I was fighting Evolution. I went to the local District Attorney & said, "This book is being used in the classroom to promote evolution." And the D.A. said, "You have no idea how many definitions we can give to the word 'used'!"--And he wouldn't let me file a suit against the School Board! The Law said any teacher who used any book not on the Accepted List could be fired, fined $10,000 and/or jailed for one year! But he was saying that in court they could claim it was only being read, but not used!--Ha!

       Hart & Christianity Today Article
       55. I always did have trouble with that guy Hart! He was always doing something strange or weird, drawing weird art or writing weird stuff, & we had to always be checking up on him & correcting things he had written. He was a good writer, & when he followed our counsel about what to write, he did well. But when he went off on his own & started to get into his own private interpretations, they really were screwy!
       56. The first time he ever came to my notice was when I received critical letters from him correcting me for various "mistakes" that he thought I had made. Well, it's true I do occasionally get my facts wrong sometimes, & if so, they need to be corrected. But anyone who has a constantly critical & contentious spirit, there's something wrong with them. That should have been warning enough then. He was always criticising things. And anyone who thinks they're always right & everyone else is wrong, you know has got to be a bit screwy.
       57. After his faux pas in the Philippines, now he's writing to all the religious magazines & publications describing what he did there.--The latest news! But I was surprised that Christianity Today published a story on it. That's a very conservative Christian publication. A lot of denominations use it. It's strictly anti-Pentecostal, anti-healing, anti-Holy Spirit, so it's real conservative. At least they had the fairness to contact us & to get our side of the story.
       58. Anyhow, in there he denounces us & says we don't believe in the divinity of Christ!--That little liar! That's just like the Devil! Nothing could make the Fundamentalists madder than to deny the Divinity or Deity of Christ! Can you imagine? We're sending them our answer, which they're going to include--we hope. (Thank the Lord, they did publish our rebuttal!) That's one nice thing about the fair publications--they do try to give both sides of the story, some more, some less. Thank God for that! So in spite of the horrible lies & bad publicity, there's always some jewel of Truth in there that they've got to say about us, & the Lord gets the Message out! There's no such thing as totally bad publicity!--It always does us some good! They have to put the Message in. So both sides are there, the Devil's side & our side, & "nevertheless the Gospel is preached!"--Phil.1:18. So praise the Lord!
* * *

       59. I didn't think the {\ul \i Christianity Today} article was all that bad! For one thing, it sure exposed the dishonesty & deceit of our enemies. I thought it was very fair, in fact. They've always got to give some controversy, of course. We wouldn't be in Christianity Today if it weren't for that. We're still news! (Maria: And it could've been a lot worse.) Oh, yes! Compared to a lot of bad publicity we've received, I thought they were very fair. They put in a number of our own comments & explanations, etc.
       60. Boy, what is God going to do to that guy Hart & Sam Warner! (Maria: And Watchman & the Zees & Ajemian [EDITED: "Zac the Greek"]!) Right now He's using them to stir up the nest. Hallelujah, Lord! You cause the wrath of Man to praise You. He's obviously using them to do it, because it stirs up interest in us again. He'll use our enemies as long as it suits His purpose. [DELETED]

       We'll Eat Cake over Our Enemies!
       61. When it comes to our enemies, I feel like the Jew who reportedly said to Hitler: "You know, we eat a little horny cake over Haman, the guy who tried to wipe us out in Babylon.--I wonder what kind of cake we're going to eat over you!" Well, they're sure eating their cake now. But that's how I feel about our enemies: I wonder what kind of cake God's going to give us to eat over them!

       Child Abuse Cases
       62. The biggest, longest, most expensive court case in the history of California was that child abuse case that went on for years, & the State lost the case after all was said & done. Years of court hearings & millions of dollars & they finally lost the case. As I recall, what really lost them the case was that the prosecution & its witnesses used illegal methods in coaching the children in what to say, illegal methods of questioning & interrogation. All the allegations were probably false, just like the ones made about us. The Lord will help our kids no matter what happens. Thank You Jesus!

       Court Battles Help to Publicise the Message!
       63. It's all in Your hands, Lord! We know You'll take care of these cases if we do our part. If we do what we can, You'll have to do the rest. And it's all for Thy glory to make us good faithful witnesses & tell the World the Truth. Help our lawyers, Lord! Give them real strength & courage & wisdom & the victory as much as possible.
       64. Well, just remember, if we win them all there wouldn't be anything left to fight about. (Maria: When we win one, it seems like our enemies attack us with another one. We've already won quite a few, & then more come up; but that gets us publicised more in different countries. It seems like we're probably going to have to have one in every major country--or at least a media battle--just so public attention can really be focused on us & so people can really know the Truth.) Amen.

       Devil's Trick to Take the Children!
       65. It's been one of the Devil's tricks down through the ages to try to take the children away. When the Babylonians took the Hebrew teenagers, it resulted in a greater victory, because they were such strong powerful witnesses. Lord, bless our teenagers! Help them to stand up strong & true & unafraid, with their faith solidly in You, Jesus! It's in Your hands, Lord. Our enemies are going to try to do something bigger this time, but the Lord can make it a bigger calamity for them!

       Governments Spending Millions to Get Us!
       66. It's amazing that governments are willing to pay millions to try to get us! Think how much money it's costing those governments. In Sydney they indicated that it already had cost millions by saying it would cost "another five million" to finish the case against us. So it must have cost millions already! Just think how they waste the people's tax money on those things. The poor taxpayers are having to pay for these attacks of our enemies.

       Prayer for Our Lawyers & Family!
       67. Give our lawyers strength, Lord! It's all in Your hands & You're the One doing it, so You can put our enemies to shame & deliver us. Not only deliver us, but squelch them! Do it with such effectiveness that they won't want to try it again!
       68. Thank You for the lawyers who have given us their hearts. You've given us their hearts. It's Your doing, Lord, Thy Will be done. Thank You for Your children, Lord. Squelch our enemies! Put them to shame! Make them sorry they ever brought this case against us! Praise You Lord! Thank You Jesus!
       69. Heal & strengthen our lawyers, Lord. Give them mighty power by Thy Spirit! You promised You'd be able to give us "a mouth & wisdom that no man shall be able to gainsay nor resist."--Luk.21:15. That's a good verse for the lawyers! Praise the Lord!
       70. Give Thy children faith & favour! Encourage them! Help them to keep their eyes on Thee & look for Thy succor, for Thy rescue, Thy deliverance out of the hand of the Enemy. Lord, You have so many verses in Your Word that promise to deliver us out of the hand of the Enemy. He's starting to get his hands on us, & he already got his hands on some of our children temporarily, but You delivered them. Thank You Lord!
       71. Bless & strengthen our children, Lord! May they be strengthened by this ordeal & have faith, & be faithful witnesses & not discouraged, not afraid. Help them & their parents not to fear, but to keep their eyes on Thee. Thank You for Your faithfulness. Thank You Lord! Hallelujah! "The voice of their father shall encourage them in the battle!"

       Graeme's Homegoing!
       72. (Upon hearing of the homegoing of Graeme Morrish, one of our main lawyers in Australia:) Maybe that's what the Lord had to do. The only way Graeme could ever learn. Thank the Lord the Family there did all they did with their letters & cards & prayers, while he was dying of cancer. He received us, so I'm sure the Lord will receive him. We won't have to pray for him any more, since he's in the Lord's hands now.

       Greater Victories to Come!
       73. The court case in Melbourne doesn't really disturb me because I know the Lord is going to get a great victory out of it! Apparently the Lord wasn't satisfied with the victory we won in Sydney, He's going to get an even bigger victory in Melbourne. (Maria: Maybe He's going to show up our enemies there.) Yes, when they come out full force against us, they can be exposed in a greater way.
       74. Well, You sock it to'm, Lord! They're to blame for bringing the case against us. So You make'm suffer for it & deliver us, in Jesus' name. Thank You Lord! It's truly wonderful what the Lord has done, truly wonderful! (Sings:)
       "It's truly wonderful what the Lord has done,
       Glory to His Name!"

Hallelujah! You're going to do some more wonderful things, Lord. More of Thy great wonders are going to come out of this. The Lord works in mysterious ways His wonders to perform. Thank You Jesus! "All things work together for good to them that love Thee!"--Rom.8:28. It's all going according to our calling, Lord, & Thy purpose. We are called according to Thy purpose, called to the Kingdom for such a time as this. Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You Lord! (After 3 years of legal proceedings, the Family was recently cleared of all charges in the Barcelona case!)
       75. Give Thy people courage & strength & faith & wisdom, & no fear, Lord! May they rest in Thee, cast their burdens on Thee, & You'll sustain them, & the children too. (Psa.55:22.) The children should be convinced by this time & know who their enemies are, that the System is an enemy & no friend. (Maria: Yes, like when the prosecutor asked Lamb's 13-year-old daughter Virginia on the witness stand, "Do you consider me part of the System?" She said, "Yes." And the prosecutor asked, "Well, do you consider me an enemy?" And our girl answered, "Are you a friend?") Good for her! That's a mouth & wisdom the Lord gives them!
       76. (Maria: Our enemies are even appealing Lamb's case.) They're never satisfied! Well, they're going to be sorry. The more they do against the Lord, the more the Lord is going to do against them. The more they do against us, the more the Lord will defeat them, & make it an even greater witness. Our enemies obviously have great resources, but God is greater & has more. Thank the Lord! (Lamb won the appeal, & the judge handed down one of the strongest judgements ever made in Children's Court in our favour, thank the Lord!)

       False Charges of Child Abuse!
       77. (Maria: Our enemies think they have not only boundless financial resources, but boundless "evidence" against us now. They think they hit the jackpot with all of Hart & Watchman's & Samuel Ajemian's & Samson Warner's writings against us, & all the new lit they stole.) The Lord can bring all that to nought & even make it a witness! The stones they throw at us are going to come down on their own heads. If they're going to try to use the Word against us, that's sure going to backfire! (See Psa.7:16.)
       78. (Maria: They try to use the Word to show that we sexually abuse our children, which of course is an absolute lie!) Yes, but it's the one accusation that raises the ire of the System the most. They've gone berserk over this issue, to the point that they're even riding those old 30-, 40- & 50-year-old [EDITED: "System"] cases now in some places, where the children are grown up & are middle-aged adults. The psychiatrists & the government & the System are convincing them & trying to get them to come out in the open & accuse their elders, put their aged parents in jail, it's horrible! (Maria: In fact, through their psychoanalysis, they're implanting things in their minds that never even happened!--Supposedly drawing things out from years & years ago that they can't even remember, & formulating these "suppressed memories" into some kind of evil sex abuse that they now supposedly remember, with the help of the psychoanalysts!) (Editor: This is called "False Memory Syndrome," since professionals agree that so many of these memories are conjured up in the imagination with the help of psychotherapists, & that these things never even happened.) It's all the Devil's work & our enemies are just using it as their latest excuse to go after us.
       79. No matter what their excuse is, no matter what their false charges--whether sexual abuse, improper housing, inadequate food or mind control--they claim everything we do is abuse. According to the System, the only thing that isn't abuse is what they do to the children, but they're the worst abusers of all! You can just look at all the crime amongst youth today & see what their kind of abuse has done! That's real abuse, that's real crime, that's real violence. The System has turned their children into monsters! Our children are our best evidence, they're the proof of our pudding.
       80. The Lord is going to take care of us. They can't pull any weapon on us that won't be destroyed. No weapon that is formed against you will prosper.--Isa.54:17. Amen! God bless & keep us all! We love you!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family