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NEWS NUGGETS!--World Currents No.66!       DO 2875       Comp.7/93

       U.S. Bombing of Iraq!
       1. THE U.S. JUST MADE ANOTHER MISSILE ATTACK on Iraq! The Americans said they did it just because they discovered there was an Iraqi plot to kill Bush when he visited Kuwait some months ago. Can you imagine? They do this to Iraq, but they do nothing in Yugoslavia where actual war is going on! Several months later they're getting their revenge for what the Iraqis supposedly planned to do but didn't. They'll (UKW!) use any excuse they can get to attack Iraq! The Iraqis never even made the attack on Bush, but the U.S. is taking vengeance on them for having even plotted it!
       2. It was just another excuse by the ACs to attack Iraq again!--Anything to keep Iraq weak. The U.S. is earning permanent hatred from millions, & they're going to get retribution one of these days. They're going to reap what they've sowed!
       3. They call it "self-defense" even though it was over two months after the plot was discovered! And the Iraqis didn't even do anything!--And even if some of their citizens had, they still would have had no proof that the government was involved. Besides, the U.S. is far more guilty of assassination attempts than many other countries! What if some citizens of Cuba were to attack CIA headquarters over American attempts to kill Castro, or if some citizens of Libya were to bomb Washington for its attempt to kill Godahfi, & the murder of his daughter?
* * *

       4. The U.S. has now given Saddam another excellent propaganda tool in this vicious attack on poor Iraqi civilians without provocation. Some of their people may have plotted to kill Bush, but the Kuwaitis caught the guys & they're in court now. Of course, the media doesn't hardly even bring that out. That's your clever AC propaganda for you! They conceal what they want to conceal & bring out the rest. The U.S. took vengeance two months later against something that never even happened! Some Arabs claim it might have even been staged for the purpose of giving the U.S. another excuse to attack Iraq, with these poor Iraqis framed for their supposed participation.
       5. "Self-defense!"--That's a funny thing to call it! I mean, that's a really funny phrase! The guys are already caught & in jail, so what are they defending themselves against? It's just another excuse to attack the Iraqis, Israel's enemies, & was probably provoked by the Jews.
       6. I wonder whatever happened to Peter Arnett, that outstanding top reporter of CNN who stayed in Baghdad & reported on all the horrible atrocities of the Americans against the Iraqis during the Gulf War? We haven't heard of him again!
* * *

       7. Clinton's decision to bomb Iraq boosted his popularity ratings with the American people. Those Americans are absolutely vicious--bombing innocent people!
* * *

       8. According to a poll, two-thirds of Americans approved of the U.S. missile attack on Iraq, & the majority approved of trying to assassinate Saddam Hussein.--The U.S. is evil!
* * *

       9. I'd be more likely to believe that this plot against Bush, which they're blaming Iraq for, was made up by the ACs! That was the lamest excuse for an attack that I ever heard of! Two months after the supposed plot, with the plotters all in jail, on trial, they're now attacking Iraq in "self-defense," after the fact, when the threat is all over! How can they claim it was self-defense when there's no longer anything to defend against?

       The War in Yugoslavia!
       10. God damn the Serbs! You'd think somebody would finally get up enough guts to go in there & do something about it & drive them out or stop them! Of course the Serbs are going to continue to defy the World, they know they've got the ACs behind them!
       11. It's almost unbelievable how the whole World watches the Yugoslavian situation & does nothing!--But that shows you how much power the ACs have.
       12. God is going to hold the World responsible! They see that suffering day after day in Yugoslavia & nobody does a damn thing about it! One reporter put it bluntly & said the Europeans just wish that the Serbs would win the war & get it over with. Well, Europe has always been a battleground. God's just trying to show them that despite all their vaunted organisations in Europe, they can't even solve one little war. The European Community seems almost dead now, it's almost come to a stop. They can hardly agree on anything. Getting them to agree on anything is almost a dream.
* * *

       13. The Lord could stop this war but I guess He knows they deserve it. These people that are being oppressed right now at one time oppressed the Serbs, so the Serbs are mad & getting even. That's the trouble with wars, they never even solve anything, they just cause more trouble & provoke more revenge.
* * *

       14. The international community, headed by the U.S., along with Britain, France & Russia, have agreed on a settlement giving the Serbs all the advantages & all the good land, & it is just infuriating the other Europeans! In other words, the ACs are getting what they want, giving the victory to Serbia. (Maria: Does that mean it's going to stop the war?) Well, gradually. But the Europeans say it's going to start a whole lot more wars. It's opening the door for any dictators who want to grab more territory, indicating to them that they can get away with it too.--Including any future dictator of Russia! The four World powers who agreed to this--the U.S., Britain, France & Russia--are the countries most controlled by the ACs, as well as Israel, of course. The ACs are getting just what they want, whenever they want it.
       15. They say this plan smacks of the former Hitler appeasement plans. Germany disapproves of it & says it "legitimises genocide & ethnic cleansing." They say this policy of "safe havens" amounts to nothing more than establishing concentration camps for the refugees, legitimising them, just like they did for Hitler. Another official says, "The New World Order which we were supposed to have established after the Gulf War is a deception."
       16. That new leader in Serbia--head of Serbia & the Serbian forces who are doing all these atrocities in Yugoslavia--is wanted in Sweden for robbery & Italy for murder! In other words, the people taking over Yugoslavia are criminals! This guy who was elected by the Serbs is known by the Muslims as "the baby-faced killer." They say he's a terrible monster! They killed two of his soldiers & he used it as an excuse to wipe out all the Albanians! Some think maybe it was even a set-up, that he engineered having his own soldiers assassinated so he could use that as an excuse to wipe out the Albanians that are in the territory he now rules through his present Serb conquest.
       17. These are the kind of people that the U.S., Britain, Russia & even France are backing. They've signed this agreement together & it's given the Serbs practically everything they fought for. The war is over, but the atrocities go on. There's no provision to stop any of the atrocities, only a provision for refuges, a place to which the refugees can flee, which helps in the ethnic cleansing.
       18. So it's all going the AC's way. This is probably the beginning of the new European dictatorship.
* * *

       19. The U.S., together with Russia, Britain & France, the main superpowers, came to an agreement & a settlement which legitimised the Serbs & their occupancy of all the territory they've conquered, & left the poor Bosnians & Muslims & everybody else out in the cold. In other words, it's encouraged aggression, just like the Europeans did with Hitler. Hitler kept moving in on places without a shot, & they had a policy then of "appeasement." In other words, throw another bone to the dog & he won't bite you by starting a war. So Hitler got ahold of much of Central Europe without firing a shot, except for France & the Low Countries. He hadn't bothered with them yet because he figured he could take them at any time, & eventually he did.
       20. Well, the rest of Europe is screaming about this settlement made by Clinton & these others with the Serbs. They said it was made without consultation & all the other Europeans outside of these four powers are furious about it.--Just exactly what the Lord showed me, that the ACs are behind the Serbs & they've given the Serbs virtually all they want. The Serbs are very happy about this "settlement," as they call it, whereas all the Bosnians on the other side are practically being forced into concentration camps! They call them "refuges," for the refugees from Bosnia. They're saying this new settlement is justifying ethnic cleansing--just like Hitler did--so the Serbs will have a place to put all these people they're chasing out of their homes & out of their countries.
       21. So the Serbs are getting their way just like I said, but the rest of Europe doesn't like it, they're screaming about it. One reporter made a very significant statement & said, "This new agreement giving everything to the Serbs is justifying aggression." And they're even comparing it to Hitler, saying, "That's what he did. He just took what he wanted by force. Everybody's criticising Hitler, but the Serbs are just copying him, & being rewarded for it."

       Southern Sudan Evangelised by Christians
       22. The Muslims of the North fighting the Christians of the South, this has always been the case in Sudan. Northern Sudan is next to Egypt so it was evangelised by the Muslims, but the South was evangelised by the Christians.

       Eritrea Fulfilled!
       23. Remember the Eritrean dead horse reviving? Well, Eritrea finally won! (See ML #333B.) After years of civil war, they beat the government, declared their independence, & have become a new nation!

       Colonial Powers & South Africa
       24. Every pullout of the so-called colonial powers in Africa has resulted in absolute disaster! The former colonies didn't know how to operate industries or the agriculture or the governments. After they received their independence, they just went to pot, & each one of them developed a dictator who was worse than any colonial government had been.
       25. So you can see what would happen if the South African Whites would pull out. The Blacks would just go after each other & slaughter each other until whoever had the most arms would win.--Which is the Communist ANC, as they've been armed by Russia for years. The Communists would probably win & slaughter, if not wipe out, the Zulus under the fairly civilised Chief Buthelezi, who have been cooperating with the White Christians. Many of his people are Christians. On the other hand, many of the ANC are Communists. It'll probably wind up a much worse country than it is now.
       26. The Blacks wouldn't know anything about how to run the economy or the industries of South Africa, which benefit all of southern Africa, & there would be nothing but blood & guts & horrendous chaos! They should be so thankful that the White South Africans have stayed on & kept the peace, because if they are ever overpowered, there will be Hell to pay in South Africa!

       Africa Proven to Be a Black Hole!
       27. I said 20 years ago Africa was a black hole, & that all the food & help & money poured down Africa is going into a black hole, totally lost, & it's proven to be so. Africa's a hopeless case. In fact, the World is a hopeless case--including Yugoslavia & all the rest!

       Russia: Will the Beast Be Revived?
       28. If Yeltsin goes down the tubes & the hardliners take over, the Beast will be revived!--Rev.13:3,12,14. They're getting ready for the Antichrist. The Americans did everything to make the Russians fall, but almost nothing to help them get up again.
       29. If they don't get the economy straightened out pretty soon, the people are going to want to return to Communism. At least under Communism they were organised & had something to eat.--Not much, but something.

       U.S. Looking for Dead in Vietnam!
       30. It's disgusting! In Vietnam the Americans spend so much time & money, millions of Dollars, looking for decayed dead bodies of U.S. soldiers. Think of it, the U.S. wasn't content with destroying the country in the Vietnam War, they're trying to destroy it economically too. They're more concerned about their dead Americans than the poor living Vietnamese!

       Khmer Rouge Communists
       31. Pol Pot & his Khmer Rouge Communist forces, who massacred over one million Cambodians in 1975-'79, are still strong in Cambodia & defying the UN forces, killing the peacemakers. There are a lot of wicked people in the World, & that's the Devil's business, to stir up trouble where there is no trouble.

       The Philippines!
       32. The recent attacks against us in the Philippines show how scared the Devil is of what we have to say, since we expose him. In the Philippines we publicly exposed the Pig in the media, as well as his little piglet, Cory. Cardinal Sin was running the whole thing & calling the shots from behind the scenes, & he succeeded.
       33. They ousted the one man who was able to control things before & defy the ACs, Marcos. The ACs of the U.S.A. finally got their way & got rid of him, because Marcos stood in their way. He was mistreated, if any man was ever mistreated! The U.S. did their best to bypass him & chum up buddy-buddy with his Communist enemies to get him out of the way, & they finally succeeded. When Marcos saw the coup against him was spreading, he quietly, meekly retired from the fray to save lives, which showed he was not the kind of man that they claimed he was.

       Germany & Japan Not Allowed on UN Security Council!
       34. Both Germany & Japan, two of the greatest countries in the World, can't be permanent members of the UN Security Council because they were the enemy during World War 2. The UN was devised & formed during & right after World War 2 & was shaped almost totally in favour of the winners. The losers were not allowed to be on any powerful bodies of the UN, such as the Security Council--which was the main security body of the UN & which makes most of the decisions, unless they're thrown into the General Assembly. The members of the Security Council are like a board that sort of runs the UN & are the ones that make the major decisions, & Germany & Japan, now two of the most powerful nations of the Earth & two of the most prosperous, are not even allowed to have a permanent voice in it!
       35. So the U.S. is rightfully appealing that that be changed. [DELETED]

       U.S. & Argentina!
       36. Argentina was the U.S.' greatest enemy in all of Latin America, & held out for being independent from the U.S. for years. But of course the U.S. has been browbeating it down to a pulp for years, & that's probably where they've got them now or the U.S. wouldn't be praising Argentina so. (Maria: I guess the Argentineans just finally capitulated because there is almost nothing they can do after awhile.) Right.

       Comments about Clinton
(Shortly after Clinton's election:)
       37. Clinton reminds me of the time after King Solomon when the young men took over & said they wanted to tax the people more than they were able to bear. The elders advised Solomon's son, King Rehoboam, to try to ease the burdens on the people & such heavy taxes etc. Then he asked the young men, & what do you suppose they said? (Peter: They came out real heavy-handed & said tax'm more, didn't they?) Tax'm more! Punish the people! And the result was, the ten tribes just up & walked off! Israel went North & that was that. It split up the whole country & all the king was left with was two tribes, Judah & Benjamin. It shows you how wrong the young men were. (See 1Kings 12.) Just think, Clinton was just a baby when I was first married with children!
       38. That's almost exactly how Clinton is acting with all his young advisors. The older men, the military, the generals, the older Congressmen, even his own Democrats are trying to slow him down & tell him not to go so fast & to let these things work out slowly & give them time.
       39. We hoped for the best, but now we can expect the worst, & Clinton is it! The ACs are solidly behind him telling him what to do. Take Iraq, for example. The ACs want to show that just because there was a change of administration, it doesn't mean there's going to be any stop in the war against Iraq. It never even paused, the U.S. kept right on shooting! It shows you who's running the country--the ACs! I expected Bush to try to go out in a blaze of glory, I was a little surprised he didn't do even more. I guess he figured Clinton could finish it.--And he is!
       40. They're continuing to demand that UN teams be sent to Iraq to nose around & look for atom bombs & chemical weapons, blah blah. They will not give up! People can be dying of starvation in Bosnia & Yugoslavia, & raping & committing ethnic cleansing & all kinds of horrible war crimes & atrocities, & yet the U.S. doesn't do a thing! Instead they've got their ACs snooping around in poor Saddam Hussein's front yard. At last some people are beginning to disagree with it! The Arab nations are beginning to back out, there's a big split in the Gulf War coalition. Only France & Britain have gone ahead & joined in some of his latest adventures & bombings, etc., & of course they're probably controlled by the ACs.
       41. The Arabs have backed off in their support. Their major spokesman is President Mubarak of Egypt, & he has complained about the U.S. attacks, & most of the Arab countries have made protests about it. But the UN is going ahead, led by the U.S., without due authority from the UN as a whole.
       42. So from Hillary & Bill Clinton you can expect the worst, & I hope they get the worst! I know he's not going to be able to do a thing about the things that most people want him to do something about--except the Sodomites & baby-killers, because he can do something to help them just by signing an executive order. Everything else requires cooperation. The older men, like the head of his own party & Congress, as well as the Military, are both advising him to go slow, don't go ahead without consultation, don't go ahead without agreement, don't go ahead on your own, but he's running it like a dictator. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if he'd wind up a dictator!
* * *

       43. The AC media turned things around in just one year for Clinton! The experts were saying there was no Democrat who could defeat Bush, but in one year they did it! By pounding away with the media at the American public & favouring Clinton all the time & smearing Bush, they managed to turn the whole situation around.
* * *

       44. Clinton in his acceptance speech said, "As the Scripture says, Eye hath not seen, ear hath not heard the things that you can build." What a misinterpretation & misquotation. What a liar Bill Clinton is!
* * *

       45. It's significant that for Clinton's inauguration they sang, "We are the World, we are the children, children of the World." The Lord's letting them have their fun, but their day to weep is coming.
* * *

       46. Clinton thinks abortion & Sodomy are good for the country. He must be awfully deceived. He's going against the whole military command in this homosexual thing, insisting on Sodomy in the barracks.
* * *

       47. As if the U.S. didn't have enough problems already, they're talking about admitting 100,000 Haitian refugees. It's insane! But this is what Clinton promised. The ACs will import anybody that they can use. [DELETED] (This has now been cancelled[DELETED]!)
* * *

       48. The people of the U.S. are depending more on the promises of Bill Clinton than the promises of God. Boy, how the people are going to be disappointed! They're going to be sorry they ever elected Clinton! I feel sorry for the poor guy, but he got himself into it. He wanted it! Well, I doubt if he wanted the Presidency as much as his wife wanted it. He said his motto is, "Don't stop thinking about tomorrow."--Just the opposite of what the Bible says. (Mat.6:34.) He surely must know what the Bible says, since he claims to be a good Baptist. It shows how far he is from the Word!
* * *

       49. Clinton acts like he really likes people, & he got that across in his campaign. He seems like a nice, sweet, friendly, sincere man, but he's being horribly misled by the ACs. Poor fellow, I feel sorry for him, but he sure took the wrong route in backing the Sodomites & the baby-killers! His people seem to be composed mostly of ACs & the youth.
* * *

       50. It's the Devil's own season & he's finally having his way now. The Devil finally got a president that will do whatever he wants him to do. "When he that would kill a few babies thinketh that he does the mothers service, & the sick." (See Jn.16:2.) Imagine, killing babies to help old people live longer! How horrible! Well, they're going to get theirs one of these days.
       51. Clinton was reared in the Baptist Church, he certainly must know better! He's so responsible. And promoting Sodomites! How horrible! They're going to all get their just deserts sooner or later, & I think Clinton's are going to be sooner rather than later, along with all those that put him in power. They're the worst! Imagine, being put in power by Sodomites & baby-killers! How can he sleep with his conscience? He must not have any!
       52. Give him nightmares, Lord! Help him to see all those babies he's killing in his nightmares, & what evil devils those Sodomites are, & the ACs that he's serving, & the poor Balkans that they won't save, & the poor Iraqis that they continue to pester! My Lord, may You crack down on this generation that is committing all these crimes against the poor & the innocent, & all the ACs that are backing him, no doubt telling him what to do. Why else would he still be attacking Iraq? Iraq hasn't been doing anything, they've really been trying to make peace. But he just carries right on.
       53. He's obviously doing exactly what the ACs tell him to do. They don't want him to stop the Serbs, they just want him to stop Iraq no matter what they're doing, or even aren't doing. My Lord, deliver us from this evil, wicked generation! Thank You for how You have, & for all the victories You've given us & the witness You've helped us be against them!--In Jesus' name, amen.
* * *

       54. Clinton was the bright & morning star of the Democrats. He was supposed to change everything & make everything right. He was their hero & his election was the great victory of the liberals over the conservatives. He & his people promised everything, which no man could possibly do. Political campaigns are so full of lies that can never be fulfilled, except to discover that they were lies! Then the people go through a big disappointment & a big let-down. Their idol has feet of clay! They find out all of a sudden that he makes mistakes & he isn't always right.
       55. I don't think people have worshipped any man like they have Clinton for years, the AC media hype was so terrific! They made an absolute god out of him to get him elected, & they then expected him to do all their will & all the things that they wanted him to do right away. He has tried, but he has failed, & now they're furious with him because he hasn't done it all as quickly as they thought he would. The few things he has done have been half-hearted, almost futile attempts.
       56. Almost number one on the new administration's agenda was to get Gays in the U.S. military. That was supposed to be the easiest thing to do, & he hasn't been able to do it yet.--Thank God! And the next was to heal the economy, & of course that's gotten worse, because no amount of politics could heal it. Only U.S. repentance & God's forgiveness could heal all their woes.
* * *

       57. Clinton took on an impossible assignment, to try to heal all the U.S.' wounds & botches & wickedness, & he's just made one mistake after the other. No president ever had as many Cabinet nominations turned down or withdrawn as he has. All kinds of important nominees have been withdrawn because of revelations about their past & scandals & all kinds of mistakes.
       58. He's making such a mess that one article said, "Do you want to be accountable for this mess?"--Meaning the U.S. voters. Even some of the AC media are criticising him sharply, & they're just disgusted with him. He has failed to fulfil their dreams.--In fact, he has just failed, failed, failed, period. It reminds me of the joke about the guy who said, "They told me to cheer up, things could be worse. So I cheered up, & sure enough, things got worse!"
       59. They accused Bush of all kinds of terrible things, & now Clinton is doing some of the very same things, & they're furious about it! Some of the Democrats are so furious with Clinton that they're saying that even Bush was not as bad. (Maria: The voters are so fickle, it doesn't take them long to change their minds, does it?) No! I told you, just wait! Just wait! We won't have to convince them, Clinton himself will convince them of what a mess he is, & what a mess he has gotten into.
       60. No one can solve the wicked U.S.' problems but God Himself!--And only if the U.S. would repent of its wickedness. But I think right now their cup is almost full, & it's too late. They are going to get it, & Clinton is going to give it to them by all his boners & his appointees' boners, & his inabilities to solve impossible situations. The U.S. is on its last legs. He even caved in to AC pressure to not stop the Serbs in their conquest of Yugoslavia.

       Waco Aftermath!
       61. The cover-up is on in Waco! We're not hearing anything more about it. The U.S. government has really put the silencer on Waco. I wouldn't be surprised if they'd even try to keep it out of court. That's one thing they don't want to drag into court. I wouldn't put it past them to offer the surviving Davidians plea bargains, "We'll let you go if you say no more about it." What a dirty business politics is!--Especially the politics of Bill Clinton & the Democrats, led by the ACs! The ACs need to be exposed for this & they deserve it! It's war!
* * *

       62. They're accusing Elizabeth Clare Prophet of the Church Universal & Triumphant of stockpiling arms--the same thing they accused the Branch Davidians of. They finally chased out Bhagwan Rajneesh, the guy who reportedly had 92 Rolls Royces! They chased him out & back to India where he died a few years later, poor fellow. Well, there's no way to make peace with the System. Once they're against you, they're against you no matter what. You can't make peace with the Devil!
       63. It reminds me of what the Scripture says about "the Dragon opened his mouth & out came a flood," but the Earth swallowed it up.--Rev.12:15,16. It's like the World swallows all of that stuff, but it can't harm the Woman, the Church, the Christians, us. (Maria: I guess it's because we just get stronger by persecution, right? It makes you stronger so it doesn't harm you.) Well, she did flee into the wilderness.--Rev.12:6,14.
       64. I think you can fight back up to a point, but there comes a time when there's just no use. You've had your say & you've given your witness & you've told the Truth, & then it's up to the public to decide. That's what Jesus did. He preached for 3-1/2 years, told the Truth in spite of all their lies, & the public finally had to make up their minds & decide who to believe, & most of them sided with the System & said, "Crucify Him!"
       65. The Beast is raising his ugly head & showing how vicious he can be! He doesn't mind slaughtering men, women & children! That's what he's done in Waco, & but for the grace of God there are we! It's really terrible! The only thing the System understands is force & violence.
* * *

       66. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms went right to the site of the Waco tragedy & had a memorial service.--Guess for whom?--Themselves! Not a tear, not a word for the nearly 100 Davidians who were burned to death there, including many children. They had the nerve to go there & have a memorial service just for the four government agents who got killed there! They said, "I think after it's all over we'll be a lot stronger." I'm sure they're rejoicing & exulting over the destruction of the Waco people. They held a 40-minute memorial service just because four of their guys, out of hundreds of agents, happened to get shot in the line of duty.
       67. They use the word "cult" & "cultist" with such antipathy they practically hiss when they say it! It's the Devil himself! They're trying to make a big thing now about the government agents that died there.--Can you imagine? The service included a 21-gun salute & a presentation of three flags. Instead of being treated like the criminals they were for attacking innocent people, they're treated like martyrs! This is the way the U.S. handles its wars, it slaughters innocent people in Iraq, tens of thousands, & is still persecuting them & rejoicing over their victories. That's the one thing I think the Lord didn't forgive Bush for & that got him kicked out.
       68. They're making this memorial service a big thing & trying to make people forget the poor folks who died in the fire, & making heroes out of their persecutors. The therapist who planned the event said, "The memorial was intended to provide 'closure' in the officers' minds." Imagine, a therapist planning the event! It's just like letting the Devil plan it. Most of those psychiatrists are demon-possessed! They said, "It's part of the healing process to have our agents go out there & recall what happened that day." Can you imagine? It says, "Some cried."--Maybe some honest guys were crying for the poor people who died there!
* * *

       69. A U.S. survey polled people about recent media events, & asked if any stories were given too much coverage: 42% said Waco was given too much attention. I got a little picture of Jesus hanging on the cross, His bitter enemies, the scribes & Pharisees, exulting & rejoicing over His death, while the vast majority of the people were just indifferent observers. Imagine, saying that the Waco affair got too much attention! (Maria: As though it wasn't that important.) Yes.
* * *

       70. (To the Family:) God bless you all! I love you!--And Jesus loves you most of all! He'll take care of you no matter what happens, even if He has to take you out of this mess to be with Him, like He did to the Davidians. But I hope not just like that, I hope it'll be in some less painful way. As I was praying about that, the Scripture came to me that "he who lives by the sword shall die by the sword."--Mat.26:52. The Davidians took up swords to fight the System, so they died by the swords of the authorities, sad to say.
       71. We've got a more peaceful, less violent approach, and we're winning victories and being a greater testimony. They didn't seem to be too much into witnessing or winning souls. They were limited by some of their strange doctrines and their rather negative approach to prophetic interpretation. (Maria: Their basic doctrines seem to be similar to ours up to where he got mixed up on Revelation and began thinking he was more than he should have been. It probably just went to his head.) Well anyhow, David, you know better now, thank the Lord, and all your people, at least those with you. Thank You Jesus! God bless you, David! I love you!
       72. He had a lot of courage, he stood up against the System. Boy, the Devil sure must've hated them! He got the whole government out to fight them with guns & fire! What fools these Systemites be! They destroy themselves! They destroyed the people who were trying to live Godly & do good, while drug pushers & gangs run wild!
       73. Strange how people can hate God & yet say they love Him the most. It's the work of the Devil! But the Lord had to have some opposition so He could get the victory. Praise the Lord!
* * *

       74. If the wickedness of the U.S. was ever manifested, it was in the horrible annihilation of the Davidians & President Clinton's defence of the action. That alienated a lot of people from him, especially Christians, I think.--That is, clear-thinking Christians, honest Christians.--Not the church people who are already deadly foes of the New Religious Movements like us.
* * *

       75. The tear gas that was used in Waco was banned by the military! The survivors all said independently, without being able to get together on it, that that fire was an accident.
* * *

       76. You can bet the government is doing all of its dirty work it can to hush up this Waco massacre. Their secret police won't hesitate to go to any lengths to hush up critics, even to kill them if they can't shut them up any other way. I believe it! (Maria: I think a lot of these people who are outspoken & don't agree with the government either politically or religiously sort of look to us, because we're standing up unafraid & we're doing things. So they really admire us & they want to help us.)
       77. Lord help these rebels who are defying the System & exposing it! Protect them, bless & keep them, & help them to survive & do their darnedest to succeed in exposing the System & the wicked government of the U.S.A.! (Maria: It's sort of like they're on their own & isolated, one here & one there, but we have support, we're united, & they gravitate to us.) And we have the Lord! (Maria: Yes, that's the most important thing.) We're also well-organised, & we've got a lot of good lit. (Maria: Even though we're so small, still we're united.) Yes, we've got a foundation in the Lord. We may be small, but we've got Jesus!
       78. (Maria: We're small, we're just families with oodles of kids. Most of us are without much higher education, as far as the System goes, so they're just amazed! But it's the Lord, it's all the Lord's power & the Lord's Spirit & the knowledge of the Letters.) Praise the Lord! You've done it, Lord! It's because we've preached the Truth & obeyed You. "Because of one man's obedience, many were made righteous."--Rom.5:19. (Maria: Amen!)
       79. You promised that our children would be a witness & a testimony & real soldiers of the Endtime! Thank You Jesus! They're the proof of the pudding. Years ago the Lord led me to say that would happen some day, but I really didn't dream that it would be so soon & so tremendous! Boy, the people we have witnessed to!--Presidents, leaders! (Maria: And the number of people we are going to witness to is going to be even greater than the ones we have witnessed to.) Amen! I believe it! Thank You Lord!
       80. (Maria: A lot of these anti-System people are a lot like us: They've got so many enemies that they're thankful to find a friend. They're real impressed with us. They want to help us & they want us to help them, too, & work together.) Well, we're all working together against the System, & it is going to turn out to be the Antichrist System. It may not be so obvious yet, but it will be.
       81. Washington is a pretty dangerous place to be, it's full of anti-Christ agents. The State Department is the government agency that has been solidly taken over by the [EDITED: "ACs"] for years! Way back when my Mother was being persecuted when I was a teenager, it was brought out that it was the [EDITED: "ACs"]. We heard from the Senators about it, & heard that the State Department in particular was rife with [EDITED: "AC"] influence. They're the ones that were out to get the U.S. into World War 2. [DELETED] So their takeover has been going on for a long time.
       82. The Lord has used this anti-cult persecution to help others to find the Truth & help us to sympathise with those who need friends, who are also being persecuted. We're all being driven together by persecution. The Lord knows what He's doing. It's only when the Church got rich & powerful that it's had time for divisions. When they were meek & persecuted, they were driven together. Benjamin Franklin said, "We must hang together, or we shall surely hang separately." Thank You, Jesus, for how wonderfully You work!
       83. The Scripture comes to me about King David out in the wilderness when all the cast-offs & castaways began to gather to him & to his leadership. (1Sam.22:2.) I wouldn't be surprised that we'll help guide some of those folks. (Maria: Yes, I think if we're careful & don't try to cram our doctrine down their throat, that they'll look to us & we can influence them & help them.) Yes, just sympathise with them, not proselytise. We're not there to change them, but to help them, but that doesn't mean we can't explain to them our lifestyles & beliefs. The best thing to show them is our sample, which speaks louder than any sermon would. And when they see the sample, they may ask for the sermon. They don't need to join us, we're not even that interested in getting them to join. We'll be satisfied if they just learn to love Jesus wholeheartedly & share His Love with others right where they are.
       84. (Maria: All the ones we've visited so far are much bigger organisations than we are. They don't really have to be afraid of us because they've got so many members & are such big organisations.) Millions, some of them! They're probably hoping we'll join them, but in the meantime, we're really winning their hearts! Lord, Your sheep hear Your voice & they follow You. This is Your doing, Lord, & it's marvellous in our eyes! Thank You Jesus!
       85. I believe the Lord is going to use us to help many of these religious groups! That's what He said. I had in mind, of course, the Christians & the churches. I never dreamed we would be giving help & counsel to all these Christian cults & isms & screwy religions, but they're the ones that need it! (Maria: They're the ones that are ready for it.) They need help & are seeking it & come to us for help, & we're going to be giving it to them more & more as time goes on.--And they are being a help & blessing to us as well. So, praise the Lord!

       AIDS & Sodomy!
       86. Imagine how openly the Sodomites are vaunting themselves & how openly people are receiving it. According to the Bible, the Mosaic Law, they were supposed to be executed immediately, stoned to death! God made an example of Sodom itself, when a whole nation was destroyed because of their Sodomy! Why doesn't anybody ever preach the Truth & give them the Bible? Of course, it wouldn't have any effect on most Sodomites, because they're living in defiance of God & His laws & they wouldn't receive it anyway. (Maria: Obviously some of them want to get out of it, but the System's foisting this big lie on them that there's no cure, they can't be changed, they're that way from birth.)
       87. My oh my, to think that Sodomy should rage throughout the whole World in these Last Days! It shows you how far Man has fallen & how anti-God people are! (Maria: I guess it's also preparing them for the acceptance of the Antichrist, & he's preparing the World to go the way he wants them to.) Yes. If he doesn't care for the desire of women, maybe he's going to be a Sodomite himself! (Dan.11:37.) (Maria: It seems pretty likely, considering the Sodomite trend now.)
       88. Sodomy is almost like a rampant epidemic! You can see why God wiped out two whole cities for it & commanded that Sodomites should be stoned to death! One thing God held against even some of the good kings in the Bible was that they didn't wipe out all the Sodomites. (See 1Kg.14:22-24.)
* * *

       89. They're glorifying the AIDS victims, like they're martyrs! Because so many of them are [EDITED: "ACs"] & Sodomites, they're making their deaths a big issue.
* * *

       90. They call it being "politically correct" now to be good to the Gays!
* * *

       91. Imagine, Clinton met some top Sodomite & Lesbian officials in the White House. But that wasn't enough for them, they wanted him to participate in their march, & when he didn't come, they got angry!

       92. The environmentalists are a bunch of self-righteous hypocrites! They themselves are helping to destroy the Earth with their putrefaction & pollution of evil, & their anti-Christ doctrines!
* * *

       93. Environmentalists are getting so much power that they can get almost whatever they want nowadays. They can get almost anything done just in the name of the environment. And they are being backed by the ACs, of course, because that is one way the ACs have devised to get political control internationally, because the environment is something they can get the World's people together on. Very clever! Everybody wants to save the environment, so everybody will be for anything that supposedly saves the environment. So all they have to do is scream "Environment!" & then they can get their way like a spoiled baby!
       94. Jobs or people don't matter any more, just "Save the trees! Save the wild animals! Save the little tiny fish about the size of your finger! Stop the building of the dams to save the little fish!" It's almost unbelievable how people have gone crazy on the environment! It's slowing down development, it's putting a stop to major engineering projects because environmentalists want to save some little germ or something! I mean, it'd be absolutely ridiculous if it wasn't for the fact that so many people take it so seriously!
       95. They've got to "Save the rattlesnakes! Save the alligators! Save the wolves! Save the bears! Save everything but Man! Let Man go to Hell, we've got to save nature!" Well, there are certainly some good reasons to save the environment, but not at the cost of Man & his existence. It comes to a choice between whether you're going to save Man or his environment. Of course, in some cases you've got to save the environment in order to save Man; in other cases you have to save Man to save the environment.
       96. But this is a very clever idea that the ACs have caught onto that they can get the peoples of the World united on, & to vote in almost anything in the name of "Save the environment! Save the Earth! Save the World! To Hell with Man! Save the wee little mouse! Save the wee little bird or wee little fish!" In other words, Man is no longer the boss.--Just the opposite from what God's Word says. God's Word told Man to have dominion over the Earth, to rule it (Gen.1:26,28), while these enviro-fanatics are telling Man he cannot rule it, the environment must rule to Man's suffering, Man's loss, Man's hurt.
       97. These environmental laws & decrees are costing thousands of jobs & ruining local regional economies. They're just almost insane! The environmentalists are like a bunch of old hippies who rule the World through these insane environmental rules. They finally found a tool with which they could stop big business, big agriculture, big forestry & big industry. They finally found a tool with which they could rule the rich, with which they can run the World & give it over to the Antichrist!
* * *

       98. I just read an article that said "religion has failed to join in with the ecologists, to help spare the World environmentally." Get the gist of the attack? In other words, "Everybody of course should join in with saving the environment, but religion is not! They are enemies! Enemies of the environment! Enemies of the World!" And of course they'll eventually try to do away with all the religionists. In other words, they're saying the religious people are not doing enough for the environment. "They have failed to join in the big crusade!" You can hardly call it a "crusade" any more. It's not a war of the cross, it's a war of the Antichrist, the anti-Cross. Nazism used to be called the religion of the crooked cross. The AC's religion will be more the religion of the Jewish star.

       Doctors Against Assisted Suicide!
       99. Doctors are en masse against euthanasia or assisted suicide because it loses the money they could make by stringing out these people's hospital treatments for months & years.

       100. Acupuncture is an old pagan procedure. I have the feeling it might be the Devil healing his own. It's still a mystery to the medical community what, how & why it works.

       World Council of Churches
       101. In one of their articles, the World Council of Churches says the right not to believe in God must be safeguarded.

       Governments Trying to Get Control of the Kids!
       102. Obviously the governments of the World are trying to get control of the children in any way & every way, because they know if they can get control of the children, they can control their parents. This is the same thing Russia did, the same thing Hitler did. They took the children away from the parents, put them in camps & indoctrinated them there against their parents & took over. They got the kids to squeal on their parents & to witness against their parents & everything. It's a worldwide campaign against the parents. I think they've found they can get at a lot of Christians that way.

       103. Blacks can only truly escape racism & discrimination through salvation & Christianity. Only amongst true Christians is there no discrimination & genuine brotherly love. That's the only solution to racism. They think there are economic & political solutions, but it doesn't work. Only the Love of God will do it--changing their hearts, not their skins.
* * *

       104. It's funny how the Jews don't want to [EDITED: "integrate"] with the Blacks in Israel, but they do everything they can to [EDITED: "push integration"] with'm in the U.S.

       Demonic Cartoons!
(After watching a documentary on today's cartoons that are shown to children:)
       105. Cartoons are the fairy tales of today, beside which the ancient fairy tales were just child's play! A demonic World has absolutely taken over the kids! Well, here we are in the Last Days. Who would have thought the World would have ever changed so fast? Help us sleep, Lord, & rebuke the Enemy & these terrible nightmares we've just seen on TV! Help us to think on all the good things & Thy wonderful Word & the beautiful Future You have in store for us, & Thy Love! Thank You Jesus!

       Time for the Antichrist!
       106. The World is in such a mess, it must surely be time for the Antichrist! Just when they start bragging that they've solved all the problems, then things start falling to pieces!--Both Clinton & Europe.

       The Real Motive in Wanting to Reduce the Deficit!
       107. Do you know what people are really talking about when they're saying the U.S. government has got to reduce the national deficit? They're talking about repaying the banks not just the interest that the banks are charging on the loans, but repaying the loans themselves & getting rid of them. Now since you know who owns most of the banks, who do you suppose is behind this big drive to reduce the deficit? (Maria: The guys who own the banks.) Yes, & I don't think we need to identify them, since you know who I mean, & they're being called on the carpet by about every word we say from now on.
       108. In other words, now that they have loaned so many people money & made them slaves of the banks, the international Conspiracy, the slave owners, are pulling the chains of the debtors & insisting that they come in with the money.--Which of course they will not be able to do, which of course will put them under even deeper slavery! Debt-ridden people, cities & countries are sliding down all the time, getting deeper & deeper in debt because they will never be able to repay all they owe the ACs, & they have to keep borrowing money just to pay off the interest on their loans!
       109. None of these nations, including the U.S., will ever be able to repay all their debts! So who's plugging for repayment? Well, the people who own the banks, of course. And it's not that they want their money back, but they want to put their debtors into a tax slavery that will break them to try to pay the money back, so they can cause the economy to collapse & take over the World! So that's the real motive & purpose behind all this very worthy cause of reducing the deficit.
       110. Of course, it would be better for the debtor nation or nations if they would get rid of their debts, but the trouble is, it's too late! They've piled up such debts, & on top of that, such huge interest payments they can hardly even meet, it's an impossible situation! So it's Joseph's way of making slaves of Egypt, where they'll have to come & sell their bodies to get corn & grain to eat! (See Genesis 47.) This is designed to break the back of the World economy & prepare the way for the Antichrist solution. I never saw it ever made so clear of just how they're doing it as in that "Grey Men Tape!" (See WND 417.)

       Vision of AC Takeover!
       112. And I had a picture of a little rat gnawing away at the foundation of this house, all alone, but busy, gnawing away & gnawing away. But soon there were more & more rats, until they finally overran the building & undermined it, so it collapsed, they destroyed it.
       113. What a picture of the ACs undermining & conspiring to take over! Quietly, almost silently gnawing away at first, a little more, a little more, a little more. Now they're coming right out on top of the building overrunning it, unashamedly, openly, brazenly, almost defiantly! They have taken over the formerly Christian World. "The Christians no longer control it, we control it!"
       114. It's been so subtle, so underground, so hidden, so silent how they've snuck up on the World, the Christian World! Now they're openly nibbling away, gnawing away at what's left of it. The ACs don't care how long it takes them, how much trouble it causes, how much expense it costs or how many movies it takes. They just gradually chip away.

       Exposing the ACs!
       115. How did I ever get into this, taking on the Antichrist World power!--Little old me! It doesn't seem there's much I can do except to try to awaken the World to what's going on & expose them.
       116. I guess, like Jesus said, "for this cause was I born" (John 18:37), & this is why I came into this World, to preach Christ & expose the powers of darkness. "I will set up one shepherd over them & he shall feed them, even My servant David. He shall feed them & he shall be their shepherd. And I the Lord will be their God, & My servant David a prince among them. I the Lord have spoken it."--Eze.34:23,24. That's it. He's just done it & that's all I know. "I will never leave thee nor forsake thee, I will be with thee always, even unto the end of the World."--Heb.13:5; Mat.28:20. Thank You Jesus! These Scriptures are so encouraging! God bless you all!

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