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IT'S TIME TO ATTACK!--Part 2!--Marshalling Our Forces in France!       7/93       DO 2876

       1. I HAVE BEEN PRAYING MORE about this whole French situation, & I feel we need to send our top Ambassador there! I want you to go there immediately, Son, to represent us personally & to see the leadership & anyone else you have to see.
       2. I don't know how much more I can stand of that situation, lying awake half of every night praying about it. I just cannot stand sitting around & not doing anything about it!--And not fighting myself & going into action about it! So if you don't want me to go there myself, you'd better hurry up & get there fast! I want you to really fire the leadership up & fire the local Family up to get up & fight & do something more about it, & quit lying down & taking it!
       3. What do you think any other parents would do?!!--American parents, if their kids were being treated like that!! What do you think they'd be doing?! They wouldn't leave that American consulate alone until they got some kind of action out of them! They would call all Hell loose on them! Because what the French authorities have done is totally illegal, it's absolute persecution! It is totally medieval! It is horrible!! But France is not letting its own people know! The media there won't even publish it! Certainly the government & the judges & the police are not going to publish it! We're the only ones that can get any action!
       4. I am tired of lying in bed & rolling & tossing all night long praying for our poor people! Now don't misunderstand me, prayer is fine, but God also expects us to do something!--And go into action! Just read that little story in the Bible that Jesus Himself told about the importunate woman who went to the judge & pestered the life out of him until he got so sick of seeing her, he avenged her of her enemy! (Luke 18:2-5.) Now that's a perfect example of taking action, & that's the Scripture I got!
       5. I want somebody to go there & pester that judge & pester those lawyers & pester those officials!--Somebody that's got the guts & the fight to do it! We can't have our people sitting around & taking such treatment! Even the judge was surprised that we didn't do more! We lost the 10 days we had to get the children back, because either our lawyers or our parents didn't move quickly enough at the beginning.
       6. Now we are going to go there & raise Hell!! Is that clear?! I want to show those people in France that we are concerned! And we want them to fight! And we want that American consulate & the British consulate & the Canadian consulate & the Dutch consulate & the Spanish consulate to get in there & fight for us!--And the embassies too! Make it an international incident! Get it published in the International Herald Tribune & every other God-damned American paper you can think of! If that doesn't stir the American people up, to get news of this & hear about it, I will be surprised! They will spring to action if they hear about what these God-damned Frenchmen are doing to our American children! That's one thing that will get the Americans stirred up & in a fighting mood, is when they hear that some of their people are being abused by some foreign country!

       The Need to Stir Up Embassy & Consular Officials!
       7. Don't tell me they've done everything they can do! I don't think we've done everything we can do! We shouldn't let those officials in France alone! We shouldn't give them a moment's peace! We should give them Hell!--And get every official--especially American officials & their own officials--stirred up at what is being done to these children!
       8. I believe you're a fighter, Son! I've seen you do it before! I want you to go there & get our people stirred up!--And get them to stir up the officials, especially the American, Canadian, British, Dutch & Spanish officials of the parents whose children are in custody! Is that clear?! Now get packed & get there as soon as you possibly can!
       9. I don't think you're going to get a damn move of any kind out of those God-damned French! It'll take a miracle of God! You're going to have to stir up the rest of the World, especially the Americans, the British, the Canadians, the Dutch, the Spanish & anybody else whose nationals were affected by this outrage! And you need to get our Family parents stirred up! I want our parents who have legitimate complaints against the French authorities to get together with their embassy & consulate officials so those officials can hear it personally! Let them go to whatever officials are responsible for their American, British, Canadian, Dutch or Spanish children, & stir up those officials to get in there fighting with us to get those kids freed right now!! Is that clear?!
       10. I want you to get to France as fast as you can & stir those people up! Don't give those French officials a moment's peace!--Or first of all, to not give the American, British, Dutch, Spanish & Canadian officials a minute's peace!--Until you've got them absolutely stirred up & the entire country stirred up with publicity on this!--Until the consulate or embassy officials won't give those God-damned French a minute's peace until they have given them Hell! Is that clear?!

       The Need for Fire, Fight & Righteous Indignation!
       11. This Revolution was not born of Bible studies alone! The thing that got this Family rolling is when I went down to the Light Club & got mad!--And I jumped up on a table & I shouted & I yelled & I fired those guys up until they were screaming! And I want you to do the same! Well, you don't have to jump on the table, but I want you to get there as soon as you possibly can, & start advising them, counselling them, inspiring them & setting them on fire! Get'm mad & get'm going! Is that clear?!
       12. I want those parents to know that we care!--And that I can't stand losing much more sleep praying or not hearing about enough action there! A little demonstration here & a little protest there is not enough! They shouldn't have even left the steps of that Government Palace in Paris or whatever it was they were demonstrating on! They should have done everything they could to just keep on pestering & pestering & pestering them!--Until the media can't ignore it!
       13. What if your kids were there & they had them in custody? What would you be doing? (Fam: I'd be fighting like crazy!) All right, they are your children! They're our children!--Every single one of them! So you go there & fight like crazy! And I mean turn up the heat on those parents & on our Family officials so they can get out there & turn on the heat on every official they can think of that has any influence or can exert any pressure! I'll tell you, if the embassy & consulate officials of those parents whose children are in custody don't get stirred up about it, I'll be surprised!
       14. You need to head for France right away & get those people on fire to really do something! I want you to go!--Get your bag packed, make your travel arrangements & get going today! And I want those officials of America, England, Canada, Spain, Holland & God knows who else--the nationalities of the parents of those children who are in illegal custody--I want them to get so stirred up & so fired up that they act like I am acting right now! And that's how our parents need to act before those officials! Get mad! Raise Hell until those officials get in there & do something about it! And I mean it!
       15. I want to show those parents how they ought to get mad & what they ought to do! I know they're terribly heartbroken & they're picketing & they're writing letters & they're doing all they think they can do right now, but it's not enough!--They need to be enraged & angry & screaming! That's the only thing that ever gets any action! I want you to get them so stirred up & so mad that they'll get those ambassadors & consuls so stirred up & so mad, those God-damned French monsters are going to be terrified at what they are going to do!!
       16. I'm telling you, if I was in France, I'd be in there with my fists flying! I am furious! We have sat around taking this long enough! I want you to go there & fight! Set our leadership on fire first, & those parents, so they're going to get to those embassies & not give them a minute's peace, but give them Hell until they do something!
       17. Imagine that judge in France holding a meeting with all of our persecutors & not letting the parents attend to defend themselves or their kids! Imagine our lawyers letting them get away with it! What the Hell is wrong with those lawyers who are not fighting! They're not fighting! They never even told us the law which makes it clear that the parents could have complained within 10 days & possibly have gotten the kids back!
       18. Haven't we got any lawyers who are fighters?! Haven't we got some lawyer, even our good lawyer from nearby London, who can go over to France & advise & counsel our people, even if the French won't let him operate in their courts? (Fam: Yes, he's already been to France once.) All right, get him there with you to advise & counsel, & have a council of war with those people, & start fighting & hitting & don't lay off of'm! Raise Hell & keep hitting until they let our children go!!
       19. Now I mean it! I'm mad! I think God's waiting for us to get stirred up! I think He's plenty stirred up! But He said, "Because no man stirreth himself," He didn't do anything. (Isa.64:7.) "In the day that ye cry unto Me with a whole heart, I will answer thee!"--Jer.29:13.

       Dad's Fight Against Evolution in Miami!
       20. Do you know what did the trick in Miami? You might recall I went down to Aaron's school to try to get him out of his biology class where they were teaching evolution. (See "Attack!--Fight for Your Rights!", ML#1548.) He'd come home & told me about his textbook, a book that wasn't even authorised to be taught in the school.--And using unauthorised textbooks like that was a crime, that, at least in those days, you could charge the teacher with & take him to court, fine him $10,000 & put him in jail for 10 years!--According to state law!
       21. So first I told Aaron to go down there & tell the teacher that he wanted to be out of the class, that he wanted to change his course, & he didn't want to have to sit there & study evolution! School was just beginning, the course had just started, & they were spending all their time studying this big thick National Science Foundation Workbook. It was obvious they were going to spend the whole school year in that book, & not in any other textbook! They didn't have any other textbook! So I told Aaron, "You just go down & tell them that you don't want to take that course."
       22. Aaron was a fighter, & he really raised a stench! He told the teacher, "I don't want to take that course & I want to get out of it!" But they said, "Oh no, it's too late. You signed up for the course last semester, & once you've signed up, that's it!" When the teacher refused to let him drop out of that class, Aaron said, "Well, I'm just not going to come to this class any more!" He was a rebel! He wasn't going to obey their rules, & he told'm off!
       23. Earlier, in the class they were telling evolutionary tales about how the so-called scientists had found the jawbone of this ass, some so-called "missing link," & they had a picture of the whole hairy missing-link man that they'd reconstructed from one jawbone! So Aaron stood up & said, "How much did you say they found of this guy?" And his teacher was ashamed to have to admit it, "One jawbone." He said, "And you mean to tell me that you know that's what he looked like & that he was 18 years old?" The teacher said, "Well, that's what the experts say." Aaron said, "That's a lot of baloney, I don't believe it!" And the class applauded & cheered him! I'm telling you, he was a fighter, God bless him!
       24. So he came home & told me that they weren't going to excuse him from taking that course. Well, if you want to get me on fire, just tell me I can't do something!--And that in so-called free America where you're supposed to have liberty & rights, you are forced to take a course in anti-God, anti-Bible evolution! So I said, "Tell that teacher of yours that I am coming down to see him!"
       25. So I went along with Aaron to school the next day & told the teacher that I wanted to sign Aaron out of biology. The teacher said, "I'm sorry, but you can't do that without written permission from the principal." So I said, "Okay, we'll go see the principal!"
       26. First of all the secretary took us in to see the vice-principal, & he gave us the same story, that it was impossible to get out of the course without permission from the principal. So after about half-an-hour, we finally got an audience with the principal, who called in the vice-principal to back him up. So the principal & his vice-principal very solemnly told us, "Of course he cannot get out of this class now, he's already signed up for it. He has to take it & study the book all the way through."
       27. I said, "You mean to tell me we are here in free America where we're supposed to have liberty & be able to do as we please, & my son can't even get out of a class in his public school that is teaching an illegal book?!" "No, you can't do it." I said, "Just wait until the {\ul \i Miami Herald} hears about this, that we're getting to be just like Russia here, like the Communists, & there's no freedom!--And my son can't even get out of a class in school that he doesn't want to take & that is against his religious convictions, & that furthermore isn't even legal!"
       28. The principal & vice-principal looked at each other & said, "Excuse us just a minute, please," & they went into the next office & quickly had a little conference together. They came back & said, "Well, in this case we'll make an exception." Because I was what? (Fam: Upset.) I was upset, & what else? (Mama: You were going to expose them.) I was in a fighting mood & I was going to publish it & see that the newspapers got this story, that the U.S.A. had become like Russia! I'll tell you, the U.S. educational system became that way a long time ago, & that's why they're having Hell today!--Because they deserve it! I don't blame the kids, I blame the parents! I blame the government! I blame the educational system! And I blame the Christians & churches for letting it happen!

       The ACLU versus Christianity!
       29. I remember when the American Civil Liberties Union came to town in Miami & was giving advice in a School Board meeting. That was the first run-in I had with them. They were going on about how it was unconstitutional to read the Bible or have prayer in the public schools, even though the state law said it was perfectly fine. So this God-damned, slithering snake of an ACLU lawyer was up there saying, "We shouldn't have the Bible & prayer in our schools, that's against liberty & freedom, blah, blah!" That must make some of the founding fathers turn over in their graves!--Well, not in their graves, but in Heaven! The ACLU has been busy on the wrong side & against real liberty for a long time, claiming they're fighting for liberty & freedom!
       30. But at this particular session some of the churches or parents or somebody did happen to have a little fight in them, & they had hired a smart lawyer. So this lawyer that was opposing the ACLU's attempt to get the Bible & prayer kicked out of the schools stood up in that School Board meeting. It was actually an appeal resulting from a complaint by the ACLU against the School Board, demanding that they shouldn't allow the Bible & prayer any more. So do you know what that smart lawyer did? This was during the good old days when every red-blooded, red-white-&-blue American was anti-Communist!
       31. This lawyer got up & he just asked the ACLU lawyer, "Didn't you & your organisation defend this Communist in such-&-such a case & place & so on?" And the ACLU guy looked a little embarrassed & said, "Yes, I did." "And didn't you defend this other Communist in such-&-such a case?" He went down this long list of Communist & pro-Communist cases, & just read it, & made the ACLU lawyer admit how involved he was with the Communists. And that's all he said. He didn't argue religion or the Bible or prayer or anything. He just turned to the School Board & said, "Well, I leave it up to you, gentlemen & ladies, what do you think about this? Whose side is this guy on who wants you to throw the Bible & prayer out of the classroom?" And they threw the whole case out, at least at that particular time.
       32. At this time that old witch, Madalyn Murray O'Hair, had already petitioned the Supreme Court to throw prayer out of the public schools. Thank God, the Lord got her son, who has become a noted Christian author & spokesman! That must make her furious! I think her husband died, didn't he? He couldn't stand her either! And the last I heard she's been defeated in some cases. Boy, she's going straight to Hell, on the Hell Express! God's just leaving her around long enough to raise the ire of a few Christians & churches to do something about it, although they're too late! Congress & the Supreme Court don't often change their mind. They hate to admit they were ever wrong, so unless somebody else brings up a case & really shoves it through & up their you-know-what, then they don't usually change past decisions.
       33. Well, that's what's going to happen to our case if you don't get there & shove it up theirs & fight & make them miserable until you get those kids out of those devilish, fiendish Satanic hands! Now does that stir you up?! (Fam: Yes, Sir!) Does that make you want to fight?! Does that make you mad, Son?! (Fam: Yes, Sir!) Does that make you mad enough to get to France as quick as possible & stir those people up to get before those officials & fight?--And not give them a minute's peace, but give them all Hell until those kids are out of those filthy hands! Imagine them accusing us of child abuse! Us! They're the ones who are doing the abusing, not us!

       Dad's Fight with the Miami School Board!
       34. Well, that chat with the principal of Aaron's school was my first experience with the Miami school system, & I saw what the threat of publicity could do. I went home & wrestled with the Lord all night that night, & the Lord said to me, "You mean you're going to let these guys get away with it?! They know it's an illegal book, but you're going to hush it up & not go to the papers just because they said they would let your son out of the class!" I had it out & wrestled with the Angel & got my hip out of joint.--Or at least I got my spirit out of joint until I was mad enough to fight!
       35. The Lord said, "You got your kid off the hook, but now you're not even going to raise a stir, & you're going to let'm keep on feedin' poison to all the other kids!" The Lord got me stirred up! Let me tell you, this Family didn't start with any namby-pamby, string-for-a-backbone, milk-&-water-in-his-blood guy who was just going to let the System go & let'm get away with it!
       36. In Huntington Beach, where the Family began, we raised Hell in that town & in that Club! We didn't give'm a minute's peace until they ran us out! I don't know, maybe I should have gone to court. Carmel & Rachel's mother & father took them in to the District Attorney, who asked them all kinds of questions, & then sat there & talked & plotted the whole thing right in front of them, how they were going to get me on trumped-up charges. They wanted to get the girls' cooperation to testify against me. The girls came straight to me & told me what was going on. They said, "Dad, we heard that conversation & they are out to get you! They want to arrest you & throw you in jail & get you in court to stop this whole thing!"
       37. I used to tell the kids that if they ever even got arrested for a traffic violation, I wouldn't be able to bail them out, they'd just have to serve their time for what they did wrong, that's all. We didn't have any money, we couldn't bail them out. We hardly had enough to eat! We had to strip my Mother's icebox to get enough to eat! We had to sneak food out of it sometimes to feed the kids in the Club until we really learned how to provision. But we finally got it down to a science, with special routes & donors & everything, until we got more than those kids could possibly eat! Those kids knew every time they came to the Club they got well fed. But first they had to wait for the talk, or the yelling & the screaming, & we fed them afterwards. But I'll tell you, it turned them on! They shouted, they applauded, & they yelled too! They agreed with everything I said about the God-damned System! And it's all still true!--And we're getting a filthy sample of how rotten it can be right there in self-righteous, Catholic France!
       38. Anyway, that time back in Miami, the Lord dealt with me all night about being satisfied with just getting my own son Aaron out. The Lord said to me, "Are you going to let this go on, illegally poisoning these other kids' minds?" Well, what was I supposed to do? I was just getting ready to leave on a business trip, but I said, "Okay, Lord, I'll write a letter of protest to the School Board!" So I wrote the letter, went on my trip, & after two weeks I received a letter back from the School Board saying they had received my letter of complaint & invited me to appear before the next School Board meeting to present my protest in person.
       39. I got up in that School Board meeting & I socked it to'm! I talked until this woman [DELETED] who was running it, yelled, "Time's up!" They only allowed each speaker 10 minutes. And when I wouldn't stop & said I had a few more things to say, she said, "Sergeant-at-arms, take this man out!" So when I saw this big policeman coming down the aisle toward me I said, "Okay, but I'd like to continue this at the next Board meeting one month from now!"
       40. We haven't gotten this far because I sat on my ass & did nothing! When I got stirred up & thought something ought to be done when nobody else would do it, I got mad & I did it! I yelled my head off until our kids were going all over town yelling their heads off! And now they've gone around the World yelling their heads off!
       41. Now the Devil is mad! The Antichrist is furious! He knows his time is short!--Rev. 12:12. How come he knows his time is short? (Fam: I guess he knows the Bible.) He must know what time it is, if he knows it's short. It's like some of the things we've theorised before, that we won't know until so-&-so happens, & then we'll know. Well, he knows already. That's the Scripture I got, "He knoweth that his time is short."--And he's raging!

       Dad the "Young Turk!"
       42. We didn't get this far by my being a pacifist! We didn't get this far by my being a nice, peaceful, quiet, lily-livered preacher of the Christian & Missionary Alliance! I used to get up in their area councils & meetings & complain about this & complain about that, protest this & protest that, until my own local supervisor said, "David, they've been this way for a hundred years! Do you think you're going to change things? Those officials are absolutely set in their ways & they are not going to change!" I said, "Well, then why don't you get up & fight. I'm going to nominate you for District Superintendent!" He said, "Oh no, please!" He was a sick man, he had tuberculosis. He lived in a separate house on his own property in kind of a screened cupola, to try to keep his health & still operate. His district people really loved him & had confidence in him & his honesty, & knew he didn't like some of the things going on. So I said, "Then I'm going to nominate you!"
       43. What usually happened in those meetings, in the nomination of officers, is that the current District Superintendent would get up & read the names that the nominating committee of the bigshots had agreed should be nominated: "We nominate the following.--Are there any seconds?" So I stood up real quick & said, "I nominate So-&-so!" He wasn't even on the list, but I knew the rules, that you could stand up & nominate someone from the audience, & they had to take it. Then the man I'd nominated told me, "You don't really think they'll let you do that, do you?" But somebody else in the audience agreed & yelled out, "I second it!" He said, "They're not going to do it. They're not going to change their rules now, even if it is in the law."
       44. So I sat down there beside him & waited for the votes. And I had never seen that kind of voting before. It was the slickest piece of trickery by the chairman of anything I've ever seen! He read the first name of their nomination & then real quickly said, "How many ayes?" "No's?" "The nomination is carried!"--Just like that! I mean, he didn't give them a chance to vote! He decided on who voted what. I couldn't believe it! I couldn't believe that they would absolutely railroad their whole course of officers through, without really even giving a chance for the "no's" to be heard. I got so mad I finally jumped up & yelled, "NO!" so they couldn't claim they hadn't heard!
       45. So by the time I got to the entire state council in Oakland, California, at this big fancy new church that they'd built there, I was known as one of the "young Turks*" who was trying to change things. (*Young Turks: Refers to a group of students and young military officers who banded together secretly and successfully rebelled against the cruel, dictatorial Sultan of the Ottoman Empire in Turkey in the early 1900s, and set up a reformed government. Today the term refers to those impatient with the existing order and eager to reform it.) They were appointing committees that had power to do something & had power to change things, & what committee do you suppose they appointed me to? This District Superintendent, the guy reading the list of appointees to committees said, "We appoint Reverend So-&-so to the Committee on Prayer." And he looked straight at me with a big amused grin.--Because that was the most helpless, weakest committee in the whole bunch! Prayer couldn't do anything, as far as they were concerned! (Everyone laughing!) Well, we did pray though! I got that committee stirred up, let me tell you, & they did pray.
       46. And when the committees each got up to read their report, I fired up the chairman of our committee to really sock it to them in our "Committee of Prayer Report." And I'll tell you, they were on exhibit in that conference. The officials were on the carpet because they knew this bunch of "young Turks" was fired up & going to sock it to them at every opportunity! They'd gotten away with all of this crookedness!--Downright cheating & lying & crookedness! Talk about churches! I'd had it up to here by the time I got out of that one!
       47. I'm not the kind that easily lets people get away with things! You ought to know! And the only reason we finally saw that it was a hopeless case in Huntington Beach was when they were literally plotting & aiming it at me. They even sent the Fire Chief one day to catch us in class, to try to tell us we had too many people there. They'd put up a sign that said, "No more than 75 people allowed in this room!"--But he came at the wrong time! He came for our afternoon Bible class when there weren't even 75 in there. Only the people who wanted serious Bible study came then. If he'd come at night, we sometimes had crowds of 150 people there!--A wall-to-wall carpet of hippies!
       48. Now have I inspired enough fight in you guys? (Fam: Yes!) I think I've seen it before & I think you've done it before. I want you to go to France & get them stirred up, God helping you, & God be with you, & we'll be praying for you! Our prayer committee is going to be on fire & it's going to have some power! I want you to get'm stirred up! I'm tired of just lying here in bed & praying for them, I want to do something!

       Recruiting Help from Other Christians!
       49. Well, I didn't quite finish the story about my fight with the School Board in Miami. Just a few days before the next School Board meeting, I attended a Christian Businessmen's luncheon to speak & recruit help from other ministers & Christian businessmen. I was in the newspapers making news for my fight by that time, & they always tried to get some speaker who would draw a crowd & fill up the luncheon & make some money for them. God bless them, they did a great job that day, they asked me to speak!
       50. I got up & I practically went from A to Z on evolution & told the story of what the principals had done first, & what the school had done or hadn't done, & all these things I'd found out.--That it was totally illegal. I had also gone to the newspaper. I wrote an article for the Miami Herald, & God bless them, they printed it, with what I said about how the U.S. is getting to be like Russia when you can't even take your kid out of a class where they're teaching an illegal book!
       51. So at this luncheon I said, "I'm doing the unheard of & putting people on the spot!" I'd been used to being an evangelist & saying, "How many of you want to give your hearts to Jesus tonight, raise your hands." Only this time, I said, "How many of you believe what I said & want to do something about this? If so, stand up!" There was a slow little rustle, & out of at least 300 Christian preachers & businessmen, only three men stood up at that luncheon!--Each one of them an old man from the good old days--grey-haired, white-haired, some barely able to stand up.--The real saints! And they're the only ones from that luncheon that showed up at that School Board meeting!
       52. Then this giant Baptist preacher from this big church, the most popular in Miami, stood up & looked me straight in the eye & shook his fist at me & said, "I don't believe what you said! Furthermore, I believe in evolution!" So I pointed at him & said, "Look, Brethren! Look at this man! Here is one of your traitors! Here is the kind of a guy that is letting this happen & letting our children be taught poisonous evolutionary doctrine!--And he even says he believes in it! Here you are! Take your choice!" Then I sat down.
       53. Boy, you should have seen the scramble there was afterwards! They were cowards! They wouldn't stand up when I asked them to, but all those who were on my side came to me afterwards & congratulated me. But that traitor also had quite a circle around him, people who came to him & said, "We're with you. We're going to stand with you. We don't believe that either, we believe in evolution!"

       Dad's Ordination!
       54. Is it any wonder I finally got mad at my denomination, & finally got mad at the System! Brother, I was mad years before I got to the Light Club! I tried to persuade my Mother to get out of the denomination long before Huntington Beach. But she was due to get a denominational pension, & she needed it, so she stuck with them. She said, "David, I've served all these years, I've got all this money due me, & I need it. We can't live without it." Well, I was mad, I said, "I can!" But I told her at the time, because I was working with her, "But I can't live without you. If you won't drop out of the denomination, then I have to stay in too." And finally they even ordained me, due to her insistence.
       55. I went up before the Ordination Board & all those big fat bellies sitting there. They were about like the guy in the song my Dad used to sing, "Oh, the big fat man with the big fat belly can't even see the ground!" Their bellies were bumping the table. They said, "We understand that you want us to ordain you." I said, "Oh no, I've already been ordained by the Lord. It's right there in John 15, 'I have chosen you & ordained you, that you should go & bring forth fruit'"--& I quoted them the Scripture. Well, they could hardly deny the Scripture, they were supposed to believe in it!--That I was already ordained by the Lord. They said, "Well, then you just want us to recognise your ordination by the Lord & give you some kind of paper to prove it, right?" I said, "Yes, I understand I need that in order to pastor one of your churches."
       56. Mother was about to resign & retire & I figured it was about time to launch out on my own. I'd been with my Mother all those years, she'd built them a Tabernacle & all the rest, so the least they could do was consider me for what they called "candidation" at some church. So they said, "Okay, we'll fix it up," & they had their ordination service towards the end of the conference, with all the ordainees standing up on the platform in a line. They performed their special hocus-pocus-dominicus & we were officially ordained & handed a nice big certificate with a gold seal & red ribbon & all this old English writing, & then our names written in by hand. Praise the Lord!
       57. World War 2 was in progress, but I couldn't think of anything I had against the Japanese or the Germans. So I figured this ordination certificate would come in handy before the draft board. It didn't. They wouldn't even recognise the ordination, they hadn't even heard of the Christian Missionary Alliance. Imagine, when it was in the law that they could not draft ministers of the Gospel, teachers & on down the line, even students with their college studies in progress!

       Clinton--A Weak Sister!
       58. This is how Clinton got out of the draft, he ran off to school! And now he's the Commander in Chief of the military. I don't know what kind of guts he's going to have! When he wanted to go to the rescue of Bosnia, he was persuaded not to go by his own advisors, along with Britain & France--a bunch of countries run by the [EDITED: "ACs"]! So he backed down. At first he was mad! He was going to go in there with an army, tens of thousands, & stop that horrible war! God bless him for having a little conviction! But he's a weak sister, & that's what he's been. He's been rightly accused of that, that he hasn't got the guts to stick to his decisions.
       59. And the Gays are especially angry now that "He promised us homos in the military & now he won't do it!" His military staff has declared war on it! And now even Aspin, his own Secretary of Defense that he personally appointed to the job, has sided with the military. Thank God for some people who have some guts! Of course, they usually appoint a former general or some kind of military man to that position of Secretary of Defense, because he needs to know something about the army & war. They used to call that position Secretary of War, but they were getting too civilised by the time WW2 came around & they retracted that & called it Secretary of Defense instead.--And all the old "war plants" of WW1 were changed to "defense plants." Oh, the System is slick, let me tell you!

       Second School Board Meeting & Visit to Miami District Attorney!
       60. Well, to finish my story: I attended that second School Board meeting, & after making my protest, I said, "All you brethren out there that I see & recognise who agree with me, stand up! Show this Board that you agree!" There were about a dozen ministers in the audience, some from that luncheon I'd attended & others from my denomination, & they all stood up! But that didn't make any difference to the School Board, they just said they'd heard it all before, that we were out of order, & "Next speaker, please!" So I said, "All right, if you won't withdraw that textbook, I'm taking you to court!"
       61. So the next thing I did, I went down to see the Miami District Attorney. I told him, "They're using a textbook there that is not on the approved book list!" I had all the proof, the approved textbook list, the works! I had the goods on this teacher & this school. So I said, "Here it is, what are you going to do about it?" And he said, "Well, I can't do anything about it unless somebody files an official complaint." I said, "Okay, I'll file a complaint right now!"
       62. And he said, "Come on, David, what does 'use' mean? If I get you in court, or your son in court, I could get him so tangled up with the meaning of the word 'use' that the judge wouldn't even know what he's supposed to do!" I then saw that those lawyers were bought & sold. No wonder Jesus said what He did about lawyers! (Luk.11:46,52.) Thank God we've got some good ones! But when they're bad, they are bad, very very bad! He said, "You don't mean to tell me that you want to put these perfectly respectable School Board members"--they were to be held responsible too--"& these nice, sweet teachers in jail?!" I said, "I certainly do! They're feeding my boy poison!--And they're feeding all those other kids poison!" Anyway, he wouldn't let me file a case against them!
       63. The only ones I ever got any satisfaction out of were the principals, due to my threat to publicise it. But I went ahead & publicised it anyhow.--I didn't promise that I wouldn't!--And God bless the papers for publishing it, & people began to wake up to what was happening. I had phone calls from various teachers in the public high schools saying, "Dave, we agree with you!--But we don't dare say it or we'll lose our jobs, because you cannot be a teacher in this System unless you agree with evolution. They'll not hire you; in fact, they'll find some reason to fire you." That was way back in the '50s & '60s!

       Dad's Fight in Huntington Beach!
       64. I'm sorry, but this Family didn't begin with some guy who just wants to lie down & take it! I stood up & fought in Huntington Beach until the kids were all fighting with me & willing to go to jail, & did! But the case got thrown out of court because the judge thought it was ridiculous that we were thrown in jail as Christians just for preaching the Gospel!
       65. Dear Jeremiah stood there preaching in the sports ground of his high school! And when the teachers came up & told him not to pass out any more tracts, he said, "I used to stand right here in this same place & sell drugs & you saw it & you knew it & you didn't even try to stop me! But now you won't let me preach the Gospel!" And he raised such a stink they put him in one of these "special" schools for the particularly obstreperous, delinquent students, & he even finally managed to get himself thrown out of there! Nobody wanted him, he was such a fighter! He was only 14 & I admired him for his spunk! Once in awhile he & Shad did a few things I didn't like, but it was all for a good reason & a good purpose--it just wasn't wise.
       66. So we had our "Golden West Six" & the "Costa Mesa 14" & all these different groups of kids who were arrested & thrown in jail for witnessing on school grounds! In the hippy movement, they were calling the different famous protestors & radicals names like "The Chicago Seven," etc., so we had similar names for ours! And the newspapers came to our aid! The headlines in the local Costa Mesa paper would be, "Christians Three--Lions Nothing!" The lions never got a point from the paper. And finally when we wouldn't bail the kids out of jail, the jailers got so sick of them singing & shouting & preaching, they finally let'm out! They just didn't want to have to hold them any more & feed them & everything else. Six was not so bad, but 14 was too many!
       67. We had a couple of teachers come forward & pay the $100 bail to get a few of our kids out--Becky & somebody else--but that was all. They had enough guts & money to do it. And finally, after holding them for about two weeks, they saw we weren't going to pay. We couldn't pay, we didn't have the money! We said, "These kids are poor hippies, they don't have any money. You've got them in jail, so how are they going to get it? We don't have it & that's it!"
       68. One of the professors who was in favour of us went down & made such a stir with the judge that he finally agreed to let them out. He said, "Just don't do it again!" And we went out like the Apostles & we screamed all the louder! But then we were really careful to not break any laws against picketing or trespassing on school property. We knew where we stood because Shad was an expert picketer. He had been a professional picket chief in a labour union, so we put him in charge of all our picketing & sidewalk demonstrations. He knew all the laws on exactly how much of the sidewalk you could take & how much you could block, not to block driveways, & how far you could extend your march in front of a church or a school & all of that.
       69. And boy, we gave'm Hell! And when we started going to churches, that was the last straw! Even though we sat there perfectly calm & behaved ourselves & only said, "Amen! Praise the Lord!" we even had a preacher scold us for doing that! And guess what?--He was a Pentecostal preacher! The Episcopalians, the Baptists, the Methodists & the Presbyterians loved us, all the formal denominations. They practically cheered every time we said, "Praise the Lord!" or "Amen!" because they hadn't ever had any life in their churches! But our praises made the Pentecostals & the real fundamental Baptists all the madder, because they were having big discussions in the Ministerial Association about us. The formal denominations were rooting for us, & all the Pentecostals & Fundamentalists were rooting against us!--The ones who should've been our friends!
       70. Finally, the scribes & Pharisees figured they couldn't get any satisfaction out of Pilate unless they had a criminal, so they decided in their plotting to work together with Pilate & his soldiers & arrest me & put me in jail & charge me with "contributing to the delinquency of minors." That was the big charge in those days. They hadn't cooked up the "child abuse" thing yet. They said I was encouraging underage teens to commit truancy, illegally occupying a building & all kinds of lies!
       71. Rachel & Carmel sat right there & heard their evil plans in front of their parents, & they came straight to me & told me, "They're going to get you, Dad! They're going to arrest you & charge you with all these things. They're out to get you no matter what, legally or illegally." The parents were furious & were raising Hell with the local government, & the government was getting annoyed. So they started sending police on every one of our sit-ins, & posting police outside the door of the Club to scare away the hippies.
       72. I finally decided, "He who fights & runs away lives to fight another day!" Sometimes discretion is the better part of valour. Besides, the Lord had told us to go on a cross-country trek & preach the Message & cover the nation! We had visions & prophecies telling us to leave.--So we did! We went first & others followed, & you know the rest of the story.

       Start Fighting or Be Drowned by Their Wave!
       73. So, do you think you've got the point? Are you persuaded? Do you think you ought to go & try to stir them up to fight more? (Fam: Yes, Sir!) Praise God! Thank You Lord! Okay, let's pray for him, shall we?
       74. Amen! Keep him safely, Lord. Give him a good trip. Help him to take it to heart, as his own cause for his own children. Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! Give him wisdom, Lord. Help him not to endanger his own security, but to go there & get our people stirred up. And if the French officials won't do anything, to get the authorities & officials of other countries stirred up to do something about their children. Our children are nationals of those countries, they're their children too, in a sense, & they should do something about it when they're in total illegal custody, with totally illegal charges, & our enemies are pulling every dirty, rotten, illegal trick they can to try to crush us!
       75. You, Son, are the flame that I'm sending there to set them on fire! But don't show your face to any officials, just talk to our people & get them mad! Get'm mad so they'll get even! We're not going to take it any more! I heard that in Aix they released most of those under two years old.--Wasn't that kind of them? My God! When I first heard that they were going to release the "underage" kids, I figured it would be those of 12 & under! Two years of age & under is all they released!--Babies! In other words, they kept all the three-year olds, four-year-olds, five-year-olds on up!
       76. What if they were your kids? Wouldn't you be there fighting for them? They are your kids, Son! And I want you to go there for two reasons: One reason, God wants you there! Second reason, I want to show our people that we care by sending one of our top men there! And I want you to get them so stirred up they'll be ashamed of themselves for how little they've done, & not give those international embassies & legations a moment's peace until they get in there & fight & do something about it & remind them that it's their children from their country--their citizens! They ought to tell those embassies, "It's up to you! You're paid to fight for them & defend them & get'm out of trouble, so now do it!" Now, you get those people of ours stirred up until they can talk like this & get mad!--Stir those officials up to get even & to take those kids away from their captors & return them to their parents!
       77. Son, we need to start fighting or we are going to be drowned by their wave! Now have you got the gumption? Have you got the spirit to want to go there & fight & stir those people up & get them to stir up the officials to do something? Okay! Get packed! I want you to get there as fast as you can! I don't think anything in the World is more important right now than fighting this thing in France!--Because this is the closest they've come to winning. We have defeated our enemies in every other court everywhere, but they're determined to get us this time with their "Operation Moses." It's probably being pushed worldwide by Interpol!
       78. Find out who is complaining, who is accusing, who is financing, who is backing! Get all the dirt on them you can! Get the dirt on CAN & ADFI & some of the kind of people that push this sort of thing. Criminals! Kidnappers!--Some of them felons who've served years in jail! Tell them to let the officials know what kind of people they're dealing with--a bunch of accursed criminals like the scribes & Pharisees & hypocrites who crucified Jesus!--Pretending to be so righteous & praying on the street corners!
       79. Are you mad? I hope I've gotten you mad! Aren't you mad? (Fam: Yes, Sir!) Aren't you fed up with it? Aren't you tired of just praying for it? (Fam: Amen!) Don't you want to get in there & get some action & stir those people up to some action? (Fam: Yes, Sir!) All right, go there & do it! (Tongues) Thank You, Lord! "Stir them up like their father! And stir them up with the ire of David that they might go & fight for their little ones!" Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! Amen! Amen? (Family: Amen!) There's your commission, Son! Now get with it!

       A Warning from the Lord!
       80. Wait a minute! Just one more thing. When I was praying about this I got a Scripture, & it's a pretty severe warning to the entire Family. This is the Scripture I got, so it must be true. Do you believe it when I get the Word from the Lord? (Fam: Yes, Sir.) Now, there are lots of Scriptures like this. For example, "No man stirreth himself," & "In the day that ye call on Me with a whole heart, I will answer."
       81. But the verse I got is, "Yet a little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to sleep. So shall thy poverty come as one that travelleth."--Pro.6:10:11. We ought to know what that means! Your poverty is going to come like one that travelleth if you don't move fast enough, "And thy want as an armed man."
       82. If we keep on sleeping & slumbering & sitting on our hands, the Lord is not going to bless it. In fact, He is going to curse it & we are going to suffer for it. It's apt to cost you something if you don't do something about it.
       83. Of course, there's nothing worse than losing our children! We could be impoverished for sure by losing our kids. We could really suffer by letting these armed men get away with this!--And they were armed men, & they came & robbed us of our children! Maybe those people there were sleeping & slumbering & sitting on their hands. They certainly didn't seem to be prepared for it. What do you think?
       84. After two years of known investigation & observance & surveillance by the authorities in France, how come they hadn't done anything about it? (Fam: The majority of personnel in France had gone, but these were the stragglers.) Why were they stragglers? (Fam: These were the large families, & in some cases the husband or wife was in Eastern Europe & the family was staying in France.) Well, when they found out that they were under surveillance & with investigators all over the place, why didn't they stand up & do something about it then? I don't mean flee, but hit them before they hit us?
       85. It's impossible to win a defensive war! Look at what is happening in Bosnia & places like that!--Besides the fact that the World won't even let them have the weapons to fight! Think of it! Boy, the ACs are getting their God-damned way in every way possible.--Restraining the UN, restraining the U.S., restraining Britain, even France. Mitterrand has shown more concern about the Bosnians than he has our children. He went to Sarajevo in person & marched down the street. I've got to hand it to him for that!
       86. But the Bosnians have said, "Well, if you won't come & help us, at least take these God-damned arms boycotts off so we can get enough arms & armoured vehicles & tanks & trucks & armaments & ammunition to fight!" The Serbs got the whole Yugoslav national army & its equipment & uniforms & tanks & guns & ammunition & everything.--The ACs saw to that! So the Bosnians are far outnumbered, out-armed & outgunned, & their friends won't even come to their rescue!
       87. You know what hurts the most? You can understand when your enemies want to fight & kill you, but when your friends turn down your appeals for help & are willing to just let you die & suffer & get shot up & killed & wiped out when you beg for help, that's what hurts! I've got to give Germany credit, at least they've wanted to send in arms to the Bosnians, who are basically right on their border, but the UN won't let'm!
       88. I'll read this verse from Proverbs 6 to you one more time, because it's a warning: "Yet a little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to sleep: So shall thy poverty come as one that travelleth"--you don't make too much money travelling, you lose a lot of money.--"And thy want as an armed man." We got driven out & now we're being robbed of our children! Are we going to take it?--Or are we going to fight? Praise the Lord!

       Prayer for Our Ambassador!
       89. Now, Lord, be with our Ambassador. Keep him, lead him, give him Thy guidance. You said, "Ye shall hear a voice beside thee saying, This is the way, walk ye in it. In all thy ways acknowledge Him & He shall direct thy paths."--Isa.30:21; Pro.3:5,6. So, Lord, do it.
       90. Help him to be prayerful & to seek Thee. Help him not to do a thing on his own, but to pray & ask You to lead & guide him on what to do, who to talk to. Show him who of our people in France can really fight, & help him to get them stirred up to get out there & fight & not to give even these officials of other countries a minute's peace until they do something about their children!--Their country's children, Lord! Make them make it their issue, their cause.--The Canadians, the Americans, the Dutch, the British, the Spanish! They're their children!
       91. Help our people there to get stirred up about it & fight & not give those officials or judges or anybody a minute's peace until we've got our kids back! And then help them to get out of that God-damned cursed country, France, that is now having all kinds of trouble, which we believe is the result of the way they're treating our children. We have delivered our soul in France. And I believe, Lord, our folks will very honestly & righteously be able to leave that country & shake the dust of that country off their feet & curse it! (Mat.10:14,15.) And then, Lord, when You know we are stirred up, You are going to get stirred up, & You are going to sock it to them like we could never do it!
       92. So as I send this, Thy messenger, Lord, help him to be empowered, to be strengthened, to be set on fire as a flame, to kindle that tinder in France who have already been terribly treated, & get them to stand up & fight & hit the right officials & the right judges in the right places until they get those kids back! Make those authorities so miserable they'll want to cough them up like Jonah's fish!
       93. Be with him, Lord. Comfort him. This is a sudden surprise, but Lord, we're in an army, this is a war, & we need to always be prepared for sudden surprises & changes in tactics in the field of battle. And we are in it, Lord! And we need to fight it! Help him to really do something there & get things stirred up & do everything he can to get our children away from our wicked, evil, vicious enemies who are trying to deprogram them while they're in their possession!
       94. Bless him & keep him. Help him to be able to make his arrangements & get there as soon as possible to show that we are concerned, that we are praying & we are going to fight!--And that he is there to do something about it. Keep his own security, Lord. But help him to get them stirred up, the ones that are known in the battle already, to inspire them to get in there & fight it. Help him as he advises & counsels them on how to approach their embassies & legations, & to get the sympathy of the different nationalities!

       Go & Raise Hell!
       95. Do you remember that story I told you about my Grandfather? My old Aunt Amanda, his sister, said, "I'm tired, I can't teach your Sunday school class any more." So he went to her house & pled with her, "Those boys are going to Hell!" She said, "No, I'm sorry, I can't do it." So he got an inspired idea from the Lord & said, "Amanda, I saw some of your Sunday school boys going to the Methodist church this morning." She responded, "Give me my hat! I'm going to get over there right now!" She didn't care if they went to Hell, but she sure as Hell didn't want them going to a Methodist church!
       96. Now, if you can't get those embassy officials stirred up any other way, if they don't care if we go to Hell or we go to jail, they sure as Hell shouldn't want their own children of their own nationality unfairly treated, mistreated, brutalised by the French police, illegally & unjustly incarcerated, little children & toddlers ripped away from their parents!--And now they're sending them on jaunts & vacations so they won't even be able to be contacted! (Maria: And deprogramming them & neglecting their physical care.)
       97. All right! You know the battle cry, Son, & you've heard it from the General! Now you go there & carry it out & stir those people up & get'm fighting! Get those people on the ball & up & fighting mad!--And stay long enough to make sure they stay that way & that they accomplish something. Stay long enough to advise & counsel them if they need any more stimulation. Once you've fanned the fire, don't let it die out! Okay? (Fam: Yes, Sir!)
       98. What if Techi & David were in those institutions or System foster homes right now? Brother, if I went into a situation like that, I would absolutely raise Hell! Now you go there & raise Hell!--And set those guys on fire with these hell-fires our enemies are burning for us. Amen? (Fam: Yes, Sir!) All right! Git! Praise the Lord! And you can read my Letter to them. That verse the Lord gave was a warning of what is going to happen to us if we don't stand up & fight & start doing something about it. We are going to have poverty & be robbed of our kids! They're trying to crush us, that's what they want to do.--And that's what is going to happen to us if we don't stand up & fight!
       99. Okay, God bless you, Son! Amen, Lord Jesus, bless & keep him, he is Thy son, Thy property. Be with him. Give him wisdom in his travel arrangements & everything else, in Jesus' name. Thank You Lord! (Fam: I love you, Dad. Thank you.) God bless you, Son. We'll sure be praying for you. You keep in touch, Son! (Fam: Amen! Yes, Sir!)

       Final Instructions!
       100. If you need any reinforcements, let us know. If you've got to get ahold of some other lawyer, go ahead. Our lawyers need to get on the ball! Our kids are in the hands of these vile, slimy, slick serpents, & we want'm out!
       101. I'm sick & tired of them being in with those people. (Fam: Amen! Yes, Sir!) And I don't think we've done all we can do until we send you to get'm stirred up. And I don't think they've done all they can do until you stir'm up & set'm on fire to do it!--And not to give those other people a moment's peace, so they'll be glad to get rid of us!
       102. I love you, Son! I have faith in you. I believe you're going to stir them up & I believe it is going to accomplish something.--Because the Lord got me stirred up about it, & I got this Scripture: "A little more sleep, a little more slumber, a little more folding of the hands to sleep, & your poverty is going to come like one that travelleth, & your robbery like an armed man!" So don't let'm do it! Let's show'm we're awake! (Fam: Yes, Sir.) We're not sleeping & slumbering & folding our hands, we're going to do something about it, & get them to do something about it!
       103. Protect yourself, Son. Stay as long as you need to, until you get the job done. I love you. God bless you! Thank you, Son. We'll sure be praying for you! (And he did!)

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family