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THE WAR IN YUGOSLAVIA & THE FIRST 3-1/2 YEARS!       DO 2880       5/93

       1. THE NATIONS OF THE WORLD don't seem to be able to stop that war in Yugoslavia. The ACs don't want them to, because the Serbs, with the ACs' backing, are winning. Look at the influence they have!--Keeping Europe & America from doing anything about it! One commentator even said, "They don't want to stop the war! They want the Serbs to win & to get it over with as quick as possible."
       2. To show how these small conflicts can escalate into far greater wars, do you know what happened the last time a war began in Serbia? Do you know what war that was? The First World War. The Second World War began with Hitler's attack on Poland, & Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor brought the U.S. in. So Yugoslavia didn't figure quite so much into that, although the West finally backed Tito in Yugoslavia to get the country together more or less by force. But the First World War began in Serbia with Austria-Hungary & Serbia fighting first, & gradually involving France, Britain, Germany, etc.
       3. It began with an assassination, & those countries used it as an excuse to move in. I think Austria-Hungary moved in first to punish the Serbs for assassinating the Emperor's nephew, as I recall, & then each of the other countries joined in. I think Germany joined Austria-Hungary, & Britain, France & Russia jumped in to protect the Serbs, & it was just like dominoes. With this full-scale war going on there now, it's possible that the same kind of thing could happen again. If other European countries were to start joining in, it could easily escalate to a Europe-wide war, which is what the Europeans are scared to death of! That's why they haven't wanted the U.S. to get involved, for fear it might drag them in, & they are putting up a stone wall as far as U.S. interference.
       4. Since the ACs are behind the Serb invasion, & they don't seem to want America or Europe to get involved, maybe that's an indication that they're not quite ready yet to introduce their man--the Antichrist. Maybe they're waiting for a situation where it will look like he's the only solution, the only way to get things under control. Of course, if the U.S. and the rest of Europe did get involved & it were to blow up into a huge war that spread into the rest of Europe, that could provide the ACs with an ideal opportunity to introduce him. They could then promote him as the only one who can solve the war & the terrible recession-depression that's plaguing the World's economy.
       5. The Lord showed him to me in vision, I saw him! His back was to me, & he was storming back & forth, literally stomping across a room completely circled with all these [EDITED: "ACs"]. I suppose that's in Jerusalem, which they're making a World headquarters now. He was almost yelling & screaming, "You haven't done enough about those people & you've got to go after them! Stop them! They're revealing our secrets!" There's nothing the Enemy hates worse than for you to find out his secrets & publish them, & that's what we've been doing.
       6. He was raging, & I got that Scripture, "He's furious because he knows his time is short."--Rev.12:12. If the war in Yugoslavia were to get worse, it could be the ideal time for them to bring him on the scene & reveal him.--Or if not in this war, then another one? The Bible speaks of it as the "revelation" of the Antichrist, "then shall that Man of Sin be revealed."--2Th.2:3,8.
       7. It sounds like he's being kept in secret until he's revealed. I'm getting to the Biblical part & how it fits the picture that affects us. This war (or perhaps another one) could escalate to where it has to be solved by some strong leader that's firmer than Clinton, for example. Not long ago Clinton was all for immediately entering in & bombing Serbian artillery & supply lines & driving them out. But he met a stone wall in his European allies & they flatly refused & persuaded him not to. So he's wishy-washy. He makes a good decision one minute, but he's not a strong man.
       8. At least the dictators know what they want & what they're doing & they're able to get it. But Clinton says he's going to do one thing & then he doesn't. Then he's going to do another thing, & he doesn't do that either.--Which is just exactly as I pictured him, as a rather weak character. He talks big, but then he backs down.
       9. The ideal time for the ACs to reveal their man would be if things get worse in Yugoslavia, or war spreads over Europe, & it's in the middle of a depression when the World is in such bad shape that it can't make up its mind about anything. World leaders don't know what to do about the war or the depression or anything. There's uncertainty, confusion!
       10. They're totally confused! They don't know what to do & nobody wants to do anything. It's a perfect time to introduce the Antichrist.--A guy who is supernatural, who can do miracles & knows exactly what to do. He's got the fire & the force & the persuasion of Satan himself to literally drive people & force them to do what he wants them to do. The ACs are going to be ready for him & the World's going to be ready for him. They're going to be ready to introduce him when things get bad enough in Yugoslavia, or elsewhere, that they figure the World's going to accept him.

       Are We Already in the First 3-1/2 Years?
       11. From what I saw in my vision, it leads me to believe that he's already into his Seven-Year rule, & the Covenant has been signed in secret & he's already running things from behind the scenes!--Which would mean that we're already into the first 3-1/2 years, & the next sign we would be waiting for is his Revelation. And when that time comes & he's ready to be revealed & run the World, he's going to sit in the Temple claiming he's God, set up his Image & the Mark of the Beast & demand worship. That's when Jesus Himself said the Tribulation would begin.--Mat.24:15,21. Because then he's obviously ruling the World & demanding worship, offering the Mark of the Beast & imposing death on those who will not bow.
       12. Okay, let's suppose we are now in that first 3-1/2 years. What does the Bible tell us is coming next? (Fam: The breaking of the Covenant?) Yes, but I don't need all the details, just give me one big word that sums it up. (Fam: The Revelation of the Antichrist?) Yes, & this begins what? (Fam: The Tribulation.) The Tribulation! So what comes next after this 3-1/2 years we're in right now? What 3-1/2 years follow? (Fam: The Tribulation.) The Tribulation!
       13. I don't see how we could be in the second half of his reign, because he has to be revealed & set up his Image & sit in the Temple claiming he is God, demanding worship & the Mark of the Beast & killing everybody that won't follow. That's the Great Tribulation, & I can't see that that has started at all. Of course, some people are already having tribulation, & some people have had tribulation ever since the beginning of the World; especially Christians since the crucifixion of Christ.--But not the Great Tribulation & the specific time which is definitely predicted.
       14. Jesus said, "When ye therefore shall see the Abomination of Desolation spoken of by Daniel the Prophet, stand in the holy place ... then shall be Great Tribulation!"--Mat.24:15,21. And that is definitely the Beast setting up his Image. And of course there is also his "sitting in the Temple of God as God claiming he is God" (2Th.2:4), which is all very definite & Scriptural.
       15. The whole picture coincides no matter what Scripture you get it out of, that in order for the Tribulation to begin, he has to first be revealed. He has to set up the Abomination, the Image, & he has to establish the Mark of the Beast & start killing Christians & anybody who refuses to worship him. So I can't see that that has begun yet. He is not the World ruler now. He may be, but the World doesn't know it yet. He hasn't been revealed. The Scripture says, "Then shall the Man of Sin be revealed." Well, I can't see that he has been revealed yet. He's been revealed to us, but not to the World, & he hasn't done all those things the Bible indicates. So I can't see that the Tribulation has begun.
       16. But I could certainly see how the first 3-&-1/2 years of his reign could have begun, from the things we've seen & felt & suffered.--And from that vision I had of him ranting & raving before those ACs, yelling at them & asking them why hadn't they done something about us! We know that the ACs have really taken over & it certainly looks to me like it could be the first half of his reign that we're now in, & it's secret.
       17. From the looks of things, the Covenant could have been made more or less under the table. The Scripture doesn't make it clear as to whether that is revealed or not. I've often said that it could be a secret Covenant, we don't know whether it's going to be made public or not. Well, the way things have gone, it sure looks to me like they're already acting like it's in force, both he & the ACs.
       18. Things are going real fast!--The persecution against us & other small vocal religious groups. They're pressing hard & fast worldwide, obviously internationally, to eliminate the small new religious groups first, & the churches are cooperating with them on that. And then it won't take much to turn them from that to attack the televangelists, which they've already done. The cults & small religions are already being suppressed, & in a few cases even some of the major denominations are being attacked. I think this big exposé of Catholic priests' abuse of children & Sodomy is a part of their attack on the Catholic Church. They had to have something pretty serious to accuse them of to destroy people's confidence in their own church, & that's what they're trying to do, of course.
       19. What they did with Jimmy Bakker & Swaggart was not only to discredit them to the general public, but to undermine their own people's faith in them. And they've done a pretty good job of it, a horrible job of it! Imagine, they had the nerve to sentence Jimmy Bakker to 45 years in prison! Then the judge said that was ridiculous & reduced it to 18 years, & later he reduced it to 8 years. And now they're trying to get him off even before that for good behaviour, etc.
       20. So for all the above reasons & others, I have the feeling that we are now in the first half of the AC's reign! I may be wrong! Who knows, we might go on for years yet! But the Word is specific, you certainly can't deny that. Things are moving so fast with crime & gangs & Sodomites gathering by the hundreds of thousands in Washington to put pressure on the U.S. government. They're coming out in the open. They're having big parades everywhere & getting Sodomy laws repealed in country after country. Ugh, my God! How can things get much worse?--But they will, & it looks to me like it can't take much longer. Maybe the reason the Antichrist doesn't pay attention to the desire of women is because he is going to be a Sodomite himself, "a vile person," it says.--Dan.11:21,37.
       21. So I can believe it! I have the feeling that it's possible. And if this is true & we are in it, the question then is, how far in? Well, if the ACs are already running the World & controlling it, as they obviously are--both Europe & North America--& if we're already in it, it must have been going on for some time! And it's only supposed to be for 3-&-1/2 years, so how much longer do we have? As some of our people used to sing, "Oh my Lord, oh my Lord, how much longer?--Lord, how long can this go on?!"

* * *

       How a Situation Like Yugoslavia Could Develop into a Third World War!
       22. Since Tito's death, no government that was formed has been able to hold Yugoslavia together, & this is finally the breaking up of already broken-up Yugoslavia, with the Croats & Slovenians on one side & the Serbs on the other, the Bosnians getting it from both of them, with ancient enmity between all of them.--The same thing that was happening before World War 1.
       23. So now we have a situation in Yugoslavia that is in many respects similar to World War 1, & also in a way World War 2.--Only this time the Serbs have taken the dominant position, having been well-armed with massive amounts of armour & ammunition etc., & an already well-organised official army of Yugoslavia, & they're trying to grab all they can for a greater Serbia.
       24. And just like in World War 1, the situation there now has the potential to develop into a rivalry between the superpowers. Russia has been standing back for the moment & saying that they've got their own problems, although they've already sympathised with the Serbs. But if the U.S. attacks the Serbs, Russia still might decide to befriend & help the Serbs. Right now Russia sees it can't do much, but Russia still has some huge forces, armaments, ballistic missiles & everything else, & if they want to suddenly get organised against the Allied takeover of Yugoslavia, they've still got the means to do so.
       25. Russian intervention would make it a very serious situation. If Russia says, "Stop, we sympathise with the Serbs," & Russia starts supplying the Serbs with sympathy, arms, ammunition etc., that could once again divide Europe & start a Europe-wide war.--Which of course the U.S. always feels obligated to get into, as it has in the last two World Wars.
       26. Frankly, I think they would be surprised to see how quickly the Russians would come together in the face of an old antagonism, an old rivalry, & to see how much the Russians still have left to oppose them in what seems like a small, inconsequential situation.
       27. These powers never intend to get into a big war. It sounds just like every other war I ever heard of getting started. Britain & France don't want the U.S. to bomb Serbian bridges, gun emplacements & air fields etc., because this would put the Serbs at a great disadvantage & would probably make them stop their war. So in a way, Britain & France have really been the ones that have been stalling the action, letting the war take its course, letting the Serbs take over.--Although pretending to sympathise with the other side. There's so much lying & deceit going on amongst the World's nations, it's pitiful!
       28. So now Clinton has no doubt been besieged by calls for intervention, & criticism for not doing something. And even though he's got big economic problems & everything else at home, he's finding himself being forced to do something about the Yugoslav situation.
       29. And of course all wars are fought for pretended excuses & not the real reasons. The real reason is power play, with all these World powers wishing to grab that area. Why anybody would want it, I don't know! It's always been a tinderbox & a powder keg, that's what it's nicknamed. Ever since I can remember, in school & afterwards, the Balkans have always been a terrible hot potato to handle. Tito was the only one who could ever bring Yugoslavia together, & when he was gone, it fell apart.
       30. So this seemingly local situation could escalate into something far more serious, directly involving the great powers of the World. As Russia did before, it could step in & decide to dominate, which could bring conflict between Russia & the Western powers again.--Which could bring a new Strongman to the fore who could appeal to the Russians: "Forget the differences, let's get it together! Here's the West threatening us again." And there's nothing like war that seems to unite people & make them willing to make sacrifices to fight against a common foe. It's the Devil preparing the situation for Russia to rise again, the Beast from its mortal wound!--Rev.13:3,12. Communism could rise again! (Mama: Yes, it looks like it's on the way already, doesn't it?) Yes, under the dictatorship of the Antichrist, who will seem to work miracles & all the rest.--Rev.13:13,14.
       31. And if he wins then, as of course he will, he will insist on dominating the whole World. In the final analysis, he can quickly & easily dominate the Ten Kings of Europe, & that's what the Bible says. They join him & then they all stick together against the U.S.--Rev.17:12-14; 18:8-24. We know there is a war in which the Great Whore is destroyed because she refuses to join his forces. And of course we find later that also the Muslims, the Kings of the East, refuse to join. And although the U.S. is destroyed with atomic war according to the Bible, the Antichrist has his problems with the East & the Muslims etc.
       32. Things are working out exactly like the Bible predicted! The U.S. will be the first to dive in & get into the thick of the fray, particularly against a Russian-dominated Europe, which domination of at the moment seems difficult, if not impossible.
       33. But the Antichrist is the Devil & he will work miracles, & obviously it's very clear in the Bible that he comes to the fore with great power & he dominates Europe. They join his forces in opposition to the U.S., the Great Whore, with all her riches. So when that happens, North America will not be a very safe place to be!
       34. We faithfully went into Russia while it was open & we have given the Message to literally millions, & reaped a great harvest there already. It may not look like much, but it's great considering the previous situation. God is giving His last chance to the Russians before the Christians there are swept away by the Antichrist & his flood of propaganda from the mouth of the great Dragon against the Woman, the Church, & she is then put in the position of a fugitive & fleeing, a refugee from his forces.--Rev.12:13-15. In the long run that's how it affects the Church & churches & Christians & us. Are you getting the picture? (Mama: Yes.)
       35. North America will be in the forefront of opposition to the Beast. But the Ten Kings of Europe will join forces with him readily when they see his power. It's interesting to note that many commentators in the media still speak of Europe as the ten nations of Europe, because the others have not really joined. The Maastricht Treaty, an agreement that pledges the European Community to monetary as well as political union by the end of the century, has not yet been fully implemented, & Europe is not yet actually together. They're sort of slinking out of different parts of that treaty, chickening out & backing out, & it doesn't look like they're going to get it together at all. They've opened their borders a little more, but there's a lot of bickering & disagreement about other aspects of their union, & it's not happening very fast.--Possibly because the ACs are not ready for it to happen yet & they don't think the World's quite desperate enough to receive their man.
       36. (Mama: We know that the U.S. is going to oppose the Antichrist. Does this have something to do with the fact that there are so many Christians in that country? The ACs seem to have the upper hand now, but when the Christians wake up to what is going on, will they rebel against the ACs?) No, I think it will be too late for the Christians to make any substantial difference, just like it is right now. The U.S. is already too far gone!
       37. The ACs are the ones who are conniving to take over the World, & they will be the ones to introduce & side with the Antichrist at the beginning. In the U.S. they are dominating & have taken over, as well as in Israel. But after the Antichrist takes over the World, he'll discover that the ACs are beginning to break their side of the agreement & are beginning to oppose him. America's ACs will begin to oppose him. They turn on him, so he turns on them. Although they originally backed him, when they get stubborn & refuse to do things he wants to do, he turns on them & the U.S.
       38. So eventually he will turn against the ACs, & their World domination will be nothing--he will dominate! They will be persecuted, & Christians will be persecuted. And politically, Europe will dominate the World & destroy the Great Whore, Babylon. That's very clear in Bible prophecy & we've studied it before. As unlikely as it seems, that's what the Bible says!
       39. So it is now developing, & one scenario could be that the Lord might let it start in that unruly place, the Balkans. The World powers could clash with each other there just as they've done before, & out of that could develop the New World Order. Joining with the Man of Sin, the Antichrist, Europe would be on his side & therefore would win. So in spite of the fact that it's dominated by the Antichrist, at least it will not be destroyed & will last longer than North America.
       40. The situation that's developing is a typical pre-war situation, typical of both previous World Wars. There has to be another World War which is between the nations in order to lift the Antichrist into power. And there has to be another war between the nations of Europe & North America. The Lord will show us more as things progress, I'm sure.
       (Since these events, Europe has again persuaded Clinton not only not to act, but to agree to let the Serbs win!--No doubt AC influence at work as usual!--To smooth the path of the Man to come soon? Get ready to move with the Wave! God bless you!--Amen? We love you!--D.)

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