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NEWS NUGGETS!--World Currents No.67!       DO 2882       Comp.8/93

       Israeli Attack on Lebanon!
       1. THE ISRAELIS GOT A FEW LITTLE ROCKET attacks in Northern Israel, & they retaliated with 5,000 bombs a day & displaced half-a-million people in Southern Lebanon! Of course, the [EDITED: "Israelis"] are never held accountable for anything! Anybody attacking them, even in self-defence, is forced to be held accountable. The Israelis are calling this attack on Lebanon "Operation Accountability."

       U.S. Attack on Iraq!
       2. I wouldn't put it past Clinton to have made that last missile attack on Iraq just to distract attention from Waco.
* * *

       3. The U.S. will never make peace with Iraq as long as Israel is around! Israel is the one who wants Iraq destroyed, & the U.S. will do whatever the ACs tell them to do, as they always have. The U.S. is not going to listen to Iraq as long as there's an AC around!
* * *

       4. Everyone knows Israel has atomic bombs, they know Israel has missiles. Why isn't someone complaining about Israel & her armaments? Why only about Iraq?--The ACs!
* * *

       5. The ACs are doing everything they can to wreck Iraq--its government, its country & its people. Why continue to impose sanctions, they've defeated the poor nation! Now they're trying to break its back economically. I think the ACs would like to see them all dead. The UN is deliberately making the people suffer, hoping they'll overthrow Saddam. Talk about cruelty! It's obvious that the Antichrist is already running the World. Despite all the talk of "Peace, peace," there's nothing but destruction!--Jer.6:14.

       Serb War!
       6. I think the AC media is using a few news commentators coming out strongly against the Serbs just to test the public, just to see how far they can go. They're constantly testing public opinion, publishing further atrocities committed by the Serbs, & when they see that the public is horrified but inactive, the Serbs continue to inch ahead. It's all interlocked & connected.
       7. Both the Serbs, the ACs & the AC-controlled media keep pushing a little harder & a little further, taking a little more each time to see how much they can get away with. I'm sure most of the good people of the U.S. are horrified at what's going on. So whenever the U.S. threatens to do something about it, the media pretends to sympathise & the Serbs pretend to hold back or slow down.--Total lies & deception! They'll pause, that's all, just pause. And just as soon as the heat wears off & the U.S. backs down again & does nothing, then the Serbs proceed slowly & quietly as far as they can get away with.
       8. It's just exactly the same way the ACs are taking over the World, no doubt under the Antichrist's direction. He is just nibbling off a little bit more & a little bit more, as much as the World will tolerate. If he finds he can make a big move--like the Serbian invasion to take over Yugoslavia--then he does it. Then if the U.S. gets mad & threatens retaliation, they slow down; but they never stop! They will never stop until they have put the Antichrist on their throne!--And at the rate they're going now, it won't take long!
* * *

       9. Clinton could stop a war like the one in Yugoslavia, but the ACs won't let him. People all around the World have seen the horrible, terrible pictures of the war on their TVs, & God is going to hold them responsible!
* * *

       10. Stall, stall, stall! What do you bet the Serbs will get what they've grabbed & that they'll finally win?--Because the ACs always get what they want! The only kind of pressure they understand is guns, shells & bombs!
* * *

       11. Forgive no, forget no, remember yes, & get even!--That's the Jewish slogan! [DELETED]
* * *

       12. The Serbs & the ACs have done their best to win & are in top position now--almost an irreversible position! The UN fooling around so long, & particularly the U.S. not making up its mind what to do for so long, has given the Serbs the chance to get on top, along with Russian help.
       13. The Serbs are just getting whatever they want! They've got the whole so-called peace process stymied. The war in Yugoslavia proves to the World that crime pays, aggression pays! And it is certainly showing the absolute inability of Europe to solve its own problems. The U.S. wants to be the policeman of the World, but can't stop one little war!

       Prayer Against Clinton!
       14. I always thought Clinton was a weak character. Sock it to him, Lord, for backing the queers, backing the baby-killers & killing the Davidians!

       God's Judgements on the U.S.!
       15. The Americans blowtorched the Davidians, so now the Lord is giving them a deadly heat wave! They displaced David Koresh, now God's displacing them with these floods! They're calling it the "Flood of '93" & the "Heat Wave of '93"--people dead because of the heat & the floods.--The hottest Summer there in years! And a lot of Americans realise that these disasters are God's judgement! This fact is even statistically supported by an actual poll that was taken.
* * *

       16. Lord, help the poor people along the Mississippi River who deserve help. There must be an awful lot of people there who need a spanking, but help Thy people especially, Lord.

       Bread & Games!
       17. Most Americans don't care what happens to the next generation or the country. All they're concerned about is themselves right now, & having their fun & getting what they think is their fair share, & to hell with tomorrow! They don't care if the government borrows a lot of money, just as long as it keeps them happy.--Like the Romans who shouted, "Bread & games!" & went to Hell! They're not going to be able to escape the judgements of God for their sins!

       Shaven Heads--Sign of the End!
       18. More women are getting their heads shaved! It's a sign in the Bible of the Endtime. (See Isaiah 3:24.)

       19. The Devil causes many diseases, so of course he can heal them.--Which is why so many quacks & false healers & phony religions can heal!
* * *

       20. It's crazy to think the pharmaceutical companies are going to do an effective job of spending billions for research into finding cures for deadly diseases. If they found cures for them, their pharmaceuticals wouldn't be needed!
       21. The pharmaceutical business is a rotten business!--The medicine men! Pharmaceutical companies are getting phenomenally rich over the gullibility of the sick who buy medicine after medicine, trying to find something that will help them.

       22. The abortionists are coming out in the open now & are very openly anti-God & anti-religion. What a clever thing to use the word "abort" instead of using the right word--"kill"! Isn't that the Devil's wording? And they use "pro-choice" instead of "pro-abortion" or "pro-killing."
* * *

       23. One reason the ACs are pro-choice & for abortion is because they're in it for the money. Some doctors make a fortune on abortions!--There are so many & it's easier! It's the "slaughter of the innocents!" (See Jer.2:34,35; Psa.106:38.) (Editor: In the U.S. alone, where some 1.5 million abortions take place every year, at an average cost of $300 each, abortions are an annual $500 million industry!)

       Criminals, Sodomites & the Mosaic Law!
       24. There are some criminals who actually hope they'll get shot by the cops! They're so tired of the lives they've been living & the drugs & the degradation & everything else, they're sick of it. They haven't got the nerve to kill themselves, so they hope the cops will shoot'm.--And they do get shot all the time. But then the people blame it on the police & the police always get in trouble. The police are out there in almost the toughest job there is to do today, yet they're always getting blamed for everything! If they get mad & whip some guy & beat him up--which he probably deserved--then they're going to put'm through court, & put'm through court again & try'm again!
       25. If the State didn't do the job, the Federal government takes it over & does the job.--Federal liberals who want to save the criminals, & to Hell with the cops!--Who want to save all the drug addicts & the criminals & turn'm all loose if they'll promise to be good.--Like the Rodney King case! The State decision didn't satisfy the mobs, so the Feds retried the case & made a decision more appeasing to the [EDITED: "minorities"] & Liberals.
       26. Well, that isn't exactly the way the Mosaic Law reads! That isn't exactly the way God made the standard law which was to be abided by & kept! He says, "This is the way to treat that kind of people, if you want to save your culture, your civilisation, your nation, your country or your city!" His Law was very strict on law-breakers.
       27. You don't hear of Jewish society even having many criminals in those days, when you got stoned to death for being a Sodomite! I hate those words "gay" or "homosexual," they're such a cover-up! Why the Hell don't the Christians come out with the right word that's used in the Bible, so people will understand. Use the Word of God! Use the Bible! Tell them what the Bible says ought to be done with them!--Instead of recognising'm & making them pastors of churches, marrying'm & giving them all the benefits of welfare, even electing them as government officials! [DELETED] Men now love themselves! (Rom.1:24-32.)
       28. "[DELETED] Those poor dear little homosexuals, they can't help it. They need our sympathy!" And they make heroes out of them to solicit your sympathy & to get more money donated for AIDS than for cancer! God help us! We're in a generation, a World that is as bad & getting worse than as it was in the "days of Noah."--Mat.24:37. "So shall it be!" It will get worse & worse!

       The U.S. Has Been Taken Over by Crime!
       29. America fiddles while the World burns! The U.S. has been taken over by crime. Even Wichita, Kansas, in the mid-U.S., has 90 gangs! Drive-by shootings have become common!
       30. What's going on today is almost like a look into the future, you hardly can believe it's all happening! The World's really going to pot. The Antichrist is taking over. It's the Antichrist System already!

       U.S. Slaves to AC!
       31. The U.S. is already wearing the yoke, already slaves to the antichrists! Like John said, "There are many antichrists."--1Jn.2:18.
       32. Someone in the U.S. asked about the proper interpretation of the U.S. taking the yoke of Babylon upon itself & yielding to the takeover. I wrote back: "The U.S. is doing this right now under the [EDITED: "ACs"]!--And it's saving them now.--But it will eventually crush them!--When they turn on him."

       The Jews!
       33. The Jews believe, contrary to the Bible, that the women should be superior. Every Jewish family is a matriarchy; the woman's the boss, & that even happens in politics.
* * *

[EDITED: "The U.S. State Department"]
       34. The U.S. State Department has been controlled by the [EDITED: "ACs"] ever since I was young. That way they're able to get their way in international affairs & import oodles of [DELETED] immigrants.
* * *

[EDITED: "The ACs"]
       35. The [EDITED: "ACs"] are actually racists [DELETED]!--And they're also "erasists"--they're erasing the Truth! They're determined that what happened to them once will never happen to them again, & it probably won't until their Supreme Lord takes over & the Devil turns on them!
* * *

       36. The [EDITED: "ACs"] had to survive so that they can someday rule the World!
* * *

       37. The humanist organisations are almost entirely [EDITED: "ACs"], or at least they started out that way. They're the ones that fought me in Miami when I got up in the School Board meeting & blasted evolution. Humanism is the political religion of the [EDITED: "ACs"].
* * *

[EDITED: "Zionism and the Israel"]
       38. The UN General Assembly passed a resolution that "Zionism is Racism," & it stood for about 16 years. That was one of the few victories the enemies of Israel ever had in the UN. The Jews say it was all the Arabs' doing, because the Arabs had the majority vote at the time, along with the Communists. But then the Jews finally mounted a huge drive against the resolution & knocked it out, got it repealed.

       John Demjanjuk Found Not Guilty!
       39. Demjanjuk was finally found not guilty!--For now! But he won't be safe until he gets out of Israel, that's for sure! God bless him! I prayed for him. (Maria: I guess the Israelis wanted to get somebody in order to have a scapegoat.) Anybody! And they had big show trials, supposedly proving he was guilty. It was just Jewish spite. They had Jews who were in the concentration camps coming up to testify, claiming that he was their persecutor & all that bull!--When it turns out he was never even in that camp! (Will he ever get loose?)
       40. Imagine Israel keeping him in jail for seven years, & undoubtedly torturing him during that time, & then declaring him "not guilty"! That's typical of the Jews! They wanted him to suffer even if they couldn't convict him.

       Smart Israelis!
       41. This great Jewish financier said the Israelis are smarter than the Japanese & the Americans put together! I don't doubt it! They've completely fooled the Americans, & now they're busy trying to fool the Japanese. They can easily outperform both of them in science & business.

       Political Cartoon!
       42. Some of these politicians remind me of that cartoon by Laban where a whole bunch of leaders are sitting around a table shaking hands, but under the table they all have guns out, ready to attack each other! (See ML#289, "More War!")

       AC Conspiracy!
       43. In one generation America has become anti-religious, & the ACs have done it!
* * *

       44. The ACs have got the whole World in debt slavery--whole governments, whole continents! They've got the whole World all tied up with huge deficits owed to their banks!
       45. They'll probably be calling this worldwide depression a recession until the Antichrist takes over, & then he'll probably be calling his program a "recovery."
* * *

       46. The ACs are so smart! They know what they want & they organise to get it. They don't care how long it takes. They never quit!
* * *

       47. The ACs love to tear down everything that is wholesome & pure. Now they're even debunking Walt Disney & telling all kinds of evil tales about him. J. Edgar Hoover used to be a hero, but they tore him down too. They're making villains out of a lot of the old heroes. Even Christopher Columbus is now being portrayed as an evil, greedy, bloodthirsty explorer in a lot of the textbooks today. Boy oh boy, the ACs are even condemning dead people who can't defend themselves!--Calling "the good evil & the evil good."--Isa.5:20.
       48. They've turned everything around, upside-down & inside-out!--Ugly is beautiful & beautiful is ugly; bad is good & good is bad. They're absolutely diabolical! According to them, all the old heroes are vicious villains. Those heroes were mostly Christians, of course, & now Christians are already getting to be the villains according to the AC media.
       49. The ACs' whole object is to destroy the World under the rulership of Satan--the Antichrist!--The whole idea being to teach that all good is evil, & all evil is good! It's diabolical, Satanic!
* * *

       50. The U.N. is obviously dominated by the ACs! The ACs are so fitted to World takeover. They're in every country, they speak every language, & they rule in every area. They can turn the tide & the sentiment & the attention of the World whichever way they want it to go! Satan blesses his own!
* * *

       51. I wonder if people in high places, presidents, etc., know what's going to happen? Maybe some even know the Antichrist personally & know how he's going to engineer his takeover!
* * *

       52. Some of these ACs must be possessed by real archangels of Satan! They couldn't have such talent & such genius without demon-possession!

       Man versus Machines!
       53. The World is coming to a point economically which was predicted many years ago, that machines & electronics were going to put a lot of people out of work.--Man versus machines! It's now happening & there's no way to put a lot of unemployed people back to work, because machinery & electronics have taken their places. They're trying to make all kinds of excuses for it, but they're admitting they can't put everyone back to work--the point being there's no work for them because the machines have taken their place!

       Extravagant British Royal Family
       54. I think Great Britain would be better off without the royal family. The Queen is the richest woman in the World, worth an estimated 10 billion Dollars--which all came from taxes & the poor! If they'd get rid of the royal family they'd save millions of Dollars a year. The royal family is just a big pride trip! "We've got a queen!"--blah, blah! Everything about the government is called the queen's this & the queen's that, the queen's court, the throne speech & blah, blah! They're nuts over that royalty business. It's downright ridiculous! They'd save a lot of money without it.
       55. The royals have all got huge castles with thousands of acres around them that the poor farmers could have, & great forests of hunting preserves just for their fox hunts & things like that. They're living like kings & queens, all right! They've got Winter castles, Summer castles, Fall castles & Spring castles!

       Professional Sports!
       56. Professional sports are just silly little games that big boys play! People just worship these sports idols. It's blasphemous!
* * *

       57. It's violence that gets played up on the playing field in sports. A study in the U.S. reports a great increase in domestic violence on "Superbowl Sunday," when most American males are parked in front of their TVs watching the biggest football game of the year. American football is about as rough as you can get, so the people who watch it get violent too. It's an example of violence begetting violence.

       Strange Nerve Disease in Cuba!
       58. Cuba is having a strange epidemic of a nerve disease that has affected about 25,000 people so far! I wouldn't put it past the U.S. to commit some kind of atrocity like chemical warfare to get rid of Castro. This doctor, a Nobel laureate in medicine, said, "It's a very strange thing, like nothing I've ever seen before. Victims suffer disruption of their sight, muscle disorders, problems of coordination & cramps." It sounds just like those nerve gases that the U.S. is working on! Wouldn't that be a dirty trick to play on poor Castro & the Cubans? The U.S. probably feels that the people still there backing Castro deserve it. After all, the U.S. needs somebody to experiment on & groups of people who can be their guinea pigs. The same type of phenomenon is happening with some native American Indians in Arizona.

       "I Was Drunk, Your Honour!"
       59. In the U.S. or Britain, a young boy who got drunk, & knifed to death his aunt & his brother & his uncle, was acquitted on the grounds that he was not responsible because he was drunk! That makes drunkenness a legitimate defence even for killing someone!

       Child Abuse: The Devil on the Rampage!
       60. It's the Devil's business to try to take the children away from their parents & to give them over to the State, to the Satanic system! Compulsory public school education was the first step, & that's almost 100 years old now. Now the Devil is trying to get rid of discipline too! If you spank your kids, or if a teacher disciplines his students, they're branded as an "abuser."
       61. When I was teaching school in California, it was already a law there that you could not corporally punish any child in either public or private school unless you had written permission from the parents. Do you know what they'd do now if a teacher spanked a child? The teacher would get thrown in jail, & the parents would too, for permitting it!
       62. Not only that, it's gotten to the point that almost any kind of physical contact between adults & children is looked on with suspicion by the authorities. The Devil is trying to destroy all affection, & therefore all love through this. It's an absolute attack of the Devil on families!
       63. It's a tidal wave! The Devil is on the rampage to take the children away from the parents & get the parents thrown in jail. It's a raging fire storm!
* * *

       64. The ACs rule the roost, they rule the media, & they are determined to use child abuse allegations as their strongest weapon.--Child abuse of any kind, whether it be physical, sexual, educational, medical, psychological, etc. They've got everything covered. Under Child Protection laws they can call for immediate action, raid your home, take your kids away, & you've got to try to prove you're innocent! You're guilty until proven innocent.
       65. If children are really being abused, it must be stopped, but the problem is that they're using these laws to go after people who are innocent of any abuse. They make false charges against Christians & home-schoolers & other folks that are even the least bit anti-System, & they wind up accusing thousands upon thousands of innocent parents like us of child abuse!

       The Muslims!
       66. Mohammed was a true man of God, even though many of his followers went astray. Boy, look at the problems the Muslims had in ages past. We haven't had any compared to what they had! And yet the Lord brought them through & they survived, & they went on to almost conquer the whole World. But the Lord stopped them when they got far enough. He didn't want them to completely conquer Christianity.
       67. Mohammed himself took a position of peace & extended the hand of peace toward both the Jews & the Christians. Of course, sad to say, they both refused it. Neither religion is very tolerant of Muslims now, although the Christians are a little more accepting than the Jews are. Many Jews attack them viciously, both in Israel & elsewhere. [DELETED]
       68. Thank You, Lord, that the Muslims are going to have enough faith & guts & conviction to oppose the Antichrist--the [DELETED] Antichrist--who will also be backed by many so-called Christians. Bless the Muslims, Lord, & have Thy way in helping us to make friends, in Jesus' name, amen!

       Messed Up World!
       69. They talk about Somalia not having a government, when the World is almost without government. The World is really a mess! It'll take a real genius to mop it up. The Lord sure messed them up when He mixed up the languages at the Tower of Babel, but if He hadn't, there would have been a World dictator a lot sooner.

       The Happy Ending!
       70. Just think, World history is going to end with us!

       Getting Rid of the Garbage!
       71. The Lord made everything of importance capable of replenishing itself. Nearly everything Man has made is dead & will not replace itself. God's Creation is a living creation, & all of Man's creations are dead creations. Then Man has to figure out how to get rid of'm. The World is burying itself in nondegradable trash, stuff like plastics that won't decay! So it's going to be a major problem, & already is a major problem in many cities. Environmentalists are begging the cities to learn how to recycle their garbage. They call it "recovering & recycling."

       Elvis & the Last of the Beautiful Music!
       (While watching a documentary of Elvis' shows:)
       72. Just think of what beautiful music they used to have, & it's all gone in one generation! That's the music that used to be popular, beautiful music! Just think, only 30 years ago, that was the last of the beautiful music! Most of the music was beautiful through the '50s & into the '60s. I was still on the road then & the most popular music was still beautiful.
       73. It just seems almost impossible it could have passed away so soon & become so ugly & violent & demonic in only one generation! Even Elvis Presley's music was beautiful compared to the music of today; yet because he was kind of sexy, the parents disapproved. But the kids loved it, & I liked it too. A lot of his music was very slow & sad & beautiful, but the rest of it was very lively, light & sexy. But it's all passed away in one generation!
       74. This is the generation the Devil has really picked on to destroy, & through whom he's going to try to destroy the Earth & Christians! Beautiful music is no longer popular. Death & ugliness & violence are more popular now. This is the damned generation! Beauty was popular then, now ugliness is popular.
       75. The Lord gave Elvis Presley to that generation to keep them from something worse. Even though parents didn't like his gyrations, which were a bit sexual, his music was good & sweet. I'm sure God has had His way to give them a choice, & this generation has made the wrong choice for ugly, demonic music!
       76. Elvis was really inspired! His songs are beautiful, they're angelic compared to the songs of today! I believe it was the Lord that made his music popular. Some people just brush him off as inconsequential, but I think he was really God-sent for that generation, the last chance for the youth of that generation to appreciate good music before the really Satanic, demonic music came along!
       77. Compared to the new Satanic, demonic horror music, Elvis' music is beautiful! (Maria: I wonder what side he's on now & who he's helping in the Spirit World?) Oh, the Lord's side of course, Honey! I believe the boy was saved & loved the Lord. He even gave a million Dollars to build a church in Memphis!
       78. I think it was the power of God that inspired him! I think he was really Spirit-inspired to try to capture that last generation before they went into the Satanic, demonic noise of today. It was God's way of trying to bless him. I really think he tried to save that generation before drugs took them, & even took him. A man with that much emotion & terrific inspiration, he just couldn't live long in that kind of business.
       79. Thank You, Lord, that You took him & spared him from the evil to come. Bless him, Lord! I'm sure You have. You took him Home to Heaven when he couldn't stand it any more, when it was just too big a job, too big a responsibility. Thank You, Jesus, that You took him when it just got to be too big a job.
       80. He was like a prophet!--Like a prophet of his time when the youth of his time heard him & they believed it. (Tongues:) "Bless this one who tried his best to lead My children in the right way." Thank You Jesus that You took him. He did his part. Thank You Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You, Lord, that he's gone to his reward! He did the best he could to keep that generation. He tried, I really believe it. Thank You Lord!
       81. (Maria: Do you think he knew what he was doing?) I don't know, but certainly the Lord knew what He was doing! Surely he must have felt it. He kept that generation from going into the evil, Satanic wickedness of the music that was to follow. Thank God! In a sense he saved them from the horrors of hard rock of the next generation.
       82. Bless him, Lord--& You have! You took him. Thank You Jesus! Hallelujah! He's probably doing his best from the Other Side to try to save this generation from this horrible, horrible music they have today.
       83. He just couldn't take it any more. His music was so mild, so beautiful. During his time, the parents & churches thought he was demonic, but I think his music was beautiful. It's so much better than the demonic music of today. I don't care how sexy people say it was, it's not demonic & perverted like the music of today.
       84. He was anointed! He was really anointed to try to save that last generation. You did it, Lord, You inspired him. He was Your tool, Lord! I really believe it, Honey, that Elvis was the tool the Lord used to try to save that generation before the Satanic, God-damned music that followed!
       85. I guess his music is not as popular any more because it's too slow & sweet to suit some people. Well, some of it was very fast & had a lot of rhythm, like, "Don't Step on My Blue Suede Shoes!"
       86. Amen. Thank You Lord, he's happy now! Thank You Jesus! He's out of the suffering of this World. He suffered a lot. It's a hard life & most musicians die young. Their producers push them & schedule concert after concert until they're just exhausted.
       87. (Techi: He was 42 when he died.) Yes, he lived from 1935 to 1977. He tried to make a comeback when he was up near 40, but he'd gotten rather fat & the audiences almost laughed at him because he looked so different & he wasn't so handsome any more. I think he was ashamed of the way he looked, & he couldn't play & sing as well any more either. I think he just got real discouraged & took to drugs & then died.
       88. Thank You Lord! Hallelujah! "This is the voice that speaks with love to your father, David." He does have a loving voice when he sings songs like that "Memories" song of his! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Amen, Lord. Thank you, Elvis! Thank you for doing what good you could do. Thank you for stalling off the age of hard rock by singing sweet songs.--In Jesus' name, amen! God bless you ALL with good music!--Our music!

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