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THE FIGHT IS ON!       DO 2885       8/93

       (The following Letter was written before the backslider-inspired police raids in Argentina, but the principles Dad brings out here can apply to Argentina, as well as to any other persecutions around the World!)

       1. IT'S GETTING TO BE JUST LIKE IT WAS in the horrors of the Inquisition! Did you know that the exact same thing is being done to other families of other small religions in France as was just done to us? It's horrible! Those Christian Bible Church families in France were treated even worse than we were! (See Persecution Endtime News No.1, a new pub!) And they don't seem to have any vibrant leadership that knows what to do about it or how to fight it. They don't have the facilities for disseminating information that we have. They don't have the worldwide Family that we have! They're just poor, lonesome people who are getting horribly persecuted. The state has kept their kids in custody now since February 10th, & the parents don't even know where they are! Horrors!
       2. Two of the mothers were even imprisoned for five weeks on charges of assault & battery, because they resisted arrest & resisted the authorities taking their kids. They let the rest of the parents go, knowing they're suffering enough if the authorities have got their kids. It's a new kind of torture! Well, it's not exactly new, because evil men have done this as far back as Babylon! Every great dictator has tried to separate kids from their parents. East German authorities used this horrific method of seizing children of dissidents & having "loyal Communists" adopt them as a way to stifle dissent! It's vicious, horrible & cruel!
       3. France is a horror pit of anti-Christ deviltry! They're persecuting the parents & trying to woo the children away. God damn France, Lord! God damn them, in Jesus' name! Give'm Hell! Give them trouble! Give tribulation to those who trouble us & Thy children!--Any of Thy children! (2Th.1:6-8.) God damn them! Frighten them, Lord! Dash them, in Jesus' name! Send them to Hell! (The French Franc has taken a nosedive!) Let Thy people go! Rebuke the oppressors! Persecute the persecutors! Amen!
       4. What cowards ADFI are, picking on little tiny defenseless groups & weak parents & children. It's pitiful! God damn them, Lord! You're going to really sock it to them! Liberate the children from those people, after You've taught them to be strong. Make it a testimony & witness against their persecutors!
       5. Their enemies used exactly the same tactics against them as they did with us: First they poison the minds of the police so they think we--along with other little groups similar to us--are the worst people on Earth, & then they get some judge to sign a warrant. Then come the early morning raids, brutalisation, separation of children, & finally putting them in foster homes & institutions completely out of communication with their parents.
       6. But those poor people didn't even put up a fight! Apparently they hadn't even gotten lawyers, & they haven't gotten their kids back yet either! The kids have been in state re-education centres for six months now! The judge presiding over their case went on vacation five days after the children were taken, & then upon her return she supposedly had a nervous breakdown! So their case was left in limbo & nobody could do anything about it! They apparently aren't smart enough or didn't have the funds to get lawyers. They're not active fighters like we are.
       7. We are getting to be the ones who are leading the fight against these anti-Christ persecutors, & I am determined to do it! What these other groups need is leadership! They need somebody to help them & get the lawyers & fight! They're not doing anything! They haven't done a thing except to keep going back to the court, asking, "How are our children? Where are they? When do we get them back?"--Pleading with the officials to no avail. Three of them are foreigners & the rest are French citizens.
       8. The System in that place is dirty! France is a dirty country! They are a vicious country!--A headquarters of anti-Christ activity! We're finding out now that these poor Baptist Christians first fled Romania, the worst of all the Communist persecutors, & came to France.--Out of the frying pan into the fire! I think one family in particular must have been Jewish converts, or they never would have been after them so viciously! They fled Romania before it was liberated, & went to France expecting freedom. What's the French slogan? (Fam: "Liberty, equality, fraternity.") But instead they got worse persecution in France than they had before under the Communists in Romania!
       9. Those poor people don't know how to put up a fight! They don't seem to have any lawyers, they're just going to the court themselves asking about the children. A few days after being placed in custody, one girl escaped & told them that the authorities were deliberately trying to brainwash them & pollute them & do everything they could to them. One child is only two years old! I mean, it's horrors! The Tribulation has begun!--Not officially, the Antichrist has not yet been revealed, but they're using Tribulation tactics!

       We Are Leaders in the Fight!
       10. We have got to do something to help these people! We've got to unite these groups! We've got to awaken the Christians & the churches to what is happening! They are deaf, dumb, blind & asleep! "A little sleep, a little slumber, a little more folding of the hands"--& they're going to be gone too! (Pro.6:10,11.)
       11. I'm fired up to do something about it! Some of the bigger, older religious groups are not getting persecution quite yet, but they have gotten it in years past. The Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses & the Seventh-day Adventists were hounded & massacred! But they finally fought & stood up & held their ground & survived. And now, although they're not accepted by the mainline churches, they're at least tolerated. The government has finally given up fighting them because the mainline churches have given up fighting them--except they vilify them all the time.
       12. But these little groups, like this little group of Christian fundamentalists in France, are now getting exactly the same treatment--or worse--& don't know how to fight it! We're going to have to spearhead the fight! (Dad bursts out in tongues!) "Your father is a fighter & King David will lead you in the war!" Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord!
       13. The Lord is making us the leaders of the opposition against the Antichrist! The Lord is using us to unite His people, other Christians, even other persecuted people that aren't yet His people--or maybe they are already, the Lord knows--in the fight against these evil, vicious, devilish AC forces!
       14. I cursed them last night! I said, "Remove them, Lord! Wipe'm out! Crush'm! Send'm to Hell!" I'm not the kind of person that just takes it, you ought to know! And if you want to work under me, you're going to have to be a fighter, & we've got to help unite these groups in the fight!
       15. We are doing the best in demonstrations, protests, pubs, packets, Statements, everything! We are reaching top-notch people, & we are recruiting lawyers who are willing to fight for us, some even pro bono--free, in other words. We are waking up the politicians! We are showing our fight in front of the French embassies, & they hate us! And don't tell me our enemies are not going to fight back! They're going to do everything they can to plot against us worldwide! They're not going to give up. They're going to be all the madder & try to hit us somewhere else! (And as you have seen, they hit back with fury in the kidnapping of our children in Argentina & an unprecedented worldwide smear campaign!)
       16. We have to make our persecution an international issue & get Christians awake & together to fight all over the World! Obviously the Lord seems to have appointed us, & I think that's been confirmed in a lot of prophecies, that we will be leaders who will unite others in the fight against the anti-Christ forces. (Dan.11:33) And that means I have to get you guys stirred up! (Fam: Amen!)

       The New Persecution Endtime News!
       17. We should be publishing those people's stories right now as well! I want to get out the persecution news, & I want to publish all these stories in full about what's happening to us & the other groups, & to awaken the Christians! Let's get it out to the Christians & the churches & everywhere!--Politicians, lawyers, diplomats, organisations. We are good pubbers! We know how to write it & publish it & get it out to the whole World!--And we have got to do it now!
       18. We need an international publication of {\ul \i Persecution Endtime News} for the GP to awaken the churches & the Christians & the World to what's going on! Every page we publish has got to be fighting news! It's got to be news to stir up the fighters & get them united to carry this battle into a war--a worldwide war against evil!

       Squelching the News!
       19. They tried to keep the news about their raids on us quiet in France. They put a muzzle on the news to where they refused to print our side of the story. "Don't pub it, whitewash it, put the quitus on. Squelch it! Squash it!" I'm sure that's the word that went out. And they tried to put a muzzle on us so we wouldn't get it out even to the media elsewhere. But it leaked! And by the time the French Family held their Press Conference, & our children were released by the Judge, some of the media started realising we were news, & published our side of the story, thank the Lord! So the Lord gave us the victory anyway.
       20. Look what they've done to Waco! How much do you hear about Waco any more on the international media, CNN or any other network? Where do you hear about Waco? The only thing you ever hear about Waco is how brave & courageous the Federal agents were, how they laid down their lives as martyrs in the course of duty, all pro-government stuff! And you hear about the big memorial services they have glorifying the government agents who died--the murderers! Did you know that some of those Federal agents who died at Waco were former Clinton bodyguards? Don't tell me Clinton didn't have anything to do with it!

       Little Groups Under Attack First!
       21. We are in a fight that's going to be worldwide, & is already, with us & other little groups like us being attacked! They're attacking all the little religious groups first because they figure they're going to be pushovers. Well, they're finding out all of a sudden that we're not the pushover they thought we were going to be! In fact, we're publicising their dirty deeds & exposing them & bringing the fight to worldwide attention! I think they're absolutely shocked & almost stunned, set back on their heels that they are getting the brunt of it instead!--And they are getting exposed!
       22. And who is going to carry on the fight? Who is uniting the Christians? Who is going & visiting all of these various persecuted groups & sympathising with them & encouraging them to fight? Who's saying to the larger Christian groups, "We're getting it now, but you'll be next!" In France alone ADFI has a long "hit list" of over 200 groups that they're out to destroy! And in the U.S., CAN has a long hit list of religious organisations that they have targeted as being dangerous to society & that they think should be put out of action, like Waco! So we're not the only ones, we're just some of the first.

       Uniting the Persecuted!
       23. {\ul We are going to have to be the leaders in the fight & in the exposé of everything from the Conspiracy & the ACs, to the present persecution}! And we are going to have to be the leaders in uniting the persecuted! The Lord prophesied long ago that this is just what we would do! (See ML #94, "The Kingdom Prophecies!", & ML #128, "They Can't Stop Our Rain!") Way back then I got verses from Daniel that said we would be leaders of the Christians! (Maria: "They that understand among the people shall instruct many."--Dan.11:33.) Yes, the Lord said we would instruct many, & indicated that many would listen & follow.
       24. This is becoming a lot bigger than we thought it would ever be! We read those prophecies & thought, "Well, it's possible some day," but never realised the magnitude of what the Lord was talking about! (Dad bursts out in tongues:) "Listen now to the Words of thy father & obey them!" Thank You Jesus! Whew!
       25. If we're not going to do it, who is going to do it?! Look around! Who is doing it? Who is already persecuted? Who is already exposing the forces of evil? Who is already fighting? Who has already got cases & lawyers? Who is already warning the people? Who?! Can you think of anyone? Can you tell me any other Christian group?
       26. Why haven't the Assemblies of God gotten the word that they're on the hit list? Why haven't these big denominations gotten the word? Why haven't they been warned? (Maria: They may have been warned, but nobody's doing anything about it.) Number one, they don't believe it! (Fam: And they don't have a Prophet & a fighter to raise the standard & rally the troops!) (Dad coughing) The Devil hates me to get stirred up about this!
       27. And one reason I'm stirred up is from reading the reports about those poor persecuted fundamentalist Christians in France! This poor little missionary organisation in the U.S. that has this one little paper, Christians in Crisis, is trying to get out the news--& they got it out, God bless them, & our people somehow got a copy. We need to get these groups together to fight jointly! To pray together! To fight together! Get lawyers together!
       28. Some of those poor little people have got leadership, but not fighting leadership who know what to do about persecution! The Lord has shown us what to do & we're doing it, & it's getting results! We're fighting! We're exposing our enemies. We're telling the World, & the World is noticing. They're beginning to pick up our exposés on our enemies in the newspapers & on television! Finally we're beginning to turn the tables, & they're being frustrated & defeated & furious!
       29. Imagine how the Antichrist feels now! He thought he had us, but now we are turning the tables & really exposing him & his dirty deeds & dirty comrades! Boy, I cursed them last night & I cursed them this morning! And I believe God is going to honour my curses! Some day I may feel sorry for them, maybe when they're in Hell suffering. I may put in a little plea for them after they have suffered enough for what they have done to us.

       Grandfather's Fight!
       30. My Grandfather was a fighter, boy! He was a radical Protestant fighter, & it was the Catholics who were doing the persecuting then. They poisoned his apples, wired his telephone to electrocute him, they did everything they could to try to kill him. They even sent two whores to try to seduce him, all kinds of things. But oh brother, he was a fighter! The Catholics even put a false photo of him in the paper showing him in a Catholic priest's garb, trying to make people think that he was deceiving them by dressing as a Catholic priest.--Which he never did. I'll tell you, you should hear some of the stories of things that happened to him, it would make your hair stand on end!

       Mother & Aimee's Fighting Days!
       31. My Mother got into the fight later with the [EDITED: "ACs"]. I was six years old when that began, & they nearly killed her! They took her for a ride & threatened her--kidnapped her, & probably would have done worse if she'd fought back more!
       32. The FBI said, "Well, we've got the goods on them now!--But you've got to come out and go to court, sister, or it's all in vain." She said, "I don't want to be another Aimee Semple McPherson and go through the papers and all that propaganda and bad publicity, and have what happened to her happen to me."
       33. God bless Aimee, she was a fighter! She stood up & fought in spite of the bad publicity! After her disappearance, the newspapers vilified her & said she wasn't kidnapped & she was hiding out with a boyfriend in Carmel & all kinds of lies. But she kept on fighting until she died in Carmel with all those sleeping pills by her bed--& of course the newspapers reported that she committed suicide. Who knows?
       34. So then her son took over, who was a little meek, mild, milk-&-water, string-for-a-backbone Mr. Milquetoast. He wasn't a fighter & he quit fighting, so they left him alone.--And their church attendance dwindled down from 5,000 people a night to a few hundred people once or twice a week.--That huge, beautiful temple with a Bible college beside it!
       35. But Aimee was a fighter & she died fighting, I really believe it! And Mother failed her. The head of Aimee's board, Mr. Apel, begged my Mother to come & try to save Aimee's work. He told her, "You're just what we need!" But she said, "I don't want to run competition with another woman preacher"--& Mother went downhill from then on. That was the end of her when she failed God & me, & I was just cast aside, got drafted, & then had to go to college for the first time on the GI bill, & you've heard the story. (See ML#1719, "The Making of a Man!")
       36. But in those days, the FBI warned her, "If you don't come & testify, we have no case & they will drive you out of town! If you're not going to fight the case, the best thing for you to do is just retreat, leave town, because that's what they're up to." Well, she wouldn't fight the case & she tried to stay in town, but they drove her down like a stick in the ground & hammered on her head until there was nothing left. And I went through that with her.
       37. At that time we had a friend in the Senate called Senator True (What a fitting name!), who knew about the [EDITED: "AC"] Conspiracy. [DELETED]

       France: Hotbed of Antichrist Activity!
       38. I feel so sorry for those poor Christians in France! I weep for them! (Dad weeps.) It's pitiful! They don't know how to fight! They don't know what to do! They don't know what to say! They don't seem to have any friends outside their own little group! That one couple fled persecution in Romania and found France to be even worse! And there they've been learning a lot, that France is a hotbed and centre of the Antichrist movement of today! The Antichrist himself may stay in Jerusalem surrounded by his God-damned [EDITED: "ACs"], but one of the governments that is following his "party line" the closest is France.

       A Cause Worth Dying for as a Martyr!
       39. So who is going to fight? (Dad bursts out in tongues & weeping:) "How many times do I have to tell you, it's David thy father!" Thank You Lord! God bless Abrahim, he's got some fight! He's been fighting for centuries! He was a martyr. He fought & they wiped him out, along with his whole tribe--men, women, children, babies, everything. The Turks were the Antichrist system of the day.
       40. (Maria: Besides other One-World government business that is carried on at all levels in France with top World meetings, conferences, etc., France is also the World headquarters of INTERPOL, specifically Lyon. It also seems like France is where the Protocols originated, & they've been at it a long time. The Russian priest that first published the Protocols called France, "that nest of [DELETED] conspiracy." So evidently France has been known to be [EDITED: "their"] domain for a long, long time.) (See "The Program of the Antichrist!", ML #1342.) Well, God bless that Russian Orthodox priest who published the exposé of the Protocols. Of course, he eventually got it in the end too. So what?! It's a cause worth dying for!

       Dwight L. Moody & the Brethren!
       41. There's no telling what God can do with a man who is yielded to the Lord & willing to fight! That's what Charles Varley told Dwight L. Moody when he led him to the Lord in the back of his shoe shop. Moody was nothing but a shoe clerk, & Varley told him, "There's no limit to what God can do with a man who's fully yielded to the Lord." Dwight L. Moody said, "I am determined to be that man!"--And he built the Moody Church & Moody Bible Institute & carried on a worldwide evangelistic work that woke up the church & woke up the World!--Until my Grandfather's old group of what used to be called Dunkards--the Church of the Brethren, Jewish Christians--took it over & produced Scofield & his Bible!--Which completely changed things & turned the Christians [DELETED] into considering [EDITED: "the Jews"] their best friends, & considering them even better than Christians!
       42. Then the Brethren went on from there & took over the Church of the Open Door in Los Angeles, which had been called the Torrey Bible Institute. Torrey was a famous advocate of personal soul winning. By that time it was called the Church of the Open Door. The Brethren didn't believe in building churches & establishing Bible colleges, but they finally got around to where they saw they needed some kind of infrastructure.
       43. So one day 200 families of them marched into the Church of the Open Door in Los Angeles, which had this big building there & a Bible School which was dying. So what are you going to do with 200 families with oodles of money? The Brethren were all businessmen [DELETED]! Even their preachers were not allowed to be supported by the Church & had to have businesses. [DELETED]

       Wake Up the Sleepy Christians!
       44. We apparently are going to spearhead the fight, & we are going to have to get these Christians together to cooperate! Instead of fighting with each other & fighting us, they need to begin to wake up & see what's happening!--And what's going to happen to them! "A little more sleep, a little more slumber, a little more folding of the hands to sleep: So shall thy poverty come as one that travelleth, & thy want as an armed man." In other words, they're going to be attacked by armed men & that's the end. It'll come to that!
       45. It came to that with the Davidians. They got it first because they armed themselves to resist. So they were marked for destruction--wiped out! Nothing could have happened that would have pleased the ACs better than what happened to the Davidians. And they are now comparing us to the Davidians & would like to do the same to us, even though we definitely do not promote violence or stockpile weapons.

       Closing Prayer
       46. (Prays:) This is not a new commission, Lord. You told us this a long time ago in Daniel 11, that in the Latter Days people are going to come to us & want to know what's happening, & we're going to teach them, & even die for them. Thank You Lord! It's a worthy cause, Lord, a cause worth dying for as martyrs. Thank You that You brought me back to life so I can fight again!
       47. Thank You Jesus for helping us fight on so many fronts & win so many battles! Now we're going into the biggest one of all, where the Devil is attacking us everywhere & has done his damnedest in France, one of his evil strongholds! Thank You Lord that we can go to battle & fight them & expose them & defeat them!--Until the day You deliver us! Thank You Lord!
       48. Bless & keep us now & give us a good night's sleep, safekeeping & strength for tomorrow. Help us to continue to survive & exist & fight the battles & lead the Army, in Jesus' name. Amen!--Will you keep fighting for Jesus?!

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