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BE AWAKE, AWARE & ATTACK!--We're "Triple-A" Christians!       8/93       DO 2886

       1. LIKE IN ANY WAR, we have to have a picture of just exactly how the Enemy is operating, what to expect next, & how to prepare for it. Our enemies have been operating pretty consistently lately, only they're getting better organised & doing more of their dirty work, & worse! Now I'm beginning to suspect that they think they have time to attack other groups besides us. They've had a lot of good practice on us, but without much success. You can bet your boots they're going to try not to have any more failures. So far their attack on that poor little Baptist group in France has been a total success! They still have the children after six months! (See Persecution Endtime News #1!)
       2. We have got to help organise the war & the allies into inaugurating pitched battles & offensive attacks on them [EDITED: ""the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God"--2Cor.10:4,5"] before they pull off any more attacks on us! We've got to expose them & put the World at war with them--which is going to be a little bit difficult, seeing that they already run the World! But at least there is still some freedom left, & if nothing else, we can at least expose them & try to slow them down.
       3. We need to thoroughly analyse our persecution situations throughout the World, to see what patterns emerge & to seek the Lord about what action He wants us to take in order to head off or stop any further attacks.
       4. We need to get organised!--And we need to organise our allies & give them each jobs to do. We need to order attacks & put our enemies under attack, & not let these God-damned devils get away with their evil deeds scot-free! Start soon, expose them everywhere! Lodge criminal charges against them! Harass them every possible legal way you can, make them sorry they ever started attacking us!
       5. But just watch! When we defeat them, which we are doing so far, & they find out they can't attack us legally, then they're going to start doing it illegally.--With harassments, violence, even murder! They're not above any of those things! They're just trying to do it legally now because they can get the cooperation & commendation of the System, & they're using the System to do their dirty work for them. But if they find out they can't get away with it any more, they'll stoop to anything! So we've got to be prepared for that too.
       6. This is our last chance to hit them in the legal arena, to expose them in the media & let the rest of the World know what they're doing & all about their dirty work! Because when we drive them underground, it is going to become so dangerous with them operating illegally through underground attacks from without the System [DELETED]!--Or if the Lord wants us to continue to witness openly, He will have to do great miracles to supernaturally protect us. [DELETED] But don't worry, when that time comes the Lord will show us what to do & will take care of us as He has promised repeatedly.
       7. Right now we've got to prepare! We have to analyse the situations that have already occurred, & their pattern, & figure out what they're going to do next.--Where they're going to attack & how to try to forestall it!--To attack them first before they get it rolling. For example, in nearly all of these cases they had one or two years of investigation in which we did nothing! We don't want to let that happen again!
       8. From now on we are going to try to attack first before they get their attack off the ground! We need to demand investigation of their investigations. Maybe that way we can stymie some of their operations, slow them down or even stop them with judges' restraining orders before they get the System all won over to act against us.
       9. And we've got to organise our allies & tell them what to do! We're going to have to raise more funding because our counterattacks will cost money. Not all of our lawyers will do it for free. So there's a lot to do!--And that's going to be our next project! We are in a drive to join forces with everybody & anybody who will work with us!

       Working with the Muslims!
       10. The Muslims believe pretty much like we do, & in one country the Family has just met a well-known author who writes books against the Conspiracy & the Protocols & all of that, in total sympathy with the way we feel. He said that we are the only Christians he has ever met who believe that Mohammed was a prophet! [DELETED] I am convinced he was a prophet & he certainly did a good job of trying to clean up the Catholic & Orthodox churches & cleaning out some of the idols. He was a real scourge on the "Holy" Roman Catholic & Byzantine Orthodox Empire, & I believe he was ordained of the Lord to try to stamp out their idolatry & all of their wrong beliefs & to try to get them back to simple faith.
       11. So here was this well-known author, very interested in us & sympathetic & thrilled with the fact that we believe in Mohammed & are sympathetic to Muslim & Palestinian causes. And he was so enthusiastic that he had found some Christians who were favourable & were friends, that he called in some Muslim leaders, the elders of the faith, patriarchs, & they too were all thrilled about finding us & us finding them, & even suggested that we should work together in our fight to expose the AC Conspiracy through our literature.
       12. I've written many Letters about the Muslims in past years, & I have written more strongly on it lately, & have had prophecy about it & visions, how we are going to work together with them & show them that we love them! (See "The Muslim Ministry!", ML #2856.)
       13. The Muslims believe more like we do than lots of these other folks we're working with. They believe in God & a Prophet & Endtime events & the [EDITED: "AC"] Conspiracy!--Almost everything we believe in! The Koran even promotes Jesus & Mary, we read it ourselves. [DELETED] We are already working with a lot of very odd & peculiar people that we don't even agree with doctrinally as much as we do the Muslims! I think we should work with any group which is declaring all-out spiritual war on the anti-God forces.
       14. We're ready to work with the Muslims, but definitely not in a military way. But we should be open sympathisers with the poor persecuted & oppressed Palestinians who have been bullied & robbed & slaughtered by the Israelis for decades! [DELETED]
       15. Haven't I made myself clear that we want to help the Muslims? Hasn't God made Himself clear that He wants us to work with them & sympathise with them & be friendly?--To help them in their cause? We've already been espousing the Arab cause all over the World for years, particularly the Palestinians' cause. I think the Lord has made it very clear that we are to sympathise with them[DELETED]! Of course, we will not do anything violent or participate in any violent activity. The Word is always a more powerful weapon than the "sword," & we know how to wield it skillfully in the battle to expose the enemies' grand plans for World domination & to rally others to rise up in opposition against them!
       16. We have in the Muslims an immense body of people who believe almost exactly as we do about the [EDITED: "AC"] Conspiracy & the whole works!--People who believe in one God & have a very good book--the Koran--full of a lot of good laws & ideas. I'd say in some ways Islam is almost better than Catholicism! At least the Muslims don't worship all those idols like the Catholics do. Of course, the Muslims & their commentators & followers in these modern days don't go as far as Mohammed himself did in sympathy for the Christians. Many modern Muslims have turned bitterly against the Christians because the Christians turned bitterly against them, & aligned themselves with the Zionists.
       17. And of course, befriending the Muslims is going to turn some Christians against us, but they've been against us anyhow! They'll just use that as another excuse besides our sexuality to oppose us: "They're actually working with the Muslims against [DELETED] God's people!--Blah blah blah!" Well, let'm think it! Let'm say it! They've said enough rot about us already, they can't say much worse! Besides that, there are oodles of people in the World who sympathise with the Muslims.
       18. Even some Jews are against their fellow Jews for the way they're persecuting the Muslims, even protesting in the Knesset, the Israeli Parliament, against some of their policies & operations.--Even protesting in some of their papers against the war in Bosnia & against Israel's invasions of Lebanon. There are some Jews who are fair & honest & smart & good people, who don't like the bad things that the Israelis & Zionists & World Conspirators are doing, & they're protesting!--Giving the word here or there in newspapers & even on television against the Serbs & the Bosnian war, which the [EDITED: "ACs"] are backing.

       Serbian Subterfuge!
       19. Boy, they're sure keeping the [EDITED: "AC"]-Serbian connection a secret! Everybody is wondering why Clinton suddenly switches his opinions every few days, wondering why none of these policies against the Serbs seem to work, wondering why they're never attacked, wondering why there is always talk, talk & back down & slow down, two steps forward, one step backward.--Wondering why there is now this growing sentiment of sympathy for the Serbs in the media, saying, "The Serbs deserve that land! The Serbs were persecuted, they're just getting back what was taken from them!"--And blah blah blah! It's amazing the propaganda & media network that the [EDITED: "ACs"] use to commend & foster their Serbs.
       20. This recent drive to take the wounded children out of Sarajevo is an absolute feint! And filling those nearby hills with UN vehicles & UN troops is the best protection the Serbs could have! For the Serbs to yield territory to the UN forces is perfect protection against any kind of bombing.--Plus it frees Serb troops to attack the Muslims elsewhere! And all this sudden sympathy for the wounded children & airlifting them out just camouflages the fact that the U.S. & its Allies haven't done anything else to help the Muslims. And of course the U.N. certainly isn't going to bomb Yugoslavia while they're airlifting poor wounded children out! Oh, are they smart! Those God-damned [EDITED: "ACs"] that are backing the Serbs are Satanically smart!

       "Triple-A" Christians!
       21. At least we are awake & aware & we know what's going on!--Whereas the System & the World don't! We are awake, aware & on the attack! Be awake, aware & attack! That's a good slogan! We need some good slogans, mottos & themes. Let me tell you, slogans are helpful to jog people's poor memories to remember what we are supposed to be doing! Be awake, aware & attack! We're the "Triple-A"! We're "Triple-A" Christians!--Awake, aware & attacking Christians! Praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus!--Amen!--Are you?

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