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NEWS NUGGETS!--World Currents No.69!       DO 2898       Comp.7/93

Public Education--The Devil's System!
       1. The whole idea of public education is to try to get everyone firmly entrenched in the Devil's System when they're young. It was promoted by Horace Mann [EDITED: "1796-1859"], a Jew.
* * * * *

       2. The U.S. spends more money on education than any other country in the World, yet they're some of the worst educated because they kicked God out of the schools!
* * * * *

       3. In the U.S. they spend more on exercise, plastic surgery & cosmetics than on education & social services!
* * * * *

       4. They keep thinking that more time, money, procedures & methods will save the educational system, but none of them will succeed without the Lord! They've thrown out God & the Bible, faith & prayer, & brought in the fiendish, devilish doctrine of Evolution!
       5. The whole public educational system is of the Devil & it's not going to succeed no matter how much money they spend or what methods they use. And they're reaping the results in high juvenile crime & everything else that goes with it! The young people of the U.S. have become savages! Even the African Hottentot war-dancing savages never did as much damage as those U.S. kids are doing with guns & knives, slaughtering each other! There's no hope without God!
       6. The schools asked for it when they secularised their education & kicked God & the Bible out, & now they're reaping the whirlwind! (See Hos.8:7.)

Beach Infections!
       7. From a day at the beach you can get all kinds of infections, intestinal diseases & eye & ear irritations, mostly from untreated sewage in the water & sand.

Only Evil Makes News!
       8. The only thing that seems to make the news is everything evil. It's apparently what people like to see & hear.

The Great Confusion!
       9. The more I see of the news, the more I believe this is the Great Confusion! Everything's in great confusion.

World Slams the Religious!
       10. The World is always willing to slam the religious, no matter what good work they're doing or how good they are! They're slamming the Trappist monks who have a dairy farm in Hong Kong, saying that they spend more time in the bank than they do in their cloister, when they've taken vows of poverty.

Women's Lib--Rebellion Against God!
       11. Women's Lib is a defiant rebellion against God!--Against man, against life, against old age & against children!

Population of the Earth!
       12. The population of the Earth increases by a million every four days. There are over five billion people on the Earth now!

Sects Provide a Challenge!
       13. Some of these sects provide challenges to the government, & they cannot afford to have challenges. As the lawyer told the hippie in the movie "Easy Rider": "They can't afford to let you live because you prove that there could be freedom!" So they've got to kill you.--Like the Davidians!

Governments & Taxation!
       14. The government is about the most totally hopeless thing in almost all countries. They're all screwed up, not to speak of the time & billions that they waste!
* * * * *

       15. Governments spend so much money, it's just ridiculous! It's just a nightmare! No wonder it's getting worse & worse all the time. Governments are living in a dream world where they think there's just no limit to what they can spend. For taxpayers it's becoming a nightmare!
* * * * *

       16. Governments can be so extravagant & then so hard on the poor & tax them so heavily. The World sure hasn't changed much. Governments always overburden their people with taxes.
* * * * *

       17. As someone said about Louis the XIV of France: "The king needs no gloves because his hands are in our pockets." That's true of every government, but like the king of France, the governments finally lose their heads!

Crop Circles--Signs!
       18. Those mysterious circles in the fields in Britain & other places in Europe look like pictures that children would draw. They're called "crop circles." They're designed almost like hieroglyphics. These circles are apparently somebody's attempt to communicate--signs! "Signs in the Heaven & the Earth below."--Luk.21:11; Acts 2:19.

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