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PERSECUTION JEWELS!--No.7!       DO 2899       Comp.10/93

Prayer for the Family--"Monster on the Move
       1. BLESS THE FAMILY around the World, Lord, especially those who are receiving persecution. Bring them glorious victory & real triumph over their trials! Thank You Jesus! Bring testimonies from their tests! Thank You for how You have in all these wonderful reports of the Family "Monster on the Move" shaking up the World & getting out the Word! Thank You Lord! It's working! You're getting out the Message through us, & defeating our enemies so far.
       2. Give the Family strength for the attack! Help them to hit our adversaries hard! Praise the Lord! Thank You Lord! Lead & guide all of us around the World. Help us to do what You know is best for Thy Work & Thy World. Thank You for healing me & helping Mama & strengthening us for this task, so we can continue to fight behind the scenes & produce the ammunition, the Word for the Family & for the World in these Last Days. Thank You for this place You've given us where we can rest in peace for awhile as we fight the battle. Thank You for keeping us safe so we can continue to live on & fight the Enemy. Thank You Lord!
       3. Bless the Family worldwide! Give them strength & wisdom & skill & protection & provision & all they need to fight the Enemy & expose him & rescue souls from him! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord!--In Jesus' name, amen.

Prayers for Our Brethren in Bonds!
       4. We pray especially for those in bonds & in trouble, Lord, that You'll give them strength & wisdom & make them a testimony, a witness to the World through all this publicity! Thank You Jesus!
* * *

       5. Bless our Family in bonds, Lord. Keep them warm & supply their needs. Please have mercy on them & deliver them as soon as possible, in Jesus' name.
* * *

       6. Continue to defeat the Enemy, Lord! Let his troubles fall on his own head, as they have in nearly all these cases. Help us to finish off this last one, Lord, & deliver our people completely. May it all resound to Thy glory & may You win the victory! Bless & keep & deliver those still in bonds, & may it all work out for good.
* * *

       7. Lord, raise up someone, a helper, a rescuer, for the folks in Argentina! We prayed against that leader of the war in the Falklands & You struck him down & he lost the war. Now they're waging war on us, Lord, & it's time for You to strike down its leader, Judge Marquevich, & those behind him!
       8. Now let's see You do it, Jesus! Let's see the victory! Once You've accomplished Your purpose, Lord, let's see Your victory! Expose these villains & deliver Thy children, in Jesus' name!
* * *

       9. Bless the Family everywhere, Lord, especially those in bonds & those separated from their families. Continue to protect them & keep them & supply their every need. Thank You Jesus! Thank You for how You have, & please deliver them from this present persecution as soon as possible. Make this the testimony & witness that You want it to be, so that they shall not have suffered in vain. Deliver them & rebuke our enemies!--In Jesus' name, amen.

Prayer for Patience & Deliverance!
       10. (Dad sings:)
       "Draw me, Jesus, to Thy bosom,
       From this World of care & woes.
       Let me feel Thine arms around me,
       That my soul may know repose.
       I am weary with my burden,
       And I come to Thee for rest.
       Precious Jesus, still my refuge,
       Draw me, Jesus, to Thy breast.
       Draw me, Jesus, to Thy bosom,
       From this World of care & woes.
       Let me feel Thine arms around me,
       That my soul may know repose."

       11. Jesus, give me patience! I just can't stand to have to think about this persecution all the time. I'd like to see the defeat of the Enemy!
       12. Bless all those in bonds, all those suffering unjustifiable persecution.--And when You've accomplished Your purpose, Lord, deliver them & put our enemies to shame.

The Importunate Woman
       13. I think probably the same thing can happen to Judge Marquevich in Argentina as happened with the judge & the importunate woman in the Bible: If we bother him enough, he'll want to get rid of us. (See Luk.18:1-8.)
       14. Lord bless & help our Family in Argentina & give them strength! Make them real witnesses against them, as You said You would. (Mat.10:18.) You promised, Lord, that You would bring us before kings & magistrates & make us a testimony against them.--In other words, for the evil deeds that they do against us. Expose them, Lord! Expose them to the public, expose them to the officials & get rid of them! Release Thy children & give them a place to go.

Marquevich's Choice!
       15. Can you think of a Scripture that says that some people won't believe because they don't have the Spirit? "The natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit."--1Cor.2:14. Sometimes those who aren't saved don't even understand what we're talking about! They say that Judge Marquevich is getting so screwy that he is even confused himself.
       16. I said, "Lord, if You could get him saved & turned into defending us, like Saint Paul did, that would be the best thing." But that is something that he has to make a choice about, & the Lord does not override human choice. That's one thing He refuses to do, to make you make a certain choice. He may try to persuade you & do a few things like He did to Saint Paul to persuade him, but He didn't force him to make a choice. Paul got madder than Hell before his conversion, & was on his way to kill more Christians, but God did speak to him & He did do a miracle. But I said, "Lord, if You won't do that, then fix him in whatever way You know best!"

Argentine Gangsters!
       17. The government of Argentina is run by a bunch of gangsters, actual criminals running the country, & has been for years!--Killing people, eliminating people, kidnapping them. The military that was running the country was exterminating anybody who opposed them, & from what I hear, although they have not taken back the official offices that they once held, such as President & other top posts, they're still pretty much running the country undercover, which is probably why we are having so much trouble. After all, they're the rich & the powerful & the influential, & they don't usually lose their jobs. They may officially, but they don't lose behind the scenes. The rich & powerful pretty well run things in almost any country, including the U.S.A.

We Ought to Obey God Rather than Men
       18. That mediation would have been like an agreement with the Devil! (Referring to a mediation plan one of our lawyers proposed, in which the Family would promise to leave Argentina entirely in exchange for releasing the brethren. See also "Mediation Prophecies" on page 13 of this GN.) The Scripture that comes to me is when the High Priest & the officials told the disciples not to preach any more, & apparently with that understanding they beat them & then they let them go. But the disciples absolutely refused to obey & said, "We ought to obey God rather than men!"--And they went right on preaching! "And daily in the temple, and in every house, they ceased not to teach & preach Jesus Christ!" (See Acts 5.) (Maria: That's like our teens getting out of jail & straightway going on the talk shows to talk about their mistreatment!)

Let's Teach Our Kids to Fight

       19. Just like the System teaches their children to scream & fight if a stranger takes them away, so should we do with our children. They need to learn to kick & scream & fight when they're forcibly taken away!

Stirring Up the Pot!
       20. I wouldn't be surprised if our propaganda against France & our exposure of the French brutality has had some effect. I'm sure the Lord is helping us to stir up the pot with our worldwide Words! They're finding out that we're no small force to deal with!
       21. God is certainly socking it to France! Their currency has taken a nosedive & Southern France has been hit by storms & floods!

Enemies' Court Costs!
       22. I hope we bleed our enemies dry! The Lord can do it! They must be paying hundreds of thousands of Dollars in expensive lawyers' fees, witness expenses & court costs. So bleed'm dry, Lord! Make them sorry they ever got into it with us.

Anti-Cult Propaganda!
       23. "Men's hearts failing them for fear."--Luk.21:26. It's an age of fear! Everybody's afraid. They're afraid of everything, & especially of the cults, which means they're afraid of you!
* * *

       24. This worldwide campaign against the cults is sponsored by the ACs. The only ones the Devil is afraid of are the people who proclaim Jesus & rely on Jesus & count on Jesus!
* * *

       25. The Devil is succeeding in stirring up the World against the cults. The general worldwide feeling now is anti-cult, largely as a result of the media propaganda--which is largely AC, run by our enemies. The Devil has got to get the whole World interested in cults & familiar with them, so he can then try to turn people against them--especially the good ones that are defeating him, like us!

       26. Eve's sister-in-law, who had been in a mental institution, said that she didn't want to get electric shocks any more, so she behaved herself. (See ML#1008, "Shock Treatment!") I guess that little demon that [EDITED: "one backslider"] has is doing the same. He's behaving himself now so he won't spoil the terrific job he's doing in trying to show that [EDITED: "this backslider"] is a "sane, wonderful, normal girl who loves Jesus & wants to do her best for the Lord" now that she's away from the Family.

Undermining Religious Faith!
       27. The World accuses Fundamentalists of unreasonableness, extremism, & fanaticism--that they're not reasonable in their claims of what literally amounts to Godly authority. It's all a very clever, subtle undermining of religious faith, & the promotion of so-called humanism. (Maria: And the Christians mostly bring it on themselves because they beat around the bush & are ashamed to really use the Word. Of course, the World would still think they were fanatical, but if they were using the Word, at least then they've got some basis & their arguments would be more powerful.)
       28. These Fundamentalists say children shouldn't be able to divorce their parents because you'd bring a whole new body of litigants on the American scene & it would destroy the family--instead of coming out boldly with what God says about parental authority. And instead of using the Scriptures against homosexuality, they fight it on the basis that it's destroying traditional family values, etc.

The Worst Is Coming--But So Is the Best!--Jesus!
       29. When our enemies find out they can't attack us the legal way any more, then they're going to try the rough stuff. But by that time we will have done all we can to clear our name & to get out the good news & to win friends & influence people, & when they start getting rough, like burning down our houses & things like that, the good people & our new friends will know who's doing it. We'll have accomplished our purpose in exposing our enemies, & our friends will have learned how dirty they are & who they are!
       30. Times are getting worse & they're getting tougher & the Devil keeps doing worse & worse things. He thinks he's going to get away with it, but the Lord always lets it backfire to do him more harm than good.--Like this synchronised attack against our Family worldwide has backfired! I'm sure it was planned & plotted & organised by the Antichrist himself personally. I saw him in that vision & he was just ranting & raving against us! He was vicious! His back was toward me so I couldn't see his countenance, but the Bible says he's a man of fierce countenance (Dan.8:23), & he was certainly acting fierce! He was just furious!--Which shows he's already controlling things from behind the scenes & that we may be in the first half of the last Seven-Year period. He's already running things, so the Tribulation can't be too far away. The worst is on the way!--But so is the best!--Jesus! Praise the Lord!

Endtime Witnesses!
       31. The Devil will never be satisfied until he's killed us all--but the Lord won't let him do it, we'll be fighting until the End! The Lord's going to have His witnesses till the very End, till the Coming of the Lord! Some of us will still be around! Praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus!

Our Enemies Hate to Be Exposed!
       32. Our enemies are such stupid idiots to think they can fight God or us! They know we're right, & they hate us because we're telling the truth about them. They hate us for exposing their perfidy & corruption, & when we do, they hit back with not only lies about us, but truths that people have a hard time accepting.

Our Enemies Are Getting Desperate!
       33. When they get to the point that they go to INTERPOL & have the judge swear out a warrant for me, that shows they are really getting desperate! They want to try to get their hands on me just to cause trouble. But thank God He hasn't let them find me for 25 years, & even before that.--And protected my folks before that, & my Grandfather before that!

Sex & Religion!
       34. We're going to be the leaders, pioneers & trendsetters regarding sex & religion! For conservative Fundamentalist Christians to be as free about sex as we are, this is big news! The Modernists have been pretty liberal along that line for a long time; also, we've heard the same about the "Friends" or Quakers. But for Fundamentalist Christians like us who are so strict on everything else, yet so "loose," as they call it, on sex, that's the thing that really makes news about us!

NBC in Cahoots with Our Enemies!
       35. The fact that NBC was videoing our enemies in Argentina shows they were really in cahoots with them! Our people in the U.S. thought Carl Sears (the producer & editor of the NBC "NOW" show) really liked them & was favourable. Boy, how God is going to hold him responsible! He was a spy! He was a traitor! (Maria: Several of our friends have said, "What did you expect from NBC? Of course they were going to do that! That's their reputation. That's the kind of thing they do.") Well, the Lord wanted publicity & that's why He's allowing it.

No Such Thing as Bad Publicity!
       36. Just remember: If they weren't putting out all this bad news about us, we wouldn't be getting all this good news!

Public Prayer Vigils!
       37. Kneeling down in prayer impresses people a lot, even with candles. People do respect prayer. That came to me & I forgot to tell you, but the Lord apparently told some of our people that they should kneel down & pray during their protests! Hallelujah! The Lord's going to really use it. He had to find people who were willing to do that sort of thing, & we're some of the few people who are. The Lord must really be ashamed of the church people. I was so proud of those church people who got up & walked out of the Garden Grove church with us after our visit there in the early days. (See ML #1845.) When they threw us out, there were about 25 people who joined us & walked out with us. When you stand up for your faith, it encourages other people to do something drastic & to stand up for their faith.

Academic Writings!
       38. These intellectuals & scholars have got to make their writings sound very academic, or all their years of education would have been in vain! Higher education is sort of like learning a new language. (Maria: They could say it so much more simply.) And of course the hearers pride themselves on being able to understand it! I've tried to make my writings so simple that even the simple-minded can understand it. I've tried to use simple language & simple illustrations to make it easier, so that even those with no education can understand.--Which means I hope to reach the majority of common people, instead of just a small minority of too-highly educated academics. Thank You Lord!
       39. I try to make it simple, like Jesus did, telling lots of stories & illustrations. Jesus taught with simple one or two-syllable words so that everybody could understand. It was only the highly-educated & religious intelligentsia who couldn't understand Him.--He was too simple for them!

Persecution Like the Middle Ages!
       40. God bless our folks in bonds! Strengthen & empower them, Lord! Make fools out of our enemies & let this attack backfire on them! We're not abusing our children--it's the System that's abusing them in their vicious, devilish, Satanic pogrom against us! It's just like being back in the Middle Ages! (Maria: And now that they're seeing that it's not as easy to destroy us as they thought, they're coming out with a bunch of lies & crazy things that they're making up, & our backsliders are getting paid for doing it!)
       41. It's almost the same as it was in the Middle Ages, except there's not yet the physical torture with the screws & the racks & the nails, nor the more updated methods of electric shock, etc. There's not yet the martyrdom. But what some of our people are experiencing is torture nonetheless. (Maria: Yes, absolutely! The children have had to undergo horrible gynecological tests. One little girl had three tests done on her, two in one day within three hours, & she just screamed in pain. She's not even sleeping well now. It was real torture, & our adults & children alike have had to undergo cold & hunger & filth & verbal & physical assaults & threatenings & psychological abuse, & persecution in the spirit by the Devil with floods of doubts & fears!)
       42. Fiendish men & fiendish women still exist, devils still exist, but the Lord will get the victory! He's got to get the victory & rescue His children. You promised, Lord, that You would take care of Your Own. Help them & make them strong to withstand the Enemy. You're using it as a witness & You're testing us. Strengthen them, protect them & keep them, Lord, & when they've stood the test & done the job, liberate them!

Let's Do Our Job to Witness & Testify!
       43. The Lord said we'd be brought before kings & magistrates so that we can be witnesses against them. Well, the Lord's doing it, & nothing has happened without His permission, & even His promotion. So let's just do our job & witness & testify. Apparently He's getting a lot of witness out of it. Thy Will be done. It's in Your hands, Lord, You know what You want to do, whether you want us to continue in that country or not. Just give us wisdom to obey Thee.
       44. Once our job is done & we've gotten out the Word & we've been persecuted & it's publicised & we've finished the job, there's no use staying on & getting more persecution. The Lord Himself said to get out, flee, shake the dust of your feet off on them. It'll be worse for such cities & countries than Sodom & Gomorrah! Of course, from the examples of the Early Church, it was not necessarily all the people who left. It was the leading disciples who came as missionaries who left, & they no doubt left many converts & disciples behind who just had to go underground.
       45. Lord, give Thy children wisdom about what You want them to do. Have Thy way, You know what's best. Help them to know what to do, whether to go or stay. Thy Will be done, in Jesus' name.

Comfort from Viewing God's Creation!
       46. You don't know how much that hour I spend in the morning looking out the window inspires me & comforts me! When I know the Lord is taking care of all of those beautiful plants & creatures, then I know that He is surely going to take care of us! It has a wonderful calming, comforting effect on my spirit before I get into my work of the day.

His Eye Is on the Sparrow!
       47. Thank You Lord! We're all in Thy hands! Thank You for how well You've provided for us & kept us in spite of all our enemies. Continue to protect & keep us & give us wisdom. Thank You for the little birds You send to sing for us. Help us to take good care of them. You love them, Lord, & not one falls but You know it. And You know that we love them. Thank You, Lord, for those beautiful creatures of Thy creation!

David's Prayer for Our Brethren in Bonds!
(During a prayer & prophecy meeting at the Folks' house for the brethren in Argentina, David [EDITED: "Davidito"] leads out in prayer:)
       48. (David:) We know that persecution really is for our good, Lord, even though it may not seem good to us. We can see by all the victories that are being won & by all the people that are getting reached & by all the Message that is going out that it really is helping to speed things up & bring us ever closer to Your Coming. So we can't even begin to pray for the end of persecutions, because it's only the beginning, but at least we want to see this particular persecution ending, Lord. We really want to see our brethren getting released! We want to see our poor children who have been so abused by these Satanic people released, Jesus! Please, Lord, do it! It's in Your Word & it's in Your Will, & it seems like You're just waiting for us to get desperate & for us to get the Message out as much as we can before You smite our persecutors & release the children & their mothers & fathers!
       49. Lord, You said that if we obeyed You & forsook all to serve You, that You would give us one hundred fold--not only in the World to come, but in this life also.--Mk.10:30. So we also pray that You'll work in reverse, Jesus, & that You'll give these damn persecutors one hundred fold of the torment that they have given the Family & those poor children & their parents--not just in the afterlife, but in this life!
       50. We've been praying that You will smite them, & a few You have, but it seems like You want them to stay around longer to do more evil work. So we want to pray for a new thing, that You'll really torment them psychologically. We pray for a real spirit of fear to be upon them. You said that You would send the wicked a fearful looking for of judgement.--Heb.10:27. We pray that when they go to sleep at night that they'll dream of the horrors that they will get in Hell's fires, the torment that they're going to face, even just from knowing how wicked they've been & how in tune with the Devil they've been. We pray that You'll make them really fearful & torment them in that way so that they can die a thousand deaths! But we pray that we will only have to die one by being brave.
       51. Really help all the Family, Jesus, even though it's really hard. We can only begin to imagine what they've been through. But we pray that they will stand strong in You & not get entangled with the Devil's lies or fears. We really really pray for that, Lord. We pray for victory, Jesus! We pray that You will keep the children from the evil out there in the System. You said that we would be in the World, but that You would keep us from the evil. (Jn.17:14,15.) We pray for the protection of all the Family Members in bonds, that You will protect them from all the evils in the System, in Jesus' name! Thank You Jesus!

The Lord Knows How to Help Us Survive!
       52. (Maria:) The Devil figures that if he can't completely destroy us through this persecution, maybe he can at least discredit us with all those who need our help & our leadership, & to whom we have just begun ministering & rallying to fight with us. The Devil must be very upset at the great progress that has been made in our communication with these other maligned groups, & except for the power of God & His intervention worldwide, we wouldn't have too far to go before we become Waco situations! But we know God is going to have to do it, & He's going to have to rise up with something very strong & powerful to turn the tide in our favour!--Or He's going to have to give people something which so seriously affects their personal well-being that they won't have the will nor the time to bother with us for awhile.
       53. We always try to second-guess the Lord & try to decide all kinds of ways He could accomplish His Will, & that's sort of fun. But it hardly ever happens the way we have envisioned it could, because the Lord's ways aren't our ways, & in His marvellous wisdom He knows much better than we do how to help us to survive. But there may come a time when the public will be so greatly hit by disasters which affect them personally, brought on by the fury of an angry God, that they will welcome our help & our comfort & encouragement, & our sample will speak louder than any lies they have ever heard about us.
       54. When someone is drowning, he doesn't worry about what kind of person is rescuing him, does he? And when he has survived, he has nothing but great thanks for that person. In God's mercy, He might give the poor duped public who have been so propagandised by a lying media for years, a chance to see our shining sample in a way that we could probably never have gotten it across while the AC media stands in the way.
       55. Anyway, it looks like the Lord's probably going to have to do something big to change the World's hellish plans to put us out of action. Their cup of iniquity is getting fuller every day. God has already been judging the U.S., at least, for what they did at Waco, but even the floods & heat waves & fires apparently haven't been enough to help them to change. Most of them may not have even gotten the point, so God may have to try again.--And next time, if He can't stop them any other way, He may send something so bad that it completely puts them out of action, like they're trying to do with us!

Victories out of Seeming Defeat!
       56. (Maria:) It was such good news to hear that 12 of our precious Family (now 70!) have been released in Argentina! Praise the Lord! Isn't it wonderful to see how the Lord is winning the battle? "The battle is not yours, but God's!"--2Chr.20:15. Watching how the Lord works is truly amazing! Imagine, He allows the raid, the brethren to be incarcerated, the media to slam us, the dance videos to be played all around the World, & our enemies to spew out their lies; then in just a matter of a few weeks He engineers things so that we get some of the best press we've ever gotten, our friends all around the World stand up for us, Latin American governments agree to check us out rather than raid, & in doing so get won over. Other groups & NRMs (New Religious Movements) grow closer, our enemies get exposed as liars, & now the brethren begin to get released! Out of a seeming defeat has come a great victory!--And the great victory that our enemies thought they had in their hand has turned to dust. Hallelujah! Jesus never fails!

Keep Fighting No Matter What!
       57. (Maria:) I know when you get pushed into a corner & when things look so black, the tendency is to think, "Well, why even fight any more? Why do anything at all since it's all going to be over soon?" But we have to hold on to the promises that God has made & not lose faith! Because if we get down & sit around doing nothing because we think things look so bad they must almost be over, the Devil is going to hit us even harder & the fight will be even more difficult when we get back on our feet. So we just have to keep fighting & not look at the waves! We can't allow ourselves to be moved by the way things look. We need to just keep going & doing all we can in every area that we can, & not give in to doubt & thoughts of defeat.

Only God Can Do It!
       58. (Maria:) It's a funny thing, but the more we see how impossible the situations are, the more peace I have about it. You just sort of give up worrying about it because you know that at this point worrying won't help & nothing will help except God! You just have to cast all your care & all your weight on Him, & you know that He's going to take care of it! (1Pet.5:7.)

We Are Weak, But He Is Strong
       59. (Maria:) Last night when I woke up, as I do often in the night, out of the blue I got the words:
       "Little ones to Him belong,
       They are weak,
       But He is strong"

       --only this one phrase from the song, "Jesus Loves Me." And the meaning that I immediately got from it was that the Lord was comforting us all.--Not just our children, but all of us are "little ones" to the Lord. We're all so weak, but He is very strong in our behalf because we belong to Him & are His possessions, His precious treasures, & He'll guard us with care & protect us from the Enemy.

Message to the Argentinean Family from Dad & Mama!
       60. We are following the events there very carefully, & we're proud of each one of you precious adults, YAs, teens, JETTs & children. You're enduring this hardness as such wonderful soldiers!--You're already heroes in God's Hall of Fame. God bless you!
       61. You valiant soldiers are such good role models for the Family to follow. The whole Family is looking to you & how you're going to come through these tests of persecution. So please hold on for God's sake & the Family's sake & our sake, & the World's sake, who are also looking to you for faith, hope & light in the midst of their darkness.--And God is going to give the victory & the deliverance! He's going to have the last laugh.
       62. Hold on!--There are wonderful things to come, & there are many victorious signs appearing on the horizon. Until then, keep holding tight to His hand & refusing to believe the lies that you hear, knowing that when all seems dark to you, He can see the way. And if you're holding His hand, He will lead you out to the sunshine again.
       63. We can't tell you how our hearts are touched by the faith you're manifesting in the face of your hardships. You are children to be proud of. And we know that after you have suffered awhile, the Lord will bring you forth as gold--beautiful, shining proofs that His Word & His Family work! We love you!--Love, Dad & Mama.

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family